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Abolishing Representative Gov’t through Presidential Executive Orders: How 50 States became 10 Federal Regions

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States rule family courts, but federal HHS grants and DOJ grants absolutely influence them.  Walk in uninformed?  I wouldn’t.

Federal HHS has the US into 10 regions as we speak:

Gradualism — Two Parallel Systems exist until the Old is ready to be Abolished. Know where we are in that process.

Wanna fix or reform the family courts, to get more justice, restore due process, remove the fraud, embezzlement, conflict of interest sectors, and send a message to crooks to look somewhere else for a livelihood?Then you have to address — not ignore — the role of the federalization of the country, both economics and governmental. And to do this requires not just looking at it now, but looking at how it got started.

(1939 thru Now)

From Roosevelt 1939, Nixon* 1969, Reagan 1981, . . .


In  1972:

Executive Order 11647 is from Nixon, 1972 (click on the OCR image at the top).

The proper functioning of Government requires the development of closer working relationships between the major Federal grantmaking agencies and State and local government, and improved coordination of the categorical grant system. … Therefore I (President Nixon) have directed the Domestic Council to: (1, 2, 3, 4 — read!). Three years ago (1969) I directed that the senior officials of certain grantmaking agencies convene themselves in Regional councils to better coordinate their services to Governors, Mayors, and the public.

He is literally Executive-Ordering into existence, a form of government based on the grants. How did the federal government acquire such wealth to start with? Is Government (at any level) supposed to be operating at such a profit it has the ability — and who can resist? — to simply decree other forms of government into existence?

Or is this because our public school systems are so lousy at teaching history, or government (why would they — they literally ARE form of government; how is a neutral view possible?)

The federal policy-based grants system (and how it works) is the elephant in the room at the courthouse. It gives the executive department of any level of government (whether Governor, Presiding Judge in an area, Director of Administrative Offices of the Court (which usually handles programs and funding), Directors of State-level HHS services, Directors of almost any major agency, not to mention at the federal level, a single Secretary of HHS, or head of the Department of Justice/Office of Violence Against Women (which disburses VAWA-style grants), not to mention the United States President Himself (so far only “Him” self) — all of these agency and department heads are given Extraordinary Discretionary Powers.

The federal policy-based grants system (wealth distribution for policy-setting purposes) centralizes decision-making power in Washington — and from there in 10 Regional Centers, not in the State Legislatures, or local representative bodies.

I added this page added May 28, 2013 (and am updating it August 2013) to provide a major link summarizing the increasing centralization of federal control — as a way of abolishing local government.

I was reviewing an expose of a corporation (“the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts”) operating illegally out of the Connecticut State Judiciary (as they are in most states, FYI, by now). In doing that, I also reviewed the 2012 Connecticut CAFR, and while looking for a brief “blurb” from Walter Burien on this matter, ran across a very short (but concise) summary mentioning the Louisville, Kentucky “METRO” regional government:

This would not be the time to go to sleep on these issues, while chasing other rabbits, such as “Fixing Our Broken Courts” initiatives (Good Grief!!!):

The Biggest Shell Game of Theft..//Organized Government Holds Back its Financial Statement from the People of America for 50 Years

[this section is about halfway down…]]
Sound bites are coming out as to the expected turn down in the economy. Top players running the syndicate are consolidating towards the NWO of UN POLICE and UN COURT Control.  The UN, an organization not subject to those pesky documents in the USA know as The Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Their plan started in 1945** with the creation of an organization known as METRO first located in Chicago, IL, and now located in Louisville, KY. The blue print for METRO called for taking over the control of Legislative and the Judicial branches of government, to establish government as an administrative and corporate clearing house for revenue collection. Within the same effort the UN was established in 1946. Additionally GFOA was established in 1946, the organization that created the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) accounting structure. [ http://www.gfoa.org ]

With the syndicate accomplishing 100% control, the majority of the public is no longer needed to build or perpetuate the syndicate’s empire, and thus 60% of the population becomes a liability.  If corrective and unified action by the public is slow in coming forth with true applied force, we are facing the strongest potential of impending and intentionally orchestrated mass genocide by the syndicate against the people ever seen in the history of this planet.

It’s not as though similar people on the same plan hadn’t engaged in genocides before, is it really? This is the colonial corporate commercial model — globally organized for the convenience of those in control of the globe.

**well, part of this plan started in 1945.

I beg, literally, people who allege they are concerned about the matters [d]evolving in the family courts nationwide — to seriously consider the historic background of this regionalism, and if cries of “Tea Party” “Libertarians” or “Conspiracy Whackos” start crawling up the backside of your head, such that you cannot read this information (which is published and includes Presidential Executive Orders, verbatim) — tell those voices to Put it on ice! (shut up) while you look at the evidence, until you welcome them back in again, IF you choose to do so. after looking at the evidence.


You CANNOT crawl UP the hierarchy of power from the ground level (you might be able to tug at some of its toenails) when the center of it is federally managed, regionally (not at the state level) controlled, and operates from a wealth basis established through the IRS (taxes), and from there spitting off unbelievable profits — and these profits are combined with and influenced at the RULING level with multinational corporations into such things as pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, the mass production of automobiles, defense industry (military hardware), and massive software platforms used to track down your (or your spouse’s or both) income and garnish its wages. But then doesn’t use equally accurate and professinally managed software database at any level to let YOU, the consumer, know WTF is going on.

