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-My Comments, Your Blogs #2 {01/21/2011}, @ Rightsformothers.com “Whoa…Wait Just a Minute, Scott Stapp!” [2010, Jul 12th]

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This was a fun comment (a.k.a. post) to do, which looks WAY better as a comment on the original site, if it’s approved… So go there first to read what I’m commenting on.  Noncustodial mothers tend to notice noncustodial mothers, which Scott Stapp’s first wife (and his son, Jagger’s mother) indeed was.  RFM noticed that.  On this post, I noticed a little different angle, in accord with what I blog on here:.

Creed lead singer lacks a little credibility here:

Scott Stapp and wife Jaclyn welcomed son Daniel Issam Stapp at 3:01 p.m. on Sunday, July 4, the Creed frontman has announced via Twitter.

“It is such a true blessing to be a father and husband,” Stapp, 36, writes. “Again, I am reminded of how deeply I love, how deeply I respect, how deeply I admire and how deeply I appreciate my best friend, my only love, my wife — Jaclyn.”***

The couple are also parents to daughter Milán Hayat, 3, and son Jagger, 11.

(***Browse next URL below for just how deeply… and for how long….

***never take a megastar singer/songwriter entirely at face value, no matter how expressive and romantic…)

(You figure out what year.  I’m busy.  PEOPLE.COM — a search of his only love, his wife, and she’s quite a looker, and head of some charitable activity — doesn’t rate a single last name search result (“All Results”) under  PEOPLE.com.  He still does, regardless of what a bad boy (the father, I mean) has been, this time:


He gets 12 mentions, and and Archive, dated to when he was about 27, and it mentions his family background, and how he was, at that time SHARING custody with Jagger.  I’ll cite it at the bottom of this post, too:

Scott Stapp Says He’s ‘Truly Sorry’ After Arrest


Wednesday May 23, 2007 03:25 PM EDT

Scott Stapp Says He's 'Truly Sorry' After Arrest | Scott Stapp 

Scott and Jaclyn [NESHEIWAT] Stapp

Ralph Notaro/Getty

Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp is working to rebuild his reputation – and is seeking forgiveness from his wife, Jaclyn.

The musician, 33, was arrested on Sundayat his Florida home and charged with one count of domestic assault with intent to commit a felony, the Associated Press reported.

(at age 27 he was sharing custody with a 2-year old toddler, see bottom of this post.  Perhaps he’s just movin’ too fast through life?)

OK, so my @@@@@@COMMENTARY:

(RFM asked a “what the hell?” question)…  Comment begins here:

How in the hell? . . .. Gee, I wonder.

Did you pick up on this foundation?

t was the first trip down the aisle for Nesheiwat and the second for Stapp. He was previously married to Hillaree Burns for 16 months before divorcing in 1999. Stapp retained sole custody of their only child, Jagger.

They met in January 2005, at a fundraising gala for the Muscular Dystrophy Association in New York and got engaged late last year. Stapp issued a press release last month touting the engagement and announcing that Nesheiwat had taken a position as director of public affairs for the Scott Stapp Foundation, an organization aimed at promoting healthy parent-child relationships.

As we know, anyone heading up (or funding) something saying it’s in favor of “healthy parent-child relationships” is surely a paragon of such relationships in his or her own life. This is maybe why the group “Strengthen Our Sisters” (you blogged elsewhere, after BMCC VIII, in 2011) did a little workshop called a “MOck-ology.” Sandra Rhodes ,who predates these things being fashionable terms, spoke about how suddenly was fashionable for certain women to be the Executive Directors of Shelters, where previously, she had women showing up at her house, and attempted to find safe housing for them.

it was more than “fashionable,” but also profitable a real adornment to a society person’s resume, or a social service person’s resume also. Or a policymaker’s resume. It’s a position noncustodial mothers, battered mothers, family court survivors rarely get to, but I believe in the earlier days, probably they did.

