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I have been engrossed in matters Faith-Based, HUD-expository, and my growing understanding of the economy, thanks to very good writing by Catherine Austin Fitts which also “fits” with my (deductive, observation-based) research here and elsewhere on the HHS Welfare Reform Money-Laundering Fatherhood/Faith-Based, Bush-Based Bullshit Scam (shell corporations set up to lose HHS money diverted from welfare).Then I started looking at who is the American Bar Association (it’s a corporation, FYI), and what it’s doing – for how much — and why. I was already long beyond the point of “WTF”(slang for “What-the-[unprintable]!”) allegiance or social contract should I have with this country anyhow, given what it’s done to me, and my offspring, and how no one around seems interested in enforcing criminal laws OR family laws. I particularly noted how very little respect for the law most lawyers (in my opinion/acquaintance) seem to have, but those who DO have it, often get “disbarred.”

It’s not just C.A. Fitt’s writing — it’s her story, the story about FHA & HUD and Hamilton Securities, and Change of leadership over at HUD specifically intended to coverup mortgage fraud and the bankrupting of individual families (if not “ethnic cleansing” of inner cities or low-income neighborhoods) by selling out their equity, and all that. For example:

Fees for Our Friends: The Scandal that Taints Andrew Cuomo

By Lucy Komisar Aug 22, 2006 [Part 1]

As Secretary of HUD, Andrew Cuomo reversed the policy of selling defaulted mortgages so that families could keep their homes. Instead, he chose to foreclose on mortgages, which meant that families lost their homes and insiders cleaned up on fire-sale priced properties. The US Treasury also lost billions.

On September 12th, a primary will choose the Democratic candidate for New York Attorney General. The front runner is Andrew Cuomo. . . .

When Cuomo became HUD Secretary in 1997, he axed a federal program that had saved the U.S. $2.2 billion between 1994 and 1997 and reinstituted a system that lost the government money while earning billions for favored friends. He fired a former HUD official [[FITTs/Hamilton]]] whose company designed the program.

That wasn’t the only money big money lost. When Cuomo was secretary, HUD reported that $59 billion was missing! It couldn’t say where they money went, because it failed to produce audited financial statements.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is renowned for corruption. Historically, fraud has been so pervasive and blatant that the Sopranos episode on it was disturbingly realistic. . . . 

…Jack Blum, Jack Bluma Washington lawyer, in the mid-1970s was the chief investigator for Senator Frank Church’s subcommittee on multinational corporations. He exposed the Lockheed bribery scandal and other examples of corporate corruption. Later, he headed Senator John Kerry’s investigations into Iran Contra drug connections and the corrupt bank, BCCI. Blum says, “I know about HUD since the 1970s — the fake mortgages. It’s been going on forever. She [the former HUD official] doesn’t understand that what she got caught up in is part of a pattern.”


Well, most of this post is simply someone else’s writing.  I’ve looked at this material elsewhere (less in depth on “reality blogger”) and am usually a little wary of what might be some ex-confederate racist/sexist line of reasoning.  But, it’s a simple enough narrative and brings up the points.

(The purple part is simply derobing religion — below that is the main show for today.  Have a nice one . . . .)

Little intro:

Apparently this post comes from approximately February 2010, though parts (links) from it are later.  I absolutely and categorically disclaim any responsibility for any actions you do or not take as a result of believing, or thinking you do, any of the information below.

Before you tell me I’ve lost it by posting from “killing your straw man,” below,  you’ve GOT to read this, which I’d rank somewhere up with “Black is White Law Dictionary” (a pun, obviously, on Blacks’):


WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? (realityblogger, 5/2012)

Apparently religious responses to his (or her) article HERE got him (or her) thinking:

(LGH comments, I assure you, I have thought about this topic long and hard as I look up “faith-based” institutions and read about their various fraud, and reflect on my own experiences walking in and out of various doors seeking refuge from domestic violence — and then walked into domestic violence support groups which were filled with Christians seeking refuge from violence by spouses, such as the local deacon (or a policeman, etc.))

This is just warm-up, from the blog:

  • Both are the subjects of countless jokes made in poor taste.Both rely on the ignorance of their members with regards to their business related and political activities…And both despise watch-dog groups.Both accept and rely on donations.Both have leaders that wear expensive suits and receive very good pensions.Both promise hope and change to the poor and working class, but never quite deliver.Both offer a welfare system that’s never quite enough to really make a difference in society… other than to maintain the poverty level.“In God We Trust” is the credo of both – after all, it says so on the thing they both worship the most.

True enough.  There’s more….

  • Both start out with a corporate charter of beliefs by the leaders of that religion or political party.These charters and beliefs are claimed by both entities to be divinely inspired.Both change these charters and beliefs as times change, as technology improves, as law requires it, and as opposing knowledge and books become more accessible to the public at large.Both are registered with the State via their Articles of Incorporation.Both write and re-write history; and then edit and interpret their own writings.They are both a form of control, both in political and moralcorrectness.Members of both fear excommunication and public ridicule for questioning or acting against these chartered beliefs.Political parties make the laws of the land and command consent, while religions teach that members must follow the “law of the land” as God commands.Both give power to otherwise powerless men, who dress in robes and judge all people.Political parties call law the Bible. Religions call the Bible the law.Both must swear upon and to the bible (God) before giving testimony.

