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Historic Day Today, and Week, Last Week, Globally: Perhaps Now, Cross-Atlantic, Pan-Pacific, We Can Talk Public vs. Private Entity (Accounting For Their Respective) Assets and Liabilities? [Sept. 11, 2022].

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Post-publication update Thu. Sept. 15, 2022.

Sept. 17, I also added some thoughts just before the final quote (which is from my own Sept. 18, 2018 post on housing “community development” issues and “replicable purpose-built models” of the same).  Within the hour, I then realized these thought (my writing) was affected by my current stress levels, and moved most of it off-post.

As the inset introduction shows, despite my theme, “…Perhaps Now, Cross-Atlantic, Pan-Pacific, We Can Talk Public vs. Private Entity (Accounting For Their Respective) Assets and Liabilities? [Sept. 11, 2022]” (<~~not a link), the act of speaking anything at all quickly ran into some technical difficulties.

[This post is missing about 2,000 words as ALL contents were lost during repeated attempts to save right before publishing.

I finally published it 100% empty (except the title), that is, with word-count “0,” which went to Twitter.  On Twitter, I discussed that then (the next day I believe) managed to retrieve a prior saved version.  I also during the trouble saving had grabbed the entire html version and saved it off-platform.

I am still (Sept. 15, Sept. 17) hoping to retrieve and insert the missing section, which (as I recall) featured a law school journal’s article on Former U.S. President George W. Bush’s “Faith-based” agenda which, it said, would probably not stand a Constitutional challenge.

On re-reading the published version of about 5,500 words) I also see I’d referenced a footnote referencing my current housing search, looking for (Continued on “Footnote ^^Somewhere less blighted” at bottom of this post) which version didn’t get saved.  Of the two sections, the journal was more important. The whole situation “spooked” me some.  It was a WordPress first, and I was concerned that that content (I talked politics, religion AND money all in one post) might have been a trigger to the inability to save the post.  It was more likely a software issue (FYI the browser connection was fine), but I’ll be more re-assured when I find out what any technological cause was.  I work too hard to lose work already done; I save consistently while composing but do not save every 5 or 10 minutes while composing because the process always boots the cursor back up to the top fo the post. //LGH Sept. 15, 2022.

(I also submitted a comment to this effect the other day, comments show at the bottom of any post):

This post may read more like a newsletter, or just a letter with some visuals. It takes “informal” to a new level… It’s an experiment in how fast I can produce a single post with a short, basic message.

You are reading: Historic Day Today, and Week, Last Week, Globally. Perhaps Now, Cross-Atlantic, Pan-Pacific, We Can Talk Public vs. Private Entity (Accounting For Their Respective) Assets and Liabilities? [Sept. 11, 2022]. (short-link ends ‘-ffg’)

It’s personalized to show why I’m so annoyed with “business as usual” in purpose-built communities, place-based philanthropy and basically public-funded/private run & developed enterprises, USA, which business doesn’t really change for global events like, say, the resignation of a British prime minster and his replacement, the death of the world’s longest-reigning and well-respected monarch (just two days later), for wars not on United States soil or for the 21st anniversary of the shocking destruction and mass-murder in the heart of New York City that we simply call “9/11.”

Shock-and-awe, trauma, distraction, and even wars (or threats of them) aren’t necessarily bad for business. It just depends what businesses you, or your recent ancestors, were in and what role they played in operations, facilitations, and getting policy set afterwards to seize greater control of the main resources — the workforce.  People. Where they live, what they can do, and who gets to raise their own children after giving birth to or, I guess you could say for the fathers, “siring” them.

Business models evolve, regulations of them change, but it’s still business.  For every inhabited area that gets bombed, blighted, burnt-out, flooded or gradually become barely or uninhabitable for some reason, there always seem to be more enterprising personalities with their historic political and business connections, who have bright ideas on how to rebuild from scratch: on their home territory (or country) or someone else’s.

