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Post published 8/2/2012, became “Sticky” 4/15/2016, slight revs to top part 12/15/2016

From this post:

There has to be a way to check facts and assemble a workable theory that doesn’t entail slavery for most and freedom for some.  That alone is an ECONOMIC matter, a COMMERCE matter, and as such, has to be dealt with — what are these courts really for?  We can say “kids for cash” and “stop child-trafficking” til we are blue in the face, but sooner or later such things as the murder/suicide of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaeffer and her husband — which was most likely NOT anything close to a murder/suicide — have to be dealt with

My Ideal signature block would show my Current Understanding as Quips with Links for “thinks.”

This is how it looked 4-5 years ago for use in a public forum:

  • USConstitution Title28/IV sets Jurisdiction
  • Citizenship in USA, Inc. = YOU became collateral for U$A Debt 
War=Debt Collection.   pSILENT weapons = biological warfare by few to enslave MOST.
 I blog FAMILY COURT aspects @ LGH ~ FCF~ LACKaWantsTo (& here*)
pm me for outline, links & blogs

In 2016/2017, I probably would change some links, but retain the basic concepts.   (Will be repeated again, below.)

Preface:This colorful signature block with its Quips and Links, I worked up for the purposes of posting at “Scranton Political Times” around the time these posts also were being written. In other words, from about Fall 2011 through 2012 and perhaps into 2013, I was focused in blogging (and posting) attention on the state of Pennsylvania, including, but not limited to Lackawanna County and, by association, Luzerne County (Kids for Cash). I set up a blog for that specific county (but it didn’t go far). I was also in frequent email and occasional phone contact with some of the local parents over the family court issues.

These days (LGH says, during April 2016 blog update for TOC purposes) I am more focused on Minnesota.

While focused on Pennsylvania and participating in the Scranton Political Times Forum, Rather than re-explain things, constantly, I put key links in the signature block at least for that forum, and had enough sense to save it on this blog. Blogs and web-based forums certainly are not eternal, or guaranteed to stand the test of even a few years, so I saved things..

There has to be a way to check facts and assemble a workable theory that doesn’t entail slavery for most and freedom for some.  That alone is an ECONOMIC matter, a COMMERCE matter, and as such, has to be dealt with — what are these courts really for?  We can say “kids for cash” and “stop child-trafficking” til we are blue in the face, but sooner or later such things as the murder/suicide of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaeffer and her husband — which was most likely NOT anything close to a murder/suicide — has to be dealt with.

As do the troublesome indicators such as The Franklin Coverup (Nebraska, Senator John DeCamp reported on on, which tied in foster care, Boys Town (Omaha), financial institutions (Countrywide), DRUGS, and blackmail of politicians.  Plus murder and some absolutely horrific and blood-chilling circumstances — in the heartland of America.  This particular scenario (Franklin) was also tied by some to Los Angeles and the drug trade.

What happened? How did it happen?

We are seeking fundamentals here.  Here’s one interpretation — the US Government has been so outsourced to private (military-type) contractors it hardly exists any more, let alone as “sovereign.”  

The following author back in 2002 pointed out that privatizing government services (particularly, military and federal agency database and accounting technology) in this manner excuses the truly bad behavior of the contractors which are not held to the government standards; that’s no accident!  I have since run across writings such as “Outflanking the Nation-State:  David Mitrany and the Origins of the Functionalism Approach to the New World Order” (3/15/2015 in “ConspiracyArchive.com”) which make so much sense when I consider the state of the various federal databases (and many state-level ones also) I’ve been dealing with over time, and in general.

Note: my referencing VoxNews here and quoting it doesn’t mean I endorse all the articles.  I just took a quick look and there’s no question that it’s speaking from a Partisan (anti-Republican Party) perspective, although I do see a lot I might want to revisit later and read..The tone is a little disturbing.  However, the article below, I’ve read around this topic from more than one source.  What it’s saying is entirely plausible…).

{Caption to Uri Dowbenko article also reads]: “CIA = Knights of the Evil Empire” incorporated into that logo}

One person’s interpretation of U.S. GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT IN CHILD SEXUAL SLAVERY” (DynCorps, Lockheed, HUD, DoD, missing billions / trillions, etc.)  © Copyright 2002, Uri Dowbenko. All rights reserved.

Dynacorp, the massive US military and intelligence PRIVATE government contractor does assassinations, child prostitution and any other illegal perversions that the US Government can think of and pay for, maybe even some for free. 
by Uri Dowbenko

Dirty Tricks, Inc.:
The DynCorp-Government Connection

Organized White-Collar Crime is the absolute essence of Mega-Corporate-Government Business.

As Jim Hougan wrote in his landmark book, Spooks: The Haunting of America – The Private Use of Secret Agents, “With their cultural and career investments in upholding the stereotype of the Mafia as the vehicle of organized crime, the public and the press have generally failed to grasp the felonious nature of the outfit’s WASP counterparts on the Big Board. Whereas some petty hoodlums put out contracts on individuals, the multinationals have begun to place contracts on entire countries (for example, ITT versus Chile). With that difference, their operational styles are similar: offshore laundries used to wash bribes paid in clandestine support of a sales effort designed to create and satisfy the potentially lethal addictions of their would be customers. Whether the product is heroin or Starfighter jets, the result is often the same: profits that corrupt and impoverishÖ In short it appears that some multinationals had evolved into genuinely criminal enterprises.” (p. 441)

Likewise, outsourcing State Terrorism is the fastest growing segment of the US Government market. In fact, white-collar criminal activities, like Federal IT, or Information Technology, which involves “privatizing” the financial database management of government agencies, accounts for some of the most lucrative contracts available anywhere on earth.

The practice of privatizing (using private companies for government work) has been long exploited by the CIA and the Pentagon, who like to use proxies, like contractors or mercenaries, to fight their covert wars.

The benefits for federal agencies include “plausible deniability” with respect to assassination and drug trafficking, as well as the ability to bypass the Military Code of Honor and the accords of the Geneva Convention, which hold “official” combatants to a different standard.

      In other words, by privatizing “dirty tricks,” a federal agency cannot be held liable to the standards one would expect of, well, the US Government.

Acting as one of the US Government’s primary privatized Dirty Tricks Divisions, DynCorp has become one of the leading prime federal contractors, reaping a global harvest of shame and disgrace.

The Murky Origins of DynCorp

And where did DynCorp come from?

In the apocryphal story, DynCorp began as an Air Force contractor in 1954. Since then, however it has garnered a reputation as a shadowy company with a spooky pedigree, rumored to be a CIA “cutout,” or front company, for the Agency’s dirty tricks.

Using high-level government insider connections, DynCorp provides a range of “services” one would expect to facilitate fraud and money laundry activities, acting like a virtual conduit between the corporate (private) and government (public) worlds.

According to DynCorp, the US Government is its biggest client, accounting for more than 95% of its revenues.

Even more sinister is the fact that DynCorp manages email and information systems for many federal investigation agencies like FBI, DOJ and SEC. What does that mean? Whenever criminal behavior is detected, DynCorp controls the information, giving it defacto power to subvert the process of law and cover-up corporate-government criminal activities.


Inserting 2016 Update Section

= Other links on DynCorps

From the “DynCorp International” (=/=  entire company) website, from Wikipedia, from Other Commentary

WHY:  If readers are not already aware of this by some other means or personal interest in their backgrounds…. consider the logistics, electronic communications, materials movement, infrastructure maintenance, and database maintenance capabilities involved in warfare, in the military, and by association with any contractors supporting the military.  LARGE operations and LARGE movement of materials, or strategically targeted (operations and movement of materials) has to take place.  It would almost seem a “natural” that when the USA itself is becoming also a (regionalized) major redistribution of public funds (collect, re-allocate, disburse, track, solicit grants and contracts, record grants and contracts, maintain large information databases for EACH federal agency, and ALL of them), the skillsets required would already exist in the military sector.

Whether it’s Child Support, Medicaid, Food Stamps and Cash Aid, Adoption Assistance, Foster Care funding, or various media campaigns related to whatever the government considers “healthy” this season, organizing it at this level would seem to be simply “part of the package.”

((Then again, NOT organizing the whole thing at the federal / macro level but instead allowing more local representative government to actually mean something, was an option, but not one this country has chosen.))

Overview: DynCorps International History, viewed 2016, latest entry, 2010 (Acquired by Cerebus Capital Management) from their own website.

Main URL: http://www.dyn-intl.com

They do Aviation (“DynAviation”):

DynAviation provides full-spectrum aerospace, aviation and air operations solutions worldwide. We support critical military and commercial aviation needs globally with end-to-end professional services and technical support. From rapid-response field assignments to long-term engagements, we provide the world’s most comprehensive array of integrated aviation solutions to ensure our customers’ success.

