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“NPEIV envisions a world free of all forms of interpersonal violence.” Hmm… Let’s Look Into That… [March 3, 2022].

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NPEIV stands for “National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan.

NPEIV = IVAT = FVSAI, Inc. at Alliant International University (basically), ℅ Robert Geffner, Ph.D.

If you search IVAT on this blog, you’ll find plenty, because so many “FamilyCourtReformists” (my new term) have been involved over time.

NPEIV claims IVAT (Institute on Violence Abuse and Trauma), a dba of FVSAI (Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute), an IRS Tax-exempt 501©3 corporation legal domicile Texas but “entity address San Diego, California, as its (NPEIV’s) fiscal agent, according to NPEIV.org, if you squint, and know to look at the Donate” pages in hope to find whether a website reflects an  entity or not, and if so, which one.

(per the IRS): Family Violence And Sexual Assault Institute *
EIN: 75-2401334 | San Diego, California

FVSAI stated tax-exempt purpose, as of FY2019 tax return:

Addresses the need for an international training, resources, and professional service center that focuses directly and specifically on the issues of family violence, sexual assault and child maltreatment issues.

Hmm…  Should such a center responsibly identify itself, post audited financial statements, and be held to some standards of honesty and transparency to the public of the country where it operates?

[*Link to its latest IRS return, which reads “website “N/A” and “Legal Domicile: CA” (both seem to be false, according to California records and the existence of websites for both its dba IVAT and for NPEIV..  Makes you wonder what else might be falsely reported…] A few observations on the tax return at bottom of this post Only relevant to people who have some basis of comparison, i.e., may be reading other tax returns also… Although we all ought to especially for organizations claiming national and international influence on how people in authority respond to such topics.  ..]

This Post Is:

“NPEIV envisions a world free of all forms of interpersonal violence.” Hmm… Let’s Look Into That… [March 3, 2022].. (short-link ends “-dNd)

I took it from:

‘High-Conflict’ Court-Ordered Parenting Classes and Certified High-Conflict Divorce Coaching USA is Now on Steroids. Yet USA FamilyCourtReform* Collaborators Using This Jargon still expect to be taken seriously (and are, for example, by at least one UK/Europe-focused journal). [Begun Feb. 16, 2022, Publ. March 1](short-link ends “-dEA” and remember that’s case-sensitive after the “wp.me/) 

This post:

  • Is about 3,000 words long only.  [And one day later, now 5,500, most additions at the bottom]
  • Was put together within two days and is informal.
  • Is being posted as is to meet a deadline related to the closing of a coffee shop where I often write, and for my own conscience — not yours!
  • Ends abruptly, with a link back to its originating post at the bottom.

I don’t even care that it could do more.  I’m putting out these points of reference, and want them out now.  If you want a more polished version, start using that “Donate” button and find some others who might do likewise.  Otherwise, don’t complain!

Before moving this material, I left a narrative summary (of the history of Alliant International University, mostly) there as a footprint.  That  narrative puts a timeline to the quotes here; together both versions should be useful.

It belongs there, but one post can only hold so much.

This is a (repeat, somewhat updated) introduction — or reminder — to who you’re dealing with and hearing from when someone references a journal run by the same guy who set up shop at (what is now) Alliant International University — and what that is, too.

This situation and many of its players has been on my radar for about a decade (if you count some time in 2012 to 2022 as it starts here…  I have posted often on parts of it, and re-published, reminded people as I can.  I have to ask — and often ask myself– what kind of people would participate?

And, given who has been participating and citing to such rhetoric (it’s propaganda, basically), why should we give them the time of day, or free (or even paid-for) help promoting it?

Does no one recognize what a Ponzi or pyramid scheme, or extreme layers of avoidance look like?

Or how religious evangelism works and looks, when it comes to propagation and “to hell with the financial consequences” on others, globally? I’m not saying that NPEIV, IVAT, FVSAI, or even the leadership of Alliant now, are religious.

