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“The Family Court Franchise System” (Blogspot.com, 2012 only, 40 posts and 7 Pages) Is Now Grafted into FamilyCourtMatters.org here (WordPress.com) as of April 7, 2019 [Updated (shortened) July 2-5, 2019].

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THIS POST IS: “The Family Court Franchise System” (Blogspot.com, 2012 only, 40 posts and 7 Pages) Is Now Grafted into FamilyCourtMatters.org here (WordPress.com) as of April 7, 2019. (shortlink ends “-9Aj”)

Published April 19, 2019, last updated July 2-5, 2019.** Approx. 10,000 words including the index (table of contents) to the blog merger. (Case-sensitive shortlink ends “-9Aj.”).  Check back here periodically for which of those 47 indexed reports (post & pages) have been re-published on this blog (some with updates or reiterations of relevance to current context). (**Major deletion of prose, bringing index close to the top).  See also SOME HELPFUL FOOTNOTES below the Index.

…  [2021 update:  I never merged the blogs; the other one still seems functional, so links provided here should work…  It’s still good to know about…//LGH]

2020 FORMAT UPDATE: THIS POST EXISTS TO PUBLISH A TABLE OF CONTENTS REPRESENTING THE MERGING OF ANOTHER OF MY non-WordPress BLOGS into this one to preserve its contents.  I assigned short-links to the posts in anticipation of publishing them here, on my main (major) blog. However, as of July 28, 2020 (this update) most of them aren’t yet published (Life’s been busy…), and they may, or may not still be available in on prior blog.  At the time, I had some messages that domain was going down and so moved quickly to preserve content by moving it here.. Here’s a partial image of that table.  There’s a lot of explanation matter up front, for example, of why each title appears twice.  (links to old blog also preserved here).

The visuals will be clearer than shown on this image from the post below//LGH

A snapshot of the table on my sticky post with short-link ending “-9Aj” published April, 2019…

[END, July 28, 2020 Update, to add this image].

This post may not be the best one to jump in on for a general blog overview. It’s actually an overview of a blog I merged into this one in 2019, having written it several years earlier, while the material is still relevant because the practices (and organizations pushing them, such as the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts or similar entities) are still pushing similar programming, and the same federal agencies (U.S.) continue also to fund programs, and have expanded scope and quantity, it seems affecting family court (and “human development”) outcomes.

A historic look from a different perspective (which mine still is!) is always helpful. If the concepts are new, the index below still shows post titles as a kind of overview, but I have not written this post for the purpose of re-summarizing everything (or this blog).  I wrote it, as the title says, to merge two blogs and retain the record of post titles separately from my normal tables of contents.

This post is sticky because it serves a specific purpose for which I didn’t want it buried among all posts, however it’s only on [now, “near”//LGH July 28, 2020] the top (if it still is when you’re reading this) because it was published last.  If you need less complicated visuals, or more plain text and fewer section titles, I recommend start at the top right sidebar, or just continue scrolling further down on this page to browse tables of contents, or current post titles.  In mid-2019 I’ve been working on re-organizing and some streamlining of the blog, while continuing to write, and still many people just do not speak ‘economic’ when it comes to this subject matter, or in general, so explaining it gets a bit cumbersome….
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Eavesdropping into an Indoctrination Center, Hindsight from a Pilot Project Outpost (First publ. Dec. 22, 2013; Updated (format) Aug. 3, 2019).

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THIS POST IS, with title lengthened to show when first published (Dec. 2013) and when last updated (Aug. 2019):

Eavesdropping into an Indoctrination Center, Hindsight from a Pilot Project Outpost (First publ. Dec. 22, 2013; Updated (format) Aug. 3, 2019). (short-link ends -2cI, about 12,700 words)

A nearby post I just updated Aug. 3, 201, and referenced on the top sticky post on the blog (created recently to post all my PAGES (vs.POSTS like these) titles + links full-width, vs. tightly wrapped on a narrow sidebar widget) (click on next link for why) was and still is called:

Bypassing the Legal Process in Baltimore: HOW and for WHOM Maryland got its “Family Divisions” in 1998. (Short-link ending “-2cT” and at about 9,200 words, not including this update. First published, I believe, on or about Dec. 24, 2013; this update with a bit of preview & Why the Update section, August 3, 2019).

Also recommended, if you can handle the indignant tone as I was at the time discovering and processing all this information:


Eavesdropping into an Indoctrination Center, Hindsight from a Pilot Project Outpost (short-link ends -2cI)
Once the process becomes clear, it’s easy to see in operation.  AGAIN — the NONPROFIT and CENTERS (clearinghouses, you name it) system of communications — laterally — is replacing the jurisdiction-related representative government, if it hasn’t already.

The Indoctrination Center is at UBaltimore School of Law, where concepts like Therapeutic Jurisprudence Promotion and Unified Family Courts are being taught to new law students (Student Fellows) (year, 2013).

Unbelievable.  Listen in to the fake conversations…

The Hindsight from a Pilot Projectassistance obtained in this project ca. 2002 — is (to date still in motion) at an economically depressed and, it turns out, educationally disadvantaged region of Pennsylvania, Lackawanna County.  They are related.

So, you might want to read post one, and see how one tax-evading GAL was spat out, and got a settlement agreeing their own tax fraud wasn’t over $80,000 [leaving the program enabling fraudsters intact, from what we can tell]. I am showing you portions of the manufacturing and of the product delivery sections of this UFC family-relations-assembly line.  I added material (1/1/2014) on inspiration — probably not the best idea – but showing the progressive encroachment from the Supreme Court level and the Presiding Family Court Judge level, of private business interests sold as “in the best interests” of the children.

I find it empowering –and wise — to see the process of having these destructive systems set in place.  It’s very easy to see once you become familiar with the HOW, the WHO, and the WHERE.  For the end goal? Usually, profit, but also, the undermining of the rule of law and substituting for it, the rulings of mental health experts. AFCC told each other this back in the 1970s, and the public, safely confident that most people were NOT paying close attention to the civil servant-nonprofit sector.  I want that to change!

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Quips, Thinks and Links on the Most Essential Matters… (on a signature block)

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Post published 8/2/2012, became “Sticky” 4/15/2016, slight revs to top part 12/15/2016

From this post:

There has to be a way to check facts and assemble a workable theory that doesn’t entail slavery for most and freedom for some.  That alone is an ECONOMIC matter, a COMMERCE matter, and as such, has to be dealt with — what are these courts really for?  We can say “kids for cash” and “stop child-trafficking” til we are blue in the face, but sooner or later such things as the murder/suicide of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaeffer and her husband — which was most likely NOT anything close to a murder/suicide — have to be dealt with

My Ideal signature block would show my Current Understanding as Quips with Links for “thinks.”

This is how it looked 4-5 years ago for use in a public forum:

  • USConstitution Title28/IV sets Jurisdiction
  • Citizenship in USA, Inc. = YOU became collateral for U$A Debt 
War=Debt Collection.   pSILENT weapons = biological warfare by few to enslave MOST.
 I blog FAMILY COURT aspects @ LGH ~ FCF~ LACKaWantsTo (& here*)
pm me for outline, links & blogs

In 2016/2017, I probably would change some links, but retain the basic concepts.   (Will be repeated again, below.)
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Things that Don’t Compute: DV Sensitivity Training for Faith-Based Organizations…. SERIOUSLY??

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PART I – Six Sisters Sue, including their former Pastor

Am I supposed to “take it on faith” that major DV organizations care who lives, who dies, and which children are being molested by their own,while their church-going parents know damn well that no one’s going to report, as mandated.

More than the care about their program funding and absolutely fantastic websites . . . .

MEANWHILE:   Look at this article by Malaika Fraley of the Contra Costa Times:

By Malaika Fraley
Contra Costa Times
© Copyright 2012, Bay Area News Group

Posted:   05/16/2012 10:16:47 AM PDT

News for six sisters sue antioch cps

  1. Antioch sisters suing for missed chances to stop years of sexual abuse

    San Jose Mercury News‎ – 4 days ago
    Ranging in age from 9 to 16, six sisters had been sexually abused by  Child Protective Services went to the Dutro sisters’ Antioch home Aug.

    ANTIOCH — Ranging in age from 9 to 16, six sisters had been sexually abused by their parents virtually every day since they were toddlers before finding hope in 1995 that their nightmare would end.

    Instead, they say, it grew more horrific as the people they counted on to rescue them — police, child-welfare workers, their church pastor — failed to deliver.

    A year after their parents were imprisoned for sex crimes spanning 20 years, the Dutro sisters — Glenda Stripes, Amber and Sarah Dutro, Martha McKnelly, Frances Smith and Christina Moore — are now suing the people and agencies they say failed to protect them as children by not following laws and procedures for handling child abuse.

    Child Protective Services went to the Dutro sisters’ Antioch home Aug. 18, 1995, after police had garnered two confessions from their pedophile father because 14-year-old Glenda had disclosed to a church pastor that she was being molested. Had they been given a moment alone with social workers, the sisters say, they would have told them they had been tortured for 16 days in preparation of the CPS visit, after the pastor had tipped off their parents days before calling police.

