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NSPC — ‘Coalition’ Meaning What? Rebranding the Same Themes with, Generally, the Same Entities While Channeling (vs. Exposing) AFCC Lingo …? [Begun Feb. 6, 2022, Publ. Apr. 4].

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[I’m moving post declarations further down the page since beginning to include “Display Content” on my “Most Recent (Ten) Posts” widget, April 27, 2022. Otherwise the only content it displays is another version of a very long title. I want the short-links near the top so will leave abbreviations of the full title in place. //LGH)

Short version:
NSPC — ‘Coalition’ Meaning What? Rebranding the Same Themes with, Generally, the Same Entities … … ? [Begun Feb. 6, 2022, Publ. April 4]. (case-sensitive short-link ends “-dxg”).

PRWeb.com Fri April 1, 2022 Promo by NSPC for NSPC and NFVLC re getting STATES to pass VAWA ALL 50 States to pass Kayden’s Law). NFVLC Quote (right sidebar press release) ref. Danielle Pollack.

Why I use “NSPC” but those behind it, don’t:

The theme being promoted through NSPC is “Safe Parents” in the family (private custody) courts. I don’t see that “NSPC” is the  acronym used by its promoters or members, but it matches the website’s stated label: “National Safe Parents Coalition” and is shorter, so that’s what I’m going to use. It’s also often paired with “NFVLCgwu,” the other part of this dynamic-duo of non-entities^^ with shared messaging on a professional (PRWeb) press release which I just blogged the other day (see nearby image), asking whose money? was behind this:

^^Non-entity** ‘NATIONAL Safe Parents Coalition’ + non-entity ‘NATIONAL Family Violence Law Center’ (actually, GWU.edu) = WHOSE money behind attempt to (inter)NATIONALIZE DV, CA and the FamilyCourts? [From Feb. 6, 2022, Moved Here April 1]. (-e5D, posted April 1, 2022).

By April 2, evening, having again shortened this post and published part of it separately, the day before, I was on the verge of publishing this one, took a quick dinner (snack) break, and during it looked at my cellphone, only to find:

GW Law’s Joan Meier Is Installed in Newly Endowed Professorship Supporting Family Violence Survivors  | A $2.75 million gift from an anonymous donor endowed the new GW Law National Family Violence Law Center Professorship…

April 01, 2022, By Greg Varner (Photos by David Scavone)

In recognition of her groundbreaking work to support victims of domestic violence, the George Washington University installed GW Law Professor Joan S. Meier as the inaugural holder of the National Family Violence Law Center Professorship…

… After the ceremonial remarks from others, Meier spoke briefly, thanking the dean as well as the donor. “This moment feels like the culmination of a journey,” she said.

Briefly discussing the evolution of her work, Meier said she started out representing clients and helping them win civil protection orders, but then moved into the child custody arena, where she faced pushback from judges.

“We saw courts resisting the idea that children were at risk where women were at risk,” Meier said, “and the idea that fathers’ access might need to be limited to keep children safe.”

Meier’s research and litigation experience convinced her that systematic appellate advocacy was needed, so she launched DV LEAP, the first organization that would systematically take appeals in such cases

THIS POST IS: (full title):
NSPC — ‘Coalition’ Meaning What? Rebranding the Same Themes with, Generally, the Same Entities While Channeling (vs. Exposing) AFCC Lingo and Ignoring USA’s ‘We Both Love and Hate Women’ Federal Funds? [Begun Feb. 6, 2022, Publ. Apr. 4]. (case-sensitive short-link ends “-dxg”).

The same day of the installation, I’d just asked “WHOSE money?” This appears to be yet another level of  the “None Of Your Business” answer, the first levels involving having a center at a university which is itself not quite transparent (as to its financing) and the other, the NSPC.

The “safe parents” label (within “National Safe Parents Coalition”) is weak and vague and the intended “in the family courts” application for it’s (and NFVLC’s) Kayden’s Law/VAWA campaign is ridiculous and off-target (IF safety for children is indeed the real goal), so I won’t be using that phrase any more than I have to in my ongoing posts this year about this campaign and about those behind both websites and that campaign. Until some better solution comes to mind, I’ll use NSPC instead.

Passage of #VAWA Kayden’s was planned to be applied to individual states as quickly as possible based on recent passage of the federal version, to which I object even more, as a survivor, a witness over time of these systems, an investigative blogger and a person not afraid to ask “why” and point out where proof and logic aren’t even on the table; just more pressure, persuasion are and now, even more money for more of the same.

Now you know what the acronym “NSPC” (Twitter, “#NSPC”) stands for when I use it. What it represents is a different matter; I talk about it below the post title here, and (eventually) get down to documenting the member logos shown on an early version of the National Safe Parents Coalition website. We are going to see the Archive.org (“Wayback Machine”) version showing the probable start date.

This post has been in draft so long, I’ve already published parts of its content in the process of discussing the two acronyms NSPC and the associated NFVLC. I’m counting nine posts since February 6, most related to this topic and developments then and since.  See my right sidebar, “Last Ten Posts” widget.  Not all mobile phones show the sidebar, so for convenience, here are the last nine. (The tenth covers the use of the word “National” (Feb. 1, 2022) and is related, but started before this one).  Dates posted follow the titles. Click on any title to go to that post.

This post focuses on NSPC, but as both websites and their related social media accounts (of these, I only use Twitter) continue promoting what each individually and each other, and others who share their perspectives and paradigms, have been accomplishing, I now understand that the NSPC (website and campaign) was intended from the start to be the more temporary  and to help promote NFVLC. The NFVLC needed the passage of “Kayden’s Law – VAWA” for its director’s credibility, a victory to point to, on agenda of further nationalizing, first, United States’ family courts and eventually, the world’s. I will deal more with NFVLC and that claim separately, however read nearby pre-launch announcement carefully: it includes a statement of purpose.

Without passage of Kayden’s Law – VAWA, the credibility behind NFVLC as stated in its pre-launch announcement ‘Joan Meier and GW Law Announce New National Family Violence Law Center~~2022.Mar.29 Tues, pdf; a more recent post shows more of this) is basically: (1) A 2019 NIJ-funded study focused on mis-use of parental alienation, published by GWU.edu itself, and (2) Prior work at DVLEAP.org (“Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appellate Project”) based at George Washington University Law School. Not much of a basis! Please read my May 19, 2019 Page (“-8um”) documenting DVLEAP’s:  leaky  logic; laughable claim of thought-leadership and negligent/irresponsible shortlist of “DV National Resources>” with several long-expired (as of 2018) links.  In a list of ten, three broken, one entity name had changed, the fellow-thought-leader at another had been (since 2012) working out of a different nonprofit based in Washington, D.C. (one that is now listed under NSPC).