They Do Logistics: (“DynLogistics”)

DynLogistics provides best-value mission readiness through total support solutions. Anywhere we are needed, we offer our customers the high-quality support they deserve, including conventional and contingency logistics; operations and maintenance support; platform modification and upgrades; supply chain management; training; security; and full-spectrum intelligence mission support services.

And, they do this “Global, in 36+ countries” (“DynGlobal” is the third major pictorial link on home page):

DynGlobal brings the full range of DI’s diverse capabilities and decades of experience to commercial, international and emerging markets. Whether the need is for solutions in logistics, aviation, training, security, program and risk management, or operations and maintenance, we bring DI’s proven results to customers in every corner of the globe.

Dyn-Australia Supports the Australian Defence Force

Dyn-Australia (DA), a wholly owned DynCorp International subsidiary, supports the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Through this program, a DA team provides helicopter logistical support including managing ground and air-operations support for Mi26T heavy-lift helicopters.

There are two full pages of its “Corporate Memberships” (i.e., Business and Professional associations it’s joined.  This is page 2; they’re Alpha so “Council of Foreign Relations” is on page 1.”  Actually (not including links to each organization — see “Page 2” link for that) these are about half the list of DynCorp International “corporate memberships”:

National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations

Founded in 1983, the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations is an American non-profit, non-governmental, educational organization dedicated to improving American knowledge and understanding of the Arab world.

National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS)

NGAUS membership includes nearly 45,000 current or former National Guard officers. The association was created in 1878 to provide unified National Guard representation in Washington. In their first productive meeting after Reconstruction, militia officers from the North and South formed the association with the goal of obtaining better equipment and training by petitioning Congress for more resources. Today, 135 years later, NGAUS has the same mission.

Professional Services Council (PSC)

The Professional Services Council (PSC) is the national trade association of the government professional and technical services industry.

Southern Maryland Navy Alliance

Southern Maryland Navy Alliance is a private organization whose mission is to support, promote, and enhance the intellectual capital and infrastructure at Patuxent River and St. Inigoes as an economic asset and resource to the Southern Maryland region

U.S. Business Council in Iraq (USBCI)

USBCI is a private, non-profit business consortium dedicated to promoting U.S. private sector investment in Iraq in a socially responsible manner to benefit American firms and advance Iraqi economic development efforts – creating jobs and greater economic opportunity for both Americans and Iraqis.

U.S.-UAE Business Council

The US-UAE Business Council is a collaboration of leading companies based in the United States and United Arab Emirates, which are committed to expanding bi-lateral commercial opportunities between the two countries.

One of the Subsidiaries from Page 2:  National Guard Association:  (Individual Membership):

Commissioned officers and warrant officers of the Army and Air National Guard are eligible for NGAUS membership, as are supporters of NGAUS. Historically, nearly all eligible Guard officers have belonged to NGAUS. During your first year in the Guard, membership is free.

Associate Memberships are also available for those who do not qualify for the standard membership types but are interested in supporting NGAUS.

All NGAUS members enjoy the following benefits: Special programs under the NGAUS Insurance Trust Free Accidental Death & Disability Insurance Preferred Vision Care NATIONAL GUARD, a monthly magazine Legislative Alerts on Guard issues Washington Report, a weekly e-newsletter Members-only access on website Write-to-Congress feature online that allows members to take action on Guard issues by sending messages to Capitol Hill Special discounts from a growing list of private companies, such as Apple, Costco, Dell and MasterCard

Membership is about more than paying dues. You become united in voice and action when you make a commitment to support NGAUS and its mission. – See more at: http://www.ngaus.org/membership/ngaus-individual-membership#sthash.WtgsEnRm.dpuf.   {Note:  Board of Directors shows that the USA is divided up into VI National Guard regions (I, II, III etc.) currently. There is also Corporate Membership ranging from $500 – $2,500 (annual) dues, and a Corporate Advisory Board…

Search Again

National Guard Association of the United States DC 2014 990O 29 $38,960,061.00 53-0184296
NATIONAL GUARD ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES DC 2013 990O 29 $34,658,056.00 53-0184296
National Guard Association of The United States DC 2012 990O 28 $47,878,943.00 53-0184296


Another One of the subsidiaries from Page 2, Form 990s:

NATIONAL COUNCIL ON US ARAB RELATIONS DC 2014 990 28 $2,854,312.00 52-1296502
NATIONAL COUNCIL ON U S – ARAB RELATIONS DC 2013 990 32 $2,775,110.00 52-1296502
National Council On U S – Arab Relations DC 2012 990 33 $2,647,818.00 52-1296502

Very modest sized organization in D.C.; it has only 8 employees, only 4 independently voting members.

(John Duke Anthony (Salary $195.4K, President & CEO), Mario Pascale, John Mulholland (former board) Randa Fahmy Hudome Treasurer (No pay shown), Elizabeth Wossen (no pay shown), Oliver Zandona, David Bosch (CHAIRMAN unpaid), Patrick Mancino (Exec. Vice President, $180.8K salary, only two officers or board members paid)

Randha Fahmy Hudome launched “Fahmy Hudome International” in 2003.  See her US Legislative background and federal connections on that page:

“Fahmy Hudome International is a government relations and strategic consulting firm based in Washington, DC specializing in international issues and the energy sector. Our founder, Randa Fahmy Hudome, draws on her vast experience in both the legislative and executive branches of government to provide superior strategy and service to a select group of clients.” [http://fahmyhudome.com/about-us]

Prior to founding FHI, Ms. Fahmy Hudome was appointed by President George W. Bush to serve as the United States Associate Deputy Secretary of Energy. Working with the White House and the Departments of State and Commerce, she developed and implemented international energy policy. Her keen diplomatic skills became a critical factor when dealing with both producer and consumer nations as she exercised the Administration’s quiet diplomacy strategy in the petroleum market.

Randa Fahmy Hudome, Treasurer of National Council on US-Arabic Relations (Year End viewed 2014) and founder of Fahmy Hudome International consulting firm.

She served as the Department of Energy’s representative to the Paris based International Energy Agency, where she helped coordinate strategy for international oil emergencies amongst the 26-member country organization. Randa was also the point person at the Department of Energy for increased advocacy on behalf of American energy companies seeking business around the globe.

From 1995-2001, Randa served as Counselor to United States Senator Spencer Abraham (R-MI). During the six years she spent in the legislative branch, she was credited with shaping many pieces of legislation that affected U.S. interests abroad. She served as a key policy advisor to the Senator during his tenure on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, focusing on immigration and terrorism legislation.

Prior to her government service, Randa was a practicing attorney with the law firm of Willkie, Farr and Gallagher, where she specialized in the areas of international trade and corporate litigation. She maintains bar memberships in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and the United States Court of International Trade. She received her juris doctor from the Georgetown University Law Center, where she held the post of Administrative Editor of The Georgetown Journal of International Law

The primary contributions to the above nonprofit are private ($888K), and there are some program service revenues.  The activities are 3-fold:  Model Arab League (for students), Youth Internships (for Undergraduate and Graduate) and American Policymakers, an Annual Conference. They are holding about $2M assets in “Public Traded Securities” which translates (per schedules in the tax return) to “Fidelity Investments.” It’s a well-developed website, for sure…

(See blog for the beautifully ornate background of this logo)

Recent blog article:

(Dr.) John Duke Anthony, Board of Directors, bio. in part; (I clicked on the shared blog)

Dr. John Duke Anthony is the Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations, and currently serves on the United States Department of State Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy and its subcommittee on Sanctions. Dr. Anthony is the only American to have been invited to each of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s Ministerial and Heads of State Summits since the GCC’s inception in 1981. (The GCC is comprised of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates). For the past 39 years, he has been a consultant and regular lecturer on the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf for the Departments of Defense and State.

A life member of the Council on Foreign Relations since 1986, Dr. Anthony has been a frequent participant in its study groups on issues relating to Syria, the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf regions, and the broader Arab and Islamic world. On June 22, 2000, on occasion of his first official state visit to the United States since succeeding his late father, H.M. King Muhammad VI of Morocco knighted Dr. Anthony, bestowing upon him the Medal of the Order of Ouissam Alaouite, the nation of Morocco’s highest award for excellence.

In addition to heading the National Council, consulting, lecturing, and serving as an Adjunct Faculty Member of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Institute for Security Assistance Management (DISAM) since 1974, Dr. Anthony served as an Adjunct Professor at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies from 2006-2011.