    But CPS, like police, never talked to them apart from their parents, and a light punishment for their rapist father only exacerbated their hellish existence.

    1995.   SEVEN YEARS LATER, in 2002, SARAH Dutro (then a teen) gives the pastor a full history of abuse, trying to spare others:

    The lawsuit, filed in Contra Costa Superior Court last week against Contra Costa County, city of Antioch, Calvary Open Bible Church in Antioch, and seven individuals who are either current or former CPS, police department or church employees. It alleges the defendants were negligent and failed to fulfill state-mandated duties that, if done, would have spared the Dutro children years of further abuse.

    One defendant, Calvary pastor Anthony Lee, is named for not contacting police or CPS when a teenage Sarah Dutro gave him a full history of the abuse in 2002 in an effort to stop her mother, Glenda Lea Dutro, the church’s youth adviser before her arrest, from hosting sleepover parties for children from the congregation at the Dutro house.

    Bruce Dutro was the primary sexual abuser, while Glenda Lea Dutro facilitated the crimes, often handpicking children for her husband. Both parents physically, psychologically and verbally abused and neglected the children, two of whom are biological nieces that the Dutros obtained legal guardianship of and raised as their daughters from ages 3 years and 18 months.

A THIRD time, the girls spoke up, this time to protect young children from Mexico.  FYI — a lot of evangelical protestant churches in California (I can’t speak for Catholics) seem to love to head down to Mexico for missionary work.   Supposedly:

For some of them, the sexual abuse lasted into their early 20s.

The parents were arrested in 2009 after an eight-month investigation launched by Antioch police after the sisters came to the department for the third time. The sisters said they were hesitant, having been burned by authority figures before, but anxious that their parents were working with the church to adopt a family with small children from Mexico.

Deputy district attorney Graves and Antioch police Officer Blair Benzler restored their faith in the criminal justice system by getting the 2011 conviction

Let’s go over this again.  The first reporting was 1995.  The conviction was 2011.   Let’s call that one full generation of nonresponse…

I think many women who have been to domestic violence support groups will verify with me that there are loads of Christian women in there, and some of them married to a pastor or a prominent deacon.   I am a Christian, but as a result of what I also have seen as to “coverups” I will not attend. Why should I support such an institution, whether it’s Opus Dei related or similar to this crap, above.  There IS NO EXCUSE, and this is a hallmark of such groups — their mandated reporters, for the most part, don’t.  I was being assaulted in the home in the 1990s, and sought help from plenty of pastors (not only them, but they knew).  This is what happens:  some churches are taught to imitate their leaders.  So there’s a collective silence.

Then, here comes the narcissistic domestic violence agencies and — because they’re into technical assistance and training, and are authorities, “surely” the leadership in the faith communities will respond to their really cool sensitivity trainings, and start sticking up for women.     Actually, if the faith community never does respond, it hardly matters — because the primary activity (other than helping run shelters) these groups are into is training and publicizing.  So long as that can continue, who cares if the agenda isn’t working, and is guaranteed NOT to work?

Do they seriously think none of the faith authorities read a tax return, program goal?  For example, when PCADV’s reads:

(TAX RETURN 2009) purpose:  (#3) “To expose the roots of domestic violence in the institutionalized subservience of women in this culture.

. . .that the Bible-toting evangelical communities (some of who are also in on the faith and fatherhood grants streams) are going to buy that line of thinking?  There are still plenty of groups around who don’t let women speak from the pulpit, and are actively coaching men in how to control their women.  And they aren’t going to go “feminazi” talk especially when it comes to LGBT matters?   Even the book of Genesis is pretty clear (let alone of how it’s further bastardized in practice and preaching) – the trouble with Eve was her independence from her husband, and conversing with ‘the serpent.’

excerpt, talking about “Emotional Abuse.”

✔controlling and/or limiting her behavior (e.g., keeping her from using the phone or seeing friends, not letting her leave the room or the house, following her and monitoring/limiting her phone conversations, checking mileage on her car, or keeping her from reading material, activities and places that he does not approve of)

✔ interrupting her while she is eating, forcing her to stay awake or waking her up

✔ blaming her for everything that goes wrong

ALL of these (and a lot more) were routine in my years of marriage, and going too far afield DID result in retaliation when I got home.  He also retaliated upon the children in attempt to sabotage some of my work relationships by simply not showing up in time to watch them when it was known I had to go, not enough gas in the car to get back home from the event,  sleep deprivation or interruptions (to be shouted at, or lectured), or trashing the house while I was out.

A leopard doesn’t change his spots through sitting through classes, before or afterwards, and GRRrrrreat way to continue control post-domestic violence is for the courts to order joint legal and/or joint physical custody.   This basically means people can’t get away.  

Someone has to TRULY not understand the religious minds in what’s going on (talking, USA, today) to believe that this stuff would change a pastor’s attitude, or a church’s.  For example — do we not yet understand how the Unification Church has been pushing “True Parents” and the healthy marriage/fatherhood programming, or politically how much Sun Myung Moon’s funding of the far right (meaning, conservative religion) is going on?  Have we not read anything by Jeff Sharlett (“The Family” re: the Bushes) The Dominionists, I mean, even some mainstream are starting to catch the drift, here  http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/08/14/dominionism-michele-bachmann-and-rick-perry-s-dangerous-religious-bond.html; I’m not sure I’d agree with that’s where it comes from, alone (referring to the 1960s and Rushdoony.  It’s been around before.  Like, say, “A.D. 381” or earlier….}}

Meanwhile, the theory that people can be trained out of bad behavior by enlightened education — and not something like, for example, if it’s a church that has been complicit in covering up child abuse, domestic violence, etc. — the pastor’s out and the church loses it’s nonprofit status pretty quickly if that pastor AIN’T out.  They fire pastors for less than this, so it shouldn’t be  a hard concept to grasp if it’s presented with teeth not just “T&A” or rather “technical assistance and training.”

I hope these sisters win every dime they’re entitled to and that the public gets so sick of paying settlements for failures of their own officials that they decide to take a stand voluntarily against child abuse right where it counts– and that includes in the churches.   I’m saying this as a woman who reported to immediate family first (who were worse than useless initially), and my own pastor at the time, weeks later after another, similar, only worse incident occurred.  Both were in my home.  Both were with a toddler in the home at the time, a close witness, and both were while I was pregnant and involved me being thrown to the floor, straddled, slapped repeatedly IN THE FACE while being shouted at by this guy.

It got worse from there . . .. And as I have daughters, I am also seriously concerned (as we speak) about my own family member’s obsession with them, and manic need to keep me from having a real relationship with my own kids.  It’s known that there is incest in an involved family line (actually ,two involved family lines) as well, although it was not an allegation in our family law case.

Some churches may be decent, but many are hellish, and I mean that in the truest sense of the words.  Like batterers, they don’t come out drooling and spitting, but smooth and empathetic many times. On the inside, it’s pretty much like Jesus said — whited sepulchers.  And maybe for some, ignorantly. . . . . .    Let’s put it this way — what those sisters said is entirely credible (as a possibility) based on my own awareness of this situation, and my own case history.  I know how it goes.

Just a reminder — the Jaycee Dugard case also came from the same town, Antioch.  


Malaika Fraley and the Contra Costa times should be commended for this reporting.  I intend to follow up when I’m less deeply affected by it, which doesn’t make for very good writing, here.



Over at Scranton Political Times recently, as more evidence that a GAL is recommending custody of little children be switched to fathers who injure mothers, or later get convicted of raping other minors, I have some more commentary — from today.  Others (who live in the area) have said that a recent man arrested for raping a teenager over many years, also had his own custody case involving both DV and child abuse; he got custody.  Search “Tunkhannock” or “Maurice Hunting” on the site, it’ll show up.  Meanwhile, I’m talking about Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence and one of their subgrantees (who is in Scranton), the “Women’s Resource Center” — below.  Hopefullly there’s enough to chew on.  I discuss the HHS grants some as well (easier to view on the forum than below):  Notice all the earmarks:


 dare you to scrutinize these grants:

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards

Like, grant 90XP0223 ($85K in 2008, $297K total, congressional earmark)

a training, education, and prevention institute on domestic violence and homicide prevention”

from “Washington Watch

Prevention, Education and Training Institute Project

Sen. Robert P., Jr. Casey (PA) requests $250,000 for:
Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV)
Harrisburg, PA

“For the first time, USReps are required to publish their requested earmarks ONline”  Rep Holden D-17 requested $377 for this:

PRESS RELEASE on creating this institute, with Case & Specter

A big one is the “National Resource Center on DV” (marked “Discretionary” — most are).     $8 million over 5 years (HHS)

Since 2005:

Award Number: 90EV0353
Award Class: DISCRETIONARY   ($350K so far)

**popular now, why not expand (note:  how could Penn State Univ have ever happened, Sandusky, with this giant communicator & trainer, PCADV in the same state, Harrisburg?)

