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New To This Blog | Want My Position Summary or a Review? These Ten Key Posts From 2012-2017 should help. (Very Short PAGE, Publ. Jan. 27, 2018)

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My understanding is a work in process, but the basics of it were laid out early in this blog.  I keep posting to keep an alternate (and dissident to mainstream family court reform movements, not to mention the ongoing developments within the courts, and their fauna and flora …. economic ecological niche.. ever-expanding jurisdiction as parts of government continue to consolidate and centralize, positioning ultimate control at the top, but so distributing responsibility that accountability is just about impossible — and that’s critical to bypassing public consent in open forums on the programs being promoted, too.

New To This Blog | Want My Position Summary or a Review? These Ten Key Posts From 2012-2017 should help. (Very Short PAGE, Publ. Jan. 27, 2018). Shortlink ends “-8tE”, under 1,500 words.

These are a Top Ten ‘Formerly Sticky’ Posts (in preparation for Blog Home Page Restructuring)

This short list currently also is posted on a very long, new Home page (one of two upcoming) for this blog.  The purpose is moving current writing closer to the top of the blog.  The very long new Home page is long because it contains a current drill-down on organizations I’ve noticed over many years, posted on before, and which had years ago already gone international. This page, then has a parent page — the new home page currently called:

LGH Top Picks, Themes, Tables of Contents, and Why My Gravatar is a Blue Jay taking Flight. (New Jan. 11, 2018) (Front Page to this blog.  Found at “FamilyCourtMatters.org”)

This part of it only occupies about 1,000 words (not including restating the title), and some vertical space on that page if I leave it there. To be honest, it’s also backup in case the outrageously long new home page stages an electronic rebellion, which I’ve seen before…

These formerly displayed in reverse chronological order (most recent sticky post on the top), but I am listing them in chronological order (oldest first).  FYI, Later posts are probably better formatted and less likely to have expired links or missing graphics due to broken links (I’ve since switched techniques for posting images to avoid that). They show a learning curve on the subject matter, but most of the basics were grasped early on in the blog.

~ ~ List of ‘formerly sticky’ posts~ ~

~~ End, list of ‘formerly sticky’ posts~ ~

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

January 27, 2018 at 8:31 pm

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  1. What if…
    I told you about a state that knowingly and willingly established a child support order against the father, without underlying action pending in family cour. The parents are NOT legally separated, nor have theyfiled petitions to dissolve the marriage or request temporary custody. The father is not ABSENT from his children by choice, the mother took them after she met someone else. The state helped finance a parental alienation situation by financially preventing him from hiring legal council and he was unable to pay the filing fees to file for dissolu t ion and pursue custody of the children. The orfer was calculated based on ZERO percent parenting time for the father as if they we’re basing the calculation on an unwed parent situation.


    March 17, 2018 at 12:06 pm

    • I apologize for the long delay in recognizing pending comments, and wish you luck in regaining contact with your children. Then again, fatherhood.gov, publicly financed for your gender, and financed by working people of both (or “all”) genders, parents or nonparents, should have links to some “access and visitation” providers locally — they are supposed to help noncustodial parents (NCPs) esp. fathers. If they aren’t or won’t, complain to whoever is funding them, which would mean having looked up the provider as a (probably) nonprofit.

      If you told me about such a state, or identified the county, year, judge, or anything else concrete or identifiable regarding that policy, or links that might take it out of the category of hearsay (to readers), such as to a blog that had that information (or in a comment), I’d be interested to post on it — but may not be able just now.

      Who requested or moved for any child support order? Child support orders aren’t typically established by the state, but at a lower level.

      I also know that states are REALLY into establishing child support orders by a variety of means. Was by chance mother enrolled in welfare of any sort (Title IV-A, Food Stamps or Cash Aid); if so, she may have had to assign child support rights to the gov’t agency.

      Right now (2018) I’m working on place-based community transformation topics, and my own situation. If you have something that could become a post, or would help readers better understand systems, please do submit another comment.

      //LGH 3/23/2018

      Let's Get Honest

      March 23, 2018 at 4:59 pm

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