But I do notice that its own history has taken both money and bought/sold campuses with religious resources (as to Alliant) and it’s churning out psychologists among whom are plenty who are in the business of marriage/family therapy for evangelistic reasons and using similar tactics.  Let’s not forget that SoCal (San Diego being pretty far south on that map) is also famous for Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, and from those roots, Casey Gwinn/Gael Strack’s multiple persona, ever-changing entity name (and fact, some similarity in its name), ALSO San Diego-based ‘Alliance for Hope International

And this tendency isn’t limited to Christian (fundamental or conservative Protestant) world visions only; there’s also a prospering and prosperous “new-age” segment too, flocking to the family justice, family courts, and protect vulnerable children themes — and fields of practice.

However THIS post is about NPEIV et al.  It’s for me a review; I was going through the family court systems and, simply paying attention, already did some background look-ups on the acronyms, personalities, and the history of this university at the time.  It’s good to be aware of!

Let’s not forget “NPEIV” when we read from this source:

[TandFonline.com Journal of Child Custody, or as it’s now called “Journal of Family Trauma, Child Custody, and Child Development”]

If you read my March 1, 2022, post in its first, or evolving version, this section relates to the family courts on many levels.

The acronym “NPEIV” is in circulation as in IVAT as is FVSAI (less so, as that actually refers to an identifiable nonprofit which might induce the reader to find and read its tax returns and, seeing how small and how few people are involved, compared to the global claims, visions and especially board of directors with major ties to “family court reformists” with their own global vision we’re supposed to continue telling our own legislators to keep funding (through VAWA re-authorization with “tweaks,” in 2022).. start asking more questions of those who subscribe to this set-up by continuing to reference it, each other, and their articles in a journal published (publication ownership home is the UK, not the USA) with an editor-in-chief who would set up home in such a place…

Another acronym not shown on the journal, but in circulation and directly connected with who’s running the Taylor and Francis (Informa Group, Ltd.)-published journal I’m referencing is non-entity “NPEIV.” This section is another side of the tone and manner of the journal, when not talking to colleagues and mutual-interested individuals. This type of utopian rhetoric is used instead:

Typical, the grand plan and utopian vision takes a little more fine-print reading to identify:

NPEIV envisions a world free of all forms of interpersonal violence

That’s nice.  Personally, I would’ve settled for criminal prosecutions ONLY for wife-beating — not endless “holistic therapy/ intervention/treatment” (especially for anyone who normalizes wife-beating, as my ex did), and don’t force those who separate just to stay alive through the family courts. I have several other practical ideas, not ONE of which would interest this crowd, as it’s not a utopian vision with minimal accountability for the clean-up crews, which NPEIV seems to think it is.

National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan

We are a partnership of people, organizations, agencies and coalitions working together on a national, multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural scale to end interpersonal violence. We are better together….

That’s nice to know, but are you incorporated?  Are you a separate entity from, say, IVAT or FVSAI?  (The short answer is, No.)  But first look at more big pictures and letters, and claims:

NPEIV is committed to reducing interpersonal violence and its consequences through scientific research and application of observed findings. Through our many partnerships and collaborations, NPEIV is beginning to make great strides in pursuing this goal and becoming an umbrella partnership of many organizations, agencies, and advocate/victims working to end interpersonal violence throughout our Nation. We encourage you to take a look at some of our biggest projects and join us in our mission.

That “modesty” reminds me of some of those other collaborations…

I’m posting a few screenshots from “NPEIV” and showing just how far down its non-entity non-existence is buried. Any time NPEIV is followed by the word “is” or “does” is basically a misdirection.

A thing which has no existence doesn’t do anything or envision either — someone or something else is doing it.  To conceal that truth, exaggerated claims and emphasis on how many, how big, how collaborative, and how wonderful “we are” is throughout the website.  Watch for websites with constant references to “we” but when a person might want some fact-checks on “we WHO?” all you get is a group of individuals who’ve mutually agreed to let this go on year after year, and cite to it in their own “experience” bio blurbs:

Fine print, bottom of the page, but I know at “donate” page is one place to find such things out:


** The Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute d/b/a The Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT) serves as the fiscal and logistical agent of NPEIV and is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation. All donations made out to NPEIV are tax deductible. To receive a formal donation thank-you letter in addition to your receipt please email npeiv@ivatcenters.org with your information.

