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Many thanks to people who have reblogged, or contacted me about this material and said, it makes sense, and helped them retain their own sanity in the face of their insane treatment in the courts.

2013-12-21, I am placing (temporarily) My Appeal for Help (clicks)  near the top; and among the 247 followers, if they are not all “Destitute Moms and Dads” or Groups I am reporting on and exposing — of the remainder, anyone who can — this is literally — spare $15, or even $20 (and ideally with other friends who also might) — speed counts here! I am begging, and without funds to keep phone and internet on, just sufficient to get to public places to write. I am not asking for a holiday blow-out (there is no family to celebrate with on hand), but for funds for food, and possibly hope.  I’m aware of crowd-funding, the presentation skills (graphics, video, etc.) are a stumbling block.

RE:  Privacy

This blog has been more effective for NOT being a personal anecdotal platform.  I’m seeing principles and practices in common between states, how they’re promoted, and blog this.

I have not placed my name on this blog for several years, in part, I had minor children and an open case. I kept it as generic as possible, but by targeting specific geographies, got a sense of them, and also left tools to inspire others, plus at some point, all you can do is mock the situation — it’s ludicrous and serious both.  If you want to know my personal story, you have to be a trusted friend, probably not local (these have become targets, they have taken long-term pressure through me, or sometimes a direct hit from my abuser or associates when their names or whereabouts were known) and there aren’t many these days.  So if you have a problem helping an unknown person, but want to — make it small, but make it fast, and tell a friend today, please!  I know when I had to give, I did; life and communities work better that way.

This Text and Button repeated below. If you find this reported elsewhere, consistently, and in depth — show me. My sense is (because I know where I looked!), you won’t. This is Missing-Link Information… And what follows, before delivering some more of it — is my appeal to help me off the “destitute” status for approximately a week.

@this writing, I am housed but destitute, (not just from writing so much!), a situation I knew also in violent marriage. It has been too many years! Donate Button with Credit Cards @Dec 20, 2013, CAN YOU HELP ME? with a click of even $15 to $20; These are for phone, food, and gas costs, in context of family of origin abuses (post-reporting the DV). Without this court system, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have ever been forced BACK onto food stamps. The constant disruption convinced me there was a “reason for THAT season” and led to blogging this information. The people who most need this info, which I did years ago, can’t afford it (hence no Donate Button was put up til very recently).

Note: This past season involved some increased stalking and safe house time, which has been reported to the appropriate authorities. My sense in those authorities is, they know where their funds are coming from, and if this type of case doesn’t fit the program model, which most family law cases somehow post-abuse rarely do, it will be dumped. Those who haven’t lived this, wouldn’t believe it. Sometimes $5.00 makes a difference, however I’m asking for clicks of $15 or more.. (I’m also happy to report that TAGGS.hhs.gov went back up again this morning, see recent post on “Databse Down.”)
Many Thanks, and if you know where your kids are (and they’ll allow it), hug them please!

The button connects with a single-person corporation I filed a while back, and it has no consistent income; the purpose is in the initials S.H.E., Inc. which stands for (despite referencing my gender) “Self Help Enterprises.”  I saw early on that normal work was being trashed, and sought for years to make this transition.  Unless you have actually walked this walk, please spare me the platitudes.   I know things you probably don’t about how the process works.  I am deliberately not a nonprofit, and learned the hard way that nonprofits* promising help are more answerable to their funders than their clients.   It goes with the territory.

*including, FYI Legal Aid Services offering pro bono help to indigent parents.

BY THE WAY:  This type of ongoing, artificially depressed income is the face of the professionalization/centralized control of the domestic violence industry.  See similar text below for evidence.  They listen to their own kind, i.e., deep private pockets , or federal funds, or anyone else who will consolidate the intent NOT to “Stop Domestic Violence” and require leadership to find something else to do with their lives — as we have had to….

The same goes for the marriage/fatherhood movement — but that crowd is, I believe, far older, more entrenched, and larger.  See below….  I’ll be talking about built-in conflict of language (intentional) and the cults in the courts.  The trained hypnotists know how to handle intellectuals, and the art of getting people into a SELF-induced trance, from which point they are more susceptible (particularly when ego about “smarts” is involved).   Yes, this is vital information, particularly as the public is paying for this!

