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“HALF THE SKY FOUNDATION (Hearst Ave, Berkeley, CA) Sure has some Heavenly Globetrotting Partners

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[This email is a reaction/response to hearing who is

sponsoring the rescue of girls and young women half a globe away,

while I know too much about what’s happening to them in the USA.

Very tired/stressed today and probably not that great a post.  But the material in it is relevant.]

Why is it the rich, famous, and well-networked are always ready to globe-trot and help women & children in other countries, while ignoring what the same organizations they network is doing to women, women’s rights, children (boys and girls both), human rights, individual rights, and just about anything that the right to be extorted by our own government — in the USA?

Last night on TV, again the international journalists were helping girls in poverty and illiteracy in other countries; and these girls deserve help.  Digital storytelling definitely gets a boost when Meg Ryan, or Gabrielle Union (with a clip from Hillary Clinton — whose husband in 1996 signed a welfare reform bill which undercut American mothers’ safety and self-sufficiency in favor of marriage & fatherhood programming!)  can make a work of art out of the drama of survival half a globe away:

Gabrielle Union – Half The Sky

  1. www.halftheskymovement.org/pages/gabrielleunion

    Gabrielle Union will be featured on the first night of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, airing October 1 & 2, 9/8pm CT, 

  2. The Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide  Meg Ryan, Gabrielle Union and Olivia Wilde on a journey to tell the stories of 

    Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

joint council logo


Entity Number: C2125510
Date Filed: 11/09/1998
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 715 HEARST AVE STE 200
Entity City, State, Zip: BERKELEY CA 94710
Agent for Service of Process: JENNY BOWEN
Agent Address: 1036 MARIPOSA AVE
Agent City, State, Zip: BERKELEY CA 94707
Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process

Let me count the networks:

(this happens when you search a street address; the 1998 foundation on Hearst Avenue, Berkeley, California, the SF Bay Area being one of the most expensive areas in the country to live, and nearby (VERY nearby) to cities with some of the highest homicides.
The local governmental (county, district attorney, police — from top to bottom) leadership in this area and in California as a whole, has been disgraceful, as have the courts; women and children are getting shot through walls while sleeping in their homes, abducted, shot in tollbooths, shot in church parking lots, stabbed and left to die on the roadside, killed and ending up in the trunk of a car a few hours after the on-probation ex had passed a Positive Male Skills class with flying colors; a kidnapped GIRL was kept as a prostitutes and BRED by a married (by the way, Caucasian) pervert on probation in suburban Antioch (Garrido) — and that’s for 18 years.  She raised two girls in a ramshackle set of tents in the backyard, homeschooling them as best she could, leading them to believe she was an older sister.
Damages cost this state about $29 million for their screwups in monitoring Mr. Garrido.
There has been absolute unbelievable travesty and murder of mothers and mothers’ co-workers, relatives, and on occasion police officers, surrounding situations where a mother was trying to stay alive by separating from a psychotic.  My list above there cites specific cases involving custody matters (for the most part).
A woman in Oakland was found hogtied around street fixtures and burnt to death.  The people who discovered her thought she was a pile of rags.  A mother of two was found (after convicting the ex of murder) buried in shallow graves after routine “visitation” of the children.  A little girl subject to a custody battle where the mother actually worked for the DA’s office was abducted during a court-ordered exchange, and the Amber alert delayed (because the abductor was the father) for enough days that by the time the alert was issued, the child was already dead.  With her Dad (Samaan/Fay).  There has been a salon-breakin followed by triple-homicide (by the estranged ex; he was killed by a responding officer, who also gave his life to stop it in Northern California.  Another woman was shot in the face & killed in that incident; she was a domestic violence advocate, and behind her was crouched another woman terrorized in fear. That woman pulled a “Jesus Christ” and literally gave her life saving another, as did Officer Starczyk.   Children were in the apartment at this time.  Not to be outdone? in Southern California (Seal Beach), a different salon break-in resulted in as I recall, eight deaths:  of the mother of his children, two men, and the rest, people in the wrong place at the wrong time (all female).  Unfortunately, the man didn’t kill himself also, so unlike them, he gets a trial.  They got executions. . . Many times the mothers being killed are working women, or even successful entrepreneurs, and they were in the process of separating from their ex-husbands, or men.
In 1998, While Jenny  Bowen founded “HALF THE SKY” to rescue girls in China like the one they’d adopted, I, being a mother, was fighting for MY family’s lives and facing down guns and knives (after previous assaults, having economic sufficiency shut down, credit stolen, etc. and fighting to keep access to a bank account, transportation, and to receive uncensored access to mail) within marriage not far from “Half the Sky Foundation.”  My daughters,’ my, and potentially their fathers’ lives were saved by way of a nonprofit which had origins in the battered women’s movement, who helped me get a restraining civil order with kickout, when a criminal one was in order, but I didn’t know the difference at the time, having not pre-occupied myself (like many people don’t) with how the justice system works, and being unacquainted with illegal drugs, police brutality, gangs, etc.
No one informed us or other mothers at this time that the eventual price for surviving domestic violence and getting a temporary reprieve was later watching others trafficking our own kids into this system, and with that, us, too.  There seems to be no top dollar or expiration date on a Social Security Numbers in this business.
[one-para.-rant added 2014 while updating my table of contents/LGH:]  We are indeed HALF THE SKY in this country too, but if the whole truth were told, some of these philanthropies might not be so wealthy; we wouldn’t have a tax-system-instituted CASTE in the country, and our less-oppressed citizenry might have been less drugged-up, indoctrinated, pathologized (often for showing human spirit or independence), or so many of our nation’s women and children dealing with fragmentation, intergenerational transmission of VIOLENCE in their home, and because society won’t deal with it, forced to shut up about it if they want to continue functional, either that, or join the profession and keep the PROFESSIONAL COURTESY of SILENCE about the welfare diversions to create out-come based judicial proceedings, presided over by one or another member of a variety of religious fundamentalist, shamanistic, humanistic cultic groups who managed to get appointed as “experts” that judges can call upon and blame for bad custody decisions afterwards.
I was, however, acquainted with religious silence on wife-beating and family neglect and speaking about it, while working, while raising children, while living essentially like a fugitive, even at home.  As I began resisting, things escalated, and it was only the experience of  full two weeks FREE from abuse (the first since we married, that I can recall) which is to say away from home, with the children, and coming back to see the response (retaliation, increased control measures) that I determined to get away ASAP — and did so within a few months.
I have since then dialogued — and that’s more than an email or two, or a phone call or two — with women across the nation many ways like me — college degrees, work lives, service towards their local community, some of them veterans of the military — and they have been beaten, stripped of contact with their children, chewed up by the child support system, at least two of them to the point of complete (not near, but COMPLETE) homelessness through wage garnishment to pay men who did this to them.  And we know it’s through federal incentives programming to the states, and that THIS is America NOW.  When women give birth, they lose more than they give, including if they cannot stay in abusive relationships forever, contact with their children.  This is the NORM.   These children were many times not even wanted by the fathers, and are later dumped off with relatives or sold into the system, and some of us Moms have been tracking WHERE.

And then we turn on the TV after, perhaps, we hear of well-funded social media campaigns on saving the other half of the sky, sponsored by some of the same FOUNDATIONS that are screwing America, and perhaps just for fun.  Who knows?

Half the Sky Foundation during this time was what — uninformed about the VAWA movement in the United States, Uniformed about the backlash National Fatherhood Initiative in the HHS, uninformed about Congressional Testimony targeting single-mothers (esp. African American) as the cause of crime, poverty and substance abuse, and (fill in the blanks) across the nation, hence they should be matched up with the “BabyDaddies,” for better household management? Deaf Dumb and Blind?



Other American women of ethical behaviors in leadership positions are also targeted and drummed out of their own business if they don’t play dirty with the big boys — as was Catherine Austin Fitts, who exposed so much FHA fraud, narco-dollars, and developed a software directly empowering local communities to know where the money IN those communities came from.

Unfortunately, this software also showed who was stealing their assets, too.   This article is an explanation enough for starters:

Catherine Austin Fitts on Wall Street’s Corruption, the Austrian School and Who’s ‘Really’ in Charge

Sunday, January 01, 2012 – with Anthony Wile

Catherine Austin Fitts

The Daily Bell is pleased to publish an interview with financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts (left).

Introduction: Catherine is the president of Solari, Inc., publisher of The Solari Report, and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC and Sea Lane Advisory, LLC. Catherine served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, and was the president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (BA), the Wharton School (MBA) and studied Mandarin Chinese at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Thanks to America, women like this CAN get college educations and study business, wall street, even start up investment banks.  When they are showing loyalty to this country, and the people in this country, they should be listened to — not targeted for destruction for exposing the dismemberment of the American infrastructure.

I do not know whether Ms. Fitts has children (there’s not much mention), although it’s known at one point in time during the harassing litigation around Hamilton Securities, she had to hire a bodyguard — which reminds me of the two honest men in the “Phoebe Factoid” controversy (in Georgia) who also had to do this, as they exposed the profit in nonprofit hospitals.

