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Wanna Talk Turkey to Government Entities? Uncover Their Asse(t)s-in “CAFRs.”

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I post a lot of material recently in an on-line forum and have been branching beyond “family court” matters because family court, historically and in context, is larger than just itself.  It’s an extension of some very critical and planned changes to the United States of America developing over, at least the 1900s and to date in the 2000s.  In a recent post — simply someone else’s work (and so credited), I related that a major bankruptcy and governmental re-organization was happening every 70 years.

Numbers, when what they are reporting is factual, don’t lie.  Math doesn’t lie — 2 plus 2 IS “4” by definition of the system.  When 2 plus 2 plus 2 plus 2 plus 2 results in a negative (a national debt in the trillions) then there are some hidden numbers in the equation.  If the equation were simple — say, presented as “2 + 2 = 3” — a child could tell something was off, and any child who knows about negative numbers could deduce that there’s a hidden in that equation:   “2 + 2 (-1) = 3.

But, add enough zeroes, unfortunately — and surround with catastrophe talk, combined with actual identifiable catastrophes on the news — and who’s to notice?  Where’s the “mental math” habit — is it genetic or what?

SO — we need to talk about, what is an “AUTHORITY” and how are AUTHORITIES” and GOVERNMENTS different, and the same.  Because both raise money and spend it.

MOREOVER — we need to understand FAR more about compound interest, profit and loss, and real estate equity (profit and loss) than we do.  At least enough to understand that what is called a ‘financial statement” is not the magical truth because it contains the word “financial” in us (which is where many people’s attention simply drops off, except for their own household budget).

NO — there are TWO sets [more accurately, “views” or “versions”] of books presented:  one for the public, one for each other– when it comes to government entities, and THEIR creations, (Municipalities etc. actually create the corporate entity called an “Authority.”) The one shown the public is wallpaper — the other is the structure.  And it’s NOT good news for the average person, i.e. worker. Talk is about employment, jobs, employment, jobs.  However, GOVERNMENT and AUTHORITIES are corporate entities (operating under a different set of laws than normal corporations) that are not earning THEIR keep by “jobs” — they are legally created (persona — “persons”).  They are not “workers” for anyone– they are managers of corporate entities whose REAL allegiance is to whoever is holding the debt — i.e., title to their ASSE(t)s if they default.

The fact that others may go down in the process seems to be secondary.  So, over in this Scranton post, there is topic after topic complaining about the disgraced Parking Authority, Sewer Authority, etc. — in various townships. But — no one has their report of their actual assets.

The other day, I spent ALMOST a full day revising a “signature block” on the forum to contain the following links — which explain this better than I do.  what’s in green-background below is an expanded version of a signature block which was limited to 255 characters.


THAT LEVEL IS NOT CORPORATE/FOUNDATION WEALTH IN THE COURTS.  It’s not the DV industry sell-out, or the “faith-based follies” from democrats and republicans alike.

. . .

No, that level is — Who IS our “Government” anyhow — and is this MY Government?  If so, then MY responsibility is to keep it honest, at least in my neck of the woods — and to make sure my neighbors (or at least two or three people who will act on it & teach others) are aware of this.


This is the elephant in the room.  Looking at some uniformly produced, annually produced — but simply UNreported that they exist – financial reports of CUMULATIVE government holdings — will undress it.

Silent weapons for silent wars does seem to be real (you’re in it).  “Three Cities that Rule the World” (for now!) also do.

But if the love of money is the root of all evil (and I believe it’s fair to say — it is) — then basic understanding of Economics and what government is doing in ECONOMIC (not social, psychological, religious, etc. terms — which no one is going to agree on anyhow) terms.

Sorry for the drama, but relatively speaking, this makes “Futures without Violence” (who I’m still pretty sore about; see this blog) and “AFCC” look like pipsqueaks.

I am not a socialist.  I don’t want equal results for unequal effort.  I just don’t like crooks, liars, and thieves –people who intentionally withhold what others need to know to make sane and productive decisions about their lives.  As a basically curious person who seeks to understand “how things work” — this information pulls together many strands of reason into an objectively identifiable thesis of individuals’ relationships to the collective corporate enterprise called government. It’s also necessary to understand at least the basic concept of a Corporation, legally, is a “Person.”   The “Corporation” called government has become like THE infrastructure of our lives.  It is chewing up some — but those in the middle are not equipped to stop that chewing, as they re enmeshed through employment.  If they stop and help enough (as Good Samaritans) they too may go down.

However, if we were able to stop the collective accumulation and selling off of our own assets (and life substances) — as reliable sources are now documenting (i.e. Catherine Austin Fitts’ work) — we might be able to survive with fewer hours per week at a “Just Over Broke” (and perhaps without retirement) and have a better society.