    Both project a public persona that each is separate from the other…

    Yet both are hopelessly intertwined.

    You must be registered to both to be a member…

There’s more:

  • Both claim to be transparent and honest, doing their deeds in the light…Yet both are well known to hide some of their deeds in the dark; without disclosure, and even against the very ethics they set for themselves.Both claim to be non-profit…  And both avoid taxes on their for-profit ventures.One allows atonement of sin through faith, followed by probationary good behavior…The other allows atonement of sin through prison (or execution), followed by probationary good behavior…And both offer these atoning people free bibles and religious last rights. [“rites”]Both include many minority races and creeds…

Now you KNOW this part is right:

  • Both preach these rights, ethics, morals, and family values virtually non-stop…Both continuously break their promises to uphold these or live by example.Both have been caught many times over in pedophilia related activities…Both are very protective of this fact and the people involved in these activities…Both have public relations officers to handle the public’s outrage at these actions so as to ensure the continuity of the corporation…And both are protected from these crimes and from any major public scrutiny or punishment by the court system (BAR) and in the mainstream media (Public Opinion).


By understanding the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting system (CAFR), and how all corporations including our government must report their monetary holdings and investments, you will then be able to understand what I’m about to tell you now.

Let’s start with a little history lesson that came as quite a shock to me…

This country is in its fourth (4th) bankruptcy since its humble beginnings. Huh?


1.    The first (1st) bankruptcy was officially declared in 1791. This was a time of many changes in America. Perhaps most notable of these, was the signing of the Bill Of Rights representing the first ten amendments to and the final passing of the Constitution for the United States, which happened December 15th of that year, shortly after our first bankruptcy. This is of course significant as our God given rights are solely dependent on this document, though they were generally accepted common law rights throughout the world long before America existed.

During each bankruptcy, a war is fought (the revolutionary war in this case) and a new form of currency is always established, since the old one becomes essentially worthless in the new corporate re-structure of each bankruptcy. With the new country, came new money. Several monetary systems were proposed for the early Republic of America. Congress approved the first dollar on August 8, 1786. Once passage of the U.S. Constitution was secured, and the 1st bankruptcy and restructuring was in motion, the secretary of the treasury Alexander Hamilton turned the government’s attention to monetary issues once again in the early 1790’s. On Hamilton’s recommendations, Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1792, which established the dollar as the basic unit of accounting for the United States. At this point, the dollar was still backed by gold.


2.    The second (2nd) bankruptcy took place exactly 70 years later, in 1861. The main reason for this is that the restructuring that takes place in a bankruptcy can by law only last or 70 years without being settled. And so in 1861, the country was declared bankrupt once again. Of course there was much more to this planned event in history. As carpetbaggers claimed and stole the land of southern property owners, and the banks and governments bought up land and farmland for pennies on the dollar, the civil war broke out in this year when the southern states began to say no to the northern government and these carpetbaggers. This is often referred to (by southern states especially) as the War Of Northern Aggression. And most southerners will also say that there was certainly nothing civil about the Civil War! And this was quite true when considering that the government is housed in the north (British Columbia and Washington D.C.) and that their aggression was the takeover and corporate restructuring of America. This was not a war over slavery to be sure… and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln happened only after his attempt to depose the central banking structure and establish greenbacks: congressionally printed and controlled money. But in 1863 during the American Civil War, the National Banking Act was passed. This act and its later amended versions essentially taxed states’ bonds and currency out of existence. And so through corporate government legislation in the newly reorganized country, the dollar became the sole currency of the United States (which was still backed by metals then) and remains so in an altered (and worthless) form today.


3.    And now we come to the third (3rd) bankruptcy in our countries history, which was 70 years later in 1931. This was the big one. This was the time after the industrial revolution, when population, lawful immigration, jobs, and opportunity were in abundance. The money system was still in real money; meaning trade was done in precious metals like gold and silver coins. Even the paper money was backed by and redeemable for gold and silver at its face value. But, as the anticipated bankruptcy loomed closer and closer, steps were taken by the government to ensure that a new restructuring of the country could take place, ensuring the same bankers and corporate crooks would remain in power. The stock market was deliberately crashed, and the great depression ensued. The population was broke, and their land and property was once again bought for pennies on the dollar by the banks and newly reorganized government. Transfer of wealth is the name of the game, and a new game is played every 70 years.


But during 1933 and 1938, as the reorganization of our government and finance laws took place after most small banks were deliberately collapsed and fell into the holdings of the larger banks, a very important thing happened that changed the landscape of our nation: the gold standard was removed and replaced by the Federal Reserve Note (dollar). The House of Representatives accomplished this when they passed House Joint Resolution 192. This new legislature actually outlawed the use of real money (gold and silver) to pay a debt, actually making it illegal to requirereal money to pay for a debt. The dollar (now called the Federal Reserve Note) became “legal tender” and was backed by the supposed full faith and credit of the U.S. Government. However, this paper money – or fiat currency – was in fact worthless due to the absence of real money backing its value.