They already have a “National Resource Center” which is primarily on-line links to publications (as far as I can tell).  But why stop a good thing?  So here’s $750K or so more, do start up another one:

Award Number: U1VCE324010

( $728K since 2007, small so far).

Goal of the National Resource Center (since 1994):

“To change belief systems and practices that support violence and abuse that disproportionately affects women, and other marginalized people, the DVAP recognizes and promotes the participation of the entire community in building social intolerance towards domestic violence…”

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

Flowchart — interesting:


Here’s a profile from a group that tracks nonprofit salaries, revenues, etc (EERI), up through 2004.   Its contributions and its revenues are about equal (??), and ca. $26 million (see bar chart).  SO WHAT IS IT SELLING?

TAX RETURN 2009 shows one of its purposes  (#3) “To expose the roots of domestic violence in the institutionalized subservience of women in this culture.

For Further Info — and Reflection

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See also (next-gen blog, at least for me)

The Family Court Franchise System

Blog author in need of redecoration, has set up shop elsewhere.  This doesn’t mean NO more posts over here, but perhaps better organization over there.  I tangled one too many times with the gigantic “quotes” function & disappearing paragraphs here; I like the more flexible fonts available on the other platform.  You probably will too.

Besides which, anyone who hasn’t figured out yet that the family court system IS a franchise system, I feel sincerely sorry for them.  Last attempt to convince you of this? (just a sample)


For sale, on the site:


For more information click on product page          

The Psychotherapist As Parent Coordinator in High- Conflict Divorce: Strategies and Techniques

Develop a parenting coordination program and minimize high stress for children of divorce! With this guide, you will be able to effectively help co-parents develop a collaborative relationship and child-focused parenting plans during or after their divorce through parenting coordination.

Parenting Coordination: 

Creating a Window of Hope

 Marketing Power Point 

This power point presentation has been created in 30 and 60 minute versions as a way to educate the legal and mental health professionals regarding the process of parenting coordination.  This is an ideal way to educate and market parenting coordination to your community.    

To learn more and order click here  $34.95 To learn more and order click here  $75

 Parenting Coordination Assessment  Forms

Each assessment includes eighteen pages that include the following:

  • Intake Form
  • Self Assessment
  • Co-Parent Assessment
  • Conflict Assessment
  • Relationship Assessment
  • Child Assessment.     

 Forms are sold in sets of twenty.

Parenting Coordination Forms: DISK A

  • Sample Order Appointing a Parent Coordinator
  • Agreement Expectation Contract
  •  Standards of Care
  •  Step by step checklist for parenting coordinators.

    Electronic files (in Word or WordPerfect) of the parenting coordination basic parenting coordination forms. These forms may be duplicated and modified for individual use. Disk A includes: 

To learn more and order

click here.   $75  

To learn more and order

click  here  $50

Parenting Coordination Supplimental Forms: DISK B

Disk B includes electronic files in word and word perfect formats include supplemental forms for the parent coordinator.  These forms include

  • step-parent assessment
  • abuse assessment
  • child forms
  • marketing forms
  • standards vs licensing code
  • agreement forms
  • feedback forms
  • communication agreement
  • impasse assessment
  • court contracts, and much more. 
  •  For more detailed information click here.

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: A Parent Guide to Effective Co-Parenting  


 An easy-to-read parent workbook that provides vital information and gives real-life examples and worksheets so parent may practice new skills that shield their child from parental conflict.

Available also in Spainish text see below

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Cooperative Parenting and Divorce GroupCertificates $6.00 per 15
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Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Group Kit

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce is a 8-week, 16 – 20 hour program that is part video and part group discussion recommended for groups of 10-16 parents. The group kit consists of video/DVD, leader’s guide, parent guide and marketing disk.  It is designed for use by therapists, parent educators, churches and schools.



Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: A Parent Guide to Effective Co-Parenting  


 An easy-to-read parent workbook that provides vital information and gives real-life examples and worksheets so parent may practice new skills that shield their child from parental  


$349  To order click here$19.95  To order click here

Here’s a brief trying to push the hybrid model, more:

In Search of Statutory Authority for Parenting Coordinator Orders in California: Using a Grass- roots, Hybrid Model Without an Enabling Statute, 5 Journal of Child Custody 88 (2008)

Ms. Termini (of Pennsylvania) coordinates the GAL program at Lackawanna County, and Mr. Joe Pilchesky, as part of his public service, this WAS a public service; more people should do it!) posted her receipts to the Scranton Political Times on or about Oct. 3, 2011 as follows (a few months before he was himself thrown off the site by Joanne, who apparently got tired of certain behaviors, including cheating on him, dissing her (with a few threats implied) on the forum, and continuing to operate out of  a home she owned, literally.   No child victims for the local courts in that situation, but they are going to duke it out anyhow).   BUT — here it is, Ms. Termini’s SS# redacted….


The hotel stay image, here, 8/22/09 — coincides with a presentation Termini, Harhut & Ross were doing at the National Association of Counsel for Children (“NACC”), only $215.43 for one night.   It’s Danielle Ross (not Termini) who is the NACC member (per their lists, at least).  

And some more:



and some more, for 2011:

For the year 2011



(I sure hope those links continue to function….)

And he summarizes what he did, which doesn’t sound to me like rocket science.  Posted 10/3/2011. Maybe it was rocket science, but somehow, I don’t think so:

All these were, and as of today (2/24/2012) are at Scranton Political Times under the co-parenting thread, which is under the topic “Doherty Deceit”


 I sent a right-to-know letter to Lackawanna County asking for documents regarding Family Court’s Co-Parenting Coordinator, Ann Marie Termini.  I received a response a few days ago, so I’m able to share some information with you.  The RTK letter and the response thereto are posted below.

* I asked for copies of contracts between Termini and the County.  Response: None exist. That’s question 6 in the RTK letter.

* I asked for documents to support what the scope of her duties are as a contractor. Response: None exist.  That’s question 2.

* I asked for documents to support that a lease agreement exists relating to the space she occupies on county property.  Response: None exist.  That’s question 3

* I asked for agreements relating to Termini using utilities, office equipment and furnishings. Response: None exist. That’s question 5

* I asked for copies of any complaints about Termini. Response: None exist. That’s question 8.

* I asked for copies of any court orders directing that Termini is appointed as the Co-Parenting Coordinator.  Response: None exist.  That’s question 9

* I asked for any documents to support the creation of the Co-Parenting Program. Response: None exist. That’s question 10.

* I asked for a copy of any advertising relating to seeking persons to fill the position of Co-Parenting Coordinator. Response: None exist.  That’s question 12

NACC seems like another networking opp for the same sorts of AFCC personnel, only focused around child support and abuse:

32nd National Juvenile and Family Law Conference – Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, NY


When: August 19-22, 2009
Where: Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge
333 Adams Street
Brooklyn, New York  11201
United States
Contact: Daniel Trujillo (trujillo.daniel@tchden.org)

>>>Title of Conference is typically modest of these professionals, modeled after the parent organization, AFCC:


This was the “32nd National Juvenile and Family Law Conference of the National Association of Counsel for Children”

These organizations (at least one who is an affiliate of NACC) sponsored:


  • Barry University School of Law

  • Ciccolella Family Law, P.C.

  • Colorado Office of the Child’s Representative

  • Georgia Association of Counsel for Children  (NONprofit group started 8/26/2003, admin. dissolved involuntarily 5/2008 for ‘failure to file,” paid up and reinstated about a year later (4/2009) and now is back and running, though a little late on their 2011 filing also, it says)….would be nice to find an EIN# but the search site re-routes users to a licensure site instead.  Hmm.

  • Legal Aid Society, Juvenile Rights Practice

  • Legal Aid Society, New York City

  • NACC Megan Louise Furth Youth Empowerment Fund

  • Northern California Association of Counsel for Children

(this Co-sponsor of NACC  conference 2009, and NACC affiliate, is actually run out of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), i.e., from the California Judicial Counsel.  Site shows:

CALIFORNIA *Northern California Association of Counsel for Children (NCACC)

Christopher Wu Phone: 415/865-7721 AOC/ Center for Children, Families and the Courts 455 Golden Gate Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102

Christopher.Wu@jud.ca.gov (this links shows you the OTHER members on that blue-ribbon commission)

Mr. Christopher Wu

Executive Director
California Blue Ribbon Commission on Children in Foster Care

 Mr. Wu is ALSO “Supervising Attorney” for the CFCC (which to my understanding helps distribute the access/visitation funding that comes to the Judicial Council).  Is this a conflict of interest?
(This CFCC itself is part of a larger partnership — see bottom of page**)

One member (notice affiliations) incl.