I am of course affected by the events of last week and Sunday, September 11th this week, the memory of 9/11 and what changed after it, but I am still in the business of surviving; finding new housing before resources run out, looking for somewhere less blighted.^^

^^The metropolitan (downtown, urban) area I was in, like many, has had civic unrest, drug-running, clusters of homeless camps and people downtown (in cold weather and hot), begging at intersections, highway exits and on-ramps, sometimes also in public wifi hotspots, and its streets started to resemble a deserted city during the pandemic lockdown 2020.  The area also has sports and concert venues, restaurants and bars, and a variety of housing types (multi-family, single-family) depending on the neighborhood, and plenty of hotels (none of which I’m in now — I went outside the city). It has a wonderful and “green” public transport system I have yet to feel safe using since (or during) the pandemic, being an older woman who (because I write) would typically have a lot of things to bring with, i.e., this computer.

I didn’t even walk around the downtown area daytimes these days, and when (past tense) I drove through it, didn’t see its streets that busy (so now you know, it’s not Chicago or New York City I moved to). Why would I?

The area’s had higher homicide levels in 2022. A recent triple-homicide the headlines emphasized (after a survivor: Five were shot, three died named a suspect) it was possibly drug-related.. but both initial (and at the very end of a long article), later follow-up article mentioned there’d been many — not just one or two — many, over a dozen, police calls to that home over the past two years on domestic violence assault, or violations of a protective order.

(Continued on “Footnote ^^Somewhere less blighted” at bottom of this post)

If you’re honest (at least as to the USA), you’ll admit that this isn’t unusual or atypical (except for some places, the cold weather) for any major urban area.  And the redeveloper enterprises LOVE to run pilots on such areas.

You are reading:Historic Day Today, and Week, Last Week, Globally. Perhaps Now, Cross-Atlantic, Pan-Pacific, We Can Talk Public vs. Private Entity (Accounting For Their Respective) Assets and Liabilities? [Sept. 11, 2022]. (short-link ends ‘-ffg’)

Re: Historic Day Today and Week, Last Week: I’m including a few links, a few quotes, but only to acknowledge it’s tumultuous times still, and to say that while I don’t write on current events [that’s not my “beat” as an investigative blogger] , I do notice and think about, try to process the major ones.

I originally had just three points of reference for “Historic Day” in mind when starting this post.  It wasn’t published by 9/11, and on consideration, hoping to get it out the day after, I’m going to include the fourth one certainly not in the headlines, but neither is it some well-kept secret. And, it bears reference to the long arch of history.  So does the death of a long-lived monarch, and so does the history of The Commonwealth and its predecessor entities in the 20th century, so perhaps it’s not a bad point of reference to bring up.

Although not on my original menu for this post (referencing Sept. 11 and the week before), I am aware that, in addition to December 25 not being the birth of Jesus Christ (for those who assume he ever lived; I’m one) and that as for indicators in the scriptures (or,  Bible) about the significance and timing of certain feasts, not to mention seasons (weather) and a few astronomical indicators, that time would’ve been in September, some say that year it was exactly September 11 (a few years B.C., with some calendar changes).

IF this is of interest to you: it shouldn’t be entirely news, but I found one website today which says “September 11” also, is by a single individual, if you browse this article, hit the “about” link and read more on the author’s point of view, including on where former President Trump allegedly fits into Biblical prophecies of end times (not my thing at this time…): Jesus Born on 11 Sept, 3 B.C. (Feast of Trumpets) NOT December 25th, Birthday of Tammuz (That short page, dated Dec. 3, 2009,  lacks space between paragraphs, and has just one link at the bottom, but from my awareness, has much common sense.

It’s tough to find blogs dealing with religious topics that I would recommend to read for general information, as opposed to for yet another specimen of what organized religion looks like and does, and which mega-churches, seminaries (protestant or evangelical) are heavily involved in distributing “family values” media and trainings, a field of practice brought forward a few major leaps “for mankind,” (literally, and not meaning “women too”) by ending “welfare as we knew it” (1996, Clinton) — true, it did –and by the ‘kinder, gentler (and faith-based initiatives-minded) Bush, Jr. (2001f). (Excellent

(I’m one witness; this blog hasn’t made that any secret).  I’m not a calendar expert, or an archaeologist, but have had a long-term interest before it became a basic survival interest, in the development of Christianity before 300, or even 200 A.D., and how it became what it looks like and is held to be (generally) today. I’ve also had a long-term interest in the development of the canon of scripture and the Bible (i.e., what got in, what didn’t), and what happened to people who were on the wrong side of political leadership (typically, a King or an Emperor) when translating it into the common tongue.