If you pay rent, you are enmeshed.  Landlords are too.  It has to do with the profit/nonprofit divide. remember, governments are corporations with police powers, and without taxes — they DO the taxing.  there’s a certain advantage there, would you say?


Wanna Talk Turkey to Government Entities?  Uncover their Ass e(t)s!

READ Municipal Authorities In PA  (“Authorities 101,” including a history and definitions — about 50pp.  Most people are unaware of what IS an “authority.”  Example:  The Port Authority)


  • because the BUDGETs (being presented taxpayers) are basically LIEs

 TALK! CAFR packs a punch – — PROOF:

 “$54MM in Parks Fund?!” vs “We’re Broke, Close the Parks“! and now, The Coverup Exposed **(goes up to Attorney/General, state governor level…)

Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association (“PMAA”) — is a “nonprofit,  membership, trade association”

PMAA&Muncipal Authorities Act, amended summer 2012 to protect leadership and ensure a few more exemptions on funding use.

BOttOM line is, it turns out, that Government & Authorities (together) are acquiring — and currently holding — collectively, enough liquid investments to pay off the “national debt” — but they won’t, because no one is requiring them to.  Meanwhile — a corporation IS a heat-seeking (profit-seeking) missile, beholden to the public only to the extent that they are contributing, and if they got unruly, profits might disappear.   Governments are by DEFINITION, tax-exempt.  Authorities are not only tax-exempt, the are even less accessible to the public, and were created to specifically bypass certain regulations that government entities can’t bypass.

This information is currently hitting some news headlines (even in MSM press, such as the San Jose Mercury News, AP, etc.). . . As we are heading into an election year, AND reauthorization of (basically) Welfare Reform, as a “FAMILY COURT” blogger, (and as myself, a mother, etc.) — I feel it necessary to keep the focus on the largest set of crap-cutters around — which is:

1.  CAFRs (Comprehensive Audited Financial Reports) exist, and should be found and read by ALL wage-earners and taxpayers.  CAFRman.com shows how (simple explanation).

2.  They are where basic government departments AND authorities (sewer, water, housing, parking, etc. AND, pension funds, etc.) report (to each other) their collective, cumulative holdings (profits from investments, etc.) — and they are reported ANNUALLY.

3.  Forget discussing any budget (which is a business plan for government — which the public is expected to pay for 100%, without regard to profits already being earned by gov’t from their own investments and hard assets) — until these are “outed.”

4.  Read a few examples to get the picture — California Parks System, or (a while back), the “HANJ” experience.

5.  The significance of this dwarfs almost any other public topic.  It’s the difference between heading towards an even worse “slave state” than we have now for too many in the country, and sheds light on why so many systems of population control, including foreclosing on their homes, stealing their children, starting wars around the globe, and imprisoning a racially disparate population, for profit (slave labor does occur in prisons, right? see “UNICOR.”).

This is lead-in from “The Coverup Exposed” (California Parks, above):

** State Lawyers were Told of State Parks’ Hidden Funds 

By DON THOMPSON Associated Press

Posted:   08/14/2012 03:06:00 PM PDT

Updated:   08/14/2012 04:25:32 PM PDT

SACRAMENTO, Calif.A former California state parks employee says she told state attorneys her department was hiding about $20 million in a special fund several months before officials announced discovering the surplus money, according to a sworn declaration filed in court Tuesday.

The development is the latest revelation in a budget scandal that has state officials on the defensive and threatens to undermine Gov. Jerry Brown’s push for a voter-approved tax increase.


Voters would have to approve such tax increase.  They SHOULDN’T, though — force the rest of the Special Funds out of hiding, and put those who have been hiding up to public spectacle — especially those who threatened their own employees, or retaliated, for exposing this.

Google “Carl Herman, CAFR” and read more.  Also see “Walter Burien” and “HANJ” (some links in the green area above).  Apparently these two know each other, or at least one blogs the other.  Both have the professional background to understand economics, and Burien’s own father had worked in a state treasurer’s department (he said); he’d even been a trader.  But he didn’t know about the CAFRs.  AND they have been in place since around the 1940s…  Now — WHY don’t more people talk about it –too distracted??

My Take:

No one who has been through 20 years of a certain activity, called standing up under consistent abuse, has many myths left.  The evidence speaks clearly enough — marriage as an institution works for some, and endangers others.  Those who get out may have their children removed and go homeless.  For some, those who stay, will die, after periods of torture either get boring, or for whatever reason.  Such a choice!