The dollar is nothing more than an IOU, and only has value if both parties in an exchange verbally or contractually accept it as payment for goods and services while remaining under the illusion (or blind faith) that the government or institution which issues this paper has the power, wealth, and credit to back up this currency. In fact, a few years after this third restructure of the U.S, the government mandated the confiscation of all gold from its citizens – and the transfer of land, property and real wealth was accomplished yet again. Many people say that World War II is what seemingly brought the U.S out of the great depression. In fact, many people recognize that in the past America usually prospers in times of war and shortly thereafter.

2001.  As in, 9/11/2001

(LGH COMMENTS:  this blogger doesn’t mention but I will — stolen election, Florida, 2000?  I DNK — but I do know the first two Executive Orders by then-President GWB — related to Faith Based Office in the White House and in major agencies.  the first TWO he issued, meaning,primary to his Presidency.   And I’ve been looking at them.  They’re a BUNCHof Crooks, not just one or two — and are money laundering.  Defrauding the rest of us.  It’s outrageous and hidden in the very, very open — just most people are not looking.  They’re on the Just Over Broke JOB Market….)

4.    Flash forward another 70 years… it’s now 2001. People are prospering. Goods and services are in abundance. The world was at peace (excepting the military black ops and economic hit man type of destabilization of many countries for strategic and natural resource confiscation). Now any good conspiracy buff might note the interesting and overwhelming coincidence in this being the year of the 4th restructuring of our corporate government. Indeed, one might be even more aghast when one realizes that the anniversary of the last bankruptcy from 70 years ago was in fact September 10, 1931, or the day before the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings 1,2, and 7 along with the supposed “attack” on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

War is both a great distraction and a profitable venture for the corporate world governments, and this obviously isn’t the first time war or false flag events have been used in this manner, as a tool for the restructuring of the U.S. government. And we have watched over the last nine years as the dollar crashed, as the real estate and property bubbles burst and are once again being taken over by our government and banks (in a typical transfer of wealth), a complete corporate takeover of the country – which started about 70 years ago with the introduction of the CAFR system – which is now culminating into the nation being completely owned through collective investment by the government owned corporations… we are about to see the dollar become completely worthless right before our eyes (if it isn’t already) and a new form of U.S. currency or world bank currency will likely take its place – right on schedule!

This is the real U.S. history that isn’t in your textbooks.

Ok. So let’s talk about this corporate structure of government. If you haven’t learned about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and how it is used in corporation and corporate government reporting, see my article about it here:

→ http://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/the-biggest-game-in-town-walter-burien-and-comprehensive-annual-financial-reports/.

And, to see what I am apologizing about (with disclaimer) go here:


Also, to learn from the man himself – Mr. Walter Burien – go to: http://CAFR1.COM.

These resources explain and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the U.S. government is indeed a corporation which owns most major and fortune 500 corporations, most of the countries land, utilities, municipalities, parks, golf courses, malls, movie theatres, and so on and so forth.

But let’s talk about who or what the U.S. government really is, besides the most powerful corporation in the world…

So, what is the United States of America?

This is the name of the country in which we all live. It is a collection of 50 unified yet sovereign states which make up the union of the Republic of United States of America.

What is the UNITED STATES?

Ah… now here is where it gets tricky. You see, when a corporation is created, it is always and without exception created using an ALL CAPITAL LETTER name. Thus, while we all live in the United States of America, we are bound by the government of this country, which is the corporation of the UNITED STATES.

For reference and so that there is no doubt of this being true as we continue down the rabbit hole, the definition of the UNITED STATES in Black’s Law dictionary is “…a corporation”. Also, you can look at the UNITED STATES CODE (this being in all capital letters due to its corporate structure representing the codes of the UNITED STATES corporation). The code is: U.S. CODE/TITLE /28/3002/15 (A) (B) (C). These codes state that the UNITED STATES is unequivocally a corporation.

We live in the United States of America, but we do commerce and follow the regulations, statutes, and legalities (which are not actually laws) of the corporate UNITED STATES, for which we are born, or birthed into as debtors and are used as the collateral of this corporation. We are all used as collateral for the government (the corporation) of the UNITED STATES as stated by our Birth Certificate. Because you are a corporate entity of this trust and not a sovereign individual of the Republic, you are susceptible to things like selective service, the draft, income tax, property tax, many other unlawful taxes which only go to fund the corporation and do not in any way fund public interests or services, and other unlawful statutes and rules (which again are not actual laws) like CPS (child protective services) which is in the business of kidnapping children – and even get bonuses for blond haired blue eyed kids, which is why there is such a high turnover rate in that particular job…

Wait a minute! Why am I a corporate entity of the UNITED STATES?

Basically, when my mother and father were married, they signed a marriage contract and received a marriage certificate or license (as did yours and everyone else’s parents, and as did you when and if you were married). If you still have yours, you should get it out and read it.