But I do know that the “niche” formerly safe for women of, say, my generation to occupy — as working college professionals contributing to our piece of our neighborhoods, whether by working for arts nonprofits or in education (as I did), or any other number of ways — has been dismantled.   Ethical working mothers who vary from the norm in perhaps minuscule ways (i.e., they have backbone) are pulled out of the workforce to battle for their lives, or for their children in the court system, and to be paraded in front of psychologists along with their kids for “evaluation.”  Those in this system are of both genders, not just men, and in fact some of the most destructive federal nonprofits have women at their head, which is misleading, as if this makes them ethical or honorable.  Ethical and Honorable are as they do — not as their Chromosomes go…  and this particular person, more financially literate than I (I didn’t take a business major or learn Mandarin!  My parents did not include a federal court economist!) is speaking out against FINANCIAL corruption, which I personally value as worth more than its weight in psychological speculation!

I am putting this example in contrast with the equally educated (most likely) but differently aligned “HALF THE SKY” FOUNDERS and PROMOTERS….

Daily Bell: For those who don’t know, give us a rundown of your current business and economic preoccupations.

Catherine Austin Fitts: I publish the Solari Report (http://solari.com), a private bridge call and blog focused on building personal and family wealth. I also provide investment advisory services through Solari Investment Advisory Services LLC (http://solariadvisors.com) and Sea Lane Advisory LLC (http://sealaneadvisory.com)

Daily Bell: Give us a sense of your background and childhood.

Catherine Austin Fitts: I grew up in Philadelphia in the United States. As a child, I witnessed the destruction of wealth by networks engaged in organized crime and financial fraud and the covert operations that supported them. It started a life-long fascination with understanding how money and the financial system work, including in places, and how healthy cultures could prevail.

My mother was an economist who retired from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve to have children. My father was a surgeon and trauma expert who loved caring for people. I watched them struggle with the growing corruption as it ultimately tore our family apart.

I traveled around the world during college, studying Mandarin in Hong Kong, and then graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received an MBA at Wharton. After graduation, I went to work at Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., a small Wall Street investment bank that is now a part of UBS. I chose Dillon Read as the firm offered me a chance to work in many different areas. I kept moving from one area and type of work to another, trying to understand different parts of the economy and financial system.

Dillon had a tradition of public service. After I became a managing director and member of the board, we sold the firm and after our initial employment contracts ended, numerous members of the firm joined the Bush Administration. I did as well, becoming Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner in 1989. After serving in the Bush Administration for 18 months, and deeply disturbed by the mortgage fraud, I left and started an investment bank, Hamilton Securities Group. My hope was to use software technology and the Internet to help decentralize the capital raising process in a manner that could, in combination with government reengineering, revive the US economy and improve pension fund returns as globalization was shifting significant employment and income abroad.

Decentralizing the economy in a manner that grows decentralized equity ownership was not the direction taken by Washington and Wall Street. Instead, the strong dollar policy was instituted and a debt bubble, led by a global housing debt bubble, financed enormous shifts of capital globally in a manner that aggressively centralized political and economic control. I have described this process as a “financial coup d’état.” (See http://solari.com/blog/financial-coup-d’etat/).

To help facilitate the US housing bubble, the federal government targeted Hamilton. I spent eleven years engaged in litigation. This process forced me to research the US black budget, including related organized crime and financial fraud both domestically and globally.

I have described these events in detail in writings available online. (See the links at http://www.dunwalke.com/gideon/, including the link to my online book: Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits,http://www.dunwalke.com/).


This is, literally, the rape of America, detailed. . . .

Dunwalke was the name of Clarence Dillon’s estate in the hunt country of New Jersey. Dillon built Dunwalke during his years on Wall Street as the head of Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. When Dillon died in 1979, the Dunwalke mansion and 125 of the original 1,200 acres were bequeathed to Princeton University. In the summer of 2001, Princeton sold Dunwalke for $18 million to the co-President of Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs plays a part in the Half the Sky Authors, below;

Previously, Ms. WuDunn has been vice president, in the role of investment advisor for private clients, in the investment management division at Goldman, Sachs & Co. and a commercial loan officer at Bankers Trust.”

The first was a vision shared by my old firm on Wall Street — Dillon Read — and the Clinton Administration with the full support of a bipartisan Congress. In this vision, America’s aristocracy makes money and finances the building of a global empire one neighborhood at a time by ensnaring our youth in a pincer movement of drugs and prisons. Middle class support for these policies is created through a steady and growing stream of government funding and contracts for War on Drugs activities at federal, state and local levels. This consensus is made all the more powerful by the gush of growing debt and derivatives used to bubble the housing and mortgage markets, manipulate the stock and precious metals markets and finance trillions missing from the US government in the largest pump and dump in history — the pump and dump of the entire American economy. This is more than a process designed to wipe out the middle class. This is genocide — a much more subtle and lethal version than ever before perpetrated by the scoundrels of our history texts.

This case study provides a detailed example of the financial kickback machinery that makes the process go. It works something like this. A group of executives and investors start a company. Rather than build a business the old fashioned way, company profits are pumped up with government legislation, contracts, regulation, financing, subsidies and/or enforcement. This dramatically increases the value of the company’s financial equity. The company and its initial investors then sell their stock at a profit. Such profits replenish contributions made to the kind of politicians who can arrange such government benefits. Such profits also fund philanthropy to foundations and universities that have large endowments that invest along side the investors. These tax-exempt organizations provide graduates to staff positions in the game, intellectual justification to attract popular support and photo opportunities which bestow legitimacy and social stature. Personnel cycle through the management and boards of business, government and academia, as the real economy declines — the environment deteriorates, productivity falls, income and infrastructure decline — and government deficits grow.

I still try to help women here become alert to this issue and spend phone time in “get a grip” conversations, after having deduced that the agencies we turn to for help are already bought out.
And then we hear that famous people have suddenly recognized that child trafficking happens — somewhere else…And apparently the limit of the US involvement is not production of children (i.e., stealing them from both parents, or from a mother in particular), but apparently the “johns.”
I decided to look up “Half the Sky” — and see how very well coordinated and funded a media campaign it is.  Reminds me of other well-produced and funded media campaigns which dodge the central US truths, such as the PSU “Telling Amy’s Story,” put out years ago.  that story ended up with a dead mother who made a stupid mistake that no one called attention to in the narrative:  the mother seriously confronted the father and then WENT BACK HOME FOR SOME FRESH DIAPERS.  The father laid in wait, killed the mother, and calmly walked past the waiting grandparents and surviving child in the car.  They could’ve easily been killed too, and only weren’t because they were LUCKY.
Yes, of course this is upsetting.  No, I don’t take for granted that I can drive a car, or sit in pubic without a man near me.  But I tell you what — I spend almost no time sitting in my own home, because of the prior man, and make sure I’m most of the day in a public place for the exact same reason I requested a restraining order to start with — for safety.
We cannot, as a country, go on like this, entranced by the rich and famous and well-publicized.  They are not your friends because they’ve mastered the art of networking and getting funding for social media, major media, and world travel!!!
It is organized in segments.  This segment is from:
These are 24 foundations that have decided to “off-shore” their expenses — including
  • FORD
Underneath this list of funders, I’m going to post (paste) most of the bios of the famous husband/wife author duo of this Half the Sky Movement, who happen to be (him) Rhodes Scholars, and between them Pulitzer Prize winning authors; not to mention Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and significant experience (Ms. WuDunn) with the banking and investment industries as well.  Better explained by reading them.
I remind readers of my links on the other blog (The Family Court Franchise System) talking about the role of the Rhodes Scholarship on the Road to Welfare State; there is a history (Cecil Rhodes, South Africa, the determination to win the colonies back for Britain, etc.).  Don’t think this history is still not in operation, or the policies set long ago….
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting

    Corporation for Public Broadcasting
    Facilitating the development of, and ensuring universal access to, noncommercial high-quality programming and telecommunications services. CPB does this in conjunction with noncommercial educational telecommunications licensees across America.

  • IKEA Foundation

    IKEA Foundation
    The IKEA Foundation works with strong strategic partners to achieve large-scale results by addressing four fundamentals in children’s lives.



    USAID carries out U.S. foreign policy by promoting broad-scale human progress as it expands stable, free societies, creates markets and trade partners and fosters good will abroad.

  • FHI360

    FHI 360 is a global development organization with a rigorous, evidence-based approach, with experts in health, nutrition, education, economic development, civil society, environment and research.

  • C-Change

    C-Change is a USAID-funded project to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of social and behavior change communication across development sectors.

  • Independent Television Service

    Independent Television Service
    The Independent Television Service (ITVS) is an internationally recognized funder and innovative media organization that serves independent filmmakers, the public television system and the public.

  • Ford Foundation

    Ford Foundation
    The Ford Foundation is a nonprofit grant-making organization, guided by its mission to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation and advance human achievement.

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives.

