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Welcome to My Blog (Extended Intro moved Jan. 6, 2019 from May 2, 2018, Top Sticky Post on the Blog to this Page).

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Welcome to My Blog (Extended Intro moved Jan. 6, 2019 from May 2, 2018, Top Sticky Post on the Blog to this Page).

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It exists to house moved introductory comments, and comes with its own “introductory comments.”  It is not proofread. It’s an administrative parking spot to clear the path to main content on the main post, but I wrote it originally because I felt it important to understanding this blog, where I am currently in writing it after so many years, and the “Let’s Talk” exhortation.  I hope you read it!

Two sections only:  White-background or light-blue background.

White-background, five or six paragraphs, is why it’s here; light-blue-background (with red borders), longer is the portion moved.  At the bottom I have again posted the link back to the “Welcome to My Blog” Post.  That post is (in blog techno-speak) on the “Page “which contains all other posts, too.  You need a link to get to that page; just typing “FamilyCourtMatters.org” won’t get you there (although typing it WILL get you to a page which has that link, too).   The last two paragraphs here are also on the home post for context and to smooth the transition back there.

On January 5, 2019, I compiled another (quick) table of contents for 2018, an eventful year in my life, personally. Looking again at the “Top Sticky Post on this Blog” I was properly embarrassed by its long intro and (as threatened to at the time I added the introductory comments, Dec. 2018). Between May and December, I pulled a personal CalExit — I left California, by car, alone, until I was in another time zone.  Personal space was needed immediately, and having a car and the ability to at least get out, I did.

As it turns out, this was right before a serious season of wildfires in both Northern and Southern California, dramatic even for the drought-ridden state known for fires (and earthquakes and certain political proclivities)…Like the decision to leave the man I’d married, a Jesus-talking so-called Christian batterer who refused to get help for his hitting habit, and had threatened (repeatedly) to kill me — and or himself — and had been accumulating weapons of two kinds (both guns and long, sharp knives) — this move I believe will be one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life.

I hope, genuinely, that the difference it makes lasts longer than the effective protective restraining order with kickout so many years ago, but not so long ago it wasn’t after 1996 “Welfare Reform” policies kicked in, affecting custody and divorce issues “big-time.”


Within a month of writing the May 2, 2018, post I was almost forced onto the street and narrowly avoided it, prompting me to within the next few months, leave the state before it became potentially impossible to get out of that state, a.k.a. “The Golden State,” (California, USA).  This situation was approaching, but I really didn’t expect to be executed as it was, causing enough significant personal stress (and a last-minute short-term rescue by a local friend) I characterize it (and would under oath) as an attempt on my life, through sudden shock in context of chronic applied stress through abuse.  In the context, there was financial motive, and motive to cover previous misdeeds (that’s a euphemism) which would be obviously, moot points, if I could be done away with.

The other way of “doing away with” older people in our country is warehousing them, or younger, discrediting them as mentally unsound.  I’d seen this done to my immediate (flesh-and-blood) relatives: one older who has since died, and another, one of my own children; all of course under the theme of somehow through abusive and ongoing violations of basic human rights, “protecting” them. I was not about to stick around and see when ANY way of leaving was possibleLeaving the area was a smart move, and I’m glad I did it. Naturally, it has an effect on the blog; if nothing else, from how much work I can put out.

Much more than this I will not say because the legal situation has not yet been resolved; saying more could compromise my  position and, I believe, personal safety.  IF I’d stayed, I’d have been forced to (and had looked into) opening an “adult protective services” case on my own behalf as a (having just qualified for this status) senior.

This information is important too, I just wanted the top (sticky) post on the blog’s preview, which mentions current events in this field, and which I felt was well-written, to be closer to the top. Some points of reference below may refer to “below” meaning that post. Recommended — just read and get back to the main page (post)…http://wp.me/psBXH-8Ly

This The May 2, 2018, top sticky post on the blog) Post (and a nearby related Page’s) Title with Links and “case-sensitive short-link ending” phrases.

Very much related Page, published April 26 (note: Pages, obviously, do not show on “Last Few [10] Posts” widget on sidebar and I do not produce Table of Contents for pages; so it is best accessed through this link:
Page (not “Post”) Title: Censorship By Omission = Intent to Bypass Informed Consent = Tossing the Truth Overboard =  Characteristic of Bullies, Abusers, Criminal Enterprises (RICO)~~>Symptoms of Ulterior (likely profit-oriented) Agenda and/or Previously Compromised Persons. It’s just ‘OFF’!! [Apr 26, 2018 insert to Top Sticky Post (about to be [now] published)]  (Case-sensitive shortlink for this Page ends “-8YJ” | about 10,000 words).

Link from the top of this post to the most previous post, also marked “sticky” and will remain near top of this blog underneath this one.

Related (and most recent before this one) Post Title:  Q1, 2018 Posts and “You Are Here,” on my Blog. Meanwhile, WE are Here, Collectively. (Or, From ‘Hewers of Wood + Drawers of Water’ To Functionally and Financially Illiterate** Consumers of Information, Products, and Social Services). (Publ. April 19, 2018) [Case-sensitive, WordPress-generated shortlink ends “-8X8” and this post ends after about 9,600 11,000 words, sections of which may be moved elsewhere to shorten it!]
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  • My post titles are deliberately long, to get several concepts, assertions, or terms more visible. The posts can also be long, so I began adding an approximate word-count (which may change with revisions) to the title links.

MULTI-PARAGRAPH SECTION IN THIS COLOR SCHEME (inside the red borders with light-blue background, fine-print) was added during a post reformat, Sept. 9, 2018 and (some of it) Dec. 9, 2018.