I do not speak of “God” omitting the middle letter, I have no idea who the author is, but given that September, as far as this feast, was characterized by the blowing of trumpets, and there are plenty of trumpets and brass involved in the fanfare involving the passing of leadership from Queen to her son the King, and that title as well as head of Commonwealth also carries with it the symbolism and significance of Head of the Anglican Church, i.e., Church of England), with traditional holidays and ALL the splendid music that goes with it, traditions centuries old blending pagan (so-called) Christian rites and celebrations for the sake of national unity, celebrating a different day of the week as “sabbath” and giving specific names (after either some god, or some planet, i.e., Sunday, Monday…), perhaps this isn’t a bad place to bring it up as what September 11 MIGHT signify for many.

Which might give a fresh significance to why “September 11” chosen to destroy the World Trade Towers in New York City and attack the Pentagon.  I’m not saying this was a purely radical Islamic (i.e., religious)-motivated attack, but IF it was, in addition to the call letters for emergency service, USA (“911” which I think may have been that number before 2001 also), it would make sense.

First, a Brief Overview of the “Feast of Trumpets and the Holy Days” (Author: Maria Merola).

In Leviticus 23 a list of Holy Days is given that all who believe in G-d are to celebrate, Jew and Gentile alike because in the Law of G-d He said that we are to have then “Same Law for you and the Foreigner Among You” and we are “Grafted into Israel” via the Lion of Judah, in Romans 10 and 11, so when G-d says “Israel” He is talking to Christians as well. He also forbid the adoption of pagan religious practices in Deuteronomy, Exodus, and Paul repeated the same when he said “What fellowship can Christ have with baal?.” Israelites (a tribe of which is Judah) and G-d Fearing Gentiles such as the foreigners who crossed the Red Sea with the Israelites and were also called Israelites after their baptism by the Red Sea crossing kept the Holy Days, just like Ruth, Rahab, and Cornelius the Centurion.

[paragraph break added here//LGH]

A Blessing is promised on Gentiles that keep the Sabbaths (7th Day and Holy Days) in Isaiah 58 and Matthew 5:17, with the Holy Days considered one of the “least of these Commands” by many. One of these Holy Days/Moadim is the Feast of Trumpets. (Moadim in Hebrew, same word translated as “Seasons” in the Creation Story, where the stars and moon were given so that we would know when the Seasons/Holy Days begin). These Holy Days have been replaced in the Church by pagan festivals/the satanic holy days, that celebrated baal/moloch and easter/ahstoreth worship on December 25th, October 31st, February 14th, and ‘Easter” Sunday and Sunday as a ‘Sabbath’ to baal/moloch/mithras. Just as Sunday is considered a holiday along with easter and december 25th, February 14th, etc., The 7th Day Sabbath was considered along with the Moadim/Holy Days. So when you see the word “Sabbaths” plural, it refers to the Holy Days and the weekly Sabbath, like Isaiah 58, a blessing is promised Forever on all Gentiles that keep the Sabbaths plural that G-d gave.

When you learn about the meaning of the Feast of Trumpets, you see how it would usher in the arrival of the King, the Messiah, the one who forgives debts and sets captives free.
The Feast of Trumpets occurs on September 19th this year (2009), but in the year Jesus was born it occurred on the 11th of September, the same day as an unusual astronomical event.  [etc.]

Other than that, after publishing “yesterday” (Sat. Sept. 10, 2022, title and link below) and in it having mentioned my detailed and vividly-documented (with annotated images) post four years earlier (title and link below) on similar topics: networks of major community-building tax-exempt enterprises, i.e., who, specifically, is building (controlling) which geographic regions at whose expense, when so many of the players are tax-exempt yet end up owning and operating the real estate developed at public expense, I reviewed that whole post, looked up current tax returns on one of the companies profiled (its tax returns were just as poorly constructed, making their contents hard to absorb, and its assets, then around $333 million had dramatically increased). From this post, I wanted to publicize my summary paragraphs at the very bottom.  Just a few paragraphs, they were the start and are the heart of this post.

