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Are (my) Slow-Roasted, Carefully Crafted Posts an Anachronism? Probably, But Not This One. Meanwhile, @OFAHMRF, Where Are The Biennial HMRF Grantee Conferences Archives? [Publ. Aug. 11, 2022.]

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(I will be revising this post sometime later today or tomorrow, FYI)

Just this morning, I saw an alert to a forum taking place this evening. I have that image on my cellphone, but looking to find it from my laptop (the two communicate, but it’s a little complicated to retrieve photos or images from cell to laptop), I just learned the group promoting it on Twitter has now blocked me.

Guess I reported just a bit too much on them, their filing habits, and probably insulted some of their friends, and only since February 2022.  I’m not the right kind of domestic violence and family court survivor, or blogger, apparently.  Maybe I should be flattered that the “we’re the ones!” even bothered to block me, probably I’m not collaborative enough…

I don’t (yet) have the tech savvy to get or get to screenshot (announcement by @NFVLCgwu retweeting @Safe_parents announcement promoting @NFVLCgwu’s Founder (sic — it’s a non-entity) Joan Meier, saved as a photo from the cellphone to my computer, so I instead grabbed a substitute (via laptop this time) from the same group’s website referencing today’s “Live Advocacy Event.”

They can block me on Twitter, but it’s a little harder to prevent individuals from viewing a website.  While at it, I grabbed a related (but not advocacy-event) image from a NationalSafeParents.org member, CPPA, which embeds the assumption that DV training will fix custody being switched to abusers, and avoid murder.

“Roadkill” and major drama is SUCH a draw, but the image (of a Tweet) reposting the headline entails an assumption that training judges is the solution WITHOUT showing who’s been training them — which would necessitate mentioning those nonprofits I’ve been blogging (in California, and after I fled the state a few years back) for a dozen years, and with good reason.

I’ll post these images gallery-style (side by side) right here, then finish my fast-post in fact, planned to be timed for that meeting coming up in a few minutes and for which it’s obvious I’m no longer qualified to participate:


Let me get right to it:  Embedding a thread I just today wrote:


This thread has 26 items, and most of them have images attached. Click to see’em all. I am referencing a conference which I believe just happened this week and may or may not be over with yet.//LGH.

I’ll re-post it at the bottom.  Anything between is just bonus information.

IF you plan to join in for this posted event (upcoming in about a half hour, I may or may not join in), give’ em my greetings, or this short-link:  http://wp.me/psBXH-f3k . It’s WordPress-generated and case-sensitive, so I didn’t assign the last three characters — but I think they’re highly appropriate to current domestic violence and family court advocacy policies and say so a few times below.


If the four letters “HMRF” or the three letters “HHS” are still new to you, go back to my front page, or somewhere else on this blog or off it, and figure it out!  I’m not the only person using #HMRF as a Twitter hashtag.

By “slow-roasted.. crafted” I mean, it takes time to assemble and upload and format the information — much, much more time than it does to find it, read it, or comprehend it — and I like to embed the proof, not just my opinions or (as in this post) sound-offs about what I’m seeing, year after year.

I also enjoy the process of investigating and writing such things up with a view to helping others understand; it’s personally satisfying just to understand things at an innate level, but being unable to share it efficiently is of course distressing.

Are (my) Slow-Roasted, Carefully Crafted Posts an Anachronism? Probably, But Not This One. Meanwhile, @OFAHMRF, Where Are The Biennial HMRF Grantee Conferences Archives? [Publ. Aug. 11, 2022.] (short-link ends “-f3k”) 

Know that if you are as tempted to say “what the -f3k is she talking about!?!” as I have been thinking “what the -f3k!?!” each time I go looking for certain financials and corporate registrations on domestic violence advocacy, fathers’ rights advocates (that’s essentially what “HMRF” represents, however much PR may wish us to believe otherwise) or university centers featuring either of the above, or child protection, poverty prevention, early childhood development as a solution to world peace (and, involving known fathers’ rights advocates,* which I found recently also) then this post has done its job.

