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Domestic Relations on “Doherty Deceit”: Pennsylvania “Expose Corruption” Forum Moderator’s Wife says Enough! (in a kickout order), to the tune of Cheers and Jeers (Publ. Dec. 23, 2011)

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Post Title: Domestic Relations on “Doherty Deceit”: Pennsylvania “Expose Corruption” Forum Moderator’s Wife says Enough! (in a kickout order), to the tune of Cheers and Jeers (publ. Dec. 23, 2011) short-link ends “-Wx” (approx. length, just about 12,000 words, including several tables.. and this intro which I expanded by looking up an organization referenced in the post.)

The usual update routine: This older post came up in a search, I didn’t have a shortening (“Click to Read More”) link, meaning the entire post would display in search results intended to show which posts dealt with the topic, so I came back and put one in. While here, applied the usual html to clean it up some.  Older posts do not have margin specs, and when the blog capacity was upgraded, the default background color changed to, I think, an ugly light blue/green. Those are simple fixes.

The Updated comments followed up on (just) one entity mentioned in the post, found it had been IRS-revoked (w/ Chicago address) for not filing three years in a row, was re-instated (by the IRS) in Dec. 2015 and is now based in Texas. Someone needs to counsel the “Council on Contemporary Families” about basics of staying registered with the IRS as ethical behavior, especially for those focused on analyzing and counseling others.  The current address reflects a “Population Center” at a U-Texas Austin, no doubt because the principal officer listed works there now.

The forum quoted and referenced below has gone down, but my time on it, and looking into things “Pennsylvania” was definitely memorable. As the state has come back up again, in pending (?) bills targeting family court decision-making, and as this post despite its title and beginnings, has a lot of organizations profiled towards the bottom, I’m applying a quick face-lift, the usual title + short-link protocol, and hoping for the best. //LGH Aug 1, 2019.

ByTheWay, this came up in a search for “enhancing judicial skills in domestic violence cases” (search without the quotes) on the blog, i.e., an internal phrase search…. also, the publish date I added to the title (now my usual protocol for all new posts) was taken from the URL which displays, actually, last edited date (probably the same).  That search generally leads straight to something involving the NCJFCJ, which may also be seen as a recently pinned Tweet at my @LetUsGetHonest Twitter account (somewhat more active in recent half-year or so).

Post Title: Domestic Relations on “Doherty Deceit”: Pennsylvania “Expose Corruption” Forum Moderator’s Wife says Enough! (in a kickout order), to the tune of Cheers and Jeers (publ. Dec. 23, 2011) short-link ends “-Wx” (approx. length, just under 12,000 words. That includes several tables.. and this intro which I sort of expanded by looking up an organization referenced in the post.)

I see TAGGS or other reports on:  PCADV, NRCDV (one of its projects), the PA Dept of Welfare, a reference to Jeffrey Leving, Esq., to the Council on Contemporary Families (“CCF” EIN#52-2070511, established in IL ca. 1998; it has a journal, I believe), and because it relates to Lackawanna County PA (which this forum did), some mentions of Justice Chet Harhut (who was AFCC-related), Ms. Termini (who was NACC, and both were “working” the Lackawanna County court-referral system quite well, as I recall).  (CCF FY2008 990EZ was its first tax return; I see revs. typically under $50K, no more filed since.  It may be filing Form 990-Ns).  Without posting it all here, the IRS says it was legitimate, but their “Determination letter” showed it as since Dec. 2015 and with an Austin, TX address (“305 E 23rd Street Stop G1800, Austin, TX 7871″).  Turns out they were auto-revoked (for not filing three years in a row, will do it…) in 2012, which was posted 2013, then re-instated LATE 2015, and have been filing Forms 990-N ever since, with principal officer “Jennifer Glass” and the website “contemporaryfamilies.org” (that information available on an IRS tax-exempt organization search). (“EOS”).   Anyone want to place a bet whether kept publishing while inactive and IRS-revoked?  (Either way, the operational size shown is small).

Found Jennifer Glass, Ph.D. (UWisconsin-Madison) (as suggested by the above website) at UTexas Austin, under the Population Research Center.  Curriculum vitae shows a Lifelong Sociologist, from way back, and cites at the top of “Honors and Awards” “Center for Contemporary Families – 2015 – ” (!).  Steady work and publishing career, though.  This is not the place to discuss it… But what a sorry-ass website (check it out! The CCF’s I mean, not Dr. Glass’s!)||

Otherwise: TAGGS grants shown here run off the right margins, but can be easily re-searched again on the government website, so I’m not restructuring them at this time.  Enjoy!!

~ |end, “Update” comments, Aug. 1, 2019| ~

(Below here is Dec., 2011 text and in a different tone than the update comments, obviously):

I hope I wasn’t responsible for provoking this incident, or lighting the final fuse, when I took on Joe Pilchesky’s mixture of excellent political activism + personal public misogyny below.   But a bouncing caricature of a tube-top set of boobs, and various other parts of (clothed) female anatomy, either animate or inanimate, characterized or photographed — is a little different than a naked woman half out of a pool (?) in a forum where the leader is being a real man and taking on other men for oppressing defenseless mothers.  Plus I felt the groupthink in that no one else did.  I still have some question (based on the “members on-line views and a few other things*) on whether some of the usernames do or do not have a single author.

This is a case where unless one knows a little more property, business (ownership of internet forum) and legal marital history, one probably can’t know the whole story, but certain educated guesses are possible.  However, in the process of detaching and detoxing (I felt I at least “delivered the goods” to the area, and some helpful links & analysis), I also responded to one too many “Shut up, Woman!” remarks from the local folk hero.  The habit was inappropriate, and I don’t feel that whether or not I am getting fVcked at any point in time should affect whether or not I have a right to speak.  Especially to someone who appears to be about my age, and had been asserting that the family law system didn’t have anything to do with gender, and federal grants were not gender-specific (both false).

After posting what’s below, I went back on-line yesterday morning, and found out that not only had Mrs. Pilchesky evicted her husband from her (per property deeds) home — possibly enabling her to either move back in, sell it, rent it, or whatever she wants to do with it — but she also took control of the forum and apparently is purging it of “defamatory, personal or libelous” commentary.  And the fur is flying for sure.  Some claimed she “mutinied” (interesting metaphor; that ship had a captain), others that it was about time!  She abandoned poor Joe to handle the forum alone; she put up with his crap too long, how can you put a guy out of his home right before Christmas? . . . well, it wasn’t exactly “his” home . . . and attempts to boycott the forum, go follow the leader!


As of this morning, the site still looks like this, or at least this was a precipitating message from the Mrs.: (image link broken)

(from Joane Pilchesky): (image link broken; it was probably a gravatar)


Status: Offline
Posts: 2172
Date: Dec 21 10:21 PM, 2011

Reply Quote

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I have relieved Joe Pilchesky from his administrative responsibilities and privileges. It is my belief that the Doherty Deceit website, which operated by Joe and another Administrator, will have a link to a mirror message board that may look like and function like this one.I have disabled this message board temporarily because I am attempting to prevent any defamatory, libelous or vulgar statements to be exported from this site and imported onto the new message forum.

It is my intent to clean up some of the posts on this board, removing ethnic, cultural, personal and all defamatory statements and then re-activate it. It should be up and running by tomorrow early a.m.

I thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at scrantonpoliticaltimes@gmail.com and rest assured that your anonymity, as always, is guaranteed.


Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. – Thomas Jefferson


My point was, we need more leaders, and fewer blind followers.  I expect that got rather lost in the din….

Meanwhile, people, plural (that means women) have continued to contact me on-line privately about their cases, meaning I get to hear more nightmare information about HOW very young children are separated from their mothers, who sure sound pretty coherent, given that situation.   And I’m not that hero… or an attorney . . . or ready to live more vicarious trauma.   No, I want to tell the truth in a principled format; so that others can check THEIR particulars, and if the shoe fits, pull it on and start making some tracks.

So, if you like gossip — there you go.  Moral?  Those who post to forums should be sure to save their work!

ANOTHER TRADE (membership-based) NonProfit, with professors, speakers, authors, historians, therapists . . . (and Jeffrey Leving) — which can’t file a tax return?!?


Scroll to bottom for another nonprofit association of the FBI-raided GAL from Scranton, PA:  Council on Contemporary Families.

  • ANYHOW — This next section is partial dialogue, but also delivers more data — and proves, yet again, that a simple google search on a person’s name can unearth some strange bedfellows, and more nonprofit associations.  Heads-up towards the bottom on a new AFCC+Arts/Farts & Ph.D.-staffed nonprofit from Illinois — which has illustrious membership (plus a GAL from Scranton, which I’d have to characterize as social climbing, given the company) — and in its entire existence, complete with state-of-the-art email marketing (obnoxious, actually) on its website — has filedl it looks like ONE (count it, ONE!) tax return — that’s for the IRS.
  • The tax return shows an Illinois address, in fact UIC (University of Illinois Chicago) – – – but Illinois itself shows NO record of the group, either incorporation or as the nonprofit which the tax return shows it is.  While the income shown on this membership organization is modest (and possibly falsified/understated — they have about 220 members now, $100 a pop except students $50, and showed between $14-$16K membership income in only 2008.  I’d love to see the membership roster.

WRITTEN 12-21-2011 and earlier, continued from previous post (I copied some overlap for context):

This is why I’d bother to give the forum the time of day.  Because it’s different.  What a shame that means wading through the misogyny as well, and not just for me.  In a workplace I wonder if that’d be grounds for harassment.  (I blogged this earlier:).  Look at how the Good ol’ boys handled it:

Sexual Harassment is also common at the “top” of society as another article shows, re: New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.
NJ Chamber called a nest of Drunken Vipers

TRENTON, N.J. (CN) – Good ol’ boys at the top levels of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce habitually get drunk on the job and sexually harass women who work for them, and when a new president, a woman, fired one of the chief harassers, the boys got together and found him “a plum and prestigious position in Governor Chris Christie’s Office,” then fired the president, and a vice president who complained of the harassment, the former VP says.

Yep, there are likely to be some cultural changes when women come on the scene.  Then men really get organized to protect each other!  But she didn’t fold:

Carol Gabel sued the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and four of its top officers in a discrimination and harassment complaint in Mercer County Court. The individual defendants are senior vice president Dana Egreckzy, president Thomas Bracken, Chairman of the Board Jeffrey Scheininger, and former Chairman of the Board Dennis Bone.
Gabel says she worked at the Chamber from 199 until she was fired on March 16 this year.
“The sexual harassment of plaintiff grew out of the ‘Old Boy’ network and ‘culture of intoxication’

ANYHOW, I am not a local, and didn’t feel I had to take that sh*t silently, or without response, as just part of the scenery, civic advocacy or no civic advocacy.  What it’s packaged in matters.  (I do think the comment that most got to me, however, was “the federal grants are not gender-specific.”  That took it from beyond just personal attack to false reporting, and derailing the RELEVANT truth to the family court issues, which has to include the fatherhood funding, among other things.  It’s a HUGE piece!)

. . .CONTINUED FROM THE LAST POST . . .  on “to Assert is Good, but to Prove is Best”

FOOTNOTES responding to the post in blue about “this is how it works, above”

COMMENTARY on Joe Pilchesky’s SUMMARY (in full, above):

The federal govermment distributes millions upon millions to each state in grant money. A large portion of it is intended to go into the control of politicians who simply use the money as a private campaign war chest by redistributing it to businesses that support them, who then kickback 20% in cash. (That’s called a democracy these days) See white envelope. However, a chunk of about $20 million goes to the judiciary EVERY YEAR, also a government entity, don’t forget, where the money is, as stated above, distributed to cronies in businesses that serve Family Court, i.e., evaluators, guardians, coparenting coordinators and last, but not lease, mediators.  [*1]

Intimately, our local players have been identified. [*2] A the top of the money heap is Judge Harhut (gets the biggest kickback)[*3]. Harhut organized this collosal scheme to keep the federal money flowing into our area, called an economic boost, except only a few get boosted, like Harhut.[*4]

Picking this apart is no doubt annoying (or whatever).  If this is concise summary — and half true — then with that error rate in any other field, the truck goes off the road, the airplane could crash (radar askew, etc.) or simply no one else could learn to drive the truck, straight or crooked — which is my main point.  So what’s with the dumbing it down to the point that anyone who wants to check facts would have to “take it on faith” or go figure it out from scratch themselves?  I thought the idea here was to “expose corruption” AND do something about it.  
In order to do that, a few tools might be nice, in the form of hyperlinks.   Hyperlinks are a pain in the neck to include, and break up the text — but they ARE hyperlinks and as such can back up what one says, and let others have the means to see if you’re full of truth (or at least something some other source agrees with), or “full of it.”
I reply:

[*1].  First Paragraph:  Sentence 1:  That’s one (not the only) source of grant money going to the courts and affecting them.  Also federal money goes in part direct to the county, including Lackawanna County.  I already posted the link to a federal database and what money is going to Lackawanna County related to their problems, on the forum.

Sentence 2:  This is speculation, subjective, and alleging kickbacks, plus amount of kickbacks (20%).  Readers are to take it on faith.  In short, Sentence 2 just derailed the car that might’ve actually NAMED the federal funding, found out HOW it was distributed, and as taxpayer or citizen, once this was known, put together a protest about its use to the legislature — not the courts!

Sentence 3:  “See white envelope” — Cute statement, but specifically, where?   If you show it to me, or show a very similar situation where a white envelope was found, that might help.  I’ve posted some, Others know some, but as far as Scranton is concerned, although they FEEL there’s a white envelope, until they FIND it, they have NOTHING to go to court with — at least on the matter of kickbacks, and if it’s systemic, that’s RICO and could clean up a whole lot of courthouse problems !

Sentence 4: “A chunk of about $20 million goes to the judiciary every year” — he’s talking grants here, and “the judiciary” is a broad enough term, I’m going to say — Show it.  WHere’d you get that figure from?   Or is that ex cathedra?       If it’s exactly $20 million, still — the point is, says how, and show it, or at least point to a source.  This man, again, has filed lawsuits and knows how to produce evidence to support a point.  Does he need to be top dog, or is he willing to train others?  Then make the habit of showing where you got the insight!   It’s not about you — it’s about helping others navigate the system.  SHOW and tell, don’t just tell!