Looking it up, here’s his 2007 Domestic Battery charges. See if we can keep this straight– this assault (threw a bottle at he, after an all-nighter) is on his TROPHY wife (above, the new one) who had a four-month-old baby at the time. Oh yea, and prescription drugs, all-nighters, and guns were in the picture as well. Read it for how the police handled it, and afterwards, the judge. Probably the $5 mansion maybe related to the police actually arresting him, when some of us have lost body parts (me, just a tooth) without any consequent arrest?

(Cele/bitchy May 21, 2007) Scott Stapp Arrested on Domestic Battery Charge.

in Florida on Sunday. Scott Stapp, 33, was charged with domestic assault for throwing a bottle of Orangina at his wife at around 8:00 am when he got home from a drunken all nighter and she confronted him.

He missed, but his wife said she feared for her life and that he threw the bottle at her face:

According to the police report, Stapp’s wife, Miss New York USA 2004, Jaclyn Nesheiwat Stapp, claims that she called 911 after Scott stumbled into their $5 million mansion around 8:00 AM and got “very angry” when she asked if he was “using drugs.” Jaclyn told police that Stapp began yelling at her to “leave him alone,” before he grabbed an Orangina bottle and launched it at her face, nearly hitting her.

When cops arrived, they found the shattered bottle … and several handguns locked in a safe. According to the report, “Scott was very cooperative” about handing over the firearms, which were immediately confiscated. One of the responding officers claims that Stapp did admit to throwing the bottle, but the former Creed frontman also said, “Jaclyn was no where in the area.”

Stapp was then arrested on suspicion of domestic assault with intent to commit a felony. After spending a night behind bars, a judge lowered the original booking charge to a misdemeanor. Now, the case is in the hands of the State Attorney, who has 30 days to charge the rock star or reject the case.

Stapp was in court today [2007] and the judge ruled that he cannot return home to his mansion or contact his wife. He must take random drug tests and is not allowed to drink or take drugs.

It gets more interesting. Someone searching the FL public records (in Nov. 2010) adds:

lthough the band has said they are not “Christian Rock,” many have labeled them as such due to some of the subject matter of their albums. Stapp has said that he is a Christian, however.

So, he has something in common with Charlie Sheen. Make that at least 2 things in common….possibly 3 or 4.

Stapp is no stranger to controversy. According to MSNBC, in February of 2006, a Scott Stapp sex tape was reported to have been acquired by an adult film company. The tape featured Scott Stapp and singer Kid Rock engaging in graphic sex acts with four female fans. News of the sex tape came out shortly after Stapp’s marriage to Ms. Neshiewat.

{this same post earnestly posts stats from NCADV about the impacts of “perusing violence” on children. While ACESTUDY.org would confirm (not that family law judges give a — a, a .. not that they care…) it’s equally possible, and probably as prevalent (thanks to the IRS and the HHS and the DOJ’s “healthy relationships”) to run across an equally earnest declaration that the real cause of those bad effects of children witnessing violence is FATHERLESSNESS… (case in point, see Mr. Stapp)…

The question remains, what $he $aw in him. Or, maybe he wa$ just a real charmer. Or, $he wa$ (as well as, see photos…).

Corporation Wiki on This foundation:

Incorporated by Jaclyn Stapp, Scott Adair, Scott A Stapp, Scott Stapp Foundation, Inc. is located at 401 Market St Shreveport, LA 71101. Scott Stapp Foundation, Inc. was incorporated on Tuesday, August 15, 2000 in the State of FL and is currently active. Regions Morgan Keegan Trust represents Scott Stapp Foundation, Inc. as their registered agent.

