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Where the Pyramid meets the Circle ..meets the Trademarked(r) Train-the-Trainers Program – Pt. 1

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[Updated and edited — a lot — during Apr. 2016 extension/completion of blog Table of Contents.  Some of this information I added, I now see, was covered in a Sept. 17, 2012 blog ” Faith-Based Incorporations (HHS grantees) often Don’t Stand Up under Scrutiny].

[Word count ca. 6,110; (UPDATED, closer to 10,000);  topic:  Basically bellyachin’ about collectivism in government.   Point in Case “The Circle Foundation”  //through Kent County MD “Local Management Board, which turns out to be under the state-level Governors Office of Children.]

Raise your hand if you think that group therapy, group counseling, and group-decisionmaking actually is better and more equitable than pyramid schemes and the traditional caste-based hierarchies.

And of these two, say which is a better economic model or government model.

FYI, it’s also being marketed globally.  USA justice system is no longer uniquely “Constitutional” at all — but based on collectivism and is being aligned through nonprofits and transformation (mostly at the Executive Level of gov’t) align with NO INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS — JUST VALUE SYSTEMS ESTABLISHED IN PEER GROUPS, with a CERTIFIED FACILITATOR.

(From lower down, what inspired this post — it takes a while to get there, about some programs being recommended through a “Local Management Board” (LMB) in Kent County, Maryland:

…AND — why are Girls in Circles, and (if so) Boys in Councils — is that because Boys are leaders and Girls need group endorsement (i.e., Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, or the [even more] religious version, “Men are from Dirt, Women are from Men” ?? (Search this blog for source & relationship to federal grants trail).


Does it sound to you like our state and local (including county-level) governments are looking more and more like corporations, with boards, executive chairs, fund-raisers, and roundtables??  Or Councils?  Or Circles?  this basically changes the distribution networks, so at the ground (local) level, one can either reach UP the tentacle, or just simply start at the federal level and see if you can trace the influence and service organizations all the way down to one’s own neighborhood.  If along the way, several nonprofits are formed to take fundings and then are dissolved WHO CARES? (who’s to know?


Where I’m going with this is that a state, MARYLAND (east coast, obviously, near the nation’s capital), is using a model based in CALIFORNIA (San Rafael) for some of its diversionary services for youth, or assistance to them.

I LIVE in Northern California, and have been unable to get protection from ongoing abuse, child support enforcement, court order enforcement, and in short, as the calendar years go on and on, have watched all kinds of nonprofits deliberately ignore HOW people are put, and kept, on welfare and because of this, unable to speedily rebuild lives after violence without having those lives dismantled again.

The CFCC/AFCC Court Law School Center (Collaborations) factor:

It’s also known that Baltimore University School of Law has a “CFCC” outfit based on what appears to be the California Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts/”CFCC” basis — and from that UB power basis, promoting “unified family courts” model nationwide, to provide as many therapeutic jurisprudence services to as many people as possible before the US goes bankrupt.

(2016 insert:  this CFCC has since been re-named after some generous donation/s by an alumni couple).

From “www.ubalt.edu”

What is the Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts (CFCC)?

Founded in 2000 by University of Baltimore Associate Professor Barbara Babb, the Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts is a national leader in promoting the concept of a Unified Family Court system to resolve family conflicts in a therapeutic, ecological, and service-based manner.

CFCC has been a key partner in promoting family court reform in our state. Its work helps courts and their community partners remain focused on how our work can benefit families.

Pamela Cardullo Ortiz, Director
Access to Justice Department
Administrative Office of the Courts
Maryland Judicial Center

CFCC’s work is guided by two overarching principles:

  • Therapeutic Jurisprudence – The belief that families and children deserve an effective and efficient court system that aims to improve their lives.
  • The Ecology of Human Development – A social science framework that requires a holistic look at the many systems affecting the lives of families and children.

CFCC is a national leader in advancing policies and programs to mitigate the harms of the traditional family justice system, while promoting, implementing, improving, and evaluating the Unified Family Court model.

You can find more information on CFCC’s objectives on our What We Do page.

(See also Funders’ and Clients pages.  Here’s the “Clients” list at April, 2016.  Note it still references Lackawanna County, PA, even after that family courthouse got an FBI raid and one of the involved GALs was caught in tax evasion..)

(2016 insert from UB CFCC website, “Clients”):


  • Alabama – Developed a family court model, Presiding Circuit Judges Symposium on Family Courts, Montgomery, Alabama.
  • California – Addressed the components of a Unified Family Court as well as the strengths and weaknesses of model reforms in various jurisdictions.
  • Florida – Organized dialogue on refining Florida’s family courts, presented family court reform proposals to the Florida Bar Association, and developed recommendations for model family court pilot projects.
  • Indiana – Provided technical assistance to establish pilot Unified Family Courts.
  • Michigan – Provided strategic planning to evaluate a Unified Family Court, Ninth Judicial Circuit’s Family Division in Kalamazoo County, Michigan.
  • New Mexico – Provided presentations on the structure, theoretical foundations, advantages, physical attributes, operation, services, and performance evaluation of Unified Family Courts in collaboration with the National Center for State Courts.
  • Pennsylvania – Consulted on developing a Unified Family Court in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.
  • Tennessee – Delivered presentation on the structure and operation of Unified Family Courts to Shelby County (Tennessee) Family Court Task Force.
  • Washington, D.C. – Provided consultation to D.C. Superior Court Chief Judge and drafted legislation to establish a family court.


  • Toronto, Ontario – Presented comprehensive comparisons of Unified Family Courts in the United States and suggested reforms for Ontario’s Unified Family Courts.


The Model itself is “Sick”

In short, the model is abusive, and also misleading to the public who hasn’t yet understood that through an existing “PYRAMID” model of centralized control, they are spreading the “CIRCLE” (Collectivist) model community by community.

Whether Circle or Pyramid — it’s NOT local control, it’s TOP-DOWN and FORCE-BASED therapeutic model that has a vested interest in classifying (basically whoever comes within range) most of the population with a mentally ill diagnosis.The model itself is abusive.  Most humans tend to resent abusive control, violations of their human rights and dignity and seek to do something about it producing conflict, which fuels the model (get it? — “High-Conflict Custody Cases” ring a bell??).  I should also mention here that Maryland seems to be a very AFCC-centric state (I’ve blogged it this year:  Paper Scissors Wood Stone or similar title).


And I’m very frustrated with this situation overall.  This level of frustration is not going to result in a good post; but I’m going to make a note of the situation anyhow. A person in need of actual services and real-time help, can search through a multitude of local networks and find out there are gaps in service areas.  The networks are self-expanding and not interested necessarily in addressing their own gaps, unless it’s another market niche (such as One-Stop Justice Shops a/k/a Family Justice Center Alliances).