That is how I ran across the CAFR material; as I recall I’d been reading about Constitutional “rights,” Eleventh Amendment Immunity, and the concept of a “straw man,” — i.e. Jurisdiction.  And the concept that when one takes any benefits from the US of A (USA, Inc.) — one is entering a contract with it, and thereby automatically forfeits even any constitutional protections.   ONE of those links led me to “realitybloger.wordpress.com” and “CAFR school.” It was just making too much sense to ignore.


I turned on TV (PBS) at home last night.  There was (again) a special about ADHD, nice public air time for Hallowell and Rathaway promoting ADHD and telling us how great your life will be if you admit you have it and get treatment.

Dr. Hallowell

. . .how to get the most out of life with Attention Deficit Disorder.

A graduate of Harvard College and Tulane School of Medicine, Dr. Hallowell is a child and adult psychiatrist and the founder of The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health in Sudbury, MA and New York City. He was a member of the faculty of the Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 2004 until he retired to  devote his full professional attention to his clinical practice, lectures, and the writing of books.

Dr. Hallowell is a highly recognized speaker around the world. He has presented to thousands on topics such as ADD,strategies on handling your fast-pace life, the Childhood Roots of Adult Happinesshow to help your employees Shine and other pertinent family and health issues. He has been prominently featured in the media, including 20/20, Oprah, Dr. Oz, CNN, PBS and NPR as well as 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Dateline, Good Morning America, US News and World Report, Newsweek, the Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, New York Times and other popular publications.

From corporate audiences to parent-teacher workshops and national television shows, people who listen to Dr. Hallowell…

OK, now that we have established:   #1.  That this man is a psychiatrist, i.e., he participates in professionalized religion with as many sects as most religions, and #2.  Because this included Harvard, we should take his theories at face value, and His target clientele (notice which comes first), we can move on. . . ..

(And another reminder that George W. Bush’s 2002 “New Commission on Freedom on Mental Health” (or, the SAMHSA official “Executive Summary:  “Transforming Mental Health Care in America” has been associated with scandalous connections to Big Pharma in Texas and Pennsylvania, including attempts to silence an OIG whistleblower,  and etc.

The “to the contrary” is plentiful for example “The Drugging of Americas Public and Kids (the Plan to Drug America’s School Children) by George Stone.  I’m going with this “to the Contrary” (Sample RIGHT here).  Put this together with the “Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher” (Dumbing Us Down, 1990, John Taylor Gatto — then NYS public teacher of the year) — confirming that one of the lessons he teaches IS irrelevance — and how subject matter is built to develop “distraction” as is the conditioning to switch gears at regulated periods (buzzers:  disengage, play musical chairs, etc.).

Do NOT be distracted from the Economic Realities.  Regardless of PBS Specials normalizing the word “ADD” (and helping promote a Harvard Psychologist and his co-author like such a person is in need of further promotion!) — There is evidence that the distraction (chaos) is intentional, purposeful and for the ultimate goal of control (plus, obviously, profits).  If Ivan Illich is warning about the mental health profession — I think we might want to listen up on that basis alone.

Here’s that quote:

MEDICALIZATION: Convincing Healthy People They Are Sick
This paper outlines the deliberate marketing of harmful drugs to children as a direct result of the drug industry take over of the American mental health system. My point of departure is Ivan Illich’s broader assertion that “The medical system has become a major threat to health.” (1976) Time has proven Illich to be a prophet: medicine is now the leading cause of death in America. (Null 2005) What is wrong in American medicine is also wrong in psychiatry. Pharma marketers claim psychiatric drug treatment is a scientific miracle. However, the outcome evidence on psychiatric treatment shows otherwise: the recovery rate for treated schizophrenia has fallen from 70% in the mid-nineteenth century to 11% today, while the death rate for the “new” atypical antipsychotic drugs is double that of the older typical class. These outcomes contrast with 49-51% recovery Third World countries, like India and Nigeria, where these drugs are not used consistently. (Whitaker 2004) The suicide rate for treated schizophrenia in the UK has increased 20 fold since the introduction of antipsychotic drugs in 1954. (Healy et al 2006) Five times as many people are being defined as permanently mentally ill (disabled) today than before the introduction of drug treatment. (Whitaker 2005) Yet, in spite of these ominous facts, millions of American children are routinely being given these dangerous drugs.

How did this happen?

The drugging of American children is not accidental. It is a part of the larger problem of the premeditated medicalization of modern life discussed by Illich (1976), McKnight (1999) and others. However, the issue goes beyond the use of drugs: it is about freedom. The massive pharmaceutical corporations, which barely existed before World War II, are the most profitable legal businesses in human history. They have the money, the plan and the ruthless determination to medicalize our lives to sell us as many drugs as possible. They are a major threat to the basic human rights, as well as the health, of every person on the planet.