The “Scott Stapp Foundation”.com keeps drawing a blank, if anyone else can track them down nowadays. However a law firm with business in 3 locations in NY references them, along with many other wonderful foundations that such organizations, and paragons of altruism, like to be associated, helping kids, you know:Sayegh Law Firm
and their family law practitioner has quite a scope of specialities, which woudl come in handy in tracking down (or protecting) assets in any custody battle — perhaps they should go into a foundation? Kenneth S. Rones

Raised in Queens and Manhattan, Kenneth S. Rones is a former Judge as well as a former Sr. Assistant District Attorney who has been practicing law since 1974. An accomplished trial lawyer, Ken’s concentration is in matrimonial, family law, criminal cases and residential real estate. He has both prosecuted and defended complicated divorce cases as well as criminal matters from homicides to driving while intoxicated and traffic offenses. Additionally, Ken has enjoyed representing hundreds of sellers and buyers in the sale/purchase of their homes. Ken is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States, United States Court of Appeals, 2d Cir., the United States District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, as well as all of the courts in the State of New York.

Pointless Banter.net, apparenty a guy, or at least jealous of the beautiful woman, jokes (trying to look up the foundation), says:

the Scott Stapp Foundation, which promotes healthy parent-child relationships”

For those of you who don’t know Scott Stapp has a child from a previous marriage. I guess this is really setting the example for your kid huh Scottie? Where is the office of the Scott Stapp Foundation located? I did some research on this and he shares a building with the following other foundations and businesses:

-The OJ Simpson Marriage Counseling Center
-The Courtney Love Foundation for Sober Living
-Michael Jackson Daycare Providers
-NAMBLA- Big Brothers Program
-Britney Spears Safe Driving Academy
-Tracy Gold Weight Loss Center
-Paris Hilton’s SAT Preparation Program

Here’s a good website to know about The Foundation Center (URL links to search for this foundation, which draws a blank… You can also look up 990s etc.

No (IRS form) 990 found, either hmm, how do you spell her last name?

First wife, per answers.com (marriage, 16 months, then she had his son) he got a hit single out of that, and (same year as Stapp Foundation) did a foundation named, humbly after the hit single about his son (forget the wife, she functioned as incubator, I guess):

Personal life

Stapp’s first wife was Hillaree Burns. They were married for 16 months and divorced in 1999. She later gave birth to Stapp’s son Jagger. Creed’s number one single “With Arms Wide Open” is about their son.


In 2000, Stapp founded the With Arms Wide Open Foundation, a charity organization dedicated to “[promoting**] healthy, loving relationships between children and their families.” In early 2010, Stapp flew to Haiti to help the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

** as opposed to, “modeling…”, which is a lot harder….

I shouldn’t be so hard on a beauty queen philanthropist. Unlike her rocker abusive husband, she actually finished her bachelor’s degree. With ties to NY and a sister who is an Army Capt., and invitation to the White House, HER bio reads quite differently, nor does she look hard-up for cash… And here, we learn it’s called The Scott Stapp WIth Arms Wide Open Foundation.” I guess…

Her sister is even more interesting, if this is her on LinkedIn (pick one – either way…)
AH well, perhaps being too wealthy ain’t healthy.

Jacyln, very humanitarian and also (like her husband) a Christian, per her site:

his Jordanian American Beauty also dedicates time to humanitarian projects that have taken her across the country and around the world. She has presented motivational addresses to high school students in New York City and worked with inner-city youth through Stetson University’s “Into the Streets Program” for at-risk students. During her reign as Miss New York USA, Jaclyn’s most memorable experience was visiting the U.S. troops in Iraq at the invitation of the White House Provisional Coalition. Jaclyn traveled to Baghdad spending time with our soldiers, visiting an Iraqi orphanage and meeting with brave female members of Iraq’s Governing Council to discuss human rights. She has described her journey as “a humbling and profound experience that I will never forget.”

“I am blessed with an amazing family. I believe in leading by example and hope I can inspire others to have the confidence to believe in themselves, set there goals of life, and above all never give up.” One thing is for sure, Jaclyn is driven by her Christian faith and is thankful to her family, friends and all those who have been along side her continuing journey in life.

1 Corinthians 13,

“Three things will last forever – faith, hope, & love; and the greatest of these is love.”

– Jaclyn Stapp

OK, and FINALLY on this wonderful foundation (get my point?)