I had copied the text for posting on Twitter, then decided “why segment those comments?” and decided to just post them again. Some of the dollars-and-cents amounts I mention on this post (millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars) come from reading an updated tax return. I also looked up one director who’d been mentioned in association with it, found out where (she’d) moved to (The Ballmer Group) and how has been promoting, along with all the real estate and community-building expertise, of course, more emphasis on “Zero to Three” interventions, with pilot projects in Montgomery, County, Ohio.

I do this (do we not all?) while dealing with: my life situations and passions:

<>Currently, securing access to housing with a kitchen & garage, reuniting self with some belongings in storage, especially certain research books and musical instruments (I’m a musician)); <>Maintaining this blog as my voice, my speaking out on issues of concern; <> Communicating with (and praying for) what’s left of my family; and [as we mutually can], a few mothers, domestic violence survivors and/or fugitives, in one time zone or another who’ve burnt out or seen through the “protective parents” (or “mothers”) rhetoric, and people pushing it, typically like I did — through some combination of personal experiential shock, attention to details, and eventually starting to follow the money at, usually first, their home state (if USA) and/or federal levels; <>Around the above, finding ways to connect with some sort of supportive community whose language isn’t so restrictive I just can’t speak freely to them and with them.

This is trickier than it may seem, as so many people tend to seek out and frequent associations which share their strong, deeply felt, but often exclusionary values on some topics, and inclusionary to the point of “no judgment permitted” whatsoever, on others.  Showing up female, thinking and speaking can bring on problems anywhere, that is, trigger a reactionary response on what was and seems like otherwise an innocuous or even-keeled discussion.  Try this in either a religious or a humanist/secular arena, and be prepared. It’s as though the real rebellion is exercising judgment, critical thinking skills which might actually result in criticism (spoken), expression of opinions, or at any point showing up a little more informed than whoever’s facilitating (sic) the current small-group gathering, whether in person, by phone, by webinar or otherwise on-line.

Many times, however, the “major events” aren’t the real systems-changers, or necessarily where our attention should be, experience has taught me.  These high points are observation points for noticing how the surrounding conditions are described, and by whom. For example, in looking for references to the obvious anniversary event today, I went to the 911-memorial.org.  I felt its FAQs were oversimplified and politicized. I was only going to reference it briefly, with just one quote, but because of this, I’ll be posting from its contents and commenting on them.  However, that’s NOT the heart of this post.

For national unity, it seems certain viewpoints (right or wrong) must be maintained and sustained, “or else.”  But some of the things I wish I’d paid better attention to (or been encouraged to) a few decades ago, were mostly in the administrative, regulatory (of the courts, and of governments) arena.

Recently, and watching some of this on TV News Coverage of course, I have been thinking more about the death of a monarch, and how we will be getting used to  the word “King” again in relationship to the United Kingdom; and of the implications for The Commonwealth of Nations, and for the United States’ future relationships with, first, itself as a separate country, and secondarily, with the rest of the world, including those countries which are not Commonwealth members or owned as territories by the U.S., but are very much likely to be subjected to development and enterprise efforts by both.

That this follows so closely on replacement of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, I wondered whether the news might have impacted someone’s health:

Liz Truss to replace Boris Johnson as next U.K. prime minister (Washington Post, Sept. 5, 2022)

“Incoming U.K. prime minister Liz Truss promised a “bold plan” Sept. 5 to cut taxes and grow the economy and “deliver on the energy crisis.” (Video: AP)”

LONDON — Liz Truss will become the next prime minister of Britain, taking over from Boris Johnson at a time of economic peril and political upheaval in the United Kingdom.

Truss, Britain’s 47-year-old foreign secretary, won the support of her party’s grass roots with promises of tax cuts and with her fealty to Johnson, who was booted from Downing Street by Conservative lawmakers but is already missed by rank-and-file party members.

She will travel to Scotland on Tuesday to be appointed by Queen Elizabeth II and then enter 10 Downing Street as the third woman to serve as British prime minister.

