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2011 Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood Grantees: Why we need to Speed-Date ALL the Recipients, ASAP [Published Oct. 16, 2011; “Tweaked” a bit for format Jan. 7, 2019]

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2011 Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood Grantees: Why we need to Speed-Date ALL the Recipients, ASAP [Published Oct. 16, 2011; “Tweaked” a bit for format Jan. 7, 2019] (Case-sensitive (must be ALL CAPS as shown) Shortlink for this Page ends “-SW” Only 2 characters in the shortlink typical of my earliest posts and pages; now there are 3, letters and/or numbers.

All I did is change the background color, add borders (and the short-link to the title, above) and clean up one Table so the right-hand column would actually display without overlapping the right sidebar (Right-hand column had the Award $$).  Also made the font smaller.  I took out a few broken links to images, but otherwise didn’t revise content.

I believe this was first published Oct. 16, 2011, shortly after the close of a federal fiscal year (?) or at least after announcement of the most recent grants reported on an HHS page…I still remember doing those lookups //LGH 7Jan.2019)  

THE PAGE IS NOW 11,500 WORDS (WHICH INCLUDES ALL WORDS IN SEVERAL TABLES SHOWN BELOW.  RECOMMENDED READING TACTIC — USE THE SCROLLBAR or PAGE DOWN (or swipe) function for an overview.  Among other things, this shows some drill-down on Unification Church member involvement in running healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood programs (that connection to the whole program is deeper than appears on the surface and goes back to the mid-1980s in purpose), some on CPR, AFCC, and in Colorado, “Center for Relationship Training,” i.e., “WAIT Training,” i.e., abstinence education.  It shows chameleon-corporation behaviors.






News and Media Releases:



10/05/11 – ACF awards $28 million to improve well-being for children in child welfare

10/04/11 – ACF announces $2 million in grant awards for Tribal TANF – Child Welfare Coordination

10/03/11 – ACF announces over $119 million in Grant Awards for Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood

How “appropriate” to issue this press release at the beginning of “Domestic Violence Awareness Month.”  I realize Fiscal Year Ends are involved, but it does remind me of another time President Obama did a major preparatory announcement for “Father’s Day”  — right around Mother’s Day Weekend (I think it was 2008).

COMPARE with the Link attached to this page, which is a horizontal TAGGS grantee list printout.  This printout shows more fields from the grantees I posted recently.


(Fatherhood Grantees — section 2 — at bottom of this page)

Legal Name Organization City
Award Amount
Auburn University Auburn
Healthy You, Inc. Dothan
John Brown University Siloam Springs
Arizona Youth Partnerships Tucson
Creciendo Unidos Phoenix
Cambodian Association of America Long Beach
The Dibble Institute for Marriage Education Kensington
Sacramento Healthy Marriage Project Sacramento
Office of Samoan Affairs of California Los Angeles
Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program El Centro
Healthy Relationships California Leucadia
The Center for Relationship Education Denver
Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Sarasota-Manatee Sarasota
University of Central Florida Orlando
Recapturing the Vision Miami
Project S.O.S., Inc. Jacksonville
Bethany Christian Services of Georgia, Inc. Atlanta
More Than Conquerors, Inc. Lithonia
Future Foundation, Inc. East Point
Keiki O Ka Ana Preschool, Inc. Honolulu
SGA Youth & Family Services Chicago
Meier Clinics Foundation Wheaton
Community Marriage Builders Evansville
Fathers and Families Resource/Research Center, Inc. Indianapolis
Catholic Charities, Inc. Witchita
Kentucky River Foothills Development Council Richmond
Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency Shelbyville
Starkville School District Starkville
Family Resource Center of Raleigh, Inc. Raleigh
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton Trenton
Regents of New Mexico State University Las Cruces
Shalom Taskforce New York
University Behavioral Associates Bronx
Phoenix Houses of New York, Inc. New York
Marriage Resource Center of Miami Valley Springfield
Toledo Area Ministries Toledo
Elizabeth’s New Life Center Dayton
Beech Acres Parenting Center Cincinnati
Operation Keepsake, Inc. Twinsburg
Oklahoma Department of Human Services Oklahoma City
Youth & Family Services El Reno
Public Strategies, Inc. Oklahoma City
Northwest Family Services Portland
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization Portland
Family Guidance, Inc. Sweickley
Community Prevention Partnership of Berks County Reading
Children’s Aid Society of Clearfield County Clearfield
First Things First Chattanooga
The University of Tennessee Knoxville
Alliance for N. Texas Healthy and Effective Marriages (ANTHEM) Dallas
Texas State University San Marcos
Family Servcie Center of Houston and Harris County Houston
El Paso Center for Children, Inc. El Paso
Avance – Houston, Inc. Houston
The Parenting Center Ft. Worth
Utah State University Logan
Granato Counseling Services, Inc. Vienna
ICF Incorporated, LLC (NRCSPHM) Fairfax
Center for Self-Sufficiency Shorewood
Mission West Virginia Hurricane
High Country Consulting, LLC dba Faith Initiatives of Wyoming Cheyenne
Total Award Amount

“Tweak 2019, I just bolded the ones over $1M award.  The one in Portland OR later bailed out..”


The more I look, the more disturbing the profiles show up.

Today (10/16/2011) I found that a group called “California Institute of Health & Social Services” (CIHSS) is actually a Los Angeles Affiliate of the Arizona nonprofit, ‘Fathers & Families Coalition of America, Inc.”  They appear to be getting from $4 to $8 million of government contracts, with major social service entities in 3 California Counties, and yet there is no visible  tax return since 2007.  They’ve been delinquent since 2009, and are the FIRST organization listed at a major conference 2011 conference where I believe it said 65% of the attendees were from government, and where the conferencing organizations’ Chairman of the Board of Directors is a Child Support Judge.

$8 million is a lot of money (circulating through government services) not to report about, which makes me wonder who benefits from failure to report.

It is my hope to provide enough evidence that ALL of the Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood grants must be eliminated, and that the Board of Directors of these Corporations go find honest work, possibly with their hands.  As so many of them are faith-based, right-wing, abstinence-promoting Christian outfits, let me quote for those, Ephesians 5:28

Let him that stole, steal no more,

But rather let him labor, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.

The “with his hands” i’m sure is in there because there’s a satisfaction in honest work, which forming corporations to help market web-based information (healthy marriage curricula) is NOT. A thief has, essentially, sticky fingers.  The thing which is good includes food, clothing, basics — not marriage education classes!

The book of James all but curses the rich that are cheating their workers, and tells them to “howl” for the judgment that shall come upon them, and says that “the Lord of sabaoth” [God] hears “Behold, the hire  of the laborers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth and the cries of them that have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.

California, Colorado, and now, a Florida Group:

I have been researching grants and this system now for almost 2 years now, after getting “up to speed” on the basic patterns and organizations involved in the family courts.  I try to gather more research tools, terms, and and understanding of “how it works” consistently.  Recently I looked up two main organizations:  California Healthy Marriage Coalition (although I blogged it, and its preposterous claims at least back in 2010) and off-shoots (Basically, San Diego & Sacramento area), as well as more corporate look-ups of “WAIT Training” which now calls itself in public “The Center for Relationship Education.” Related to both of these (as to personnel) is an association (membership) nonprofit in Florida called NARME (National Association of Relationship & Marriage Education) and with a membership primarily of Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood Grantees.  NARME was founded in Florida by Dennis Stoica after California Healthy Marriages (founded in? 2006 as I recall, again, in order to get the grants) was suspended.

The purpose of association is to get more of the grants.  The NARME (inc. 2010) group rejoices, on its website, that President Obama signed  the 2010 public law H.R. 4783 freeing up more TANF funds to people such as themselves.  The title of this law wouldn’t tell the casual observer it is dealing with welfare funding to fatherhood grantees:  It’s called the “Claims Resolution Act of 2010.”  However, scrolling down (or searching the word TANF), it’s clear why NARME and friends are exultant at its passage.  TITLE VIII, Subtitle B of this act, passed November 2010, reads like this:

Subtitle B: TANF –(Sec. 811) Amends part A (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families [TANF]) of title IV of the Social Security Act to continue grants to states for temporary assistance for needy families programs through September 30, 2011.

Requires preference for healthy marriage promotion and responsible fatherhood grants to be given to entities that have previously: (1) been awarded funds; and (2) demonstrated the ability to carry out specified programs successfully.

There’s not much of a definition to the word “successfully” in place here; the groups don’t maintain their corporate identities, or register as charities, many of them.  Apparently the general idea is “reports warm bodies took our classes.”

Directs an entity seeking funding for both healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood promotion to submit a combined application assuring that it will carry out such activities: (1) under separate programs; and (2) without combining funds awarded to carry out either such activities.

This ensures that no one is going to dilute pure fatherhood activities with healthy marriage activities that might be favorable to motherhood activities.  however, the “healthy marriage” ones already are basically father-centric.