From HHS (Only) — just checking, I typed in “judiciary” and limited it to PA, 2011: Details show since 2005 one kind, since 2006 three kinds of grants:

0601PASCID , (State? Court Improvement Program) 0601PASCIT (SCIP Training) , and 0601PASCID (SCIP Data Analysis)

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Judiciary Courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania   (2011 ONLY): MECHANICSBURG PA 17055 CUMBERLAND 360706188 $ 676,736

For all years (from this source) — mostly court improvement program, data, training — it shows 23 actions totaling:

Total of all award actions: $ 6,222,516

This is grants — not contracts, payrolls, etc.   Since The TAGGS database was so nice to actually give me a DUNS#, and since it’s simple to do, I hopped over to USASpending.gov and piped in that DUNS#, not selecting a year (at all) and typed it in.  this shows only 6 grant actions totalling (all years) $769,197 — apparently the HHS database has a negative entry representing a 2006 grant which is the difference.

And in case we still think that the Judiciary Courts of the Commonwealth of PA are only in to matters of justice, the details in this grant series speak differently, and tell what “Court Improvement” means:

Transaction Number # 1

Federal Award ID: 1001PASCID: 1 (Grants)
Reason for Modification:
Program Source: 75-1512:Promoting Safe and Stable Families
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services : Administration for Children and Families
CFDA Program : 93.586 : State Court Improvement Program
Date Signed:
October 30 , 2009Obligation Amount: 

In fact, I just ran HHS for PA for the year 2011 — and it’s a nice snapshot, showing how very interested the State is in children (especially studying them, it seems) and families, parent education, and pharmaceuticals among other things.  DPW gets the largest grant — over $15 BILLION, and in order to prevent domestic violence and rape, by comparison a pittance (assuming that’s actually what these organizations do. i’ve expressed my doubts on other posts);


PCADV (per DUNS# @ usaspending.gov) has received $12 million so far,  30 grants:  10 from DOJ, 20 from HHS, starting year 2007). The DOJ ones have a variety of purposes, worth looking at, either Technical Assistance (OVW source), Congressionally recommended (probably a VAWA grant), grant to help local DV agencies, and grants to coalitions series.  The point being, (see below0 when it comes under CFDA 93.592 (see below) — notice that Prevention and Services/Shelters/Discretionary — means that the shelters are sharing forces with the educators.  Guess who probably gets the short end of the stick in a world stuck on conferences and training everyone?

Recipient: NATIONAL RESOURCE CENTER ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, INC. (link shows that this is a project of PCADV).
Address: 3605 VARTAN WAY
HARRISBURG, PA 171109335
Country Name: United States of America
County Name: DAUPHIN
HHS Region:
Type: Other Social Services Organization
Class: Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations


Showing: 1 – 1 of 1 Award Actions

FY Award Number Award Title Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date DUNS Number Amount This Action
2011 90EV0410  FAMILY VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND SERVICES 1 0 ACF 09-17-2011 968196126 $ 1,500,000 
Fiscal Year 2011 Total: $ 1,500,000

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

(As shown on USASPending, searching by the DUNS#):

Federal Award ID: 90EV0410: 0 (Grants)

Reason for Modification:
Program Source: 75-1536:Children and Families Services Programs
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services : Administration for Children and Families
CFDA Program : 93.592 : Family Violence Prevention and Services/Grants for Battered Women’s Shelters_Discretionary Grants

SORRY — of blog topic, but I couldn’t resist getting in this comment:  Look what it (says it) does, and who it is:

Since 1993 the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) has been a comprehensive source of information for those wanting to educate themselves and help others on the many issues related to domestic violence.

I do recognize the term, but as there are so many resource centers running around, who knows which one I was thinking of?

This $1.5 million federal grant is the only one showing, and it dates to 2011.  The organization in PA was only incorporated in 2011 (see below — I just checked)  The copyright on the wonderfully designed website (banner above) also is 2011:   © 2011 National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. All Rights Reserved.
The NRCDV is a project of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

As there cannot be a tax return on an organization that just started in 2011 (yet), when it comes out, I look forward to finding out how much of the $1,500,000 went to setting up the website and for which contractor.  Oh — I almost forgot — who’s the Exec Director, what’s their pay and how many other boards do they sit on?

Here’s what the State of Pennsylvania Corporations search (secretary of state) has to say on this:

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, Inc. 4023857 Non-Profit (Non Stock) Active 4/11/2011

In fact, in incorporated on 4/11/2011 as a nonprofit, and does not appear to have an EIN# yet (per PA or national search).  That’s a nice office building, too (I looked it up) different from the PCADV street address also.

Non-Profit (Non Stock) – Domestic – Information
Entity Number: 4023857
Status: Active
Entity Creation Date: 4/11/2011
State of Business.: PA
Registered Office Address: 3605 Vartan Way / Suite 101
Harrisburg PA 17110
Mailing Address: No Address

BUT — let’s say, on the outside, that this group really DID exist as some sort of “it” (Other than in just people’s minds– clearly if it existed as an organization, it was either not in PA or  — as a project of PCADV — under some other name, which eliminates it as an “it,” or out of state and oNLY privately funded — those are a real stretch to make the claim some how legit…) let’s say it did start in 1993. . .

As such — and PA being pretty close to Washington, D.C. — this organization’s job is to make sure it does NOT educate anyone on Congress having passed welfare reform (1996), and what impact this has on the family law system, and to “Technically assist” women going into that system what they are up against.  Or enough about the family courts for any woman leaving violence going into them, to defend herself, or for example, look up who’s paying whom with some nice fatherhood and marriage promotion funding – on her case.  To not update her on anything since 2001 (faith-based), 2002 (California NOW Family COurt Report of 2002 has PLENTY to say on what they’re up against), or in fact to consume intellectual material outside DV experts ON DV.   As such, PCADV at least has done an excellent job of not biting the hand that feeds them 2 out of 3 grants (PCADV), and didn’t do squat, that I can see, to prevent the kids from getting sold into camps in Luzerne County, or “outing” anyone selling kids into foster care, or in short anything at all that might have helped MY children and hundreds of others (if not thousands) across the country, once they tangled with custody matters.

More narrative:

Today, through its key initiatives and special projects, such as VAWnet, Women of Color Network and the Domestic Violence Awareness Project, NRCDV works tirelessly to improve community response to domestic violence and, ultimately, prevent its occurrence. Our comprehensive technical assistance, training and resource development are just a few examples of the many ways in which NRCDV broadly serves those dedicated to ending domestic violence in relationships and communities.



We encourage you to take a closer look and explore our many programs and initiatives as a resource to you in your domestic violence intervention and prevention efforts.

(the money is in the setup and maintenance of “resource organizations.” It’s not in actually stopping domestic violence, or saving people from it.  Let’s call this assault & battery, rape, harassment, interference with work or violation of civil rights of an individual on the basis of gender or close relationship — and get on with life without the specialized jargon that half the world– and most of the religious world, which is primarily male-dominated, although female-supported —  isn’t going to accept anyhow.)


Since accepting its first call in 1994, the NRCDV has responded to over 51,000 requests for technical assistance (TA) on a broad range of topics. We both sponsor training directly, often through our key initiatives and special projects, and NRCDV staff and consultants serve as a key training resource for coalitions, federal agencies and others needing presenters with particular expertise for conferences and meetings.

