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Are (my) Slow-Roasted, Carefully Crafted Posts an Anachronism? Probably, But Not This One. Meanwhile, @OFAHMRF, Where Are The Biennial HMRF Grantee Conferences Archives? [Publ. Aug. 11, 2022.]

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(I will be revising this post sometime later today or tomorrow, FYI)

Just this morning, I saw an alert to a forum taking place this evening. I have that image on my cellphone, but looking to find it from my laptop (the two communicate, but it’s a little complicated to retrieve photos or images from cell to laptop), I just learned the group promoting it on Twitter has now blocked me.

Guess I reported just a bit too much on them, their filing habits, and probably insulted some of their friends, and only since February 2022.  I’m not the right kind of domestic violence and family court survivor, or blogger, apparently.  Maybe I should be flattered that the “we’re the ones!” even bothered to block me, probably I’m not collaborative enough…

I don’t (yet) have the tech savvy to get or get to screenshot (announcement by @NFVLCgwu retweeting @Safe_parents announcement promoting @NFVLCgwu’s Founder (sic — it’s a non-entity) Joan Meier, saved as a photo from the cellphone to my computer, so I instead grabbed a substitute (via laptop this time) from the same group’s website referencing today’s “Live Advocacy Event.”

They can block me on Twitter, but it’s a little harder to prevent individuals from viewing a website.  While at it, I grabbed a related (but not advocacy-event) image from a NationalSafeParents.org member, CPPA, which embeds the assumption that DV training will fix custody being switched to abusers, and avoid murder.

“Roadkill” and major drama is SUCH a draw, but the image (of a Tweet) reposting the headline entails an assumption that training judges is the solution WITHOUT showing who’s been training them — which would necessitate mentioning those nonprofits I’ve been blogging (in California, and after I fled the state a few years back) for a dozen years, and with good reason.

I’ll post these images gallery-style (side by side) right here, then finish my fast-post in fact, planned to be timed for that meeting coming up in a few minutes and for which it’s obvious I’m no longer qualified to participate:


Let me get right to it:  Embedding a thread I just today wrote:


This thread has 26 items, and most of them have images attached. Click to see’em all. I am referencing a conference which I believe just happened this week and may or may not be over with yet.//LGH.

I’ll re-post it at the bottom.  Anything between is just bonus information.

IF you plan to join in for this posted event (upcoming in about a half hour, I may or may not join in), give’ em my greetings, or this short-link:  http://wp.me/psBXH-f3k . It’s WordPress-generated and case-sensitive, so I didn’t assign the last three characters — but I think they’re highly appropriate to current domestic violence and family court advocacy policies and say so a few times below.


If the four letters “HMRF” or the three letters “HHS” are still new to you, go back to my front page, or somewhere else on this blog or off it, and figure it out!  I’m not the only person using #HMRF as a Twitter hashtag.

By “slow-roasted.. crafted” I mean, it takes time to assemble and upload and format the information — much, much more time than it does to find it, read it, or comprehend it — and I like to embed the proof, not just my opinions or (as in this post) sound-offs about what I’m seeing, year after year.

I also enjoy the process of investigating and writing such things up with a view to helping others understand; it’s personally satisfying just to understand things at an innate level, but being unable to share it efficiently is of course distressing.

Are (my) Slow-Roasted, Carefully Crafted Posts an Anachronism? Probably, But Not This One. Meanwhile, @OFAHMRF, Where Are The Biennial HMRF Grantee Conferences Archives? [Publ. Aug. 11, 2022.] (short-link ends “-f3k”) 

Know that if you are as tempted to say “what the -f3k is she talking about!?!” as I have been thinking “what the -f3k!?!” each time I go looking for certain financials and corporate registrations on domestic violence advocacy, fathers’ rights advocates (that’s essentially what “HMRF” represents, however much PR may wish us to believe otherwise) or university centers featuring either of the above, or child protection, poverty prevention, early childhood development as a solution to world peace (and, involving known fathers’ rights advocates,* which I found recently also) then this post has done its job.

Don’t be surprised that this is also endorsed at places like Harvard, Yale, and/or Cornell.

*Kyle D. Pruett, M.D., has been for years at the “Yale Child Study Center” (take a look at his c.v. (℅https://kylepruettmd.com/).

Besides how often those three words (“Yale Child Study Center”) and some variation of “father” (Fathers, fatherhood, fathering, etc.) feature on his c.v., [I also uploaded two annotated images below] please notice in 1975 he spent three months in London, England with Anna Freud at a clinic, which topic also raises where psychoanalysis and Freud meet the coverup and reframing of child-abuse (i.e., violent sexual assault by parents and those in positions of trust, “The Aetiology of Hysteria” (publ. 1895?), on which I posted on around 2013 and referenced on Twitter (again) recently, under “The Stunning Assault on Truth.” No, I’m not doing that legwork for you — use the Search function here to find the post.

It made me think, deeply:  What, really, were the origins (and still, the directions) of this field, of the psych- and mental/behavioral health fields as a whole? But, as to Freud, we’re talking psychoanalysis.  As usual, that post is full of internal links and quotes, and probably some nearby related coverage of the same topic. My driving interest in the development of this field and related fields stems from years of witnessing and experiencing how psychologists get involved and are drawn towards the family court fields, and into claiming allegations of abuse are “false.”  But that may be irrelevant anyway, when within the family courts (major reformations USA in the late 1960s-early 1970s) the paradigm was switched from OBJECTIVE to SUBJECTIVE, which facilitated “bring on the counselors.” this coincided with development of professional independent schools of psychology (enabling more to get their PhD’s in this field). IF after publishing, I locate my recent Twitter thread on that, I may embed, at the bottom of this post, which I started for a thread I only wrote today, August 11, 2022.

“Pruett,” searched on this blog, will also show, quickly, that his wife, too (Ph.D. psychologist, also goes by “Dr.”) is a long-time fathers’ rights advocate and activist AFCC. She even a personal mention on one of my post titles, preceded by the words “Good grief!”

That one, the so-called “Early Childhood Peace Consortium,” is also about accelerating process to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals — i.e., it’s about DEVELOPMENT  and one-world government (i.e., globalism), I see, as much as about children.  But within that, when they’re talking certain fields, in public policy, this isn’t exactly feminist — more likely, the opposite.  Either way, fatherhood activists are welcome here, clearly…

I’ll upload an image to show why my “WTF” has been engaged over more than just the topic mentioned in the post, for many days now. And I was just looking for another “Working Group on Fatherhood” (℅, probably MAP-FI.org) where the website declined to link or provide identifying detail enough to see what the -f3k it was talking about… See image title!

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