But that’s exactly what people are attempting to do. They want to clean up their courts and stop the immediate pain, not take a look at where the entire place is going in a few years, which will be MUCH more painful if it’s not stopped. The pain experienced on the local level is from a lack of justice, due process, or institutions responding to acatual needs, according to the state’s laws regarding the matters before them.

Justice is about process; process then has to be looked at. Where’s the power flowing to and from? One way to look at where are the grants (money) flowing to and from. So — who’s controlling them; and who’s distributing them, to whom, and how? For starters.

Please explore this site and understand it:  http://BROOKINGS.EDU.

Yesterday (8/4/2013) for example, there was a Brookings Blum roundtable “The Private Sector in the Global Development Agenda.”

When you see in universities, at law schools, at administrative offices for the courts, at multimillion-dollar “nonprofit” (they really are nonprofit, tax-wise) agencies with the word “institution” in their title (which Brookings Institution.edu literally IS, and it’s been around since 1916) — Center are for Centralization, right? Of information, of setting policy, they draw funds, and they seek to enact legislation to draw more funds to enforce the policy. They are rarely only representing a single jurisdiction’s people…

It looks like people at Brookings cycle in and out of the Federal Government. For example, (offhand — posted on their site), Karen Dynan (Harvard, Brown) from Brookings was just nominated (by President Obama) to “Assistant Secretary to the [U.S.] Treasury for Economic Policy. She’d worked 17 years at the Fed, then at the White House, then at Brookings, now over to the Treasury.

“Karen Dynan has been chosen by President Obama to fill the post of assistant secretary for economic policy at the U.S. Treasury Department, whose office reviews and analyzes domestic and international economic issues in the financial markets. Dynan has been vice president and co-director of the Economic Studies program at Brookings, also since 2009. Prior to joining Brookings, Dynan was a senior advisor at the Federal Reserve Board.” Here’s the 9-page CV (Harvard Ph.D. in Economics, Brown in math — obviously she’s smart! A member of the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations).

On search, she’s on the board of The Hamilton Project, a 2006 Brookings “launch.”

“Karen Dynan is the Robert S. Kerr senior fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution. She is an expert on macroeconomic policy and household finance issues. | View Full Bio”

Who Else Needs To Know This?

Your children and grandchildren need to also understand this. Who’s “developing the globe” and gets to determine — whether people make a living off the United States Federal Governments tax platform, or whose labors provide the taxes the support and comprise that platform?

Some know that receiving tax-exempt status to better concentrate their wealth and leverage prestious experts from Harvard, Yale, Oxford, NCU, Columbia University, Stanford, etc. — alongside the “captains of industry” formerly known as robber barons — and run computer-aided models to calculate how it would affect THEIR bottom lines to tweak the minimum wage in one sector, or NOT….?? while they are not part of that sector even remotely.

Some give-upfront, before they even get their wages and AFTER working. This centralized location of the profits from the people’s (collectively speaking) wages is then collected, held centrally, AND INVESTED, PRODUCING PROFITS, NOT ALL OF WHICH ARE SHOWN ON THE ‘BUDGETS,’ over time resulting in tremendous leverage when government/corporate combos synchronize for their own mutual best self-interests.

Government’s profits are, obviously, not taxed. For-Profit Corporate’s are — but incorporation itself maximizes income as to taxes at least, because expenses of operation can be written off. Nonprofits (which are also corporations) including foundations, are outlets for corporate (and family) wealth to retain as much as possible of it (and as much control as possible of it) through understanding and using the tax laws to their best interest.

That’s where “Philanthropy” comes from. First, the wealth is earned (off who and how?) then it is put into a foundation, often still “all in the family” controlled — and from there, it funds government and influences government.

From this concentration of power, influence, etc. they then seek to ensure that most Americans do NOT think in those terms, believe it requires special brains and talent, elite knowledge, and is not for the average citizen, who is encouraged to think about whether they are going to be low-income trying to reach middle-class, or middle-class trying not to slip back into poverty and pay for their kids college education, which will prepare them for colleges and universities which are then funded by government, and other corporate wealth, plus of course alumni, to better develop technologies to aid in global computer-modeling of how the planet is supposed to be managed, or, if necessary, military hardware and new economic tricks for increasing wealth, mergers and acquisitions, increasing dividends, and in short, making sure there’s no shortage of cheap labor who doesn’t know this stuff, and thus have other options.

Jaundiced? Maybe, but it’s also honest. There’s been a media blackout on JUST HOW MUCH WEALTH IS CONTROLLED UNDER HOW MANY JURISDICTIONS? Do the math on the CAFRS.

Average, humble, let’s mind-our-own-business People who do not act in this manner (play that “concentrate and collaborate to grab the power” game), or coordinate themselves to form INDEPENDENT means of ways of living and obtaining their basic needs — which this combo doesn’t want to happen — are, and will continue to be, hard put to resist. They or their immediate families may survive individually OK, but they are not well organized or well-funded enough to counter the creeping fascism. [[And I didn’t even bring in religion, this time….]]

From May 28, 2013, when I put this page up, to today, August 5, 2013, I have learned yet more about some of this history and again confirmed, for example, (below), that the “METRO” concept is being sponsored and endorsed at the Brookings Institution (which began in 1916) level and is attempting to align justice and social service delivery on a global level.


The name “Brookings” continually pops up when dealing with “fatherhood funding” — but that’s only a fragment of what Broookings is, and has historically been involved in. It is a multi-million-dollar nonprofit, with assets of over $436 million (last tax return I saw), operating out of Washington, D.C., and the Center for Children and Families (which has Ron Haskins on it) is just one of Ten Policy Centers on it. Wonder how much income is generated from those assets….