Well, I would like to see the phone logs, minus the inbound numbers, for privacy. I’d also like to see the phone bill, service providers, all that. However, if the calls began in 1994, then divide 51,000 by 17 years, and tell me who followed up to say whether the calls saved a life or not.  Or whether the organizations people were referred to did, either.  I say this havingi made plenty of calls myself, to a national hotline based in Texas.  THIS group is servicing the servers.    (“GRrrr..!”)
Here’s the “ABOUT US” page which shows that, as to the 1990 date, this NRCDV actually was an HHS project housed in PCADV.   The lesson is important, and explains WHY it says NOTHING about the parallel sets of grants (from HHS) Specifically designed to undermine mother’s rights in custody hearings, which are, usually, going to occur after any action is taken on domestic violence.  Through the 2nd prong of these HHS pincers, the Marriage/Fatherhood programming, what goes up WILL come down.
 (Habitually no DV agency is going to tell mothers about, and most don’t have follow-up enough to find out about themselves at the local level?) — it’ll even out, and possibly there may even be some kids available to traffic through the foster care system, which (see recent post) is quite profitable.   Like natural parents, there are good foster parents, and nasty foster parents, and then there are those that helped provide their kids to Larry King and friends (Franklin Coverup) to be flown around, tortured, used as sex objects, and psychological programming experimentation material.).
As it says:


It is the mission of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence to improve societal and community responses to domestic violence and, ultimately, prevent its occurrence.

Since 1993, the Pennsylvania Coalitions Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) has received core funding to operate the NRCDV from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, with supplemental funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support VAWnet, our national online resource center, and other private and public grants. The NRCDV employs a multidisciplinary staff and supports a wide range of projects to address the complex challenges domestic violence poses to families, institutions, communities, and governments.

The NRCDV’s technical assistance and training not only responds to requests from the field, but also anticipates needs for information and guidance around emerging policy and practice issues.

Does this include the concept that to truly stop abuse by men against women, it’s essential to work with faith-based operations (who historically do nothing about that) to help ensure that every little girl or by affected by violence has a Daddy in her life, who will be programmed to understand that if  he is NOT in her life, she is at risk of being abused by someone (besides himself), etc.?  Because I can point to the Child Welfare section of HHS and document that this is about the level of the reasoning in it.  In fact may already have, on this blog.  Look up “Boot Camp for New Dads”

The NRCDV develops and disseminates comprehensive and specialized information packets that address a range of domestic violence issues, and publishes related innovative intervention and model prevention practices, protocols and policies.

In 1995, the NRCDV created VAWnet, our comprehensive and easily accessible collection of full-text, searchable electronic materials and resources on domestic violence, sexual violence and related issues. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) serves as our key collaborative partner for this project. VAWnet currently receives over 3,000 visitors per day and these visitors download over 1,900 files a day. A significant number of the most frequently downloaded documents are those produced by NRCDV and NSVRC staff and consultants. The NRCDV utilizes three primary strategies in its work: technical assistance and training, development of resource materials, and special projects.

 This may sound like “overkill” — but I know that mothers with abuse in the background are now being referred, sometimes, to this site when they have a custody case.  I am a person and no attorney — but I’ll share that as a voracious reader, and firm believer in the justice system (which I no longer am), I devoured and scrounged, printed out, and shared a LOT of the information from VAWNet, about DV (it did match my experience that’s for sure) and attempted to relate this to the family law system.  However, the MISSING LINK was WHY that system is habitually deaf dumb, and blind — to the DV issue overall!  As a whole!  I learned nothing from this about the history and origin of the family courts — in fact, to learn that, i simply got curious and started googling.  It was by happenstance — after a particularly dishonest police report — that I ever connected with NOW to read their Family Court Report (of 2002).
Because no other voices — no DV nonprofit voices in particular — ever echoed, validated, or even, for the most part, made a stink about this information (talking about the hotlines and support groups I felt the need to consult after the second assault began — and that was the custody assault) — any of the information that I blog.  And some of the leadership that put it together was even in the same geographic area ! (Northern California).
If this information is utterly useless to any woman experience violence who also IS a mother, or had a mother who was also being assaulted — then why are we paying to distribute it?  Why are such people being given train the trainer privileges to the local DV entities?  Huh?
Let me repeat:  You can not only lose your children in a custody case, depending on the severity of the situation you left, or to what extent it has escalated — you, or they, and/or others, could literally die.  If you, as a mother — flee WITH the children, you can be (depending on your ex and his motivations) can be hauled back and thrown into court and the kids given to your ex-batterer.  That happens.  Or, alternately, you would have to forfeit (that’s called sacrifice) your children and custody rights most likely, including visitation, and then you would likely be hunted down and forced to pay the former torturer (FYI, some relationships do rise to that level, either before separation, or after the ex realizes “What a Friend We have in [family court].”
This is why I call the family law system a “clear and present danger” to the community overall, and why my motto (see top of blog) insists it is NOT a private matter.  It’s essentially a JOKE and the joke is on the taxpayers, and on families.      So each person has to figure out their best way through, and hopefully collectively more of us will figure out to at least see further down the road than the DV resource centers — which are actually HHS Control Centers to dominate the conversation around DOmestic Violence, at some level — and determine how to boycott the products.  Or at least survive!     And to live with one’s own conscience for doing so sometimes at a very, very heavy cost to one’s children.
BACK TO OVERALL GRANTS FROM PENNSYLVANIA and Mr. PILCHESKY’s SUMMARY.  I was talking about Grants to the Judiciary… –well, he had been, as follows (again):

The federal govermment distributes millions upon millions to each state in grant money. A large portion of it is intended to go into the control of politicians who simply use the money as a private campaign war chest by redistributing it to businesses that support them, who then kickback 20% in cash. (That’s called a democracy these days) See white envelope. However, a chunk of about $20 million goes to the judiciary EVERY YEAR, also a government entity, don’t forget, where the money is, as stated above, distributed to cronies in businesses that serve Family Court, i.e., evaluators, guardians, coparenting coordinators and last, but not lease, mediators.  [*1]

Intimately, our local players have been identified. [*2] A the top of the money heap is Judge Harhut (gets the biggest kickback)[*3]. Harhut organized this collosal scheme to keep the federal money flowing into our area, called an economic boost, except only a few get boosted, like Harhut.[*4]

This is a Healthy Marriage Grantee, a nice religious one, I’ve blogged it that (among other things) helps market curriculum from another healthy marriage grantee….That should counter the DV material nicely:

Family Guidance, Inc.  EDGEWORTH PA 15143-9554 ALLEGHENY 070449053 $ 1,163,684

As a matter of fact, the money that is distributed to cronies in Family Court does NOT come just from the feds to the state to the judiciary to the cronies, and I showed already one set of grants that went from HHS to an organization providing supervised visitation, locally.  etc. ….  The money supporting the MEDIATORS (in particular) is the Access/Visitation money (at a minimum) and comes to the Welfare Department — not the Judiciary.  It’s administered federally through the HHS Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) which is not the Judiciary.   Here are the grants.  I’ve posted about the A/V grants on the forum.  Notice how far back they go.   This is almost 2012, and so far, no mention of these grants in public discussion about their impact on custody cases.  yet they are intended to increase noncustodial parenting time, and allow the head of HHS to run social science demonstration projects on people.  And that’s just a fraction of funding to the courts.  MANY programs relating to the courts appear to have ties to the DPW….