I have felt a close, life-long, or at least throughout my adult life, connection with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in part because of her significant role, her longevity, how she handled this role for so long and with such grace and dignity, and in part for the coincidence that I was born just a few months before she was crowned in June, 1953.  In a sense, I will miss her, as a woman in power and of power who “stayed the course” for so long.

Sept. 11, 2001, as recalled today by United States First Lady.

I was scared to death”: Jill Biden Recalls Sept. 11, 2001 (dated today), in CBS News.

When Jill Biden realized that terrorists had attacked America on Sept. 11, 2001, her husband, [then Senator] Joe, wasn’t the only loved one whose safety she worried about.

Biden recalled being “scared to death” that her sister Bonny Jacobs, a United Airlines flight attendant, was on one of the four hijacked airplanes that were flown into New York’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field, killing nearly 3,000 people.

After learning that her sister was safe at her Pennsylvania home, “I went straight to Bonny’s house,” Biden told The Associated Press in an interview Saturday as she and her sister remembered that day.

Sept. 8, 2022, Balmoral Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland (New York Post, dated today, Sept. 11, 2022):

The coffin bearing Queen Elizabeth II arrived in Edinburgh Sunday afternoon, where she will stay overnight at Holyroodhouse, after leaving Balmoral earlier in the morningto begin a nine-day farewell journey to her final resting place in Windsor.

A hearse carrying Her Majesty’s body left the Scottish castle at 10 a.m. local time and was scheduled to drive slowly for more than 175 miles to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

It arrived in Edinburgh after 4 p.m. local time to large crowds that observed the procession in silence as a show of respect.

On the streets of Scotland’s largest city, crowds eventually broke their silence in a solemn clap for the Queen.

Yesterday, in my world:

I published, then revised a few times to add some material on “Housing-First” Initiatives (and/or entities) and how websites tend to bury how many nonprofit alliances may exist in any single-location.  The additions represent a fraction of what I’d looked at the previous Monday (according to my cell phone screenshots), Sept. 5. While I took some time to explore then, and a little more to post (from different devices) yesterday, it was not a completely new topic to me.

As happens, with “Housing First” being a generic policy (about which any browser search should bring up several domain names promoting (most) or opposing (I just found one) it, the information available from viewing those websites leads to possibility of exploring those producing the information.  I am VERY interested in this topic, and would like to continue developing and exploring it, along with about a dozen other related ones in our increasingly wealth-dominated landscape where some of us may hope to still figure out how to exist, live, rent or even purchase an acre, or part-acre, or even a few acres of land between being evicted, foreclosed, bankrupted, or harassed for years at a time, often by some of the very nonprofits claiming to exist to help the most marginalized communities — while forcing those who weren’t in this condition (i.e., working people, male and/or female) to fight for their safety, to raise their children, sometimes to stay alive, and to exercise skills acquired in this process, to build a few walls around their own lives and freedom to do business even legally in this country.

That is, “community-based” and generally speaking, often distressed urban areas to be rebuilt by noble-minded people with connections to the nonprofit, real estate, and U.S. Federal Departments (like HHS, HUD), and other corporations able to spare millions of dollars at a time, and show tax returns with (I kid you not) a $35 million-dollar deficit (I just saw one again, today), run gala events which run into the $638K deficit, and distribute $51M (in a single year) of grants, piecemeal to (so says the Form 990 “Schedule O”) only those qualified — their partner/member organizations.

I was referring to a 2019 tax return of “Enterprise Community Foundation” based in Maryland, formed 1980, and which I’d profiled on a September 18, 2018,(“-80V”) detailed post (with exhibits)  referencing Purpose-Based (or Place-Based) Philanthropy, and referenced yesterday, in another post appealing to the consciences and common sense of those who have it, to prioritize awareness of and language describing in more objective terms than may be found on their respective websites, both Public and Private Entities, and their various Public/Private Enterprises (not the same thing), such as creating and building communities, and claiming that EARLY intervention for equity starts before birth, hence more Zero-To-Three “Get Kids Ready For Kindergarten” services are the ideal Rx.