Revises the definition of “healthy marriage promotion activities” to include marriage education and other specified programs for individuals in addition to nonmarried pregnant women and nonmarried expectant fathers.

OK, this really opens up the field to market curricula by (for-profit, already established) corporations with very religious viewpoints, such as my recent post on the grantees points out.

Appropriates (out of money not otherwise appropriated) for FY2011: (1) $75 million for healthy marriage promotion activities; and (2) $75 million for promotion of responsible fatherhood activities. (Current law authorized $150 million, combined, for both programs in specified fiscal years.)

Limits appropriated funds awarded to states, territories, Indian tribes and tribal organizations, and public and nonprofit community entities, including religious organizations, for activities promoting responsible fatherhood to $75 million (current law has a $50 million limit). Requires amounts awarded to fund demonstration projects testing the effectiveness of tribal governments in coordinating the provision to tribal families at risk of child abuse or neglect of child welfare services, and other tribal programs, to be taken in equal proportion from such separate appropriations for healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood activities.

Appropriates (out of money not otherwise appropriated) to the Contingency Fund for State Welfare Programs such sums as necessary for payment to the Fund in a total not to exceed: (1) for FY2011, such sums as are necessary for amounts obligated on or after October 1, 2010, and before enactment of the this Act; and (2) for FY2012, $612 million. (Current law reduces such appropriations by specified amounts.)

This is how the large Oklahoma Marriage Institute got started also — only it appropriated only $10 million.  We can look at this, as it was called a “National Model.”

About Us

The Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (OMI) has existed since 1999 and has become a national program model.  Read the “History” link to see whose idea it was (some economists, to start with!)

“Initial activities were funded with private foundation monies and discretionary state dollars. Howard Hendrick, Department of Human Services (DHS) Director, pointed out that using TANF monies to fund the initiative fit within the intent of the family formation goals of the 1996 federal welfare reform law. The DHS Board set aside $10 million of undedicated TANF funds for OMI activities.”

And in 2012, the amount set aside nationally now appears to have been $612 million in Claims Act of 2010, which was signed into law by Pres. Obama. As to OMI, (a decade ago), . . . . To do what?

Training Institute

The Oklahoma Marriage Initiative serves as a resource center to the community by providing various training opportunities. Team members regularly receive requests to provide training and technical assistance to groups, both locally and nationally. (read more to find out where they get this from).

Service Delivery System

The Oklahoma Marriage Initiative Service Delivery System provides marriage and relationship education to couples and individuals using social service institutions, education systems and volunteer organizations as modes for disseminating services. The OMI has trained more than 2,600 workshop leaders within these systems to offer services in all 77 counties. The goal of this system is to strengthen, stabilize and increase the quality of marital, premarital or co-parenting relationships.

The OMI offers services using two curricula: the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), which targets couples in a workshop setting; and Within My Reach, with targets singles.

I am glad people chose to do marital research.  One should be able to freely research ANYthing in this country, or if you can find customers, do it for pay.  But how dare any state, or the Federal Government, set up a standardized curriculum – apply it statewide by fast-tracking it to avoid the legislative process, stretch the definition of “TANF” some to justify it, and then boast about it as a benefit.  I’m not at all surprised that Oklahoma was picked as a demonstration state:  It is in the Bible belt and racially segregated, I’m sure feminists need not apply.

Both are research-based and skills-based. OMI workshop leaders are provided training free of charge, in exchange for an agreement to deliver community-based workshops that are also free of charge to participating couples or individuals.

This is not really “free of charge.”  It comes in large part from public funding, to which taxpayers contribute.  That this happens to have circulated itself down through an HHS department doesn’t change whose money it was to start with — taxpayers.  It comes out of their gross wages, minus income tax, etc.  The curriculum PREP is clearly a marketing website, and the two co-founders of PREP, Inc. (Stanley & Markman) are Univ. of Denver professors who already have jobs; I guess the extra royalties from national distribution of their product go where — are they raising families?   Why should TANF funds be redirected to help redirect money to their company?  Was there a PUBLIC demand for the product in anything approaching a free market?  No!  PREP, Inc. also got federal HHS funds to help it.

David Hansell, former Acting Assistant Secretary of HHS (or — check title) was alluding to this?, or an expansion of it?, in his address posted at a prominent Fathers & Families Coalition group conference, last March, 2011.   You should read it.  WHO is that group (nonprofit)?   Well, it “prides itself as servant leadership organization to promote best practices amongst diverse service providers and individuals.  The Annual National Fatherhood & Families Conference is our year kick-off to advance father involvement and promote effective services to strengthen families. ”  (FYI “servant-leader” is a Christian term).

The “Sponsor Organization” is Fathers’ Rights (i.e., the Law Offices of Jeffrey Leving, Ltd., from Chicago Area).  This group (affiliate map) has affiliates in Sacramento (State Capitol), Los Angeles (Family Law system stronghold) and STockton, CA, as well as nationwide.

This conference agenda boasts another nonprofit (first I caught this one) established in 1993 as a Los Angeles Affiliate of Fathers & Families.  Notice that the company name doesn’t mention “Fathers” but refers instead to “Health” & “Social Services.”  How could anyone protest that noble cause?

Entity Number: C1734827
Date Filed: 11/30/1993
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 8929 S SEPULVEDA BLVD STE 200
Entity City, State, Zip: LOS ANGELES CA 90045
Agent for Service of Process: WILLIAM T MARSHALL
Agent Address: 8929 S SEPULVEDA BLVD STE 201
Agent City, State, Zip: LOS ANGELES CA 90045

(two companies (so far) out of Suite 201, same address, including “Conrad Group Ltd.” and “Erbe & Associates” listed as a networking company in L.A.  at Suite 200, we also find “Children’s Way Foster Family”

The group, again, self-labeled as an affiliate of “Fathers & Families Coalition” which is a fathers’ rights group obviously, sees itself as an umbrella nonprofit to the following groups:  So let the graphic be a consumer alert to anyone dealing with any of those — you are dealing with a fathers’ rights motivated (and sponsored) group:   [[LARGE IMAGE — LINK EXPIRED — REMOVED HERE, 2019//LGH]]


Hmm.  The umbrella doesn’t note that it’s also involved in “CHILD SUPPORT DD” services, but the relationship to the healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood grantee system is clear (scroll down, HERE):  The target clientele are people with serious issues:  Foster Children, Developmental Disabilities and Substance abuse.  Rest assured that social services to these groups will have a father-centric flavor.

Parent and Family Enrichment Services
  • Case Referral and Assessment
  • Multidisciplianry Case Planning
  • Child Activities
  • Parenting Education Training
  • Transportation
  • Healthy Marriage Services
  • Project Fatherhood Services
  • Anger Management
  • HIV/AIDS Education

Naturally, let’s check the 501(c)3 status & registration with the State of California, as they are working with funds to the State of California and social services to citizens of the state of california, no doubt:

Organization Name Registration Number Record Type Registration Status City State Registration Type Record Type
CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES 092428 Charity Delinquent LOS ANGELES CA Charity Registration Charity

Notice:  the top link says the expired status was 9/29/2009.  Just a few days later, the certification that they could raise money through a raffle is on file, although this group looks like it’d been delinquent for about a year by then.

Why am I NOT too surprised to find a “Delinquent” status? since 2009 — yet this promo is dated after 2009; it is from the F&F 2011 Conference registration.

You have the links; they have continued operating on a delinquent status since 2009— which is typical for the grantees.  This group’s delinquency is especially objectionable:  Their revenues have ranged from $4 million to $8 million, and I’ll bet a WHOLE lot of this is federal grants and/or contracts.  Notice they did not send in the IRS (as required) with their RRF, I gather, so it was rejected; or something was rejected.  Why would they file with the IRS but not care to let the State of California know about their revenues?   If the form is already filed..

Fiscal Begin:
Fiscal End: 30-NOV-10
Total Assets: $59,522.00
Gross Annual Revenue: $6,541,271.00
RRF Received: 25-JUL-11
Returned Date:
990 Attached: N
Status: Rejected

Prior years are larger revenue, and most of it appears to be government contracts.

No IRS shows from  the year 2008 forward; the 2009 one was “incomplete” and the 2010 one “rejected” (in “Details”).  They filed their annual RRF for 2007 not until 2009, and the section which SHOULD make available to Californians, a hyperlink to ALL their IRS tax returns (990 forms) has none since 2007. Nor does the “foundation finder” site.  So, they are out of compliance with state law.

There is an Oct. 2007 letter (From the group to the Registry of Charitable Trusts) stating it’s attached a list of their contracts, as they requested (but the letter requesting it is not on file).  I’d like to see those contracts!

October 2, 2007

Mr. Tony Salazar Staff Services Analyst Registry of Charitable Trust

1300 J Street P.O. Box 903447 Sacramento, CA 94203-4470

RE: CT -092428 Request for Documentation

Dear Mr. Salazar:

Enclosed please find a copy of our Summary of Contracts in Effect for the California lnstitute of Health & Social Services, Inc. as requested.