Program Office Grantee Name Award Number Action Issue Date CFDA Program Name Award Class Award Activity Type Award Action Type Sum of Actions
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0001PASAVP 08/22/2000 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 315,791
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0101PASAVP 08/23/2001 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 315,791
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0101PASAVP 09/14/2009 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES OTHER REVISION $- 1,650
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0201PASAVP 08/06/2002 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 333,852
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0201PASAVP 09/14/2009 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES OTHER REVISION $- 907
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0301PASAVP 09/11/2003 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 333,852
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0301PASAVP 09/14/2009 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES OTHER REVISION $- 975
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0401PASAVP 09/15/2004 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 341,055
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0501PASAVP 09/14/2005 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 341,055
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0601PASAVP 09/19/2006 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 344,486
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0701PASAVP 07/20/2007 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 329,739
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0801PASAVP 01/30/2008 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 327,030
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 0901PASAVP 12/23/2008 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 322,294
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 1001PASAVP 11/25/2009 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 344,452
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 1101PASAVP 10/08/2010 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 322,677
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 1201PASAVP 11/22/2011 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES NEW $ 326,925
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9701PASAVP 05/31/1998 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 356,165
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9701PASAVP 02/21/2003 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $- 60,683
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9801PASAVP 09/01/1998 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 356,165
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9801PASAVP 02/24/2003 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $- 42,936
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9901PASAVP 08/16/1999 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $ 315,791
OCSE PA ST DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE 9901PASAVP 02/25/2003 Grants to States for Access and Visitation Programs CLOSED-ENDED SOCIAL SERVICES UNKNOWN $- 39,558
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[*2]  “Intimately our local players have been identified.”  Partially true.  Not all the players were identified, and those that are in the game have not been fully identified — i.e., their association allegiances, their contracts, and etc.  The judges’ statements of conflict of interest, to my knowledge, are not in discussion.  That’s a critical element. And it’s NOT JUST ABOUT the local players, even though it’s a nice handle to get people to focus on.

[*3]. A the top of the money heap is Judge Harhut (gets the biggest kickback).

Harhut is not at the top of the heap (depending on which portion of the heap one is looking at).  He is probably not even king of the local hill.  It takes a team to pull off anything, and team members are subject to each other’s (a) cooperation and (b) collective secrecy.

That Harhut gets ANY kickback is speculation or hearsay til proved, and that any alleged kickback is the biggest one can’t be even shown til several are found.  Statements and summaries like this don’t do almost anything to help anyone find out IF a kickback has been involved to start with.  I suspect The Hon. Harhut is by now accustomed as judge to being talked about in all kinds of ways, none of which are going to affect his being judge, his salary, and certainly not putting a potential kickback in any immediate jeopardy — at least not from this crowd!  As such, the statement is bluster.  I don’t think JOE is all bluster — he can get the goods when he chooses to, or finds the time to — but in this case, has not.

[*4]    Harhut organized this collosal scheme to keep the federal money flowing into our area, called an economic boost, except only a few get boosted, like Harhut.

False.  Harhut copied a scheme which has been used in other counties and other states, and got the idea from AFCC, which he is a member of.  He had help from Changing the Culture of Custody Initiative, and so forth.   And the money coming from it is not only federal — it is also, let’s not forget, a scheme to help cronies (at least) get payments from private parties, called parents.  Moreover, if a parent is put out of the house through all this, that’s real estate available to someone else.    
As to why the scheme, I’m not a mind-reader, but I DID read some of his talk on AFCC gazette, bio on the Child SUpport Speakers Bureau, and quite a few other places, which I believe are a clue to his thinking.  See this blog (also posted on the Doherty Deceit Forum, early on).  He’s an AFCC member, and in a position of power.  This is — to tell the truth – what they do.  Being judges, eventually, they move into an area, or take charge as presiding judge, and bring on the cronies.  They also tend to push for “Unified Family Court” systems based on there is such an overload of divorce and custody cases.
The overload is in part repeat business because of prior poor decisions, or perhaps it’s an indicator that marriage and family aren’t all they are cracked up to be.  Another reason for the overload is that domestic violence issues — serious criminal activity in the form of what any such REPEAT behavior, and/or SEVERE behavior would be if a stranger, particularly a MALE stranger, did it to someone else, particularly but not only another MALE — are being reframed as “family matters.”
That is what the family law system exists for, and it is where such criminally minded and overentitled people go, or are hauled, to the distress of many and the profit of some.  And to justify further breakdown of the concept, language and even IDEA of “justice” as a process — into the concept of Courts as Problem-solvers.  In some areas, courthouses are going up (Kentucky).  In others, they are going under (California) causing major strife in the judiciary.  But each new crop of attorneys in family law are being encouraged to view themselves as the helpers, the people with the answers, and heroes.
Some of them are.  To the extent that they are, I will suggest that these people help tear down THAT building and drive business into some venue where there’s a shot at justice — civil or criminal, to be specific.  As I showed in a recent post, just because a professional is a woman — or even if she is feminist — that doesn’t mean she is going to be honest or fair, when a woman comes before her in a custody matter.   Anyone who is engaging in parent coordination has a serious attitude problem, in my view.
A recent news article in the SF Bay area dealt with more females than males in the State college system.  You’d think the sky had fallen.  There have been 100% more males than females in the college and university system for centuries — MANY centuries.  Women couldn’t sing in cathedral choirs.   They couldn’t inherit property, they didn’t own their own children and in the US, they couldn’t vote until the 1900s.  (If they’d have had the vote before 1913, I wonder whether the income tax would’ve passed…)  It’s not the end of the world if some of that changes. only of worlds that are psychologically and emotionally dependent on dominating the woman in one’s life and in the religious and public spheres too.
Speaking of which — and this is for the Doherty Deceit audiences, however large or small it may be (lots of views, but usually not many at a time.  It has so many hits per day because of so many threads going at once…..).
The basic circus, once it’s local, does seem to go about like he says and I really like about it is the tone.  Someone has to keep talking like this — because, based on what they write and do — this is one pompous bunch!:

Under Harhut, the scheme has been working for years something like this: The judges review a custody case for any sign of conflict; “Ahh, there is it, two people that hate one anothter and they have kids. Perfect.”, said Judge Harhut. Harhut, and all other judges in Family Court, then decide that it’s in the best interests of children that they have have a thief, I mean, a guardian, so he orders Danielle Ross to be the Guardian per family for $300 per parent up front and $50 an hour thereafter.

Ross interviews the parents and the kids and determines that these people in divorce detest the sight of one another, so they need an evaluation. Ross also inspects the house for $100.00, or has some crony friend do it, unqualified, of course. Enter Dr. Refice,*** evaluator ( and others like him) who affirm what Ross concluded, which was that the parents are nuts and need to try mediation to resolve incidents of knife throwing and drop kicks to the groin in front of the kids. Mediation is done by Tony LiBassi, who gives a few free samples (actually paid for by federal grants)[*5] and then hammers the parents on a pay-per-visit fee until even he can’t get them to put he knives down and recommends co-parenting. Co-parenting is run by Ann Marie Termini, who is only to happy to rape, I mean charge, parents $50 an hour for eternity to teach them that knife -throwing should not be done in front of the kids.