In fact, there are now networks aimed specifically at the fact that the other networks are not producing real-time help, such as Alexis Moore’s “Survivors In Action” Network, which then creates more boards of directors.  One of these (I just found) wants DV reform:

Alexis Moore, image Sept. 2013 from SurvivorsInAction.org

May Green- Communications Advocate

May is the director of communications and web development. She has over 20 years in the technical field that includes a long and successful career with several web development and communications companies located in Silicon Valley. Her daughter tragically lost her life to stalking homicide.  May joins Survivors In Action as a strong advocate and supporter of DV Reform that supports the creation of a national stalking victim resource center that will provide direct support to victims of both stalking and cyberstalking so no victim is left behind.

Look what “DV Reform” says if you click:

The term “domestic violence” has been copyrighted, coalitions, and bought out by the transformation of the US justice system through grants via the US Executive Branch (I mean, Dept of HHS, and/or the DOJ, or Office of VAW — it’s about the grants!!!)., to the point it has become meaningless.  That doesn’t mean the the crime doesn’t continue or that it doesn’t take lives !!! (or radically diminish the quality of those lives previous to being taken, or not if the target survives).

Again, I say:

The term “domestic violence” has been copyrighted, [control centralized into statewide] coalitions, and bought out by the transformation of the US justice system through grants via the US Executive Branch (I mean, Dept of HHS, and/or the DOJ, or Office of VAW — it’s about the grants!!!)., to the point it has become meaningless.


How Much Should A Domestic Violence Non-Profit Executive Make?

[=broken link, main URL no longer active 2016]

Written by Jodie SanJuan –  Director of the Domestic Violence Justice Project
Earlier this month, Florida Governor Rick Scott criticized the President of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence for her astronomical salary of $316,104 with an additional $36,158 in benefits(1) The Coalition reported that her compensation is partly paid for with private donations and grants, and that her salary is set by the Coalition’s Board based on a study of comparable non-profits. If this is the case, I wonder where these ‘comparable non-profits’ are, because the most recent tax forms for the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence indicated that their Director made $78,176…

The Coalitions are a Collectivist Voice, and it’s about impossible (I’ve found) to get a word in edgewise when victims actually has some feedback, like quit ignoring the family court venue! Or quit taking fatherhood funding, which at its core is anti-feminist with too much religious influence….

It’s not within my personal limits to continue investigating a series of entities in Kent County, MD (Kent Family Center, Local Management Board (of “Children & Family Services”), “Faith Strength & Power” (a nonprofit which stayed incorporated, barely long enough to get almost $100K of HHS Compassion Capital Funding, and whose “nonprofit” status I haven’t yet tracked down– if it ever existed; and whose Incorporation registered agent is a County Commissioner (William R. Pickrum) but Principal Investigator on the Grant listed as Vita R. Pickrum, who also happens to be on the county-commissioner created “Community Center Authority,” controlled by the Commissioners.  Somewhere in there is also a Kent Family Center.

In 2012 (writing this post) I was burnt-out and a little disgusted with the system.  In 2016, I took more time to include details, for example, I was probably referring to this, above.  Below, I will look at a specific nonprofit (with both Mr. and Mrs.?? Pickrum on the board — and completely noncompliant — that is, after it got some HHS grants — around this same time, 2005 and 2006….  Also more about Local Management Boards comes up.  Similar activities in other states, perhaps under slightly different names, continues to go on, or I wouldn’t bother with the details.


[Kent County, MD] County Commissioner’s Minutes January 17, 2006

The Honorable Board of County Commissioners met today with the following present: Roy W. Crow, Scott D. Livie, with William W. Pickrum presiding.
Susanne Hayman, County Administrator, was also in attendance.
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
W. Roger Williams, Treasurer, reported a balance of $ 7,915,936.

Commissioner Pickrum requested a moment of silence to remember the men and women in uniform around the world who have died in defense of the United States’ freedom and America’s way of life. …

Then, several items of business (apparently alphabetical by topic), leading up to the eliminiation of the position of Treasurer to be replaced by Finance Officer, and this CCA:


The first reading was held on Code Home Rule Bill No. 1-2006, which is An Act to repeal and reenact with Amendments Chapter 54 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Kent County, Maryland, for the purpose of abolishing the position of Treasurer at the conclusion of the present term of such office; and designating a Chief Finance Officer of Kent County to be and serve as the collector of Taxes for Kent County.

A public hearing has been scheduled on February 21 at 6:30 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Hearing Room.


An organization meeting was held for the members of the CCA. In attendance were Dr. Bonnie C. Ward (representing the Board of Education), Jeffrey Troester (representing Parks and Recreation), Dawn Robinson (representing Chester River Health Care System), Jill Bramble (community representative), Edward Athey (representing Parks and Recreation Advisory Board), Anne Livie (representing Local Management Board), Vita T. Pickrum (representing Kent Family Center), and John Nunn (community representative). Members Leon Frison (Local Management Board) and Joe Holt (Washington College) were unable to attend.

Commissioner Pickrum welcomed the initial CCA board members, stating that the movement to create a Community Center began approximately six or seven years ago. This Board adopted legislation in 2005 to create a CCA which was made effective on July 22, 2005. For information purposes, he advised that the State of Maryland granted a $500,000 bond bill to cover the cost of a community center and that the County has committed $1 million. The first order of business for this body will be the construction of a building. Even with the $1.5 million commitment, it was noted that construction costs have risen substantially in the past two years. Commissioner Pickrum urged the group to visit community centers in the area, such as the Boy Scout/Big Brother/Big Sister facility at Seaford, Delaware. Anne Livie stated that the CCA board should review the plan created by the architect previously hired. Dr. Ward stated that the Board of Education has approval to donate sixteen acres of land for the Community Center based on the original proposal that included a pool, basketball courts, etc. Commissioner Pickrum stated that as to funding, the Commissioners are open to any suggestions. In response to Mrs. Livie’s question, the Commissioners advised they would be agreeable to the CCA’s soliciting for private donations. Mrs. Bramble suggested that membership of the CCA be expanded to include more citizen representation to assist with the fundraising. The group was encouraged to submit recommendations and to establish their own meeting schedule. Mrs. Livie advised that there is $46,000 available in the FY06 LMB budget for this project and suggested that it be used for administrative support.

The Commissioners thanked the group for their willingness to serve on the CCA

Kent County Minutes 2010 show that the facility is “about to open”

PUBLIC HEARING – June 9, 2009 FY10 Tax Rate and Budget Public Hearing

Community Center- The Community Center campus will consist of an indoor facility, outdoor swimming pool, several sports fields and connecting roads and trails to the High School, Worton Elementary School and Worton Park. The indoor facility will be approximately 21,000 square feet and contain a dividable gymnasium, offices, a multi-purpose meeting/activity room and a computer room. The facility will provide office space for the Parks and Recreation Department, gymnasium space to the surrounding schools and provide youth, adult and family activities, after school programming and community meeting rooms. The Community Center is expected to open in early 2010.