(While looking for more on other board members, I found this photo from 8/13/2015, “My Time in Saudi Arabia, Part III” by Paige Peterson, and regarding the “C3 Conference,” published in the “New York Social Diary.”  Am including here in part because of its many photographs and to point out the C3 conference itself:

The C3 Saudi-American Healthcare Forum was developed to explore the different roles that business and government can play to advance “healthcare diplomacy” between the United States and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The three C’s stands for:
Community: create a global healthcare platform for exchanging “best practices.”
Collaboration: promote dialogue and grow existing relationships critical to collaborative medical research, bilateral practice and “healthcare diplomacy.”
Commerce: facilitate new healthcare ventures and opportunities to stimulate “medical tourism and research.”

Our Huntsman team travelled to Riyadh to participate in the Forum, which was attended by more than 1,000 people from around the globe. We met with some of the most renowned cancer specialists and researchers in the Kingdom.

Paige Peterson, Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives of the Huntsman Cancer Foundation at the C3 Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.




Dr. John Duke Anthony, Founding President & CEO of the National Council on US-Arab Relations, addressing the conference at the opening session of the 3C summit. Dr. Anthony is as smart as can be, with an extraordinary gift for memory recall

I looked up “The Huntsman Foundation” after realizing it was in Utah.  “Yowza!” (Year 2013 only):

Search Again

The Huntsman Foundation UT 2013 990PF 22 $540,620,116.00 74-2521914
Huntsman Cancer Foundation UT 2013 990 45 $255,802,345.00 87-0541293

So, the larger one holds $449M Assets in “The Huntsman Corporation” and $37M in a few other places, and has several “Hunstmans” on its board.**  It made $9.8M in Dividends and interests from securities alone and gave out $5.9M of grants in that year.  They also made $5,309,417 from sale of $71,459,417  assets.  Of all this (and of the $5.9 distributed) $350,000 went to the “Huntsman Cancer Foundation,” and $250,000 to “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,” and most ($3.5M in two big chunks, plus others in smaller) to Utah State University; some to BYU, and just a little bit went out of state.

**John M., Karen H., David H., Paul C., James H. Huntsman — and four people whose last names were NOT “Huntsman,” possibly because they married and were women?  (Christena Durham, Kathleen Huffman, Jennifer H. Parkin and J. Kimo Esplin)…all working 1.0hrs/week for nothing..

I think this Wikipedia says plenty about Huntsman.  They’d do well, PR-wise, to help cure cancer considering the business they are in.  Global assets around $9+Billion?

Huntsman Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of chemical products for consumers and industrial customers. Huntsman manufactures assorted polyurethanes, performance products, and pigments for customers like BMWGEChevronProcter & Gamble, and Unilever. With headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas and executive offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, they operate more than 100 manufacturing and R&D facilities in over 30 countries and employ approximately 15,000 associates across 5 business divisions. Huntsman Corporation had 2014 revenues of over $12 billion.

The Huntsman Corporation was initially founded as the Huntsman Container Corporation in 1970 by Jon Huntsman, Sr. It went public as the Huntsman Corporation on the New York Stock Exchange NYSEHUN in February 2005. Huntsman has grown through a series of acquisitions (with some divestitures) and today is a manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemical products.

In April 1994, Huntsman acquired the Texaco Chemical company for $1.06 billion.[2] Texaco Inc. agreed to sell its last remaining petrochemicals plant to Huntsman in 1999 for about $600 million.[3]

The Huntsman Corporation became the then third-largest petrochemical business in the United States when in 1999, it acquired Imperial Chemical Industries’ polyurethanes, titanium dioxide, aromatics and petrochemical global businesses for $2.8 billion.[4]

Huntsman also acquired the Performance Additives and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) businesses of Rockwood Holdings, Inc. on October 1, 2014 to become the second-largest global producer of titanium dioxide and inorganic color pigments for uses like paints and industrial coatings.[5]Huntsman paid approximately $1 billion in cash and assumed certain unfunded European pension liabilities.[6]


Good Grief! To get a concept of the scale of operations, recently, or just how these things can go: (Wikipedia “HUNTSMAN,” section “History”):

In June 2007, it was announced that Huntsman had agreed to be acquired by Access Industries, owned by the billionaire Len Blavatnik, for $5.88 billion in cash. Huntsman shareholders would receive $25.25 a share from Access Industries’ chemical unit, Basell Holdings, based in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. Access would assume $3.7 billion of Huntsman debt.

However, on July 12, 2007 the agreement was terminated as Huntsman agreed to be bought by Apollo Management for $6.51 billion or $28 a share.[7] Huntsman filed a suit against Apollo Management and its two partners in Texas after the group backed out of the deal to purchase the chemical company. The suit alleged fraud against Apollo Management as Huntsman believed that the group never intended to allow its Hexion Specialty Chemicals unit to buy Huntsman Corp. for $6.5 billion. Huntsman also claimed Apollo put forth a higher bid to prevent the Basell AFbuyout as it would have threatened Hexion’s market share. Hexion stated Huntsman’s declining financial position as the reason the deal was terminated.[8] Upon termination of the Hexion merger agreement, the Huntsman stock value dropped by almost 50%.

In December 2008, Apollo and Hexion agreed to pay Huntsman $1 billion in return for Huntsman dropping all charges against them. A suit against the funding banks was settled in 2009 for $632 million in cash and $1.1 billion in loans to the Huntsman Corporation.[9]

Blavatnak, Russian oligarch and? “kleptocrat” (it says) emigrated to the US and got degrees from Columbia and Harvard.  Besides in 2015 having been named the UK’s richest man (!!) he donated 75M (pounds, not dollars) to Oxford University, and 50M (ditto) to Harvard.  I know I ran across this looking up Gazpro at some point in time, simply as among the top ten largest owners of (hard) infrastructure world wide.  The USA, last I checked, was still #1 on “Bentley’s 500” (Search this blog for the chart and commentary on it) (if you want!).

2010 from “Fortune” archives:  “The Huntsmans:  Inside an American Dynasty – Full Version” by Nina Eastman.   Interesting, it turns out the patriarch’s father was alcoholic and abusive, and he was resentful of having to work so hard for his “schoolteacher father” at Stanford.  Self-explanatory and interesting…..

FORTUNE — Jon Meade Huntsman Sr. brought us Styrofoam egg containers before his 30th birthday and the famed Big Mac “clamshell” sandwich container by his 40th, somehow finding time in between to serve in Nixon’s White House. By middle age his close circle of friends included Margaret Thatcher, Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew, and Dick Cheney. Along the way he raised nine children: His eldest — a former Utah governor — is now the U.S. ambassador to Beijing, while son No. 2 succeeded him as CEO of Huntsman Corp., a global chemical company with about $8 billion in revenue.

Those accomplishments alone would qualify the industrialist for a place in the annals of entrepreneurship, and indeed, today he is one of the world’s richest self-made men, reportedly with a net worth of more than $1 billion. But what makes Huntsman, 73, a true American original is the unparalleled tenacity with which he built — and repeatedly rescued — his business empire, mortgaging his own homes or putting up his own money (along with bondholders’) along the way. Just two years ago, long after he’d retired as CEO of his eponymous company, he personally went to battle with private equity lion Leon Black, whose Apollo Management backed out of a deal to buy Huntsman Corp. — and won _______
Huntsman, who remains executive chairman of the corporation and whose family and foundation hold a 20% stake in it, wasn’t just aggressive, he was audacious, leveraging his company in ways not unlike U.S. banks did before the financial crisis. To finance a bold acquisition spree — Huntsman (TK) gobbled up more than three dozen companies in one decade alone — he took on piles of high-interest debt: At one point the company’s debt was a whopping 15 times greater than its cash flow….

So there it is. This is the message — as much as family loyalty or the importance of charity — that this descendant of Mormon pioneers has bequeathed to his nine children, their spouses, and 56 grandchildren. In addition to 47-year-old Peter, the Huntsman Corp. CEO, half-a-dozen other sons and sons-in-law work for assorted family enterprises. … (etc.)… (oh well!)

Last one — a 2006 Article (which also points out that Jon Huntsman, Jr. was also Utah Governor) generously intends to donate its property at “Research Park” in Salt Lake City — to the Jon and Karen Huntsman Foundation.

Huntsman headquarters to be donated

4/8/2006 in the Deseret News, by Karen Nii

Huntsman Corp. confirmed Friday that it plans to donate its headquarters facility in Research Park to the Jon and Karen Huntsman Foundation by 2009. However, the company says that does not mean it is packing its bags for the Lone Star State.

The Salt Lake-based company, which has its administrative headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas, said in a proxy filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Friday that it will donate its $10.6 million headquarters building, 500 Huntsman Way, to the family foundation by Nov. 30, 2009. ….