This whole process, of course, is very expensive, because the longer it goes on the nuttier it drives the parents and the plan has thus been executed to perfection, because the grant money is to be used for helping people who are nuts and in Family Court. Many parents cannot afford it, so that’s where the federal money comes into play. These professional serices simply send a voucher to the County Controller and the cycle of pay-to-play is completed.[*6]

He only incorporated (at least as a P.C.) in PA in 1999:

ANTHONY J LIBASSI, PC 2888224 Professional Corporation Active 7/19/1999
 Possibly access/visitation funds are involved.  He seems to have several hats to wear (including running KidsFirst Classes, although “KidsFirst” on PA Secretary of state looks like just a fictitous name of Chet Muklewicz.  AS I recall).    And I’ve seen (in the past) a contract for some of Libassi services.  See firm website and prominent KidsFirst link on it.  It appears to be running in about 5 counties (two listed on the mediation site, and if you click on “Classes” and then the blue tab on top of the list of (AFCC books, many from California, as I’ve said before) it shows 3 more counties.  The address of Libassi Mediation Services IS the courthouse, so let’s see his lease, too!

Anthony J. Libassi M.S., C.R.C., is a trained mediator specializing in Divorce and Custody matters with over 13 years experience.  Mr. Libassi serves as a mediator for Lackawanna County Family Court and has been instrumental in developing mediation programs from several phases of Family Court.

Mr. Libassi, as an adjunct faculty member at Pennsylvania State University, has taught courses in Human Development and Family Studies.  Mr. Libassi presents the Kids First Program, a four hour parent education class, in several counties in Pennsylvania.  He brings over twenty five years of experience of working with families to his mediation practice.

 Doesn’t even bother to say where the degree is from (Penn State, of recent fame in nationwide news?)  What is a “C.R.C.”?
More Miscellaneous possibly re:  Libassi et al.  I notice that Lackawanna County Commissioners were last April 1, 2011 (no kidding) soliciting for more Divorce & Family Educators Providers.  Will these be independent contractors?
 RFQ Divorce and Family Education Providers
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to a fair and open process, sealed submissions will be received and reviewed by the County of Lackawanna (the “County”) Board of Commissioners (“Board of Commissioners”) for Divorce and Family Education Curriculum Providers(Provider).
Date Posted: 3/31/2011
*** June 23, 2011 post on Dr. Refice; surrounding threads talk about the invoices.

Ross is now directing custody evaluation traffic to a man named Arnold Sheinvold.  She had been recommending Dr. Ron Refice from Harrisburg.  Sheinvold is also from Harrisburg and he’s very, every expensive.

Who makes the decision that there should be custody evaluation?  Ross.

iT’S Pay to play all day long at Lackawanna County Family Court.  Step right up, bend over, spread your legs, open your wallet and kiss your cash goodbye.  KISS YOUR KID’S MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL STABILITY GOODBYE, TOO.

It’s Kids for Kash Lackawanna County style while President Judge Tommy Munley spends half his day texting wifey, Jodean, [Ohh, Baby, I love you sooooo much] and the other half trying to get the black robe on straight.  Nice job, Tom.  Maybe another suicide or two will


And Tom, can you explain why Sue McIlwee is sucking up supervision and inspection jobs right from her position as Danielle Ross’ secretary?  She’s a county employee doing Ross’ work and grabbing this work she is unqualified to do, or is she?  Either way, it’s not appropriate that Sue snags this work.  Ever hear of a thing called


“Sheinvold” (Shienvold) is AFCC, in fact President of it or soon to be.  His firm also contracts directly  through State of California as an expert witness.
He sees how the job referrals go, obviously.
Somebody should do the RTK on McIlwee pretty soon.
Ronald J. Refice, Ph.D. shows a degree from Kansas, but looks like he incorporated in PA — and Lackawanna — in September 2008.  Did ALL of these people start it up around 2008?
Business Name History

Name Name Type

Business Corporation – Domestic – Information
Entity Number: 3834647
Status: Active
Entity Creation Date: 9/11/2008
State of Business.: PA
Registered Office Address: 823 Carmalt St
Dickson City PA 18519
Mailing Address: No Address

Title: President
Address: 823 CARMALT ST
That summary of how it works was, as I think this shows, in the ballpark, but does not make it to first pace factually.  The other team probably stole a few bases in the process.  I think the post was in part the need to assert an understanding without actually demonstrating one, or showing others how to get to that knowledge of “how things work,” i.e., retain dependent followers.
(looking up this address — it shows a “Marriage Resource Center” and a few professionals – -not him — including a Jill Ballman. Her bio blurb indicates a Florida Marriage and Family Research Institute.    I’ve done some (on-line) time looking up Florida groups, so went there, and found the HHS involvement pretty strong.  As we know, “Institute’ often means something at a University — which means, someone funded it, a corp. or HHS, etc.  or more.   (Except for cases like “Cooperative Parenting Institute” which — so far as I can currently tell — means nothing except an attempt to sound officialy by two women from GA &, now, PA, respectively!)


“Facilitating the development of research and clinical initiatives to better support couples, marriages, and families

The University of Central Florida Marriage and Family Research Institute was created in 2003 to facilitate the development of research and clinical initiatives to better support couples, marriages, and families. The Institute conducts original research and facilitates and supports scholarly activity of faculty and graduate students interested in marriage, family, and child issues. Additionally, the Institute can provide outcome and process evaluation services for other research projects part of and independent of the Institute.
LOOKING AT THIS I see right away at least 4 HHS project set-ups, they just happen to be at the UCF for implementation.  Universities are part of the overall scheme.
I’ll show us:  Four, Three, Two and One:
**Stronger Marriages and Stronger Families (SMS


Funded through the Florida Department of Children and Families, the Stronger Marriages and Stronger Families Program was a three year grant (2003-2006) that supported initiatives established by the United States Department of Health and Human Services and Administration for Children and Families.

{{I”m remembering –this coincides, yes?, with the reign of Jerry Regier — from Oklahoma Marriage Initiative — and the scandal of grants-steering during his leadership of the Florida DCF that, as I recall, led to his resignation.  This particular program talks about “faith-based” also, and here’s a nice brochure soliciting people to enroll in couples’ counseling, with a specific curriculum I probably blogged (PREPARE/ENRICH)}}

The Promoting Safe and Stable Families Legislation was created to develop, expand, and operate community-based family services and programs to promote the development and maintenance of safe and stable families in the United States and Tribal entities. The goals of this program were:

(1) To prevent child maltreatment among families at-risk through the provision of supportive family services;

(2) To ensure children’s safety within the home and preserve intact families in which children have been maltreated, when the family’s problems can be addressed effectively;

(3) To address the problems of families where children have been placed in foster care so that reunification may occur in a safe and stable manner in accordance with the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997; and

(4) To support adoptive families by providing support services as necessary so that they can make a lifetime commitment to their children.

The Stronger Marriages and Stronger Families Program was developed with this legislation in mind.

THREE  — is PAIRS, and I’ve plenty about it on this blog, so moving on to
TWO — MDRC-SHM Implementation Plan:
(MDRC is a major federal contractor, a for-profit group that gets 80%? of its business from the US Gov’t. See my blog.  I have pie charts and everything — earlier posts).

. . . . [92% of Floridians believe that happy marriages are reelly, reelly  important] And yet, programs to support marriage are not a standard service available to married or soon-to-be married couples.

What if a program existed to support married couples? Do you know if it would help them achieve the long, strong marriage and raise happy, healthy children for which they wish, hope and dream? Neither do we.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and MDRC, a research and evaluation organization in New York, has given the Marriage and Family Research Institute in the College of Education at the University of Central Florida the exciting opportunity to study the effects of marriage education and support mechanisms on low to moderate income married couples with children – through the Supporting Healthy Marriage (SHM) Together Project.