The email address should raise this question:  How many “centers” does the dba “IVAT” have?

Why doesn’t it read “All donations to NPEIV” but instead “All donations made out to NPEIV”?  This is a specific reference to a named “payee” on any donation, or how to label such donations on a “memo” line of some check, or donor’s own records.

I’ve posted two images from “NPEIV.org.

When you click through to website or see these images, remember, this refers to same leader (Robert Geffner, Ph.D.) who has for years validated and even more years, been operating FVSAI with a dba and NPEIV as the dba’s “fiscal agent,” and as facilitated doing so by a university (Alliant International University) with a history of mergers, and which absorbed in this century, California School of Professional Psychology.

Look at the url: https://www.alliant.edu/schools/cspp  Its home page also confirms:  around about 50 years, training thousands of psychologists and a continued demand for the same.  This wasn’t a naturally emerging circumstance — think about it!

March 3, 2022 screenshot of
for a post referencing NPEIV, IVAT (FVSAI) in context of Journal of Family Trauma, Child Custody & Child Development (cf. Robert Geffner Ph.D., et c.) fka Journal of Child Custody.

Here’s its own abbreviated “Our story” page (notice the three mergers and when they took place):

Alliant International University gets its name from the merger of three legacy institutions: San Francisco Law School founded in 1909, United States International University (USIU) founded in 1927, and the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) founded in 1969. // In 2001, USIU and CSPP merged, forming Alliant with San Francisco Law School (SFLS) joining in 2010. From 1909 through today, one constant remains: We specialize in preparing students for careers of impact through our model of academic rigor paired with hands-on training.

USIU has a wiki page.  I hope you read at least the first paragraphs on its origins, how it expanded with international reach beyond sustainability and how merging into CSPP helped safe it (especially right after “9/11”), and what happened to the law school that used to be part of it.  Alliant International University (says this wiki) became a “public benefit corporation” in 2015.  Such as:

USIU’s roots date back to the Balboa Law College, which was founded in 1924 in downtown San Diego by Leland Ghent Stanford. It was San Diego’s first law school. The college gradually added other courses of study and changed its name to Balboa University.[2] In 1952 the university changed its name to California Western University and moved to a historic oceanfront campus in San Diego’s Point Loma neighborhood.[3] In 1953, William C. Rust became president of California Western University.[4]

In 1966, Rust began transforming the university’s vision, aiming “to create global understanding through a single university with campuses all over the world.”[5][3] In 1968 he changed the school’s name to United States International University. The founding goal for USIU was to focus on “human excellence” and not simply “intellectual excellence”.[6] The San Diego Reader later referred to USIU as an “international phenomenon”.[5] Rust purchased land for a new campus in Scripps Ranch, and all university operations were moved there by 1973.[2] California Western School of Law kept its separate name and identity and remained on the Point Loma campus until 1973, when it moved to downtown San Diego. In 1975 it split off from USIU into an independent entity that is still in operation.[2]

[Para omitted on Radio station]

After 37 years of leading the university and enduring several rocky financial episodes, Rust was removed from all governing power by the board of trustees in 1990.[8] Gary Hays, former chancellor of the Minnesota State University, took over as president of USIU in April 1990 and reorganized the University into just two remaining colleges; arts and sciences and business administration.[10] All sports programs were eliminated due to the University’s indebtedness.[11]

…the September 11 attacks and subsequent loss of international student enrollment tuition proved to be final for USIU.[9] In 2001, it merged with the California School of Professional Psychology to form Alliant International University.[9][12] Both CSPP and USIU were not-for-profit schools with similar needs and complementing resources.[9] At the time of their merger the newly formed AIU had an undergraduate student body that was 33% international students and 30% ethnic minority group students and an annual budget of $60 million.[9] In 2015, Alliant International University became a for-profit benefit corporation.[13]

If you want some continued, stunning news, about Alliant and (I just found) the California Western School of Law search for William C. Rust.  I found one article referencing how even as late as August 2021, the Kenyan government couldn’t figure out, who, really, owned the (only remaining Alliant campus not sold off yet) the assets should its charter be revoked and it have to be dissolved.