By “medicalization” I mean Pharma is deliberately and systematically promoting ideas about illness and disease to explain everyday life. (Summerfield 2002) By blurring the boundaries between sickness and health, Pharma convinces healthy people they are sick (Moynihan & Cassels 2005), and that “lifestyle” drugs, like Viagra, are necessary to happiness as well as health. (Abramson 2004)
Medicalization is an iatrogenic disaster of unbelievable proportions: it is inflicting harm on the lives of tens of millions of people. As our culture becomes a biomedical folktale we are being robbed of our traditional ways of managing illness and meeting death. And, in addition, the high cost of drugs threatens to bankrupt the American health care system, if not the entire American economy.

Pharma has used its economic power to create an effective lobby, which controls U.S. public health policy as well as watchdog agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

More frightening still, as I will show, the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (NFC) is a creation of pharmaceutical interests. Two of its central policy recommendations are bald-faced drug marketing schemes. The first targets 52 million American school children for mental health screening by a program known as “TeenScreen.” While the second irrevocably links the mental health treatment psychiatric drugs – – not coincidentally, the most expensive and dangerous psychiatric drugs – – using the pseudo-scientific Texas Medication Algorithmic Program or TMAP. (from my other blog, which has more links and summary outlook on this — in re: family courts.  This (google-based) blog, I have much more on the mainstreaming of psychology — as I learned it by studying Nicholas Cummings and his foundation, after I found it sponsoring an “Our Broken Family Courts’ conference, which title is hogwash.  They are fulfilling the intended purpose behind their creation — and as such, aren’t broken at all.  They ARE the “breakers” breaking other things that come through their doors, such as the human spirit (if possible) and psyche.  )

Let’s begin with a look at the money trail of legal drugs and some Pharma history.
“The US government contributes more money to the development of new drugs in the form of tax breaks and subsidies than any other government. Of the 20 largest pharmaceutical corporations, nine are based in the United States. Yet drugs are more expensive in the United States than in any other part of the world, and the global drug companies make the bulk of their profits in the United States.

Here is some history on THORAZINE which I can also find on a Pennsylvania Judicial site — although not the background.  This was surrounding “mental health courts.”  Here’s from the same article, above:

THORAZINE: The First Pill to Create Its Own Ill
David Healy (2002), the British psychiatrist and drug researcher, believes that the marketing of Thorazine in the US in 1954 created the modern drug era and ultimately gave us everything from Valium to Viagra. Smith-Kline-French (SKF, now Glaxo-Smith-Kline GSK) was a small, $50 million dollar pharmaceutical house, when it obtained the rights to market Thorazine. The drug was originally used as an anesthetic; however, it was introduced in the U.S. as an antinausea drug, which then made $75 million dollars (in 1954 dollars) as an antipsychotic in its first year on the market. Within five years it had elevated SKF to a $350 million dollar a year house. Thorazine taught the pharmaceutical industry how to market an ill for every new pill it discovers.

Here (published on “psychrights.org” a nonprofit dedicated to fighting forced psychiatric drugging) — testimony from a whistleblower who filed a civil right to protect his right to speak up about the “Trojan Horse” of TMAPP, which “began in Texas in 1995”  In blue font.  See the BOLDED phrase towards the bottom, and please read it all.  This is YOUR country if you reside in one of the 50 United States, or territories.

Revised January 20, 2004


My name is AlenJones.  I am a “whistleblower”who has sought the protection of the federal courts to tell the following story.

I am employed as an Investigator in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General (OIG), Bureau of Special Investigations. In November of 2002, I entered a Civil Rights lawsuit against OIG officials to preserve my right to speak out on issues of vital public interest involving pharmaceutical industry influence on the treatment of mental health patients in state institutions.

As an OIG Investigator, I attempted to expose evidence of major pharmaceutical company wrongdoing. The industry was influencing state officials with trips, perks, lavish meals, transportation to and first-class accommodations in major cities. Some state employees were paid honorariums of up to $2,000 for speaking in their official capacities at drug-company sponsored events.

As I attempted to explore and surface these facts I met stiff resistance by OIG officials. I was told that pharmaceutical companies are major political contributors and that I should not continue my probe. The more I attempted to delve, the more I was oppressed by my supervisors. I was effectively threatened with loss of job, career and reputation if I continued to investigate the pharmaceutical companies.

In the words of the OIG manager who curtailed my investigation and participated in overt threats against me: “Drug companies write checks to politicians–they write checks to politiciansonbothsidesoftheaisle”.

I was removed from the drug investigation, forbidden to inquire further, and assigned to menial duties. However, I continued the investigation on my own as a private citizen.

The“ModelProgram”beingimplemented in Pennsylvania with drug industry hard-sell, misinformationandinducementshasjustbenrecommendedbyPresidentBush’sNew Freedom Commission as a model program for the entire country.