{{TRANSLATION:  they have an agenda, and access to $$.  UCF gets the $$, supplies the young energetic, or (at least enrolled in their institute) people, and hopefully everyone is happy and no one will say that Marriage Education for Everyone is not a fantastic idea….}}

As part of a national demonstration and evaluation program, the SHM Together Project and seven other sites in New York, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington (two sites) will each recruit and interview 800 couples. Randomly, 400 couples will be assigned to the control group that receives no SHM-related services, and 400 couples will be assigned to the program group that will receive 12 months of SHM-related services including 30-hours of marriage education, continuous family support and extended marriage and family-related activities. At the end of the year, MDRC will test the difference between the two groups and ultimately answer the question, “Do marriage education and supports help low to moderate income married couples with children have longer, stronger marriages and raise happy, healthier children?”

{{With true scientific objectivity it is assumed that — basically — ALL couples & people are basically the same, so if one group spread between 7 sites in 5 states + DC  (400/7= 57 couples per site, and for five states, that’s 57 couples per STATE) seem better after a year of this –and 57 or so couples didn’t — we’re going to say it was a thumbs-up and should be expanded….      I notice it says “moderate-income” so apparently TANF wasn’t funding this one?…}}

This being a university, I find it a little deceptive to use acronyms:  SHM, SMSF…

ONE — OFA Project:

This is really a PAIRS project, but as PAIRS is listed separately, this makes it look like more things are on the burner, and more grants may, indeed, be involved….

OFA Together Project

In October 2006, The Office of Financial Assistance of the U.S. Department of Healthy and Human Services has awarded the Institute a five-year grant to design and implement the Together Project. The Together Project aims to bring marriage education services to low-income married couples with children in the Central Florida region and to collect data comparing couples who participate in marriage education with those in a control condition. Over the life of the project, the goal is to serve 200 couples and to collect data on 200 control couples. Control couples will be placed on a waiting list for services and will be eligible for marriage counseling services at the UCF Community Counseling Clinic after completing one-year follow-up data.

{{LOW_income couples only got a 200-couple sample.  Moderate-income couples get an 400 couple (+ 400 controls) sample, although more spread out. HIGH-income couples will pay their dues in divorce court anyhow, and/or contribute to some of these nonprofit front groups, so let’s not mess with them…}}

The marriage education treatment for the Together Project is the PAIRS curriculum (Gordon & Frandsen, 1993). There is some empirical support for the PAIRS approach (c.f. Durana, 1998; Goss, 1995). The curriculum was selected because it has this research support and because it focuses on emotional intimacy and bonding rather than a purely behavioral skills approach.

Of the INSTITUTE– the website has a “Resources” link.  The first FIVE resources are government supported!  With the exception of “SmartMarriages” which is a trademark from Dianne Sollee, who  must be making a bundle from all this:  she runs conferences where various curriculum providers can get their strategies together, buy into a franchise possibly, and even (if they’ve been smart enough to form a nonprofit association before coming to the conference) get the expenses written off.  BASICALLY — the individuals pushing healthy marriage (See GWBush the younger and friends) are simply using a public university to push franchising of their favorite ideas about society.   They call the tune.

The following are some informative links related to marriage and family research:

Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Healthy Marriage Initiative
Florida Commission on Marriage and Family Support Initiatives
Florida State University’s Family Institute 
Smart Marriages
National Healthy Marriage Resource Center

WTF does this have to do with Lackawanna county and an off-hand remark about Ronald Refice as a custody evaluator?  well, his corporation shares office address with this woman whose experience says it includes this FLorida group — and that group’s site indicates a Pennsylvania test site, so who knows?   Perhaps there’s a connection there.  I just googled the street address, found this, backed up to the hyperlink (Marriage Resource Center) she was under — looked for Refice (who doesn’t show up there) and took it from there.  One of the therapists (not this one) had the florida connection.

Tolerico, Catherine ACSW
823 Carmalt Street, Dickson City, PA 18519

That’s the same street address as Refice is under.   It’s a home — maybe they are partners or married. Therapy building is:

Website: Marriage Resource Center
Professional Arts Building, 327, N. Washington Ave., Suite 105, Scranton, PA 18503

Clinical Director:

Jill Ballman, MA, LPC, LMFT (it was her bio I followed up on from the site).


I just found another nonprofit that Danielle M. Ross, J.D. is a member of:  “Council of Contemporary Families”   (sigh) and recognize several of the memberships.  It appears to have started in 2006.


Their Board of Directors are from all over the country, and it appears to have begun its conferences (at least uploading them to the site) in 2006.  Every time you go from one section to another of the site, it attempts to sign you up for newsletters, which is annoying …



A long list of bios includes one for renowned Fathers’ Rights lawyer Jeffrey Leving (out of Chicago, whose firm is a sponsor? of Fathers and Families Coalition, a large group with close HHS ties, or at least a VERY friendly relationship with whoever’s heading it up each year — David Hansell, you name it).

Danielle’s is on there — so depending on how the FBI results turn out, probably some of the colleagues will still welcome her with open arms in some other state.  Unless she is disbarred or gets a temporary wrist-slap for financial fraud….

It reads:

I am an attorney in Scranton, PA. My full time position involves being appointed as a Guardian ad Litem for children involved in custody proceedings.

Hmm.  That’s interesting — who’s her employer?  Or does she work FT somewhere else and part of this “involves being appointed”  – is she doing something for the judge that appoints her? Or is this simply just dishonest (or not a current listing….).  Hmm, hmm, hmmm.  (see Pilchesky v. Ross et al.).  this is probably why court professionals have to join so many out-of-state organizations; so people don’t catch on to the truths of the matter….  I did find an EIN for Council on Contemporary Families (522070511) and a State (Illinois) See below:

My undergraduate degree is a B.A. is Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University. My juris doctorate was acquired from Widener University School of Law. I am currently pursuing a M.A. in Forensic Psychology.

My area of interest is family law and educating the judiciary to incorporate clinical assessments, impressions and research, when making decisions for families involved in the judicial system. I am interested in insuring a collaborative approach** is applied when dealing with these families in our system.

CONTACT: (etc.)

*(**meaning, we get to have our day in the sun, after all, doesn’t a B.A in Psychology + a J.D. = an expert in family life?)

COUNCIL ON CONTEMPORARY FAMILIES NCCSDATAWEBS LISTING (no 990s on form, looks like a small operation)

The family therapists are trying to pull in more arts & humanities themes to increase their credibility, which at this point, is pretty darn well about shot from those who sit under them:

Organization Details
EIN: 522070511
Name: Council on Contemporary Families — Google
Location:  Uic Mc312 1007 W Washington Ste Bsb
Chicago, IL 60607
 Report Address Change
County: Cook County
Ruling Date: 1998   (Approximate year when founded)
IRS Type: 501(c)(3) – Public charity: Religious, educational, charitable, scientific, and literary organizations…
Legal basis for public charity or private foundation status (FNDNCD): 15 – Organization with a substantial portion of support from a governmental unit or the general public
NTEE:  A99 – Arts, Culture & Humanities N.E.C.
Most recently completed fiscal year (TAXPER) 12/2008
Total Revenue $33,598
Total Assets: $86,232
Organization Mission Statement and Purpose
The Council on Contemporary Families is an association of experts on the family from fields of sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, the law, and family therapists. it is an organization devoted to education of the public through bringing to public attention the best research available on the american family in all of its diversity. it is devoted to promoting informed and constructive public discussion of Contemporary Families’ needs and how those needs might best be met.