Staff Counsel, California Dept. of Social Services, 1975-1977
Deputy Attorney General, State of California, Health, Education, and Welfare Div. 1977-1988
Training Director, Advokids, 2005-present

These “cooperated”:

  • ABA Center on Children and the Law

  • ABA Section of Litigation, Children’s Rights Litigation Committee

  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

  • Connecticut Commission on Child Protection

  • First Star

  • National Center for State Courts

  • National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

  • National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association

  • National Institute for Trial Advocacy

  • Judicial Council of California Center for Families, Children, and the Courts 


California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership (Mr. Wu of CFCC and of the Northern California Association of Counsel for Children, which is an affiliate of NACC, and of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Children in Foster Care (and who knows what else, probably ALL run out of the same address) also is linked to here:


The California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership . . 

is a collaborative group of state agencies, foundations and other nonprofit organizations whose purpose is improving the lives of children and families who are in or are at risk of entering the state’s child welfare system.   Founded in 2006. . . .
“Our public-private
partnership includes
eight partners that
collectively invest
more than $2 billion
in the state’s child
welfare system.”
Partner organizations and representatives include:

Advisory CommitteeThe Partnership’s Advisory Committee is made up of nearly 40 diverse organizations that inform and advise the Partnership about its work and priorities.

sometimes I wonder where they are getting all these abused children FROM — and if the money were put into supporting the parents, PERIOD, there wouldn’t be such a need for CPS, welfare, and foster care to start with.  in other words, MOST parents, just ordinary people, are paying these organizations to craft policies that drive their lives, and MOST ordinary wage-earners are NOT forming nonprofits to avoid paying excess taxes — because they can’t, or don’t know how to.
This is how wealth is centralized, and this is who is driving our government.  I suppose I should give the run-of-the-mill crooks a break, after all, they are just following the examples of the wealthy philanthropic elites of the country, which they hope to (obviously) join the ranks of — or possibly have, by now.   (by comparison AFCC is starting to look like Kid Stuff, not that I forgive them their agenda (I’m female….)  . . . .
All they want to do get their piece of the coming utopia, which will likely eliminate the “useless eaters” once their purposes have been served.
Do NOT kid yourself this agenda has changed, whether or not the rank-and-file have picked up on it yet.   Another use of the term occurs HERE:  The question is, what are you going to do about it?

The Drug Story By Morris A. Bealle

“To teach the Rockefeller drug ideology, it is necessary to teach that Nature didn’t know what she was doing when she made the human body. But statistics issued by the Children’s Bureau of the Federal Security Agency show that since the all-out drive of the Drug Trust for drugging, vaccinating and serumizing the human system, the health of the American nation has sharply declined, especially among children. Children are now given ‘shots’ for this and ‘shots’ for that, when the only safeguard known to science is a pure bloodstream, which can be obtained only with clean air and wholesome food. Meaning by natural and inexpensive means. Just what the Drug Trust most objects to.“

This book was written in the late 1940s and is valuable reading in these perilous times. Read about this important book at http://educate-yourself.org/drugstory.html.

I take the drugging issue up a little more in the blog mentioned at the top.  When a woman protecting her child from home invasion is handled with swat team and HELIcopters, over the issue of adverse responses to vaccinations + refusal to continue “Risperdal” after its dangers to her child became obvious (and an M.D. apparently verified), then we are simply in the situation of sitting ducks.
UNFREEZE – CHANGE — REFREEZE” has already happened.  now, we need to apply the same theory and change things — not back — but to a different setup than this ‘partners in change” that see abused children deserving of foster care where they do NOT exist, and fail to see them where they DO exist.  Perhaps if they weren’t spending half their time preparing for conferences, presenting at them, poring over each other’s research (and billing hotel costs to their local counties), this information might have surfaced earlier.  Who knows….
ANYHOW, apparently Ms. Termini DID show up (per brochure) in 2009, Brooklyn — with cohorts a judge and a GAL — and you can search the name in the brochure.

Domestic Relations on “Doherty Deceit”: Pennsylvania “Expose Corruption” Forum Moderator’s Wife says Enough! (in a kickout order), to the tune of Cheers and Jeers (Publ. Dec. 23, 2011)

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~ |Update Comments, Aug. 1, 2019| ~

Post Title: Domestic Relations on “Doherty Deceit”: Pennsylvania “Expose Corruption” Forum Moderator’s Wife says Enough! (in a kickout order), to the tune of Cheers and Jeers (publ. Dec. 23, 2011) short-link ends “-Wx” (approx. length, just about 12,000 words, including several tables.. and this intro which I expanded by looking up an organization referenced in the post.)

The usual update routine: This older post came up in a search, I didn’t have a shortening (“Click to Read More”) link, meaning the entire post would display in search results intended to show which posts dealt with the topic, so I came back and put one in. While here, applied the usual html to clean it up some.  Older posts do not have margin specs, and when the blog capacity was upgraded, the default background color changed to, I think, an ugly light blue/green. Those are simple fixes.

The Updated comments followed up on (just) one entity mentioned in the post, found it had been IRS-revoked (w/ Chicago address) for not filing three years in a row, was re-instated (by the IRS) in Dec. 2015 and is now based in Texas. Someone needs to counsel the “Council on Contemporary Families” about basics of staying registered with the IRS as ethical behavior, especially for those focused on analyzing and counseling others.  The current address reflects a “Population Center” at a U-Texas Austin, no doubt because the principal officer listed works there now.

The forum quoted and referenced below has gone down, but my time on it, and looking into things “Pennsylvania” was definitely memorable. As the state has come back up again, in pending (?) bills targeting family court decision-making, and as this post despite its title and beginnings, has a lot of organizations profiled towards the bottom, I’m applying a quick face-lift, the usual title + short-link protocol, and hoping for the best. //LGH Aug 1, 2019.

ByTheWay, this came up in a search for “enhancing judicial skills in domestic violence cases” (search without the quotes) on the blog, i.e., an internal phrase search…. also, the publish date I added to the title (now my usual protocol for all new posts) was taken from the URL which displays, actually, last edited date (probably the same).  That search generally leads straight to something involving the NCJFCJ, which may also be seen as a recently pinned Tweet at my @LetUsGetHonest Twitter account (somewhat more active in recent half-year or so).

Post Title: Domestic Relations on “Doherty Deceit”: Pennsylvania “Expose Corruption” Forum Moderator’s Wife says Enough! (in a kickout order), to the tune of Cheers and Jeers (publ. Dec. 23, 2011) short-link ends “-Wx” (approx. length, just under 12,000 words. That includes several tables.. and this intro which I sort of expanded by looking up an organization referenced in the post.)

I see TAGGS or other reports on:  PCADV, NRCDV (one of its projects), the PA Dept of Welfare, a reference to Jeffrey Leving, Esq., to the Council on Contemporary Families (“CCF” EIN#52-2070511, established in IL ca. 1998; it has a journal, I believe), and because it relates to Lackawanna County PA (which this forum did), some mentions of Justice Chet Harhut (who was AFCC-related), Ms. Termini (who was NACC, and both were “working” the Lackawanna County court-referral system quite well, as I recall).  (CCF FY2008 990EZ was its first tax return; I see revs. typically under $50K, no more filed since.  It may be filing Form 990-Ns).  Without posting it all here, the IRS says it was legitimate, but their “Determination letter” showed it as since Dec. 2015 and with an Austin, TX address (“305 E 23rd Street Stop G1800, Austin, TX 7871″).  Turns out they were auto-revoked (for not filing three years in a row, will do it…) in 2012, which was posted 2013, then re-instated LATE 2015, and have been filing Forms 990-N ever since, with principal officer “Jennifer Glass” and the website “contemporaryfamilies.org” (that information available on an IRS tax-exempt organization search). (“EOS”).   Anyone want to place a bet whether kept publishing while inactive and IRS-revoked?  (Either way, the operational size shown is small).

Found Jennifer Glass, Ph.D. (UWisconsin-Madison) (as suggested by the above website) at UTexas Austin, under the Population Research Center.  Curriculum vitae shows a Lifelong Sociologist, from way back, and cites at the top of “Honors and Awards” “Center for Contemporary Families – 2015 – ” (!).  Steady work and publishing career, though.  This is not the place to discuss it… But what a sorry-ass website (check it out! The CCF’s I mean, not Dr. Glass’s!)||

Otherwise: TAGGS grants shown here run off the right margins, but can be easily re-searched again on the government website, so I’m not restructuring them at this time.  Enjoy!!

~ |end, “Update” comments, Aug. 1, 2019| ~

(Below here is Dec., 2011 text and in a different tone than the update comments, obviously):

I hope I wasn’t responsible for provoking this incident, or lighting the final fuse, when I took on Joe Pilchesky’s mixture of excellent political activism + personal public misogyny below.   But a bouncing caricature of a tube-top set of boobs, and various other parts of (clothed) female anatomy, either animate or inanimate, characterized or photographed — is a little different than a naked woman half out of a pool (?) in a forum where the leader is being a real man and taking on other men for oppressing defenseless mothers.  Plus I felt the groupthink in that no one else did.  I still have some question (based on the “members on-line views and a few other things*) on whether some of the usernames do or do not have a single author.