It goes like this: My scientific/logical temperament (not training, but temperament) knew that things as weird, destructive, and upsetting as the family (and conciliation) court system, don’t happen overnight, and have actors. Conflict of interest and a language dilemma (is it a felony or a family dispute? Only the Presiding Judge and the quasi-judicial, psychological diagnostician experts know for sure…”) BETWEEN criminal and family court venues set up an ongoing tension, an intentional one, between the Penal Code and two different portions of the Family Code (speaking for California, know for other states also).

Actually that very conflict (“Is it a crime? No, just a mis-understanding. Here, we have just the co-parenting classes for you…”) is the key to the business model. The impossible definition dilemma While you are stuck in a self-induced trance, hearing authoritative figures with your kids’ future in their wisdom — utterly contradicting each other — that’s just a technique, “the art of confusion” [explained] by trained therapists of a certain kind. Keeping the intellect in a continual stall, while searching “inside” for the intuitive solution), (a) the target individual becomes susceptible to suggestion (defenses down, because the cognitive software is working on that puzzle); and (b) the other systems* remain in motion. [*circumstantial, legal, court-business] As I see it, this is at two levels: in psychotherapy, etc. — individual, but overall, en masse, people are being conditioned to except the irrational, and keep getting nudged in the eventually desired outcome. Example: family courts, therapeutic jurisprudence, etc. are now a fixture of the landscape. Yet — who says they have to remain so? If they had a beginning, can they not have an end also?

I lived years with a sociopath abuser; and afterwards, the courts. Either way, arguing truth, facts (or even law) is pointless — they deal with force (and lies/ “spin.”).

As to the courts, the rationale used on the public relates to welfare: marriage is always good, divorce is damaging, fatherlessness is a social plague, and single-parent (meaning, “mother”) households are causing the economic crisis. Conditional statements on the first two points (not a universal); PR in the third, and a lie in the last — yet all are public policy.

The simpler discussion is economic, which I have focused on, stopping back to put the cause-based rhetoric into perspective. Economics reveal and apply to all of us; but cause-based rhetoric provokes passion and on-line arguing based on whose language (or, propaganda) counts more? The puzzle, the “confusion” that is so distressing, can be turned to advantage with looking at the systems structure, and understanding where the profits were planned! See blog..

Notice that last link mentioned “Milton H. Erickson” (1901-1980, bio)? The field is, hypnosis. 1928 MA in Psychology from UWisconsin, and “a consultant to the US government during WWII, studying the psychology of the enemy and the effects of propaganda.” See (Scientology escapee site) describing how the Scientology cult adopted Erickson technique, discussing “coercive persuasion,” which is essentially a violation of free will, through coercion. It is a tactic developed in wartime, and for persuading nations to go to war. It’s also, regardless of how the practitioners frame it as healing, an act of personal assault.

As a result, all kinds of cults are flocking to the courthouses aand into social services to hawk their wares and practice the skills. …

CULTS IN THE COURTHOUSE: [Note: Because that’s quite a claim, and it’s a SIGNIFICANT problem, by background-color, this section provides some proof (links). I’ve only demonstrated one, but it’s a large one. If one understands cults (next question: Who let the Dogs Out? or rather, INto social services sector?), other symptoms will make more sense. What do cults do, generally speaking? Similar deal, gangs, rackets. There is a method. So, it’s NOT just about my judge, my courthouse, my county — although some counties [pilot projects] or even states are indeed targeted for systems change, then pointed out as wonderful examples to nationalize]]

OK, now that I TRULY sound nuts [but am not — yet!], since 2010, after reviewing the zillions (OK, hundreds) of marriage-promotion grantees (federally-funded from HHS), I saw clearly the Unification Church [money] influence in pushing marriage/fatherhood promotion into legislation, in part because to set up a system enabling front corporations in the religious sector. For one, this came top-down, Washington, D.C., former Pres. Bush, and more. The “family values” rhetoric machine (and why it seems to be “everywhere”) in fact, is best understood as what it is– outreach efforts an international, money-laundering cult led (until he died, 9/2012) by a South Korean man whose initial success came, not from “Family Values at all (see “Love Child” link, a 2013 discovery) who claimed to be the Messiah, running multiple front organizations. “Family values” was a tactic, not a belief, as it turns out. How much money, influence, and PR to get to the point of gender-worship (“fatherhood.gov”) through federal funding? I looked up enough of the recipients and grants to conclude that this was from the start set up for financial fraud. Unfortunately, after four years without major incident, perhaps someone caught on to the fact that, we’re catching on to this. (Dec. 17, 2013 post).