The“ModelProgram”istheTexasMedicationAlgorithmProject”(TMAP-pronounced T- Map) and it began in Texas in 1995.

TMAPisaTrojanhorseembededwiththepharmaceuticalindustry’snewestandmost expensive mental health drugs. Through TMAP, the drug industry methodically compromised the decision making of elected and appointed public officials to gain access to captive populations of mentally ill individuals in prisons and state mental health hospitals.

The pharmaceutical industry bypassed governmental safeguards and medical review by creating and marketing TMAP as a“treatmentmodel”that was instituted in various states as an administrative decision by a select few politically appointed officials

This is common throughout the courts also — private conferences (always with some corporate wealth behind them it seems, foundations, etc.) determine the best ‘NATIONAL MODEL” — including for things that by law should be handled through legislatures.

It is VERY important, therefore, to get a grip on the extent of wealth and where it is being HIDDEN.  Do NOT get distracted, and don’t be drugged because someone else thinks you are distracted.  Warning:  Reading this material may be hazardous to the couch-potato syndrome, or your sense of status quo.  It probably will also disrupt your peace and sense of a good future (unless you’re financially immune, or mentally asleep).

The last part of this blog dealt with promotion of ADD and national “DISTRACTION” as a druggable condition — rather than an induced (collectively) by our institutions situation (primary of who are schools and family courts, believe it or not.  Throw in MSM and you’ve got the general idea).

BUT — the material with the green background is where I’m going next.  I hope you’ll follow — or get there yourself.

(the next post contrasts this with previous focus — which field I am secure enough to understand, exists, is behaving as I’ve documented it, and is the symptom of more serious problems, besides being one itself.  We literally have to re-create and re-comprehend our relationship as human beings to these “PERSONA” who are, in reality legal entities called Corporations.  While many of us can easily comprehend:

1. There are corporations for profit

2. There are nonprofits (allegedly) for the public good, and services they provide — which is why they are tax-exempt, unlike me (THAT happens to be also a lie, when considered collectively.  They are tax-exempt creations which take grants and other money, redistribute it, buy up assets (real estate) in many cases — or simply take the money and run) — and they are NOT required to help you with anything.  ONly to present an appearance of.

Moreover — it’s an attractive field for crooks as well as genuine philanthropists — because the money is so dispersed, it’s much harder to trace.  They are part of the two-class system.

3.  There are foundations, which is a specialized but much more powerful (it appears) form of nonprofit, in which big corps or families (Ford, MacArthur, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Templeton, Annie E. Casey, etc.) preserve THEIR family wealth by not paying taxes on it, and from there — running government and forming even more nonprofits, etc.

BUT few of us actually view GOVERNMENT entities (and, AUTHORITIES) as Corporations. Pure and simple, almost.

This is NOT “rocket science” or “Brain surgery.”  It’s a matter of some vocabulary, and some definitions with real-time examples.  I gave you the example of the California Park system hiding $20 million (plus $34 somewhere else resulted in the $54 million link, above).   It CAn be grasped.

Got a problem with too many zeroes, i.e., trillions?  take them off (don’t lose count of how many) — the same amount per element — do the math — and put them back on (carefully).   It can be done.  What’s:

$38,000,000,000 – $7,000,000?  Remove six zeroes (each) and you have $38,000 – $7 = $37,993.  Put them back on, and it’s $37,993,000,000 — taking away $7 million from $38 BILLION is significant — but relatively speaking, a spit in the bucket.

See?  Billion to million isn’t that hard — and the figures, however, we are dealing with is TRILLIONS.  that only means three more zeroes.  You can do it!


Summarizing Faith-Based, Marriage-Promoting, Change-Agents and Slush Funds…

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Your Money, Their Tax Exemption,

Your Kids Gone (or Abused) courtesy

Your Government.  Your President(s) Promoting it, Too,

Clinton, Bush, Obama, ….???

Name me one that didn’t promote faith, marriage and fatherhood.

Or have a background involving some real estate deals pre-Presidency.

I’ve been looking (too long, probably) at what these organizations do, how they behave, and what the pattern is.  Unilaterally, it’s sickening (i.e., it’s corrupt).  I believe that collectively this is the “air we breathe” and that it gets back to the money system — a dual class cartel being created and expanded, where those closest to the “Court” may save or prosper their own asses — but it will be at the expense of ethics, truth, and others.  This will lead to more bloodshed, as some are going to resist by non-economic means.