It states clearly that: The product of this union belongs to the UNITED STATES

What does this mean, “a product of the UNITED STATES”?

It means that your children are the property of the UNITED STATES. It means that your parents, their parents, your children and your children’s children are or will be a vessel of commerce that is owned by the UNITED STATES corporation. You are an indentured corporate debt slave, who is assigned as collateral for the good faith and credit of the UNTITED STATES as soon as you are born.

And when you are born, you are assigned a corporate number. Actually, because the UNITED STATES commerce laws are in Maritime Law and UCC code, you are really birthed [[“berthed”??]] , very much like a ship at sea is birthed {[berthed]] into a U.S. port and assigned a number of import. Your birth certificate is that contract. It is a contract that is assigned to you as the product of the union of your mother and father, and it indoctrinates you into the UNITED STATES as collateral and assigns you a trust account in which all of your credit and debt is assigned and allotted.


{{NOTE:  I’ve heard things about “redemption” and don’t know if this is where he’s going.  If so, I’ve heard that’s a trap. Caveat Emptor, just check it out yourself– this is only food for thought..}}



If you’d like to verify this as accurate, I would invite you to try and retrieve your original birth certificate from the UNITED STATES government. You’ll notice that no matter how many times you try and no matter how much you insist, you will never be able to attain the original document that is your birth certificate. You are, however, imbued the privilege of receiving a certified copy of said certificate. Your original certificate is housed in the District of Columbia, Washington D.C, in the ten mile stretch of land which is the corporation of the UNITED STATES. Understand too, that Washington D.C. is not part of the United States of America, and is a corporate structure completely separate from the rest of the country. In short, it is not one of the 50 United States of America.

[[GOOD POINT, and OBVIOUSLY SIGNIFICANT.  Three Cities that Rule the World, etc.]]

The average citizen of the UNITED STATES is assigned a value when he/she is born for collateral and credit purposes. After years of inflation, that trust value is up to about 7 million dollars or so at birth. If you would like to verify how much you are worth as a corporate entity of the UNITED STATES, simply take your birth certificate number into your local stock broker and ask him to look up your number.

We also receive a social security number (a corporate number) for which we conduct trade and commerce and are allowed the privilege to start businesses with… and with which we are legally but not necessarily lawfully taxed.

Whew! Let’s slow down a minute. What is the difference between lawful and legal?

This is very important to understand.

Law – God’s law (whether you believe in God or not) is to do no harm to others or their property. This is the basic definition of law. It is also the definition of freedom, for all men are free under God’s law in the United States of America until the point where we break that law. You cannot break the law unless there is a living victim for which you do harm, or do harm to their property.

Legal – The word legal or illegal is a corporate term used to represent a state of being when related to statutes, rules, codes, mandates, and posted limits that are assigned to you by the UNITED STATES. While something can be unlawful, it can be legal. But remember, law always trumps legality. In the case of something being illegal, no living victim is required under corporate legality, and so the STATE assumes the role of the victim. More on this in a minute…

The Constitution For The United States  – is the original document and declaration of independence that was written by our founders.

The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNTITED STATES is the legal corporate document that was created by a treasonous Congress in the “Act Of 1871” and which the UNITED STATES continues to fool us all into believing is the same document that our forefathers wrote for our God-given independence. I assure you, it is not. It is a corporate document for a corporation that operates outside of actual constitutional law.

Now, if all of this is alien or too hard to comprehend… believe me I understand. But an easy way to show you how in “the matrix” you really are is this: Go get your wallet, any contracts you’ve signed – like cell phone or rental – any bills you have (which originated with a signed contract or with your social security number), and take out any credit cards or other forms of ID. Now look at your name. Notice it is in all capital letters…

This is your STRAW MAN (unnatural, commerce, corporate) name. Remember, all corporate entities have this capital letter naming structure. This represents the trust account that was assigned to you at birth, and when you were assigned a social security number. This is why the UNITED STATES on your marriage and birth certificate, as well as your name, is printed in all CAPITAL LETTERS. To prove this is true, you can simply take your birth certificate to a stockbroker and have him look up the value of your STRAW-MAN corporate number (the number on your birth certificate). You’ll find that you, or at least your corporate trust, is worth millions or billions of dollars. And if you learn how, you can access that trust account and eliminate all of your debt lawfully, since that debt was a trick of contract by the lending institutions that have already sold that contract. But only if you declare your sovereignty!

You must take the steps to declare yourself a sovereign individual, and declare yourself a “secured party creditor”. But you have a lot of studying to do first. And I’ll update this site as I progress…

What does this declaration of sovereignty do… what benefits does it have?