  • Coca-Cola Company

    Coca-Cola Company
    The Coca-Cola Company’s 5 BY 20 global initiative seeks to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million female entrepreneurs across the Coca-Cola value chain by 2020.

  • Vagisil

    Vagisil, a global brand, has provided intimate health solutions to women for over 40 years.  As the expert in intimate health, Vagisil develops innovative therapeutic and daily care products designed to relieve vaginal discomfort and promote every day confidence. From intimate healthcare to broader issues of respect, security and prosperity, Vagisil is dedicated to taking positive actions toward solving the difficult yet addressable problems that women face around the world.

  • Goldman Sachs Foundation

    Goldman Sachs Foundation
    The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women initiative is a five-year investment to provide underserved female entrepreneurs around the world with business and management education.

  • John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

    John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    The MacArthur Foundation supports creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant and peaceful world.

  • Nduna

    Nduna Foundation
    The Nduna Foundation provides innovative leadership and targeted partnership. Working with partners such as UNICEF, Human Rights Watch, the CDC Foundation, TechnoServe and CIVICUS, the Nduna Foundation provides emergency aid and long-term investment where it is needed most. Our guiding principle is simple: Make it Matter.

  • Seedlings Foundation

    Seedlings Foundation
    Seedlings Foundation supports programs that nourish the physical and mental health of children and families, and foster an educated and engaged citizenship.

  • Rockefeller Foundation

    The Rockefeller Foundation
    The Rockefeller Foundation fosters innovative solutions to many of the world’s most pressing challenges by strengthening resilience to acute crises and chronic stresses and promoting growth with equity so poor or vulnerable populations have more access to opportunities that improve their lives.

  • Stavros Niarchos

    Stavros Niarchos
    The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is one of the world’s leading international philanthropic organizations, making grants in the areas of arts and culture, education, health and medicine, and social welfare.

  • Nike Foundation

    Nike Foundation
    The Nike Foundation, started in 2004, has taken the power of potential to a new playing field to combat one of the most pressing issues of our time: global poverty.

  • NoVo Foundation

    NoVo Foundation
    The NoVo Foundation supports the development of capacities in people to help create a caring and balanced world that operates on the principles of mutual respect, collaboration and civic participation.

  • Intel

    Intel is committed to providing girls and women around the world with equal opportunities for quality education, economic advancement and personal growth. Our global partnerships and community programs emphasize technology and digital literacy to help accelerate change.

  • the Bertha Foundation

    The Bertha Foundation
    The Bertha Foundation believes that bright ideas, combined with resources and strong leadership can create profound social impact.  We believe in the power of activism to generate social, political, economic and environmental change.

  • The Carlson Family Foundation

    The Carlson Family Foundation
    Through investments in education, youth mentoring, and programs serving at-risk children and youth, the Carlson Family Foundation actively participates in building strong and healthy communities.

                                                                              Hanami Fund

  • Embrey Family Foundation

    Embrey Family Foundation
    Our Mission is to cultivate Human Rights awareness and advance initiatives that challenge and embolden people to walk better in the world.

  • National Endowment for the Arts

    National Endowment for the Arts
    The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is dedicated to supporting excellence in the arts, both new and established; bringing the arts to all Americans; and providing leadership in arts education.

  • UN Foundation

    UN Foundation
    The United Nations Foundation builds public/private partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems and broadens support for the U.N. through advocacy and public outreach.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Nicholas D. Kristof

Nicholas D. Kristof, a columnist for The New York Times since November 2001, is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner who writes op-ed columns that appear twice a week.

Mr. Kristof grew up on a sheep and cherry farm near Yamhill, Oregon. He graduated from Harvard College, Phi Beta Kappa, and then won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford, where he studied law and graduated with first class honors. He later studied Arabic in Cairo and Chinese in Taipei. After working in France, he caught the travel bug and began backpacking around Africa and Asia, writing articles to cover his expenses. Mr. Kristof has lived on four continents, reported on six, and traveled to more than 150 countries, plus all 50 states, every Chinese province and every main Japanese island. He’s also one of the very few Americans to be at least a two-time visitor to every member of the “Axis of Evil.” During his travels, he has had unpleasant experiences with malaria, mobs and an African airplane crash.

After joining The New York Times in 1984, initially covering economics, he served as a correspondent in Los Angeles and as bureau chief in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Tokyo. In 2000, he covered the presidential campaign, and he is the author of the chapter on George W. Bush in the reference book The Presidents. He later was Associate Managing Editor of the Times, responsible for Sunday editions.

In 1990 Mr. Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, until recently also a Times journalist, won a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of China’s Tiananmen Square movement. They were the first married couple to win a Pulitzer for journalism. Mr. Kristof won a second Pulitzer in 2006, for what the judges called “his graphic, deeply reported columns that, at personal risk, focused attention on genocide in Darfur.” Mr. Kristof has also won other prizes including the George Polk award, the Overseas Press Club award, the Michael Kelly award, the Online News Association award, and the American Society of Newspaper Editors award. Mr. Kristof has taken a special interest in Web journalism and was the first blogger on The New York Times Web site; he has a Facebook fan page and a channel on YouTube, as well as more than 1 million followers on Twitter.

In his column, Mr. Kristof was an early opponent of the Iraq war, was among the first to warn that we were losing ground in Afghanistan, and has regularly focused attention on global poverty, health and gender issues, as well as climate change. Since 2004, he has written dozens of columns about Darfur and has visited the region around Darfur eleven times.

He is an international globetrotter and talented, accomplished and brave journalist.

He has NOT been at home on the US looking at or hearing about what happens to women and children in our justice system or how our government is slush-funding money into specialized HHS programs which ENDANGER women and children by helping fetch criminal fathers out of jail, and reunification efforts.  It’s probable he’s also not reporting on many things that people who didn’t get to Harvard or Yale have to live with, including the buildup of the world’s largest per-capita jailor and who invests in the privatization of its prisons, where its young people get raped and assaulted, and otherwise traumatized (Corrections Corporation of America); possibly not on the missing HUD’s $60 billion or the withheld $14 million (Silva v. Garcetti) child support held by Los Angeles County, or HOW many trillion? lost by the Pentagon; or the major expansion of the drugging of American and setting up the family court system as a behavioral health Archipelago of therapeutic jurisprudence, or of the transformation of representative government into collective government determined nationwide in nonprofit associations of public employees.  And, you name it …

Given that he’s a Rhodes Scholar, that’s not generally speaking, the subject matter.

Mr. Kristof and Ms. WuDunn are authors of three best-selling books:  China Wakes: The Struggle for the Soul of a Rising Power in 1994Thunder from the East: Portrait of a Rising Asia in 2000; and Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide in 2009. Mr. Kristof is also the subject of an HBO documentary executive-produced by Ben Affleck, “Reporter,” and serves on the boards of Harvard University and the American Association of Rhodes Scholars. He has received a number of honorary doctorates and other honors. Mr. Kristof and Ms. WuDunn are the parents of three children. Mr. Kristof enjoys running, backpacking, and having his Chinese and Japanese corrected by his children.

Vsit his blog On the Ground, join him on Facebook and Google+, watch his YouTube videos and follow him onTwitter and Pinterest.

Sheryl WuDunn

Sheryl WuDunn, the first Asian-American reporter to win a Pulitzer Prize, is a business executive, lecturer, and best-selling author. Currently, she is a senior managing director with Mid-Market Securities, an investment banking boutique helping growth companies, including those operating in the emerging markets. At MMS, she raises capital for a variety of clients: men and women entrepreneurs in new media, media technology and social enterprise. She was also a Senior Lecturer at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs in fall 2011.

Previously, Ms. WuDunn has been vice president, in the role of investment advisor for private clients, in the investment management division at Goldman, Sachs & Co. and a commercial loan officer at Bankers Trust. She also worked at The New York Times as both an executive and journalist: in management roles in both the Strategic Planning and Circulation Sales departments at The Times; as editor for international markets, energy and industry; as The Times’s first anchor of an evening news headlines program for a digital cable TV channel, the Discovery-Times; and as a foreign correspondent for The Times in Tokyo and Beijing, where she wrote about economic, financial, political and social issues.

She is co-author of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, a New York Times best-selling book about the challenges facing women around the globe, published in 2009 by Knopf and featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Colbert Report and other network television shows. Ms. WuDunn also helped launch the development of the Half the Sky multimedia effort – creating a thoughtful, effective philanthropic strategy that includes an online social game and a documentary series.

. . . . More honors and authorities:

 Ms. WuDunn has also won a White House Project EPIC award, and she has been a judge for the State Department “Secretary’s Innovation Award for Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment.” She has won other awards, including the Asia Women in Business Corporate Leadership Award, the Pearl S. Buck Woman of the Year Award, the Harriet Beecher Stowe Prize, among numerous other awards. In 2011, Newsweek cited Ms. WuDunn as one of the “150 Women Who Shake the World.”