This is a case where unless one knows a little more property, business (ownership of internet forum) and legal marital history, one probably can’t know the whole story, but certain educated guesses are possible.  However, in the process of detaching and detoxing (I felt I at least “delivered the goods” to the area, and some helpful links & analysis), I also responded to one too many “Shut up, Woman!” remarks from the local folk hero.  The habit was inappropriate, and I don’t feel that whether or not I am getting fVcked at any point in time should affect whether or not I have a right to speak.  Especially to someone who appears to be about my age, and had been asserting that the family law system didn’t have anything to do with gender, and federal grants were not gender-specific (both false).

After posting what’s below, I went back on-line yesterday morning, and found out that not only had Mrs. Pilchesky evicted her husband from her (per property deeds) home — possibly enabling her to either move back in, sell it, rent it, or whatever she wants to do with it — but she also took control of the forum and apparently is purging it of “defamatory, personal or libelous” commentary.  And the fur is flying for sure.  Some claimed she “mutinied” (interesting metaphor; that ship had a captain), others that it was about time!  She abandoned poor Joe to handle the forum alone; she put up with his crap too long, how can you put a guy out of his home right before Christmas? . . . well, it wasn’t exactly “his” home . . . and attempts to boycott the forum, go follow the leader!


As of this morning, the site still looks like this, or at least this was a precipitating message from the Mrs.: (image link broken)

(from Joane Pilchesky): (image link broken; it was probably a gravatar)


Status: Offline
Posts: 2172
Date: Dec 21 10:21 PM, 2011

Reply Quote

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I have relieved Joe Pilchesky from his administrative responsibilities and privileges. It is my belief that the Doherty Deceit website, which operated by Joe and another Administrator, will have a link to a mirror message board that may look like and function like this one.I have disabled this message board temporarily because I am attempting to prevent any defamatory, libelous or vulgar statements to be exported from this site and imported onto the new message forum.

It is my intent to clean up some of the posts on this board, removing ethnic, cultural, personal and all defamatory statements and then re-activate it. It should be up and running by tomorrow early a.m.

I thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at scrantonpoliticaltimes@gmail.com and rest assured that your anonymity, as always, is guaranteed.


Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. – Thomas Jefferson


My point was, we need more leaders, and fewer blind followers.  I expect that got rather lost in the din….

Meanwhile, people, plural (that means women) have continued to contact me on-line privately about their cases, meaning I get to hear more nightmare information about HOW very young children are separated from their mothers, who sure sound pretty coherent, given that situation.   And I’m not that hero… or an attorney . . . or ready to live more vicarious trauma.   No, I want to tell the truth in a principled format; so that others can check THEIR particulars, and if the shoe fits, pull it on and start making some tracks.

So, if you like gossip — there you go.  Moral?  Those who post to forums should be sure to save their work!

ANOTHER TRADE (membership-based) NonProfit, with professors, speakers, authors, historians, therapists . . . (and Jeffrey Leving) — which can’t file a tax return?!?


Scroll to bottom for another nonprofit association of the FBI-raided GAL from Scranton, PA:  Council on Contemporary Families.

  • ANYHOW — This next section is partial dialogue, but also delivers more data — and proves, yet again, that a simple google search on a person’s name can unearth some strange bedfellows, and more nonprofit associations.  Heads-up towards the bottom on a new AFCC+Arts/Farts & Ph.D.-staffed nonprofit from Illinois — which has illustrious membership (plus a GAL from Scranton, which I’d have to characterize as social climbing, given the company) — and in its entire existence, complete with state-of-the-art email marketing (obnoxious, actually) on its website — has filedl it looks like ONE (count it, ONE!) tax return — that’s for the IRS.
  • The tax return shows an Illinois address, in fact UIC (University of Illinois Chicago) – – – but Illinois itself shows NO record of the group, either incorporation or as the nonprofit which the tax return shows it is.  While the income shown on this membership organization is modest (and possibly falsified/understated — they have about 220 members now, $100 a pop except students $50, and showed between $14-$16K membership income in only 2008.  I’d love to see the membership roster.

WRITTEN 12-21-2011 and earlier, continued from previous post (I copied some overlap for context):

This is why I’d bother to give the forum the time of day.  Because it’s different.  What a shame that means wading through the misogyny as well, and not just for me.  In a workplace I wonder if that’d be grounds for harassment.  (I blogged this earlier:).  Look at how the Good ol’ boys handled it:
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December 23, 2011 at 9:00 am

Evaluate, Coordinate, Sow the Seeds of Mother-Hate (a.k.a. How to Accuse a Mom of Alienation)

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Quick review:  The purpose of the Family Law system is to engage Marriage Counselors (etc.) into the legal process, and produce ongoing business for mental health therapists, and retirement plans for court-associated personnel.    

If you don’t believe that (yet), pls. review this 1966 TIME article, narrating the relationship between Judge Roger Alton Pfaff (who was childless) and Meyer Elkin (counselor) in the experimental “Conciliation” courts whose intent was to prevent divorce by forcing people into counseling who were headed for it:

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,842452,00.html#ixzz1P1f1mSR1

I am starting to get genuinely angry about the deceitfulness and arrogance of the material put forth in conferences which is designed for application in a custody case.  Just because a group of people believe that Psychological Services = Salvation.  Rather than, say, “divination” (and with the profits to match).

It’s not just the brazen marketing, and using federal monies to run social science demonstration projects on unsuspecting parents for the amusement (and profit) of the . . . . social scientists and nonprofit corporations that do their biddings.  It’s not just the elitist, arrogant mentality behind the therapists (etc.) which scent is caught when one reads the conference jargon with a real-life perspective.  And it’s not just the dishonesty throughout the system — although those certainly all figure in.

But yesterday, chasing down the yet another Warshak/Ricci/Stahl/Gardner Kids’ Turn copycat, I found that the Lackawanna County, Pennsylvani  AFCC-curricula peddler Dr. Mukliewicz along with Mr. Libassi, M.S., C.R.C., now have (with the help of the Presiding Judge? Wm. E. Baldwin) have gotten Pennsylvania Civil Code of Procedure altered to specify their product as THE mandated parental education curriculum (at least in Schuykill County) whenever a custody or visitation order even THINKs about being filed.  This appears to be in addition to some contracts they already have with the County to provide other services.


Title 255—LOCAL

Amended/Adopted Civil Rules of Procedure

[40 Pa.B. 7041]
[Saturday, December 11, 2010]

Order of Court

And Now, this 23rd day of November, 2010 at 11:00 a.m., Schuylkill County Civil Rules of Procedure No. 1915.1(b), 1915.3, 1915.15 are amended and Civil Rule of Procedure No. 1915.3a is adopted for use in the Court of Common Pleas of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, Twenty-First Judicial District, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, effective thirty days after publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.


President Judge

Proposed Revisions to Schuylkill County

Rules of Civil Procedure

Rule 1915.1(b). Definitions.

Kids First.” A four hour orientation and education program established to help parents and other parties in child custody actions to understand the effects of separation, divorce, and family conflicts in their lives and in the lives of their children.

Rule 1915.3. Commencement of Action. Complaint. Order.

(c) In addition to the information required by Pa.R.C.P. 1915.15, every complaint for custody, partial custody or visitation, and every petition for modification of an existing custody order, shall contain the following language:

(1) ”Plaintiff has been advised of the requirements to attend the Kids First program.”

(2) ”Defendant has been advised of the requirements to attend the Kids First program.”

(d) A completed order shall be attached to the complaint or petition which includes a provision that all parties attend the Kids First program and the Custody Conciliation Conference which shall be in substantially the form set forth in Sch.R.C.P. 1915.15. All parties named in the pleadings must register for and attend the Kids First program as ordered.

Rule 1915.3a. Kids First Program.

(a) The Court Administrator shall determine the dates, times, and location of the Kids First program.

(b) The name, address, and contact information for the presenter of the Kids First program are: Anthony J. Libassi, 200 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503, (570) 558-1002, (toll free) 888-215-7445, and www.libassimediation.com.

(c) Brochures and registration forms for the Kids First program will be available at the Custody Office, Schuylkill County Law Library, and the Prothonotary’s Office.

And, in these jurisdictions, whenever your estranged spouse, ex, or the mother (or father) of your child wants to officially modify anything regarding custody, the first step is now to pay up (or else) and sit through this class.  I’d bet (if I were a betting woman) that this class is ALSO subsidized by at least one federal grant, and that paying up would represent a double-billing.  Which brings me to the wisdom that the word “County” is a derivative of the word “Count’ as in “royalty” as in “fiefdom,” basically.  You can take the U.S. out of Great Britain (centuries ago), but I guess you can’t take the royalty mentality/patronage, etc. out of the United States, not entirely.  Read on:

Rule 1915.15. Form of Complaint.

(a) In addition to the information required by Pa.R.C.P. 1915.15(a) and (b), each complaint for custody, partial custody, or visitation, or a petition to modify an existing custody order, shall have attached to its front an order in substantially the following form:


_________________ , :
  Plaintiff, :
: No.: S-
VS. :
_________________ , :
  Defendant. :

ORDER OF COURT AND NOW, this __ day of _____ , 200__ . at __.m., you are hereby ORDERED as follows:

You have been sued in Court to obtain Custody, Partial Custody or Visitation of the child(ren) named in the Complaint.