The Kenyan Times, “USIU Deeply Secretive Ownership Puts in on the Spotlight

Even in 1986, Rust was still breaking new ground, establishing new campuses and storming into new territories that now included Latin America and the Middle East.

But while the idea seemed noble and campuses continued to spread like wild fire, a series of financial setbacks and leadership wrangles would see the ignominious ousting of Mr. William Rust from the helm of USIU and his fall would finally come in 1991 when he was dethroned from the top seat after leading the string of campuses for a staggering 37 years.

The period, that was occasioned by deep economic tribulations, saw the sale of virtually all the other global campuses expect one – the one based in Nairobi, Kenya.

And that’s where the drama started.

Enter Freida Brown – a feisty Black American pedagogue who strode across the entire University like the mythical Loch Ness monster solely presiding over the Campus’ affairs for a solid 21 years.

Attempts to sell off USIU had hit a snag after it was decided that the campus was off the market due to the fact that it had been chartered in Kenya and had no linkage with the other campuses outside Kenya.

That confusion emboldened Ms. Freida Brown and saw her establish herself as the sole proprietor of the school, assuming all roles and embossing herself the Vice Chancellor, Chancellor and owner of the school.

Attempts by the Kenyan Parliament to dig out the true owners of USIU produced no results as MPs went back and forth trying to establish who really owned the education monolith.  [para break omitted]…“USIU is the only chartered Kenyan university that is silent on dissolution of the university should the Government revoke the charter and where the funds, assets, property and liability should revert to in such an instance,” a reliable source familiar with the shady USIU clauses told Opera News.

I am certainly not qualified to evaluate the above article, or international news sources covering Africa.  However, also dated August  23, 2021 (and referring to Frieda-Brown’s comeback to USIU-Kenya, as her successor didn’t last long), that campus’s description with some background on her US activity about which I naturally was curious:

Interim Vice Chancellor’s Biography

Prof. Freida Brown is the Interim Vice Chancellor (President) and Professor of Psychology at the United States International University – Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, a position she assumed on Monday, August 23, 2021, for a period of 9 months.

Professor Brown previously served as the USIU-Africa Vice Chancellor for more than two decades before retiring in 2016. During her tenure, Professor Brown oversaw the student population growth from 1,100 students to more than 6,200 and increased the number of faculty and academic programs.

Professor Brown has a doctoral degree in Developmental Psychology from Michigan State University. She has taught at several institutions including USIU-San Diego, Howard University, Washington University in St. Louis, Bowie State University and Morgan State University both in Maryland. She has written and made presentations in the areas of cross-cultural psychology, psycho-social development of children and management in higher education.

[The rest of this announcement references her positions on various boards, including  but not ony:] She was a Commissioner of the Kenyan Commission for Higher Education which is now Commission for University Education (CUE) and was a member of the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)

Over here we might call that “conflicts of interest.”

On Alliant going for-profit benefit (separate search, and Wiki footnote), yet more info remains.

I just learned that for California Western University (i.e., the law school)’s 1952 move, William C. Rust had called upon religious-conference finances. The law school was gone by 2002.

(I need to double-check that; quoting just the source below; see link):

California’s lost colleges (1924-2002), History

California Western University traced its roots to Balboa Law School (later Balboa University), founded by Leland Ghent Stanford in 1924.  Balboa University was a small commercial day/night school that operated on student fees.  Wanting to broaden the academic and cultural focus and to attract financial support, President William C. Rust effected a name change and brought in denominational support—specifically of the Southern California-Arizona Conference of the Methodist Church.  The new entity opened in 1952.

According to the Union, when Balboa University morphed into California Western University, enrollment stood at 212. President Rust believed a CWU goal would be “to do significant, worthwhile work on a limited basis,” meaning small classes taught by a highly qualified faculty. He stated, “We do not plan ever to have more than 800 undergraduate and 400 graduate students,”   The Education Directory shows that enrollment actually topped one thousand in the fall of 1958 and approached 2,000 by fall of 1963.

. In addition to the law school, California Western would become the undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences. Other campuses of the projected United States International University would be located in Kenya, England, and Mexico—as well as Colorado and Hawaii.

In 2002 USIU merged with two other schools to form Alliant International University.