What, is that really about, then? [Sample: See 2002 “True Mother in SF,” search “Bento Leal,” whose bad parents deprogrammed him, an American bad habit (!) (hover cursor). Bento of “American Family Coalition,” @ 2001 Bay Area Calif (reaching out to African-American clergy in urban areas, in prisons), and UnDeProgrammed Unification Church devotee Bento Leal as “Implementation Specialist” of marriage curricula at California Healthy Marriage Coalition (in case you still doubt me…). Note: This Corp. couldn’t stay incorporated either. Type in “Healthy Marriage” (singular; check “Corp” button under Business Entity Search HERE and note the dates and Status.) In 2006 CHMC was awarded Federal HHS funding: $11+million for 5 yrs as an umbrella org, incl. for faith-based organizations, to teach marriage to everyone over 15 yrs old…This “CFDA 93086” HHS funding comes from TANF (diversions from needy families). Despite a namechange to “Healthy Relationships” (EIN#680606790, California Business Entity#C2746258), they’re still delinquent, and a complete screwup in filing — 2010-2013 filings rejected, paperwork supposed to show gov’t funding doesn’t, Total Assets Gross Revenues omitted, the $$ for 2012 and 2013 suspiciously identical, @ $2,951,079, assets $174,936 Search Char. HERE, Business type in Entity# “C2746528” Here to see they’ve changed name AGAIN, to “Tested by Fire, Inc.”)!! When CA started catching up with the charity (and major HHS grantee), Dennis Stoica headed off to file a nonprofit with others (of similar crowd) in Tallahassee, FL, “Natl Association for Relationship and Marriage Education/Building Strong Marriages, Fathers and Families.” (note the names!). Its President Julie Baumgardner (8/11/2013 piece, same day a man shot his son and self to death DURING supervised vistitation, and on same news page), sits on another (HHS grantee) First Things First, [and its Fathering Coordinators, 2013, some Chatanooga, TN PR. (See also on Thanksgiving 2011 post “Faith-based Offices, Initiatives, Grants and Groups,”[my] comment on NARME. [Also shows how to use TAGGS.hhs.gov, which has suddenly gone “MIA” since, oh, last week… Search TN Corps to see that “Supervised Visitation Network” existed there 4 yrs (apparently without filing); it has gone to Florida in 2007.

It should no longer surprise us that money-laundering occurs in this field, given some of who choose to specialize in, particularly after 1996 (federal funding) and 2001 (add the faith-based grants). Could anyone keep up with the organization state-skipping and namechanges? Yet they are providing “government services” in this manner, social services. Allegedly! [It’s what they do!]

2009 Illinois Representative sponsoring Responsible Fatherhood bill. 2004, same representative crowning one of the “True Parents” and The Messiah in a U.S. Senate building (!) at D.C. reception, incl.” . Note Mrs. Hak Ja Han.* Also mentioned this uncomfortable article: “Mother Jones” 12/9/13 “Love Child” article explains. In the 1950s, the guy kept a stable of concubines (the Six Marys), was a philanderer, in addition to all the other activities — and this has affected American courts. One of them (out of two sisters) said NO. He dropped both sisters and added the 17-year old daughter of his cook, now the True Mother. See “Pikareum,” The Tragedy of the Six Marys. It began as an erotic cult; search Kirsti Nevaleinen (re: 1970s in Finland. Clean by night, recruit (witness) by day, 40-day fast on water, tea, sometimes rice, and prepare the way of the Lord, meaning, guess who. He got crowned there too, looks like. “The early members had mostly been women, but from 1974 on the sisters made a special effort to witness to the male as well. Soon many brothers too could find new direction for their life from the Divine Principle” Anti-communism and Abstinence. By 2006, per (Kirsti N) (Marriage with God) he had established an earthly kingdom that only “Blessed Marriage” people could inhabit. [hover cursor for further citizens’ requirements, and that ritual sex is needed to cut off the bad blood lineage]. “Rev Moon believed that through a sinless man having sex with another woman, that original sin could be removed and the woman could bear children born without original sin