Its leadership includes global leadership in policy (i.e., Harvard, Yales, Rhodes Scholar material) and banking (Goldman Sachs), some projects done with JPMorgan, other leadership are listed as Alcoa Steel, Nike (etc.). Its current chairman, “Strobe Talbot” was Deputy Secretary of State 1994-2001 under, obviously Clinton (plus some overlap obviously). Another Brookings Institution leadership is associated with a significant private equity firm based on software, “Silver Lake.”

Whether think tanks are federally entwined “liberal,” or federally entwined “rightwing,” the real issue is that they are so federally entwined at all — setting up alternate governments with increasing speed, by a number of techniques which I can now see, and want to talk about.

Relative Importance:

I don’t want to talk about the local bad corrupt judge and how it hurt which kid. That’s NOTHING compared to what’s coming (and what’s already here in some places more than others), if this is not countered. There have been genocides. There has been and is slavery, and child-trafficking, for drugs or arms (or you name it). And there will continue to be until and unless those who have their heads, materially a bit above water still, will wake up and understand that that’s only “marginally” above water and the ethical thing to do is NOT play this game and sell out the lower levels in hopes of not being sent “downstairs” (as many are) to become as desperate as them.

Some of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations (if the shoe fits, wear it) have taken the bait, or been pressured or bribed under (not that resitance was ever easy) — and for a temporary “peace,” and prosperity, at least in their own neighborhoods– unwittingly or consciously (one or the other) — sold MOST of us down the river into regionalism and a planned economy. That was done earlier in the 1900s; this had consequences which are being felt now.

Looking at it (with some shock), I was reminded of testimony against regionalism (David T. Horton), which mentioned a certain Presidential Executive Order (Nixon’s, 1972) creating Ten Federal Regions instead of the 50 states. It took a while to get this revoked (Jimmy Carter eventually did), BUT the administrative and financial structure remained, leaving the federal grants system to simply over-ride local representative government.

The same article on Regionalism also beautifully summarizes the progression from how American Citizens were basically declared potential enemy aliens in 1933. (And you thought this was just in 2001?).

Centralization of power must be stopped because centralized power in the federal government, and the resulting loss of States’ rights, is the one thing necessary for the success of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.


To ignore the original intent of the Constitution is to ignore its only lawful meaning. Therefore, it is not just constitutional heresy to depart from the original meaning of the Constitution. It is unlawful, and that is the key to the examination of the regionalism concept.

For example, Figure One, which is a map of these United States combined into ten regions, where state boundaries are deleted but governmental functions are to be performed within these regions – this is a basic violation of the intent and of the express language of this agreement called the Constitution of the United States.

Damage is already being done to our local representative institutions through efforts of intimidation and bribery to take over governmental functions: The stated plan is to intensify the process that is already going on to establish contact directly with local officials and local entities, by-passing state and county government and, in the process, using tax funds, public funds, for the basic purpose of defeating one of the principle objects of all law.

The purpose of law can be summarized this way – to prevent coercion, either by bribery or by force – and the effort that is being made now by the federal agencies defeats this purpose when they say, “you must do what we say or you won’t get this money”.

… {{several paras. lower…]]
The grouping of the states of the United States into regions for the purpose of exercising governmental powers – multi-state regionalism – and the intimidation of the legislature of each state to divide the state into regions for the purpose of exercising governmental powers – sub-state regionalism – constructs a system of government by appointed bureaucrats that by-passes and undermines the lawful government of each state by its elected state and local officeholders.The by-passing of our lawfully-elected officials is an exercise of governmental power, and it is a sedition. The exercise by appointed bureaucrats through federal regionalism of powers that were never delegated to the limited agencies in Washington is a sedition.

The so-called Executive Order No.11647, purporting to group the several states into ten regions, was void.

The other thing this writer (who was also a lawyer, it says he was 8 years a District Attorney in a certain area) points out is that — the states, who (under the Constitution) are sovereign, simply consented to it. They had the authority to stop this, but did not. See introductory paragraphs.

In the same serious — keeping in mind, this was in 1978 — was Norman Dodd’s testimony on regionalism. The link shows the context, and that the role of the major foundations was also involved:

       In 1978 the legislature of Illinois created a committee to study Regionalism in Illinois. The Committee held three hearings – the first in Springfield, Illinois, April 11, 1978; the second in Chicago, July 10, 1978; and the third and final hearing in Edwardsville, on September 26, 1978. The following is a transcript – from the September 26th hearing – of the testimony of Mr. Norman Dodd, beginning on page 51 and ending on page 61. Mr. Dodd was chief investigator in 1953 for U.S. Congressman, B. Carroll Reece, whose committee (referred to as the Reece Committee) investigated tax-exempt foundations.

The investigation was eventually narrowed down to about 10 foundations, chiefly among them being Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie Foundations, their sub- foundations, and the Rhodes Scholarship Fund.

Lets Get Honest commentary: These foundations, AND the Rhodes Scholars, which influenced present welfare reform (Clinton and his advisor at that time were Rhodes Scholars) come up frequently during my pages. You’d be surprised how many policies at the local (family court) level can be traced back to the Ford Foundation. ….

Mr. Rene Wormser, Council for the Reece Committee subsequently wrote a book – titled “Foundations – Their Power and Influence”, which relates information uncovered during the hearings, as well as the difficulties and roadblocks encountered throughout. Congressman Cox had begun this process in the previous Congressional Session and died suddenly, bringing the hearings to a halt. Reece braved it out and the results are staggering to the mind of an American who once believed in a “free” America, under the Constitution.