All of this may sound complex (particularly as I don’t present it visually in the best manner — I’d be better in a Q&A, or live; and don’t have graphics skills).  But as to concepts, it isn’t.  If you can think conceptually (and surviving depends on more of it these days) — you can understand these concepts.  The thing is, most people’s lives don’t require analyzing so much of their government from top to bottom, while not being IN it or ON it.  Those of us who got so marginalized and don’t like fake answers (hard truths are OK, “Placebo” truths are not) — have been doing so.

THINGS FLOW:  Electricity, water, air (lava, sometimes), sap, blood, lymph (with help), sewage, OK, MILK, semen, right?– and money.

AND – information / IDEAS — in the form of words, sounds, images, smells — almost anything that involves one of the five senses.  This is your:  face to face, and technology over the decades:  Paper (Gutenberg), Radio, Telegraph, and now, The Internet — Social Media — the web.  . .  . . Etc.

(Some — many — also assert that spirit exists, and as such, it’s been compared to:  wind, fire, and water. (“Earth, Wind and Fire?”)


In a sense, property ownership ALSO “flows” — from one owner to another.

THINGS FLOW — and when they do, there are conduits, surfaces, or carriers (irrigation systems, etc.) through which they flow.  Or seep.  Or, are transmitted.

Extended illustration that WHAT flows, matters.  Maybe some things shouldn’t be:

As they flow, and over time, they sometimes are themselves transformed (water) or transform (give life — or death) to — other things.  Right now in Pennsylvania, there’s the issue of SHALE (“fracking”) which forcibly injects a mixture of liquids (carrying pollutants) to get the desired oil out, I guess.   (see link) Here’s a description which proves that, if you flush something out that wasn’t meant to be flushed — there is a resulting flow of crap, which has to be hauled away.  I seems that presently the Governor of PA (Corbett) is appealing municipalities protests of an unconstitutional (and so ruled, by the Supreme Court of PA) restriction on local municipalities to protest zoning that would — enable this fracking, I think.  What did the GOV do?  Well, the apparatus was already set — there were states’ attorneys, and a (centralized development agency), the OECD, over which he appointed a crony (“walker”) (or, at least donor to his campaign, and with a financial interests in defeating this Ruled-Unconstitutional act.  Power at work…).

Now, what to do with it?  This is about FLOW and just an illustration.  A large one, of course:

Flowback and Brine Treatment in Pennsylvania

Someone may try to convince you that using 6-million gallons of water for fracing one gas well doesn’t amount to a massive amount of water. Even if they are successful in making that argument, the next topic becomes flowback or brineWhat do you do with the crap that comes back out of the ground?

Gas drilling wastewater receives no treatment to remove frac fluids or chlorides, only dilution with treated sewage from this McKeesport Municipal Authority.
The Municipal Authority of McKeesport accepts 80,000 gallons per day, which is then mixed with treated sewage and dumped into the Monongahela River upstream from Pittsburgh. Hawg Hauling is part of Chesapeake Energy.

Somewhere between 20% and 40% of the water used for hydro-fracing a gas well returns to the surface as flowback, and later as produced water. In addition to the frac fluids added by the gas drilling companies, this water picks up other contaminants from deep in the Earth (~ 7,000 feet deep) with one of the most notable ingredients being salt.

Let’s talk about what’s in it: (from same site — just browse…)

These fluids contain sodium and calcium salts, barium, oil, strontium, iron, numerous heavy metals, soap, radiation and other components. This fluid combination becomes brine wastewater, and tanker trucks hauling it are labeled with RESIDUAL WASTE placard. Treated brine is also sold for deicing and other applications that utilize calcium chloride, often being applied to roadways.


((FRom A DIFFERENT SOURCE, same forum though, posted Mon July 9, 2012 11:09pm Link provided there was broken..):

“These first four categories represent effects that would likely be expressed upon immediate exposure, such as eye and skin irritation, nausea and/or vomiting, asthma, coughing, sore throat, flu-like symptoms, tingling, dizziness, headaches,weakness, fainting, numbness in extremities, and convulsions…”…”Health categories that reflect chronic and long-term organ and system damage comprise the middle portion of Figure 2.

These include the nervous system (52%), immune system (40%), kidney (40%), and the cardiovascular system and blood (46%). More than 25% of the chemicals can cause cancer and mutations. Notably, 37% of the chemicals can affect the endocrine system that encompasses multiple organ systems including those critical for normal reproduction and development. The category of other is more common, and includes effects on weight, teeth, and bone and the ability of a chemical to cause death. More than 40% of the chemicals have been found to have ecological effects, indicating that they can harm aquatic

Brine wastewater is difficult and expensive to treat, one of the same reasons we aren’t using much ocean water for agriculture and residential applications. The saltiness of this wastewater creates high levels of TDS (total dissoved solids). Incomplete processing of this brine wastewater, especially when dumped into rivers used for drinking water, creates a high TDS situation that causes drinking water treatment plants problems, likeTrihalomethanes. High TDS water reacts with chlorine when it is processed creating these TTHM’s.

about which, per the EPA

Trihalomethanes (THM) are a group of four chemicals that are formed (along with other disinfection byproducts) when chlorine or other disinfectants used to control microbial contaminants in drinking water react with naturally occurring organic and inorganic matter in water. The trihalomethanes are chloroform, bromodi/chloromethane, dibromo/chloromethane, and bromoform (I inserted the “/”s)

That’s sweet, disinfecting with chlorine and other agents creates Chloroform, something used to kill butterflies and sometimes aid in a kidnapping.   