Like many parts of the blog (it’s just a blog, not a company website with an on-line store!), I may move them later for either post-publication repentance (i.e., writer’s embarrassment) or more practical reasons (visual access to post contents and the current posts beneath the top (currently six) “Sticky” posts; this it #1 of those 6).

This blog has many points of entry.  

So much leading commentary is probably not most suitable for Position Front-and-Center (Topmost Sticky Post) but for now the commentary expresses where I stand about eight to ten months after restructuring the blog.  As the the topmost post on this blog, this commentary also (see title above) expresses where I stood (and still do) about eight and a half years after starting this blog.  Main post content shows below this commentary and two multi-paragraph sections inside red boxes.

FamilyCourtMatters.org is a one-person blog. No one else is authorized as administrator, or writes any of the posts or pages, (except where I’m quoting, which is consistently marked).  

As a one-person blog, certainly it reflects personal stances, but I am heading for a common vocabulary that might transcend some of the worst “polarization” even though it’s obvious these divides exist and affect policy.  I dig still deeper down to rock-bottom realities (as I can) on government entities and accountability for not just their budgets, but also their historic basis balance sheets.   I question whether or not present policy is necessary for the reasons it’s been sold us — typically reducing reliance on welfare (when it comes to the ‘single mother” rhetoric) AND/OR the “psycho/social/behavioral” evidence on what’s best for children as determined by generations of historically (but not exclusively) male child psychologists, psychiatrists, and social scientists (as that field has developed).

I learned there is still a pervasive “Freud factor” at play in the structure and design of both family courts, and federal social policy which has been there for decades and I think it’s time to trace that factor into the power structure, admit its primary sources, and assess damages to key concepts we (USA) like to hold dear and believe — with enough effort — can be made to apply equally to both men and women and regardless of race or class. Or age.  This Freud factor translates into the professions beginning with the prefix “psych-” which have such a close relationship to the existence and purpose of family courts in the first place. 

Navigation: THIS TOP “STICKY” POST HAS A “READ-MORE” LINK FAIRLY FAR DOWN ON THE PAGE. FIVE OTHER STICKY POSTS WITH SHORTER INTROs below it will display after which the sequence of “most recent post on top.”  So when you click on the Sidebar’s “Current Posts, Most Recent on Top” (which is the page where posts are displayed), the qualifier is — first, you must scroll below the top (currently five) “sticky posts.”  These are there to hold major basic information AND tables of contents by year, or (three of these recent ones) by Q3 Months of 2017.  They are there in other words for blog navigation.

I tend to include more information in an intro section than most blogs in part because the subject matter can be complex and I’m constantly re-minding readers of the basic elements and commonly accepted accounting and business|government entity vocabulary for categories and labeling such entities. This differs from the typical approach of both business and government entities themselves, on their websites, which instead tend to feature whatever cause is being promoted and of course, how beneficial the entity is towards that cause.  

I call my approach accounting-based in opposition to just cause-based and show the latter may conceal the former, but the former is often more important to notice and assess when evaluating, or determining how much weight to give the latter.  This approach uses a language which is hard to debate logically as it’s as legitimate as the reporting sources (produced either by government or to state or federal governments, i.e., to (in the US) the IRS or Secretaries of State (in control of business entity registration) or Charitable registrations, where these are required.

It’s also an eye-opener as I continue to report just how many accountability gaps there are with the public, within the private, and most CERTAINLY within where public meets private sectors.  We should be alarmed at this (and work to correct it) as much as at the human costs of injustice or “inequity” and I believe call out the billion-dollar, million-dollar assets advocacy groups claiming concern for the poor or oppressed while taking from them in the form of tax-exemption and smokescreens obscuring where government revenues are actually going.  This status is NOT buried that deep — it only requires the habit of looking (taking the extra minutes, maybe an hour, sometimes a day) to see that there is a problem in following the funds in each specific situation, and that this problem is multiplied by number of organizations, jurisdictions, and interactions over time.

Within the post, or browsing posts, liberal use of “scrolling” or “PageDown” function is helpful. Right sidebar always lists the most recent posts, for faster shortcuts to just those last few.  “FamilyCourtMatters.org” always brings a person back to my static “front page” (with its massive information below links to the “Current Posts” page).

I hope this basic navigation information is useful.  Patience reading is encouraged in order to receive what I still know is a valuable payload in the best form I’ve been able to deliver it while also navigating many life circumstances and dealing with the aftermath of a destructive experience (lasting many eyars) in family court systems after equally destructive marriage in which I had children and managed to keep them intact, and us too, inbetween having been battered, repeatedly, by their father, until I was able to locate help for intervention.  Some people manage to just leave.  I did not, and instead filed a restraining order with kickout (civil — a mistake, I realized in hindsight; criminal would’ve been more effective).

While living in this manner as best I could, as always happens, the entire social services and domestic violence prevention was evolving (“morphing”) as radically restructured under 1996 Welfare Reform, with responsive system parts.  IN figuring out HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN IN AMERICA? I found myself continually tracking the chronology of both policy and private advocacy groups, and became not a feminist (for why, keep reading) but to my ability, an activist for honesty and accountability among the nonprofit sector claiming advocacy status, whether for men, women,  children, or any demographic group.   The most common language — NOT experience, obviously — I still believe is economic in terms of objective, identifiable financial statements for both the private and the public (government sector).  It’s been a fantastic learning curve, ongoing.

If we are going to converse, let’s start with some solid, identifiable ground, identifiable facts in a common context.  The largest one I find applies to so many is accounting by governments of their own expenditures (not just budgets, but also income-producing assets controlled), and the same goes for the private sector working in partnership with it to constantly correct course, solve problems, consult, and (etc.).



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Thanks for your time//LGH Jan 6, 2019

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