“Foundations” is available through Covenant House Press; P.O. Box 4690, Sevierville, Tenn.; 37864. Regionalism is a plan which emanates from the United Nations, is taking place on a world scale, and its ultimate aim is to organize populations into groups small enough that no people can challenge a World Government. The 50 Sovereign States united in America have been unconstitutionally divided into ten federal Regions with populations a little over 20 million in each – comparable to the Regional population divisions in all other countries.

We, in America, are the last bastion of hope. Although the Regional Plan is deeply entrenched, although we are indeed at the 11th Hour… we can, by the loving Grace of God and our intelligent activity – stop and reverse the process. The transcripts of the Illinois hearings are relevant to the further understanding of the plan to eliminate the states and to transform America into a region of the world government.

It’s good information and thought-provoking. As my blog is about “family court matters” and family courts themselves have been affected by regionalism, uniform law commissions and of course the federal grants system, it’s time we faced the music.

It’s Time to Face the Music

But most people will not: people continue to sit in denial that their court issues are not just their state’s court issues, if I bring up a multi-state nonprofit with leadership FROM their state — they just can’t be bothered with paying attention. This is SIMILAR in response to failing to understand and address individual domestic violence in a household.

Once you recognize it — a major shift — then personal action is demanded, or one goes back into denial. I really do believe that one reason “society” simply just isn’t going to ever properly address domestic violence is that it seems to expose a real fault line throughout society — that they have “outsourced” their lives to agencies, and the agencies are simply not accountable locally. To actually govern yourself when the tendency has to let others govern all the major life choices, is a responsibility (to me, it’s fun, I like it, it’s better — but it’s a responsibility). This also means at times you have to fight, and to fight things much larger than yourself; you have to understand more, and you have to learn to organize. you have to learn to make more free time; either live on less (may be impossible for some people coming out of abuse, which per se has them living on less – or living with more, but on a “leash”) — or make more. A conscious desire to know is essential. I, Let’s Get Honest, cannot supply that. I may not even inspire that in others — life inspires that. I’m simply exhorting and putting material up to consider.

Some people call my blogging compassionate, or altruistic, a service. (Others can’t even get through it…yet others, primarily followers, ignore it because their leaders aren’t echoing or validating the material; which would also show up their prior cover-ups of that material in front of the (followers).. )

Maybe it’s altruistic (at least for my kids), but I also have a healthy self-interest. I realize firsthand and personally (from the perspective of a woman who endured assault and battery, coercive control, economic shut down property destruction, there were death threats, and in general “extreme cruelty” (irrelevant since California’s 1970 no-fault divorce law, apparently) that a tyrant on the premises is always dangerous, for everyone around — and that tyrant’s knowledge that others know — and aren’t going to do anything to stop it. that makes the situation worse. So, another side of the equation is, seeking peace at any costs (including living with tyranny, or tyrannical systems) doesn’t end up in peace. At some levels, a desire for a life free from conflict or intense struggle is similar to a death-wish.

As a survivor of a very BAD marriage, which almost resulted in premature death, I will note killing off parts of one’s life in hopes for “peace” will NOT produce peace in some situations. And no one else has the right to demand that one live in peace with abuse, particularly after it crosses certain boundaries and consistently increases. So, we are going to have to, collectively engage in the struggle to set boundaries and limits on, in a word, evil (injustice, tyranny, etc.). In order to do this, we should keep our eye on where those boundaries ARE, that’s what I’m saying.

So what! if that requires learning some new vocabulary, change of perspective and dedicating some time? Do you want to keep playing and paying for crime scene cleanups around the family courts, or be subject to blowback for completely unbridled centralized power which happened on your watch, without a protest because you were busy doing something else more important?

Tyrants come in his/hers, and theirs — but as to government, face it — it’s primarily men. Even the New York Times noticed it recently (August 4, 2013), referring to Los Angeles — and Los Angeles is known to be a significant player in this government and our culture. It was where the AFCC got its start originally, as a slush fund? (apparently) right in the county courthouse, setting that standard for future generations of court-connected businesses posing or at least attempting to look like government, without actually being it. “Where are all the Women in L.A.?” said the Los Angeles Business Journal. So, in essence, a lot of this IS male-dominant; and if it’s perceived to be not male-dominant enough, there’s also the fatherhood.gov factor to launch against the VAWA factor, as if both of them weren’t connected centrally at the grants level.

Happy New Year: What Rhetoric Are You? (My January 2011 post).

That’s the equivalent of essentially one puppeteer with a puppet on each hand, making them fight, men v. women, fathers v. “women,” and the on-lookers don’t “get” that it’s one puppeteer. Or that their funds have sponsored the “free” spectacle. Then a third character — the mediators, the conciliators, the diagnosers and evaluators and administrators of the staged conflict — are also brought in, also public-funded, and it’s still theater — it’s a circus; it’s planned!

So what we need is for the audience to wake up and stop funding that circus. They fund it through their taxes, and consuming taxed goods, and through accepting this system because they don’t have, or don’t know, another one — or know how to communicate to others that another one is actually possible.

The control system is at the federal level because states are economically dependent and have taken that bait long ago.

I am hoping to inspire people who have a remaining shred of spirit, ethics, and brain left — to redirect their energies to shutting down the asset-transfers here, which are the “wave of the future” AFCC boasts about, on which children’s lives will be shifted about with the currents as well. My life is more than half over, on basic chronology; this is about the future, and about also my own survival for the rest of it.