A few counties in Maryland are “Code Counties”?  State of Maryland, Year 2012 Legislation:

Bill No. 4–2011

AN ACT to repeal Chapter 14 (Community Center Authority) and to repeal and re–enact with amendments Chapter 42 (Parks and Recreation Advisory Board) of the Code of Public Local Laws of Kent County, Maryland, dissolving the Community Center Authority; bringing the Kent County Community Center under the authority of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board; providing for the membership, terms, duties, supervision, compensation and overall governance of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board; and generally relating to the Kent County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Apparently whatever legislation authorizing the CCA, was reversed — and it was merged into Parks and Recreation — within six years, in 2011.  Here’s from a March 2011 Minutes on the Parks & Rec:

  • In response to a question raised by Ms. Bookwalter regarding the daytime uses of the Community Center, Ms. Butler informed that although there are not many daytime uses of the building, the building is utilized often by Kent County Public Schools, as well as ping pong players, and the tots of fun program on a regular basis. Ms. Butler expressed a desire to increase the day programs, and advised that although she has previously been approached by Chesapeake College for daytime use of the building for Adult Education Classes, this never came to fruition.

  • Ms. Butler informed that the Community Center Authority has made presentation of its Annual Report to the Board of County Commissioners. The Community Center Authority has requested that the Commissioners define a vision for the Community Center, as clear directives for the Community Center have yet to be given. [[??? It began in 2005, this is 2011…]] Subsequent to presentation of the Annual Report, the Commissioners approved a merger of the Community Center Authority with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Legislation allowing for this merger is likely to be introduced during the month of April.

One month before, an article discusses the situation that, after all the construction ($9.4M) it still wasn’t pulling in revenue as a Public/Private partnership, was underutilized.  I also learned in this article that one of the members — in fact the CHAIR of the CCA, was a judge — Judge John Nunn:

Proposal would merge community center and rec boardsPosted: Thursday, February 17, 2011 12:00 am By CRAIG O’DONNELL codonnell@thekentcountynews.com

CHESTERTOWN — At their first Tuesday night meeting, Commissioners Alex Rasin, William Pickrum and Ron Fithian heard from Judge John Nunn, in his capacity as the chairman of the Community Center Authority.http://z1.zedo.com/asw/rvt/v7/rvt.html?rvt=0&ce=UTF-8&n=2461&c=2461000615&g=172&s=28&cs=0&lf=10&zn=

He described the conclusions in its annual report.

“We’re underutilizing the facility. We need some direction,” he said. The CCA was created to build and run the county’s community center, but the commissioners moved the parks staff into the building and put them in charge.

The $9.4 million center in Worton was fully operational last May. [[2010]]

Nunn proposed to merge the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board with the Community Center Authority. He said the legislation outlining the advisory board is “obsolete,” while the CCA is one of “two boards controlling the same thing. This new entity, we need to give it a clear mission.”

The report says, “The Authority since construction of the building has met infrequently. Attendance … has been poor at best. There are members who have missed numerous meetings and had little if any contact with this project. … there are numerous vacancies” on the board. The private-public partnership originally envisioned for the CCA “didn’t materialize,” he said, perhaps because people didn’t want to donate money to local government when they already pay taxes. Plus, “there’s no mechanism for people who donate to get a tax deduction,” he said. As envisioned more than a decade ago, there was to be a partnership with a nonprofit which could take charitable donations.

That gets real interesting, when we realize how the Pickrums treated the Faith Strength and Power nonprofit formed 2005, i.e., “Take the money and run…. don’t file….”

County Administrator Susie Hayman suggested repealing the parks advisory board and CCA ordinances and enacting a new one to replace them.

Nunn identified several other concerns. The center needs a marketing plan, and “you have to work at making it successful. Parks and rec staff don’t have experience” with the necessary outreach to the public. Some programs have been cancelled for lack of interest, and the staff needs clear targets for program participation. Also, the drop-in programs average no more than a dozen people.

Finally, I found the section in the Kent County Code.  notice my source is unofficial, from “Public.resource.org” and only dated July 25, 2013, viewed 4/7/2016..

Kent County, MD Thursday, July 25, 2013 PART I, ADMINISTRATIVE LEGISLATION  (read top part of page for more information on the adoption of public laws as “code” and that this version 1994 is revision of a 1989 version, etc.).

Chapter 14. (RESERVED)

[Former Ch. 14, Community Center Authority, adopted 6-7-2005 by Bill No. 2-2005, was repealed 9-6-2011 by Bill No. 4-2011. See now Ch. 42, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.]


2016 update — let’s take a look for that “Faith Strength & Power.”  From Maryland SDAT Business Lookup search:

Charter Search Results for : FAITH STRENGTH & POWER

Dept.ID Entity Name Entity Details Status
D10229490 FAITH, STRENGTH AND POWER, INC. General Info.   Amendments   Personal Property FORFEITED


WORTON, MD 21678

I found an EIN#.  It shows as registered in 2005 (rule date) and revenues under $10K.  Maybe initially — but if it got that HHS grant, no longer.  Shown here: http://www.faqs.org/tax-exempt/MD/Faith-Strength-And-Power-Inc.html

Faith Strength And Power Inc
Employer Identification Number (EIN) 421645676
Name of Organization Faith Strength And Power Inc
In Care of Name Sheridan A Knight
Address PO BOX 621, Chestertown, MD 21620-0621
Subsection Charitable Organization
Ruling Date 02/2005
Deductibility Contributions are deductible
Foundation Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public
Organization Corporation
Exempt Organization Status Unconditional Exemption
Tax Period 12/2005
Assets $1 to $9,999
Income $1 to $9,999
Filing Requirement 990 – Required to file Form 990-N – Income less than $25,000 per year
Asset Amount $90
Amount of Income $100
Form 990 Revenue Amount $100
National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) Community Improvement, Capacity Building: Urban, Community Economic Development

Read more: http://www.faqs.org/tax-exempt/MD/Faith-Strength-And-Power-Inc.html#ixzz45AS2qasE

So, with the TAGGS.hhs.gov recently (Spring, 2016) having gotten a “Facelift,” it generates a “URL” for any advanced search, or other search.  However, returning to the same link later will provide an updated report run (with same selected information).  So, I did one on this organization FAITH STRENGTH AND POWER INC. in Maryland.    http://tinyurl.com/hrutlzf. It will show two HHS grants award 9/22/2005 and 9/22/2006, $49K each (total of $99K then…) under “Compassion Capital” with Principal Investigator Vita T. Vikrum, and award #90OIJ0659 & 90OKJ0265.

Recipient Name: Faith Strength
Report Total:  $99,948
Distinct Award Count:  2
Fiscal Year
Award Number
Action Issue Date
Award Title
CFDA Program Name
Principal Investgtr
Recipient Name
DUNS Number
Sum of Actions
2006 90IJ


93009 9/22/




2005 90IJ


93009 9/22/




INTERESTING.  I just did a plain “Recipient Search” carefully typing (it won’t let you copy & paste) “193326381” into the DUN# field, and no other select (no Fiscal year checked).  This DUNS# doesn’t show up — no Data Results.  <==Click to see.  That’s an internal inconsistency at TAGGS.