SOME PEOPLE are just REAL INTENT in consolidating power, and have developed many ways to do so.

In my quest to see why I couldn’t even break a lousy individual (batterer husband) — or my own family off me, I came to understand more and more of these matters affecting the courts, and to understand (I believe) the courts for what they are — gateways to the flow of power DOWNWARDS and not for the right reasons.  I’ve seen enough, and while knowledge is power, it is the delivery system which really counts (which those holding power certainly know) — as well as the MAINTENANCE OF MYTH:

When it comes to MAINTENANCE OF MYtH — there’s nothing like religion + internet.  When it comes to hiding assets, there’s nothing like nonprofits and the internet — and pre-existing institutions.  When it comes to DISTRACTION — there’s nothing like trapping people’s time in a SINGLE system (with captive, so to speak) audiences — rather than understanding how systems interact with each other.

As we speak, I have been accumulating layers (weaving, as it were) of understanding of various threads.  ALL of those threads lead to distribution of money and bring up the question of the IRS.  This brings up the question of whose bright idea it, and the Federal Reserve, and so many other coordinated things that they absolutely do comprise a FABRIC with a certain MODEL that is being (has been) stretched over the U.S. over time.

The CORE of this model is — I’m sure of it now — ECONOMIC

It is the centralization of wealth (as opposed to “money”)

with frightening systems of control, destruction, incarceration, potential forced psychiatric drugging, or simply peddling of narcotics (in addition to the drugging of kids in foster care — or schools — to control them, as well as the elderly, as well as the mentally unstable, as well as the . . . (get it?)  )

we have become also accustomed (too many of us) to believe that DOLLARS are MONEY —

when Dollars are NOT real money– Dollars are Debt-Notes.  

They might as well be play-dough.

And too many legislators have a dual allegiance — one of which is in the Vatican.

The others which say they aren’t Catholic have forgotten that George W. Bush has been called a better Catholic the John F. Kennedy.  JFK actually had a fight with his conscience where faith fought his oath as President of the United States to uphold and defend the Constitution.

I don’t think the former Presidential contestant, Rick Santorum (nor, Michelle Bachmann)

would have had such troubling thoughts as a conscience of the law of the land might give.

They do seem to center geographically on Washington, D.C. (and historically so), with of course hot spots in various states where certain (nonprofit trade associations) have coalesced.  Like, Denver, or Chicago — or some in California (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco).  In the middle of the country, Minnesota (out of all places) has been a hotspot of “DV” activity.   Wisconsin seems to have been a test state almost, for welfare reform (Tommy Thompson, etc.) and is the home state of this “AFCC” I keep talking about. . . . . .  Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma are — well, what they are (very “fatherhood” friendly).  Don’t ask me why NY comes to mind in this area — but it doesn’t.



. . . . I kept running smack into the problem that, the problem is the dual class system set up by Nonprofit status, to start with.  Nonprofits form boards, have salaries paid, either do (which = prosperity) sell out to HHS policy (which is itself blended with corporate wealth, see GWBush, already) — or go the private foundation route (i.e., PRIVATE wealth) — and from that platform, go about attempting to restructure the entire PUBLIC institution infrastructure, for its own good (as defined by the privately-founded wealth) etc.   Roughly speaking, this might be called — and was exemplified by, the Robert Rectors (Heritage Foundation — i.e., just let us BE the United States Government, after all, we already know how to run things) versus the Peter Edelmans (Georgetown Law, and with the proven track record in Civil Rights, and in association with Children’s Defense Fund, see (his wife), Marian Wright Edelman, who are — let us FIX the United States Government — and by the way, we are taking private wealth.

What about people whose goal is NOT world change (“OUR version, for everyone — not THEIR version, for everyone), but, supporting ourselves and our families, staying active in our communities, and having time left to sleep — plus food to eat?   Suppose we are happy within normal spheres of endeavor — we may want to travel some around the globe, but are not invested in owning and running it?