Selfish is out; Smart is in. Be smart, and quit being selfish with your time. Get the moneylaundering out of government, and figure out how the finances work, which is essentially what government is about. One illuminates the other. Governments are specialized form of corporations (which is how they started; maybe with different words — “charters” for example) which had private armies to protect their commerce. That has hardly changed….

An “it’s just My state” attitude is short-sighted, self-defeating, selfISH (i.e., “Let’s talk about MY state, f*ck yours…”). Like infants are before they understand the world doesn’t revolve around their personal needs and wants. In infants, who are helpless to fend for themselves, this is fine. Also to a degree in toddlers, but the idea is, we continue growing and learning for a lifetime.

Our school system attempts to slow and stall that process, and for many people it seems, has. WHY? Because the same system (which is funded by government) is actually a form of government, and is designed to produce good employees – not leaders, and not creative thinkers. When it does manage to raise some creative, unindoctrinated thinkers (statistics say if you’re covering most of the population, some are going to slip through the cracks, and retain enough personal self-respect, they will follow their own interests or passions), these thinkers will irritate others, but they are more internally than externally driven — and will continue purusing those major questions and interests, probably not for the usual purposes of increasing technology for military conquest or population control.

It appears that the person who summarized “Regionalism” here — was one of those individuals, and accordingly, has been disbarred, beaten, jailed, and characterized as “mentally incompetent,” which I’m still looking for evidence of. I’ve also spoken to the guy, and he’s still coherent.

I was even considering, and have been, compiling a state-by-state guide to some of the primary centralizing nonprofits, as they are entrenched in their personal jurisdictions. Or, they will go multi-state –but only on the favorite, chosen themes. There is no depth, and no willingness to accept that we have here, multiple, overlapping systems in the form of an “interlocking directorate.”

Men create systems because they provide more efficient leverage and control of things they want to control. Obviously people who wish to over-ride representative government will not feel obligated to share with others the language and tactics of how it’s done. So someone else has to.

Centralization of power must be stopped because centralized power in the federal government, and the resulting loss of States’ rights, is the one thing necessary for the success of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

In case it’s unclear, one world government is not desirable, unless you’re at the “ruling roundtable” and are willing to kill people en masse, “for the good of all” and of course, individual rights and due process have no real seat at that table, despite how much it’s talked about. We are talking the colonial corporate “developed” model which rather than respecting indigenous people, trademarks their products for markup, and strips the land FIRST, then talks about environmentally friendly policies, SECOND. Who was there first?

Posted at

http://www.barefootsworld.net/regional.html; it’s my understanding this is, I think, the writing of a disbarred for “mental incompetency” attorney, John E. Wolfgram (<=<=<= see link for description).

Sui Juris – The Official Blacklisting of a Patriot Philosopher Lawyer
by John E. Wolfgram, JD (*)
[Ed: With minor editing to Format and HTML text and correct links.]
How the Judiciary Stole the Right to Petition
Constitutional Democracy, The Unknown Ideal
Democratizing the Judiciary

At 17 years of age, John E. Wolfgram dropped out of high school to join the U. S. Marine Corps in 1961. In 1965 – 66, as a deep penetration Recon Marine in Viet Nam, he began asking questions about the war, and more importantly, about the morality of the system of government that got us into it. After a five year tour of duty, he returned to school. At first it was part time, but by 1971 he was deeply interested in the crossover of the philosophies of science and ethics. After exhausting the philosophy department at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, in 1973 he transferred to the higher powered Philosophy Department at Madison. There he determined that what America needed and did not have, was a scientific understanding of its own “philosophy of law”; not just as an academic mater, but how it really worked to allow the depth of systemic corruption that caused massive domestic injustice and international war.

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(I have taken to posting links verbatim so we can see their sources)…

The Abolishment of Local Government

. . .[[See link to source]]


“New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the jurisdiction of two or more States.; or parts of States without the consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as the Congress.”

President Nixon, on March 27, 1969, through the Government Reorganization Act divided the United States into 10 Regions. To further implement this Regional Governance over the U.S.A., President Nixon signed Executive Order 11647 and entered it in the Federal Register February 12, 1972. (Vol .37, No.30) Through the authority vested in him as President of the United States, President Nixon established a Federal Regional Council for each of the 10 standard regions. It stated that, the President shall designate one member of each Council as Chairman of the Council and such Chairman shall serve at the pleasure of the President. The fact that State borders have been destroyed to create 10 REGIONS instead of 50 Union States is something your government doesn’t want you to know.


I looked up “Government Reorganization Act” and found the “Reorganization Act of 1939” which essentially created the Executive Office of the President. (Wikipedia).



Reorganization Act of 1939

The Reorganization Act of 1939 [Wikipedia],Pub.L. 76–19, 53 Stat. 561, enacted April 3, 1939, codified at 5 U.S.C. § 133,

is an American Act of Congress which gave the President of the United States the authority to hire additional confidential staff and reorganize the executive branch (within certain limits) for two years subject to legislative veto.[1]

It was the first major, planned reorganization of the executive branch of the government of the United States since 1787.[2]

The Act led to Reorganization Plan No. 1,[3] which created the Executive Office of the President.[2]. . . (toward bottom of the post):

The organization Act of 1939 led to the creation of the Executive Office of the President, and this proved to be the Act’s longest-lasting and most important achievement.