Also in the SEC filing Friday, Huntsman Corp. reported that Chief Executive Officer Peter Huntsman’s salary was $12.1 million last year. Peter Huntsman, 43, received $1.4 million in salary, a $2.75 million bonus, $3.45 million in restricted stock and $226,840 in other compensation, such as use of a company airplane, the company said in the filing. He also got 454,950 stock options valued by Bloomberg News at $4.26 million. In 2004, Peter Huntsman’s compensation totaled $2.96 million.

Jon Huntsman Sr., 69, the company founder and father of Peter Huntsman, received $2.4 million in compensation last year, including $950,000 in consulting fees and a $1.21 million bonus, the company said in its filing. Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., the brother of Peter Huntsman, received $163,452 last year, mostly for personal use of a company plane.

Huntsman Corp. stock rose 13 cents Friday to close at $18.97 per share on the New York Stock Exchange. In the past year, the price has ranged from $16.50 to $24.44.

Contributing: Bloomberg News E-mail: jnii@desnews.com (4/8/2006 article).


DynCorps International History, viewed 2016, latest entry, 2010 (Acquired by Cerebus Capital Management) from their own website.This is the entire outline — but again, with the perspective of one part of the whole, Dyncorp International.  Notice that the time is approximately the end of World War II….


DynCorp International LLC has its origins with two companies formed in 1946 – Land-Air, Inc., and California Eastern Airways.

  • 1951: Land-Air, Inc., which became the predecessor to DynCorp International’s Maintenance and Technical Support Services (MTSS) Division, reached a major milestone in 1951 with the award of the first Contract Field Teams (CFT) contract by the Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC). Contract field teams provide mission support and depot-level repair to U.S. military aircraft and weapons systems worldwide. DynCorp International and its predecessors have provided services under the CFT program continuously ever since.
  • 1951: Land-Air, Inc. was acquired by California Eastern Airways, Inc. (later California Eastern Aviation, Inc.).
  • 1962: California Eastern Aviation, Inc., changed its name to Dynalectron Corporation
  • 1987: Dynalectron changed its name to DynCorp.
  • 1998: DynCorp established DynCorp Technical Services, Inc. (DTS), and transferred its existing aerospace and international-division business-including contracts later held by DynCorp International-to the new DTS subsidiary.
  • 2000: DynCorp formed DynCorp International LLC, and transferred to it all of its international business. DynCorp Technical Services LLC continued to perform DynCorp’s domestic contracts.
  • 2003: DynCorp and its subsidiaries were acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). DynCorp remained the parent of its existing subsidiaries, including DTS and DynCorp International LLC, and CSC became their ultimate parent.
  • 2004: CSC made a strategic decision to divest itself of its non-core businesses, including security and aviation services. As part of that decision, CSC transferred its aviation services business segment into a separate CSC subsidiary, DTS Aviation Services. The U.S. Government approved the transfer of government prime contracts that were part of this business to DTS Aviation Services on September 30, 2004.
  • 2004: DynCorp and CSC entered into an agreement in December to sell DynCorp International LLC, including its subsidiaries Dyn Marine Services LLC and DTS Aviation Services LLC, to DI Acquisition Corp, an affiliate of Veritas Capital Management.
  • 2005: The sale closed on February 11, 2005, and the purchaser was renamed DynCorp International Inc. DynCorp International Inc. is the corporate parent of DynCorp International LLC.
  • 2010: DynCorp International and private investment firm Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. announced a proposed merger, which was completed on July 7, 2010. As a result of the merger, DynCorp International became a private, wholly-owned subsidiary of entities created by affiliates of Cerberus

Interesting mythological significance of “Cerberus

(one of many images, this one lacks the serpent’s tail, but I think it communicates….)

Cerberus was a three-headed dog that guarded the entrance of the Underworld, allowing the dead to enter but letting none out. He was the son of Typhon and Echidna. Apart from his three heads, he also had a serpent’s tail, a mane of snakes and the claws of a lion.

Cerberus was the twelfth and final labour that was given to Heracles by King EurystheusHeracles had to capture the three-headed dog without using any weapons. After learning how the enter the Underworld, and assisted by some of the gods, he managed to go to the Underworld and find Hades to ask for his permission to take Cerberus to the surface. Hades agreed under the condition that Heraclesmust not use any weapons. Heracles eventually managed to overpower Cerberus and brought him to Eurystheus, successfully completing his twelve labours.

Cerberus Is also called Kerberos.

OK, so let’s take a look at who is Cerberus Capital Management NOW, including a former USA Vice President (Dan Quayle) and former US Treasury person highly placed in this PRIVATE firm with GLOBAL operations in which PUBLIC institutional funds apparently invest, and its operating companies.  Description from the company website:

Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. is one of the world’s leading private investment firms. Founded in 1992, we have excelled at distressed investing since our inception and have built a highly regarded reputation for our focus on deep value.

Cerberus and its affiliates manage over $29 billion for many of the world’s most respected investors, including government and private sector pension and retirement funds, charitable foundations and university endowments, insurance companies, family offices, sovereign wealth funds and high net worth individuals.

Starting to get the significance, yet, of the relationship of income-taxed citizens to their government and where government priorities APPEAR to lie, as expressed by government pension and retirement funds investing in PRIVATELY CONTROLLED (and run in part by ex-civil servants) companies? (Keep reading….)?  Not to mention Charitable Foundations, too?

Privately controlled equity isn’t held accountable to the SEC (I believe) as public-traded stocks… It’s the privacy itself which is part of the power.  Now let’s consider, when these corporations are involved in ex-military contractors and, currently, in military operations around the globe (it would seem), do you see how there just MIGHT be a conflict of interest in HOW certain properties get “distressed” to start with?  Whether a country, or a major American city, such as Detroit….  or New Orleans … …. Just thinking aloud here….

Cerberus directs its global investment strategies from its headquarters in New York City, and draws on the expertise of a network of advisory offices throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Former Vice President of the United States Dan Quayle, chairman of Cerberus Global Investments, and former United States Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snow, the Firm’s chairman, work closely with the Firm’s investment and operating professionals. Their economic, public policy and international experience is invaluable to the Firm, its portfolio and its investors.

Cerberus employs approximately 150 dedicated investment professionals. Our senior leadership team has worked together for nearly two decades, and many of our investment professionals have been with us for more than a decade. In partnership with former C-suite executives and operations specialists at our affiliate Cerberus Operations and Advisory Company, LLC (COAC), the team offers expertise across every investment strategy and allows us to move decisively in assessing, acting upon, managing and optimizing opportunities


Stephen A. Feinberg …. “Mr. Feinberg co-founded Cerberus Capital Management in December 1992. He also founded or co-founded the other Cerberus affiliates and Cerberus Funds. Prior to founding Cerberus Capital Management and its affiliates, Mr. Feinberg managed separate pools of capital for Gruntal & Co. and certain other accounts from 1985 to 1992. Mr. Feinberg began his career at Drexel Burnham Lambert, where he was actively involved in trading large pools of firm capital. Mr. Feinberg is a graduate of Princeton University…”

[The other Co-founder was a Harvard grad and MBA, had operated a Merchant Bank and a public-traded company prior to this].

“Our proprietary operations team, Cerberus Operations and Advisory Company, LLC, comprises seasoned former industry executives.”

(I believe a recent Year 2016 post on the NCJJ (“About the Find, Part II”) at the very bottom, has an added section on one of the financial firms that helped (Providence Service Corporation) sell off some of its subsidiaries, making a nice fee en route.  That section featured “Three Generations of Wharton” and had an image of a family tree near the bottom.  It seems to me that one of the involve individuals in the three-generations of Wharton Grads (including some siblings and at least two spouses) ALSO got his start at Drexel Burnham Lambert. DBL was forced into bankruptcy over high-yield junk bonds in February 1990s,** but some peoples names were still made under them:

NYTimes February 14, 1990 by Kurt Eichenwald: The Collapse of Drexel Burnham Lambert:  Drexel, Symbol of Wall Street Era, is Dismantling; Bankruptcy Filed”  (FYI article)

A Speedy Dismantling 

The speed of Drexel’s dismantling was surprising. A number of other Wall Street firms, like Salomon Brothers, First Boston and Bear, Stearns, were examining Drexel’s holdings to see if they might purchase the securities.