About The With Arms Wide Open Foundation

The With Arms Wide Open Foundation, which was created in October 2000, protects the lives and well-being of children by seeking to ensure healthy, loving, nurturing bonds between children and their parents through funding existing service providers and identifying and addressing service gap areas.

The Foundation’s intent is to raise public awareness of the importance of healthy parent-child relationships in whatever form they may arise; to provide encouraging support and education to parents; and to identify and address problematic areas that impede the development and/or maintenance of healthy, loving, nurturing parent-child relationships

The key thing about FOUNDATIONS is the tax-exempt (tax-shelter?) for the wealthy, and they direct funds to — well other causes. They are major part of government policy, at most levels. Nonprofits, however large, individually, don’t seem to be as influential. I couldn’t find “Scott Stapp” at the Red-cross.org (see last link), nor this fully-named corporation at the Foundation Finder, but maybe that’s just me..

But you BETCHA they’ve picked on that lingo I just tend to wonder if this means one can write one’s own ticket, or get them dismissed, as to DV also….

Remember “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

This must’ve been pre-internet, and possibly pre-light bulb. Unhealthy + Wealthy _ still= Custodial Parent. But of course, we know the federal grants promoting these things were really for poor, low-income, minority males who couldn’t pay their child support and needed a leg up to do so. ….

CREED’s Christianity, or at least his STepfather’s — and how “Daddy” he was with first wife, also a young aspiring model.  Guess he likes models….:

People, March 26, 2001, Volume 55, Number 12:  “Staying Alive” by Steve Doherty:

Scott Stapp of Creed Plays the Rock-Star Game with An Eye to Self-Preservation

With his leather pants, gravelly baritone and messianic stage moves {{??}}, Creed lead singer Scott Stapp certainly looks the part of a rock star, but he hardly acts it. “I see a lot of breasts when I’m singing,” he says of female fans who flash him during concerts. “But that’s not what I’m into.” In fact, Stapp rejects the sex, drugs and rock and roll code that his hero Jim Morrison lived by and, at 27, died by. “There is no rule that says if you’re a rock star you have to have sex with as many groupies as you can,” he says. “There is no rule number two that says take as much drugs as you can so you can die at 27.

(er, see the People.com search on his name near top of this post.  Something changed...)

He may not share his idol’s appetite for self-destruction, but Stapp, now 27 himself, is a throwback to those glory days when charismatic rock singers like Morrison ruled the pop world. Having sold more than 9 million copies of their latest album of inspirational anthems, Human Clay, {{the term is a Biblical reference, possibly, Romans 11, etc.}} the follow-up to their 5-million-selling 1997 debut album, My Own Prison, Stapp and his bandmates—guitarist and co-songwriter Mark Tremonti, 26, and drummer Scott Phillips, 28 (bassist Brian Marshall, 27, recently quit the band to pursue other interests)—are thriving in an era when teenypop and rap metal acts have made rock bands an endangered species. Rolling Stone music editor Joe Levy says that Creed’s “big, melodic, skyscraper-size rock and roll” sound appeals to “a lot of people who don’t want to listen to Britney Spears or Jay-Z.” At the same time, Stapp’s “great voice” and “spiritual depth” galvanize audiences, says John Kurzweg, producer of Creed

Of course, that tradition has long included marital strife, and it’s no different for Stapp. Divorced in June 1999 after a 16-month marriage to Hillaree Burns, 22, an aspiring model, Stapp says the reason “wasn’t infidelity. We were just young and had a baby, and everything happened so fast.” Within a month the couple reunited, but that reconciliation failed, and Burns is now living in a house Stapp bought for her near his own in Orlando. “I think in her heart she would like a man who’s home every day,” he says. “I’m in a rock band and I’m gone a lot. I’ll always love her. She gave me one of the greatest gifts in my life, my son.”

Of course, “MY” son — see top of post, and his new love, who is his son’s new parent. Perhaps he didn’t want to pay child support, couldn’t afford it?