Don’t be surprised that this is also endorsed at places like Harvard, Yale, and/or Cornell.

*Kyle D. Pruett, M.D., has been for years at the “Yale Child Study Center” (take a look at his c.v. (℅https://kylepruettmd.com/).

Besides how often those three words (“Yale Child Study Center”) and some variation of “father” (Fathers, fatherhood, fathering, etc.) feature on his c.v., [I also uploaded two annotated images below] please notice in 1975 he spent three months in London, England with Anna Freud at a clinic, which topic also raises where psychoanalysis and Freud meet the coverup and reframing of child-abuse (i.e., violent sexual assault by parents and those in positions of trust, “The Aetiology of Hysteria” (publ. 1895?), on which I posted on around 2013 and referenced on Twitter (again) recently, under “The Stunning Assault on Truth.” No, I’m not doing that legwork for you — use the Search function here to find the post.

It made me think, deeply:  What, really, were the origins (and still, the directions) of this field, of the psych- and mental/behavioral health fields as a whole? But, as to Freud, we’re talking psychoanalysis.  As usual, that post is full of internal links and quotes, and probably some nearby related coverage of the same topic. My driving interest in the development of this field and related fields stems from years of witnessing and experiencing how psychologists get involved and are drawn towards the family court fields, and into claiming allegations of abuse are “false.”  But that may be irrelevant anyway, when within the family courts (major reformations USA in the late 1960s-early 1970s) the paradigm was switched from OBJECTIVE to SUBJECTIVE, which facilitated “bring on the counselors.” this coincided with development of professional independent schools of psychology (enabling more to get their PhD’s in this field). IF after publishing, I locate my recent Twitter thread on that, I may embed, at the bottom of this post, which I started for a thread I only wrote today, August 11, 2022.

“Pruett,” searched on this blog, will also show, quickly, that his wife, too (Ph.D. psychologist, also goes by “Dr.”) is a long-time fathers’ rights advocate and activist AFCC. She even a personal mention on one of my post titles, preceded by the words “Good grief!”

That one, the so-called “Early Childhood Peace Consortium,” is also about accelerating process to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals — i.e., it’s about DEVELOPMENT  and one-world government (i.e., globalism), I see, as much as about children.  But within that, when they’re talking certain fields, in public policy, this isn’t exactly feminist — more likely, the opposite.  Either way, fatherhood activists are welcome here, clearly…

I’ll upload an image to show why my “WTF” has been engaged over more than just the topic mentioned in the post, for many days now. And I was just looking for another “Working Group on Fatherhood” (℅, probably MAP-FI.org) where the website declined to link or provide identifying detail enough to see what the -f3k it was talking about… See image title!

“Early Childhood Peace Consortium” and Kyle D. Pruett (Panelist and founding ECPC Member) Working Group on Fatherhoods. [upload 11Aug2022]

Know that when the word “consortium” is the favored label you won’t be finding clear financial trails — that’s part of the concept: special-interest international collaborations on how to access and raise YOUR children…for (the basic utopia) aren’t really seeking YOUR input… Perhaps it was the ECPC (I don’t remember the exact trail, i.e., I haven’t crafted and slow-roasted the presentation yet) that ties into a system for promoting Transcendental Meditation (see DavidLynchFoundation, legal domicile Iowa, but I’m not detailing it here) as treatment for, guess what, victims of domestic and/or family violence. Don’t help’ em escape abuse — or starve the system of access to victims — give them a spiritually uplifting experience and tool for getting through and over abuse. (Or, perhaps that wasn’t ECPC-connected).

Some excerpts from the male Pruett’s c.v. although technically, that’s off-topic for this post.

Born in 1943 — that’s pre-Baby-Boomer.  He got a B.A. in History and music from Yale in 1965 (BEFORE it went co-ed, i.e., admitted women undergraduates) and quickly moved into an internship in child psychiatry at Langley/Porter Psychiatric Institute (1967) in San Francisco, then went for an M.D. at Tufts (back in Boston), and has been heavy into psychiatry — and rewarded well for it over the years — ever since. What happened with your interest in music, in history, Dude?  Couldn’t cut it professionally?