SEPT.  18, 2018, in  Replicable Models like ~Purpose Built Communities~ Already Have Their (public/private-sponsored) positive PR, but what are the Aftershocks of “Shaking Up Your City” and What, Really, is OUR Bedrock Bottom Line?… (shortlink ends “-8OV” and the middle digit is a capital “o”, not the symbol for “zero”) About 7,200 words.

(and, check out the tags at the bottom).

How it relates to my current circumstances, and I bet, many others’ — it typifies the world we live in, and the arrangement of who controls land and housing, and real estate development, nationally, and beyond.

As I’ve divulged, I’ve been, I’ll call it, “between leases” for three months now.

How this happened: I’d finally run afoul of a property management company + utility company combo; the former’s payment platform provider is international (but based in Southern California) and the latter, regional and with a reputation (accepted by some) of helping non-profits get more green and environmentally friendly.  It’s somewhat regional, trusted (to do what, I have some questions still) obviously by the property management and developer company.

Naturally, having to deal with these (operations), I looked as I would for any company or nonprofit I’m investigating as part of this blog.  Those companies, I can and do name, not having any direct connection to them (i.e., not being a client, contractor, employee, director, etc.).  The ones I have been recently involved with, naturally I am not going to name, for privacy reasons.

I went to:

(1) the state corporate registry databases (not among the most helpful, but they do have data)

(2) the state charitable registry website*

  • to look up some nonprofit (mentioned on the utility biller’s website, I forget exact connection)– as the name on that website was a “doing business as” (d/b/a).  Somehow, I got an EIN# and a company name to go with it.
  • to look at what filings did exist

(3) As to nonprofit, looked at the IRS database on tax-exempts, of course.

(4)  Looked into some of the key players (Board of Directors’) names generally, on the web; some were famous within the state, some perhaps beyond its borders.  I found that one director, who fulfilled diversity requirements, had recently presided over some other bankrupted situation. I’m not specific naming entities here because they are local to me, would identify my state of residence, and my geographic location is NOYB, which relates to F.A.M.I.L.Y. … I found another director (as per the state business entities search portal) who was, naturally, a lawyer — with guess what specialty?  Family Law.

After this briefly stable (but having to fight, consistently, for those I was dealing with as a tenant, to keep their books straight and quit running up fees based on books which were not defensible because they weren’t even labeled right — in addition to losing track of three months of my payments immediately before a database (platform) transition.

Tenants (not just me) were ordered to either add a certain name and address in Texas (where, I am not) to our homeowners’ insurance, or pay $30/month for the privilege of not doing so.  I demanded, but never got the exact name of the entity at that P.O. Box. I looked it up myself, learned a lot, learned that some of the owners of that operation are showing up frequently in B& B complaints and “Rip-Off Reports” and they were reporting the same types of activity I’d experienced.  I continued to  protest: fees kept showing up, some (not all) were later subtracted; it did not seem to matter whether I communicated in person, by phone, or by email.

Managers came and went, sometimes without warning (in the flood of “community-building emails” we’d get, I’d missed it), leaving me to repeat the history of all this to the next one.  Meanwhile, back in California, I am “subject” (basically, hostage to) a trust managed by a stranger who refuses to provide books but I have repeated indications, it’s being claimed I still live in California. S/He (that’s not an alternate pronoun, it’s my way of not indicating which gender) also refuses to, no matter how often asked in writing, tell me what is its balance, or to show its books in any format, and I have not been provided the normal reports due me as (sole, FYI) beneficiary throughout.

Both blogging and now personal experience (previously, I wasn’t in any high-rise apartments.  Some apartments, yes, but not huge ones) have led me to a few basic observations: I think these while general are reasonable statements and true:

Bottom line:  whoever controls assets (in smaller or larger circles) or access to ability to work — among which, it certainly helps, although there are ways to work, homeless, to have a secure address and a safe place to sleep which one can count on for, say, at least a few months in a row — perpetuates intergenerational control of that same wealth, and closes or opens gateways to it as it pleases them, and for practical reasons pertaining to THEM — not their targeted “warm bodies” to have randomized clinical trials run on what works for behavioral modification..  THEIR concern is developing the workforce basis for intergenerational transmission of wealth made through means more related to investments (buying and selling, including selling debt), dividends, interests, profit-and-losses.