If I had to go to dinner with one of the two, I’d pick the Edelmans any day, but I do not endorse either of their policies; both are “change agents” and believe that their collective personal vision should be inflicted on future generations, whereas, I’m a single mother (or was), and have daughters — and just don’t happen to agree.   Why?  Because there’s such a thing as too much “SYSTEM.”  Whoever runs a system for the nation, controls the nation — and a lot of its funding.  And the public school system is similar to the family law system.  They’re both here, feed on each other, and put IDEAS (not just people) in boxes, demand payment from someone else for doing this, but when it comes to FENCES (regulations on the administrators of the system), then the parents and nonparents supporting these systems — are FENCED out. See “metal detectors” and “lockdown.”  I cannot think of a more overt collective attack on this country than those two systems, combined, have done to its children — and with the children, the parents who actually DO care about them, but must fight the government for access to their own kids, or a relationship with them.

In short, I don’t believe in nationwide SYSTEMS, period, except where absolutely essential.  I say that having (sort of) survived an abusive “nuclear family” system and am still reeling from the extended family (plus friends) GANG simply because my children were wonderful (and irresistible), and, can you spell, “the love of money”?   I believe this is what middle-aged people (both genders) do when their own (professionally OK, or even successful) lives are simply boring, unrewarding, or meaningless.

(SO, that long link above link is to a topic on Scranton PT which has a recent dredging of the marriage- and faith-based shell corps (and resulting headlines about their various frauds) AND shows how a major community change initiative by Saul Alinsky (Industrial Areas Foundation — now based out of Grace Episcopal in Chicago) (a) worked and (b) morphed from “using” the access to people that churches represented, to strengthening churches AS institutions and centers for receiving (federal) grants to change communities.  It seems the HHS was fine with that — and somehow money is getting lost in the process.


A few of the posts (on that topic & forum) also uncovered in the process a COPYCAT of the Industrial Areas Foundation adapted to Christianity — or at least the veneer of churchianity — apparently some woman was overly impressed by some man who (it turned out) had himself been through PICO training.  What “PICO” is appears to be a recruiting process — an organization trawls locally for leadership material and then recruits them into separate membership which becomes a “change agent” and then that local leaders goes forth and conquers. . . . . . . .  I guess this is an alternative to normal judicial & legislative processes, perhaps….  (A SAMPLE COMMENT)

Here’s re: PICO, allegedly modeled after Saul Alinksy ideas and around neighborhood organizing.  Apparently neighborhoods now being more fractured, they headed for the churches (ca. 1980s). Interesting and relevant from wikipedia.  PICO (Pacific Institute for Community Organizing) started in Oakland, CA  1972, by a Jesuit priest, John Bauman

PICO National Network provides training and consultation and develops national strategy for its affiliated congregation-based community organizations. As of 2007 PICO had 53 local and regional affiliates, representing 150 cities in 17 states, with 1000 member institutions claiming to represent a million people.[1] It is also involved with organizing and training efforts in six countries of Central America and Rwanda in Africa

PICO conducts six-day national leadership development seminars four times a year, teaching the theory and practice of congregation-based organizing. Each year an additional seminar is presented in Spanish. Local affiliates also provide members and leaders with training on building and sustaining strong organizations, identifying potential leaders through one-on-one relational meetings, researching community issues, developing budgets, and working with public officials.[11]

PICO leader attracted to ideas of Saul Alinksy, i.e. incl.  Alinsky’s tactics were often unorthodox. In Rules for Radicals Alinsky wrote, “[t]he job of the organizer is to maneuver and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a ‘dangerous enemy.'” According to Alinsky, “the hysterical instant reaction of the establishment [will] not only validate [the organizer’s] credentials of competency but also ensure automatic popular invitation.”[8]

PICO is basically community organizing to solve the world’s (i.e., it mentions urban, suburban and rural) projects — with connections to Central America and Rwanda…

In PICO’s congregation-community model, congregations of all denominations and faiths serve as the institutional base for community organizations. Rather than bring people together simply based on common issues like housing or education, the faith-based or broad-based organizing model makes values and relationships the glue that holds organizations together.

PICO National Network - Unlocking the Power of People

PICO builds community organizations based on religious congregations, schools and community centers, which are often the only stable civic gathering places in many neighborhoods

REGARDING the North County Sponsoring Committee (aka Faith Works) — it’s basically a PICO affiliate.

FROM 2002 return, its nonprofit purpose is to provide leadership training:

To strengthen North San Diego County families and communities by assisting religious congregations and other community groups in the development of leadership that is educated and organized for effective participation in civic life

No officers paid yet, and no employees.  Largest expense under “other” includes PICO consulting fee:  $14,675, plus training fees and training mileage:

This is fascinating — but mostly in its context, which I realize you are not, just now.

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