(the letter from OAG requesting this is not showing on the website under “Misc. Documents.”)

F&F Coalition 2011 conference Program Brochure (also attached to this page), of which “CHISS” is a “supporter.”

It appears (from program brochure) that the Chairperson of the Board (F&F Coalition) is a “IV-D” (Child support) Judge (The Hon. Veronica Torrez); another is a IV-D judge from Harris County, TX, and a notation from Denver says that  the Department of Human Services “is the home of the Denver/Colorado affiliate of FFCA” (what I’m calling F&F).  In other words, the word “human” has a masculine flavor, I gather….

The program is quite overt about conferences with Congressional Representatives, and Joshua DuBois of Office of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives, and intent to make change to President Obama’s $500 Million TANF initiative.  Because I got “distracted” today and looked this up, I also see that Carolyn Curtis, Ph.D., who I’ve already profiled in re: Sacramentao Healthy Marriage Coalition (and its name changes) is listed on page 10 of this 43-page brochure as the F&F “Sacramento Affiliate.”   Dr. Curtis also takes credit for founding Healthy Marriage Project in California.

Therefore readers are forewarned (or, actually, informed belatedly) that when you are facing this “California Healthy Marriage Coalition” in any incarnation, you are actually dealing with a fatherhood & fathers’ rights promoter.   We have known this generally (from the rhetoric) for years, of course — but this is a definite connection (and conflict of interest in custody matters) on the record.

When it comes to seeing the repetititive failure to comply behavior, failure -to-file, etc. and apparent attempts to conceal this by name-changings, personnel switching, and state-hopping, I would assume that this type of behavior can thus be associated with the fatherhood and the healthy marriage movement in general.  While seeking to coach the world and run social service policy, including how to spend welfare funds for children — and of course while claiming their overriding concern is “the children” – – – when examined these groups (often) are simply lawless, know it, and when told this by their states, don’t care — but keep on soliciting more press, more authority, and of course more federal grants to do (presumably) more of the same.  Hypocrites!

Page 10 says that they were also active in H.R. 2979 to push to include faith-based groups (I blogged H.R. 2979, but as a mother, and having associated too long with DV  groups and protective mothers circles — was the person who alerted them about H.R.2979 — but only about a week before the hearing for appropriations!  At this time I did not even own a laptop, and it was hard work getting access to one.

Continuing with the “Claims Act of 2010” Public Law, changes affecting Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood funds.

(Sec. 812) Amends the data reporting requirements for such grants to require each eligible state to submit reports to the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW)*** regarding: (1) whether each work-eligible individual in a family receiving assistance engages in activities directed toward attaining self-sufficiency; and (2) expenditures made by the state using specified federal and state funds.

Directs such states to publish a summary, analysis, and narrative of certain information from the reports on an Internet website maintained by the responsible state agency. Requires the HEW Secretary to submit specified reports to Congress on the information submitted by such states. Directs the HEW Secretary to reduce the grant payable to a state that has not submitted a certain required report.

[*** the HEW no longer exists.  In 1979, it was split up into the Dept. of Education and Dept. of HHS…. Presumably in context, HHS is meant, i.e.., report to Kathryn Sebelius, formerly Governor of Kansas.  Kansas/Topeka has made news recently, in saying it can no longer afford to maintain its laws against domestic violence.  Surprise, surprise…. they can afford other expenses, obviously]

However, after recently looking up two organizations in particular:


I’m attaching a printout of the latest (2011) round of grantees — (Healthy Marriage Only), which approximately half of the 10/03/11 $119 million listed below.  Actually, my printout identifies what looks like the 2011 grant awards numbered series “90FM” from TAGGS.

The 3rd ($119 million) link below appears to match the ACF News Release below of 2011 Grantees, except that the News Release has picked up a few (not all) name-changes of grantees that TAGGS does not reflect.

News and Media Releases:



10/05/11 – ACF awards $28 million to improve well-being for children in child welfare

10/04/11 – ACF announces $2 million in grant awards for Tribal TANF – Child Welfare Coordination

10/03/11 – ACF announces over $119 million in Grant Awards for Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood

The Grant Awards described (in the usual glowing terms as):

Monday, October 3, 2011
Contact: Kenneth J. Wolfe
(202) 401-9215

ACF announces over $119 million in Grant Awards for Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood

HHS’ Administration for Children and Families, Office of Family Assistance (OFA) today announced $119,393,729 in grant awards to 120 grantees to promote healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood. Authorized by the Claims Resolution Act of 2010 (CRA), the grant awards will help fathers and families build strong relationships to support the well-being of their children.

Nice of our legislators to be so helpful-minded as they help continue devaluation of the dollar, and fail to address that these grants are not monitored properly, which HHS has already admitted and demonstrated in its Office of Audit Services.

I am sure that helping fathers and families (notice absentee noun “mothers”)  this was in the brain of the Founders of the U.S. when they wrote the constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Or was this grant (along with the family law system itself) a response to a certain Constitutional amendment allowing women to vote? passed just about 100 years ago?

“A strong and stable family is the greatest advantage any child can have,” said George Sheldon, HHS acting assistant secretary for children and families. “These grants support programs that promote responsible parenting, encourage healthy relationships and marriage, and help families move toward self-sufficiency and economic stability.”

Au Contraire.  These grants take money that would otherwise be used in direct Food Stamps, Cash Aid, or Child Support Distributions to children who need them, while still in their households, and encourage/invite anyone who has some basic “form a corporation — pick up the lingo — link to pre-existing resources” skills .  This setup those funds away from needy children/families and empowers practitioners, networks, religious groups (Thanks to a 2001 Executive Order by then-President George Bush), abstinence promoters, and other schemers in marketing their personal visions on the susceptible and unsuspecting public, at public expense.

Note that self-sufficiency and economic stability (the cause under which they were sold — see “Welfare reform” — is last, not first.   This is the literal establishment of a coaching industry without taking responsibility for results.

  • Some of them “take the money and run” (Grantees who can’t be seen after the original round).
  • Some have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and I’ve identified several in at least two states that cannot match their own names on the public face (website) with the corporate name at the secretary of state level.
  • Some simply ARE churches, but incorporated to get the grant, having been evangelized into this by people with something to sell, and thereafter mismanaged the money, not uncommon with churches and maybe a reason such groups shouldn’t be encouraged to go seek grants.
  • Some lost their corporate status, assuming one ever existed (I’ve identifed several that “never registered” as a charity in the home state, meaning, you can’t search them by EIN# because no EIN# is attached to the corporation) without apparent remorse, and simply dodge over to another state, incorporate again, with a lot of publicity, and apparently hope people like me won’t notice.  But I do, Mr. Stoica & Ms. MacKenzie, Ms. Howell, (that’s CA & COLORADO FYI) etc.   Adding to the layer of non-transparency are rapid registration of trademark names for one corporation.  Even HHS can’t keep up with it.
  • While I’m not an expert in what is, and what is not, a “front group” many seem to fit this category.

And they are also the demonstration of why Thomas Jefferson et al. were so wary of legitimizing a state religion, one brand over another.  Instead, we have a staff member of :

California Healthy Marriages Coalition (“Our Team” page)

(trade name now adopted by Healthy Relationships California, Ms. Howell)

Who is (not “appears to be”) an organizer for the Unification Church, a world-wide money-laundering cult which wishes to establish itself as the religious counterpart of the UN, and whose leader (Rev. Sun Myung Moon) claims to have communicated with dead U.S. Presidents.  I doubt it, however it’s VERY clear from the background that he has communicated quite a bit with an ex-U.S. President, George Bush.   In fact, my 2010 assertions, and strong understanding that this entire Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood movement itself is in fact primarily a push from this cult.  I can show definite links to the Children’s Rights Council (CRCkids.org), another critical family law nonprofit (works alongside AFCC) which celebrates “National Parents Day,” with (now, Secretary of State) Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Despite all my text you are wading through, the goods will continue to be delivered — the Unification Church has a LOT to do with these grants, and with George Bush’s Executive Order of 2001, opening the floodgates to faith-based groups getting grants, and potentially laundering them, a chip off the “True Parents'” (i.e. Rev. & Dr. Sun Myung Moon) block.  Fasten your seatbelt.  This Executive Order needs to be retracted, but good luck doing that, as our current President has only expanded and promoted more of the same.

Bento Leal
Implementation Specialist

Bento has worked in the field of marriage- and family-strengthening for the past 20 years. Before joining CHMC staff, he worked with Federal grants in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area to provide life skills mentoring to ex-offenders and to help build family-strengthening capacity of small or emerging faith-based and community organizations.  Bento is a trainer in several Marriage Education curricula, including Mastering the Mysteries of Love (MML).  Bento’s primary assignments with CHMC are to teach MML leadership workshops and provide technical assistance to newly-trained MML facilitators so they are successful in organizing and conducting MML classes.  Bento and his wife, Kimiko, have been married for 25 years.