Marriage/Fatherhood promotion, Access/Visitation funding are all DIVERSIONS from welfare, to preach at the poor; through switching from AFDC to TANF (block grants to the states), this is now “Balancing the Budget on the Backs of the Poor,” and making more of them, while privatization (corporations cash in…)

For coming up on Five years I have blogged this, and much, from HHS database TAGGS.hhs.gov. It’s now been down over two weeks, with no explanation (See post). That’s what this government thinks of individuals, and accountability! (12/20/2013).

@this writing, I am housed but destitute, (not just from writing so much!), a situation I knew also in violent marriage. It has been too many years! Donate Button with Credit Cards @Dec 20, 2013, CAN YOU HELP ME? with a click of even $15 to $20; These are for phone, food, and gas costs, in context of family of origin abuses (post-reporting the DV). Without this court system, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have ever been forced BACK onto food stamps. The constant disruption convinced me there was a “reason for THAT season” and led to blogging this information. The people who most need this info, which I did years ago, can’t afford it (hence no Donate Button was put up til very recently). The Violence Prevention groups that agree NOT to report on this, get federal and private funding in the millions, i.e., see Futures Without Violence (in San Francisco; EIN 943110973, Yr 2011 tax return, $6.5mil Govt Grants, of which $4.7 mil, salaries — and they’re mostly PR and media campaigns + trainings!), Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs (in Duluth, MN, EIN#411382134, Yr 2011 return; of $3.4 million grants, $3.3 million are “gov’t.” While their salaries are low, their main project “Battered Women’s Justice Project” is considered and considered AFCC partner now, scroll down), etc. and they too market trainings and supervised visitation (businesses). They are not going to confront the gender-based funding of court programs! (They will not bite the hands that feed them..HHS and DOJ). These are private groups which wouldn’t exist without federal funds, and have censored an entire field of conversation, screening out the voices of the poor, unless there’s some program funding available for them. Esta Soler: $289K, etc. With respect, reporting on VAWA and omitting its expression through the custody courts is censorship!

Therefore, if you have to spare, please click and help ME today, and tell at least two others!! Tell them enough is enough, and that I report how to find who welfare is financing, and the courts as the revolving door to carpet-bagger corporations, often set up to start with by a judge and/or family lawyer and/or family court services director. (Use Feedback form to ask, and I’ll tell!). Thank you, @ 5 days before Christmas. (NB, there have been years of theft, this is not personal mismanagement, or indigence!!!)

This type of information (although I took it to a different level, for sure) already was covered up quickly after being reported in the 1990s, the time I could’ve most used it, in advance of custody challenge. The entire program does not work UNLESS one out of every two parents has less information and public support than the other. In that situation, children stay in motion — and are worth more billable (or fake-billable, and/or fake-corporation billable hours to the various players.

NB: “Church and Religious Orgs” in the USA are an IRS privilege. When they ALSO take millions of faith-based (or other social service) funds, those funds can’t be tracked well, reducing accountability to the public who helped provide. Because they are not required to file, pastor housing exemptions (even for televangelists, etc.), the public at large simply cannot compare intake to outgo. Real Estate is owned, donations are written off. cf. privately-funded philanthropies — giving it away is a wise investment. Yet, in fact, the TANF diversions and unnecessary income taxes have already spread the hunger. Is another way possible, leveling the religious playing field through TAX EXEMPTION equality to see who are truly committed to the faith, as well as to the infrastructures?

(Back to the systems interaction…) Once this is understood, better solutions (than arguing with sociopaths or such systems, which preach one standard and practice the other: interlocking directorates of business operations, vertical monopolies and all) come up: Pull the plug on the fraud and wasted grants. BUT, to do that, one has to know where and what it is!