See also nearby screenshot from it, where I’d noticed that both the UDSOJ/OVW and “The Leadership Council” had given their blessing to DVLEAP’s practices; I said “If this is leadership, then we need a new type which better understands why domestic violence law, unenforced OR even enforced, doesn’t counteract $150M a year and deliberate saturation of the system with PRWORA-plus marriage and fatherhood promotion”, and identifying myself as someone whose experience (exposure) to the DV and family court gauntlet pre-dates the formation of DVLEAP… 

Screenshot from my May 19, 2019 Page (not post) on DVLEAP.org, DVLEAP New Website Still Derails OPEN Discussion… (see text on image, or that page)..

I wrote the that page January 2018, thought I’d published it but needing to quote or link to it in May, 2019, discovered it was still in draft and so published it the next day.  At the bottom of the page I also showed proof (screenshots from blogger’s dashboard) it was written January, 2018.  under 6,000 words with many annotated or captioned images: DV LEAP’s New Website Still Derails OPEN (Uncensored) Discussion of The PROBLEM, Digging A Deeper Hole for Survivors of Abuse and Their Children (Started Jan. 27, 2018 | Publ. May 19, 2019). (shortlink to this PAGE ends “-8um”).  I stand by that title: this applies to the developments since.

Basically, I called DVLEAP out (as published) three years ago, but as I also must have been talking about (and for the same reasons), four or more years ago. Meanwhile NFVLC was started about the same time, sometime in 2019.  

While I am no “influencer,” my page identified many weaknesses (more than flaws) within DVLEAP’s self-presentation, its statement of “The Problem” and proposed “Solution” as well as for sending readers who happened by on some wild goose chases with its list of references.  At least one of the references is now (under a different entity name) at NSPC…. The same fallacies in logic (making leaps without connection), even more arrogance in claims, and (on closer look) constant self-promotions, characterize the NFVLC, under the same individual leader (Joan Meier), with decreased visibility in following the money behind it, which I just blogged April 1.


BEYOND THE WEBSITES AND SOCIAL MEDIA, no “IT” EXISTS, which complicates talking about “it.” (This takes several paragraphs to say; be patient please!)

I oppose both the overall game plan which is progressively being “unveiled” and the means to achieve it, as developed over the years, continue to show lack of upright character and basic personal ethics. Whoever is behind “NSPC” (1) chose misleading labels (the word “national” unless it really is, is offensive to the U.S. Constitution, with separation of powers between federal and state governments) names and (2) chose to operate as a non-entity when other, more accountable to the (tax-paying) public options existed.

In this fashion, and the predecessor nonprofits (where identifiable) show intent for a power grab .

The NSPC and NFVLCgwu power grab deliberately obstructs the public (who’s told to sign on and influence federal — and now, state — legislation) as directed and on the basis of NSPC claims about what VAWA Kayden’ Law will accomplish from seeing who the real drivers of this policy are AS registered business entities. Whoever these are, individually and as a whole (“coalition” or otherwise) we will be stuck with the results and very likely (in my opinion) not closer, but even further away, from solving the problems cited to justify the law.  The level of dishonesty here is extreme: never a good sign; always a red-flag.

(Same idea, written several days earlier):

Using the ACRONYM “NSPC” gives credence for existence I don’t think is deserved.  See (large) image below.

Saying “NSPC” without continual references to “non-entity” is going to be either really awkward, or send the wrong message (be really inaccurate), so I’m stating my disclaimer up front — I work too hard on this blog to insist we distinguish”presumed” entities from registered ones, as a standard,  to let this one slip by without comment!

“NSPC” communications constantly refer to “itself” as a singular thing (i.e., a “coalition”) to be joined, and collectively, as “us.”  Its (sic) messages referring to “itself” (which, given how many lawyers seem involved, I’m sure is no accident) leave open many ways to interpret is exact words.  Also, given how many lawyers and (clearly) some money involved — and this website representing a political action theme for passage of “Kayden’s Law in VAWA” — I also doubt that the vague points of reference throughout its communications (paired with social media accounts of similar names) is any coincidence. It’s strategy.

When I say “NSPC” I refer to the website “National Safe Parents Coalition” (website: NationalSafeParents.org, unleashed about (but not before) Feb. 2, 2022, per Archive.org [Internet Archive, “The Wayback Machine”]. …because, apart from the social media accounts and website (Twitters, Facebook, Instagram) that’s all the identification available other than hearsay from those running the sites on what, or even whom, exactly “NSPC” represents. It doesn’t seem to be a business entity, or if it is, not divulging exactly which one, where, and (if indeed  anywhere before Feb. 2, 2022) it produced or provided anything formal, written, for any legal jurisdiction in the USA.

At times I may refer to it as “non-entity NSPC,” something to keep in mind.  As such, “it’s” not an “it” in any organizational sense having meaning for doing business — or attempting to get laws written — in the USA.

Using the word “it” in reference to NSPC is offensive to the reality:  ownership or control of a website and a few social media accounts doesn’t bring corporate personhood out of no-where. Someone (person/s, human beings) or something (entity) controls what is put onto them, but without any further proof or evidence being coughed up, I don’t know who it is, so for public conversation purposes until further information is divulged and validated, the “who” is not “NSPC” so using that acronym will be either inaccurate — or awkward.

//LGH April 02, 2022 (about to publish…).

ARCHIVE.org screenshot showing NationalSafeParents.org “27 times” between Feb. 2 and March 7, 2022 (as of April 2). Specifics show these are not “Autobot” (web crawlers) but more intentional visits and snapshots taken for the record. See the fine print. More (maybe) on that later, or visit and search the url (website) at Archive.org for yourself…//LGH.


NSPC — ‘Coalition’ Meaning What? Rebranding the Same Themes with, Generally, the Same Entities While Channeling (vs. Exposing) AFCC Lingo and Ignoring USA’s ‘We Both Love and Hate Women’ Federal Funds? [Post begun Feb. 6, 2022]. (case-sensitive short-link ends “-dxg”).

Gradually breaking this post down into smaller pieces, on March 30, 2022, I posted the second half of the title (shaded like this, above) as: Is the USA Bipolar, Schizo, ADHD, Or Just Playing Us? | How Federal Gov’t both LOVEs and HATES Women [2,000 words evicted Mar.30, 2022] (short-link ends “-e4t”).

My long titles summarize what I have to say. This title has four basic parts, not necessarily in priority order. I left in the description but crossed out 4(b) below, having just explained it (again) the March 30 post.  Nearly two months of moving and re-allocating sections preceded publishing.