I hope he can really keep work and religious life separate, but this passage (note:  years before formation of the CHMC, so if they did a background check they would be aware.  Maybe it’s irrelevant, but for $2.4 million/year, I don’t think so.  LinkedIn Profile shows 1 connection (only) and 1 job — CHMC — since a 1972 degree from the Cal State University system.  Perhaps this is why.  This dates to only 2001, same state, SF Bay Area, and is VERY revealing on who is behind some of this push for marriage/fatherhood evangelizing:

The passage I cited yesterday, including True Mother passing out gold watches, and Redeemed Convicts for Christ singing for the occasion.  Was part of the use of the Federal Funds mentioned above, winning more for the Moon church?

True Mother’s 8 City North American Speaking Tour – San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area Report

Michael Jenkins  (mr. Leal’s Family Pages, here:)
November 30, 2001

The San Francisco / Oakland region was on fire with preparation for True Mother through the visit of Archbishop George Augustus Stallings.Bishop Stallings has been preaching across America about the blessing and the time we are in. He met former Governor Jerry Brown and Pastor J. Albert [Alfred?] Smith of the Allen Temple Baptist Church a most well known pastor in the Oakland area. It turns out the Bishop Smith had known Bishop Stallings before. He was so moved by the meeting with Rev. Thompson and Bishop Stallings that he decided to come that night to Mother’s speech.

Bishop Stallings is not someone to ignore, and I can see the validity of his issues, in breaking away from the Catholic Church because it was unresponsive to the needs of the African community/culture.  However, the primary theme of Catholicism has a whole lot to do with submission to authority; obviously something was going to give.

(in italics, from the same “tparents.org” site):

Stallings attracted considerable attention by appealing directly to the cultural and spiritual needs of his growing black membership. Blending age-old Catholic liturgy with African rites, a traditional black preaching style, and elements of African American history and music, Stallings captured headlines throughout the nation for his rebel brand of Catholicism. He hung a painting in St. Teresa’s depicting Christ as a black man, introduced gospel music at mass, and delivered fiery, spirited sermons resembling those of black Protestant church orators. It was said that in front of his congregation at Sunday mass, he would preach, swing, and sing with such holy verve that even the ushers would join in. Stallings remained the church’s pastor until 1988, when he was named director of the evangelism program for the district’s archdiocese. But he left an indelible mark on St. Teresa’s history by increasing its membership tenfold–from 200 to 2,000 parishioners

As Stallings expected, church authorities reacted rigidly to his new church. He even received an unequivocal suspension, forbidding him from celebrating mass and administering sacraments. The man who was once the pride of the Catholic church had become a thorn in its side. It has been suggested that many of the Catholic church’s black bishops understood and sympathized with Stallings’s actions but refused to condone them. As Jacqueline Wilson, director of the Washington, D.C. archdiocesan office for African American Catholics put it in Time, “No one can go off and start up his own church and call it Roman Catholic.” Although Stallings risked excommunication from the church for his actions, he remained unrepentant.

Nearly one year after the formation of his Imani Temple, Stallings was indeed excommunicated from the Roman Catholic church. He had appeared on the Phil Donahue Show, a nationally televised program, just a few days earlier on January 30, 1990. He boldly announced on the show: “As of today, the African American Catholic Congregation is going independent and is no longer under Rome … no longer under the Pope.” (The Pope is regarded by believers as the infallible head of the Roman Catholic church.) Stallings also announced that his unsanctioned African American organization would permit abortion, birth control, divorce, homosexual activity, women in the priesthood, and marriage among priests–all of which are forbidden under Roman Catholic church law.

ArchBishop Stallings, on “vimeo,” with Rev. Sun Myung Moon:  “Yes, he is a prophet, Yes he is a Messiah, Yes he is a God.”  Said immediately after quoting from Isaiah, he was wounded for our transgressions (prophecy of Jesus Christ.  2 minute clip).

Wikipedia continues:

In 1989 a former altar boy at St. Teresa of Avila Church accused Stallings of sexual misconduct over a period of several months in 1977.[3] The Washington Post reported in 1990 that concerns about Stallings’ association with teenage boys had helped lead to his split with the Roman Catholic Church. [4]    In 2009 the archdiocese reached a $125,000 settlement with Gamal Awad, who said he was sexually abused at 14 by Stallings and a seminarian.[5]

Relationship with Emmanuel Milingo and Sun Myung Moon

In the year 2001, Stallings married Sayomi Kamimoto, a native of Okinawa, Japan, in a ceremony presided over by Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church. They now have two sons. In 2004 he was a key organizer for an event in which Moon was crowned with a “crown of peace.” The event was attended by a number of members of the U.S. Congress.[6]

Stallings regained attention in 2006 due to his association with excommunicated Roman Catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo and his group Married Priests Now!. Milingo consecrated Stallings and three other independent Catholic bishops conditionally in a ceremony in September of that year.[7]

Back to the TParents account:

Mr. Bento Leal of the American Family Coalition did an excellent job in organizing the International Leadership Conference which hosted over 80 Ambassadors for Peace. Dr. Frank Kaufman gave the IIFWP presentation. Many of the 120 founding ACLC pastors were there. Also, fine academic and political leaders were there. One very important Moslem Imam spoke earlier who is the head of the oldest Mosque in America. He has completely memorized the Koran and he feels God’s spirit calling him to be with Father Moon. The AFC presentation and ACLC presentations were well received. This created a very advanced core group of VIP’s to attend True Mother’s speech.

The Banquet was well prepared. The Mayor of San Francisco, The Honorable Willie Brown gave a proclamation honoring the spirit of the event. Rev. Kevin Thompson , Vice Regional director opened the program with music from our Bay Area Choir and band. There music was very professional, if you didn’t know the brothers and sisters singing you would think that they are a professional group. The Invocation was given by Dr. Scott Griffin who is Chaplain of the California State Prisons for Women.

Then the Step Out Band was introduced. They are also known as the Redeemed Convicts for Christ. These men had turned their lives over to Jesus and you could feel it in their music. They performed very smooth, sweet and soft soul-filled gospel and a quartet in perfect harmony. Rev. Jenkins then gave the Rev. Kwaks’ message concerning Building a Nation of Cosmic Peace.

Bishop George Augustus Stallings was the Complete Testament Age Evangelist – He in a most inspired and moving presentation he testified to True Mother’s speech and the peace that she is bringing throughout America. He also gave a testimony about his own blessing and how Mother played a key role helping to find him the bride that God had prepared for him. We have certainly entered a new time in history. Bishop Stallings is preaching a combination Gospel/ Divine Principle message. He testified that the “I” and “We” that Mother speaks about is real. He said, “The “I” that I was one year ago than the “I” that you see standing before you tonight. This “I” has been transformed by the Holy Spirit coming through Mother Moon. And now this “I” has become a “We” with God, True Parents, my wife, Sayomi as one big we. Mother is transforming America with her message of peace and love.”

OK . . . But what concerns me more is the reputation of the Unification Church for money-laundering and tax-evasion.  There are in fact some very serious issues with the Moons in this entire family-promotion-schema.  From a RickRoss Site (investigates cults) on American Clergy Leadership Conference, above:

Some Black Clergy Fired over Moon Connection” from Washington Post, 7/25/2001

Some black clergy members who traveled with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon on his recent U.S. tour have been dismissed from their churches or threatened with dismissal unless they denounce him.

In separate incidents, as many as 35 black ministers, most of them at churches in the South, have been voted out of office by church boards that object to any affiliation with Moon “because he calls himself the Messiah,” said the Rev. Timothy Chambers, an Alabama evangelist who is pressing Moon’s Unification Church to help the dismissed pastors.

Chambers blamed the Unification Church for the dismissals, saying that Moon’s representatives promised the black preachers that they would establish an independent group called the American Clergy Leadership Conference so the preachers could control their appearances during Moon’s tour. Then, Chambers said, Moon’s representatives “just started taking things over and running things.”

. . . The firings reflect an increasingly close and recently uncomfortable relationship between Moon and prominent black clergy members. This relationship was most visible two years ago, when Moon teamed up with the Rev. Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam to host the Million Family March.

Once, Moon preached the superiority of the Asian race. Then in 1982 he went to jail for tax evasion and found common cause with civil rights leaders who contended that he, like they, had been persecuted because of his minority status.

Now he preaches an interracial message, often marrying female Korean church members with black men. He has donated millions of dollars to black churches and cultivated a network of preachers loyal to him. His latest American tour began in a Bronx church in April and ended 50 days later at the Canaan Baptist Church in Harlem, with Moon surrounded by black preachers testifying to his good works.

The relationship drew little notice recently until black congregations and clergy members started becoming suspicious of Moon’s influence.

At the Imani Temple, a black Catholic congregation in Northeast Washington, a group of members joined by Black Panthers began protesting outside on Sundays after the Rev. George A. Stallings married a Japanese woman who worked for Moon in one of Moon’s famous mass weddings in New York.