(b) telephone: 570-558-1002
888-215-7445 (toll free)

(c) mail:    ANTHONY LIBASSI
200 Adams Avenue, First Floor
Scranton, PA 18503



401 N. 2nd STREET
PHONE: 570-341-2007


{{First things first.  FIRST — go consume our product, not even based, probably, on original ideas.  It’s a “Kids Turn” knockoff, I”ll bet…. based on whose other books are advertised at “Kidsfirst.cc” in Dunmore, PA:}}


You are ordered to appear in person at the Custody Conciliation Office, of the Schuylkill County Courthouse on ______ , for a Custody Conciliation Conference.

You are further ordered to bring with you the fully completed conciliation questionnaire provided by the Court.

If you fail to appear as provided by the Order, and Order of Custody, Partial Custody or Visitation may be entered against you or the Court may issue a Warrant for your arrest.

A little more found on these two individuals (and their services) here:

– – – – – – – – – – –

The Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth & Family Services is a statewide organization of private agencies. Our members are the service providers who provide the direct “hands-on” programs and supports needed to achieve and maintain permanency and safety for children and youth and stability for families. The safety and well-being of Pennsylvania’s children and their families have long been held as priorities by private agencies who share a deep commitment to keeping children safe, families strong, and communities involved.


Our Mission Statement
To improve the quality of life for Pennsylvania’s children, youth, and families who are at risk by supporting and promoting an accessible service delivery system within our communities.

It’s all about service delivery, of course…  This is becoming common, to have affiliated groups coordinated by website and networking:  An organization (or nonprofit) can become a Member, a Friends Member, or an Affiliate Member. This appears to focus on:  foster care, adoptions, and behavioral health, placements, etc.   So that’s who put out this:

A “Needs based plan and narrative template” (FY2011-2012) for “OFFICE OF YOUTH & FAMILIES” (Pennsylvania) tells more about these two Kids First marketers

Chet Muklewicz (AFCC) & Andrew Libassi (probably) are between them among the 4 largest CCYA or JYO service providers for Lackawanna County.  It is a “budget narrative” for the county to request monies for the service providers & contractors, i.e. “

“The following pages provide a template for counties to use to complete the narrative piece of the 2011-2012 Needs Based Plan and Budget.”

THis also focuses on dependency hearings, although as we see Libassi is quite “in” on the custody hearings, with or without abuse allegations already.

The clinical unit also supports the county Family Court practice of returning to court within 45 days of the initial dependency to adopt a family service plan. All initial plans presented at dependency are related to completion of diagnostic assessments to better formulate a meaningful plan. This process is designed to both engage the family in the development of the plan and avoid plans of meaningless generalization.

They are the two largest providers of in-home services in Lackawanna County:

Review the Schedule of Existing Purchased Services and identify the four largest providers (regardless of whether it is a CCYA or JPO provider) as follows:

Two largest providers of In-Home Services. Include contact information.  (displays better on the pdf, search for the name):

1: Libassi Mediation Service  Children served:   168   $$ amount of services:  $197,712

2: Chet Muklewicz, Ed.D   Children served:  49   $$ amount of services:   $120,000

Briefly summarize the services provided by these entities, the expected outcomes of those services, and how provider performance is monitored.

  • Libassi Mediation Services coordinates all dependency and non dependency mediation. In addition, the service provides the service planning coordination for all three Intensive Reunification Courts.
  • Chet Muklewicz, Ed. D provides the Family Peace Program for the Status Offence Court. This is a Parent Education program that teaches or restores parental hierarchy in the family. It has been largely successful in reducing the number and duration of placement for ungovernable, and/or truant youth.
  • Dr. Muklewicz must file statistics showing youth in instruction, time in Status Offence Court, days of out of home placement if any.

The Kids First program relates to custody — not dependency– hearings.  However, it’s also being marketed in Kentucky, through the Kentucky courts:

Kentucky Court of Justice (Banner Imagery) - click to go to homepage.

Kids First program is designed for parents to help their children cope with separation, divorce, and family conflict.

Parents are presented with information about how parental relationships have a direct effect on the children and how children might respond at different ages. Parents learn that parental conflict hurts children and, more importantly, learn what they can do to help their children to adjust to the changes in their family.

For additional information, contact Kids First, 1527 Adams Avenue, Dunmore, PA 18509 or 570-341-2007

I’ve seen a lot of court-mandated programs around, but Kentucky seems to have the full panorama, including extorting Dads in arrears to participate in “Turning it around” classes where they can learn “to be a man,” and other useful information, such as sexual responsibility and co-parenting.  I’m sure a 12-week class is likely to change a person’s sexual habits.   ….   But they are extorted into it (or, go back to jail) like the separating parents in PA:

“Turning It Around” is a collaborative effort, which works in conjunction with the Home Incarceration Program, with most of the attendees coming from contempt proceedings in Family Court in non-support cases.

The purpose of the program is to increase the collection of child support payments, reduce recidivism in contempt cases, and encourage and increase cooperative parenting.   Turning It Around may be offered as part of a plea agreement for those facing sentencing.

(It too, probably has some acess-visitation type funding behind it, and a nonprofit by Lord knows whom involved.  This Kentucky state site has links eleven (11) Divorce Education classes, probably with coordinators (county-paid or state-paid) for each.  I wonder for which nonprofits….)

How are people in Kentucky going to take a class run out of Pennsylvania — a cross-the-border commute?  Or is it a pre-packaged curricula that Dr. Muckliewicz and/or Mr. Libassi can profit from separately, while running their own dependency service programs and functioning as faculty at the local college? Or is a royalty pulled each time it’s run — what’s up?

Here’s a local writer talking about a (different) local “Kids 4 Kash” scheme involving a single guardian ad litem (Danielle Ross) getting cases — $600 from parents upfront — and how, somehow, this county, almost 100% of the kids get a GAL:  http://scrantonpoliticaltimes.activeboard.com/t42441326/kids-4-kash-danielle-ross-guardian-atty-nancy-barresse-and-c/

I’m going to print that commentary here:

Typically, a Guardian Ad Litem is appointed in Family Court matters where a child is at risk due to a crisis within the family structure.  In most counties across the state, about 5 – 8 percent of all family court cases has a Guardian appointed to make sure that at-risk child(ren) have access to legal representation of their own. It’s a good idea and it often saves children from abuse. In all other counties, there is a list of attorneys to select from.

However, in Lackawanna County, the appointment rate of a Guardian is nearly 100% of all family court cases. And, there is no list from which to select.  There’s one Guardian that gets all the cases.  It’s been that way since Harhut took over Family Court.

For years now, Family Court judges have appointed Atty. Danielle Ross as the Guardian in practically every single case.  About a dozen cases a week are handed to Ross on a silver platter.  The parents have to immediately cough up $600 as her fee, plus she tacks on heavy fees once she’s on board if she’s called upon for a recommendation in a custody proceeding. Ross picks up about $7200.00 a week, every week of the year, and it’s been going on like that for years, which why she drives a bevy of exotic cars and takes non-stop vacations.

{{more than one income stream, county-mandated services, county-paid salary, plus what else?}}

90% of the families have no crisis situation that requires her presence. Some families have kids under five years-old who are not at risk of any abuse, yet they are ordered to pay Ross $600.00 anyway. Ross gets a salary from the county, plus a free county office, free phone and utilities and a free county secretary, even though she’s easily good for half-a-mil a year, year after year.

Then, there’s the quality of her work.  Having so many cases, she’s often very difficult to access when problems arise.  Once appointed, it takes her weeks to make contact with the family.  In fact, she’s required to inspect every house, which she can’t possibly do, so she sends her county-paid secretary, Sue, with no qualifications, to inspect these houses and the family pays her an additonal $100.00, which, by the way, is required to be paid to Sue only in cash.

Ross has a history of making custody recommendations to the court that are extremely politically motivated.  She meets with children as little as 5 – 6 years old and interrogates and manipulates them to get them to agree to certain custody conditions that certain “political” litigants want.  She’s personally serviced many county employees or cronies to get them a customized custody order, because the judge of the day follows her recommendations. I have some of those outrageous orders in my possession. There are many very angry parents who want Ross’ head on a stake, to say nothing of lawyers on the business end of her biased and unjust recommendations.

Claire Czaykowski is the Court Administrator for Family Court. She’s Harhut’s former tipstaff. He appointed her upon his appointment as President Judge. Claire gets certain cases scheduled before certain judges to make sure the “right” judge hears the “right” cases. If you call Family Court, in fact, it’s Danielle Ross’ voice that welcomes you to Family Court.

{{Case-steering, in other words.  it’s a network of interlinked associations…}}

If anyone has a Family Court case involving Danielle Ross, wherein they are unhappy with Ross’ recommendations and the Court’s Custody Order that was issued as the result of it, I’d like to hear from you. I’m in possession of quite a few now, but the more the better.