With all those members, and being around for now 10 years, they finally coughed up a tax return?




Council on Contemporary Families IL 2008 $86,232 990EZ 9 52-2070511

Per tax return — (the last we heard of this group) they are preparing to write a book (got a $25K advance for it?) in which each member (well, now there are around 200) contributes a chapter.

The street address is University of Illinois Chicago (UIC).

It is signed by Co-Chair “Waldo E. Johnson, Jr.”  You KNOW I’m going to look him up, right?



This sounds very well-educated, well-recognized, if not exactly gender-neutral:

Waldo E. Johnson Jr., Ph.D., is associate professor at the School of Social Service Administration and faculty affiliate and immediate past director at the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture at the University of Chicago. He is also a research associate for the Program for Research on Black Americans at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. He teaches social welfare policy, human behavior in the social environment, and research methods in the M.A. and Ph.D. programs. A family scholar, his research focuses on father involvement among low-income, unwed African-American fathers and the relationship between African-American males’ physical and mental health statuses on their family and societal role assumptions and performance across the life course. Most recently, he has been a consultant to the Chicago Community Trust as well as the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago in the development of their respective African American Male Initiatives.

His book, Social Work with African American Males: Health, Mental Health and Social Policy (Oxford Press, 2010), examines the developmental and social challenges and barriers experienced by African-American males across the life course. He is also interested in the use of qualitative research methods {{presumably about AAM MALES}} for guiding social policy. He is a member of the Ford Foundation Scholars Network on Masculinity and the Wellbeing of African American Males; a member of the National Steering Committee and Fatherhood Subcommittee (of what institution or arm of gov’t?) ; chair of the 2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys; and the inaugural chair of the Commission on Research for the Council on Social Work Education.  {{That should take care of it being to female-focused}} During winter 2011, he will be a visiting scholar at Clare Hall, Cambridge University, and the University of Cape Town.

WJohnson holds a Ph.D. in social work from the University of Chicago, an MSW from the University of Michigan, and a B.A. from Mercer University. He was a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the Poverty Research and Training Center and the Program for Research on Black Americans at the University of Michigan

HERE”s the Blurb from the CCF website — which didn’t file tax returns, that we can see, except for the year 2008?  I’ll put a ? on that, but generally speaking, I can find tax returns.  I found ONE here.  The memberhip in 2008 produced fees of about $14K, I’ll go back and see what they are, and do some math…

Waldo E, Johnson, Jr. is associate professor at the School of Social Service Administration faculty has conducted research and published widely on father involvement among unwed, low-income urban fathers; the physical and mental health statuses of African American males and the use of qualitative research methods in guiding social welfare policy. He is a member of the leadership team (chair of the Community Engagement Work Group) for the South Side Health and Vitality Study, a family of interdisciplinary social science, epidemiological and community based studies to be conducted in the 34 community areas (neighborhoods) served by the University of Chicago Medical Center aimed at enhancing the health, wellness and health service delivery of residents.; Building Healthy Communities: A Focus on Young Men and Boys of Color Research Collaborative, initiated by the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity and Justice of the Berkeley Law School of the University of California funded by The California Endowment and the Disenfranchised Men Forum, an initiative sponsored by the New York University’s Metropolitan Center for Urban Education and the Ford Foundation which brings together academic researchers, policy and practice practitioners to address challenges facing disenfranchised males.

Well, at least we know what focus are dealing with here, and he co-chairs the organization, apparently. The Foundation Scholars bio has a photo and further notes some collaboration with the Illinois DCFS.  The Illinois – South Side of Chicago & Ford Foundation connections particularly interesting (OBama was here before the White House, we may recall).

Steven Mintz of Columbia (per 2008 tax return) was managing the list-serv.  Here’ his bio at that site, HISTORY Department:

Steven Mintz
Columbia University
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Teaching Center
Steven Mintz was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford and John and Rebecca Moores Professor of History and Director of the American Cultures Program at the University of Houston before becoming the director of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Teaching Center.  An authority on the history of the family and of children, he is the author and editor of 13 books, including Domestic Revolutions: A Social History of American Family Life, Huck’s Raft: A History of American Childhood, and Moralists & Modernizers: America ’s Pre-Civil War Reformers. He has also published extensively on film history, slavery, abolition, and American reform movements. A pioneer in the application of new technologies to history, he is the creator of the Digital History website (http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu) and past president of H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online.  He has also served as President of the Society for the History of Children and Youth, and chaired the Council on Contemporary Families, an interdisciplinary organization of scholars and clinicians dedicated to enhancing the national conversation about what contemporary families need and how these needs can best be met.  A member of the Society of American Historians, he is a past chair of the Bancroft Prize jury and a member of the advisory board of Film & History, the History Teacher, Slavery & Abolition, and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Here’s a 5- minute interview, talks about meeting Georgia O’Keefe and confirms he’s a professional educator with interest in behavioral sciences, too

Stephanie Coontz (also on Board of Directors) has a decorated history, at least she is an author and is quite the presenter.  Some of the places she presents seem very conservative (National Council on Family Relations, etc.) she has a book on the history of marriage.

Welcome to Stephanie Coontz’s official website!

Stephanie Coontz ImageStephanie Coontz teaches history and family studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. She also serves as Co-Chair and Director of Public Education at the Council on Contemporary Families, a non-profit, nonpartisan association of family researchers and practitioners based at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her work has been featured in many newspapers such as The New York Times, as well as scholarly journals such as Journal of Marriage and Family, and she is frequently interviewed on national television and radio.

 …Coontz has testified about her research before the House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families in Washington, DC . . .  In 2004, she received the Council on Contemporary Families first-ever “Visionary Leadership” Award (being on its board of directors……). (from a group that doesn’t file its taxes and exists through membership fees, with hopes to compile a book they’ll sell, no doubt).  and ….She also received the 2001-02 “Friend of the Family” award from the Illinois Council on Family Relations. She served as a marriage consultant to The Ladies Home Journal from 2006-2009.


Anyhow, they don’t show up on a corporations search in Illinois . . . .

And they have NOT — at least under this Name OR EIN# — filed with the State of Illinois as a charity.  Not so hot if their c0-chair of the board of directors is a professor!

And a lowly GAL from Lackawanna shares professional membership with this level of professional exposure and Ph.D. accomplishments.  That should help her out after the FBI returns its reports, assuming it does anything….

(also – is that street address strange enough yet?)

WELL, I could do this all night, despite what week of the year it is (like a few days before Christmas, much?)

This post needs to be split in two, but I’m glad it finally got published!  

Back to Ms. Ross’s bio on this illustrious organization, with its illustrious membership (too busy to finish tax returns, I guess, but ready to change the world through influencing policy with their research, etc. )

My area of interest is family law and educating the judiciary to incorporate clinical assessments, impressions and research, when making decisions for families involved in the judicial system. I am interested in insuring a collaborative approach** is applied when dealing with these families in our system.

Ms. Ross – these families?   it’s their system — they pay for it.  Probably more of them work an honest job than you, at least til you get involved and strip them of their resources!   You are in the public servant role within this system.  We intend that you and colleagues begin to understand WHOSE system it is, and adjust accordingly.


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