Those who are most prone to obtaining and retaining control of entire cities or regions, or countries’ (and certainly, family’s) assets and within those scopes (cities, regions, countries, or individual/blended family lines) who can work in what fields –and who can NOT make such choices — have the most to gain by claiming and demonstrating (generation after generation) that their true motive is philanthropy — not control, not greed, not a lust for power, not arrogance, and not weaknesses for certain types of criminal activity, whether through or addiction, or for the excitement of being able to pull it off, or some more politically acceptable version of eugenics and with it, racism.  Right now, those in power seem more interested in cleaning up their images (often well-earned) of being racist — a bit less so as to sexist.

Pardon me, please, for running on a bit here.  I just came from reviewing some work four years ago (almost to the day) on these topics, and in looking up one name I’d forgotten about, and the organization it was associated with then, I found the SAME type of lousy Form 990 presentation, exclusivity, and, for the $51M (USD) of grants it (per Candid.org, for which the latest years shown is FY2019 (Year ending December), which are to be presented on Form 990 Schedule I, which I demonstrated was made basically unreadable four years ago, was basically unreadable — throughout, but also on its, probably electronically generated Form 990. While its assets continued to increase, and its officers are very well paid, and its independent subcontractors.  Its list of “related entities” is still huge and presented not on the IRS form but as separate statements.  this means that the labeling (header, footer, which serve for organizing visual elements on the form) are eliminated, making an overview hard to see, laborious if even possible to extract without cut & paste or simply inputting it to another form, by hand — for $51,000,000 (rounded) worth of grants on an entity which claims a $35,000,000 (rounded) budget deficit for this year, and has major and multiple transactions among its various related entities (also not entered on the IRS forms.

The “Gross receipts” for just this one (nonprofit) for just this one year, were $77M. Of these (Part VIII, Statement of Revenues) about $20M was “government grants” (Note:  a basic IRS Form 990 does NOT tell which governments — federal? state?  county?  local? foreign-to-the-US governments?). Some state charitable registries (California’s, New York’s, and probably some other states’)


Generally, however, as I found true (here), seems true most places — people who used to just develop real estate, railroads, and run banks & trusts — their descendants still do so.  Look closely enough, especially when it comes to who owns and who manages, and who contracts to help them manage (on-line, i.e., electronic payments and billing) major real-estate, especially “multi-family” (high-rises), and you will find descendants, intermarriages, and if these don’t include specifically lawyers handling the trusts owning the real estate, those lawyers are often the relatives (or, descendants) of previous generations who did.

An experiment in just talking into a post, instead of on to Twitter (split it up, pare it down to 280-character? segments) and then embedding it in yet another post.  This is my voice (my words) as expressed four years ago, at the bottom of a post on this blog:

SEPT.  18, 2018, in  Replicable Models like ~Purpose Built Communities~ Already Have Their (public/private-sponsored) positive PR, but what are the Aftershocks of “Shaking Up Your City” and What, Really, is OUR Bedrock Bottom Line?… (shortlink ends “-8OV” and the middle digit is a capital “o”, not the symbol for “zero”) About 7,200 words. (Check out the tags at the bottom).

Proofread better this time.  By the date and my personal history awareness, I’d just signed a lease the week before, ending years of forced-hotel living, a situation I’m in again, right now and for the last few months. I just wrote and am now deleting, several paragraphs on my own timeline (which has common aspects to many people’s) with its rhetorical questions — imagine if certain basic truths had NOT been systematically withheld from women (mothers) in my position; would we have this level of trauma?

Might we have raised such issues in our own court cases — after, of course, thoroughly researching the financial influence from afar (that isk federal incentives, private conflict-of-interest operations  within the courts)…

Might we have gotten right down to the more relevant topic of, what are these courts doing here in the first place?  For “here” I’ll say, the United States because they are essentially an importa of the concept of behavioral health for everyone, they have a strong religious component, deliberately introduced — and as a nation, however religious the population (and studies show, Senate and house, the U.S. Congress is more religious than the rest of us) may be and is, Congress is NOT to establish a national religion.