This Kids for Kash Scheme needs to come to a halt.  It’s time to end Ross’ Cash Cow days.  Rumors of her paying kickback are out there, but I can’t prove anything, yet.  That’s yet.  If a Guarian Ad Litem is needed, that’s all well and fine, but in most cases kids are not at risk and the family does not need Ross’ interference or expensive fees for nothing.

And the link contains the feedback, including that this woman drives a $145K Mercedes, and doesn’t even do her own work, but hires others out to do so.  AMong the comments:

Ourtraged parents have had to be dragged out of the courtroom over complaints about recommendation made by Ross.  On top of the $300 each parent has to pay, Ross then bills at $200 an hour for talking with the family.  She likes being alone with the kids and asks them very compromising questions to help steer her findings to assist who she likes in a custody case.  The woman knows nothing about what’s best for kids, only what’s best for who’s best friends with the court system.

Different venue, sounds like the same behaviors….

This isn’t about “Kids First,” or Kids, at all; it’s about Purchase Immediately My Products (a.k.a. PIMPs in Govt, Inc.).  Public Service?   This is the public serving the self-appointed parenting preachers under guise of “it’s good for you,” i.e., public benefit.

It goes on:

Counsel and litigants without counsel are ORDERED to immediately consult their schedules for conflicts and to promptly request a continuance where necessary because of a prior attachment or emergency situation. ALL requests for a continuance of a Custody Conciliation conference must be made on the APPLICATION FOR CONTINUANCE form available from the offices of the Court Administrator, Custody Conciliator or Prothonotary in the Schuylkill County Courthouse. The application must be filed in the Custody Conciliation Office. A continuance will be granted only upon good cause shown.

The moving party shall immediately serve on all interested parties a copy of the original pleading, this order, ”Kids First” registration and information, and a custody conciliation questionnaire; and shall further file an affidavit verifying service.

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990: The Court of Common Pleas of Schuylkill County is required by law to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. For information about accessible facilities and reasonable accommodations available to disabled individuals having business before the court, please contact our office. All arrangements must be made at least 72 hours prior to any program, hearing or business before the court. You must attend the scheduled conference or hearing.

[Pa.B. Doc. No. 10-2355. Filed for public inspection December 10, 2010, 9:00 a.m.]

No part of the information on this site may be reproduced for profit or sold for profit.

This material has been drawn directly from the official Pennsylvania Bulletin full text database. Due to the limitations of HTML or differences in display capabilities of different browsers, this version may differ slightly from the official printed version.

This concept didn’t just appear fully-formed in the brain of this judge, this county, or these mediators; it was circulated among professionals with decades of experience requiring others to consume their product, get business referred to their nonprofits, and doing this at public AND private expense, and through the courts.

why do I think this is probably a Kids Turn knockoff?  Call it feminine intuition, or that I happen to live in California where a man running for judge, who started a Kids First of Orange County (aka Orange County Welfare Coalition, a nonprofit) simply said he modeled it after Kids Turn:


Among his accomplishments, he founded Kid’s First in 1996. It is a program for separated or divorced parents and their children.  Both parents attend this 8 week course together with their children to help the kids cope with changes in the family.

Klein has been practicing law for 33 years and has sat as a temporary volunteer judge in Orange and Los Angeles counties since 1981.  He is active in the community and he also teaches Family Law and Community Property as a part-time professor at a local law school.  Although I only witnessed his expertise in family law, he is familiar with many types of law as he had a general practice in his early years.

The Story of “Kids First”

The History

The “Kids First” program is a project of the Orange County Welfare Coalition, Inc., a nonprofit corporation started by Attorney Gerald L. Klein and Attorney Ruth Shapin, MFT, in 1975. Through 1990, the coalition assisted individuals in obtaining governmental entitlements including social security and supplemental security disability benefits.

kids First Staff
Left to right: Robert Schuler, Gerald Klein, Sara Doudna and Ruth Shapin, along with Kids First Staff members

Recognizing the need for a program focusing on the needs of children whose parents are separated, in 1995 Attorney Klein began looking for such a program. In 1995, he learned of the “Kids Turn” program in San Francisco which dealt with families going through divorce. The coalition adopted their idea and curriculum. Sara Doudna, MFT, became the Clinical Director, expanded upon it, and “Kids First” was born.

In 1996, “Kids First” became operational.”

Ms. Doudna-Klein (she married him??):

 have worked extensively for twenty years with addiction problems and with individuals, couples and families in recovery. I am familiar with all forms of addiction but am most experienced with alcoholism. Ten years ago I co-founded a non-profit program for families in divorce. I am familiar with the issues that affect all members of a family during the divorce process. I am also experienced in the assessment and treatment of “Parental Alienation”.

Mrs. Sara Doudna-Klein, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist in Huntington Beach
involving divorce
Check out Kids First
A Program Helping Family in Divorce
  • Positive co-parenting
  • Single Parenting
  • Parental Alienation  
  • Parent-Child Reunification 
  • Blended Families   
Or on another site:   ” I am clinical director and co-founder of this nonprofit program called “Kids First”.  Gerald L. Klein, Family Law Specialist founded the program in 1997.  Since that time, we have served the community of Orange County and surrounding areas to make a difference in the lives of the parents and kids in the process of divorce.”

These behaviors and products are prime-time AFCC.

and overall would be Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO), and perhaps may be with, however, the habit of actually legalizing this behavior may compromise it from being prosecuted under RICO.  Also, if it were fully explored and prosecuted, as I may just about to show, it would possibly not clean up, but also completely empty out the family law system Justice = Therapy-dispensing monopoly of judges, mediators, certified family law specialist, and all kinds of psychologist, from J.D.-endowed Psy.D.s to the lowly man or woman who paid up the latest AFCC-approved parenting coordinator, or mediator, or supervised visitation center training course.

Cleaning up the racketeering element of AFCC might end up shutting down the system, because it is probably (at this point) not possible to separate the private nonprofit association, “Association of Family & Conciliation Courts” from the concept (and practice) of family law, at all.  this is such a fixture of our society that people forget it had an origin, and at one time, did not exist.  This origin was NOT by public, grassroots demand, but it was (like most oppressive systems) from top-down; by highly placed legislators, judges, and/or others who got a law passed, started practicing, and then expanded.

On the other hand, passive inaction will just send the US economy downhill faster –a situation for which those who’ve been marketing these things will be in a better position to handle than those they force to consume their products.  At least they know how to operate  businesses, reduce taxes, and even in some cases do it under the radar, avoiding taxes and dumping the real social needs of society (housing, food, water, the ability to defend onesself and one’s property — or to own property or assets of any sort) on those already hardest hit.

The RICO link, above, explains how the law began in the 1970s to stop the Mafia, in 1980s was applied to more individual situations, and in the 1990s the federal government sought to restrict this use:

During the 1990’s, the federal courts, guided by the United States Supreme Court, engaged in a concerted effort to limit the scope of RICO in the civil context. As a result of this effort, civil litigants must jump many hurdles and avoid many pitfalls before they can expect the financial windfall available under RICO, and RICO has become one of the most complicated and unpredictable areas of the law.

Today, RICO is almost never applied to the Mafia. Instead, it is applied to individuals, businesses, political protest groups, and terrorist organizations.”

That said, let’s note that two judges in PA were convicted of this, recently — in Luzerne County; “Kids for Cash” scheme.  And I cannot think of a better descriptive word, given the powerfully-connected (judges are members) and internet-connected, conference-churning, international, and training-oriented private “nonprofit” organization called “the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts” — particularly when the associated network of nonprofits working with it are considered.  Talk about undue influence!   People who are subjected to this treatment routinely call it “Mafia” or refer to extortion, which I believe overall, the practices are. Doesn’t that last one sound like extortion (though only for $40, do the math X how many divorces and custody modifications…..)?  Why, for example, shouldn’t someone besides Libassi Mediation be able to run a simple Kids First class?  And what happened to Dr. Chet?  Has he got his own line of business with the county now?




Jesus Christ said, long ago, “the poor you have always with you…”   It’s obviously that the leadership of the US has figured this out, and made plans with how to control them through a variety of institutions, lest they riot, or there be another civil war.   Also, to keep a substantial enough portion of people desperate and competing for jobs they are underqualified for, while promising them more help through reforming the public education system, run as a monoply anyhow, etc.   Bread & Circuses..

Yesterday, I compiled, but didn’t publish, a triple-sized post, explaining the relationship between AFCC, Parental Alienation, High-Conflict (talk) and Parenting Coordination.  And the absolute mother-hatred in a certain parenting coordination handbook, which is standard.  I also show (and it’s obvious to those who look) that state borders (and at a certain level, state laws) are becomign meaningless when, for example, an Ohio Supreme Court Task Force (date:  1999), heavily AFCC-stacked, and lifting portions of its “tasks” wholesale from AFCC leaders — decides, in studying how to reform child custody — to simply fly its personnel out to Arizona and attend and AFCC conference.  Again, this was about 12 years ago and NOT blogged by domestic violence advocates.