Meanwhile, the circumstances have changed, and the NSPC and its Washington, D.C. friend the still-new (under three years old, it seems) NFVLC have been busy almost non-stop on Twitter and promoting hand-picked groups and events to promote, some of which I also felt a need to respond to (on Twitter), and a few which may made footnotes here before I finally post. So this post may read a little “odd,” but I don’t retract anything I’ve said on it, either written Feb. 6, of as published, it now looks like it’ll be April 2…

“While here…” (briefly):

While here I should also call attention to a West-coast USA (southern California) similar, not identical university based “Center” (currently called “initiative”): https://www.endfamilyviolence.uci.edu (* In case it changes, the same home page in pdf format; it displays in single-column however: UCI Initiative to End Family Violence). Interesting, it doesn’t mention a start date or even year…

About this coincidence of one East-Coast, one West Coast with oh so much (like favorite advocates) in common,** if you think these two centers at law schools within universities aren’t related and mutually coordinated, you’re more foolish than I knew (or will be having seen the evidence and still failing to make and admit the connections).”  Speaking figuratively: not having seen it doesn’t make anyone foolish, just uninformed…***

(**I’m aware of the differences in purpose too, UCI isn’t trying to set appellate legal standards or train judges throughout the land about Kayden’s Law in VAWA, but judging by some of the conference activity, there are common interests.

(***One NSPC California member (several speakers) and NFVLC (two speakers identified as its leadership: Joan Meier and Danielle Pollack) were found conferencing there last November: EndFamilyVIolence.uci.edu | Nov 5,2021 one-day event (8CLE CalBar) Forward Together’ Multidisiplinary|ProtectingChildrenFromAbuse (See presenters…)~~2022.Feb.21 Mon (<~pdf format on this blog requires a second click to load).

That’s all I have to say on it here, but at least that much should be said in this context. Both centers claim a concern to stop family violence and help survivors, and both are run by “Clinical Law Professors” at well-known universities (UC Irvine is public, George Washington University, private), and both, being “centers” have hard-to-track financials within much larger entities (institutions). I do not know when the UC-Irvine center started, but the UC-Irvine School of Law only started about 2008.  

(1) “Coalition” meaning what? “National coalition” I’ve already posted/alleged is a pretense.  It’s posturing, so my question is why would those involved (setting up or joining said website) want to be called a “coalition” without bothering to form, say, a membership organization.

Could it be (and I say this having awareness of some of the members involved of similar habits) that a legitimate membership association as a registered nonprofit might be fact-checked for how “national” (or large) in scope it actually is, and who’s backing it as a deterrent to credibility in being grassroots or for that matter, having no ulterior motives?

(2) “the Same Entities The logos on NSPC (some are active business entities, or tradenames of one, some aren’t).

Entities can and should be scrutinized by type, size and dates of origins in such situations.

Some of these date back to the late 1990s/early 2000s and their campaigns have changed little over the years —  basically named by title parts (3) & (4)(a)&(b) below. While “trawling for trauma” (recently traumatized mothers are best, or their surviving relatives if someone got killed) and high-profile family court disaster or (better yet) murdered kids headlines to hitch the cause to, or get laws passed they can take credit for, building towards** — thus getting money for training and technical assistance in how to do this — all without dismantling the favorite “family court” turf or exposing its underpinnings.

(**As can be seen in recent week’s and even yesterday Feb. 9, 2022’s, triumphant publicity surrounding reauthorization of #VAWA with a “Safe Child” section appended).

(3) “Generally the same Themes (Pretty all much marching to the same drumbeat or these wouldn’t be coalescing to add their logos and opportunities to social-media support the combined cause).

That it’s generally the same themes can be seen on-line by those promoting it from outside it (I refer to in particular the “National Family Violence Law Center” (a rebranding of DVLEAP spearheaded by, so far, about two identifiable personalities) referring to their own past accomplishments, i.e., H.Con.Res.72 and so forth.

(4)(a) While Channeling (vs. Exposing) AFCC Lingo, and

(I should have added not so covertly, but it is covert: not on the surface level.  Just about halfway through the topsoil for anyone who looks closer at the component “members”).

(While this post was waiting in draft, I’ve published at least two in March clarifying what I mean: while it’s not the ONLY AFCC jargon involved here, I featured “High-Conflict on Steroids” and another, warning Moms to check the Family Court Reformists’ script).

(4)(b) [While] Ignoring USA’s ‘We Both Love and Hate Women’ Federal Funds?

(That section moved:  read it here: Is the USA Bipolar, Schizo, ADHD, Or Just Playing Us? | How Federal Gov’t both LOVEs and HATES Women [2,000 words evicted Mar.30, 2022]** short-link ends “”-e4t”)

I know many people don’t get all the way through my posts.  That’s one reason for the long titles; understand the basic (alleged) points in the title to know what I’ll be writing about below, but — and I’ll bet more than you imagine even if you’ve been watching several of these organizations over the years as a survivor mother, or father  — not the extent or significance of the details.

I hope this may inspire more people to undertake similar lookups more consistently and take notes, remember the gist of what they find in objective, specific terms unearthed by corporate or tax-filings, geography, years begun, and some other specifics including which universities put up and put out this kind of (word deleted), calling it “research” and keeping their professors on salary because it’s good publicity for the university to be found talking and therefore allegedly caring about such things as “Safe Children” and family courts with chronic roadkill no matter how many band-aids are applied over the years.


Parts of this post are more expressive than expository, but if published — after all I could’ve just not published such sections — I use that tone deliberately to counter the appearance of consent and congratulation. My “expressive” comes from prior investigation and as a response to findings, will contain references to them, and whatever the tone, the purpose remains exposing with an appropriate expressive response to the situations.

When it comes to standard practice in “Family Court Reform,” I do not “go with the flow” (that is, the propaganda; we have been herded, steered, encouraged, recruited-solicited to cooperate, to “JOIN THE MOVEMENT”…) of many people in my “class,”**

**meaning those who had to run the family court gauntlet after domestic violence (with children); whose warnings about threats to harm by our (men) were ignored, and who’ve suffered unreasonably for years afterwards because of this dilemma:  Family Courts don’t respond to domestic violence OR child abuse matters when warned of them, generally, from mothers, I SAY, in large part because we are still in “responsible fatherhood” policy mode (USA), system-wide — that includes within and around the “domestic violence prevention” fields  (and because actually settling high-conflict cases — or stopping domestic violence — would curtail funding streams for  so many).

So, do not discard my content just because the expression may offend or inspire negative emotions. That may have been deliberate; to provoke, to make (you) think.

Regarding National Safe Parents Coalition (sic) and its partner in propaganda, George Washington University Law School backing Joan Meier, et. al. in supporting a sponsored “center” called National Family Law Violence Center”

(Two more screenshots below from the same UNdated (which is unprofessional) message; I think I also posted these in my April 1, 2022, post).