1967 Summer fellowship in child psychiatry/Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute, San Francisco, CA

1969 M.D. Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA

(All that was just an aside…)

I have few followers for how much I’ve put out over the years (on blog or Twitter) although people may certainly read my output without becoming a follower. I used to track (blog) visitors with “statcounter” (home page visits only were tracked, though), but with the VPNs available now, I don’t watch that so much. When I did, however, I noticed who was watching at state and county levels, and universities — those browsers tended to be labeled.

Recently, almost everything I Tweet or reTweet from my cellphone  contains a “Warning: may contain sensitive material” flag, which flag I’m welcome to appeal individually — for each event, even when what I’m Retweeting wasn’t flagged.   “Sure….”

I haven’t monetized this blog or my services.  That’d be a little difficult to do without some in-person (virtually or otherwise) presentations — what I’m documenting and saying is MUCH easier to show in person than remotely and in words and painfully-slowly-uploaded images of dubious quality. I know there has to be a better way, but I have not yet found it.  My message is not uni-level, it doesn’t lend itself to just a few logos rammed down people’s throats and tossed endlessly for a half a generation (or more) in academic journals (with or without paywalls). It’s not that hard to comprehend — it’s harder to present.

My obstacles to my common-sense (but it takes some initial, individual, effort to “get”) message is countered by those already in power, in position, and I say “in on it” financially — with motives to make sure my message gains little traction, and not because it’s been disproved, proved improbable in any sense, or proved irrelevant.

I’m not primarily addressing those already in position and with some clout — I want to reach, with of course particular sensitivity to women and mothers who may have gone through or ARE still going through what I have already, and aware how many years and how many generations it has already impacted in our immediate family lines.

These need the most to understand the vital importance of getting to understand the public/private infrastructure in order to follow programming they may not even know exists and designed specifically  to undermine them as women, as mothers, and as people who have been subjected to criminal behavior from family members.  It’s a complex web (but not impossible to see such a web exists).

These also, should they ever wake up (follow the funding, notice where the roadblocks to following it are, and like the bulldogs/terriers and relentless human beings just refuse to let go or let others change the topic (derail the conversation) until this is exposed, and fixed could change the status quo right where ]we] are.  We fail to realize how much others need our stories to keep up the franchises.

I still trust most mothers’ basic intelligence (traumatized or not) that it took to still be alive — but now you need to use it wisely and efficiently.  If that’s too late to free yourself as much as you’d like, it has the potential to, your children.  Because it’s TRUTH, and more “lowest common denominator” (between public and private interests, between governments, between us all) than the jargon intended for specific fields of study only (i.e., primarily in the social sciences) which tend to involve profiling, sexism and racism, and definite practices of establishing (or, maintaining) a caste system in developed countries.  Again, my primary (both studied and lived) but not only, perspective is of the United States.

Concealment of financials by those in power and by governments we fund is MORE of a problem to more people than the jargon being dangled in front of you as bait — globally now, with periodic rebranding and updates. Some situations have been planned for more than one generation, and expecting them to be fixed in less than one generation may not be realistic.

BUT, we can at least “Just say no!” (Moms) to being exploited as a sector in public policy circles, and where we’ve been lied to and mis-led by organizations using our demographic identifiers as calling cards (i.e., End Violence Against Women, Protect Children, etc.), admit it to ourselves, and stop it.

On-line, public communications — social media, press releases, mainstream journalism and academic journals to be quoted (endlessly, until they lose their impact), for a few examples are dominated by those whose messaging favors the boilerplate, oversimplified and unverifiable.

I have seen consistently over the years that experts’ careers featuring this also tend to favor anchor positions from likewise hard-to-track or impossible to track financials,  That alone (regardless of any messaging or content) makes the (unstated) subscript dumb-it-down contagious. THe subscript is: “Don’t analyze, don’t investigate, just follow us!” “IF you’re going to talk, show your courage and independence (??)  — we have the words for it… here’s the basic script…”

Over the years, I’ve had characterized this, screenshot, quoted internally, and posted to Twitter my summaries of the “storytelling versus infrastructure investigating” mindset.  Right now, a post series I started towards the end of May (while my own lease was terminating and under much personal pressure after an initial place to go fell through as unworkable) features the problem with this type of journalism — it hurts us by withholding, and wasting our time.