Whew! Too many to list here…. But here’s one I can’t wait to practice:

Say I run a red light or make an “illegal” u-turn, and a police officer pulls me over. I simply hand him my UCC paperwork, and give him no more than 10 minutes to verify the authenticity of the paperwork and let me go. Because I have declared myself sovereign and immune from the corporation of the UNITED STATES and its rules and regulations, I am not bound by these rules and regulations, nor the fees (taxes) assigned to the violation of them. Lawful and legal are two completely different concepts. I am only bound by God’s law, which is defined as doing anything you what as long as you don’t do any damage to another individual or his/her property – a victim. In the case of making an illegal u-turn, I have not broken God’s law, and there is no living soul as a victim, therefore a police officer that works for the corporate state (UNITED STATES) has no power or jurisdiction over me as a sovereign individual. The victim must be a living, breathing human being. But in the case of traffic rules, the victim is the corporate state, and therefore no individual human being was involved. In other words, no one was harmed by my actions, and so I cannot be detained or fined (taxed) according to the law – which trumps corporate legality. There are no victimless crimes, remember? The kicker is, the reason this is so is because I am on this day not a legal driver but a lawful traveler.

Semantics are everything…

My driver’s license is a permit (not a right, but a privilege) to “drive” for corporate reasons, as in a company car with you being the sub-corporation under the main corporation (UNITED STATES). But as a sovereign individual with God-given rights as afforded by the Constitution For The Untied States, not the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES – as a sovereign individual I am a traveler who is lawfully traveling in the United States Of America, and not a driver who is driving under the corporate auspices and legal permission of the UNITED STATES.

And so if the cop detains me unlawfully, meaning more than 10 minutes, or harasses me in any way by unlawful (but legal under STRAW-MAN names) search, seizure, or slander, I can as a sovereign (not straw-man) individual take the cop to court in what is called a negative averment and sue him for his bond, which is millions of dollars, at which point he will never be able to be bonded again, meaning he can never be an unlawful yet legal cop again. {{??? ??? ???}}} The same holds true with judges and attorney’s, who are legal entities that are bonded by the courts and have no jurisdiction over you in said court unless you are still representing and using only your all-capital name. If your case is not immediately dismissed, you can sue them for their bonds and they will not be attorneys or judges ever again.

By the way… judges are nothing more than glorified attorneys, and therefore have the same bond issuance.

What I’m telling you is that the police, the courts and their judges have no power or jurisdiction over you, and actually you have a higher power than them and can control them, but only if you declare your sovereignty. Everyone else is under their power and jurisdiction simply because they acknowledge that they are in fact the corporate representative of the all capital letter STRAW-MAN name that is on their contracts, licenses, and Id’s.

Let’s talk about attorneys…

Attorneys are cockroaches. They are what you might refer to as corporate yes-men. And you know what? About 70% of our politicians and legislators are BAR attorneys.

So what is an attorney that is a member of the BAR association?

They are employees of the court system (the corporation) of the UNITED STATES and have loyalty only to the courts. They are sworn by oath to uphold the “procedure” (not the constitutional law) of the court system first, always above your needs. They are there to assure that the court doesn’t make a mistake in its legal procedure, where you might win your case, and they are there to ensure continued taxation by fees and decisions.

Never hire a “BAR” attorney. By accepting a BAR attorney to represent you in court, you are literally assigning all of your rights away and admitting incompetence to represent yourself, making you a ward of the court due to mental incapacity. The only exception is an attorney who is not a member of the BAR association.

{{{FYI — that happens to be true. . . . .    That’s also exactly how I lost the privilege of seeing my daughters complete their growth to adulthood.  An emergency (predictable, foreseen, but it still happened) had been created.  Everyone (including law enforcement and courts) let it percolate til ripe for picking, while I was going nuts trying to avert it.  my knee-jerk DUMB reaction was to go get an attorney who did NOT ask for a bench warrant for anyone’s arrest, and bring y kids back, but recommended I go to a mediator and settle it later. . . . .! ! ! !   That attorney is still doing business, but afterwards, i wasn’t — I had been snared by the system by resorting to it to stay alive previously! }}}

But what will really blow your mind, and the most devastating element of a BAR attorney is this: The BAR association is located in London, England!

Even more scary is that the small part of London that houses Parliament, the House of Commons, The Crown, and the Bar association is not a part of England or London, but a completely separate state (or country – a corporation), as is Washington D.C. (District of Columbia), and the Vatican in Rome… all independent corporate states.

This ultimately means that an attorney takes an oath to the Queen/Crown of England, meaning the queen and all that she represents. And since judges aren’t really judges, and are actually attorneys, you know where their loyalty lies as well.

And remember, 70% of our higher government officials are attorneys who have sworn allegiance to the Crown, who owns the UNITED STATES, and runs the BAR.

The original 13th amendment to the Constitution for the Untied States says:

“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

Originally written in 1810, much debate has ensued on whether this amendment was ratified or not. Most constitutional scholars say yes, and point to the senate’s journal for proof of its ratification. Of course, after reading this amendment, who would say no? The answer is… the corporation that is running the show, whose loyalties and oaths lay with the Crown and Queen of England, and not with the people under the United States Constitution. The 13th amendment of the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES is the “abolition of slavery” amendment. But remember, this is not the real Constitution for the United States, which serves the Republic of America and by which all sovereign individuals who live in God-given freedom adhere to.

I guess its up to you to decide which one of these to follow. And in making the choice to be free, there is only one choice!