It’s become a valuable, if costly in human suffering, history lesson, and wake-up to understand WHY the experience of divorce and custody, when violence or abuse was a factor, is like a huge cult one just can’t leave, often, safely. They are essentially the same; the purpose of the abuse is the profits in the control, and of the cults (new age, Christian, you name it) are IN the courthouses and associated networks. The purpose isn’t public benefit, it’s private profits, AND inappropriate sex for ritual bonding, including with children. Everyone and anything is sacrificed for the secret/s. People [kids] are sold, and/or enslaved, and their parents extorted or bankrupted. Sorry to bring it up, but ….small wonder! Sept. 2012, 3 Congresspersons attending Scientology, previously (IL/Davis) crowning Moon.

Remember, the art of confusion, induced trance, is a distraction. True also when it comes to social media, MSM, apparent debates -the main subject is elsewhere. What is the system change wanted? Where is the profit? it’s ALWAYS there….the talk is secondary.

Hence those teaming up [on the Conference and Book Tour Circuit [FL, Oct. 2012] [See personnel include a certain Judge presiding over first Broward County Mental Health Court (2008, back in AZ describing this, and therapeutic jurisprudence; note was on Bush’s New Freedom Mental Health Commission)….So add BMCC, DV prevention and film promos with M.H.Erickson-supporters [see 4th from last slide, State of the Art Faculty, N. Cummings] , and psychology-psychonalysis-psychopharmaceutical lifelong promoters of late (spring 2012), to defend the not-so-innocent with “they just don’t get it.“.. “it’s those “flawed practices” trainings [but we have a new practice manual here…] , either have likewise been (drinking the Kool-aid? Hypnotized?) or are simply likewise trained in the art of the illogical, a sign of an ulterior agenda. [I’ll vote for, the latter, among them, Simply Sales.]] However, I’m still working to understand the origins of this theme, see “Stunning Validation” post. I do know that there’s too high a mental health personnel overlap with the family courts to be coincidence.

2011, Barry Goldstein Theory on “Why Don’t We Just End Domestic Violence?” (15 points and another half-page of prose, with ZERO supporting links to evidence), I replied 6/26/2011 as “Liberty,” “Let’s not be babes in the woods about these matters any more….” a Patrice Livingston explained (neatly) how A/V grants work, but this particular writer is immune to a certain kind of evidence. We learn to work around it with those who see through it…

As of 2013 October, yet another “DV Awareness Month,” I have been working on a Table of Contents for this Blog and possibly to shut down [through pulling the plug on its public funding] the DV industry:it’s turned fascist, dumps cases into the family law system, then goes back for more federal grants, while some of the nonprofit orgs. doing this are themselves also staffed by public employees (aka, judges, district attorneys, directors of family court services).

The system has been rapidly consolidating control of an industry in the hands of NONPROFIT partnerships and coalitions while my children were aging out of it after separation from violent marital abuse.

Certain Associations collaborated, privately, to change the rhetoric. Don’t debate their points, change it back? The point of continual conflict is distraction, to produce system change. I talk about the system changes and the system — that’s a different vocabulary, and a more powerful (and more objective) conversation. I talk about the funding and show lookup, fact-check tools (lie-detectors for nonprofits). After that, it’s up to the public willpower (determination) to preserve their own earnings, to get empowered by getting the facts, change the platform of discussion, and change the dialogue.

So this blog will not only expose things NOT reported in depth elsewhere, it also gives a coherent explanation of WHY certain groups are not reporting….Individuals contacting me from the blog, whose court cases I then hear about, have said, the blog helped them not go crazy. I believe this information is FOUNDATIONAL to sanity for family court litigants. And a real wakeup for taxpayers, as to the racketeering. Racketeering has to resemble legitimate businesses, or it wouldn’t work. But there are some ways (and signposts) to check, we all should know and use…

[Continued on a post, link here] . . .

[after years of no holidays involving my family members, too many of them involving food stamps and soup kitchens, I confess to being not in a very good mood, this season, 2013…in addition to very concerned about the immediate future of this country, let alone my own, or my young-adult kids….]

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December 21, 2013 at 3:32 pm

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