Who has been (probably still is) a proud member of the Unification Church, which is a money-laundering cult to which former President Bush — who opened the doors to faith-based initiatives not by popular vote, but by Executive Order in 2001 – – also appears to have had some connections.  The Unification Church also at one point helped out a well-known group called “Scientology,” and has definite interests in the American Ultra-Conservative Right-wing.  Rev. Moon has heard from former U.S. Presidents (Jefferson, Madison) that we are all to endorse him.  If not willingly, I suppose we might be forced through marriage classes run by various cult members and others who do not believe in the Bill of Rights.  (Another Rick Ross article from 2003)

I think we also need to read this article about under-reporting of clergy abuse in black churches “of all denominations,” particularly where in these “close-knit, family-oriented houses of worship.”  “While it’s very tough for anyone to speak up, if you are African American or Hispanic or Vietnamese, ministers are often held in minority cultures in even higher esteem,” Clohessy said.”

The Healthy Marriage program awarded a total of $59,997,077 in grants, which include 60Community-Centered Healthy Marriage grants and a National Resource Center for Strategies to Promote Healthy Marriage grant. The Responsible Fatherhood program awarded a total of $59,396,652 in grants, which include 55 Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood grants and fourCommunity-Centered Responsible Fatherhood Ex-Prisoner Reentry Pilot Project grants.

These grants, administered by OFA, must have procedures in place to address issues of domestic violence and child abuse and neglect, and they must ensure that program participation is voluntary. HHS encouraged applicants to develop programs that emphasized providing comprehensive services to participants, including attention to the importance of employment and economic stability.

The marriage and fatherhood grants were awarded through a competitive process and aim to test promising strategies for supporting healthy relationships and marriages and for helping fathers meet their parenting and financial obligations to their children. Organizations receiving healthy marriage grants may provide a range of services including marriage education, divorce reduction, and marriage and relationship skills programs that may include parenting skills, financial management, conflict resolution, and job and career advancement.  Fatherhood program funding must be used to promote responsible fatherhood through activities that promote or sustain marriage and responsible parenting, and that foster economic stability.

Today’s $119 million in grants are part of a $150-million fund established by Congress to promote healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood. The remaining funds are allocated for research, a responsible fatherhood clearinghouse and Tribal TANF – Child Welfare grants (as authorized by the legislation), training and technical assistance for all grantees and administrative costs.

HERE ARE the SECOND HALF — FATHERHOOD GRANTEES. Pls. note:  Both broups are basically fatherhood grantees, but at least these admit it.

Everyone of these has a corporation history (or, if a social services department, a contact).  Every single one of them should corespond to a TAGGS grant you can find, eventually, and discover what category of grant was involved, and the addressee adn type of the recipient, PLUS its DUN#.  WIth this DUNS# you can then go to USASPENDING.gov (or anywhere else, if you know of a better site) and look up contracts, beyond just grants, it’s gotten, or, whether departments besides HHS are dealing with the group.

If nonprofit, read the 990s and see who is on the board of directors.  Find out what state they are incorporated in and whether that registration is current.  Depending on the state, one will find also laws about how often charities need to register with each state — look at that.  Always look up the street address.  notice if you are finding judges or public employees on these entitites (which I happen to think is reprehensible, and may be a conflict of interest>  If it’s a judge, see if that judge has properly filed conflicts of interest statement including, if applicable, that corporation, below.  Notice which ones share addresses with churches (etc.)

I have found an entire year of grants reporting missing on a USA account, plus a corporation that got a $50K grant (in 2006) which I cannot find anywhere.  These behaviors are habitual among grantees, however loud they may proclaim their works on the websites.

For an example of what a continuous, uninterrupted series of filings a corporation should have, for example, in Colorda, see Center for Policy Research site in Denver.  (note:  I don’t like what the group is doing, but it IS filing right, apparently):

(I wish California’s Corporate search site were anything approaching this one’s:  it’s far, far better!)

We see Jessica S. Pearson incorporated this in 1981, and it is in good standing.

ID Number: 19871433938

Registered Agent: JESSICA S. PEARSON
Registered Agent Street Address: 1570 EMERSON, DENVER, CO 80218, United States
Registered Agent Mailing Address:

Principal Street Address: 1570 EMERSON, DENVER, CO 80218 , United States
Principal Mailing Address:

Status: Good Standing
Form: Nonprofit Corporation
Jurisdiction: Colorado
Formation Date: 04/27/1981
Term of Duration: Perpetual
Periodic Report Month: April


Formed the same year — in California as a Foreign Corporation, Jurisdiction, ILLINOIS, but Entity Address Colorado — this address.  And the registered agent just so happens to be (head of?) Family Court Services in Los Angeles, or in some position at the courthouse there.    Cute, huh?  They were doing business here, but their jurisdiction was IL, however, the person running or starting it was at 1720 Emerson.

AFCC & CPR work together, obviously…


Entity Number: C1091990
Date Filed: 10/01/1981
Jurisdiction: ILLINOIS
Entity Address: 1720 EMERSON ST
Entity City, State, Zip: DENVER CO 80218
Agent for Service of Process: MARGARET LITTLE
Agent Address: 111 N HILL ST
Agent City, State, Zip: LOS ANGELES CA 90012


1993 “CORP REPORT” shows board of directors, including a Jeffrey G. Pearson, attorney at law (1720 Emerson), Nancy Thoennes (still on there), someome from a Jewish Community Center, and other naems I do not recognize offhand.   1995 Corporate Report  1997 Biennial Report  (appar. in Colorado, corps. only need to report every other year); in 1999 the registered agent moved, and 1999 report includes Jessica Pearson, Nancy Thoennes, Paula Herzmark of Denver, Robert Schultzinger of Boulder, and Cyndi Kahn of Denver. (now, it’s all women, i believe)

CPR continues to keep filing, right up to 2011:  Of the 2 pages of filings, one can see consistency:

Found 40 matching record(s).  Viewing page 2 of 2.
# Event Date Filed Date Posted EffectiveDate Click here to sort in ascending order. Document #
(click to view)
21 Report 04/16/2002 04/16/2002 04/16/2002 12:00 AM 20021097503  CORP REPORT
22 Report Printed 03/13/2003 03/13/2003 03/13/2003 12:00 AM PR – 04/01/2003 – 06/30/2003
23 Report 07/21/2003 07/21/2003 07/21/2003 12:00 AM 20031233359  CORP REPORT
24 Report Printed 07/23/2003 07/23/2003 07/23/2003 12:00 AM PR – 07/31/2003 – SA 09/30/2003
25 Report Printed 03/16/2004 03/16/2004 03/16/2004 12:00 AM PR – 04/01/2004 – 06/30/2004
26 Report 04/13/2004 04/13/2004 04/13/2004 12:00 AM 20041136260  PERIODIC REPORT

I also see that in 1985, Jessica Pearson also registered “Center for Policy Research’ as a trade name, and that its registration is still current.

Contrast that registration history with, for example, some of WAIT Trainings (Joneen (Krauth) MacKenzie, same state:

(Searched WAIT training)

(The first two are bartending references….)

Found 10 matching record(s).  Viewing page 1 of 1.
# ID Number Document Number Name Click here to sort in ascending order. Event Status Form Formation Date
1 14481012029  14481012029 GRASSROOTS WAIT TRAINING Trade Name Effective Individual 04/01/1995
2 19951039820  19951039820 GRASSROOTS WAIT TRAINING Register a Trademark Expired TM/L0041 03/28/1995
3 19971014097  19971014097 TRAINING FOR WAITING Register a Trademark Expired TM/L0041 01/29/1997
4 19951021655  19951021655 WAIT TRAINING Register a Trademark Expired TM/L0041 02/21/1995
5 20031350604  20051224933 WAIT Training Articles of Amendment Name Changed DNC 11/06/2003
6 19941010466  19941010466 WAIT TRAINING, INC. Trade Name Effective DNC 01/27/1994
7 20011165974  20011165974 WAIT TRAINING INTERNATIONAL., LLC Articles of Incorporation Name Changed DLLC 08/23/2001
8 20011165974  20101034887 WAIT TRAINING INTERNATIONAL., LLC Articles of Reinstatement Good Standing DLLC 08/23/2001
9 20011165974  WAIT TRAINING INTERNATIONAL., LLC, Dissolved January 1, 2003 Batch Event Name Changed DLLC 08/23/2001

BY THE WAY — please read items #3ff which confirms that Joneen Krauth et al.  in 1994 — to absolutely confirm that, from the start (1991/1994) the intention of this group was abstinence education, from day 1.