If I am able to complete the series on the Ellen Pence/Casey Gwinn (I.e., DV advocate / Family Justice Center) connections, I believe this will show an educated (researched) “guess” as to why NONE of the Domestic violence coalitions and primary ‘battered women’s” advocate generally blog, report, publish, or scrutinize the AFCC, OR the fatherhood grants system, (and its religious connections).  One of them (Center for Judicial Excellence) has made a habit of not doing this (though they are informed of it, as are many others) until very recently, I heard.  And probably because a few bloggers continued to “out” them for failling to address it.

Mainstream, professionalized groups have their rhetoric set in stone, pretty much — and simply do not follow the money, or report to the general public on the conference circuits.  These posts are “Public Service Announcements.”  I am one (networked) person reporting certain themes.  I do not have an editorial staff and am not paid for my time here, as a whistleblower.   I write what I see, and I see a lot.  The alarm is definitely appropriate.


Indiana has lots of Justice.  In fact, it has TWO Justice Centers from the Casey Gwinn/Gael Strack/GWBush Initiatives Alliance.

But this is about its AFCC-State Government connections (which, FYI, the Kids First & Kids Turn concept is).

Indianapolis, on the other hand, did it differently, and rather than going through the expense of flying its judges OUT, simply decided to invite AFCC to hold their fall conference locally.   This is from the Domestic Relations Committee, June 2009 meeting:

Domestic Relations Committee / Judicial Conference of Indiana / Minutes June 12, 2009

1. Members present. Craig J. Bobay, Francis G. Hill, Karen M. Love, Sheryl L. Lynch, Nanette K. Raduenz, Deborah J. Shook, Dean A. Young and William C. Fee, Chair, were present.

2. Staff present. Jeffrey Bercovitz and Anne Jordan provided the committee with staff assistance.

3. Guests present. Amber Njau, Project Analyst; Cynthia Longest, Deputy Director, Child Support Bureau; Karla Mantia, Prosecuting Attorney’s Council, were also present.

4. Minutes approved. The minutes for the May 15, 2009 meeting were approved.

5. Draft child support guidelines. Committee members reviewed comments submitted by topic area:

a. The Health Insurance Premium Worksheet (HIPW) and the Child Support Obligation Worksheet was reviewed. The committee made changes to ease the preparation of the HIPW.  b. Members of the committee agreed all commentary should be italicized in the child support guidelines. c. The “Child Multipliers” commentary was revised in the Support Guidelines and the Child Support Obligation Worksheet was revised to encompass eight (8), not just five (5) children in accordance with the amounts from Dr. Venohr.***

[[Dr. Jane Venohr  runs nonprofit Center for Policy Research, along with Jessica Pearson et. al, and I believe also works for PSI, its nonprofit arm.  These two organizations are all over the HHS grants circuit, and found publishing and promoting access visitation policies.  She is active in child support matters…See my last post.]]

6. Domestic Relations Conference.

a. Anne Jordan reported the two-day domestic relations conference in the areas of child development, family dynamics, custody and visitation is scheduled for November 19-20, 2009 in Indianapolis. Committee members suggested the following topics:

(1) The economy’s effect on the family, e.g. mortgage foreclosure, high layoff rate, and the court’s ability to respond to a crisis if its staff is reduced.

(2) Professor Marcia Klien-Pruitt, Connecticutt, to speak on family dynamics.**

[[**Mis-spelled, Marcia Kline-Pruett is AFCC presenter, with her husband Kyle, and discussed later]]

(3) Child-Informed Mediation, where a psychologist interviews a child and brings this input this into mediation.

(4) Court ordered investigations in custody disputes. Some courts use a guardian ad litem for this purpose, to investigate mental health issues, substance abuse issues, and criminality.

b.  Committee members discussed having the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts  (AFCC) hold their fall symposium in Indianapolis in November 2011 and the Judicial Center using the monies they would otherwise have spent on the two-day domestic relations conference on having Indiana judges attend the AFCC fall symposium in Indianapolis. Magistrate Bobay moved to have the Judicial Center contact AFCC about holding their fall symposium in November 2011 in lieu of the two-day domestic relations conference, with the Judicial Center using the monies they would otherwise have spent to have Indiana judges attend. Magistrate Raduenz seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

As I see from the Feb 18, 2011 minutes (thanks for publishing them, guys….) the networking with AFCC is going to continue:

This time there was a different set of guests:

“3. Guests present. Stuart Showalter,** Indiana Custodial Rights Advocates, and Craig Scarberry were also present.”

{{The links are relevant:  both are fathers’ rights advocates;

  • Showalter characterized as former “Neo Nazi Skinhead” and in some trouble with the law (as a youth) for it.  Later, he is found blaming a woman for her own stabbing death — because she sought a restraining order.  She was stabbed to death in front of her two daughters, 8 & 12  Here’s the quote, just so we have a grasp on who was a Guest at the Indiana Judicial Conference this past February:

The wife was found stabbed in her bed at home on Sunday night. Investigators say the couple was going through a divorce and she had a protective order requiring him to stay away from her and their daughters. The killing came two days after the wife obtained a two-year extension on the order.

Angela Warnock’s use of the Indiana Civil Protection Order Act for leverage in the divorce proceedings with the father *of their two daughters failed her this past weekend. On Friday she had obtained an order that would keep the father from having any further contact with his daughters for two years. In addition she had the daughters, age 8 and 12, sleeping with her. These are both signs of Parental Alienation.

(Showalter’s comment was June 2009. Note: obtaining a restraining order is sign of parental alienation.  wonder where that concept came from.  It has nothing to do with protection, obviously — just using for an advantage in divorce.  (the concept that perhaps her desire for divorce may have had to do with violence to start with doesn’t seem to have occurred to him…..)

  •  Craig Scarberry (unfamiliar to me) had custody reduced because he became agnostic, after being formerly Christian. Plans for fathers’ rights rally in Marion County…   Another article from “the democratic underground” asks whether(I DNK….)  this was the same Scarberry who sued the City of Chicago (etc.) on the same grounds, for interfering with the distribution of gospel tracts with “Repent America”:  link shows the pleading: including the Statement of Facts, which begins  ”

    STATEMENT OF FACTS 7. Plaintiffs are Christians who regard the Bible as God’s literal authority. In keeping with this sincerely held religious belief, Plaintiffs believe that they are obligated to tell as many other people as they can about what they believe is their individual need to be “born again,” that is, to be reconciled to God. This comes only by believing that Jesus Christ is God,{{i.e., Trinitarian, which founding fathers primarily weren’t}} and that Jesus suffered and died on the cross (and was resurrected from the dead subsequently) to pay the penalty for the sins of humanity, particularly those individuals who will believe in him; and who seek healing and forgiveness for and deliverance from their past, present, and future personal sins—“sins” being defined as transgressions of the binding commands of the Bible.)

Just including to show the mindset of someone who would attempt to “witness” in a legal pleading.   Probably the same Scarberry, although, who knows?  If so, he first proselytized FOR  his beliefs God and then, disgruntled, for how his agnosticism shouldn’t be held against him.  While it indeed shouldn’t, either line of thinking wouldn’t affect his position regarding father supremacy, most likely..or that it’s appropriate that his current beliefs be inflicted on others….  These two are not the major concern, they are two guys with a cause who sat in on a judicial conference.   It’s the conference we should be most concerned about, and this style of decision-making within government.

This 2011 Judicial Conference meeting  concluded peacefully:

10. Future meeting dates. Committee members agreed to meet again on Friday, March 18, May 20, July 15, August 19, and November 18, 2011 from 10:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the Judicial Center. They also agreed to meet in conjunction with the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Regional Meeting in Indianapolis on Oct. 27-29, 2011 in Indianapolis.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey Bercovitz, Director Juvenile and Family Law

= INBRED with AFCC.  So who ARE they, anyhow?  What do they DO?  (well, since you asked, I’ll keep posting….)

I don’t know how comfortable the average reader feels with abandoning due process, law, etc. and giving leaders a huge leash (or taking them “off-leash”) by simply ignoring what’s going on with the primary institutions that rule people’s lives, such as — say, the courts?


And behind the courts is the power to incarcerate, or transfer wealth, and offspring; to spare life or to waste life . . . ..

While an Indiana conference, or a Schuykill County parenting education mandate may not seem to relate to you — it does.  We are a networked country, and the networks are to be watched.  When not “nipped in the bud” these things only expand — and they are inappropriate tolls on the highways of life.

Would you trust this kind of back-door dealings with your life, or your children’s future?  Do you want others — judges, psychologists, economists, and mental health practitioners (working together) to do the heavy thinking for you, so long as they leave you alone for a while?  Even after they’ve been proven corrupt several times already?

(California’s illegal benefits to judges — legalized.  Luzerne County, PA judges — sending adolescents to camps in which they had a vested interests, violating their rights and disrupting their and their parents lives . . . and here’s another post on some Pennsylvania court-based toll-gating with another individual:

To be continued …

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