Searching the EIN# at 990finder.foundationcenter.org we found ONE “990EZ” showing total assets of $90.00.  Hmm…

Your query: ( Organization Name: , State: , Zip: , EIN: 421645676 , Fiscal Year: )

1 documents matched. 1 documents displayed. Click on the column headers to sort.

Search Again

Faith Strength and Power Inc. MD 2005 990EZ 4 $90.00 42-1645676

Exempt Organization Purpose is simply labeled “social service” and no descriptions of any activities listed, obviously.

This is marked “initial return” and “address change.”  The board (all volunteers) are listed as:

  • VITA T.PICKRUM,Exec. Dir. 20h/wk, P.O.BOX392 CHESTERTOWN, MD 21620
  • JAMES SAUNDERS, Treasurer, P. O. BOX 621 CHESTERTOWN, MD 21620
  • SHERIDAN KNIGHT, Director, P.O.BOX 77 WORTON, MD 21678***
  • JANICE BLACKSTON,Secretary P.O.BOX 77  WORTON, MD 21678

[Both Sheridan Knight and Janice Blackston are Revs.; that PO Box is an A.M.E. Church.  But, one thing at a time here — I’ll provide links lower down…]

(and on a continuation sheet)

  • William W. Pickrum, CHAIR (PO Box 621, Chesteron)
  • Wesley Jackson, Director (PO Box 621).

and books are in the ℅ William W. Pickrum (at PO Box 621; notice Vita T. for some reason is P.O. Box 392).   See above, Sheridan Knight was the c/0 at another source.  They acknowledge $100.00 contributions.  The form is date-stamped Ogden, Utah (i.e., the IRS) June 12, 2006, THEREFORE the $49K HHS grant awarded “9/22/2005” would’ve been received already — assuming it actually was given out.  All I know from this perspective is that the “Gave” record at Taggs.hhs.gov (federal site) doesn’t match this “got it” record on the tax return (IRS filing).  No activities are described whatsoever for the organization — it’s a Form 990EZ.

IRS EXEMPT ORGANIZATION CHECK on EIN# 421645676.  They were “automatically revoked” (middle button choice shows this) — but not until 2010 as you can see (chart condensed to fit margins):

« Prev | 1-1 | Next »
EIN Sorted Ascending Legal Name
(Doing Business As) Sorted Ascending
City Sorted Ascending St Sorted Ascending ZIP Sorted Ascending Exempt’n
 Sorted Ascending
 Sorted Ascending
Posting Date
Sorted Ascending
Reinstatemt Date
 Sorted Ascending




MD 21620 501(c)(3) 15-May-2010 09-Jun-2011

More curiosity about street addresses:  P.O. Box 77, Worton, MD — at least now — shows up as an A.M.E. (African Methodist Episcopal) Church:

  • Here African Methodist Episcopal Church – P. O. Box 77, Worton, MD 21678
  • This church listed under FYear 2016 “MOTA” (Minority Outreach and Technical Assistance) under DMNH.maryland.gov for Kent County:
    • Kent County

      Mt.Olive A.M.E. Church, CATS
      24840 Lambs Meadow Road, P.O. Box 77 Worton, MD 21678
      Mary Walker, Program Director
      Carolyn Brooks
      (410) 778-4842 / (443) 480-5634 [email addresses deleted; see site]

CATS is “Citizens Against Tobacco Smoke” – a nonprofit? Coordinated by Rev. Mary Walker at the church.  Separately, More on The Baltimore District / Baltimore Conference / A.M.E. (Meet the Pastors, and links to the various churches; I’m curious if the “Faith Strength and Power” individuals  listed above were active in the Worton one).

The CATS Team (Citizens Against Tobacco Smoke) is a grassroots coalition comprised of volunteers from twelve local African American churches in Kent County, Maryland. Organized in 1997, CATS is a non-profit organization functioning under the umbrella of Mt. Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church. The Team consists of 20 members all whom are active in the decision-making process.

Originally, the CATS Team was committed to fight tobacco usage among the church parishioners as well as community members at large. However, the scope of the coalition’s activities has increased significantly and includes the detecting and the prevention of fatal diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, stroke, obesity and diabetes. The CATS Team works to empower the minority population to become healthier through education and self-sustaining practices. The goal is to raise awareness in the minority communities in Kent County about the resources that are available to them in the detecting and the prevention of prevalent fatal diseases. Also, making them aware that they are responsible for their well-being and that their bodies are “temples” and should be treated as such.

4/21/1998 PRWire — Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation announces Grants to Aid Maryland’s Underserved Women (CATS, above, gets $15,000). … Oct. 9, 2014 in (local) Tidewater Trader, Page B17 (bottom right, Community Health Fair) the group is still advertising.  A member of CATS (Women in Profile, Carol Hopkins) profiled on this Sussex County Woman (Delaware) org. Search org. title to find, Year, 2013.

**Looking up Sheridan and Blackston in association with that PO Box #77, Worton, MD:

Sept. 11, 2008 “Film that includes baptisms in the river to open September 20” in “MyEasternShoreMD.com”  By Peter Heck pheck@chespub.com

CHESTERTOWN – The old gospel hymn asks, “Shall we gather at the river?”

Film that includes baptisms in river to debut Sept. 20 Tiunna Alsup, of Chestertown, is baptised by from left, the Rev. Sherdan Knight, the Rev. Anthony Brown and the Rev. Charles Tilghman, during a group baptism ceremony at Cliff City, Aug. 6, 2006. Photo by Kevin Hemstock kcneditor@chespub.com

Two summers ago, a group of Kent County churches responded to the hymn’s call, and the outcome was recorded for posterity. “Purification,” Deborah McLeod’s film of the event, debuts at noon, Sept. 20, at Prince Theatre. The film documents a traditional baptism conducted in the Chester River, with reflections on its historical and spiritual significance. …

Purification,” which explores the broader spiritual significance of baptism in the river, is based on a concept developed and written by McLeod, who is also listed as executive producer. Photographed in 2006 by Still Pond-based Loblolly Productions, the film was sponsored by grants from the Maryland State Arts Council and the Maryland Historical Trust. It is being presented by Leslie Raimond of the Kent County Arts Council.

For the film, McLeod persuaded the Rev. Sheridan Knight and the Rev. Janice Blackston, the pastors of Mount Olive Church in Butlertown, to conduct the church’s traditional summer baptisms in the river instead of the indoor pool that has replaced it in recent years. A press release from Loblolly on the making of the film said, “four other African American church communities enthusiastically joined in.”

According to a Kent County News report, about 30 people took part in the mass baptism. Photos and a brief account of the ceremony appeared in the Aug. 10, 2006 edition of the paper.




So I looked up the “LMB  (Local Management Board) which Mr. Pickrum is on, and saw it offers several programs aimed at boys & girls (i.e., adolescents) and Women In Need, which was formed 1997, and as of 2011 exists, is taking donations, but is not in good standing (says MD Dept. of Taxation).

