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The Profits Are in the Investments (ROI), Mergers/Acquistions, Sales, Dividends etc. — not the Wages!

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 ALEC’s Private Enterprise Board Chairperson & “Centerpoint360”


In a recent post, I put up some of the board members (Private Enterprise Board, and others) of “ALEC” the American Legislative Exchange Council. {pls. hover cursor for their “about us” History, which is significant} This is where corporations solicit — openly — American legislators (who sometimes get “scholarships” to attend!) and convene around initiatives, draft legislations, and then they get to go back home and pass the legislation, hopefully….

ALEC – American Legislative Exchange Council

It has a variety of Boards, Task Forces, etc.

About ALEC

I didn’t get to “profile” the corporation of the “private enterprise board’s” listed company, which was unfamiliar to me.  It’s called “Centerpoint360”  SourceWatch points out:

Centerpoint360 is a lobbying firm based in Greenwich, CT. According to its website, “Centerpoint360 serves as a complementary angle to the traditional government relations operations. We serve at the intersection of business and government in order to enhance a client’s ability to shape the debate as well as manage the legislative and regulatory processes.”[1]

The firm’s clients “include Fortune 100 companies with annual revenues in excess of $200 billion as well as not-for-profit and privately held enterprises, with clients in the consumer packaged goods, transportation, technology, supply chain & distribution, healthcare and sports marketing industries.”[2]

Support for the American Legislative Exchange Council

Centerpoint 360 President and CEO W. Preston Baldwin is the Chairman of the corporate (“Private Enterprise“) board for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as of 2011.[3][4]

A list of ALEC Corporations can be found here.

About ALEC
ALEC is a corporate bill mill. It is not just a lobby or a front group; it is much more powerful than that. Through ALEC, corporations hand state legislators their wishlists to benefit their bottom line. Corporations fund almost all of ALEC’s operations. They pay for a seat on ALEC task forces where corporate lobbyists and special interest reps vote with elected officials to approve “model” bills. Learn more at the Center for Media and Democracy’s ALECexposed.org, and check out breaking news on our PRWatch.org site.

More about Baldwin’s background, and Centerpoint360, from SourceWatch shows he formerly worked for “UST” (smokeless tobacco) which was just bought up by “Altria” formerly Phillip Morris.  which brings up another point — when companies get that much negative publicity, how hard is it to simply change the name, and continue in the same or similar line of work?  Seems to me it should be easy.

I learned on about October 23, 2012 that Phillip Morris ended up buying the largest US Food Company around, “General Foods” and merged it under the name Kraft.     I did this as a direct result of following up on one of the largest nonprofits in the District of Columbia, whose business is promoting vaccination in some of the world’s poorest countries, and whose present CEO used to work for a vaccination technology company.  Looking up THAT company, I found the co-founder of it got his background in Biscuits and Confectionary (i.e., sweets).  Looking up THAT company, I found out how Kraft  bought it out in 2010, and immediately closed a factory moving the operations to Poland.

Looking up the background of KRAFT, I found out it had just split off its food from its snacks business, distributing dividends (or however this is done) as recently as this past month! (October 2nd).  I am very interested in the history of market-dominating foods, which General Foods (began as “Postum” in 1893, Battle Creek Michigan) was.   It developed one product — a ready-to-eat cold cereal (you may have heard of Grape-Nuts) and focused early on and from the start on advertising and education.  From there on (raising cash) it started buying up other companies.  The rest is history.  and Philip Morris is part of it.

By consistently looking things up, we can get a better picture of how some of the major players in THIS economy (and on the globe) got themselves going.  I learned yesterday just how significant Oxford University (England, obviously) was in this mix.  You can too — it’s on the ColdHardFacts blog.

I didn’t know when publishing THIS blog (and the Philip Morris stuff) re: Centerpoint360 (a lobbying firm from CT with connections to ALEC, which has connections to the US Congress)  that the same company was so much into the US food supply.

Then, the next day (Oct. 24, 2012) I then noticed another page on a Catherine Austin Fitts site I’ve been working through (it’s a lot of material), and how the EU had made the connection between the cigarette industry and money laundering, plus the drug (or if you will, criminal profits from illegal drugs) industry.  A lawsuit was actually filed by several sovereign nations in the EU against a United States Defendant, RJR (RJ Reynolds, i.e., a tobacco firm).

This parallels with the situation of judges buying some real estate cheap, then it’s suddenly appraised high, and they are able to miraculously pay off one lien after another (were they real mortgages?) (whose money paid them off) totaling FAR more than a judge’s salary.  I heard of this, but to see it in a series of real estate deeds, compared to mortgages on the same, is a whole other matter.

It sounds to me similar deal here.  THis will not make sense (obviously) until a person has looked at some of the company’s histories and starts thinking in these terms.  That’s what I’m asking us plain old worker bees, life-long job-holders, to start doing — understand more than before about how corporations operate!   That’s WHY I’m laying this stuff out.

