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Now That You Know WHO, and a bit of How MUCH, Ask Yourself WHY…

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When your hard-earned money leaves your field of vision, or (if it’s deducted before you get the paycheck) never really enters into it — is it still your money, or in other’s stewardship for your benefit?  

Let’s keep looking at how many people rely on the fact of others’ passivity after money has been extracted from their personal possession, by the US Government, specifically (not state-level):

  • If you had a banker, real estate investor, mechanic, babysitter, housecleaner (for those who can afford this), or any other person you repeatedly gave business to — or anyone else, engaged in criminal activity, charging for services not rendered, or pooling funds with others to run a brothel, or run drugs, or kidnap and traffick in children, or child porn — would you voluntarily continue doing business with the person? — or would you fire them & report it?
  • How about if they were trying to disenfranchise a sector of population based on their chromosomes?
  • How about if they were working towards setting up a system of eugenics — while continuing to smile, look professional, have a Ph.D., and MBA — or a Rev. — as a title.  Would you continue doing business with them?
  • How about if they were simply a fake charity, claiming to help the poor — but were actually robbing the poor or hungry, or molesting them.  This actually has happened before — has it not?

“Oh– but surely those were just the bad apples, the exceptions, the bad guys.  The system, overall, was still a good one!”

Really?  Is it?  How Do You Know — DO you know this?

For those who remember the movie, When Harry met Sally (Meg Ryan, Billie Crystal), there is a famous scene in a diner, and the punch line is:

How Do You Know?

And after a little demonstration (Sally/Meg Ryan) asks again, basically (as I recall it, anyhow):

Think about it.

Do the math —

How Do You Know?

Let’s look at human levels of collective denial:

Sally Albright: Most women at one time or another have faked it. 
Harry Burns: Well, they haven’t faked it with me. 
Sally Albright: How do you know? 
Harry Burns: Because I know. 
Sally Albright: Oh. Right. Thats right. I forgot. You’re a man. 
Harry Burns: What was that supposed to mean? 
Sally Albright: Nothing. It’s just that all men are sure it never happened to them and all women at one time or other have done it so you do the math

I’ve been giving several little “demonstrations” of “faking it” — what happens with — not just $150 million (a year) dedicated marriage/fatherhood funding or $10 million (a year) access visitation funding, but also of the about $4 BILLION a year (Child Support/Family Support), where it goes and how the flow ends up soaked up in organizations which blend into the morass of missing incorporation.  Others, spreading their seed, end up in the hands of evangelical conservative order church-planting STAFF, from which, networking with their affiliates out of state, the church website is used to lecture women how to control their men — they are, after all, the neck to his head, right?  (And other gibberish).

How can someone who’s spouse’s hands are around their neck, squeezing it, be the “neck” that somehow emotionally turns his head towards good?

Well, the fact is — the faucet here is in the “on” position, and you are doing business with the “Religious Reich” and the “New Age Left” (cults) — so the question is, how to either repair the plumbing, or turn it off.  Unless you have some reserves we don’t know about.

If the plumbing in your home sprung a leak — would you fix it?  Well suppose it were spouting dollars?  Would you be concerned more about water damage, or about the reservoir level?  

What’s happened is, we have become too detached from these matters, or unable to follow up thoroughly.  Many people are counting on this sense of detachment from the public to continue — or, have plans how to divert the energies (into a Good Cop/Bad Cop diversion) if the word gets out.

My plan is that the word should continue to get out.

What else?  Where else?

OK, you say — but “this doesn’t all go to religious groups” (well, a lot more does than you  may realize, even if it FIRST goes to someone who looks neutral, and professional.  However, generally speaking, someone who is in the field of marriage therapy will have some form of religious belief, whether or not traditional.  It appears that Carolyn Curtis was already an “Attender,” and was she ever happy to realize what expert networkers churches are, when one has something they need!  This is about the start of California Healthy Marriages — THE largest healthy marriage grant at the time ($11 million of five years, as I recall).  Taken from a SmartMarriages conference site. Backtracked from a Virginia church staff to here:

• How We Got Started – Carolyn Curtis, Sacramento

Sacramento is the state capitol of California.

But this neutral professional person is not stupid — and understands the power of faith-based influence and networking, for sure — and that’s the story of an $11 million California Healthy Marriages/ Sacramento Healthy Marriages/ Relationship Training Center, etc. — which I took the time to track some on this blog.  And one of their trainees was  “Moonie,” too — which I proved.  Right here — there is a well-traveled highway among these groups, internet-based, conference-connected — and I’ve named a primary conference where they connect and collaborate to get more grants, start more initiatives, and peddle more training programs and certifications.