Event Date Filed Date Posted EffectiveDate Click here to sort in ascending order. Document #
(click to view)
1 Register a Trademark 02/21/1995 02/21/1995 02/21/1995 12:00 AM 19951021655  WAIT TRAINING
2 trademark expiration letter printed
09/27/2004 to be mailed 10/01/2004
09/27/2004 09/27/2004 09/27/2004 03:15 PM trademark renewal due by: 02/21/2005
3 trademark expired, 03/01/2005 03/01/2005 03/01/2005 03/01/2005 12:46 AM WAIT TRAINING

Training for Waiting:  Name registered 1997-2006

Wait Training:  Name registered 1995-2003

WAIT TRAINING, INC. registered in 1994 to “MOUNTAIN AREA ALTERNATIVES CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTER, INC.” (a nonprofit, no address)

. . .= in Evergreen Colorado, Pres. Charls M. Madison, Sec. Ronald P. Lewis (Jefferson County, CO)

…then in 2001, we have “WAIT TRAINING INTERNATIONAL LLC of Englewood, CO (Joneen MacKenzie)

…IN 2003, she formed “Colorado Council for Abstinence Education” which lasted 1/2003 – 9/2004 (admin. dissolution, probalby for non-filing):

Found 1 matching record(s).  Viewing page 1 of 1.
# ID # Entity Name Entity Type Date Filed Entity Status
1 20031025451  COLORADO COUNCIL FOR ABSTINENCE & RELATIONSHIP EDUCATION, Dissolved September 23, 2004 Nonprofit Corporation 01/22/2003 ADISS

with a provision of distribution of assets on dissolution to “an educational agency or alternative pregnancy center”  In August 8/23/03, the word “Council” became “Coalition” after which:

Report Printed 04/22/2004 04/22/2004 04/22/2004 12:00 AM PR – 04/30/2004 – SA 06/30/2004
5 Change in Status 07/19/2004 07/19/2004 07/19/2004 10:51 PM Failure to file annual report
6 postcard notification printed
09/24/2004 to be mailed 10/01/2004
09/24/2004 09/24/2004 09/24/2004 02:12 PM failure to file annual report: 09/24/2004
7 Change in Name 10/28/2005 10/28/2005 10/28/2005 12:43 AM
Entity name and any active trade names changed due to failure to file annual report

Very active, corporately and trademark registration-wise:

Found 7 matching record(s).  Viewing page 1 of 1.
# Name Click here to sort in ascending order. Address Type Count
D-2, DENVER, CO 80237, US
Registered Agent 1
Registered Agent 1
Registered Agent 1
DENVER, CO 80237, US
Trade name Registrant 1
D-2, DENVER, CO 80237, US
Trade name Registrant 1
D-2, DENVER, CO 80237, US
Registered Agent 3
DENVER, CO 80237, US
Trade name Registrant 1

{in general, Relevant terms:  “CareNet” (stationery), Colorado Coalition for Abstinence Education, (CCAE) Friends First (possibly a dba of Ms. Krauth), and etc.  https://www.care-net.org/events/conference/speakers.php  Pregnancy Centers, alternative to abortion, featuring Focus on the Family President as Speaker.   “Jim Daly served at Focus on the Family for 16 years before being handpicked by founder James Dobson to be the group’s next president” (browse to see who CareNet is):

Under the first item only (record #1), we see:

Found 4 matching record(s).  Viewing page 1 of 1.
# ID # Entity Name Entity Type Date Filed Entity StatusClick here to sort in ascending order.
1 20091474442  Relationship Wellness Foundation Nonprofit Corporation 09/04/2009 DQ
2 20091474397  Relationship Wellness Institute Corporation 09/04/2009 DQ
3 20031350604  The Center for Relationship Education Nonprofit Corporation 11/06/2003 GOOD
4 20091473860  Center for Relationship Education, Dissolved December 15, 2009 Nonprofit Corporation 09/04/2009 VDISS

As we see, the only one of this to survive (currently is #3, ‘THe Center for Relationship Education.”

This is, in fact, the Healthy Marriage Grantee which has gotten millions$$ of $$ to date, and which is also registered as a member of the NARME (inc. 2010 in Florida) also, and pushes NARME registration on its website.  NARME registration is associated with Dennis Stoica (of California Healthy Marriage Coalition — back to square one, obviously) – and running webinars (not free) on how to get grants, as publicized by a man, Bill Coffin, who worked as Special Marriage Assistant at HHS/ACF for, the ref. said, 8 years (2002-2010).

The Center for Relationship Education is “WAIT Training” on the TAGGS list, and (itself) on the Healthy Marriage Grantee list at the top of this post (and on HHS/ACF site).  However, it BEGAN in 2003 as:

Event Date Filed Date Posted EffectiveDate Click here to sort in ascending order. Document #
(click to view)
1 Articles of Incorporation 11/06/2003 11/06/2003 11/06/2003 12:00 AM 20031350604  ABSTINENCE AND RELATIONSHIP TRAINING CENTER (THE)
2 postcard notification printed
10/22/2004 to be mailed 11/01/2004
10/22/2004 10/22/2004 10/22/2004 09:37 AM annual report due: 01/31/2005
3 Change in Status 02/11/2005 02/11/2005 02/11/2005 10:25 AM Failure to file annual report

The first corporate action it appears to have taken (2 years after filing )was to fail to report in 2005, probably right before getting another federal grant….

Articles of incorporation (2003) state that on dissolution its assets shall got to a “local youth-serving agency that mentors youth through abstinence education, such as Save Our Youth located in North Denver.”  OKay  . . . . (such stipulations seem to be on a lot of RN MacKenzie’s nonprofits that dissolve soon after). For the record, another incorporator is Shelly Donahue, 414 Elm Street, Eaton, CO.

An 03/01/05 amendment adds several board members, including a MacKenzie (no relation?) of Affiliated Financial Services (Joneen Krauth later becomes Joneen MacKenzie) and states purpose:

To advocate and advance the healthiest possible future for all citizens in our service area, by empowering them with the necessary knowledge, skills and support to choose abstinence from sexual activity other than in a mutually faithful monogamous relationship in the context of marriage. To equip, educate and influence the gatekeepers of institutions who are charged with implementing and overseeing programs and policies that affect the health and well being of the citizens of our service area, specifically in the arena of abstinence in preparation for marriage.

(This seems a little obsessive, don’t you think?)  An Executive Committee is set up

On 6/28/2005, the organization is renamed “WAIT TRAINING,” stating this name had been adopted on 5/21/2005.   On 10/26, the group was reminded to send in its annual report by 11/1, and by 11/29, they  apparently did.  On 2/1/2007 they had a “Change of Status” for:  failure to file report, what else?.  2/22/0, a post card was sent out saying, mail it in by 3/1, and as of 3/14, it appears they did.  Notice a pattern here, yet?

In case you don’t believe this is actually a pattern, here’s the rest of the filings on this multi-million federal grantee:

14 Change in Status 02/01/2008 02/01/2008 02/01/2008 01:41 AM Failure to file annual report
15 postcard notification printed
02/22/2008 to be mailed 03/01/2008
02/22/2008 02/22/2008 02/22/2008 02:11 AM annual report due: 2008-04-30
16 Report 03/05/2008 03/05/2008 03/05/2008 02:25 PM 20081127310  Change of Registered Agent
17 postcard notification printed
10/23/2008 to be mailed 11/01/2008
10/23/2008 10/23/2008 10/23/2008 01:45 PM annual report due: 01/31/2009
18 Change in Status 02/01/2009 02/01/2009 02/01/2009 01:38 AM Failure to file annual report
19 postcard notification printed
02/22/2009 to be mailed 03/01/2009
02/22/2009 02/22/2009 02/22/2009 02:14 AM annual report due: 2009-04-30
20 Change in Status 05/01/2009 05/01/2009 05/01/2009 02:39 AM Failure to file annual report

the “Change of agent” shows Ms. Krauth became Ms. MacKenzie…

Notice the record goes through the year 2009, but never does it claim that WAIT TRAINING (name change from the original) ever became “The Center for Relationship Training” — does it?  No.

The corporation “Center for Relationship Training” (not “THE Center for ….”) was actually a holding nonprofit company (I’m gathering) which had a 3-month existence and then was dissolved, in Fall 2009, same registrant:

Found 2 matching record(s).  Viewing page 1 of 1.
# Event Date Filed Date Posted EffectiveDate Click here to sort in ascending order. Document #
(click to view)
1 Articles of Incorporation 09/04/2009 09/04/2009 09/04/2009 09:14 AM 20091473860 
2 Articles of Dissolution 12/15/2009 12/15/2009 12/15/2009 11:01 AM 20091654454 

Thus it actually had an existence of literally just over 3 months.  As a matter of fact, this dovetailed neatly with two other short-lived corporations under Ms. Joneen — ALL THREE were formed on the same date:

Found 4 matching record(s).  Viewing page 1 of 1.
# ID # Entity Name Entity Type Date Filed Entity StatusClick here to sort in ascending order.
1 20091474442  Relationship Wellness Foundation Nonprofit Corporation 09/04/2009 DQ
2 20091474397  Relationship Wellness Institute Corporation 09/04/2009 DQ
3 20031350604  The Center for Relationship Education Nonprofit Corporation 11/06/2003 GOOD
4 20091473860  Center for Relationship Education, Dissolved December 15, 2009 Nonprofit Corporation 09/04/2009 VDISS

OK:  The “Relational Wellness Foundation (NONprofit) was formed about mid-day on 9/4/09  as a nonprofit, and within hours, its name was changed to ” Relationship Wellness Foundation,” after which it never filed, and eventually was dissolved because of this.  Did any monies go through it, was anything done?