Clicking through to the listed programs on LMB, one link labeled Girls, Boys & Men, Mother/Daughter –actually led to “Women In Need,” and some persistence to locate the actual programs labeled, which eventually is going to lead to “The Circle Foundation” referenced in the title.


Order of clicks (discovery) after I found out about “Local Management Board.”  Please note that it’s a “*.com” not a *.gov website although its street address reads “court house annex” and the contact email IS a *.gov address

400 High St. Court House Annex | Chestertown, MD 21620 | 410-810-2673 | FAX: 410-810-2674 |hclark@kentgov.org

http://www.kentcountylmb.com/programs.htm (the link now reads “Website Under Construction”)

INSERTED April 2016, searching “Local Management Boards.”  Check this site to gather how it works – under the Governor’s Executive Office for Children.  The first paragraph is “History” after which, “directory” table. This section of my 2016 insert is white background (with light-green representing quotes from Maryland.gov on these topics):

History of Local Management Boards

The establishment of Local Management Boards was originally provided for in Article 49D that was enacted in 1990 and sunset on June 30, 2005. In response to the sunset of Article 49D, Executive Order 01.01.2005.34 was issued on June 9, 2005, establishing the Children’s Cabinet and the Governor’s Office for Children.

HHS in Year 1991 added the “Administration for Children and Families” OpDiv (“ACF”).

This conveniently coincided with the upcoming welfare reform and restructuring of the federal social services budget to incorporate “Block Grants to States” under TANF, the forward surge of father’s rights and family values promotion into PRWORA (I.e., $150M marriage/fatherhood grants under Title IV-A/Family Support [food stamps, cash aid, etc.] $10/M Access Visitation grants under Title IV-D/Child Support (Link to California State site describing this)  Being until 2005 also encompassed as we now know, a new, Republican President whose initial executive orders established the office of faith-based and community initiatives (OFBCI), copied at the Governors’ level in a number of states.  And so forth…

Restructuring of the “chain of command” (chain of support & control).

During the 2006 Legislative Session, the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 294/HB301 that re-codified the Local Management Boards. Bills were signed into law on May 2, 2006, re-establishing the Boards in Article 49D.  Effective October 1, 2007, Article 49D was reorganized and incorporated into Title 8 of the Human Services Article of the Maryland Annotated Code.

I was curious about the funding.   It’s not obvious (listed as an afterthought under “Children’s Cabinet” and thumbnail photos of every agency head on it), and just in case you might be curious, not one word of description to go with it.  This is public money and ought to be at the top level of the website on the Children’s Cabinet, it would seem!  The Dept. of Ed is the fiscal agent for this fund, it says:


The Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund [<=click title to read the next info:]

The Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund (Fund) is authorized by the Human Services Article §§ 8-501506The Fund supports child and family programs that reflect the values and priorities of the Governor and Children’s Cabinet

So much for “the will of the people” as expressed through their legislature… This is from the Executive Level.

It is administered by the Governor’s Office for Children on behalf of the Children’s Cabinet and includes dedicated grant funding for Local Management Boards. The Maryland State Department of Education is the fiscal agent for the Fund

This link shows how Children’s Cabinet was created (by Executive Order) in 1987 under Governor’s Office for Children, and progress in expanding capacity and purposes.  Hover link over cursor or click through (so long as link remains valid) to read more:

Local Management Board Directory

All contact information is displayed below or in pdf form.

Allegany County Anne Arundel County Baltimore City
Baltimore County Calvert County Caroline County
Carroll County Cecil County Charles County
Dorchester County Frederick County Garrett County
Harford County Howard County Kent County
Montgomery County Prince George’s County Queen Anne’s County
St. Mary’s County Somerset County Talbot County
Washington County Wicomico County Worcester County

Coordinated at the State Level under “Governor’s Office of Children” and a Funding Announcement (“2017”) showed, with funds from or alignment with The Children’s Cabinet.  However, notice that in the list of “LMB’s” some are corporations (have an “Inc.”) in the name, and some are “℅” followed by the name of a government entity.

In the current “Notice of Funding Available – FY17 Community Partnership Agreement” there’s also notice of a $2,500,000 “Competitive Grant” from the Annie E. Casey Foundation for disconnected youth.   Brief description of the origins of the LMB’s and how it works:

I. Background

Local Management Boards (Boards) were established in the 1990s as part of a State/local collaboration committed to improving the well-being of Maryland’s children, youth, and families. The Boards were created to promote improved, coordinated local decision-making that focuses on results and accountability. The premise was, and continues to be, that health, education, economic, and social outcomes are more likely to be improved if decisions about programs and strategies are made by local jurisdictions with the funding, support, guidelines, and accountability managed by the State. The jurisdictions, through their Boards, bring the knowledge of local needs, resources, and strengths. The Boards bring together public and private agencies, local government, faith-based and civic organizations, families, youth, and community members to develop, implement, and review a community plan. The plan includes strategies to improve outcomes for one or more of the State’s Child Well-being Results1:

  •   Babies Born Healthy
  •   Healthy Children
  •   Children Enter School Ready to Learn
  •   Children are Successful in School
  •   Youth will Complete School
  •   Youth Have Opportunities for Employment or Career Readiness
  •   Communities are Safe for Children, Youth and Families
  •   Families are Safe and Economically Stable

Since his election in 2014, Governor Larry Hogan For has made restoring Maryland’s economy his principal priority and firmly believes that continually improving human capital is vital for economic growth. In April 2015, Governor Hogan tasked the Governor’s Office for Children (Office) and Maryland’s Children’s Cabinet with aligning initiatives with this goal of an economically secure Maryland, continuing the commitment to improving outcomes in the identified Result Areas, and positioning Maryland as a leader in developing solutions to issues that have a far-reaching impact for children and families in states and communities across the country.


Please read “about us page” to understand they are an umbrella-type (corporation? Agency? arm of government, sort of?) — and understand this is a common model in many, many states.

I first began to understand how this alters the distribution of grants and funding primarily through formation — under the state Executive Dept (Governor’s Office) level of “Children’s Cabinets.”  See “Footloose in Tuscaloosa.”  While from the governmental point of view, it’s about streamlining and efficient “delivery of services” from the “WHO is funding all this?” (individual US taxpayers) point of view, it should basically be understood as collectivism.  In short, a vote against representative government…

In MD, now I know what a “LMB” is — it’s a subdivision (function) of the state-level Governor’s Office of Children:

The duties and responsibilities of the LMB include collaborative planning and decision making with regard to the following:

  • Contracting with public and private agencies to provide interagency services.  LMB contracts ensure the provision for non-categorical, family-focused, community-based, culturally relevant, outcomes-based programs/services.  (LMB’s are not direct service providers).
  • Developing and implementing a community plan which includes creating/expanding the local community-based service delivery system for children and their families.
  • Coordinating children and family services within Kent County, to eliminate fragmented and/or duplicated services.
  • Planning, goal setting, developing, funding, implementing and monitoring services to children and families in Kent County.
  • Shifting the programmatic focus to prevention and early intervention services.
  • Strengthening the decision-making capacity at a local level.
  • Galvanizing resources available to support children and families in their communities.