On April 25, 1939, President Roosevelt submitted Reorganization Plan No. 1, which created the Executive Office of the President (EOP).[3] Executive Order 8248, promulgated on September 8, 1939, further defined the purpose, role, and duties of the EOP. Executive Order 8248 has been called “one of the most striking executive orders in American history”.[42] The EOP dramatically extended presidential control over the executive branch.[10][34] Reorganization Plan No. 1 made, for the first time in American history, a distinction between the institutional and personal staff of the President. The institutional staff were relegated to the EOP, while the personal staff were employed in the White House Office.[43]

And Here’s Roosevelt’s April 25, 1939 Address to Congress regarding the same:

To the Congress:

Pursuant to the provisions of the Reorganization Act of 1939 (Public No. 19, 76th Congress, 1st Session), approved April 3,1939, I herewith transmit Reorganization Plan No. I, which, after investigation, I have prepared in accordance with the provisions of Section 4 of the Act; and I declare that with respect to each transfer, consolidation, or abolition made in Reorganization Plan No. I, I have found that such transfer, consolidation, or abolition is necessary to accomplish one or more of the purposes of Section 1(a) of the Act.

In these days of ruthless attempts to destroy democratic governments, it is baldly asserted that democracies must always be weak in order to be democratic at all; and that, therefore, it will be easy to crush all free states out of existence.***

Confident in our Republic’s 150 years of successful resistance to all subversive attempts upon it, whether from without or within, nevertheless we must be constantly alert to the importance of keeping the tools of American democracy up to date. It is our responsibility to make sure that the peoples’ Government is in condition to carry out the peoples’ will, promptly, effectively, without waste or lost motion.

Interesting how he switches from the words “our Republic” to “democracies.” Which is it? Notice also that the excuse for dramatically increased Presidential Power was that, without this, we would be WEAK.

Notice the reference to strength against foreign outsiders, and subversions from “without or within.”

The same talk of effiency and streamlining is used today in pushing forward (without running it by the people) system changes in the family courts as well…


Notice that it puts “government” in the singular — however that’s incorrect. Governments are many in this country and are functioning as corporations (business entities) in many respects. see my http://economicbrain.wordpress.com blog which highlights the Walter Burien {search the name, and read] material, with some extra flavor — and you can pull up some CAFRs and read them to confirm — governments are PLURAL in this land, thousands of them.

Continuing from “Federal Regionalism // Barefoot’s world.” (bold in next 2 paragraphs is mine, except the red. See link.).

There is no constitutional jurisdiction for the federal government to legislate for a municipal government in a Union State. The usurpation of state jurisdiction can only be achieved by conspiracy and fraud on the part of our duly elected public servants. It stands to reason that if there is no constitutional jurisdiction for the federal government to legislate for a municipal government in a Union state, there is also no jurisdiction for a federal bureaucracy to legislate for a municipal government in a Union state. As example: the EPA, the DEA, the IRS and the FBI, etc., have no Constitutional authority to legislate in a Union State. These are agencies of the Federal government, having jurisdiction only on federal territory. This is something your government doesn’t want you to know.

Demeaning the authority of elected officials and replacement of these officials by appointed Federal “administrators” is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to representative government posed by Federal Regional Government.

Outlawed by the Supreme Court decision of January 13, 1982 (Case #80-1350, “Community Communications Co, Inc v City of Boulder, CO) the ten regional capitols were dismantled by President Reagan’s Executive Order #12407 on February 22, 1983.

Here it is, Executive Order #12407, Feb. 22, 1983:

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and statutes of the United States of America, and in order to eliminate a mechanism for interagency and intergovernmental coordination which is no longer needed, it is hereby ordered that Executive Order No. 12314, establishing the Federal Regional Councils, is revoked.
. . . .

The White House,
February 22, 1983.
[Filed with the Office of the Federal Register, 10:33 a.m., February 23, 1983]

[Executive Order 12314 was ALSO a Reagan order. This topic should be followed up on. They affect all our lives through today. 12314 was a restructuring of the 10 regional councils, and mentions establishing liaisons with state and local governments; it mentions “federal aid” and in general establishes a Federal/Local government connection, NOT through the people, but directly through “liasons.”]]

[as of August 2013, I’m inserting the 1981 EXECUTIVE ORDER 12314 here as a table. At first reading of 12407, it looks like while the COUNCILS may have been “abolished,” their basic concept and structure remains. This is why when you walk into a local courtroom, you jsut DO NOT KNOW unless you have looked and seen, researhced and found — what federal grants to the states are attempting to produce a certain outcome (PREDETERMINED!!!) in any individual case, and collectively, in multiple cases. It is justified through federal block grants to the states.

In this Executive Order 12314, you can see President Reagan was paving the way (as did prior Presidents) for “block grants to the states” which did come to pass in the next decade, the 1990s.

These were systematic and planned events in our country’s history. Most of us were NOT in on the planning process, whether or not we voted, or even were active locally! Particularly as there’s always going to be an automatic “edge” of legal, political (government, including military) and corporate upper edge on any technology. The same groups are also sponsoring studies and technology development at prime institutions (universities) across the United States. In exchange for salary (pensions) and prestige, and the ability to work on their best talents in exchange for what is really a very fine lifestyle (including with international travel and teaching experiences) — these individuals help the same complex advance the technology of controlling the globe, and monitoring how well that planned economy is doing, stage by stage. That’s the “deal” made.