Next very long link is the pdf available here (also likely still available on-line). It takes two clicks to get to the pdf (click, wait, click on blank page icon) ‘Joan Meier & [law.GWU.edu] Announce New [NFVLC] (MyEmail.ConstantContact.com, 100% undated but must be 2019? with 2020 update)’~~LGH found 2022.Mar.29 Tues

First page of the pdf begins, predictably, “Dear Friends,”

Dear friends,

As I write this, our nation is in turmoil –and perhaps at a turning point–over racial injustice and police brutality, on top of the racial and other injustices accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like so many, I have felt outrage, disgust, and horror at the murders of so many unarmed black individuals by police and other individuals. And like many other white individuals and organizations, I have a new, more bedrock sense of the urgency of–and commitment to–helping to reduce the suffering of black people in this country.

A fair question — is NFVLC a white organization? Is it also an upper-middle class organization? — Oh, I forgot — it’s not an organization at all.

Next, referring to her “domestic violence work” which means, primarily as supported for (how long?) at George Washington University, and with DVLEAP housed there (a small nonprofit) and all the privileges thereunto (including dissemination through publication), it’s fair to say that DV LEAP, as a member of standard-practice statewide Coalitions Against Domestic Violence (and a member — the website still shows it  — of District of Columbia’s CADV), are its hands also tied in referencing specific relevant issues impacting the family courts (like, federal funding to incentivize states to increase noncustodial (father) contact, and setting up fields of practice to sustain this, closely associated with specific networked nonprofits known to feature family (and some, juvenile) court judges as members?

While my domestic violence work is not directly focused on racial injustice, the issue intersects with domestic violence in numerous ways. For instance, the significant increases in domestic violence resulting from the pandemic are especially burdensome to people of color. Middle and upper-middle class individuals, among whom people of color are underrepresented, have far greater access to representation in custody or domestic violence litigation than those with fewer financial and social resources. And it has been my personal experience that “white privilege” can be seen in some civil and family courts’ responses to abuse–i.e., when an alleged abuser is white and middle/upper-middle class, such courts may resist holding him accountable more than when the alleged abuser is black.

As the National Family Violence Law Center (NFVLC) goes forward, we commit to keeping a close eye on matters of racial injustice in both our workplace and our work in the world. And now, please read on, to learn about this exciting new endeavor.

The interjection is referring to DV LEAP as a CADV entity and Joan Meier as part of, aligned with, and possibly also subject to it:

(IF DV LEAP, whose purpose isn’t standard state-wide “CADV” purpose, wants to maintain that connection and public credibility as concerned about domestic violence and a resource for DV professionals  — but in this specific niche, “family courts” and “family law”:  I summarized this in revisions to my March 1, post “High-Conflict on Steroids,” (short-link ends “-dEA”) which also holds a detailed drill-down on NSPC; the title was drawn from one of its members’ business model) , or a shorter summary in March 28 one, (1) Four Reasons Why I Wrote “High-Conflict on Steroids,” my March 1 post, Now and (2) Intro to my March 26 Revisions of the Same [Publ. Mar. 28, 2022]. (short-link here ends “-e1z”).


I do NOT support this “national ” “safe parents” “coalition” (/nationalsafeparents.org) or applaud its efforts. It does NOT represent my best interests or, I believe, at-risk children’s, or theiur mothers, or the public.

It is in no documentable way representative of those it most claims concern about, but instead simply continues the mutual safe-guarding of what has been professionally and (so it seems) financially profitable and workable lifestyles for those in the Family Court Reform business. I’ve been forced (by a functioning conscience) year after year to document what many of the same organizations have been saying, doing, and the most probably reasons why they are doing it.  This included making unproven assumptions, selling phrases which have built-in inane claims (easily taken down; this habit sets others — not themselves; they have employment, places to live and work, and evidently, ongoing income), like “58,000 children a year” or protesting children at risk being sent into “UNsupervised visitation” with known abusers, leaving the remedy of “supervised visitation” intact and unconfronted, either for its outcomes or for its facilitation of fraud, although both fraud (embezzlement, double-billings) and even murders have occurred around and at times IN supervised visitation.

And that’s just two examples of inane, unsupported policy claims taken to Congress and at times even passed by Congress, from these individuals.

That kids continue to be killed as facilitated in that venue, in the USA and other countries, in getting “VAWA Kayden’s Law” (USA) passed, is essentially collateral damage; it seems basic to the associated business plans.

Without such high-profile reporting, who’d pay attention?  How would the media quotes of the closest local experts (organized by function nationally and by association with those organizations, for the power players in the NSPC, as I’ve seen it so far (it may have changed again while I was writing this post) be obtained, which can then be pointed to repeatedly as evidence of somehow expertise and exposure of the problems with the family courts, or domestic violence advocacy.

If (I’ll say, when) I line up individually all 15 (currently) of the advertised NSPC “members” (those who consented to display their logos)  and show which ones have financial profiles accessible through the IRS and/or a secretary of state (corporate) filing somewhere in the USA, you’ll understand HOW inappropriate are the claims and how inappropriate is our  — any “lay” public, whether survivors of friends and relatives of them — continuing to just stand by silent while others (including Congress and/or state legislatures) continue handing over decision-making power to these social/political climbers.  

What’s more, despite the word “national,” not all NSPC “members” are USA-specific.  I don’t think most people are aware of just how hard the push is to important standardize Commonwealth country values, standards, and even laws specific to the family courts to the USA.  (I use the word “members” in quotes because typically membership organizations are written own somewhere, and if tax-exempt, registered somewhere — if legally so. Maybe there ‘s some ‘members-only-access” list of principles and articles of association, but I’m not about to try to join to find out.  I’d be found out in a flash also, based on this website; I’m not that good an actor to play that dumb…

Based on what I know, I believe it probable that the family court concepts and where established in USA divisions, are themselves imports from countries with: (1) national health plans and (2) countries who’ve signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Children (impacting parental contact), AND, (3) some of them, with a national and demonstrably “patriarchal” religion — and overt (versus covert) caste systems, identifiable by titles and built into society.  With deep appreciation and major respect for the history of such countries, their arts, literature, architecture and customs (and heroic martyrs who stood up to kings and translated the Bible into common language; one of my personal heroes for many years has been William Tyndale) I still live here and it’s “No thank you!” on my part, and should also be on anyone sworn to uphold our Constitution.

THIS SECTION (which I considered removing, and may, later) WAS IN MY EARLIEST DRAFTS OF THIS POST, AS DESCRIBING THE SITUATION INVOLVING NSPC AND “MEMBERS” + NFVLC (and predecessor DVLEAP, also part of the Domestic Violence State Coalitions Against Domestic Violence (“CADVs”) for, obviously the District of Columbia (GWU.edu is in D.C.).

It’s rarely a linear relationship; many overlaps, and as usual, a history or chronology of some of the leading relationships in any cause can usually be identified.  THIS SECTION gives another example of it which I’d previously blogged.