But before any proposals were made for the purchases, Drexel had sold off billions of dollars’ worth of Government and corporate bonds, stocks and other securities. The firm also sold tens of millions of dollars’ worth of junk bonds from its portfolio of about $1 billion. Irritation at S.E.C. Government regulators were somewhat taken aback in recent days by the speed of Drexel’s worsening financial troubles. Indeed, S.E.C. officials expressed irritation that they had not been more closely informed. ”The financing squeeze on Drexel didn’t materialize over a weekend,” one person said of the surprise by the regulators at the events. ”Nobody likes catching grenades, and none of them want to preside over the largest bankruptcy in Wall Street history.”

**(From this other more recent CNN link)

Drexel’s bond department head Michael Milken would pay huge fines and serve nearly two years in prison for securities fraud. But many would come to see Milken and Drexel as more benign figures.

The high-yield bond market they pioneered increased dramatically in size, and well known entrepreneurs like casino magnate Steve Wynn, telecom boss William McGowan and media mogul Ted Turner were boosted early on Drexel-assisted financing. Milken also became a prominent philanthropist and supporter of public health and medical research.

Twenty-five years later, the “Drexel diaspora” are now in some of Wall Street’s most powerful posts, from Leon Black at Apollo Global Management to Richard Handler of Jefferies..

BACK to the topic of DYNCORP — from WIKIPEDIA link:

I’ll point out just a few parts after the summary.  Self-explanatory if you pay attention:

DynCorp International /ˈdn.kɔːrp/[6] is an American private military contractor.[7] Begun as an aviation company, the company also provides flight operations support, training and mentoring, international development, intelligence training and support, contingency operations, security, and operations and maintenance of land vehicles.[8] DynCorp receives more than 96% of its more than $3 billion in annual revenues from the U.S. federal government.[1][9]

The corporate headquarters are in an unincorporated part of Fairfax County near Falls Church, Virginia. However, the company’s contracts are managed from its office at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas.   [[INTERESTING…]]

The company has provided services for the U.S. military in several theaters, including BoliviaBosniaSomaliaAngolaHaitiColombiaKosovo and Kuwait.[10][dead link] DynCorp International also provided much of the security for Afghan interim president Hamid Karzai‘s presidential guard and trains much of Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s fledgling police force.[11]DynCorp was also hired to assist recovery in Louisiana and neighboring areas after Hurricane Katrina.[12][13] DynCorp has held one contract on every round of competition since receiving the first Contract Field Teams contract in 1951. DynCorp won the LOGCAP II contract and is one of three contract holders on the current LOGCAP IV contract.

(Next quotes demonstrate size, acquisition of companies, splitting into FOUR operating groups, one of which was “government” and two public stock offerings in 1976 and 1981. Note: Apparently all parts were operating as PRIVATELY CONTROLLED corporation before then, i.e., since the 1940s and 1950s… Then it goes private again in 1988 to avoid a “hostile takeover.”  Notice the Private, Public, Private aspects, as well as the revolving door with high-ranking military (government) employees, etc.).

Beginnings (1946–1961)[edit]
DynCorp traces its origins from two companies formed in 1946: California Eastern Airways (CEA), an air freight business, and Land-Air Inc., an aircraft maintenance company.[14] California Eastern Airways was founded by a small group of returning World War II pilots who wanted to break into the air cargo business.[15] They were one of the first firms to ship cargo by air, and within a year, the firm was serving both coasts.[16][17] California Eastern Airways diversified into multiple government aviation and managerial jobs, airlifted supplies for the Korean War, and was responsible for the White Sands Missile Range (a client that DynCorp has retained for 50 years).[15][17]
In 1951, Land-Air Inc., which implemented the first Contract Field Teams (teams of technicians that maintained military aircraft for the United States Air Force), was bought by California Eastern Aviation Inc.[17][18] DynCorp still holds the contract 50 years later, maintaining rotary and fixed-wing aircraft for all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.[17] At this time, revenues for the company reached $6 million.[17]

In 1952, the company, renamed to California Eastern Aviation, Inc., merged with Air Carrier Service Corporation (AIRCAR), which sold commercial aircraft and spare parts to foreign airlines and governments.[17]

Dynalectron (1962–1987)[edit]
By 1961, California Eastern Aviation needed a new name to reflect the growing and diversifying company. The name “Dynalectron Corporation” was selected from 5,000 employee suggestions.[17] In 1976, Dynalectron established their headquarters in McLean, Virginia.[19]

(McLean, Virginia has come up (since this original post) on this Blog.  See “Christian Evangelism by Adoption” and related posts.  Also, I noticed Reston, Virginia (below) — this was or is I think the home of Maximus, and/or ICF International (see below on this post).

Due to its growing size, the company restructured into four main operating groups: Specialty Contracting, Energy, Government Services, and Aviation Services.[17] In the 30 years following the foundation of CEA, Dynalectron had acquired 19 companies in 30 years, had assets of $88 million, maintained a backlog of $250 million, employed 7,000, and had annual sales of $300 million.[17]
In 1964, Dynalectron diversified into the energy services business with the acquisition of Hydrocarbon Research, Inc.[20] Through this acquisition, Dynalectron developed a process called H-Coal, which converted coal into synthetic liquid fuels.[21] The work began to attract national attention with the Arab Oil Embargos of the 1970s.[22] By the early 1980s, Texaco Inc., Ruhrkohle AG, and C. Itoh & Co. were all marketing Dynalectron’s H-Oil process.[23][24]
Between 1976 and 1981, the company had two public stock offerings and acquired another 14 companies.[25] By 1986, Dynaelectron was one of the largest defense contractors in North America.[25]

Dyncorp and expansion (1987–2003)[edit]

In 1987, Dynalectron changed its name to DynCorp. In 1988, DynCorp went private to avoid a hostile takeover by Miami financier Victor Posner.[26] The bid was an employee-led initiative spearheaded by Daniel R. Bannister.[26] Bannister, who was paid $1.65 an hour when he joined DynCorp as an electronics technician in 1953, served as DynCorp’s president and CEO from 1985 to 1997.[27]

By 1994, revenues exceeded $1 billion; by 1997, three years later, DynCorp earned $2.4 billion in annual revenue, had acquired an additional 40 companies, and employed 24,000 people.[27] During this time, DynCorp operated missile test ranges for United States Department of Defense, developed vaccines for the National Institutes of Health, and installed security systems in U.S. embassies for the State Department.[27] Dyncorp also supplied bodyguards to Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide in the 1990s and to Afghan President Hamid Karzai in the 2000s.[27] In 1999, DynCorp moved their headquarters to Reston, Virginia.[17]

With the reductions in military spending in the 1990s, DynCorp expanded their focus to the growing tech market.[15] They bought 19 digital and network service firms, and acquired contracts with the government’s information technology (IT) departments.[15] By 2003, roughly half of DynCorp’s business came from managing the IT departments of the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, among others.[15]>/div>

In December 2000, DynCorp formed DynCorp International LLC, and transferred to it all of its international business to this entity while DynCorp Technical Services LLC continued to perform DynCorp’s domestic contracts.
Sale to CSC, IPO, and purchase by Cerberus Capital (2003-present)[edit]
In March 2003, DynCorp and its subsidiaries were acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) for approximately US$914 million. Less than two years later, CSC announced the sale of three DynCorp units (DynCorp International, DynMarine and certain DynCorp Technical Services contracts) to Veritas Capital Fund, LP for US$850 million.[28]
After the sale, CSC retained the rights to the name “DynCorp” and the new company became DynCorp International.[29]

In 2006, DynCorp International went public on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DCP.[30]
On April 12, 2010, DynCorp International announced a conditional deal to be acquired by private equity investment firm Cerberus Capital Managementat a price of $17.55 per share ($1 Billion).[31] The deal was agreed on 7 July 2010.[32]

In December 2011 the company hired Michael Thibault, former co-chairman and commissioner of the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan (CWC), as vice president of government finance and compliance. Thibault worked for many years at the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), serving as Deputy Director from 1994 until 2005.[33] In 2011, Dyncorp set a company record with 12,300 new hires, bringing the total number of employees to 27,000.[34]

Again, the source is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DynCorp; go there for more active links, including to all the Wiki footnotes which aren’t already active…

ALSO read — or I will simply have to post ALL of it here, and this overlaps with human rights abuse, contracts fraud, child and sex trafficking, forced “Bachi Baza” performances (click to see) and MUCH more — the “Controversies” section of this Wikipedia.  These seem to occur in almost any major theatre DynCorps IS — Columbia, Educador, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mozambique.  Here’s the section on Bosnia 1990 incidents, which also made television news and eventually, a film.  The lead-in paragraph (2008) included because it references conflicts of interest on their involvement with a former “White House Drug Czar”:

On November 29, 2008, a lengthy New York Times article questioned the potential conflict of interest in the hiring by Veritas Capital Fund, LP, holding company for DynCorp, of Gen. Barry McCaffrey. McCaffrey had previously served as White House “Drug Czarwhere he shaped future federal public-private partnership in drug enforcement policy.[92]

Bosnia incidents[edit]

In the late 1990s, two employees, Ben Johnston, a former DynCorp aircraft mechanic, and Kathryn Bolkovac, a U.N. International Police Force monitor, independently alleged that DynCorp employees in Bosnia engaged in sex with minors, and sold them to each other as slaves.[93][94] Both Johnston and Bolkovac were fired, and Johnston was later placed into protective custody before leaving several days later.[95]

On June 2, 2000, an investigation was launched in the DynCorp hangar at Comanche Base Camp, one of two U.S. bases in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all DynCorp personnel were detained for questioning.[95] CID spent several weeks investigating and the results appear to support Johnston’s allegations.[95] DynCorp had fired five employees for similar illegal activities prior to the charges.[96] Many of the employees accused of sex trafficking were forced to resign under suspicion of illegal activity. However, as of 2014 no one had been prosecuted.[97]

In 2002, Bolkovac filed a lawsuit in Great Britain against DynCorp for unfair dismissal due to a protected disclosure (whistleblowing), and won.[98] Bolkovac co-authored a book with Cari Lynn titled The Whistleblower: Sex Trafficking, Military Contractors And One Woman’s Fight For Justice. In 2010, a film titled The Whistleblower, starring Rachel Weisz and Vanessa Redgrave, was released.[99][100]


Links to Other Commentary on “Dyncorp International”

CSC/ DynCorp

The world’s premier rent-a-cop business runs the security show in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the US-Mexico border. They also run the coca crop-dusting business in Colombia, and occasional sex trafficking sorties in Bosnia. But what can you expect from a bunch of mercenaries?

CEO: Van Honeycutt
Military contracts 2005: $2.8 billion
note: CSC sold DynCorp in January 2005

The U.S. State Department awarded DynCorp a multimillion-dollar contract to advise the Iraqi government on setting up effective law enforcement, judicial and correctional agencies. DynCorp will arrange for up to 1,000 U.S. civilian law enforcement experts to travel to Iraq to help locals “assess threats to public order” and mentor personnel at the municipal, provincial and national levels. The company will also provide any logistical or technical support necessary for this peacekeeping project. DynCorp estimates it could recoup up to $50 million for the first year of the contract.

Already armed DynCorp employees make up the core of the police force in Bosnia. DynCorp troops protect Afghan president Hamid Karzai, while DynCorp planes and pilots fly the defoliation missions over the coca crops in Colombia. Back home in the United States Dyncorp is in charge of the border posts between the US and Mexico, many of the Pentagon’s weapons-testing ranges and the entire Air Force One fleet of presidential planes and helicopters. The company also reviews security clearance applications of military and civilian personnel for the Navy.

US Rep. Janice Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat, told Wired magazine that hiring a private company to fly what amounts to combat missions is asking for trouble. DynCorp’s employees have a history of behaving like cowboys,” Schakowsky noted. “Is the US military privatizing its missions to avoid public controversy or to avoid embarrassment – to hide body bags from the media and shield the military from public opinion?” she asked.

Indeed a group of Ecuadoran peasants filed a class action against the company in September 2001. The suit alleges that herbicides spread by DynCorp in Colombia were drifting across the border, withering legitimate crops, causing human and livestock illness, and, in several cases, killing children. Assistant Secretary of State Rand Beers intervened in the case right away telling the judge the lawsuit posed “a grave risk to US national security and foreign policy objectives.”

AFGHANISTAN: Policing Afghanistan: How Afghan Police Training Became a Train Wreck
by Pratap ChatterjeeTom Dispatch
March 21st, 2010
The Pentagon faces a tough choice: Should it award a billion-dollar contract for training the Afghan National Police to Xe (formerly Blackwater), a company made infamous when its employees killed 17 Iraqis in Baghdad in 2007, or to DynCorp, a company made infamous in Bosnia in 1999 when some of its employees were caught trafficking young girls for sex

  • 4/24/2014 in “The Daily Beast” by Joseph Siegel:

The Real Winner of the Afghan War is This Shady Military Contractor

The State Department paid out $4 billion to rebuild Afghanistan. Some $2.5 billion of that went to a single firm with a bad, bad past.

For over a decade, the State Department gave 69% of its funding for Afghanistan to a single company—a company with a particularly checkered history.

DynCorp, one of the largest corporations working in the government’s army of private contractors, has long been known for corruption scandals and a questionable performance record. But none of that seems to have discouraged the U.S. government from awarding the company new contracts.

The State Department paid nearly $4 billion for projects to aid in Afghan reconstruction from 2002 to 2013. $2.5 billion of that went to DynCorp—69% of all the money awarded by the State Department over almost the entire duration of the war.

[Continued text from my 8/2/2012 post text, responding to the Uri Dowbenko article, not my above elaborations on DynCorps, done in 2016…]


This is about where I begin understanding that money-laundering at HHS and its religious connections to, say, the Unification Church — and their influence on the Family Courts — may be the least of our worries — HHS is not even mentioned in this one, yet Ms. Fitts has connected HUD mortgage bailouts geographically to drug-infested areas, and because of my (quirky?) character, I have connected HHS and HUD recipients (particularly religious ones in inner cities, i.e. African-America Evangelical Protestant Pastors in particular –emulating the titles, wealth, and power of the Catholic Church by calling themselves Bishops, etc.) — to Faith-Based corps (“centers” — nonprofits) that the Dept of HHS helps set up around the country, including sometimes right IN a state Governor’s Office, with its profits, which it gets from God knows where besides income taxes).  In fact the word “faith-based” might as well read “fraud-focused” when it comes to this sector.

So TEN years ago this Uri Dowbenko writes about DynCorps : which started ca. 1954 contracting for the Air Force:

After it gobbled up GTE Information Services LLC in 1999, DynCorp has become one of the nation’s largest Federal contractors for IT, or Information Technology, services. Along with Lockheed Martin, SAIC, AMS, and others, DynCorp contracts with federal government agencies to “manage” federal databases.

      Dyncorp’s clients include the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, Securities and Exchange Commission, FBI, CIA, and HUD — all government agencies notorious for rampant, unchecked and egregious fraud.

(by initials:  DEA, DoD, Dept of State, DOJ, IRS, SEC — notice he doesn’t even mention HHS — although it’s a large one….)

      For example, the Pentagon cannot account for a mind-boggling $2.3 trillion. In fact, at Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s confirmation hearing in January 2001, Sen. Robert Byrd wondered aloud, “How can we seriously consider a $50 billion dollar increase in the Defense Department’s budget when the DoD’s own auditors cannot account for $2.3 trillion in transactions?”

      After September 11, of course, fresh fraud at DoD will become virtually limitless because of the new “War on Terrorism,” a black hole of a boondoggle that may surpass even the “Cold War” in Pentagon corruption, waste and malfeasance.

      Meanwhile, HUD cannot account for $59 billion, according to the testimony of former HUD Inspector General Susan Gaffney. (See “Why Is $59 Billion Missing from HUD?” by Kelly O’Meara, Insight Magazine)

By contrast, the “mere” $14 million withheld by the City of Los Angeles’ District Attorney in the form of Collected (but not distributed) CHILD SUPPORT  — and subsequent helping toss attorney Richard Fine in solitary coercive confinement, from the courtroom, for 18 MONTHS (in part because of Silva v. Garcetti — that issue, in part because of “Sturgeon” — a bribery and submission of the L.A. County Judiciary to the California Legislature) — seems like a mere trickle, financially.

      Coincidentally, that was the year that “HUD Taps DynCorp for Services,” according to a Washington Post headline from August 2, 1999, describing a new $51 million contract to provide desktop services to the Office of Inspector General at Housing and Urban Development.  [[OIG @ HUD]]

      Even more sinister is the fact that DynCorp manages email and information systems for many federal investigation agencies like FBI, DOJ and SEC. What does that mean? Whenever criminal behavior is detected, DynCorp controls the information, giving it defacto power to subvert the process of law and cover-up corporate-government criminal activities.

      And guess who’s DynCorp’s auditor of record?

      It’s none other than Arthur Andersen, the best Corporate Cooking-the-Books-and-Shredding-Documents firm money can buy. If this Big Eight Firm did it for Enron, you can bet they’re doing it for most of their other clients.

© Copyright 2002, Uri Dowbenko. All rights reserved.


. . And we are expecting justice and help, righteous indignation and protection from where — the FBI?  The federal government?  our local child support agency?  Our local courts?