It appears that the For Profit corp “Institute” (line 2 above) went through the same process, simultaneous with the “Center for Relationship Education” (also dissolved), while meantime, the group “WAIT Training (founded 11/06/2003) somehow continued, as a nonprofit, but heck if I can see when THAT corporation ever filed for its new name, THE Center for Relationship Education as changed from “WAIT Training.”

However, on their website, it claims this change happened in 2010 because of increased scope of services (oh?  since when was abstinence education as the main “thrust” ever off the board, or any articles of corporation incorporate any other purpose?):

Here is the (or at least one of the) current website, http://www.myrelationshipcenter.org/Home%20Page

The website banner, with an icon of One figure, reads “The Center For Relationship Education” and has logos to “Healthy Marriage Project”  and below it “WAIT Training and Resources.”

On the “History” page, no start date is given, just Joneen’s anecdote explaining why the group began.  If you read it all, finally the name change is explained (although looks to me like WAIT Training is still alive and well as a name, or trademark):

In 2010 the WAIT Training agency changed its name to the Center for Relationship Education to more accurately reflect the broad scope of work we accomplish through:

  • Relationship Education for students
  • Marriage Education for singles, engaged, and married couples
  • Promoting Responsible Fatherhood
  • Divorce Recovery, Starting Over and Skill Building (for future relationships)

This website in fine print at the bottom, is  Co. 2011 in fine print at the bottom

and the logo (again, stating the company name is “C.R.E.” although that was clearly dissolved on 12/15/2009)   {{IMAGE LINK EXPIRED/ BLANK SPACE REMOVED//2019]]


(which group charges a % of one’s revenue for membership privileges too; i.e., sliding scale, even when your $$ comes from the federal government, I guess).

Like many groups, it is specializing in training the trainers.  The two co-founders had a busy fall, and if you’re fast, you can get to a WAIT Training (how to persuade teenagers not to have sex) seminar in Tallahassee, FL and go see visit NARME offices, which apparently are there, too:

Sometimes I wonder if any of the adult promoters of all this are simply engaged in sex-less marriages** and just want to make sure the teens are not having more fun.  WIth the amount of grants flowing this direcdtion, surely the parents should be able to have a little fun themselves, although clearly filing the “tricky” 2-page annual report isn’t nearly so much fun as filing electronically to set up another corporation at the same street address as the prior ones….

(**although a WAIT Training RipOff report claims Joneen divorced since starting the organization).

THIS SITE is selling a lot of materials for $150-$199/each (DOWNLOADABLE — very high profit margin), and recommending $299 trainings to go along with them.  See “STORE” and This is only one of 5 items up there:)  As such, I believe it should be required to file!


Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
WAIT Training  DENVER CO 80237 DENVER 137401704 $ 9,933,832
Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Abstinence and Relationship Training Center  ENGLEWOOD CO 80111 ARAPAHOE $ 175,000

  Notice:  “DUNS” # is blank for this first $175,000 grant — however to do business with the gov’t one is to have a DUNS#.  This group is WAIT training….  But I couldn’t hae known this for sure without a visit to the STate of Colorado Secretary of state.  Notice, this IS called a “NONprofit” although I dare you to find an EIN# or report for that year:  Also notice they are indifferent cities & counties ….

Taking that DUNS# to another database (understanding that the $175K won’t register) I find out that USASpending.gov isn’t registering everything either — or TAGGS is overreporting?


  • Total Dollars:$6,370,289
  • Transactions:1 – 13 of 13



of which 11 are grants:


  • Total Dollars:$6,357,789
  • Transactions:1 – 11 of 11


The difference between this representing a purchase order for 2 marriage retreats for the Dept. of Defense:


  • Total Dollars:$12,500
  • Transactions:1 – 2 of 2


(from “TAGGS”)

ALSO INTERESTING (if you do a timeline on USASPending.gov, with the DUNS# and no other select)

you’ll see clearly that this database has recorded NO expenditures pre-2007.   I also note that it was able to pick up both corporate names of WAIT, where TAGGS did not.

Recipient: Abstinence and Relationship Training Center
Address: 10427 E Dorado Place
Country Name: United States of America
County Name: ARAPAHOE
HHS Region: 8
Type: Other Educational Organization
Class: Non-Profit Public Non-Government Organizations



Showing: 1 – 1 of 1 Award Actions

FY Award Number Award Title Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date DUNS Number Amount This Action

I was pretty sure it was the same group, given that when I click on that grant (CCU823730), the only other recipient is WAIT training: Year one was the 2003 incorporation, and like I say, soon after the name had changed.

FY Recipient City State Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date Amount This Action
2005 WAIT Training  DENVER CO 2 0 CDC 05-12-2005 $ 174,718 
Fiscal Year 2005 Total: $ 174,718


FY Recipient City State Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date Amount This Action
2004 Abstinence and Relationship Training Center  ENGLEWOOD CO 1 0 CDC 05-13-2004 $ 175,000 
Fiscal Year 2004 Total: $ 175,000

Would you like to know what that “CCU” grant was really about?  with a little TAGGS hunt & peck, I found 101 “CCU” grants in Colorado (had to limit it somehow!) and then, viewing the CFDA#s, deduced that this one was CFDA 93938.  Marked only as the obscure acronym, “SHEPSA” on the search field, we find the truth is coming out:

This is — at least as far as WAIT is concerned, I’ll danged well bet you! — HIV Prevention by way of Abstinence Education, cooperative agreement with the Colorado Department of Education.  starting in about 2002:  here you go!  Someone had to do this, so I figure I will, sorry if the cart exceeds the margins:

(TAGGS Advanced Search, Selected on:  Colorado, CFDA 93938, Grant (I just typed in “CCU”), years:  ALL and the fields you see below as Columns for the report):

Fiscal Year Grantee Name City Award Number Award Title CFDA Number CFDA Program Name Award
Activity Type

Action Type

Principal Investigator Sum of Actions
2006 CO ST DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DENVER CCU822596 IMPROV.THE HTH, ED.,AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOP. THRU COORD.SCH.HTH PGMS 93938 Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems DEMONSTRA-TION NON-COMPETING CONTINU-ATION DAVE POEHLER $ 891,734
2005 CO ST DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DENVER CCU822596 IMPROV.THE HTH, ED.,AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOP. THRU COORD.SCH.HTH PGMS 93938 Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems DEMONSTRA-TION ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPLEMENT ( + OR – ) (DISCRETIONARY OR BLOCK AWARDS) DAVE POEHLER $ 10,825
2005 CO ST DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DENVER CCU822596 IMPROV.THE HTH, ED.,AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOP. THRU COORD.SCH.HTH PGMS 93938 Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems DEMONSTRA-TION NON-COMPETING CONTINU-ATION DAVE POEHLER $ 897,215
2005 ROCKY MOUNTAIN CENTER FOR HEALTH PROMOTION LAKEWOOD CCU823740 PROGRAMS TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH, EDUCATION,AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOPLE. 93938 Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems DEMONSTRA-TION NON-COMPETING CONTINUATION JOHN CANFIELD $ 250,000
2005 WAIT Training DENVER CCU823730 PROGRAMS TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH, EDUCATION,AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOPLE. 93938 Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems DEMONSTRA-TION NON-COMPETING CONTINUATION SALLY GOSS $ 174,718
2004 Abstinence and Relationship Training Center ENGLEWOOD CCU823730 PROGRAMS TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH, EDUCATION,AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOPLE. 93938 Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems DEMONSTRA-TION NEW SALLY GOSS $ 175,000
2004 CO ST DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DENVER CCU822596 IMPROV.THE HTH, ED.,AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOP. THRU COORD.SCH.HTH PGMS 93938 Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems DEMONSTRA–TION NON-COMPETING CONTINUATION STACEY MATTISON $ 897,800
2004 ROCKY MOUNTAIN CENTER FOR HEALTH PROMOTION LAKEWOOD CCU823740 PROGRAMS TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH, EDUCATION,AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOPLE. 93938 Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems DEMONSTRA–TION NEW JOYNER SIMS PH.D. $ 250,000
2003 CO ST DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DENVER CCU822596 IMPROV.THE HTH, ED.,AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOP. THRU COORD.SCH.HTH PGMS 93938 Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems DEMONSTRA-TION ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPLEMENT ( + OR – ) (DISCRETIONARY OR BLOCK AWARDS) KAREN CONNEL, SUPERVISOR $ 294,110
2003 CO ST DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DENVER CCU822596 IMPROV.THE HTH, ED.,AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOP. THRU COORD.SCH.HTH PGMS 93938 Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems DEMONSTRA-TION NEW KAREN CONNEL, SUPERVISOR $ 442,458
2002 CO ST DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DENVER CCU822596 IMPROV.THE HTH, ED.,AND WELL-BEING OF YOUNG PEOP. THRU COORD.SCH.HTH PGMS 93938 Cooperative Agreements to Support Comprehensive School Health Programs to Prevent the Spread of HIV and Other Important Health Problems DEMONSTRA-TION NEW KAREN CONNEL, SUPERVISOR $ 442,458
Results 1 to 11 of 11 matches.

