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Historic Day Today, and Week, Last Week, Globally: Perhaps Now, Cross-Atlantic, Pan-Pacific, We Can Talk Public vs. Private Entity (Accounting For Their Respective) Assets and Liabilities? [Sept. 11, 2022].

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Post-publication update Thu. Sept. 15, 2022.

Sept. 17, I also added some thoughts just before the final quote (which is from my own Sept. 18, 2018 post on housing “community development” issues and “replicable purpose-built models” of the same).  Within the hour, I then realized these thought (my writing) was affected by my current stress levels, and moved most of it off-post.

As the inset introduction shows, despite my theme, “…Perhaps Now, Cross-Atlantic, Pan-Pacific, We Can Talk Public vs. Private Entity (Accounting For Their Respective) Assets and Liabilities? [Sept. 11, 2022]” (<~~not a link), the act of speaking anything at all quickly ran into some technical difficulties.

[This post is missing about 2,000 words as ALL contents were lost during repeated attempts to save right before publishing.

I finally published it 100% empty (except the title), that is, with word-count “0,” which went to Twitter.  On Twitter, I discussed that then (the next day I believe) managed to retrieve a prior saved version.  I also during the trouble saving had grabbed the entire html version and saved it off-platform.

I am still (Sept. 15, Sept. 17) hoping to retrieve and insert the missing section, which (as I recall) featured a law school journal’s article on Former U.S. President George W. Bush’s “Faith-based” agenda which, it said, would probably not stand a Constitutional challenge.

On re-reading the published version of about 5,500 words) I also see I’d referenced a footnote referencing my current housing search, looking for (Continued on “Footnote ^^Somewhere less blighted” at bottom of this post) which version didn’t get saved.  Of the two sections, the journal was more important. The whole situation “spooked” me some.  It was a WordPress first, and I was concerned that that content (I talked politics, religion AND money all in one post) might have been a trigger to the inability to save the post.  It was more likely a software issue (FYI the browser connection was fine), but I’ll be more re-assured when I find out what any technological cause was.  I work too hard to lose work already done; I save consistently while composing but do not save every 5 or 10 minutes while composing because the process always boots the cursor back up to the top fo the post. //LGH Sept. 15, 2022.

(I also submitted a comment to this effect the other day, comments show at the bottom of any post):

This post may read more like a newsletter, or just a letter with some visuals. It takes “informal” to a new level… It’s an experiment in how fast I can produce a single post with a short, basic message.

You are reading: Historic Day Today, and Week, Last Week, Globally. Perhaps Now, Cross-Atlantic, Pan-Pacific, We Can Talk Public vs. Private Entity (Accounting For Their Respective) Assets and Liabilities? [Sept. 11, 2022]. (short-link ends ‘-ffg’)

It’s personalized to show why I’m so annoyed with “business as usual” in purpose-built communities, place-based philanthropy and basically public-funded/private run & developed enterprises, USA, which business doesn’t really change for global events like, say, the resignation of a British prime minster and his replacement, the death of the world’s longest-reigning and well-respected monarch (just two days later), for wars not on United States soil or for the 21st anniversary of the shocking destruction and mass-murder in the heart of New York City that we simply call “9/11.”

Shock-and-awe, trauma, distraction, and even wars (or threats of them) aren’t necessarily bad for business. It just depends what businesses you, or your recent ancestors, were in and what role they played in operations, facilitations, and getting policy set afterwards to seize greater control of the main resources — the workforce.  People. Where they live, what they can do, and who gets to raise their own children after giving birth to or, I guess you could say for the fathers, “siring” them.

Business models evolve, regulations of them change, but it’s still business.  For every inhabited area that gets bombed, blighted, burnt-out, flooded or gradually become barely or uninhabitable for some reason, there always seem to be more enterprising personalities with their historic political and business connections, who have bright ideas on how to rebuild from scratch: on their home territory (or country) or someone else’s.

I am of course affected by the events of last week and Sunday, September 11th this week, the memory of 9/11 and what changed after it, but I am still in the business of surviving; finding new housing before resources run out, looking for somewhere less blighted.^^

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September 12, 2022 at 4:05 pm

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