In this context, what purpose serve laws against domestic violence, child abuse, assault and battery, parental kidnapping, or in general lawless behavior — when “We the People” want something DONE! About it?  What BUSINESS is everyone in, really?

Here’s the conclusion of this ONE page by the same author, added during 2016 review of post for Blog Table of Contents completion.  I have since been looking and and FOR things on the USDOJ grants (awarded, not solicited) database and come to the conclusion that there was intent NOT to provide accountability to the public for these funds in any functional, sortable, produces-a-useful report format.  I am also increasingly attuned to the topic of “Privatization” to facilitate governmental hand-washing of responsibility (when it comes, for example, to the courts) and a recent experiencing some very strange electronic record-keeping / docketing [of a case involving ME!!] at the local level.  I have begun using the term “DV Cartel” openly, because I believe it to be a fair description of groups (organizations and some non-entities posing as organizations, other allowing this to take place to conceal the actual fiscal agent or backer, and so forth) in the domestic violence field.   ….

The HHS grants database recently got what I call a ‘facelift” looking like, new, improved, flexibility and transparency — but I noticed almost immediately that the ability to search for a grantee by EIN# has been removed, a very relevant search as doing so connects grantee to information identifiable outside the HHS record-keeping source (i.e., federal tax returns….).  


According to Washington Technology Magazine, this is the future. “The global market for outsourcing of government services is growing faster than outsourcing in any commercial segment, and is likely to more than double over the next five years, according to a new study by Accenture Ltd.,” writes Patience Wait in her article “Government outsourcing grows fastest of all sectors” (March 4, 2002). In this outsourcing market, DynCorp has an estimated 5% market share, while Lockheed Martin leads the proverbial pack with 30%.

However there’s a bigger question. When a handful of federal contracting firms with lucrative insider deals control federal accounting and computer systems, does US Government sovereignty even exist anymore?

In other words, if the US Government and its agencies do not control their proprietary accounting, payment and information systems, it becomes even questionable whether we have a sovereign government at all.

The outsourcing of these systems, then, in essence has become a silent coup d’etat by Corporate-Government Insiders.

According to Washington Technology Magazine (March 4, 2002), top outsourcing vendors to the US Government in fiscal 2000 are Lockheed Martin Corp (30% market share), CSC (13%), EDS (7%), DynCorp (5%), TRW (5%), Raytheon (4%) SAIC 4%) Northrop Grumman (3%) and Unisys (2%).

Remember whose personal fortune was built by EDS?    (Hint:  Ross Perot)

The company which comes to my mind, in hindsight (from 2016 and following HHS marriage grants) would be ICF International, Inc. (Even the National Fatherhood Initiative has recently been passing some money to it as subcontractor (as I recall) in recent years.  Read the “history” page at ICF to see how federal contracts helped turn this FOR-PROFIT into a multi-million-dollar corporation.  It continued buying other corporations, without even saying “THANKS, SUCKERS!” to the US Taxpayers who fund it through the federal agencies which contract with it, presumably HHS is not the only one.  My first clue was when another round of “Marriage/Fatherhood” grantees, which I painstaking matched from the HHS announced list (on one part of HHS mega website) to their TAGGS.hhs.gov database, where someone had strategically put spaces inbetween the letters of “ICF” making it unsearchable by its genuine name…. and “forgot” the “International” part.

Just searched it again — this minimized link will produce a basic “recipient search” TAGGS result for “I C F, Inc.” of Fairfax, Virginia (no years selected).  Just in case, it’s also been mis-classified as “City Government” for the $17M (so far) shown.  I should warn, in the past, the totals shown can be as much as ⅓ (or more) short of actual when compared to detailed (AdvancedSearch) results added up, both + and – entries.  I never did figure out how or why this can happen, but it does:

Export Options:

Recipient Name
ZIP Code
Sum of Awards
I C F, INC 07264




VA 22031-6050 FAIRFAX United States of America Supplier Organizations ( Service, Supplies, Material and Equipment ) City Governm’t $17,216,585


This is America’s Corporate/ Public Enemy #1 — the parasitic constituents of the so-called Military-Industrial-Pharmaceutical Complex. Now that the parasites have literally overwhelmed the host, the question remains — how long will companies like DynCorp continue to give America the finger?

And, more importantly, how long will America put up with the Enemy Within?

© Copyright 2002, Uri Dowbenko. All rights reserved.

This aricle is included in the new book
by Uri Dowbenko
“Bushwhacked: Inside Stories of True Conspiracy”
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  • USConstitution Title28/IV sets Jurisdiction
  • Citizenship in USA, Inc. = YOU became collateral for U$A Debt 
War=Debt Collection.   pSILENT weapons = biological warfare by few to enslave MOST.
 I blog FAMILY COURT aspects @ LGH ~ FCF~ LACKaWantsTo (& here*)
pm me for outline, links & blogs

Socially, when a nation turns it back on enough of these matters, it becomes immune to abuse, and insensitized to how dangerous the entire society actually is.  It’s hardly conducive to maintaining a solid work life when one has a conscience about the level of violence we accept by membership in this country and contributing our life energies to life in the United States.

Before I get too much farther, apparently Catherine Austin Fitts (learn the name, read her “stuff”) and someone else on her site are discussion “The Franklin Coverup” which touches ALL these matters.  I regret to inform us, but more people need to understand (and stomach) what is happening at the highest levels of government; your child could at any moment be next, be MIA, or be dead in this scenario. . . . And if you go for help — where will you go for help, if so?

The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska*
By John W. Decamp

 *this story involves also the destruction of “Countrywide,” not to mention blackmail of politicians up to the White House. I wish I had never heard of it — but I did when a NONCUSTODIAL FAMILY COURT MOTHER asked me to look something up.  One of her judges was mentioned (minor role, but still involved) in this thing, therefore I ended up reading about it, including starting to comprehend too much.  And it is relevant.
Being noncustodial and out of real contact with my children under disturbing circumstances and involving very disturbing people (i.e., at least two family lines of the adults involved had known incest perps, and I begin also to wonder about my own family line as a consequence) .  Make no mistake, Kids for Cash is not a new phenomena, and Take ’em Hostage lest they Report ain’t either.  The mother whose judge was in here ended up fleeing the country — the United States – in part because of what she knew.  This is not the first mother or woman I’ve heard of who did this after discovering too much about the family court or other corruption.
In my case I was as much as told that if I didn’t want my kids in foster care RIGHT THEN (i.e., call in “CPS”) I’d have to simply stand by and let them be taken illegally by their (father) such that possession became 10/10ths of any “law.” . . . . . . .  I have been able since then to tell at least one (young adult) that this was the decision I faced at that time.  As such “law enforcement” doesn’t mean that, for me.  Sorry…..

HOW “FRANKLIN” relates to “FINANCES” — and per “FITTS”

“From 1989-1990, I served as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner in the first Bush Administration…” (from “HUD is Being Run as a Criminal Enterprise”)  Please try to comprehend the significance of this.  

HUD, Clinton — Cisneros from San Antonio + Andrew Cuomo under him. 1996, Cisneros out,

“At the beginning of the Clinton Administration in 1993, Kemp was replaced by former San Antonio mayor, Henry Cisneros, who recruited a new team of HUD political appointees, including Andrew Cuomo as Assistant Secretary of Community Planning and Development.” Note, Cisneros was taken out right as Clinton began office (1996), and replaced with Cuomo.  Welfare Reform Time, which was also a sea change in the family court system, through TANF grants to states (basically what this blog is detailing overall.  To get Cuomo in there also required knocking out the leading contender (Mayor of Seattle), which was done through federal investigations of HUD grants which showed no wrongdoing.

The Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development after Jack Kemp was Henry Cisneros.

Cisneros was HUD Secretary in the Clinton Administration from 1992 to 1996. For the steps to be taken to engineer the housing bubble, particularly economic and ethnic cleansing in American neighborhoods, euphemistically referred to as sub-prime mortgage or predatory lending, Cisneros had to go.

Cisneros departure was arranged with the help of a sex scandal, investigated first by the FBI and the Public Integrity section of the Department of Justice (same as Spitzer) and then by an Independent Counsel. Cisneros’ wrongdoing was inaccurately describing the amount of money he paid his former mistress in interviews with the FBI during the vetting process for government officials.

Cisneros was indicted on 18 counts of conspiracy, giving false statements and obstruction of Justice. His mistress plead guilty to 28 charges of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud and obstruction of justice. Cisneros negotiated a plea agreement, under which he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of lying to theFBI, was fined $10,000, did not receive jail-time or probation but did receive a Presidential Pardon.

Cisneros was replaced by Andrew Cuomo who was instrumental in reengineering HUD and its programs to support a housing bubble.