It’s here to help communicate the concept… Not because I’m trying to connect the reauthorization of VAWA with its topic.  However, you should be aware that The Frameworks Institute (described here) is well-connected and is consulted by “influencers.”  //LGH April 4, 2022.


Relevance of “Relationships within Relationships”

as leverage to strategize how to influence public policy & ongoing funding:

This section is here to re-teach, from a single example, the concept of “relationships within relationships” key to understanding the current developments (NSPC) and understanding messaging directed to exert influence leading to access to continued (public) financing.  Of course the example will have details — look at the concept!  But my point is, how complex that can get, and that such set-ups and arrangements are typical of how this world works, and the economy operates — therefore oversimplifications should be avoided and not swallowed wholesale.  

My June 2019, example (where I used that phrase) also features an influencer I think people should be aware of, this time, collaborating with a certain center within Harvard:  The Frameworks Institute and its founder (Susan Nall Bales); the types of connections she came in with (a Middlebury College masters indicates “just a few” privileges; prior work with The Benton Foundation, leadership ability and connections; taken together, “where public opinion monitoring meets how to frame a conversation to best guarantee the continued funding.”  Guess where “CHILDREN” in almost any form or name, comes into that mix?).  

“National Violence Prevention Collaborative” makes honorable mention, not first place… The public is more interested, it seems, in things to protect children than their parents as a way to protect the children.  

Flat, visual website lists of almost anything (Members, Partners, Funders, Sponsors, Collaborators) including for the NSPC) don’t tell all, or nearly enough; that this “not nearly enough” is so common, so standard, tells us how low the value of giving the public “enough” is on the policy spectrum.  

In our government and corporate economic system relationships networked horizontally and vertically when it comes to the nonprofits and interacting at all different levels (certainly, within the DVPrevention fields) with government resources.  There are always many labels and names in any bio blurb and in most policy or campaign statements — but categorization of WHAT those names represent is (too often) missing.  The more we understand the categories (starting with “entity or not?  Within government or private entity if not, and be aware of “centers within universities^^ as both attracting money (public and private) but also driving businesses based on its models.

[^^A separate topic; I’ve got pages and posts on it…]. In NSPC, we see a nearby (policywise — I have no idea where NSPC is geographically, because that’s been deliberately withheld from its website…) center within a university (NFVLC) just starting out; a good chance to see how this works…

Both funds and types or names of the entities receiving and disbursing them are typically always in states of constant flux, with some funding streams a little more reliable than others; single snapshots or even “flow-charts” are never enough or thorough, but enough of them over time build a sense of what’s going on based on at least those snapshots — which is what I’m after for the public to acquire and to discuss — in language appropriate to show flow of funds and resources.

I will be looking at “relationships within relationships” in this and any future posts on the NSPC/NFVLC legislative campaigns and the propaganda to go with them. It’d certainly help my writing to become aware of others who not only do this, but also talk about it in those terms — not just individual people’s or groups’ names, but (using those as signposts) to better describe the overview.

Searching that phrase on this post (I know I’d used it before), I found my June 26, 2019, post (short-link ends “-9ZS”) with several, clear, colorfully-backlit appeals to the public (all of us) to make up our minds what vague terminology means and to handle it when it shows up especially on such important causes.(in that post) I was looking at the Harvard Center on the Developing Child (“DevelopingChild. Harvard.edu“) and discovered significant funds which went “M.I.A.”/missing-in-action from one of its reported backers (from Nebraska, associated with Warren Buffet).

On that post, the involvement of Susan Nall Bales** “The Frameworks Institute” with the Harvard Center shows how these things do, indeed, get “framed” to run the money beyond where it can be tracked.  (**Google search, but see that post for more.  From one search result / example (I posted the image June 26, 2019), the url reads “ClintonWhiteHouse4.Archives.gov” and is from “The Briefing Room” “White House Conference on Teenagers.”  Please note where “The Frameworks Institute” was previously (at this time, presumably 1992-2000, right?…CLINTON White House.. 

Conference Speaker Biography

Susan Nall Bales
President FrameWorks Institute

Susan Nall Bales is president of the FrameWorks Institute, a project of the College University Resource Institute in Washington, D.C., which conducts communications research on social issues. Current projects involve interdisciplinary teams of scholars working on public perceptions and media portrayals of adolescence, global issues, violence prevention, gender equity and other children’s issues. This work is supported in part by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Caroline and Sigmund Schott Foundation, the Aspen Institute and the W.T. Grant Foundation.

Who is (or was) “College University Resource Institute” in Washington, D.C.?  If it’s not around under that name now, yet another look-up project, but my point is here, money flows often FROM nonprofits (those big foundations named above) TO nonprofits, and sometimes those nonprofits’ projects are spun off and form their own entities (get their own EIN#s and associated, presumably, bank accounts)…  EVERY name mentioned in a bio (next here:  “Coalition for America’s Children” — no link, no “inc.,” and so far we don’t know who it is, or who is or was in it, or who funding it.  The National Funding Collaborative for Violence Prevention, I did find; but then what about/who is “the Advocacy Institute? or the “Society for Research on Adolescence?

Ms. Bales is a founder of the Coalition for America’s Children and helped create the “Who’s for Kids and Who’s Just Kidding?” campaign. She serves on the board of the National Funding Collaborative for Violence Prevention, is a fellow of the Advocacy Institute, and is a member of the Adolescence 21st Century Study Group of the Society for Research on Adolescence.

For six years, she served as director of Strategic Communications and Children’s Issues at the Benton Foundation, where she was the founding editor of www.connectforkids.org, an award-winning website on children’s policy issues. She is editor of Effective Language for Discussing Early Childhood Education and Policy (1998) and Effective Language for Communicating Children’s Issues (1999). Ms. Bales received her M.A. degree from Middlebury College and B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Conference Speakers list (from the 1990s (sometime) White House Conference is long, and alpha by last name (and so NOT by category of affiliation).  All kinds of participants, but these two you might recognize, and if not, should; certainly the first person (ever heard of Harlem Children’s Zone?  It started as Rheedlen Centers for Children & Families…); and “National Center for Fathering is still around…

Geoffrey Canada, Rheedlen Centers for Children & Families

Ken R. Canfield, National Center for Fathering

(Regarding Susan Nall Bales “conference speaker biography” from above, still making my point about “Relationships within Relationships” here):

More is known (see my post for SOME more..) about the Benton Foundation and who started it, runs it now (as well as the bigger ones above still around:  Annie E. Casey, Wm. T. Grant, the Aspen Institute, and I’ve blogged on Caroline and Sigmund Schott Foundation (ties into communications businesses; my blogging context was nonprofits intent to reforming public education; Caroline and Sigmund Schott heirs came up (Blog-search CMP Media or just “Schott”), and from even this summary, you can get an idea of Susan Nall Bales career emphases (as well as her ability to get into and a Masters degree (it doesn’t say “in what”) from an elite East-coast college.  Middlebury.edu, Middlebury.edu/about, Middlebury.edu/about/facts; Middlebury history (unlike other elite, East-Coast, similar colleges) went co-ed in the 1880s… Faculty ratio 8:1, average class size: 16; and it’s in Vermont with an international focus.  …. Do you think its graduates would be of the “oh well, I’ll just go get a job, marry, buy a house, raise a family” mindset?  I’m thinking, probably not.