She graduated from Cornell University, where she is a member of the Board of Trustees, a member of the Board’s Finance Committee, a former co-chair of the Board’s Academic Affairs Committee and former member of the $4 billion endowment’s Investment Committee. She earned an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and an M.P.A. from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, where she was a member of its Advisory Council. Ms. WuDunn received an honorary doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania and Middlebury College. Ms. WuDunn lectures around the United States and abroad on economic, political and social topics related to women in the developing world, the global economy, China and the emerging markets

Well, I would’ve loved to give one of my daughters such an opportunity, but the same United States that gave Ms WuDunn an Innovation for Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment doesn’t acknowledge the word “mother” in association with “father” in its own rhetoric and feels no contradiction in continuing to disenfranchise educated mothers who otherwise would have transmitted that education down at least ONE generation, and make sure our mid-lives are wasted fighting for basic human rights — and not getting them.  SO, while Ayaan Hirsi Ali fled the Netherlands under death threats (and after a filmmaker of one of her pieces was murdered), Holly Collins fled the United states to protect herself and her children.  Jessica Gonzales (now Lenahan) of Colorado was forced to sit by while her ex-hustand MURDERED three of her children because they were not required to, and no intention of, arresting or prosecuting a father for violation of a domestic violence restraining order.  THREE DEAD CHILDREN IN THE BACK OF  A PICKUP, and these American raised women are having to appeal to an international court for help.
While women who received the best of the best of Ivy league Education are in other countries helping the US pursue (along with philanthropists like Jenny Bowen and others) more investments in emerging markets and get those children adopted.
It’s clear as a bell — money has been poured into the other side of the globe; so what’s the plan for America, huh?   Sharia law in the family law system?
Who is causing some of the trouble on the other side of the globe if not some of the same global elite, including from London and Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles & New York, etc?   Why not fix the problem at its source?  Economic war through greed on the rest of the world.  As Ms. Fitts says — where the West is invested, it is going to enforce, and has the technology to do so as well….
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

HALF the SKY FOUNDATION, for one, is networked with and part of a huge, international adoption ring.  Here’s the list!

joint council logo
That’s a lot of Adoption Organizations from?  Who’s making all the poverty and violence that gives rise to the need for these adoptions?


A Better World – The Adoption Connection, Inc. 75 Batterson Park Road Farmington, CT 06032 (860) 677-0470 (ph) (860) 231-7327 (fax) abetterworldadoptions@comcast.net (email)www.abwadoptions.org (web) Dr. Elaine Blondin-Mello, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

A Child Waits Foundation 1136 Barker Road, Suite 12 Pittsfield, MA 01201 USA (866) 999-2445 (ph) (518) 794-6243 (fax) rgriffin@achildwaits.org (email) www.achildwaits.org (web) Ms. Cynthia Nelson, Executive Director, Family Support Organization

A Love Beyond Borders, LLC 4155 E. Jewell Avenue, Suite 800 Denver, CO 80222 USA (303) 333-1573 (ph) (720) 262-7771 (fax) info@bbinternationaladoption.com(email)www.bbinternationaladoption.com (web) Ms. Charlotte Allen, Executive Director

A Red Thread Adoption Services, Inc. 681 Washington Street Norwood, MA 02062 (781) 762-2428 (ph) (781) 762-2561 (fax) redthreadadopt@aol.com (email) www.redthreadadopt.org(web) Ms. Leah O’Leary, Executive Director, Home Study Provider

AAC Adoption & Family Network, Inc. 735 E. Hwy 56 P.O. Box W Berthoud, CO. 80513 (970) 532-3576 (ph) info@aacadoption.com (email) www.aacadoption.com (web) Marissa Bebo, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Across The World Adoptions 395 Taylor Blvd., Suite 116 Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 (925) 356-6260 (ph) (925) 827-9396 (fax) adopt@atwakids.org (email) www.atwakids.org (web) Ms. Lesley Siegel, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Adopolis, Inc. 5247 Wisconsin Ave, NW Washington, D.C. 20015 (202) 879-9524 (ph) (301) 879-7558 (fax) constanzacardoso@adopolis.org (email) www.adopolis.org (web) Ms. Constanza Cardoso-Schultz, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Adopting Angels, Inc. 10720 Santa Laguna Drive, Boca Raton, FL 33428 (561) 218-8810 (ph) info@adoptingangels.com (email) www.adoptingangels.com (web) Mr. Tim Seaver, Chief Executive Officer, Adoption Service Provider

Adoption Advocates International 709 South Peabody Street Port Angeles, WA 98362 (360) 452-4777 (ph) (360) 452-1107 (fax) aai@olympus.org (email) www.adoptionadvocates.org ( web) Gay Knutson, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Adoption Ark 830 S. Buffalo Grove Rd., #103, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 (847) 215-2755 (ph) adopt@adoptionark.org (email) www.adoptionark.org (web) Ms. Lynn Wetterberg, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Adoption & Beyond 16236 Metcalf Ave Overland Park, KS 66085 (913) 381-6919 (ph) (913) 381-6909 (fax) adopt@adoption-beyond.org (email) www.adoption-beyond.org (web) Ms. Steffany Aye, Executive Director, Homestudy Service Provider Other Office Locations: MO

Adoption Associates Inc. 1338 Baldwin Jenison, MI 49428 (616) 667-0677 (ph) adopt@adoptionassociates.net (email) http://www.adoptionassociates.net/ (web) Ms. Jane Bareman, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Adoption by Shepherd Care 5935 Taft Street Hollywood, FL 33021 (954) 981-2060 (ph)joe@adoptabsc.org (email) http://www.adoptabsc.org/ (web) Joseph D. Sica, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Adoption Center of Washington 501 Canterbury Lane Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 549-7774 (ph) lindacw@aol.com (email) www.adoptioncenter.com (web) Linda Brownlee, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Adoption-Link 1113 South Boulevard, Oak Park, IL 60302 (708) 524-1433 (ph) info@adoption-link.org (email)  http://www.adoption-link.org/ (web) Noreen Davidson, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Adoption Options of Jewish Family Service 959 North Main Street Providence, RI 02905 (401) 331-5437 (ph) (401) 331-5772 (fax) peg@jfsri.org (email) www.adoptionoptions.org (web) Erin Minor, Executive Director, Home Study Provider

Adoption Resources of Wisconsin 6682 West Greenfield Avenue #310 Milwaukee, WI 53214 (414) 475-1246 (ph) info@wiadopt.org (email) www.wiadopt.org (web) Colleen M. Ellingson, Executive Director, Family Support Organization

Adoption STAR 47 Plaza Drive Williamsville, NY 14221 (716) 639-3900 (ph) (716) 639-3700 (fax) info@adoptionstar.com (email) www.adoptionstar.com (web) Ms. Michele Fried, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Adoptions of Indiana 1980 East 116 St. Suite 325 Carmel, IN 46032 (317) 574-8950 (ph)www.ad-in.org (web) Ms. Meg Sterchi, Executive Director, Home Study Provider

Adoptions Together 10230 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 200 Silver Spring, MD 20903 (301) 439-2900 (ph) (301) 439-9334 (fax) jgoldwater@adoptionstogether.org (email)  www.adoptionstogether.org (web) Ms. Janice Goldwater, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Adoptive Parents Committee 5 Timber Ridge Mt Kisco, NY 10549 (212) 304-8479 (ph) nycapc@hotmail.com (email) www.adoptiveparents.org (web) Monica Holly, CEO, Family Support Organization

Agape Adoptions 1003 1/2 Main Street, Suite 5 Sumner, WA 98390 (253) 987-5804 (ph) (253) 987-7657 (fax) myriam@agapeadoptions.org (email) www.agapeadoptions.org (web) Myriam Avery, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

All Blessings International 3808 South Griffith Avenue Owenboro KY 42301 (270) 684-2598 (ph) jennifer@allblessings.org (email) www.allblessings.org (web) A. Lucy Armistead, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

All God’s Children International 3308 NE Peerless Place Portland, OR 97232 (503) 282-7652 (ph) hfrazier@allgodschildren.org (email) www.allgodschildren.org (web) Hollen Frazier, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider, Other Office Locations: MI, OH, WA

American Adoptions 9101 West 110th Street, Suite 200 Overland Park, KS 66210 (800) 236-7846 (ph) adoptions@americanadoptions.com (email) www.americanadoptions.com (web) Mr. Shawn Kane, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Americans for African Adoptions, Inc. 8910 Timberwood Drive Indianapolis, IN 46234 (317) 271-4567 (ph) (317) 271-8739 (fax) amfaa@aol.com (email) www.africanadoptions.org (web) Ms. Cheryl Carter-Shotts, Director, Adoption Service Provider

Americans for International Aid and Adoption 2151 Livernois, Suite 200 Troy, MI 48067 (248) 362-1207 (ph) (248) 362-8882 (fax) info@aiaaadopt.org (email) http://www.aiaaadopt.org/(web) Ms. Nancy Fox, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Angel Adoptions 11 Dix Street Waltham, MA 02453 (781) 899-9222 (ph) (781) 893-8022 (fax) lweingast@angeladoptions.org (email) www.angeladoptions.org (web) Ms. Laura Weingast, Executive Director, Home Study Provider