(March 4, 2022 update adds this quote on Alliant’s going “for-profit.”  From “Higher Ed DIVE” educational publication (it’s pretty short), looks like another network may have been formed:

Alliant International University becomes ‘for profit benefit’ corporation

Feb. 24, 2015, by Editor Roger Riddell

Dive Brief:

  • California’s Alliant International University recently made the jump from nonprofit institution to “for-profit benefit corporation.”
  • A number of other universities are expected to follow suit, forming a system of health sciences institutions dubbed “Arist Education System,” according to Inside Higher Ed, which also reports that Alliant International may be the first regionally accredited nonprofit institution to become a for-profit benefit corporation.
  • The university has no endowment and was said to be operating on a “pretty well broken” business model by its president, who added that it failed to institute long-term changes that would have sustained it.

And look who might be owing Arist Education System, and where the initial funding was from:

Program expansion was among the short-term changes attempted by the school, which even tried selling a building, which it then leased back. The new system it will be a part of, Arist, is owned by German media firm Bertelsmann and received initial funding from University Ventures. For a college or university, the idea behind becoming a benefit corporation is that an institution’s social mission remains protected and it remains publicly accountable while also taking private funding.

It will be interesting to see how this model pans out in comparison to other for-profit institutions.

You bet it would…

California School of Professional Psychology, a school which apparently was set up with major urging in the (California Governor, not U.S. President!) Ronald Reagan years: that is, his 1966 and 1970 terms, by former APA head and Kaiser Head of Mental Health (after Timothy O’Leary had to go!), Nicholas A. Cummings who sponsored (through corporate/foundation means) of “Our Broken Family Courts” conference in 2012, which I blogged that spring (April 8, 2012),  and digging deeper, Feb. 5, 2013 (A Stunning Validation … Assault on the Truth (short-link ends “-1k8)) despite what I was personally enduring at that time, ℅ so-called “Broken Family Courts” and my own family line.

(added later, as Cummings who lived to be 96(!), passed away in 2020.  This is a tribute (but with some other relevant information) from, obviously a fan, John Caccavale.  No internal links shown, but two paragraphs show how they (together) founded the “NAPPP” after discontent with the CSPP which Cummings had helped found, decades earlier…)  In Memory of Nicholas A. Cummings

(gallery format, if both don’t display, click or swipe to see the other one), Will be fuzzy because it’s a screenshot from underlying post.  Purpose:  Origins of the CSPP now under Alliant International University in San Diego’s control…  General concept of the establishment of such schools pre-dating or almost simultaneous with (in California) passage of no-fault divorce AND formation (coincidentally) of one, later FTB/SOS-suspended version of “AFCC.”  (etc.) . Timelines matter!

Two images from my blog on that history (quoting Nicholas J. Cummings, link since broken) taking credit for starting this system.  You may find more elsewhere; Cummings was constantly writing about his own accomplishments…

This (clumsy, actually) misleading website — who is editor in chief and has been (since I can remember) of Journal of Child Custody, now with a larger name “Journal of Family Trauma, Child Custody & Child Development.” One side is all academic and formal, and the other one, the public-facing side, is deceptive, simplistic and withholding the most basic information on who it is.

It appears also that FVSAI can take donations under one of three different names:  FVSAI, IVAT or NPEIV (all written out), and legally.  FVSAI tax return may report all income, but if it wanted to hid some of it, this would be one way, it seems. Why be so big and “international” with the journal yet so mysterious on the home front with basic corporate filings?

NPEIV.org website, 3/1/2022.

NPEIV.org website, 3/12022.

Not my main point here, but FYI:

  • RE: Family Violence And Sexual Assault InstituteEIN: 75-2401334 | San Diego, CA

Latest tax return on IRS website is Form 990, FY2019 (Fiscal Year-End June 2020).  Theoretically one of these months a FY2020 (ending June 2021) may show up.  You can see (Page 1, Summary) main revenues are from program services, not donations; it claims about 21 employees, and a very small board (only two are paid), and strangely, its program services expenses are just a few thousand dollars short of its revenues (page 2).  Of the program service revenues of about $1.17M, most are “Education & Training” and about half that amount, “Professional Services.” (Part VIII, Line 2, Statement of Revenues). It’s paying someone (Part IX) $183K for “Occupancy” and $196K for “Outside Services,” an amount which looks like it belongs on a different line on Part IX, and miscellaneous other charges.