So, regarding “on that post, the involvement of Susan Nall Bales** “The Frameworks Institute” with the Harvard Center shows how these things do, indeed, get “framed” to run the money beyond where it can be tracked….,” Sound accidental, even in this domestic violence prevention field?  I don’t think so.

Here’s a quote from that post, Mix’ n Match Misleading Terms: QIC, Coordinating Councils, Collaboratives and Commissions | Which Organizations Use Them | Which Parts of Government Control and/or Fund Them…(June 16, 2019) (Short-link ending “-9ZS.”  About 15,000 words

The immediate context involved who and what was in a “National Funding Collaborative on Violence Prevention, “which later became (inc. 1995) “InstituteforCommunityPeace.org,” a traceable nonprofit (now quite small. I think the website is gone, but not the nonprofit with an associated EIN#)..


Back to the ICP (Institute for Community Peace, formerly National Funding Collaborative on Violence Prevention)

One page also references and contains a youtube on {{that link now broken}} Frameworks Institute. I found the Institute for Community Peace’s (“ICP”) EIN#521943852 and see that the organization is barely still holding on ($407K?) contributions only for 2016, only two employees, basically Linda Bowen, and a disclaimer that she is related to two of the board members. It is being artificially propped up after dwindling support since 2012).

Likewise, now Linda Bowen is among Framework Institute’s listed Fellows (<Links to Staff and Fellows) now, and the bio blurb mentions that before working for ICP, she was ACYF (special assistant to the commissioner) at HHS during the Clinton Admin, which is to say, probably during Welfare Reform years and assistant dean at University of Chicago’s SSA.  I’d call that prestigious, yet it does seem the ICP has just faded out, almost….

(etc. For more, see that post).



[[SECTION on CHILD JUSTICE, INC. written here by February 9 but off-ramped March 30, 2022. I wrote it as soon as I noticed its logo added to the NSPC website (twelfth or thirteenth logo). This link will work only once it’s published. As moved, about 3,000 words.

It’s significant in the mix both historically and (not in a good way) epitomizing how to NOT help mothers in the family courts even after, being referred there under “resources,” they cough up their case information to near-strangers, who then “can’t be found for dust.”  A prior version of this nonprofit involving also (Ms. King), still exists separately, was, as I understand it, “Justice for Children.”

The name change/ new nonprofit ((Child Justice, Inc., based in D.C.) preceded by just a few months a  first-time D.C.-hosted (probably by DV LEAP and Joan Meier as I recall) Battered Mothers Custody Conference (a mini-conference) the following May, 2013 (timed for “Mothers Day.”).  Normally the conference was held in New York state.]]  SECTION MOVED TO:

Child Justice, Inc., First Star, Inc., and the Tennessee Valley Authority — All in the Family? (Eileen King, Sherry Quirk) (Child Advocacy + Energy Law). [Written Feb. 9, Here, Mar. 30, 2022].
(short-link ends “-e4O” –> final character is capital “O” as in Ohio).Moving on…

From the tax returns I saw, Child Justice, Inc.’s main revenues are government grants.  I’d be curious which ones.



In the USA, the word “National” is meaningless absent the entity or non-entity context.It is a word that can be used by almost anyone to name almost anything (small or large) so long as it’s not in use simultaneously by someone else in the jurisdiction where one has decided to file (if it’s an entity).  If no entity is involved, then, “hey, whatever” applies.  Our federal government likes to use the word also in some of its programming, which can be even more confusing.In the NSPC, we have being promoted heavily (at least on Twitter) by the NFVLC (neither seems to be a registered entity, yet) we have two examples of exactly this tactic.  The word “National” lends more respect in some circles (including in countries less aware that the USA doesn’t have “legal domicile “National”) and in people who are easily impressed by impressive-sounding titles.  Which, generally, we shouldn’t be.

How can any”thing” which isn’t even a thing  — doesn’t exist as an entity — be “national“?

The purpose of naming is point of reference.  Yet what do either of these really point to? One, a website, the other, an accounting entity on a prosperous private university’s comptroller’s system. In both cases, it’s self-aggrandizement absent the proof of existence which means absent proof, and used for persuasion.

That so many consent to this in so many forms is a symptom of how dissociative we are.

In consuming information, or even, like COVID-19, passing information on unawares, you should, I should, and we all should make an effort to vet (check out) that information first.  When it comes to traumatized survivors of family abuse, especially any parents who’ve just lost contact with, or even worse, lost because they were killed or died needlessly, there’s a tendency (and I’ve noticed, especially among those with advanced degrees) to be subject to suggestion and demand system change without first taking a close look at the system — so long as the outcry will get press coverage and make one feel better about such loss.

This should stop — those parents will both be exploited and, basically, abused by others — and in turn, exploit others through their uncritical clamoring to be heard, without stopping to listen.

Identify the speaking entities and, typically, also financing sources where possible.  Look for clues of honesty or dishonesty, transparency or coverups.  This is far more objective and much less prone to generating (and then communicating) logical leaps and fallacies, i.e., assuming cause-effect relationship exist with NO proof they do,  approach to new and existing information.

My case goes back twenty years now, and my exposure to some of the entities referenced in the NSPC about as long.  Their refusal to report openly and honestly what they already knew impacted my family law case and my chances of protecting my own children, and there’s been no character change since among the same.  Kids are still getting killed, and the same entities are still claiming they care and want the carnage to stop, but without letting go of the precious truths being withheld from open debate or discussion.  These truths any reasonable person can see would undermine the desired outcomes:  Kayden’s Law in VAWA or (as to Canadian parallel) Keira’s Law, and so forth, and more “Jennifer’s Laws (re” Coercive Control”) stateside.

And more specialized training on the use of parental alienation and how judges can recognize abusers.  “GIVE ME A BREAK! …SERIOUSLY??

I’m restating a larger context (referenced in the post title) before addressing this new NCSP website, or its reported coalition members and states, or even its demand to add legislation to an existing Violence Against Women Act, and urgent requests (I got a few recently) to NOT mention an “AFCC” connection to at least one of the murdered children (the one in Canada, coordinated in campaigns, so it seems, with one in the USA), especially not just now while this campaign is so public.  My mention was innocent, relevant, and on a Twitter account with next to no followers — yet apparently bringing up AFCC would “mess up” the day.  I did not delete the Tweet.  Today  February 9 is only the third day since I began this post.  I had no idea how well-timed it would be to a press conference on the participants (NSPC’s “coalition members) with some Senators on this matter.