Angels’ Haven Outreach 818 Grayson Road Suite #200 Pleasant Hill, CA 94523  (925) 476-5587 (ph) adopt@angelshaven.org (email) www.angelshaven.org (web) Ms. Cara Helberg, Executive Director, Home Study Provider, Other Office Location: VT

Arenson-Fuller, Iris J. 227 Tunxis Avenue Bloomfield, CT 06002 (860) 402-0760 (ph) iris@visionpoweredcoaching.com (email) www.coachiris.com (web) Professional Service Provider

Associated Catholic Charities, Inc. 320 Cathedral Street Baltimore, MD 21202 (410) 659-4032 (ph) (410) 659-4060 (fax) ewarnock@cc-md.org (email) www.catholiccharities-md.org (web) Mr. William McCarthy Jr., CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Associated Services for International Adoption (ASIA) 215 SW Hooker Street Suite 100 Portland, OR 97201 (503) 224-1860 (ph) (503) 294-1995 (fax) staff@asiadopt.org (email)www.asiadopt.org (web) Joy Drechsler, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

ATTACh P.O. Box 19122 Minneapolis, MN 55419 (612) 861-4222 (ph) (847) 356-7856 (fax)attachorg@gmail.com (email) www.attach.org (web) Mary M. McGowan, CEO, Family Support Organization


Baker Victory Services 780 Ridge Road Lackawanna, NY 14218 (716) 828-9510 (ph) (716) 828-9503 (fax) jomara@olv-bvs.org (email) http://www.bakervictoryservices.org (web) Mr. James J. Casion, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Bal Jagat – Children’s World, Inc. 5199 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 204 Long Beach, CA 90804 (562) 597-5029 (ph) (562) 597-7696 (fax) baljagat@verizon.net (email)www.baljagat.org (web) Ms. Hemlata Momaya, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Baranowski, Steven 21 Glengary Rd. Croton, NY 10520 (914) 715-6815 (ph)baranowski.steven@gmail.com (email) Professional Service Provider

Barker Foundation, The 7979 Old Georgetown Rd, First Floor Bethesda, MD 20814 (301) 664-9664 (ph) tji@barkerfoundation.org (email) www.barkerfoundation.org (web) Marilyn Regier, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Bay Area Adoption Services 465 Fairchild Drive #215 Mountain View, CA 94043 (650) 964-3800 (ph) (650) 964-6467 (fax) baas@baas.org (email) http://www.baas.org (web) Ms. Andrea Stawitcke, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Beacon House Adoption Services, Inc. 223 West Gregory Street Pensacola, FL. 32502 (850) 430-4005 (ph) beacon_adopt@yahoo.com (email) www.beaconhouseadoption.com (web) Anne Hughes, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Bellefaire Jewish Children’s Bureau 22001 Fairmount Boulevard Shaker Heights, OH 4418 (216) 320-8468 (ph) (216) 320-8747 (fax) andersonk@bellefairejcb.org(email) www.bellefairejcb.org (web) Dr. Adam Jacobs, President, Home Study Provider

Bethany Christian Services 901 Eastern Avenue, NE, P.O. Box 294 Grand Rapids, MI 49501 (616) 254-7713 (ph) (616) 224-7585 (fax) bcsinternational@bethany.org(email) http://www.bethany.org (web) William Blacquiere, CEO, Adoption Service Provider, Other Office Locations: AK, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KY, MD, MA, MN, MS, MO, NE, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, VT, VA, WA, WI, WY

Board of Child Care 3300 Gaither Road Baltimore, MD 21244 (410) 922-2100 (ph) (410) 496-5620 (fax) adoptions@boardofchildcare.org (email) www.boardofchildcare.org (web) Thomas L. Curcio, CEO, Homestudy Service Provider

Boling, Catherine 574 State Highway 248, Suite 2 Branson, MO 65616 (417) 239-5280 (ph)cate4families@yahoo.com (email) Professional Service Provider

Brittany’s Hope Foundation 1160 North Market Street Elizabethtown, PA 17022 (717) 397-9614 (ph) info@brittanyshope.org (email) www.brittanyshope.org (web) Ms. Candace Abel, Executive Director, Orphan Care Organization

Building Arizona Families 18449 West Ivy Lane Surprise, AZ 85388 (623) 936-4729 (ph) info@BuildingArizonaFamilies.com (email) http://www.buildingarizonafamilies.com(web) Kelly Rourke, President/ Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider


Carolina Adoption Services, Inc. 301 N. Elm Street, Suite 500 Greensboro, NC 27401 (336) 275-9660 (ph) (336) 273-9804 (fax) saw@carolinaadoption.org (email)www.carolinaadoption.org (web) Julie Glandt, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

CASI Foundation for Children, Inc. 2308 N. Cole Rd Suite E Boise, Idaho 83704 (208) 376-0558 (ph) tammyj@adoptcasi.org (email) www.adoptcasi.org (web) Mr. Neil Gu, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington 5294 Lyngate Court Burke, VA 22015 (703) 425-0100 (ph) (703) 425-2886 (fax) tmcdonough@ccda.net (email) http://www.ccda.net/ (web) Mr. Art Bennett, CEO, Home Study Provider

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge Maternity and Adoption 1900 S. Acadian Thruway Baton Rouge, LA 70820 (225) 336-8708 (ph) pdavis@ccdiobr.org(email) www.adoptbatonrouge.com/ (web) Mr. David Aguillard, CEO, Home Study Provider

Catholic Community Services – Western Washington 100 23rd Avenue, S. Seattle, WA 98144 (206) 328-5747 (ph) JimL@ccsww.org (email) www.ccsww.org (web) Michael Reichert, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Catholic Guardian Society & Home Bureau 1011 1st Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10022 (212) 371-1000 (ph) (212) 317-9418 (fax) info@cgshb.org (email) www.cgshb.org (web) Kathleen Dooley-Polcha, Director of Rosalie Hall Maternity Services, Adoption Service Provider

Chernobyl Children International Northpoint Financial Centre, 490 Main Street, Northpoint, NY 11768, +353 21 4 312 999 (ph) info@chernobyl-international.com (email) http://www.chernobyl-international.com/index.aspx (web) Adi Roche, CEO, Orphan Care Organization

Children at Heart Adoption Services, Inc. 254 N. Front Street, Suite 200 Wilmington, NC 28401 (910) 763-4414 (ph) jbergerondircah@aol.com (email) www.childrenatheart.com (web) Ms. Janice Bergeron, CEO, Adoption Service Provider, Other Office Locations: NY

Children’s Home Society & Family Services 1605 Eustis Street St. Paul, MN. 55108 (651) 255-2298 (ph) jjohnson@chsfs.org (email) http://www.chsfs.org/ (web) Ms. Maurren E. Warren, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Children’s Hope International 11780 Borman Drive St. Louis, MO 63146 (314) 812-1787 (ph) Adoption@ChildrensHope.net (email) http://adopt.childrenshope.net (web) Mr. Dwyatt Gantt, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Children’s House International P.O. Box 1829 Ferndale, WA 98248 (360) 383-0623 (ph) (360) 383-0640 (fax) chi4adopt@aol.com (email) www.childrenshouseinternational.com (web) Deborah S. Price, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider, Other Office Locations: UT, FL

Christian Adoption Services, Inc. 624 Matthews-Mint Hill Road Suite 134 Matthews, NC 28105-1775 (704) 847-0038 (ph) (704) 841-1538 (fax) brenda@christianadopt.org(email) http://www.christianadopt.org (web) Mr. James Woodward, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Christian Family Services of the Midwest, Inc. 10500 Barkley, Ste 216 Overland, Park, KS 66212 (913) 383-3337 susan@cfskc.org (email) http://cfskc.org/ (web) Mr. Mark Barone, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Chrysalis House, Inc. 7395 North Palm Bluffs Avenue Suite 106 Fresno, CA 93711 (559) 229-9862 (ph) (559) 229-9863 (fax) contact-us@chrysalishouse.com(email) www.chrysalishouse.com (web) Ms. Jeannie Post, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Coordinators2Inc 8100 Three Chopt Road Suite 101 Richmond, VA 23229 (804) 354-1881 (ph) (804) 355-1001 (fax) info@c2adopt.org (email) www.c2adopt.org (web) Rebecca Ricardo, Executive Director, Home Study Provider

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center 8630 Fenton St. Suite 310 Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301) 587-4400 (ph) (301) 588-3091 (fax) lperilstein@cradlehope.org (email) www.cradlehope.org(web) Linda Perilstein, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Cradle Society, The 2049 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201 (847) 733-3202 (ph) (847) 475-5871 (fax) jtye@cradle.org (email) www.cradle.org (web) Julie S. Tye President & CEO, Home Study Provider