  • Robert Geffner being editor of so many different journals, and (in self-description) referring to multiple versions of just one nonprofit (FVSAI) as if they were different, inflates his credentials.

(Search “Robert Geffner, Journals” and notice which domain names come up.  Multiple domain names (even if dbas of each other, or one is fiscal agent for the others) increases apparent significance.

I just did that search (March 4, 2022) and found one website “Trial By Media” on the Jodi Arias Case.  Twitter comments following it are shown.  One said, Geffner spent 40 minutes of testimony time on his credentials (!).  That website has a description: here’s some of them, relevant to why I made this point this week — because of those journals now being quoted by others, favorably:

(A wordpress blog) https://geebee2.wordpress.com/jodi-arias-robert-geffner/

…editor of five professional journals (including the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, Journal of Family Violence, and the Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma; he is also in the process of becoming the editor of the Journal of Child Custody)

The same link, here’s the whole paragraph.  I do not know the date, but it sounds like late (December) 2014, probably. Underlines or any emphases are mine.  I’ll add some paragraphs as it has none.. (As a wordpress user, I know that sometimes paragraphing does get removed).

NOTICE:  Listed as separate accomplishments:  FVSAI, IVAT and then (further below) NPEIV, as well as his place at Alliant, about which (above) I’ve just included more points of reference…

Robert Geffner is a licensed clinician (Psychologist and Marriage & Family Therapist in California and a Licensed Psychologist in Texas) and directed a full-service private practice mental health clinic in East Texas for over 15 years prior to relocating to California 15 years ago.

Dr. Geffner has trained mental health professionals, judges, attorneys, and others for over 28 years.

He is President and Founder of a nonprofit international resource and training center (the Family Violence & Sexual Assault Institute in Texas and now in California), the Founding President of the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma at Alliant International University, a Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology at Alliant International University in San Diego,

Typical:  IVAT is just a dba.  But it’s spoken of — and this seems to be a narrative or report of his self-description as expert witness for (the defense, it sounds like) as if different from FVSAI! It’s not!

and editor of five professional journals (including the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, Journal of Family Violence, and the Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma; he is also in the process of becoming the editor of the Journal of Child Custody). He has a Diplomate in Clinical Neuropsychology from the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology, and is Board Certified in Couple and Family Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology.

He has lectured extensively on the subjects of child abuse, domestic violence, trauma, forensic psychology, child custody, expert witness, and diagnostic assessment. Dr. Geffner is a past president of the American Psychological Association Division of Trauma Psychology, and

he is currently co-chair of the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan (NPEIV) and president of the American Academy of Couple & Family Psychology. He has served on numerous state, national, and professional committees and task forces concerning family violence, child abuse, interpersonal violence, family law, child custody, and family psychology.


OK, I’ll look up that AACFP….American Academy of Couple & Family Psychology  (“FamilyPsych.org”) You can review the (pretty sparse, actually) website and its mission yourself – a related board seeks to certify and advance the “psychological science” of couples therapy:

“Who we are:”

The American Academy of Couple and Family Psychology (AACFP) is an organization that is funded by CFP specialists’ dues, aims to advance CFP as a psychological science, and promote and enhance family welfare by: (a) supporting the research and expansion of the CFP database; (b) enhance communications among its members;(c) provide continuing education programs;(d) disseminate information to the public about the specialty of CFP; (e) support the functions of the ABCFP; (f) provide a voice for the specialty of CFP within the  profession of psychology; and (g)  recommend and help to implement policy decisions within the specialty. One of the Specialty Boards within ABPP is the American Board of Couple and Family Psychology (ABCFP). The ABCFP has the responsibility of establishing criteria related to the specialty education/training, competencies, and examinationleading to certification as a specialist in CFP.