For more opinion and fact on the 13th amendment, including a list of politicians and other prominent figures who have taken titles of nobility to the Queen and other countries (including: George Herbert Walker Bush, Ronald Reagan, Generals Colin Powel and Norman Schwarzkopf, Alan Greenspan, Rudi Giuliani, and many, many more…) see my rant here:

→ http://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2009/10/02/will-independence-day-have-a-sequel-how-long-can-america-last-without-one/

On a different note, I’d like to give you another reason to declare your sovereignty. But to really understand, we must go back to the subject of money again…

How is money created?

Movies like Zeitgeist are great tools for waking up people to the realities of the monetary system and it’s ownership by the private central banks that make up the Federal Reserve. The Fractional Reserve System indeed allows the banks to create money out of thin air. But this is only part of reality. For the way money is really created is quite astounding, and guaranteed to piss off a lot of honest taxpaying people!

Here we go…

Do you own a home? A car? Do you have a credit card or a student loan?

Well, all of these different types of debt began with you filling out a promissory note (a contract). When this is submitted to the bank, and after an “approval process”, you receive that money by signing this contract. And the bank tells you quite dishonestly that you owe them a debt for that amount of money, and gives you permission to amortize the payment of that loan over a set amount of time, usually 30 years for a mortgage. But, they also charge you interest for this convenient “service”. That means that by the end of those 30 years you’ll probably have paid double if not triple what the actual loan amount was at the signing of the original contract (promissory note).

But there is one thing that the bank is not telling you. One very, very big piece of the puzzle…

Are you ready?

According to the Federal Reserve banks, and printed in their banking rulebooks, money is created when a person (you) signs a contract (promissory note) with a bank.


Let me explain…

Last year I remember hearing about a campaign to protect people from foreclosure by these banks and mortgage companies called “Show Me The Note!” At the time, I did not understand the significance of this simple but effective and protective statement. Now I do…
“Show Me The Note” is quite a valid request. It simply means that you are requesting the original contract (promissory note) that was signed by yourself and the foreclosing bank when the money was created and given to you to buy your home.

But you see… the bank cannot ever produce this note. And here’s why…

The bank sells your note (promissory note or deed) to the Federal Reserve the minute you sign it, and the Fed then gives that bank the amount that it then “loans” to you. Therefore, the bank is at a balance of $0.00 dollars at the point of inception and payment for your loan. Remember, this is how money is “created” according to the Federal Reserve banking rules and regulations.

The problem that these banks have is that they no longer hold the note (title) to your home, because they have already sold it at face value to the Federal Reserve. And in order for a creditor (the bank) to make a claim against the debtor (you), they must in a court of “law” show proof of their claim to collect your supposed debt to them. However, the only proof of their claim for the foreclosure of your home is in fact that original note (promise to pay, promissory note) that you signed, which created the money that enabled the bank to give you that loan in the first place – money out of thin air!

Remember, money is created only when you or I sign a contract to get “credit”. It is the very fact that all of this information is not disclosed to us that makes this contract null and void. Full disclosure must accompany any contract lest it be invalid and unlawful.

Your loan contract was sold to the Federal Reserve (a private corporate central bank) by the bank or mortgage company with whom you signed your contract. It’s gone… vanished… paid off! The Federal Reserve then bundles those deeds (contracts) and sells them as securities and bonds, to countries like China, Russia, and whoever else will buy them. So in essence, China may already own the title to your home, or at least it thinks it does…

{{Catherine Austin Fitts, while at FHA, was describing how these notes (mortgages) are sold…}}}

And this is why the bank has no lawful grounds to foreclose on you. They do not hold a lawful lean on your home. You owe nothing to anybody! You created that money legally through the bank and Federal Reserve by accessing your trust account assigned to you by the UNITED STATES when they took your freedom and liberty and put your wealth and property at risk starting on the day you were born (birthed).

The principle and interest you pay to the bank is pure profit for the next 30 years, because you signed a contract saying that you would pay that amount with your home and land as collateral. But for a contract to be lawful, there must be full disclosure of these little facts. Since this was obviously not disclosed to you, all of these mortgage and other contracts are null and void. The bank has no contract, no proof of claim against your debt, and no rights to force you to pay them anything.

If this sounds like a copout from paying your bills, remember that the bank never risked anything, and they never gave you a penny of their own money. You did a favor to the banking system by creating new money. You created commerce. Nothing more…

And you are entitled to this money (worthless paper used for commerce) as an indentured citizen of the UNITED STATES who is used as collateral and assigned this value at birth.

And remember… due to the Fractional Reserve Banking System created by the Federal Reserve, the Fed creates 40 times the amount of your “loan” for its use, again making money out of thin air.

I hope that you are beginning to understand that this is another of the biggest scams in the history of scams, and that all bank loans, from credit cards to student loans to mortgages work in this same exact way, secured or unsecured. Again, this is how money is created into the economy, per the rules of the Federal Reserve Bank, the private corporation unaffiliated with our government or our nation, who control our monetary policy and can destroy the value of the dollar at any time the choose.

Do you really feel guilty about reclaiming your piece of the pie?