Creative Adoptions, Inc. 8808 Centre Park Drive, Suite 208 Columbia, MD 21045 (301) 596-1521 (ph) (301) 596-0346 (fax) administration@creativeadoptions.org (email)www.creativeadoptions.org (web) Ms. Philippa Street, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Crossroads Adoption Services 7600 Parklawn Ave., Suite 352 Minneapolis, MN 55435 (952) 831-5707 (ph) (952) 831-5129 (fax) kids@crossroadsadoption.com (email)  www.crossroadsadoption.com (web) Ms. Joan Clarkson, Executive Director of Social Services, Adoption Service Provider


Development Solutions DBA Hope 4 Kids PO Box 1235 San Juan Capistrano, CA (949) 496-9430 (ph) info@hope4kids.com (email) www.hope4kids.com (web) Mr. Len Carey, CEO, Home Study Provider

Dillon International, Inc. 3227 E. 31st Street, Suite 200 Tulsa, OK 74105 (918) 749-4600 (ph) (918) 749-7144 (fax) info@dillonadopt.com (email) www.dillonadopt.com (web) Dr. Albert Reyes, President, Adoption Service Provider, Other Office Locations: AK, CA, KS, MO, TX

Dillon Southwest 3014 N. Hayden Road #101 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (480) 945-2221 (ph) (480) 945-3956 (fax) info@dillonsouthwest.org (email) www.dillonsouthwest.org (web) Ms. Marsha Usdane, Director, Adoption Service Provider


Ethica, Inc. P.O. Box 7544 Arlington, VA 22207 (617) 935-2167 (ph) info@ethicanet.org(email) www.ethicanet.org (web) Rachel Wegner, CEO, Advocacy Group

European Adoption Consultants, Inc. 12608 Alameda Drive Strongsville, OH 44149 (800) 533-0098 (ph) (440) 846-1705 (fax) margaretcole@margaretcole.com (email)  http://www.eaci.com (web) Ms. Margaret Cole, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider, Other Office Locations: NY, FL

European Children Adoption Services 6050 Cheshire Lane, N. Plymouth, MN 55446 (763) 694-6131 (ph) (763) 694-6104 (fax) judy@ecasus.org (email) http://www.ecasus.org (web) Ms. Zina Bulger, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Evangelical Child and Family Agency 1530 North Main Street Wheaton, IL 60187 (630) 653-6400 (ph) (630) 653-6490 (fax) cristina@evancfa.org (email)  www.evancfa.org (web) Mr. Ken Withrow Executive Director, Homestudy Provider


Faith International Adoptions 1105 Tacoma Avenue South Tacoma, WA 98402 (253) 383-1928 (ph) (253) 572-6662 (fax) faith@faithadopt.org (email) www.faithadopt.org (web) Mr. John Meske, Director, Adoption Service Provider

Families Thru International Adoption 400 Bentee Wes Court Evansville, IN 47715 USA (812) 479-9900 (ph) (812) 479-9901 (fax) adopt@ftia.org (email) www.ftia.org (web) Mr. Keith Wallace, CEO/Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Families United Network, Inc. PO Box 264 Muncy, PA 17756 (570) 546-6777 (ph) tneuhard@families4kids.org (email) www.families4kids.org (web) Mr. Thomas Neuhard, Chief Executive Officer, Home Study Provider

Family Adoption Consultants 45100 Sterritt Street Suite 203, Utica, MI 48317 (586) 726-2988 (ph) (586) 726-2599 (fax) info@facadopt.org (email) www.facadopt.org (web) Kathleen Luz, CEO, Adoption Service Provider, Other Office Locations: OH

Family and Children’s Agency, Inc. 9 Mott Avenue Norwalk, CT 06850 (203) 855-8765 (ph) (203) 838-3325 (fax) mschneider@fcagency.org (email) www.familyandchildrensagency.org(web) Mr. Robert F. Cashel, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Family Connections Christian Adoptions 1120 Tully Road Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 524-8844 (ph) shailarao@fcadoptions.com (email) www.fcadoptions.org (web) Ms. Alison Foster, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Family Network, Inc., The 2959 Park Ave., Suite D Soquel, CA 95073 (831) 462-8954 (ph) (831) 462-8958 (fax) georgia@adopt-familynetwork.com (email) http://adopt-familynetwork.com (web) Georgia Leonard, CEO, Home Study Provider

Family Resource Center 5828 N. Clark Chicago, IL 60660 (773) 334-2300 (ph) (773) 334-8228 (fax) adoption@f-r-c.org (email) www.f-r-c.org (web) Mr. Richard Pearlman, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Forever Families Adoption Services, Inc. PO Box 2085 Middleburg, VA 20118 (540) 687-5627 (ph) kwicht@ffasva.org (email) www.ffasva.org (web) Kirsten Wicht, CEO, Home Study Provider

Forever Families through Adoption, Inc. 62 Bowman Avenue Rye Brook, NY 10573 (914) 939 1180 (ph) (914) 939 1181 (fax) adopt@foreverfamiliesthroughadoption.org (email)www.foreverfamiliesthroughadoption.org (web) Mrs. Joy Goldstein, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Fulaa Lifeline International 30901 Gallows Road Annandale, VA 22032 (703) 323-1579 (ph) lifeline@fulaalifeline.org (email) http://fulaalifeline.org (web) Samuel Juma, Executive Director, Orphan Care Organization


Germain, Patricia 5330 rue Laflamme Trois-Rivières, G8Y 4V5  (819) 378-9013 (ph) patricia.germain@uqtr.ca (email) Student

Gladney Center for Adoption 6300 John Ryan Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76132-4122 (817) 922-5900 (ph) www.gladney.org (web) Mr. Frank Garrott, President, Adoption Service Provider, Other Office Locations: Houston, TX; Midland, TX; AR, CT, FL, KY, LA, NY, NJ, NC, OK, PA

Global Adoption Services, Inc. 2046 Rushmore Ct Bel Air, MD 21015 (410) 569-9384 (ph) maryland@adoptglobal.org (email) http://www.adoptglobal.org (web) Ms. Paula Nash, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

God’s Families International Adoption Services 19389 Live Oak Cyn Rd. Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679 (949) 858-7621 (ph) (949) 858-5431 (fax) director@godsfamilies.org (email)www.godfamilies.org (web) Mr. James Molter, Executive Director, Home Study Provider

Golden Cradle Adoption Services 95 West Gate Drive Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 (856) 428-1277 (ph) jnr@goldencradle.org (email) www.goldencradle.org (web) Jared Rolsky, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Goldstein, Michael Esq. 62 Bowman Avenue Rye Brook, NY 10573-2804 (914) 939-1111 (ph) (914) 939-2369 (fax) mgoldstein@adoptgold.com (email) www.adoptgold.com (web) Professional Service Provider

Goryuk, Inna PO Box 313 Dunn Loring, VA 22027 (571) 405-4125 (ph)inna.workingbee@gmail.com (email) Individual


Half the Sky Foundation 715 Hearst Avenue, Suite 200 Berkeley, CA 94170 (510) 525-3377 (ph) contact@halfthesky.org (email) http://www.halfthesky.org/ (web) Jenny Bowen, CEO, Orphan Care Organization

Happy Families International Center, Inc. 3 Stone Street Cold Spring, NY 10516 (845) 265-9272 (ph) info@happyfamilies.org (email) www.happyfamilies.org (web) Dr. Natasha Shaginian-Needham, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Hardman-Woung, Gail LCSW 3939 NE Hancock Suite 210 Portland, OR 97212 (505) 314-8591 (ph) ghwoung@gmail.com (email)  www.adoptioncounselingservices.com (web) Professional Service Provider

Heart of the Matter Seminars 1508 South West White Ridge Drive Lee’s Summit, MO 64081 (913) 731-5451 (ph) info@heartofthematterseminars.com (email)www.heartofthematterseminars.com (web) Katie Prigel Sharp, CEO, Family Support/Education Organization

Holt International Children’s Services, Inc. 1195 City View P.O. Box 2880 Eugene, OR 97402 (541) 687-2202 (ph) (541) 683-0803 (fax) info@holtinternational.org(email) www.holtinternational.org (web) Phillip A. Littleton, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Homestudies & Adoption Placement Services 668 American Legion Drive Bogota, NY 07666 (201) 836-5554 (ph) lkolankowski@aol.com (email)  http://haps.org/ (web) Ms. Lorraine Kolankowski, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Hope Adoption Inc. 5944 Luther Lane Suite 875 Dallas, TX 75040 (214) 672-9399 (ph)dford@hopeadoption.org (email) http://www.hopeadoption.org/ (web) Ms. Dawn Ford, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Hope for Orphans/Family Life 2001 W Plano Pkwy #3444 Plano, TX 75075 (972) 941-4432 (ph) plpennington@eathlink.net (email) www.hopefororphans.org (web) Mr. Paul Pennington, CEO, Advocacy Group

Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc. 1208 Eastchester Drive, Suite 102 High Point, NC 27265 (336) 899-0068 (ph) (888) 837-3824 (fax) info@hopscotchadoptions.org (email)www.hopscotchadoptions.org (web) Ms. Robin Sizemore, Executive Director and Founder, Adoption Service Provider