Explaining the last part of my post title: reminders for some, news for others. Also see (I published it later):

Is the USA Bipolar, Schizo, ADHD, Or Just Playing Us? | How Federal Gov’t both LOVEs and HATES Women [2,000 words evicted Mar.30, 2022]** short-link ends “”-e4t” 


What motivated this post was to publish a major alert to the agenda here, and show some of the NSPC Member contents and characteristics

Alternate title here might be: New in 2022 but Same Old Practices and, generally, “Not Broken, Just Flawed — Keep Kids Safe IN Family Courts” Nonprofits, etc.

On this post, I have studied only up to a certain point (more than I bet most viewers of it have), the same way I tend to study most websites — looking for the entities as corporations and seeking to find what legal domicile within this country each represents, that is, where I don’t already know.  What I know so far, I’m confident of.  The situation is also evolving rapidly day by day so I decided to just post.  While I was attempting to handle the magnitude of this movement, writing directly into the body of this post, I also continually had to move material off-site.

SOME of that material has been published (see my “recent posts” section near the top listing nine posts so far, between Feb. 6 and April 4, today).  Detailed summary of NSPC logos referencing “Murdered kids” are covered at the bottom of this post, published almost one month later.  The post’s title references another one (or two) of the logos shown within NSPC, and basically proves that this specific entity being so closely linked also to the NFVLC website (under “testimonials”) it’s fair enough to say, NFVLC (and NSPC) are in effect still pushing AFCC policy; they are certainly pushing its jargon, and using its business models, and exhibiting (as to “One Mom’s Battle”) several of its noncompliant (with state laws) and misleading/devious entity filing habits…which this post lays out.

It also provides a link to the California Business Entity search site (so people could repeat the searches I did).  MEANWHILE, just yesterday, I see that site is down until April 7 and will come up in (probably) a drastically different format; system transition in place. So I look forward to seeing what we can still, or can no longer, learn from the new, improved version at the Secretary of State…(comment 4/4/2022).

For the first month, I was actively reading (diligently), commenting also on Twitter regarding this and related situations, and handling some of my own personal business, as well as networking (talking by phone to specific mothers I trusted or was getting to know from their interest in what I was saying; each has a separate horror ongoing drama and saga; but I don’t maintain much contact with anyone who shows no inclination to follow the funding or understand basic corporate networking.  These women have shown they do.

Now that not only February, but also March — ALL of it — has passed, I’m going to “jump ship” on this one, omit some interesting connections I’d foot-noted (regarding what these two non-entities are promoting, along with others), and post it.//LGH April 4, 2022.

Even without this, I’d still sound an alert on both the NSPC and who’s so eagerly promoting it, i.e., the NFVLC and associates, especially from among the listed “coalition” members, and from countries outside the US, although both the website and the promoter at George Washington University, clearly call themselves “National,” which topic I’ve had to address repeatedly on this blog, and just did, again January 30 and 31, 2022.

Another nonprofit association (Child Justice, Inc., not shown on the image below) joined by the time I drafted this much, and more may join before I publish it.  So what? I’ll still tell you what could’ve been found out about the collective group (“coalition”) and about the individual members shown, so far, for people who pay attention to the entities as entities, the tax-exempts as tax-exempts, and the federal funding to the same intended to impact these fields.

NationalSafeParents.org (two more logos added: Child Justice Inc and #EIGE (United Nations-related).  Why are some logos presented visible, and others barely so (size)? ~~ viewed 2022.Feb.04 Fri


NationalSafeParents.org viewed 2022.Feb.04 From Archive.org (The clutter at top of image is my browser tabs and url (in top window) from the WayBack Machine.  This image is also a screenshot (specific to Feb. 4) from the WayBack Machine, not straight from the web). NB, The wording ‘private custody decision-making’ is more geared to international (not USA) viewers. The claim to be a coalition of about 100,000 is not supported whatsoever; typical… POSSIBLY it refers to those served via the USA domestic violence coalitions and special issue resource centers (DVRN), but your guess is as good as why NSPC feels posting unsupported numbers is acceptable.Either way, see the size of US population (or any medium-sized city in it) and figure how NON-representative that is…

This should not slip by un-monitored, un-investigated and mis-understood, and the ripple effect of the rebranded, continuation coverups by those promoting and those listed as “coalition members” of the same.

Even the briefest drill-downs on the original few (I may have saved an earlier screenshot, we’ll see) would show this is NOT what it claims to be… Dishonest and profiteering then, dishonest and profiteering now.  It seems to be an extension of an international family court CULT group of associations, who’ve mutually agreed it’s OK to let some help themselves to another piece of the “Train the Trainers Training the Judges and Custody Evaluators” public-funded pie.  After all, there seems enough to spare, so long as the public never figures out it’s getting a little late to start connecting the (economic) dots between their taxation and public/private entities and non-entities within entities working the “coordinated community response” to domestic violence promoted starting about 1980 (Ellen Pence and Michael Paymar, DAIP, “TheDuluthModel”), and with children STILL getting murdered, facilitated by family courts (globally, and in the USA)…




NSPC National Safe Parents Coalition is a website: http://nationalsafeparentscoalition.org continues to promote an agenda: getting certain laws passed, using certain language favorable to the “protective mothers, reform the family courts, focus on the abusers — not us.”

The word “coalition” has a specific point of reference (known associations) in the domestic violence prevention field in the USA:

Federal funding is organized to go to designated statewide “coalitions against domestic violence” and (up until recently), even the funding streams were designated similarly:  “SDVC” (grants to State Domestic Violence Coalitions).

As I’ve blogged often enough!  You can also look this up at TAGGS.HHS.gov (search “Coalition against domestic violence” in the recipient field, pick a few (not too many!) fields, but award# and Award Title to display in the report, and see how many are named after states.

Or, read my “Consolidated Control of DV Advocacy” Page to get to the legal references (or find them separately) describing the authorized funding for such statewide leadership in the field. Or the post announcing that page.

NSPC is worded to sound far more representative than it is. Because of who’s in it and who’s promoting it, I’m calling “Buyer Beware” on this one.

This post has exhibits (annotated images) and links, but my narrative describes the context.

What the website refers to isn’t obvious at first glance (unless you take public messaging at face value, starting with the word “We” and featuring who we are and what we are doing).

What it’s not: It’s not described as a legal entity (the word “coalition” isn’t a designation in the US business or tax system), tax-exempt membership association or anything so far for which finances might be tracked, if and when they might involve public funds.

Some of the logos shown (as “members” of the coalition) are nonprofits and at least one does take (principally, according to its tax returns) government grants.