The LMB Policies and Procedures Manual can be found online at
http://www.goc.state.md.us (redirects to: http://goc.maryland.gov/)


The Governor’s Office for Children (GOC) is led by the Executive Director who chairs the Children’s Cabinet. The work of the office includes:

  • Managing the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund.
  • Convening the State Agencies, local partners, and community stakeholders to develop policies and initiatives which reflect the priorities of the Governor and the Children’s Cabinet and which improve services for Maryland’s children and youth.
  • Partnering with the Local Management Boards in each Maryland jurisdiction to plan, coordinate, and develop comprehensive systems of care, to fund and monitor the delivery of integrated services to children and families; and to inform the collective and specific work of the Children’s Cabinet by developing and supporting an interagency data management system, collecting and analyzing additional data, and reporting to the Children’s Cabinet, the General Assembly, and other stakeholders on the progress of Maryland’s children.


@@@@@Does it sound to you like our state and local (including county-level) governments are looking more and more like corporations, with boards, executive chairs, fund-raisers, and roundtables??  Or Councils?  Or Circles?  this basically changes the distribution networks, so at the ground (local) level, one can either reach UP the tentacle, or just simply start at the federal level and see if you can trace the influence and service organizations all the way down to one’s own neighborhood.  If along the way, several nonprofits are formed to take fundings and then are dissolved WHO CARES? (who’s to know?)

Once in place, these Children’s Cabinets or similar creations, will start re-arranging government, as in “Transferred Functions” [<==that link broken, here’s a newer one]– and now we have a Family Violence Council with Crime Prevention and (frightening terminology, but here it is) a “Mental Hygiene” function !

LMB Functions …

The LMB’s role is to make sure that services are coordinated, of high quality, and achieve Maryland’s results for children and families.

The programs spearheaded by the Local Management Board are accomplished primarily through State funds that have been combined from the different child-serving agencies at the State level and are made available to us by the Governor’s Office for Children to address local needs. We have also received funding from the Maryland Department of Education, the Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention, and Federal sources. Local dollars have also been designated by the Kent County Commissioners.

The Board list shows government membership, and needs a proofreader; also note mental health, sheriffs, schools, and social services participation:

Dr. Kevin Karpowicz , Chair **

Bill Kerbin , Vice Chair

Planning Housing & Zoning

Myra Butler , Secretary/Treasurer
Kent County Parks and Recreation

Bill Clark , 
Department of Juvenile Services

**pediatrician with previous history in NY as well?  I DNK. Let’s hope the typo was not a Freudian slip.

We gather as God’s holy people, formed as the church through the power of the Holy  Dr.Kevin Karpowicz will address the gathering with an overview of the ” www.albany.net ] (brokenlink, but he’s  a “Prominent Schenectady (NY) Pediatrician” board-certified 1980


At any rate, the Kent County LMB has a link offering some programs and initiatives.  This is what prompted my post today: (9/18/2012)

Please click to link or call the following numbers to learn more about the programs :

Girls Circle, The Council for Boys and Young Men, & Mother-Daughter Circle

Vendor: Women In Need – call (410) 778-3844

Girls Circle, The Council for Boys and Young Men, & Mother-Daughter Circle -Girls Circle are strengths-based  structured support groups for girls ages 9-18 where participants take turns talking and listening to one another respectfully about their concerns and interests.

 I clicked on the link which led to:

WIN’s goal is to provide unique assistance that fills the gap between what is available and what is necessary. Many organizations exist that offer various levels of assistance, and we do not intend to duplicate any existing program.

WIN partners with existing organizations to offer families comprehensive support to meet their needs, stepping in when existing services are either absent or inadequate.

We have established a referral network as our gateway program, requiring potential clients to exhaust all public and private remedies (Social Services, Private and Faith-based organizations) prior to being considered for additional assistance through our programs.

History — (I did look up corporations history quite a bit — several name changes, etc., not more than average, though.  One seemed to hail from Roanoke, VA, but others can check it out better).


How we started…in 1997 a small group of friends witnessed a woman and her children suffering the devastating effects of economic and emotional crisis from an unexpected divorce and took action. We gathered together and supported her with our time, money, and prayers. We pooled our resources and covered her expenses as well as provided the emotional support she so desperately needed.

What about her family law case, child support, etc?  Was she a victim of abuse or just an abandoned home-maker, or abandoned wife?  What did they learn from the situation?  Where is that woman’s story — anywhere available?  The year 1997 speaks to me; welfare reform was 1996….

With the divorce rate currently exceeding 50%, men, women and children are suffering the devastating effects of broken families. Not only do we help these families but we locate and assist others through personal contact in order to empower and strengthen them both psychologically as well as financially.

OK, so their frame of reference is that broken families and divorce is the problem.  This doesn’t seem to me like an economic analysis of cause, and say snothing about child support, abandonment, abuse, or stripping of someone’s assets.  It appears to have a religious origin (see “prayers”) very overt, yet is taking referral business from a LMB which is itself under the Governor’s Office of Children and links right to this LMB.  I saw no link (whatsoever) at the “LMB” level addressing the issue of abuse, domestic, or family violence.  at all…..

Why we were formed

“Women In Need, Inc.” was formed to provide an alternative to welfare that fulfills the word and intent of the Book of James: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27(NIV).Single parent families are the widows and orphans of this generation. We feel it is our Christian duty to provide the practical and personal touch todays families need.

How ironic.  I’m a Christian (or at least, I’ve spent years reading the Bible; after the family experience of religious abuse and watching too many responses to it, I’m reluctant to call myself a “Christian” and do not attend.  PERIOD.) — and almost cited this same section at the beginning of the previous post, as a point of CONTRAST with what the faith-based organizations were actually doing.
ANYHOW, I then clicked on programs and eventually saw that their Girls & Boys’ groups were based on a training model from California, as below.  The print and graphics are not very clear; it took a while to sort out (there’s an “*” but hard to see where it comes from).

Girls Circle

Girls Circle specializes in programs built on the research-based model proven to increase girls’ self-efficacy, body image, and social support.

The strengths-based, skill building approach creates a safe space for girls to address risky behaviors, build on protective factors, and improve relationships in a format that interests and engages girls.

Click here for more information.

Mother-Daughter Circle

Based on the Girls Circle model. Provides a safe, consistent, and strength-based approach to supporting mothers or mother-figures and daughters on their relationship journey.

Expressive and creative activities are offered and provide the opportunity to express needs. Some topics include: healthy communication, communicating under stress, building and deepening trust, setting expectations and meeting needs, and an Appreciation Ceremony.

* The Alley and WIN are not the Girl’s Circle or Boys Council and our Girl’s Circle, Mother-Daughter Circle & The Council are programs that are based on the Girls Circle & The Council models. Please see: GIrls Circle and Boys Council for more information on their organizations.