Illien Adoptions International, Inc. 1250 Piedmont Ave. NE Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 815-1599 illienusa@aol.com (email)  http://www.illienadoptions.org/ (web) Anna Belle Illien, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Ingber, Lori Barer P.O. Box 420 Mendham, NJ 07945 (973) 543-2681 (ph)lori.ingber@parentmatch.com (email) Professional Service Provider

International Adoption Clinic at Vanderbilt 8102 Doctors’ Office Tower, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, 2200 Children’s Way Nashville, TN 37232 (615) 936-6800 (ph)international.adoption@vanderbilt.edu (email)http://www.childrenshospital.vanderbilt.org/internationaladoption (web) Ms. Alice Rotham MD., CEO, Medical Clinic

International Adoption Guides 2205 Summit Oaks Ct Lawrenceville GA 30043 (770) 962-7860 (ph) jim@adoptionguides.org (email) http://www.adoptionguides.org/ (web) Ms. Mary Mooney, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

International Adoption Medicine Program (UMN) 2450 Riverside Avenue East Building, MB622 Minneapolis, MN 55454 (612) 624-1164 (ph) (612) 624-2920 (fax) iac@umn.edu (email)http://www.peds.umn.edu/iac (web) Dr. Cynthia Howard, CEO, Medical Clinic

International Adoption Net 7500 E. Arapahoe Rd #250 Centennial, CO 80122 (303) 691-0808 (ph) (303) 703-8250 (fax) straussjoan@aol.com (email)  http://www.adoptioninternational.net (web) Ms. Joan Strauss, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

International Christian Adoptions
 41745 Rider Way #2 Temecula, CA 92590 (951) 695-3336 (ph) ljensen@4achild.org (email) www.4achild.org (web) Laura Duke, CEO, Adoption Service Provider


Jewish Child and Family Services 5150 Golf Road Skokie, IL 60077, (847) 745-5408 (ph) MarshaRaynes@jcfs.org (email) www.jcfs.org (web) Howard Sitron, Chief Executive Officer, Home Study Provider

Jewish Child Care Association 120 Wall Street 12th Floor New York, NY 10005 (212) 558-9949 (ph) jcca@jccany.org (email) http://www.jccany.org (web) Richard Altman, CEO, Home Study Provider

Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services P.O. Box 39 Hillsboro, OR 97123 (503) 681-3075 (ph) (503) 640-5834 (fax) info@journeysoftheheart.net (email) www.journeysoftheheart.net (web) Ms. Susan Tompkins, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider, Other Office Locations: IL, WA


Keck, Dr. Julie K. 705 Riley Hospital Drive Room 1601 Indianapolis, IN 46202 (317) 944-4846 (ph) jukeck@iupui.edu (email) Professional Service Provider

KidSave International 5185 MacArthur Blvd. Suite 108 Washington, DC 20016 (202) 503-3100 (ph) info@kidsave.org (email) www.kidsave.org (web) Ms. Terry Baugh, President, Orphan Care Organization, Other Office Locations: CA

Kidsfirst International Adoption, Inc. 9135 N. Meridian Street, Suite B-4 Indianapolis, IN 46260 (317) 843-2300 (ph) specar@kidsfirstadoption.com (email) www.kidsfirstadoption.com (web) Inna Pecar, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Kirk, John M. PO Box 1565 Davidson, NC 28036 (704)765-1448 (ph) john@eadoptonline.com (email) http://www.eadoptonline.com/ (web) Professional Service Provider

KREDO. +254722847604 (ph) aasteeye@yahoo.com (email) Orphan Care Organization

Kugelmass, Dr. Robin 14770 Pierrefonds Blvd #100 Pierrefonds, QC Canada (514) 696-2442 (ph) rkugelmass@yahoo.ca (email) Professional Service Provider

Kupferberg, Susan 111 West 94th Street New York, NY 10025 (212) 666-0947 (ph)susankupferberglcsw@gmail.com (email) Professional Service Provider


La Vida International 101 Lindenwood Drive Suite 224 Melvern, PA 19355 (610) 688-8008 (ph) (610) 688-8028 (fax) info@lavida.org (email) www.lavida.org (web) Ms. Stephanie D’Amico, Chief Executive Officer, Adoption Service Provider

LDS Family Services 132 South State Street Suite #300 Salt Lake City, UT 84111 (801) 649-7730 (ph) throckmortonld@ldsfamilyservices.org (email)http://www.providentliving.org/familyservices/strength/0,12264,2873-1,00.html (web) Ms. Lori Throckmorton, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Lifeline Children’s Services 2104 Rocky Ridge Road, Birmingham, AL 35216 lifeline@lifelineadoption.org (email) http://www.lifelineadoption.org (web) Herbert M. Newell, IV, Chief Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Lifelink International Adoption 329 South York Road Bensenville, IL 60106 (630) 521-8031 (ph)pradley@lifelinkadoption.org (email) www.lifelinkadoption.org (web) Mr. Pat Radley, Executive Officer, Adoption Service Provider

Lipkin, Gabrielle 2000 Hamilton Street Philadelphia, PA 19130 (610) 658-2405 (ph) gabylipkin@yahoo.com (email) Counselor at AVP of Philadelphia, Professional Service Provider

Little Miracles International 600 South Tyler Street Suite 1302 Amarillo, TX 79101 (806) 351-1100 (ph) admin@littlemiracles.org (email) www.littlemiracles.org (web) Ms. Lori Scott, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Living Hope Adoption Agency 449 Pennsylvania Avenue Fort Washington, PA 19034 (215) 540-8999 (ph) (215) 540-2765 (fax) info@livinghopeadoption.org (email)www.livinghopeadoption.org (web) Dr. Samuel Fang, President & Founder, Adoption Service Provider

Love Without Boundaries Foundation 306 S. Bryant, Suite C-145 Edmond, OK 73034 (405) 216-5837 (ph) info@lwbmail.com (email) www.lovewithoutboundaries.com (web) Amy Eldridge, Executive Director, Orphan Care Organization

Loving Shepherd International Services & Foundation, Inc. PO Box 375 Bluffton, IN 46714 (260) 824-9000 (ph) (260) 824-9002 (fax) info@loving-shepherd.org (email) www.loving-shepherd.org (web) Edward J. Schwartz, President, Advocacy Group

Lutheran Family & Children’s Services of Missouri 8631 Delmar Blvd St. Louis, MO 63124 (314) 754-2735 (ph) jans@lfcs.org (email) www.lfcsmo.org (web) Alan Erdman, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Lutheran Service Society of New York 6680 Main Street Williamsville, NY 14221 (716) 631-9212 (ph) s.lichtenthal@lssofny.org (email) www.lssofny.org (web) Susan Lichtenthal, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota 2400 Park Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55404 (612) 879-5333 (ph) adoption@lssmn.org (email) www.minnesotaadoption.org (web) Rachel Walstad, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Lutheran Social Services of New England, Inc. 2139 Silas Deane Highway Suite 201 Rocky Hill, CT 06067 (860) 257-9899 (ph) (860) 257-0340 (fax) intadoption@lcssne.org (email)www.adoptlss.org (web) Heather Feltman, CEO, Adoption Service Provider, Other Office Locations: NH, MA, RI

Lutheran Social Services of the South, Inc. 8305 Cross Park Drive Austin, TX 78754 (512) 454-4611 konnie.gregg@lsss.org (email) http://www.lsss.org (web) Dr. Kurt Senske, Chief Executive Officer, Home Study Provider and Adoption Service Provider

Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Inc. 647 W. Virginia Street Milwaukee, WI 53204 (414) 304-6920 (ph) kim.westfahl@lsswis.org (email)  www.lsswis.org (web) Mr. David Larson, CEO, Adoption Service Provider


Madison Adoption Associates, Ltd. 1009 Woodstream Drive Wilmington, DE 19810 (302) 475-8977 (ph) (302) 529-1976 (fax) diana@madisonadoption.com (email)www.madisonadoption.com (web) Ms. Aleda Price Madison, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

MAPS Worldwide 100 Brickhill Avenue South Portland, Maine 04106 (207) 775-4101 (ph) (207) 775-2255 (fax) stephaniem@maps-worldwide.org (email) http://www.maps-worldwide.org (web) Ms. Stephanie Mitchell, CEO, Family Support Organization

Martin, Patrick 1077 Old Oak Rd. Livermore, CA 94550 (925) 605-6360 (ph)patrick_martin@glic.com (email)  Individual

Martin, Rosemary 1900 Baytree Drive Greensboro NC 27455 (336) 908-4916 (ph) rmmmartin@aol.com (email) Professional Service Provider

Mercy International 2734 Harvest Creek Lane Boerne, TX 78255 (830) 537-5160 (ph) jleininger15@yahoo.com (email), http://mercyintl.blogspot.com/ (web) John Leininger, Chief Executive Officer, Orphan Care Organization