After writing these thoughts out, and I did use “Update”  once or twice to save them, I found I am not ready to handle it on this blog at this moment, was writing excessively long sentences and having trouble not going into narrative mode ( not the purpose of this blog), which for me I know to be among the symptoms of dealing with current PTSD, related to my housing and some trust (as in fiduciary control of my resources) matters which are entwined with this and must be addressed formally in a way that lets those involved ((1) former landlord and (2) current trustee)) know I’m serious and this “will not stand.”

I am having to arrange housing just four or five days at a time due to cash flow and the nature of hotels.  Last week I had to switch hotels (though locally, still exhausting) twice and though back in a better one through tomorrow morning, and they only have room partway through next week. Around all this, I am trying to (and praying, and there are others also praying I can) to nail down a place to live that at minimum has a three-month (but ideally, twelve-month) capacity, OR put down something on some property (i.e., LAND) I can do something with, even if living in a tiny home, or camper (too cold in this region for “tents” and I’m too old for it), by the end of September.

In other words, the negotiating just to stay off the street has been perpetual for months now (previously it was for years in California), with a consciousness of what a waste of assets this is, and a sincere drive to do better — but also a drive built on indignation and for others, including but not limited to my own (now adult) children — to correct the corruption which produces this situation so easily, and attracts so many people to profit of others’ troubles with such ease.

[Section added & removed Sept. 17, 2022].

I’d love to post or discuss cross-Atlantic on Twitter , and over some of the same topics as plague the USA — attempting to turn EVERY human activity into something for which the federal, or state, or other governments (i.e., county or a combination of government types) should provide “therapy” and treatments… without corresponding discussion of some of the ongoing pressure upon most people being financially supporting such a bureaucracy in the first place. However, whether posted or not, I did the look-ups for about a day and a half recently, which led to deeper understanding on how the pushing of psychotherapy into people’s lives as a public good is promoted, at least in the UK.

From a personal perspective, at least that type of study is not just repeating the same mantra about the HHS grants, fatherhood promotion, court-connected nonprofits, and how those so upset about “junk psychological theory” (meaning “parental alienation”) should then be bright enough to observe who and what private professional non-profit associations has been spreading it, and how, where and through whom. In other words, either “put up or shut up”** in that category.

**I believe one reason many just won’t, I’m seeing (particularly in recent exchanges) is that honest reporting tramples on sacred territory – -including religion, and alignment with conservative causes. Meanwhile honest reporting on FAILURE to report on the (“healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood” etc.) funding and erosion of jurisdiction between USA federal and states among “progressive” feminist and/or “domestic violence” grants-receiving tramples on sacred progressive turf. I.e., that not everything called “feminist” makes the world a better place for women, particularly for child-bearing women. MUCH of it throws MANY of us “under the bus” through silence.

Kind of like abuse itself. Prolonged through silence, assent, and passivity, and while unmitigated, only grows and expands over time….

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Historic Day Today, and Week, Last Week, Globally. Perhaps Now, Cross-Atlantic, Pan-Pacific, We Can Talk Public vs. Private Entity (Accounting For Their Respective) Assets and Liabilities? [Sept. 11, 2022]. (short-link ends ‘-ffg’)

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September 12, 2022 at 4:05 pm

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  1. While editing this blog — was it the content? I talked politics, religion and money at a politically sensitive time (Queen Elizabeth II of the UK and of the Commonwealth (of Nations) died Sept. 8, 2022, King Charles III has been announced, and in the U.S., the anniversary of 9/11 is being talked of, on TV, and top Administration (i.e., The First Lady and I’m sure, though I didn’t catch the quote, President of the United States also must have), and yet somehow I can’t express my opinion about either of the above (or, a former President’s Faith-Based Initiatives as reviewed in a published, public-accessible Law Journal (SeattleU.edu) from 2006, VERy well-written, which came up in the context), which is about where the “word-count ‘0’” phenomenon — EVERY time I saved, and no matter how)? Am I not also a U.S Citizen, does the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment mean NOTHING?

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