I’m interested in the Rocky Mountain ALternatives group, and googled “Joyner Simms, Ph.D. :  SourceWatch shows him active in Tallahassee, FL (where Joneen’s membership group NARME recently incorporated), is this the same?

Dr. Sims was located at University of South Florida, College of Public Health, 13201 N. Bruce B. Downs Blvd. (MDC 56), Tampa, Florida 33612-3805; Phone (913) 974-6644; Fax (813) 974-6741.

This may be a more current information on Dr. Sims:

Joyner Sims, Ph.D.
Manager, Public Policy
DuPont Merck Pharmaceuticals
1555 Delaney Drive, Apt. 101
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
Phone: 850/906-0725
Fax: 850/906-0755

An inset to this publication (page 4) explains how CDC/DASH (Dept of Adolescent School Health Programs) is announcing a new health intitiative competitive grant offering (2003) around HIV Prevention, which includes abstinence.  It explains that Dr. Joyner was hired by CDC/DASH.  The newsletter is dated Sept 2003, and announces the grant series available, a very narrow window (announced 10/6/2003, letter of intent due by 11/8/2003) for Letters for Notice of Intent.  Page 4 explains what’s happening, above.  By the way, not only in Colorado, I”m sure!

The Rocky Mountain Health Center (TAGGS) has two listings; one (like  the “Abstinence Relationship Training Center, above) has no DUNS# and seems to be the same grants purpose, found by EIN# (which I found on a 990-finder).

Recipient EIN = 742357255

Showing: 1 – 2 of 2 Recipients

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards

UNlike WAIT Training, it’s been around a long time (since 1983), has not repeatedly shape-shifted or changed its names, and appears to have been filing its tax returns.  Details show:






Address: 7525 WEST 10TH AVE
Country Name: United States of America
County Name: JEFFERSON
HHS Region: 8
Type: Other Health Organization
Class: Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations




Showing: 1 – 4 of 4 Award Actions



FY Award Number Award Title Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date DUNS Number Amount This Action
Fiscal Year 2011 Total: $ 285,714


FY Award Number Award Title Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date DUNS Number Amount This Action
Fiscal Year 2005 Total: $ 250,000


FY Award Number Award Title Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date DUNS Number Amount This Action
Fiscal Year 2004 Total: $ 250,000


Total of all award actions: $ 785,714


Moreover, using the DUNS# from “WAIT Training” (TAGGS search result above, #137401704) we see there’s far more than $9 million involved here, plus the initial $175K that was not listed under any DUNS# in 2004, with its first incorporation name:



Legal Name Organization City
Award Amount
Cook Inlet Tribal Council Anchorage
Alabama Department of Finance Montgomery
Children’s Institute Inc. Los Angeles
Fresno County Economic Oppt Commission Fresno
Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program El Centro
The East Los Angeles Community Union (TELACU) Los Angeles
Social Advocates for Youth San Diego San Diego
Friends Outside in Los Angeles County Pasedena
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Los Angeles
Archuleta County Department of Human Services Pagosa Spring
County of Montrose Montrose
Catholic Charities, Inc. Arch. Of Hartford Hartford
National Organization of Concerned Black Men Washington
Healthy Families/Thriving Communities Washington
Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Sarasota-Manatee Sarasota
Mid-Iowa Community Action, Inc. Marshalltown
McDermott Center dba Haymarket Center Chicago
Springfield Urban League, Inc. Springfield
Gateway Community Services Organization West Liberty
Council on Prevention & Eductaion (COPES) Louisville
Lexington Leadership Foundation Lexington
Supportive Integrated Services Shreveport
Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency Pontiac
Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation Minneapolis
Goodwill Industries, Inc. Saint Paul
Father’s Support Center St. Louis, Inc. St. Louis
Connection to Success Kansas City
Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Pablo
New Jersey Department of Corrections (Re-Entry) Trenton
PB&J Family Services, Inc (Re-Entry) Albequrque
Structured Employment Economic Dev. Corp New York
EAC, Inc. Hempstead
Retreat, Inc. East Hampton
Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc. Dunkirk
Family Services of Westchester, Inc. Port Chester
The Fortune Society, Inc. Long Island
WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. Fremont
The RIDGE Project, Inc. (Re-Entry) Defiance
The RIDGE Project, Inc. Defiance
Employment Opportunity Training Center Scranton
People for People, Inc. Philadelphia
Goodwill Industries of Southwestern PA Pittsburgh
Children’s Friend and Service Providence
Lutheran Social Service of South Dakota (Re-Entry) Sioux Falls
Douglas-Cherokee Economic Authority Morristown
Shelby County Government Memphis
Metro Nashville Public Health Department Nashville
Goodwill Industries of Central Texas Austin
Southwest Key Programs, Inc. Austin
Horizon Outreach Spring
Tarrant County Workforce Dev. Brd Ft.Worth
Youth and Family Alliance dba LifeWorks Austin
Child & Family Services of Eastern VA Norfolk
Total Action Against Poverty/Roanoke Valley Roanoke
Visiting Nurse Association of Chittendon Colchester
Northwest Marriage Institute Vancouver
Milwaukee County Dept. of Child Support Milwaukee
ADVOCAP, Inc. Fund du Lac
Kanawha Institute for Social Research (KISRA) Dunbar
Total Award Amount
This post was more narrative than I’d intended, however, I will continue exploring the grantees, through the tools demonstrated above and any others I find!

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

October 16, 2011 at 8:26 pm

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  1. […] 2011 Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood Grantees: Why we need to Speed-Date ALL the Recipients,… […]

  2. Wow, visually this is hard to grasp! (11/2012 commentary). I recently did about three posts where I simply picked a number of columns, typed in the word “marriage” to grant field (as I recall) and ran the tables. There are over 1400 results, which I simply pasted into posts (with some commentary). Given that’s certainly not all the 93086 (CFDA) grantees, it does give a bit of an overview.

    Those posts might be easier to read.

    PS. The purpose of this HR/FR movement is not just to promote the ideology and engineer system change (more centralized/regionalized control — not good, FYI). I believe it’s in part for money-laundering. That’s a personal opinion, and you can judge for yourself after studying some samples. A certain pattern does emerge — but it’s not seen until you do the homework (look up state-level corporate filings, nonprofit filing, website description and then their tax returns, etc. Laborious but eye-opening.)

    I am also still blogging on some of this on the front end of this blog. But to better grasp the totality (of government activities and assets) one has to look at their CAFRs, which is why I started the “Cold Hard Facts” blog (link above, to right).

    Let's Get Honest

    November 3, 2012 at 7:15 pm

  3. Update. CIHSS is still “DELINQUENT and there is no IRS form for several years. Their money (check California charitable registry to see) i scoming not directly from HHS, but through (yr. 2004, I belive it was) about 3 different counties and 2 different regional centers, under CFDA 93.658 (or, check those “RRFs”).

    Most disturbing was to realize that Colleen Anderson, who I saw on one of the tax returns (2007?) earning salary of $123K on this nonprofit — had been a long-time state prgram administrator (i.e., public employee). As a foster care agency (etc.)) this nonprofit is handling ca. $6 to $8 million of contracts per year.

    Colleen Anderson also showed as staff on a “C-Conrad website” when I looked up “William T. Marshall, Ph.D.” (Ph.D. in what from where?) as involved in welfare-to-work programs..” TThe webssite lookked funkky & fake.

    TThis is from a CA.gov site: “Children’s Residential Care Update January 2006”

    CHILDREN’S RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM STAFF CHANGES Colleen Anderson retired on December 31, 2005 after more than 28 years of State service. Colleen had been with CCLD for 24 years and ended her State service career as Program Administrator for the Children’s Residential Program. Prior to leaving, Colleen stated “As I end my tenure as your Program Administrator, I want to say thank you to all whose paths I have crossed, worked with, and supervised; I say thank you for your hard work and dedication. You have made a difference in the lives of children. My work with the Children’s Residential Program will be a time that I carry with me forever in my heart and memories.” Colleen’s experience, dedication and leadership style will be sorely missed. With the retirement of Colleen, Robert Pate is currently the Acting Program Administrator.h

    In short, this CIHSS had “investigate me” written ALLLLLLlllll over it.

    Let's Get Honest

    June 13, 2013 at 8:44 am

  4. […] This is then used improperly to completely cut off contact, often with the noncriminal parent, and often & suddenly, with the natural mother of the children.  Sometimes this then leads to foster care, or sometimes it leads to extended custody battles, which are very profitable for this arm of the government (courts) and those doing business with them.  Just not for the “Children” in whose name all of this was done. (Based on information from familycourtmatters.org) […]

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