1981 [Executive Order 12314: Reagan

Executive Order 12314
by President of the United States
Federal Regional Councils
Signed by President  Ronald Reagan  Wednesday, July 22, 1981 Federal Register  page & date: 46 FR 38329, Monday, July 27, 1981

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and statutes of the United States of America, and in order to establish interagency coordinating groups structured to respond to opportunities for promoting Federal policies and to support interagency and intergovernmental cooperation, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Establishment of Federal Regional Councils.

(a) There is hereby restructured** a Federal Regional Council for each of the ten standard Federal regions (Office of Management and Budget Circular No. A-105).

[[First came the Regions, then the Councils…]]

Each Council shall be composed of a principal policy official in the region at the Administrator, Director,

Secretarial Representative, or equivalent level, from each of the following agencies:

(1) The Department of the Interior.
(2) The Department of Agriculture.
(3) The Department of Labor.
(4) The Department of Health and Human Services.
(5) The Department of Housing and Urban Development.
(6) The Department of Transportation.
(7) The Department of Energy.
(8) The Department of Education.
(9) The Environmental Protection Agency.[*who first structured them/ Nixon, in 11647?]

(b) The President shall designate a Chairman for each Council. Representatives of the Office of Management and Budget may participate in the deliberations of the Councils.

(c) Each member of each Council shall designate an alternate to serve whenever the regular member is unable to attend any meeting of the Council. The alternate shall be a principal official in the region at the Deputy or equivalent level, or the head of an operating unit of the agency.

(d) Whenever matters are to be considered by a Council which significantly affect the interests of agencies not represented on that Council, the Regional Director or other appropriate representative of the affected agency shall participate in the deliberations of the Council.

Sec. 2. Federal Regional Council Functions.

(a) Each Council shall, upon request {{whose request??}}, establish liaison with State, tribal, regional, and local offices, and shall inform elected officials, including State legislators, concerning Government policies and initiatives, through such mechanisms as are appropriate in individual cases.

(b) Each Council shall respond to State, tribal, regional, and local concerns or inquiries about major agency policy and budgeting decisions, in order to ensure that the total effect of those actions and related actions of other agencies are explained and understood.

(c) Each Council shall assist in explaining the following federalism initiatives:

(1) Reform of the Federal aid system through block grants.
(2) Devolution of Federal programs and functions.
(3) Reduction in the number and impact of Federal regulations and administrative requirements.
(d) Each Council shall coordinate the Federal response to social and economic impacts resulting from Federal actions.
(e) Each Council shall identify significant problems with Federal regulations, policies and actions for resolution in the field or refer such problems to the appropriate agency for resolution in a timely fashion, to ensure that problems which are of interest to State and local governments are acted upon expeditiously.

Sec. 3. Oversight.

(a) The Office of Management and Budget will provide policy guidance to the Councils in consultation with the White House Office of Policy Development; establish policy with respect to Federal Regional Council procedural matters; respond to Council initiatives; seek to resolve policy issues referred to it by the Councils; coordinate Federal Regional Council activities relating to State and local governments with the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs; and, coordinate Council activities relating to specific programmatic areas with the appropriate Federal agencies.
(b) The Office of Management and Budget shall provide direction for, and oversight of, the implementation by the Councils of Federal management improvement actions and of Federal aid reforms.

Sec. 4. General Provisions.

(a) Each agency represented on a Council shall provide, to the extent permitted by law, appropriate staff for common or joint interagency activities as requested by the Chairman of the Council.
(b) Executive Order No. 12149 is revoked.**

The White House,
July 22, 1981.
[Filed with the Office of the Federal Register, 2:17 p. m., July 23, 1981]
Note: The text of the Executive order was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on July 23.

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work of the United States federal government (see 17 U.S.C. 105).
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Executive Order 12149 (archives.gov/federal-register/executive-orders 1979, Jimmy Carter):

Executive Order 12149
Federal Regional Councils

Signed: July 20, 1979
Federal Register page and date: 44 FR 43247; July 24, 1979
Revokes: EO 11647, February 10, 1972 [[Nixon’s, see post title]]
Revoked by: EO 12314, July 22, 1981 [[Reagan’s, above]]

it starts out:

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and statutes of the United States of America, and in order to provide a structure for interagency and intergovernmental cooperation, it is hereby ordered as follows:

1-1. Establishment of Federal Regional Councils.

1-101. There is hereby continued a Federal Regional Council for each of the ten standard Federal regions (Office of Management and Budget Circular No. A-105).

[[Obviously the OMB becomes important in this whole system. OMB Circulars in general (notice there is no 105 — it got rescinded). Notice of PROPOSAL to rescind OMB Circular A-105 [same one?] here, describes it as:

Notice is hereby given that OMB intends to rescind Circular No. A-105, “Standard Federal Regions.” The current circular establishes ten standard Federal regions, uniform regional boundaries and common regional office headquarter locations for all Federal domestic agencies. The circular also provides guidelines for establishing or realigning field structures, regional offices, and subregional offices. Circular A-105 is being proposed for rescission because changes in the way the Federal Government manages resources; agency efforts to reduce duplicative levels of management and oversight; and {{because}} expanded use of technology to interact with the public makes a strict regional structure inefficient and unnecessary. [Agency Name OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET // Page Number Range 15171-15172 // Federal Register Citation 60 FR 15171 //FR Doc Number 95-6758]]

Notice there is no statement withdrawing the intent to “manage” the country administratively, just that now it’s easier to do so with ‘expanded technology’ (like, the Internet).

Again, Continuing from “Federal Regionalism // Barefoot’s world.”

However, grant making agencies of the ten Federal Regions remain in place assuring continuity of control over all Americans and their elected representatives by the central government.