A few of them feature and declare their passion for protecting children from abuse IN the family courts but show abysmal failures to do so after nearly two decades of attention, efforts, periodic media coverage, and even support from known domestic violence organizations and some family law specialists in the field across the USA.

None of them take any responsibility for “just perhaps” being off-base, or for any of the murdered children which so help advertise the cause. At least a few others (referring to the logos shown on the website, as of this edit of this post) are simply selling their own high-priced “high-conflict” divorce or custody coaching, or certification in the same — right alongside known AFCC members.  Utterly shameless — and using the word “Moms” in the logos, too.

NFVLC National Family Violence Law Center referenced here because the term is as misleading as the one above (see my last two posts) and because it (so to speak — if it’s not an entity, it’s not an “it”) or whoever’s running it (apparently at this point, Joan Meier, and/or Danielle Pollack) continues to tweet promotions of NSPC.

I decided this time, to post on NSPC just now manifesting itself.  The relationships, I see, have been going on for years already in some cases, but the impression is being built that it’s a “movement gaining momentum” and somehow representative of individuals in the plight it describes — and with pre-defined remedy (pass a certain law) we are supposed to support — “after all, look who else is!”

Some of my asides (paragraphs with other points of reference) won’t make sense unless you follow through.  I’ve included them for people who might just do so and “get” why I’m putting this situation on “red-flag” alert for people who actually care about the situations this website, calling itself (or, representing) some “coalition” claims to care about.

My experience as a decades-long witness (investigative blogger and aware of several of the promoting entities and their agenda, long-term, and I speak as a domestic violence survivor and a family of four (one batterer, one battered wife/mother and two children, now long adult (and basically estranged through family court-facilitated child-stealing LONG ago) says, they don’t.  They are not self-deluding but consciously playing for the wrong team, in the name of the right team.

And it looks like over the years, those who compromise on truth, principle and things of major importance to operating ethically AND legally according to the standards in this country (the USA), are the most rewarded by (I call it) “this crowd” and those who simply won’t, are cast aside, ignored, and not even deemed worthy to argue with.

Feedback on this post (or co-workers to continue looking up entities as they join: find legal domicile, corporate filings (if any), tax-exempt status (if current or IRS-revoked, which so far, one has been), and key power-players in the mix.  This post will show several of them.

The promoting non-entity NFVLC at George Washington University (Law.GWU.edu/national-family-violence-law-center/) also should be formally called- out for this travesty over the years, especially as I just found its founding director conferencing up in (Ottawa, Canada), hawking the same theme, alongside two other US personalities from the DV and FR (Fathers’ Rights, so-called woman-friendly men:  friendly so long as we all do it “our” way — batterers intervention, engage men and boys, perp-outreach and father-involvement guys who also publish, like to reference each other, and sometimes share trainings, too).

One non-profit (or website featuring other nonprofits) and its publicity stunts at a time here, though.

Of course I’ve noticed a brand-new website being regularly publicized by a non-entity within George Washington University (National Family Violence Law Center, a.k.a., essentially, Joan Meier, formerly associated with DVLEAP (Domestic Violence Legal Education and Appeals Project), and itself a member of the District of Columbia “Coalition Against Domestic Violence,” i.e., with others, in a specific membership class.

That website, which I mentioned it on my last post in an inset, sprang up fully-formed (although new “members” of the so-called “coalition” are being welcomed regularly:

Regarding NFVLC, I’ll say it here, but am not proving it here.  Look for yourself.  it’s on Twitter, which no doubt also has a link to the website.

Donations to this NFVLC are, to date, actually direct donations to George Washington University in Washington, D.C., itself (or, its foundation), in the sense that (I haven’t posted it yet, except on Twitter), donations to the so-called “Center on Children and the Law” at the American Bar Association is in fact a donation to the ABA’s “Fund for Justice and Education..”  [See “PubKnow” Note, and/or, on Twitter, use hashtag #PubKnow].

I tried to revisit DCCRA.gov (to see whether NFVLC has yet filed any dba or as an entity) but the site has become impenetrable. I imagine its finances are buried somewhere within the financial operations of the university, i.e., where the average person couldn’t shine much sunlight without too much effort. The change of position is probably deliberate to sound national without being so, while obscuring exactly who (besides any named individuals, who would also be employees or contractors for the university or any related supporting foundation itself).

This note may seem like a real “aside” until you read the rest of this post, but it takes a while to lay out the parts and how they fit together..  What was a red flag to me (and others) in that situation, the red flag regarding NSPC website (which so-called NFVLC at GWU is regularly promoting) looked and felt just as wrong, odd, and completely out-of-place.

“PubKnow” Note” (incidental):

Recently, by just following the tax returns of the latter (ABA/FJE) and its largest grant, I discovered an Oregon?-based Public Knowledge, LLC which was itself a merger of three entities, ONE of which had done a 2016 audit (investigation) of New Hampshire Department of Child, Youth and Family Services (DCYF).  Public Knowledge (PubKnow.com) was then in about 2020 bought by another entity which in effect is an international casino/gambling/LOTTERY certification company: see “GamingLabs.com”   This seems to have shocked others who were into the New Hampshire situation quickly connected this to the leadership of the New Hampshire State Lottery (part of government — I saw its “CAFR” in the process), and are preparing a multi-episode YouTube series on the same. Using hashtag #PubKnow should call up the threads on Twitter.

Out of curiosity, the other day, I went to Archive.org (that’s the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine) to see whether this ready-made, possibly turn-key website with white print on a black background TELLING people what to tell their legislators and being copied to senators in (as I recall) California and (Murkowski) re: Kayden’s Law, #VAWA, etc., had been around for a while, and I’d just not noticed it.  Nope — quite recent.

This is classic “California Protective Parents Association” behavior in its newsletter and communications, among others.

What I saw on that Wayback Machine was shocking enough I’m taking time out to Show and Tell (having looked first) on each logo, and, although the newly added (at that time) “Child Justice, Inc.” (Eileen King) was anything but new to me, or this field, I went back and reviewed its tax returns.

At least two others represent individuals who’ve taken websites and/or entity names and are selling alongside — obviously — the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, specifically Bill Eddy, specifically featuring “High-Conflict” phrasing.  “FYI,” that’s AFCC jargon; popularizing it without pointing this out, is helping its cause.

A third logo, calling itself a “movement” (whatever that is), is, in fact, a combo of two others featured.

More to Come.  Sorry about the abrupt ending this time…//LGH April 04, 2022.

To go back to the top of this post, click on the title: NSPC — ‘Coalition’ Meaning What? Rebranding the Same Themes with, Generally, the Same Entities While Channeling (vs. Exposing) AFCC Lingo and Ignoring USA’s ‘We Both Love and Hate Women’ Federal Funds? [Post begun Feb. 6, 2022]. (case-sensitive short-link ends “-dxg”).

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