Cisneros apparently got the message to get on board with the housing bubble. Recent reports note that he earned $5 million in stock and board compensation as a director of Countrywide before resigning as Countrywide was rescued.

Here’s a basic description (warning:  DISTURBING!) – — such that I put most if it in tiny font/no photos:  viewer can adjust)

This was the biggest scandal in the history of the U.S.A history. The story received some newspaper coverage but there was a TV News Media blackout on the subject. For this reason, most Americans have never heard of it.

Former republican Senator John Decamp was involved in the production a documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” it was to air May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired.

Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired F.B.I. chief, Ted L. Gunderson.

Boy prostitutes 15 years old (and younger) were taking midnight tours of the Whitehouse. There are 19 more Washington Times articles in full text about this case available here at this link. The story was also covered in the New York Times and other major east coast newspapers, but because of the links to Whitehouse and control from the top the story was killed.

There are two main suspects in the child ring were Craig Spence and Lawrence E. King Jr.  . .  King sang the National anthem at two republican national conventions during the 1980s. He served time in jail for bank fraud and is now living somewhere on the east coast.. Spence was an important republican lobbyist, he commited sucide. Several of his partners went to jail for being involved in the adult part of the homosexual sex ring. Democrats were also involved in this as well, so don’t expect them to expose the sex ring. 

Some of us have contributed children, and fought YEARS to get an honest explanation or rationale of why we should sacrifice them, and why some policeman (or woman), judge (male or female), or domestic violence outfit/child protection agency — or (if you tend towards the other side) fathers’ rights groups — couldn’t get this thing solved, and let us get on with “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (or at least, as long as possible in the “LIFE” part) without further extortion, trauma, or disruption.

We are not getting this, so I have deduced will have to assemble what works, while dealing with what doesn’t, including lack of closure.

Here’s the essence of where I am now — although to see the backup documentation, please go (most recently) to the link called “here” below, which is Scranton Political Times  (I’m giving them a day off from my long comments, tax returns, and exposes.).

. . .

  • USConstitution Title28/IV sets Jurisdiction
  • Citizenship in USA, Inc. = YOU became collateral for U$A Debt 
War=Debt Collection.   pSILENT weapons = biological warfare by few to enslave MOST.
 I blog FAMILY COURT aspects @ LGH ~ FCF~ LACKaWantsTo (& here*)
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*”here” in context=Scranton Political Times, a forum where I’ve been hanging out (and contributing) since 11/17/11.  Lackawanna County being right next to the infamous “Luzerne County” of the two judges caught in the “Kids for Cash” scheme. (which I’ve blogged much earlier, here– before joining the forum) which can become confusing as the local bloggers are upset about FAMILY COURT matters (particularly a certain GAL & GAL program as applied in custody — not juvenile court — cases).  It’s questionable how many flesh and blood (as opposed to virtual usernames) individuals are currently participating on this thread.  I’d make it a maximum of perhaps FOUR at this point (if that), but I continue to put things out for general purpose, while continuing to learn myself.

The concept of username versus real person would provide a comparison for flesh and blood person and “legal” person.  “Unalienable” rights come I gather with the flesh and blood, but as we tend to form inappropriate relationships with not only other flesh and blood people, we also unwittingly and because of our culture ALSO have in this country repeatedly (MOST of us, I say) formed or been induced to give consent to forming — LEGAL PERSON relationships with our own government.

People without an intrinsic center and ability to navigate life (having somehow acquired the skills or “wherewithal” to understand and cope with rapidly changing circumstances — and guide them, versus passively float through them — cannot protect freedom for themselves OR others associated with them.  I find at this point in life (let’s called it well into the latter half) that I CAN unlearn previous poor lessons, and I CAN acquire skills — but doing so will increasingly result in a refusal to submit to abuse, control, and inappropriate boundaries, and repeatedly saying “NO.”  It also involves an increasing willingness to “dissociate” with groups who are operating in ongoing “dissociation” about the existence and nature of abuse — or shall we say, “evil.”  So there’s a necessary dividing (to the point of some isolation) from common social supports.  Add to this having been artificially separated from (1) one’s offspring; (2) one’s work and because of this, at risk of from one’s (3) home — it has a cumulative effect influencing what we will — or will not — call “home.”

Whether or not one can LEAVE (separate from sick or destructive relationships) often relates to what you may have that someone else wants, i.e., some other sociopath or sociopathic, controlling, “abusive” etc. — system, particularly FAMILY systems.  Bottom line, is, who has the power — and this includes ECONOMIC power.

DOUBLE STANDARDS, OFF THE BOOKS,  and Ex Parte are this System, not in this System.

It began then as it has continued now, in that essence, to better enable RICO, and control by profiling, intimidating, and extorting large sectors of people in a streamlined fashion.

So, it can’t be purged of the double-standards and money-laundering (etc.) and still comprise “family court” in the now-accepted (but at first, it was protested) sense.

So talk of doing that is irrational and wasteful.

What is the next most rational step, at least for me, I am still working on — but this includes nailing down the identity and purpose of the courts and my legal relationship to them — and whether this relationship can be dissolved, to the eventual benefit of personal survival [and my (now alienated) offspring, i.e., children.


The “family law system” being a microcosm of what I now call “USA, Inc.” has become so because of things like Federal/State relationships, because of “welfare” and because of — bottom line — what amounts to the ongoing DOUBLE-SET of STANDARDS.

This double set of standards defines the “elite/peasant” standard, the “God/Dog” standard, or the “us/them” circumstances.  it particularly applies –as I continue to find, and am amazed at how brazen it is (hidden in open) — when it comes to federally funded grants.  The word “federal” has a specific meaning and immunities, and its reach throughout the country is also significant.

Double Standards is THE definition of Hypocrisy, and of self-anointed, or improperly anointed “leadership” when dealing with the masses.  Am I a socialist?  Hell no!  I am who I am — I live in this century and have crossed the millennium trying to escape  being a POW (though circulating somewhat locally, I was not “free” in any sense of the words; there was a known “leash” and system of unwritten and not entirely predictable severe punishments such that no peace existed, almost, while I cohabited within a marriage.)  HOWEVER I find years later that so widely spread is enabling abuse and slave-like situations  in local communities (enclaves) that MOST will sacrifice others rather than themselves, or rather than risking their own families or interests when dealing with an out-of-ilcontrol psycho in their family line, their religious community, or their neighborhood — in fact almost anywhere.

So what is done instead?  

“The Professionals” (government, or its contractors) are expected to do cleanup.  Most self-preserving individuals in families or in work relationships have already bought, paid, and traded or been bred into the (false) idea that government, while at places evil, or dysfunctional (which is it?), is not all THAT bad, and is a NECESSARY evil that we should lay low and continue to pay for — or it might be our families next, after they’re done with the outcast/fringe, marginalized population who have nothing but themselves to blame for being: outcast/fringe, marginalized, or in short poor (“low-income”).  Consciences about this can be sometimes eased for the price of admission (tithe, or just time) at the local religious institution, whether storefront or of beautiful architecture (with or without icons/imagery) and performing arts inside.

If this religious institution takes in funds (debt-dollars, actually) and is ‘tax-exempt’ – it is part of the problem.  Beyond that, many religious institutions are MORE than “part of the problem,” they are the source of it, large-scale!

Unfortunately, our current technology of war — which includes distributing the debt for war on all and collecting in advance to create more technologies of (war) — has met that there are fewer safe and free places to live, eat, sleep, work, or even die.  There is not privacy.  If land is owned, water, electricity, and roads may not be.

Vehicles may be owned, but they are also to be licensed — which (as I’m coming to learn) — like MARRIAGES — means that “the Lord” (said government) giveth, and the Lord (said government) determines whether or not, when, and how — it taketh away, and from whom.

If the government has “given” at some point in time — and one has consumed — then it appears that one has consented to do COMMERCE from said government (without understanding well who it was, seemed like a good deal at the time, everyone else is doing it, right?  — except maybe a few kooks, which reminds me of Waco, or Ruby Ridge, or (fill in the blank with one’s biggest or most notable public nightmare).   Again, see:

  • USConstitution Title28/IV sets Jurisdiction
  • Citizenship in USA, Inc. = YOU became collateral for U$A Debt

War=Debt Collection.

  pSILENT weapons = biological warfare by few to enslave MOST.

 I blog FAMILY COURT aspects

LetsGetHonest ~ Family Court Franchise ~ LACKaWantsTo 

(& in part, Lackawanna Family Court (ScrantonPT forum)

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                         ~ AND REMEMBER:       “Now Abide These Three” I Cor 13.

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