There is no paragraph on this page which says “Boys Council.”  So is “The Council” different from “Boys’ Council” (I can click, but this should be clearer).  AND — why are Girls in Circles, and (if so) Boys in Councils — is that because Boys are leaders and Girls need group endorsement (i.e., Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, or the [even more] religious version, “Men are from Dirt, Women are from Men” ?? (Search this blog for source & relationship to federal grants trail).

The Council

The Council is a program hosted by The Alley Teen Center that promotes strength, responsibility, and community. The Council recognizes strengths and capacities, challenges stereotypes, questions unsafe attitudes about masculinity, and encourages solidarity through personal responsibility.

The vision for this Council is to help young men open their minds to different perspectives and skills to make a better future for themselves.

*These programs are in partnership with the Kent County Local Management Board.

Finding those programs, I found a brief statement that they were based on this model.  Which turns out to be run nationwide, from a Nonprofit Foundation ONE CIRCLE FOUNDATION in San Rafael, California.  I find it VERY interesting that this could have such an amazing array of partner organizations (including what looks like plenty of courts, or juvenile probation departments) as it was only incorporated in California in April, 2011 (shortly before tax day).
Entity Number: C3370701
Date Filed: 04/01/2011
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 458 CHRISTENSEN LANE
Entity City, State, Zip: COTATI CA 94931
Agent for Service of Process: JEFFERY A MOSS
Agent Address: 454 LAS GALLINAS AVE #310
Agent City, State, Zip: SAN RAFAEL CA 94903

Models & Best Practices

One Circle Foundation offers three models — Girls Circle, The Council for Boys and Young Men, and Women’s Circle. Our programs employ evidence-based principles of a strengths-based approach, motivational interviewing strategies and have a strong focus on positive youth development. The age old process of communing in a safe circle is the foundational strength of all programs.

A structured support group for girls from 9-18 years which integrates relational theory, resiliency practices, and skills training. Designed to increase positive connection, strengths, and competence in girls. Also offered under the model is Mother-Daughter Circle, for mothers or female caregivers and their daughters.

A strengths-based group approach to promote boys’ and young men’s safe and healthy passage through pre-teen and adolescent years. In this structured environment, boys and young men gain the vital opportunity to address masculine definitions and behaviors and build their capacities to find their innate value and create good lives – individually and collectively!

A support group for women to share, explore, build skills, and encourage one another to live authentically in mind, body, heart and spirit. A program for women in colleges, careers, recovery programs, institutions, job training, military or volunteer service, faith-based settings, homemakers and caregivers.

Yes, men and boys join a COUNCIL group and women (mothers) and girls join a CIRCLE group.  The linguistic associations are  pretty obvious — sewing circle, an enclosed CIRCLE as opposed a  meeting (a COUNCIL) which collaborates among itself and then exercise authority and decision, generally speaking outside that circle (council).     ! ! !  Hardly surprising, given the origins of “WIN.”

And they’re pretty up-front about the difference, too:

We envision a world with an available and accessible “circle for every girl and young woman, and a council for every boy and young man.”

 In case anyone is wondering how feminists are made, and exit the religious “circles” into activism against this kind of language discrimination, you’re in it.  Moreover, this particular NONprofit has (naturally) trademarked its programs and look at the scope of “partnerships” . . . assuming these are all legitimate:

Participating Organizations
The following organizations have had at least one employee trained in the Girls Circle model between 1997 to present.

(note:  having a single employee sit through a training program doesn’t necessarily mean it’s marketing the model — but look how they are going for the justice arena):

  • Department of Juvenile Justice – Bartow FL
    Department of Juvenile Justice – Lakeland
    Department of Juvenile Justice, Plant City
    Department of Juvenile Justice, Tampa
    Dept. of Children Svcs., Tampa
  • Juvenile Drug Court, Taos
    Las Vegas Juvenile Justice Continuum Board
    Life Options Academy, Albuquerque
    Lincoln Co JJ Board
    Los Alamos Municipal Court
    Los Alamos Family Council, Los Alamos
    MADD, Albuquerque
    New Day Youth and Family Serv. {{a FAITH-BASED GRANTEE, I THINK — see last post, or TAGGS.hhs.gov.  Fairly bi one in Texas, also see fatherhood funding).}}
    NM Coalition Against DV, Albuquerque etc. etc. etc. (see link)

Our gender-responsive circle models and interventions are designed in evidence-based principles and practices, incorporating Motivational Interviewing, Cultural Responsivity, Strengths-Based approaches, and Trauma-Responsive practices.

Their big “research” appears to be a paper submitted as part of someone getting a Ph.D. (presumably) in Applied Psychology at Portland State — by studying Adolescent Inmates!!  On pate 278, is the MOU between the department she’s trying to get a Ph.D. from (?) and The Boys Council, showing us who the Boys Council is a division of, which I”m about to look up as well.

Man Up”: A Longitudinal Evaluation of Adherence to Traditional Masculinity among Racially/Ethnically Diverse Adolescent Inmates

by Mary Elisabeth Gray

A dissertation proposal submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Psychology

Dissertation Committee: Eric Mankowski, Chair Ben Anderson-Nathe Todd Bodner Keith Kaufman Katherine McDonald

Portland State University © 2012

APPENDIX A Memorandum of Understanding (from the dissertation….)


DATE: January 14, 2008

TO: Eric Mankowski, Associate Professor, Applied Social & Community


Department of Psychology, 317 Cramer Hall, Portland State University, P.O. Box 751, Portland, OR 97207-0751

FR: Beth Hossfeld, MFT, Associate Director Boys Council, A Division of GCA/Tides, 458 Christensen Lane, Cotati, CA 94931***


This memo is to confirm the understanding between the Department of Psychology, Portland State University (PSU)and Boys Council, A Division of GCA/Tides, (BC) to collaborate in the Boys Council Pilot Study project of 2008.

Ironically, the LINK for this dissertation is under “girlscircle” url:



***this street address matches the Corporation record (Sec. of State, above) of “OneCircle” – check it out!   I suspect that overall, this is a “TIDES” project.  The TIDES Foundation (and Center) is a major progressive (“change agent”type) foundation located in the San Francisco Praesidio (where Family Violence Prevention Fund, now Futures Without Violence, has relocated to as well), and which helps (s do many foundations) be an umbrellla organization for various progressive causes.  “Stop Family Violence” for example, is one of theirs. While I have not yet located this “GCA/Tides (BC) yet, I am figuring that’s probably who’s sponsoring the group:

Entity Number: C0770856
Date Filed: 06/04/1976
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity City, State, Zip: SAN FRANCISCO CA 94129
Agent for Service of Process: LORENZO ERSLAND
Agent City, State, Zip: SAN FRANCISCO CA 94129

Same address, different year…. different registration agent.

