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Who Can Measure, Quantify, AND Stop Federal Grants Fraud? And if No One, Then What?

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[this post is approximately 12,000 words, most of it in tables or charts.

If you follow HHS matters, this is an eyeopener….

I am displaying / sampling HHS database dysfunction and dishonesty, which —

if more of the general public , I think actually knew about this database and looked at it

especially people actually ON welfare or people IN some of the programs aimed at them —

more would be upset about and start to comprehend the scope of the problem of “government.”

This post is essentially my notes, I didn’t format.  If things extend past the right margin, hit “View/Zoom-Out (or “CTRL-hyphen” on some equipment)” until it doesn’t.

After displaying some of the missing or strange data fields, I also profile a few  organizations, or track who’s running them, or did.   For example, COAPP, NCJFCJ, Family Development, Inc., and just a few more..  This includes some tax return and corporate filing lookups….


A problem comes up when most of us don’t comprehend large numbers, or have a conceptual (mental image — I mean a relatively accurate one — of    what money  is, and how it moves electronically,

or over time.  Failure to have enough independent people/groups who DO (and then act on it) is a recipe for slavery — let alone the topic of “abuse.”]

If I had a choice, 100% of the time I knew someone was deceitful, or defrauding me, I would cease doing business with them and go find better friends, associates, or if possible employer.  That is, if they refused to correct the bad behavior.

Now — suppose that were the U.S. Government in all its main branches and tributaries, both ingoing and outbound?  Then what?

Ay, that last choice can be a problem, because our economic system (here, USA) depends on enough people being highly invested in their jobs, highly enough such that leaving them was not an option.

And that is EXACTLY what the fake money / federal reserve / centralization of wealth (i.e., “income tax,” IRS, etc.) — represents.  That, plus the two kinds of money — on the table, and under the table.  The “table” generally speaking meaning any more that which was spread by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) dividing things up into for profit, not for profit (foundation), and government.

The TAGGS.HHS.GOV data, even were it accurate and consistent (which it’s not) would still only represent outflow (payments).

Last post (and plenty of others), I showed examples of how the TAGGS database is not really usable to track the OUTFLOW of grants, and once it’s flown (or has flowed) out who really knows where it lands.  And can quantify that enough to make a definite statement that something’s OK, or NOT OK?  Can you?

I may elaborate a little more on this.

Beside this, also, what I’m actually looking at are only electronic entries in a database — I’m not seeing the books, receipts, or invoices of the groups it went to, am I?  Suppose the electronic entry — and many (how many?) others was an error or a fabrication, and not tied to any real exchange of goods, finances, or services to a real entity?

And we say that a good portion of this country is not religious?  There’s a lot of “take it on faith” on continuing to pour funds in (in the form of labor, taxes, setting aside for retirement funds and pensions, etc.) to this system in hopes, or wishes, or beliefs that what went in will be what came out, only maybe even compounded through the marvel of the extra clout of pooled funds, compound interest, and our leaders’ economic wisdom in planning for the future.

We don’t know what we don’t know, but I will say that my sense is that (definitely) the majority of the marriage/fatherhood grants are going to “Cronies” of HHS/Faith-based connections — and that the general game plan is to raise money by marketing the curricula, while also (for fun?) running cognitive behavioral health demonstration projects on as many people as possible.  why else would they insist on limiting it to, really, so few curricula?

This category of expenses (payments) got supercharged with welfare reform // block grants to states.  The purpose of this welfare reform (whatever it was sold as), I’ll assert is “Fees for Friends” and changing the basic form of government, towards the mental health model and away from the legal // justice model.

It removed accountability further away from individual families, and guess what — there’s stil a lot of talk about Medicaid fraud, HHS fraud — and billing services to particular, individuals’ (esp. KIDS) social security#s that don’t correspond to real services (or real cost of services) produced.

The following grants have no address, location, or DA#.  They’re only (several million$$) –but those are just ones I happened to stumble on while looking at taggs.HHS.gov…  And how many people even look at that database?

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October 8, 2012 at 2:36 pm

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