Miriam’s Promise 522 Russell Street Nashville, TN 37206 (615) 292-3500 (ph) (615) 292-0368 (fax) info@miriamspromise.org (email) www.miriamspromise.org (web) Ms. Deborah Robinson, Executive Director, Home Study Provider

MLJ Adoptions 8910 Purdue Road, One College Park, Suite 480 Indianapolis, IN 46268 (317) 288-0043 (ph) (317) 616-2223 (fax) michele@mljadoptions.com(email) www.mljadoptions.com (web) Ms. Michele L. Jackson, Executive Director


New Beginnings Family & Children’s Services, Inc. 87 Mineola Blvd. Mineola, NY 11501 (517) 747-2204 (ph) newbeginn@aol.com (email) http://new-beginnings.org/ (web) Mr. Timothy Sutfin, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

New Hope for Children 113 Bay Road Newmarket, NH 03857 (603) 292-5078 (ph1) (603) 659-5582 (ph2) info@newhopeforchildren.net (email) www.youcanadopt.org (web) Dr. Aleksandra Fleszar, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

New Horizons Adoption Agency, Inc. 302 S. Grove Street P.O. Box 188 Blue Earth, MN 56013 (507) 526-3518 (ph) (507) 526-3548 (fax) nhaa@bevcomm.net (email)www.nhadoptionagency.com (web) Marlys Ubben, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

New Horizons for Children 3950 Cobb Pkwy Suite 708 Acworth, GA 30101 (678) 574-4677 (ph) nanton@newhorizonsforchildren.org (email) http://www.newhorizonsforchildren.org (web), Le Ann Dakake, Chief Executive Officer, Orphan Care Organization

Noonan, Emily J. 1107 Lafayette Drive New Albany, IN 47150 (919) 619-5840 (ph) ejnoon01@louisville.edu (email) Student


Olson, Kjersti 786 Terrace Drive Roseville, MN 55113 (651) 210-6013 (ph)olso0350@umn.edu (email) Academic/Individual

Open Door Adoption Agency 218 E. Jackson Street PO Box 4 Thomasville, GA 31799 (229) 228-6339 (ph) (229) 228-4726 (fax) walter@opendooradoption.org (email)  www.opendooradoption.org (web) Mr. Walter Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer, Adoption Service Provider


Partners for Adoption 800 South Broadway, Suite 210 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 (925) 934-1090 (ph) (925) 934-1013 (fax) kristin@partnersforadoption.org (email)www.partnersforadoption.org (web) Ms. Sarah Brittingham, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Pearl S. Buck International 520 Dublin Road Perkasie, PA 18944 (215) 249-0100 (ph) lboiarski@pearlsbuck.org (email) http://www.psbi.org (web) Janet L. Mintzer, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Pineiro, Lucia Caridad 8145 West 28 Avenue Suite 219 Hialeah, FL 33016 (305) 362-5299 (ph) (305) 362-5277 (fax) pineirolawz@aol.com (email) Individual

Premier Adoption Agency 590 W. Mesquite Blvd. Suite 202 Mesquite, NV. 89027 (702) 459-6696 (ph) cmurray@premieradoption.org (email) www.premieradoption.org (web) Catharine Murray, LCSW, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Professional Adoption & Community Services P.O. Box 833 Kapaau, HI 96755 (808) 896-6080 (ph) hanaichild@pacs-hawaii.com (email) www.pacs-hawaii.com (web) Ms. Linda Kaholokai, President & CEO, Adoption Service Provider



Rainbow Adoptions International, Inc. 29 West Main Street, Suite 101 Avon, CT 06001 (860) 677-0032 (ph) rainbow03@sbcglobal.net (email) www.rainbowadoptions.org (web) Lori Snow, CEO, Home Study Provider

Resources4adoption.com PO Box 519 Eudora, KS 66025 (785) 917-0361 (ph)cherri@resources4adoption.com (email) www.resources4adoption.com (web) Ms. Cherri Walrod, CEO, Family Support Organization

Roginic, Adriana Sucic Kustosijanska 113 Zagreb, Croatia 00385912526077 (ph) info@mojaobitelj.hr (email) www.mojaobitelj.hr (web) Professional Service Provider


Sparrow Fund, The 124 3rd Avenue Phoenixville, PA 19460 info@sparrow-fund.org (email) www.sparrow-fund.org (web) Mr. Mark Raudenbush, Executive Director, Family Support Organization

Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children 410 East 92nd Street New York, NY 10128 (212) 360-0234 (ph) swalker@spence-chapin.org (email) www.spence-chapin.org (web) Emily Forham, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

SPOON Foundation 3227 NW Thurman Street Portland, OR 97210 (503) 954-2524 cindy@spoonfoundation.org (email) http://www.spoonfoundation.org/ (web) Cindy Kaplan, CEO, Orphan Care Organization

Summers, Dr. Anne B. 1310 E. Kingsley, Suite C  Springfield, MO 65804 (417) 882-7700 (ph)adoption4families@yahoo.com (email) Professional Service Provider

Sunny Ridge Family Center 270 Remington Blvd., Suite C Bolingbrook, IL 60440 (630) 754-4500 (ph) atrotter@sunnyridge.org (email) http://www.sunnyridge.org (web) Mr. Gary Longman, President & CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Sunrise Family Services Society Suite 102-171 West Esplanade North Vancouver, BC V7M 3J9 Canada (604) 984-2488 (ph) (604) 980-6469 (fax) info@sunriseadoption.com (email)www.sunriseadoption.com (web) Ms. Natasha Chalke, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider


Telos Orphan Partners 8500 West 95th Street Overland Park, KS 66212 (913) 385-7800 x 1014 (ph) anner@ecs-kc.com (email) Scott T. Rauth, CEO, Advocacy Group

Theraplay Institute, The 1840 Oak Ave., Suite 320 Evanston, IL 60201 (847) 256-7334 (ph) (847) 256-7370 (fax) info@theraplay.org (email) http://www.theraplay.org (web) Gayle Christensen, Executive Director, Advocacy Group

Thompson, James Fletcher P.O. Box 1853 Spartanburg, SC 29304 (864) 573-5533 ext. 5 (ph) jfthompson@thompsonlawfirm.net (email) adoptionsc.com (web) Professional Service Provider

Tufts China Care Club Mayer Campus Center 44 Professors Row Medford, MA 02155 (603) 231-1385 (ph) tuftschinacare@gmail.com (email) http://ase.tufts.edu/tuftschinacare(web) John Liao, President, Orphan Care Organization



Villa Hope 6 Office Park Circle Suite 218 Birmingham, AL 35223 (205) 870-7359 (ph)abaldwin@villahope.org (email) www.villahope.org (web) Anne Baldwin LGSW, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Vista Del Mar Child & Family Services 3200 Motor Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 836-1223 (ph) mjindal@vistadelmar.org (email) http://www.vistadelmar.org/ (web) Mr. Elias Lefferman, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Voice for International Development and Adoption (VIDA) 354 Allen Street Hudson, NY 12534 (518) 828-4527 (ph) (518) 828-0688 (fax) vidaadopt@aol.com (email)
www.vidaadoptions.org (web) Dr. DeGuerre Blackburn, Executive Director,
Adoption Service Provider


WACAP PO Box 88948 Seattle, WA 98138 (206) 575-4550 (ph) nickg@wacap.org (email)  http://www.wacap.org (web) Lillian Thogersen, CEO, Adoption Service Provider

Wallace, Hannah 219 Montrose Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 465-8264 (ph) hwall334@aol.com (email) Professional Service Provider

Wasatch International Adoptions 1140 36th Street, Suite 204 Ogden, UT 84075 (801) 334-8683 (ph) (801) 334-0988 (fax) info@wiaa.org (email) http://www.wiaa.org (web) Ms. Kathleen Kaiser, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

West Sands Adoption 1240 East 100 South #1 St. George, UT 84790 (435) 986-1617 (ph) westsandsadoptions@gmail.com (email) www.westsandsadoption.org (web) Mr. Kent C. Parke, Executive Director, Adoption Service Provider

Whole Child International 11726 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 222 Los Angeles, CA 90049 (310) 820-0018 (ph) info@wholechild.org (email) www.wholechild.org (web) Countess Karen Spencer, Founder & CEO, Orphan Care Organization

Wide Horizons for Children, Inc. 38 Edge Hill Road Waltham, MA 02451 (781) 419-0359 (ph) contact@whfc.org (email) www.whfc.org (web) Mr. Peter Leppanen, CEO, Adoption Service Provider, Other Office Locations: CT, W. MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT

Wilson, Samantha Dr. PO Box 2997, MS 744 Milwaukee, WI 53201 (262)432-6600 (ph)slwilson@mcs.edu (email) Professional Service Provider

World Mission Partners, Inc. PO Box 2, Brooks, GA 30205 (678)780-9240 (ph)
jake@wmpi.org (email) www.wmpi.org (web) Mr. Jake Kunz , CEO, Orphan Care Organization




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