The only way to truly benefit from this freedom is by declaring your individual God-given rights of sovereignty through a UCC (Universal Commercial Code) filing. You must offset your debt lawfully as afforded you. You must become a Secured Party Creditor.

I cringe when I hear people say they aren’t going to fight the system and instead are going to give up their house. They feel hopeless. They feel like they can’t win…

But the truth is that there was never anything to lose! The bank has no claim!

But, I understand. Most will not buck the system simply because they do not understand the system and how the Constitution for the United States was set up to ensure this type of unlawful action like bank foreclosure can never be done to us. I took me a very long time to come to this comprehension. This is how freedom works, and it only works if you claim it.

This is the forbidden knowledge…

I guess it all boils down to this… What is an education?

If an education is defined as simply four years of partying and getting drunk in a frat house while barely passing the exams of one of the most sub-standard collegial educational systems in the first world (I believe we are 39th on the list) of which most of the information taught is to train us on how to follow these rules instead knowing and learning the actual laws… and if your level of education is defined by the amount of money paid in order to receive a less than prestigious diploma stating grade level and accomplishment… then I am happy to say that I am a college dropout! I am self-educated to the point that normal conversations with doctorate level graduates equate to a conversation with a child who still believes in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny… simply because that is what they are taught in the corporate indoctrination centers that we call schools. Rational thought, self-awareness, and sovereignty is not taught in school. And Law is not the prevailing wisdom in law school.

Then, when you realize that everything you see in the movies, television, and on the news is specifically designed to uphold the illusionary state of unconsciousness that most of us live in regarding our debt slavery, that’s the point where normal conversation as defined by the media driven society becomes unbearable. And fitting in at parties becomes impossible. I’m now the crazy guy… the one talking out of my butt. I’m the one who, despite the beauty, glory, and not to mention the fact of the information I try and relay, I am labeled as the negative one… the downer.

And so now I’m the antisocial one… the one who doesn’t go to parties. The one who cannot do small talk. And I’m the one that cannot keep normal friends simply because normal means brainwashed! And normalcy is not freedom in any way.

The friends I have made are necessarily informed or at least curious, somewhat awake, and want to learn what I have already learned or want to teach what I am seeking to learn. When you do meet these people, you develop a friendship and a trust that is unknown to most; kinship through shared plight.

And to anyone reading this, I have only this to say. I may not know you. You may think that no one really knows you. But I hope that you haven’t reached the point in your life where you’ve given up, where you’ve lost all hope, where learning was something you did as a teenager, and where happiness equates to blissful ignorance. I hope that you wont let these corporate monsters force you to be a victim of this. I hope this reaches you with the spirit it was intended, and I wish for you the best in whatever you do.

A sheep you are not… for you have read this far!

[Again, Yellow-background and Purple-background sections were quoting “Realitybloger” posts except where I may have commented and indicated this was my comment — not often.  The “I” in the writing represents a different blogger who also happens to be Clint Richardson.]  The following is back to my voice. ///LGH   during 4/2016 update for Table of Contents purposes]

(etc. Check it out on your own responsibility… See also Scranton Political Times, where I have posted more “stuff” and my reasoning to go along with it, on maybe three different topics, recently. This is not overly simplistic — It literally makes sense with observed reality. Watch who you contract with! !!!  See also “musicians4freedom,” and in general — hey, look it up yourself, OK?)

I know slavery when I see it — bondage, extortion etc– and we are in it.  It has most of the country acting crazy, such that they cannot literally afford to protect their neighbors fully — or they’ll lose their own place in society, and with it, access to enough debt-dollars (Monopoly Money) to stay housed . . . . . . . Busy, busy, busy . . . .

Franklin Coverup (San Jose Mercury news article, ca. 1996, on 1980s Nebraska — Money, Drugs, Kids, etc.)

Nick Bryant on Pedophilia & Politics

CatherineThe Solari Report on August 2, 2012 at 8:08 am

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday on the Solari Report, I will be talking with Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal 

Two stories have brought the topic of pedophilia front and center.  The first story involves continuing allegations regarding priests and children in the Catholic Church worldwide. It is now estimated that the Catholic Church has paid out more than $3 billion in settlements related to sex abuse allegations in North America alone. Eight Catholic diocese[s] have declared bankruptcy due to the related expense, including those in Tucson, Spokane, Portland, Davenport, Iowa and San Diego.  The second story involves a sex scandal in the athletic program at Penn State University.

While these two ongoing scandals have received significant attention in the corporate media, they barely hint as to the real phenomenon of pedophilia and child sex slavery in America. There is, however, one story that has been the subject of serious investigative journalism that offers rare insight into the phenomenon. That is the story of the Franklin Scandal.

Nick Bryant describes his book on the Franklin scandal as the “story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. The ring’s pimps were a pair of political powerbrokers who had access to the highest levels of our government. Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks. The legislators’ efforts resulted in rash of mysterious deaths and the overpowering corruption of federal and local law enforcement, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Justice Department, effecting an immaculate cover-up of the trafficking network.”