I’m pasting this in here:  please realize that what you don’t take time to find out about DOES affect your bottom line, and mine.  We are in this country together –and if it’s OK for a theocracy in the near future, then hey — go for it, go back to sleep.  If it’s NOT — then start with reversing that faith-based executive order, and Ending Welfare Privatization As We Knew It (block grants to the states through TANF).  Here’s the folk tale of this $11 million (green background):


I haven’t shared a “how we got started” story in a while.  I know these are helpful and inspirational.  I will add this to the how to get started page.  Bravo to Carolyn. – diane

Healthy Marriage Project
October 13, 2010
by Brian Baker

There are many humble saints at Trinity Cathedral that do remarkable things for our community.  One of them is Carolyn Curtis who started an amazing non-profit that strengthens the relationships of couples as well as enhances the skills of parents.  Much of there work is focused on at-risk populations.   I knew of Carolyn’s work, but did not realize the role played by Trinity Cathedral as Carolyn was working to make her dream a reality.  I recently asked her to write about how she got the Healthy Marriage Project started.  Here’s her story:

Trinity Cathedral and the Healthy Marriage Project:  A partnership that has helped hundreds of families in our community

Our journey began in 2003, after over 30 years of practice as a marriage and family therapist, I went to a conference that changed my life.

Which goes to show that even Episcopalians (& marriage therapists) are subject to transformational rebirth experiences….they will be from this point forth emotionally bonded and loyal to whoever provided them with this sense of a life-changing experience, until someone else (or another “awakening”) shakes or forces them out of it.   Life-changing experiences can be positive and have warm fuzzy (or clear) and euphoric associations or they can — like domestic violence, or the family courts after domestic violence — be traumatic, shocking, terrorizing etc. — and still be life-changing.

So long as the Carolyn Curtises are never brought face-to-face on an equal level with the women in my situation, they will continue to carry whatever agenda was transfused into them by their life-changing experience.  And until this happens, they need to keep their mitts off public funding:  They aren’t going to be thinking straight — and they WILL be used.  They also naturallly enjoy the aspect of feeling used and useful.

Add this combo to religion, free money, and the profit motive, and you have, literally, a powerful, socialized cocktail that should be kept out of the hands of the non-immunized!

Carolyn Curtis is evidently an Episcopalian, with apparently all that entails. She appears to be privileged and has been employed or self-employed.  In her spare time, she attends church (and — it shows below, sings in a choir that toured England).

Typically a little more educated, intellectual, and the churches are going to be sometimes progressive and politically correct.

This particular church being in the capital of California — I took a quick look at “Trinity Cathedral” and some of its programs (particularly as it’s embraced with open arms such a regressive one as this healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood movement) and found their ‘SoJust” pdf (not so overtly advertised) — and with it, the involvement of PICO/ACT:

The “ACT” in PICO/ACT stands for “Area Churches Together”:

The PICO is something else:

PICO National Network CA 2010 $10,481,627 990 35 94-2206497
PICO National Network CA 2009 $9,588,656 990 28 94-2206497
PICO National Network CA 2008 $11,072,132 990 31 94-2206497
PICO National Network CA 2007 $9,608,000 990 32 94-2206497

It’s actually based in Oakland.

To understand PICO one needs, in part, to understand its origins, which were in the 1940s IAF/ Saul Alinsky.  Whereas IAF had a “three-years and out” policy regarding churches, with a change in leadership, the shift was made to literally strengthen churches themselves as communication action groups & change agents, i.e., to establish and retain relationships with the churches, long-term.  PICO came from this.  PICO’s goal is power for social change.  If this power is going to come from within the religious communities, long-term; they are going to have to down-play violence against (or “colonialization of”) women IN the same religious communities — long-term!  Get it?

Wikipedia is a starter on this IAF history information, if it’s new territory.  Please read the following paragraph twice — preferably, aloud — because the conflict inherent in going to churches to address issues such as racism, and colonialism showing up here, also shows up in the grants-grabbing by churches for the marriage promotion.

(specifically an urban — or industrial areas — issues, and very understandable) is also a factor in the wide appeal of the “marriage/fatherhood promotion” to inner-city, black/African-American populations, despite the fact it’s inherently sexist. . .  but it has wide appeal)

******The Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) is a national community organizing network established in 1940 by Saul Alinsky. IAF provides training and consultation, furnishes organizers, and develops national strategy for its affiliated broad-based community organizations. There are currently 57 IAF affiliates functioning in 21 states, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. It describes its chief purpose as power and its chief product as social change.

I cannot (at least, yet) “Tweet” or “Facebook” this information. I just posted approximately 1400 Marriage awards — not by a long shot all of them — and have profiled dozens of them, accurately.  They take money and run (don’t comply with the tax law).

Are you able to read many paragraphs in a row — about the Industrial Areas Foundation, about how it morphed into PICO, about how this ties into the Episcopalian Church in particular, about how this particular Episcopalian Cathedral in Sacramento knew a good thing when it saw it — and helped Carolyn Curtis go for the Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood grants (even though this same church is actually progressive, in favor of same-sex marriage (which typical fatherhood proponents aren’t) and in fact, the Episcopalian church  — at least some of it — has already ordained lesbians and (probably) homosexuals?  Why would they go for a movement at its heart, typically stands against that which they stand for?

In addition, this information is interesting in its own right.  Failing to understand it is to fail to understand a significant portion of American history and the current political landscape.

Will you do this for a good cause and think about them?  I hope so, because if someone doesn’t start thinking harder about this, we are in for a far worse future for half the human population here — the childbearing half.  I myself have plenty of other things I’d rather be doing also, but being a mother (and mother of daughters), I feel it’s time to address these outrages — which they are.

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