Officers include well-known AFCC person from Massachusetts, Robin Deutsch, at least on this website.  This website shows her as President of the ABCFP (the Board) and a man from Family-Institute.org (at Northwestern University, i.e., the famous Chicago-area one), and President-elect, a man from Emory University.  Perhaps Deutsch has retired, I see contact is just a “gmail” address, not associated with a university. She’s well-known (at least in AFCC and Family Court circles) for her work at WilliamJamesCollege (and I’ve certainly blogged frequently, also, due to AFCC connections!).

FamilyPsych.org (viewed 4March2022, for post on NPEIV, in re: Geffner citing to this). ABCFP & AACFP (A=the Academy; B=the Board: part of APA?)

FamilyPsych.org/Board & Academy Officers. Note: bottom row of 3 more people not shown. Image just FYI… (viewed 4March2022, for post on NPEIV, in re: Geffner citing to this, as a footnote only). ABCFP & AACFP (A=the Academy; B=the Board: part of APA?)


…In partnership with the American Board of Couple and Family Psychology (ABCFP), we work to promote the specialty of Couple and Family Psychology through board certification. We strongly believe that the best way to ensure that couples and families are receiving the best treatment possible is to ensure that the providers have received the highest level of training and certification possible. We believe that Board Certification in Couple and Family Psychology is the premiere way to demonstrate a Psychologist’s expertise.

…Thus, the AACFP in partnership with ABCFP work tirelessly to address this societal and public health issue.  [“A is for “Academy” and “B” is for “Board” in this context.//LGH.]

In essence, the AACFP is an organization that aims to advance Couple and Family Psychology as a psychological science, and also promotes and enhances couple and family wellbeing. While the ABCFP primary focus is on conducting the exams of prospective applicants, the AACFP takes on other tasks.

Specifically, the AACFP engages in activities such as providing continuing education programs, disseminating information to the public about the specialty of Couple and Family Psychology, and providing a voice of Couple and Family Psychology within the profession of psychology.

Finally, we are comprised of smart, thoughtful and kind professionals who feel a purpose in strengthening and healing couples and families from all walks of life. I invite you to view our newly designed website and to reach out to any of the officers if you have any questions.

With warmest regards,

Anthony L. Chambers, Ph.D., ABPP

This shows dues $40, no financials, and a street address in (1107 Minor=historic Dearborn House), Seattle as its contact, which I looked up (several other things taking place there…)℅ Michelle D. Sherman (whose linkedIn I also saw), but nothing resembling a corporation, charity or EIN# at the state level.  I could’ve tried harder, but didn’t, for now.  A Michelle D. Sherman (now in Minnesota) seems to be the person meant.  The journal seems to be an APA publication and its editor in chief  (Sherman) says it’s fairly recent. I see that this “Society” may refer to a division of the APA, which would explain why I couldn’t find it registered separately…

Dr. Sherman had worked for 17 years in “Oklahoma VA” which I take to mean, Veterans Affairs.


Michelle D. Sherman, PhD, LP, ABPPMichelle D. Sherman, PhD, LP, ABPP is the director of behavioral health at the University of Minnesota North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program. ..

I am a professor in the University of Minnesota’s Family Medicine and Community Health Department, and am board certified in couple and family psychology. I’m also a fellow in APA’s Division 43 (Society for Couple and Family Psychology). My areas of research interest include effects of mental illness/PTSD on families (especially youth), patient-centered communication, health behavior change, integrated behavioral health, and the role of mental health in musical theater. Prior to becoming editor in chief of Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice, I served as the associate editor for this journal. I have also guest edited special issues for several other journals.

I directed the Family Mental Health Program at the Oklahoma City VA for the first 17 years of my career, where I enjoyed offering couples therapy, teaching trainees from multiple disciplines, and conducting research. I developed and evaluated numerous family interventions for mental illness and PTSD

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‘High-Conflict’ Court-Ordered Parenting Classes and Certified High-Conflict Divorce Coaching USA is Now on Steroids. Yet USA FamilyCourtReform* Collaborators Using This Jargon still expect to be taken seriously (and are, for example, by at least one UK/Europe-focused journal). [Begun Feb. 16, 2022, Publ. March 1.(short-link ends “-dEA” and remember that’s case-sensitive after the “wp.me/) 


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