Federal grants to state government are the fuel which make the Regional engines “go.” The individual Union States are blackmailed, through the withholding of federal funds, if federal legislation is not enacted into State law, thereby opening the door to a power base for the silent revolution of Federal Regionalism.

All this will display much better on the original link and SHOULD BE READ to understand that where we are in this century, 2000fff — is an outgrowth of planned transfer of power, authority — AND finances — to centralized federal control. While people recognized along the way the illegality of this (i.e., it violated the U.S. Constitution), the economic force continues. People can be broken by controlling their vital resources or ability to, say, Eat. Of have Shelter. Or defend themselves. Or do commerce with each other.

[[Those who protest properly can and will be disbarred and/or jailed.]] As Walter Burien has also separately pointed out and I do agree — it is the nonprofit system (multi-state nonprofits regulating what are supposed to be state matters) which bypasses anti-monopoly laws, not to mention the privatization of government is a HUGE deal. Most of this goes straight back to WarTime (WWI, WWII). I also have to note how many policies and Executive Orders happened under Nixon. Meaning, that most middle-aged people in USA today, if they were raised here, were growing up in that climate while these situations were rapidly changing.]]

Read it from “Barefoot’s world” where it’s posted. It has a chronological timeline and fascinating detail a supporting a clear understanding. It’s good writing!

Time is of the essence if we are not going to go for yet more massive slavery and genocide after complete control of resources has been obtained. A portion of people will be preserved for the service sector. This has been done before on other continents (see Germany, England, and the Netherlands; in short, the Europeans and their inbred monarches, at work in Africa. It begain with a corporate charter to do commerce with “the natives.” How do we think the United States Colonies began? Has that much really changed?

Here’s just a segment showing how FAST things can move, once they get in motion:

15 August, 1971 EXECUTIVE ORDER 311615, “Providing for Stabilization of Prices, Rents, Wages, and Salaries,” The Federal Register

E.O. 11615 designated the Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System as the director of a Cost of Living Council, with authority to request the Department of Justice to bring actions for injunctions “whenever it appears to the Council that any person has engaged, is engaged, or is about to engage in any acts or practices constituting a violation of any regulation or order issued pursuant to this Order.” (See EO 11490).

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board thus became czar over prices, rents, wages, and salaries, in addition to his control over money, interest rates, and the stock market, granted under the provisions of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

15 August, 1971
PROCLAMATION #4074, “Imposition of Supplemental Duty for Balance of Payments Purposes,” The President.

The principal objective of Proclamation 4074 was to “declare a national emergency” and so establish stand-by authority to implement any or all of the of the provisions of Executive Order #11490 at such time as the American people had been conditioned to accept dictatorship. The people are now being brainwashed to accept, in fact demand, full government control over their lives and property.

12 February, 1972
EXECUTIVE ORDER #11647, “Federal Regional Councils”, The Federal Register

E.O.#11647 established a Federal Regional Council for each of the ten standard Federal Regions” which Nixon effected by proclamation on March 27, 1969. The Office of Management and Budget was designed to be the control agency.

By this order the ten provincial capitols were staffed by the directors of grant-making agencies: Department of Labor, Health, Education and Welfare {{HEW*}}, and Housing and Urban Development, the Secretarial Representatives of the Department of Transportation, and the directors of the regional offices of the Office of Economic Opportunity, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.

The President of the United States subsequently appointed a commissar for each Federal Region.

From HEW to HHS

WHat was HEW I understand now is HHS. See marriage/fatherhood/abstinence/adoption opportunities/child support enforcement/foster care, etc.

Too many middle-class or religious couples (or singles) literally believe that “low-income” (a term relating to the tax code, i.e. “income” tax) parents don’t deserve to maintain relationships with their own kids, and most people have been so indoctrinated into this work/school/home system, they cannot conceive of single mothers making it economically — because EVERYONE must work “JOBS.” The deal with the “JOBS” situation is, social status indicates that higher on the “JOBS” ladder means ethically a better person (it isn’t true, but that’s assumed) and on welfare means a lazy shiftless person, or someone to be patronized and coached (before stealing their kids, either through the system, or simply through snatching — with no system recourse (or even motivation to get them back).

I bring this up because the “Adoption Opportunities” and entire “Foster Care” system functions with the assistance of the Regionalization and Federal Grants.

The Feds can’t “grant” anything they haven’t previously obtained by taking away — i.e., by income taxes, etc.). That is what the business is, and that appears to be the game plan.

We need to change the conversation — and the game plan — fast. It’s time to realize that some do, and some do not, have economic “lifeboats.” Cf. Noah and the legend of The Flood. He was acting and talking crazy, building an ark. Then the floods came, and others wanted on board. But only he and his family (and those animals) escaped, enough to restart creation virtually from scratch.

Do we really think no one in government has thought in those terms, about Brave New Worlds and NWO?

So, watch that regionalism, OK?

I can’t do this alone.

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

May 29, 2013 at 11:18 am

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  1. RE:

    15 August, 1971
    PROCLAMATION #4074, “Imposition of Supplemental Duty for Balance of Payments Purposes,” The President.

    The principal objective of Proclamation 4074 was to “declare a national emergency” and so establish stand-by authority to implement any or all of the of the provisions of Executive Order #11490 at such time as the American people had been conditioned to accept dictatorship. The people are now being brainwashed to accept, in fact demand, full government control over their lives and property.


    Let's Get Honest

    May 29, 2013 at 12:02 pm

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