The Franklin scandal was a story that touched me personally. In the spring of 1989, as Assistant Secretary of Housing, I was ordered to award government grants illegally and refused. I believed that the Cabinet Secretary who ordered me was being blackmailed. It was only later reading about the Franklin scandal that I realized that he had been implicated as the scandal attracted headlines in one of the leading Washington newspapers at that time.

[[2016 update again.  Also suggest (depending on how strong is your stomach — not pretty material !!) reading the other link I provided (and perhaps some more over at EconomicBrain.Wordpress.com, my other blog, under the Page “1980s, 1990s, 2000s” which also references the Franklin Coverup.   A comment was made by that hero and decent Nebraska legislator involved in the investigations, that they’d missed it by focusing on the child abuse.  The real story was about the financial corruption / embezzlement.  The child abuse was in part how politicians (those who have those “bad habits”) could be blackmailed into voting favorably for, well, the bad guys….  In other words, they’d already been compromised.  Read about that photographer, Rusty Nelson, whose job was to provide the documentation over which a politician could be blackmailed. …. An affair with another woman, or even adult man, is one thing in politics, but they are talking in that case, minors — children — and prostitution, child-trafficking and murder.  As well as using children for mules to run drugs, etc.  The bottom of the barrel behavior…]]
 <> <> <>

Some of my posts at (Scranton (PA), Political Times (a forum, basically):  

[[2016 update:  This forum has been unavailable for some time now….so clicking on links to my posts will go nowhere.  They are left in for reference only.   //Lets’ Get Honest  ]]

Kids 4 Cash — see ca. August 4, 2012, on Futures without Violence, Silent Wars, and from the Solari Blog (mortgage debt explained well):
ABA (American Bar Association) Who are they, again?  (I look at their consolidated financial statements, and various grants from the HHS to the ABA
On-line Case Docket v. Register of Actions — there’s a tendency on the forum (me, too) not to stick right to topic.
This one has a doozy of a discovery in that the marriage promoters (signatories to a 2000 collaboration between a center at UChicago Div School [[ supported by the Lilly Endownment and louisville (KY) foundation, i.e., religious in inclination), plus “smartmarriages.com” (trade name owned by single LLC in D.C. area, Diane Sollee owner, last I heard) & Institute for American Values (Blankenhorn, of “national fatherhood initiative” fame (or disrepute, dep. on Point of View)  to see how they could push marriage on (the rest of us) through public policy.   YEAR — 2000, as I said.
So, at least a few of those signers also found at DOFH (Defending our Father’s House), which turns out to be a Knights of Columbus setup based in Michigan.  The letters to “his Eminence” and the 50 shepherds (throughout US, i.e., archbishops, etc.) and of course Our Father the Pope — are fearsome to behold.    Look for these images to see the blog (and attachment is that letter I mentioned):

This appears to exist but at least for me, now, redirects to a site ending in “http://bs-art.ru/” and not in English except one panel” BUSINESS ART CONSULTING GROUP- no matter which link.   Interesting graphic on the page, too (shows March 2012 date apparently)  What do you find?

One of the drawbacks of WWW.!!!



Defending Holy Matrimony


Jan 25, 2011  An Educational Initiative to Reclaim Christian Marriage.

Defending Holy MatrimonySM (DHM) is an Educational Initiative aimed at preparing 


The Problem and the Solution. Documents · Arcanum (On 

Mutual Consent Makes Sense

Why Mutual Consent Makes Sense By Patricia Owen, Grassroots 

Contact / Mission

Our Mission: The Mission of Defending Holy Matrimony is to 

The Politics of Family Destruction

The Politics of Family Destruction by Professor The debate on 


It is easier to divorce my wife of 26 years than to fire someone I 

Defending Matrimony is New 

Defending matrimony is new challenge, pro-life supporters

That letter below (yellow-background) (so disturbing!), I’m attaching it — is addressed to “50 shepherds of the church,” and at the top we see the chain of authority clear enough:

50 Shepherds of the Church

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop of Rome, Vicor of Jesus Christ, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal ChurchVatican City

Most Rev. Raymond L. Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic SignaturaVatican City

Comment of this date:
Status: Online
Posts: 945
Date: Jul 31 3:21 PM, 2012

What’s funny is that “Defending Holy Matrimony” (org. not located as yet, though it’s quoted on the web; it’s not a USPTO trademark, for sure) — seems to understand the origins (as to setting up different types of courts) better than most mothers, and probably fathers, do.  There’s a lot of information out there, but a clear intent to change (centralize, fasci-cize) the US Court system to better order services.  We already know many of those services involve hiding money; ergo — something ain’t right here….  This is priority information to understand as an “American” including determining (for yourself, if it applies) what citizenship means — because it must may be the men and women in black robes (from pulpit OR bench) may not hold the same allegiance, as many surely don’t.



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  1. Near the top of the (yellow-background) post, he writes:

    By understanding the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting system (CAFR), and how all corporations including our government must report their monetary holdings and investments, you will then be able to understand what I’m about to tell you . . . .

    Just for the record, that’s my next post today – “realityblogger. . . . wake the hell up…”

    Let's Get Honest

    August 5, 2012 at 7:42 pm

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