Now sharing custody of 2-year-old Jagger—”Not named after Mick!” Stapp insists. “His name means ‘one who carries a message’ “—he prides himself on being a full-service dad. “I do everything, from the diapers to the vomit,” he says. “I’ve been peed on, pooped on, the whole nine yards.” His mother, for one, marvels. “In a man,” says homemaker Lynda Stapp, 51, “it’s rare to see such a maternal instinct.”  (see Archive photo of young Dad with toddler, and Young Man with Blond Model wife)

Raised near Orlando with two sisters and two stepsisters [Wow — and no brothers] as a born-again Christian by Lynda and her second husband, dentist Steven Stapp, 58, Scott was a preschooler when his natural father left home. “I love him,” he says of his stepdad, a strict disciplinarian {and obviously, if divorced and not a widower, a custodial father hmself, with a new wife, a pattern Stapp would later duplicate} who sometimes, as punishment, made him copy long passages from the Bible by hand.

Wow.  I got to hand it to the guy — a devout Christian (step)father using Scripture as punishment:

“He’s a strong man for coming into a situation where a woman had three kids.” As a child, Scott was “very sensitive and intuitive,” recalls Lynda. “I never put him down for showing emotion, and I think that fuels his artistry.” Not that it helped him with the girls in high school: “I was always the guy the girls called and cried about their boyfriends to.” By his freshman year at Tennessee’s Lee University, he had grown three inches taller and suddenly “all these girls wanted to go out with me.”

Bounced from college for smoking marijuana, Stapp, who rebelled against his strict Christian upbringing and is no longer an active churchgoer, {see above}  moved to Tallahassee, Fla. (after reading that Jim Morrison once lived there). In 1995 he began setting his poetry to Tremonti’s music. Now that his career is at full boil, Stapp devotes some of his downtime to his charity, With Arms Wide Open Foundation, named after Creed’s signature hit. (The organization, which he funds with proceeds raised from Creed CD sales and concerts, helps homeless families find affordable housing, then pays the deposits and two months’ rent.) But his most precious moments are reserved for playing music with Jagger, who likes to bang on the baby grand piano, drum set and guitar his father bought for him. “He pretends he’s strumming and singing into a microphone,” Stapp says proudly. “He says, ‘Daddy, let’s go upstairs and jam.’ “

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January 21, 2011 at 12:17 am

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  1. “Stapp is no stranger to controversy. According to MSNBC, in February of 2006, a Scott Stapp sex tape was reported to have been acquired by an adult film company. The tape featured Scott Stapp and singer Kid Rock engaging in graphic sex acts with four female fans. News of the sex tape came out shortly after Stapp’s marriage to Ms. Neshiewat.”

    Please don’t post this stuff so close to dinner time. The thought of these two slimy guys tag teaming is way to much.

    Second, if you google the IEN # for the “charity” you can look it up easily in the 990 library. This info should also be listed with the IRS. Lots of times names don’t come up due to BS punctuation issues and such.

    In addition, you might not find that “Foundation” because it is likely a trust. Meaning, people make donations, he does pr, and everyone makes money. TRU$T ME. Do not let the label fool you. They have to make a certain amount of donations for tax purposes, but charity fundraisers are great for keeping up with the maintenance at the Man$e.

    Usually a trust must register with the registrar of deeds in the county and state where the owner lives/does business. However, this information is often found in the Delaware Secretary of State’s registry. Delaware is a wicked awesome place to hide money and corporations because they have low taxes and disclose nothing publicly. In Delaware, you will likely find and capture Osama Bin Laden before you locate scott’s trust, which is likely registered to some other nonprofit and another one-but ultimately are all owned by the FR industry and their corporate sponsors.

    One such mythical corporation I know of manufactures spyware, and every time I post something, my cursor goes ape shit.

    Tonight is no different. While you analyze the stars, I urge you to seek answers in the SKY to Link what ever path you have DESIGNED for your own personal journey.


    January 24, 2011 at 9:56 pm

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