Just like abusers…

The subscript: “Follow the money?  Huh?  What? Why (don’t!) you trouble your traumatized, victimized selves with that?  Trust us — tell us your story, hand over your rights to publicize it and your names (or come along as an exhibit with us to some of our conferences)”

Perhaps, some cases come to mind (Wendi Miller, So.California, UC Irvine presentation, alongside California Protective Parents Association, of course), “Form a nonprofit, grab the microphone, collaborate with our woman-friendly male “domestic violence consultants.”

This post is an experiment — and posting is faster than setting up a whole new blog, which I also considered).  I’m experimenting with something between, pardon my colloquialisms, saying “-f3k it all!” (saying, writing, mentioning nothing, which I have every right and probably an urgent need to do, “yesterday”) and what will be no doubt humiliating, just slapping up embedded Twitter link, and after, maybe a few more, that I put far too much time into relative to how effective they are/n’t visually.

Effective visually or as to distribution or not, I know and am confident in the content, the principles I’m (imperfectly but consistently over the years) promoting. The experiment is whether this will show through any typos or inadvertent mis-statements.  

Tonight, there is a hosted space at 6:30pm ET by a group which changed its home page name (and as such acronym displayed on it) after I put out about ten posts alerting us to the character shown already by how the website suddenly surfaced and tag-teamed with a center at a law school associated with a “clinical law professor” with a history of covering up (refusing to talk about or post about) EVERYTHING I’ve been reporting for years, basically.  I have a time conflict, but beyond that am concerned about privacy (if I decided to log or call in, as curious as I may be); that’s also been an issue in such circles (i.e., survivors telling their stories to virtual strangers, then having their case compromised — or their kids killed on a court-ordered visitation, or when custody is switched).


While there are many summaries, let me say in advance:  Don’t go by just the PR and advertising, because that is basically a PR funding stream — it supports major media campaigns seeking to modify behaviors of large sectors of humanity (within the US) — not, obviously, including our own legislators or civil servants, up to the level of U.S. Presidents, both parties.

I just put time into this Twitter Thread responsive to some recent output from @OFAHMRF regarding an (apparently just happened the other day) a “biennial conference” for grantees.

Over two days’ span I have been looking for some link to the current conference via normal browser search sources, and found evidence (reminds me of “Cosmic Microwave Background“) showing what had (allegedly) happened in the past, but no archives, no granular detail.. on that conference.

I’m feeling sarcastic, which comes out in long sentences with acres of text between subject and verb (and a lot before the subject of the sentence too).  In other words, I’m not going to stress too much over how this sounds; it is just what I’m thinking now:

Realistically, mathematically, at the current rate of acceleration of (protective or safe parent) coalitions OhSoDetermined — also characterizing so many parts of my own government/s [state, federal, local]) to NOT themselves — not show their fiscal infrastructure and by doing so, reveal whether we really ought to be supporting a government which distributes, intentionally and chronically, to “places unknown,” habitually out-of-compliance with state or IRS, or both, entities which still maintain websites discussing their great public contributions and who (often expressed in a series of logos) supports them  –just minus any validating details showing that it’s not just (hogwash, “BS” or running off at the mouth) —

… neither my WordPress blogging nor my Tweeting (long threads, unique hashtags), nor both in combination, nor (probably) my mastering yet another more efficient medium or platform in my spare time from seeking (again) fresh housing, without a sustained work history tied to my own name, or any associated credit.**

A little difficult to do this while seeking to maintain anonymity and geographic privacy after the basic court systems (both public and private) failed to protect beyond “a few minutes” of many years.


This thread has 26 items, and most of them have images attached. Click to see’em all. I am referencing a conference which I believe just happened this week and may or may not be over with yet.//LGH.

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August 11, 2022 at 3:41 pm

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