It’s not enough just to be a good guy, an ethical person.  Collectively, we need to acknowledge (see, when it’s happening under our noses) and respond to how the bad guys are operating!  Unless it’s OK to turn the world into a single criminal enterprise and just be extorted into oblivion or worked into lesser and lesser subsistence lifestyles, you can’t support your kids — you can’t fight to keep your kids — you can’t find justice, and eventually after enough years of this, you simply die.   Is THAT OK???

That’s why I “converse,” this information onto a blog, month after month….It’s not OK to keep playing ‘pretend’ this isn’t happening.      Behaviors need to change!   Self-education needs to become the norm; does the information make sense, is it verified — or does it make NO sense, and it’s not verified?


Note:  This requires attention and mental exertion called reading, and mentally sorting and filing what is read:  front-burner, back-burner, trash heap.  The reward of understanding comes later, not up front!

FYI, some of my most valuable finds came from noticing details that may not have seemed important on their own.  I don’t know why I focused on Philip Morris a few days ago, but here we are.  They were accused of RICO over here, and another cigarette company, and some brands it was associated with, has been accused of RICO by the European Union.

I suggest that when the European Union files a lawsuit, it may have some basis for doing so . . . . . And it went after a huge cigarette company.

RJR Nabisco

Nabisco Logo


  • RJR Takeover Wars – The Next Episode by Catherine Austin Fitts (Scoop Media, November 2002) The European Union Sues RJR Tobacco for Two Decades of Global Money Laundering for Colombian Drug Lords, Russian Mafia, Italian Mafia, Saddam Hussein’s Family & New York Real Estate Investors * * *

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October 24, 2012 at 6:46 pm

HHS Grantees…How many Evangelizing, How many Hypnotizing, How many Simply Disappeared?

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THIS POST MAY BE A SLIGHT DUPLICATE OF AN EARLIER ONE.  IT CONTAINS MISCELLANEOUS SORTS ON GRANTEES, BUT BELOW THAT, SOME DETAILS ON A FEW OF THEM MAY INTEREST YOU — IN PARTICULAR RE:  “PAIRS” “IDEALS” “ASSOCIATION FOR COUPLES AND MARRIAGE ENHANCEMENT” & NIRE(r)”GOODSHEPINC.” (a grantee which turns out to be a couple marketing quite a few items, including a specialized product code-named by one guy, “TheoPhoskos” or something like it.

Individuals mentioned:

  • David & Vera Mace (apparently one of the earlier ones  bringing in the “marriage education” field, along with a Catholic Father from Spain…
  • Bernard and Louise Guerney
  • Mary Ortwein
  • etc.


I have just finished some intense days reading about the history of a Christian group (sect) from the 1200s who suffered severe persecution (and massacres) for their lay-preaching, for CENTURIES and eventually, having probably helped influence the reformation, blended in with it — and helped with early Bible translations.  Their primary sin was lay preaching — AND allowing women to preach also.  This challenged the entire ecclesiastic privilege at a time when Popes were warring with each other (and various emperors) for dominance.

At the bottom of the “Where’s Waldo” post (re: the Waldensians) — I randomly pulled up some mainline church doctrine, showed its format (sloppy), and at the bottom, the megachurch Saddleback/Rick Warren.

Marketers use Churches for their distribution network, obviously, so I went to USPTO.gov and looked up things trademarked to Pastor Rick (Warren) – -and even I was surprised.

There also was a single article on a woman who –attempted — at least — to report domestic violence against her by a church member; she’d been paired with him originally by his mother, in a Saddleback choir.  It turns out the man was a serial abuser (his first wife had suffered even more severe abuse, facially disfiguring).  Saddleback, instead, gradually excommunicated the woman reporting (after squelching her reporting of it) and after the man was (properly) dismissed from leadership at his prior church, because of DV, he was instated gladly at Saddleback.


We should be #1 aware that what’s often called “Church” is simply using people for business, and that #2, too many of them simply hate women — which any God, assuming such a God is real and worth worshipping — simply would not do.


There are many lessons to be learned by reading up on these matters.  However this post is less weighty than some others — but I do wish to point out that some of the main players (PREP, IDEALS, etc.) are to be found all over the neighborhood — and HOW they spread their wares. . . . .


Also know that both Romney and Obama have supported the federal funding of these programs on the basis it helps people.  It does — it helps enrich those selling the product, and helps strengthen churches which discriminate against women, specifically, and which, moreover, apparently can’t and don’t read their own scriptures straight, or enough to actually be convinced by the contents.  As such, I say, strip the nonprofit tax status which is a church/state partnership that should not exist, and weakens the function of both church and state.

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October 24, 2012 at 8:45 am

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