Entity Number: C1834045
Date Filed: 05/26/1994
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity City, State, Zip: SAN FRANCISCO CA 94129
Agent Address: 2710 GATEWAY OAKS DR STE 150N
Agent City, State, Zip: SACRAMENTO CA 95833

As (sometimes) usual, I’m right about that, per basic websearch:

  1. [PDF]

    Girls Circle Facilitator Training


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    Send Registration Form and Fees Payable to: Tides/GCA, 458 Christensen Lane, Cotati, CA 94931. Fax to: (707) 794-9938. Registration Information: 707-794- 

GCA stands for “Girls’ Circle Association.”  Please see the above Facilitator Training (in Watertown, WI), and note you can get ALL the guides for only, about [PDF:

GIRLS CIRCLE COMPLETE SET VALUE OF $980.00 – DISCOUNTED AT $880.00 Nine Activity Guides rich with skill-building themes and activities that promote critical thinking in all areas of girls’ lives. Save over 10% and get over a year’s worth of well-planned program material and curricula that you can mix and match as needed. Also includes the Facilitator Manual and Evaluation Tool Kit. (Mother-Daughter guide not included.)

This explains more, if it’s read carefully:


other ceres projects include the California AOC/CFCC & the Annie E. Casey Foundation (which worries me a little):

girls circle associationData Analysis for Girls Circles in Juvenile Justice Settings

The Girls Circle Association (Girls Circle) is a non-profit organization that is a project of the Tides Center. Girls Circle has developed a model for girl-centered support groups. This model provides support groups that are delivered for girls by women. Girls Circle maintains facilitators from organizations such as probation department and school districts to set up circles for girls in a variety of institutional settings.

Ceres Policy Research analyzed survey data that was collected by Girls Circle Association and Dominican University of California. This data was collected from circles in fifteen different cities and included responses to three different validated instruments: a self-efficacy instrument, a body image instrument, and a perceived social support instrument. We paid special attention to whether girls in juvenile justice settings had different outcomes than girls in other settings.

Download a PDF file of the findings summary.

Program Evaluation

Once Girls Circle established that their curricula lead to gains in self-efficacy, body image, and perceived social support, they were interested in developing a research project that would measure a broader range of outcomes for girls participating in circles. Ceres Policy Research worked with the founders of Girls Circle Association to develop a logic model, a survey instrument, and a quasi-experimental research design.

Survey data from fifteen sites was collected in the 2006-7 school year.

Download a PDF file of the final report.

There are pro’s and con’s to decentralized power.  I prefer decentralized, but as the world spins, whoever controls technology and finances tends to control the power, and run the group therapy systems.  For example, the family courts are sold as a “group” (collectivist) process, but in practice they are abusive, invasive, authoritarian (arbitrarily so) and it would take an army of investigators to track the funding and power control on them, by which time, their jurisdiction and authority would have expanded, again.

When circles are locally formed (i.e., are actually grassroots) and responsive and relevant to the local needs, that’s one matter.  But when they are a training model, and franchised, then I have a problem with this.  For one, the world’s got enough of that, and what we need is someone to take control of the outsized USGovernment and it’s perpetuation and expansion of the welfare (control) system, being sold as reducing or eliminating the same.  We don’t need an army of oranizational models so this foundation, or that one, can avoid paying too many taxes, and then coach people who are highly stressed because the households they are living in probably don’t earn even enough to be either be subject to income-withholding, or who ARE working poor and paying a higher percentage of taxes.

Instead, just teach people how to do what the leaders are doing — avoid paying taxes, incorporate, sell something, and use the existing governmental reach (into almost every aspect of life) to market it, at someone else’s expense.  Or, through private wealth traced back, eventually, to probably a Rockefeller, a Ford, or a Carnegie.  Or one of the Casey Families….  I mean, it’s crazy to grow up around all this unconscious of it — these programs are changing our world, and yet they are in a sense also abusing their economic advantage by demanding to be “the” model to help poor people who (if they don’t behave in a similar manner) are going to grow up and either be institutionalized, or struggle NOT to be institutionalized as they bear the greater burden of the tax debts these outfits have managed to avoid!



MORE on “ONEFOUNDATION.org” (a nonprofit in California) which is marketing these various trainings:

One Circle Foundation Training
One Circle Foundation provides uniquely powerful, interactive, and experiential training for adults. Utilizing creative training techniques, the instructional design creates a respectful and engaging learning environment through the use of multimedia, hands-on practice, individual, and group activities.

LGH commentary.  I italicized those words. Apart from the obvious economic (i.e., sales) aspect — the goal is values change.  They are key words:   ***  {{group transference theory dating back to Tavistock, Michael Balint, etc. etc. — this is one of the (many) schools of psychology developed in the US, and as I said, the key is identification by association with the group leader, and the change-agent situation.  (Kurt Lewin/Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze, etc — see my other Family Court Franchise System blog).


Trainings we offer:
Girls Circle Facilitator Training   |   The Council for Boys and Young Men Facilitator Training   |   Motivational Interviewing   |
Bullying SOLUTIONS Training – Solution Coach® and Solution Team®   |   Mother-Daughter Circle: Heart of the Matter   |
Strengths-Based Approach Training   |   Advanced Girls Circle Facilitator Training   |   Gender-Specific Fundamentals   |
Cultural Competencies

Training Calendar

Oct. 10-11 Santa Rosa, CA Girls Circle Initial Training Early bird $295, After 9/20 $350  REGISTER | View Flier
Nov. 1-2 Corvallis, OR The Council Initial Training Early bird $295, After 10/11 $350  REGISTER | View Flier
Nov. 28-29 Woodland, CA The Council Initial Training Early bird $295, After 10/29 $350  REGISTER | View Flier
Dec. 14-15 Columbus, OH Girls Circle Initial Training Early bird $295, After 11/15 $350  REGISTER | View Flier
Feb. 20-21 Nevada City, CA Girls Circle Initial Training Early bird $295, After 1/23 $350  REGISTER | View Flier

….this organizations’ street address matches “MAWS” (Marin Abused Women’s Services), except it’s “suite A” — as listed on a CDPH.gov (Public health violence prevention for Marin County (north of SF and where San Rafael is) referral:

Welcome to the State of California

Marin Violence Prevention Resource Directory:

Marin Abused Women’s Services (MAWS) 734 A St. San Rafael, CA 94901 Phone

Hotline TTY Email http://www.maws.org/

(415) 457-2464 (415) 924-6616, (415) 924-3456 (Spanish), (415) 924-1070 (Men) (415) 457-2421 (TTY) admin@maws.org, contact@maws.org

…..That must be an old referral, because “MAWS” is now “Center for Domestic Peace(r)” its website is reminiscent of “ONECIRCLE” foundation, it is into the same ideas, and even calls itself a change agent.


(California Secretary of state address matches the address on “Circle Foundation” website, which differs from its Sec. of State registration address of Cotati, CA, above).

Entity Number: C0823725
Date Filed: 08/09/1977
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 734 A ST
Entity City, State, Zip: SAN RAFAEL CA 94901
Agent for Service of Process: DONNA GARSKE
Agent Address: 734 A ST
Agent City, State, Zip: SAN RAFAEL CA 94901

Welcome35 Years Celebration

Center for Domestic Peace, home of Marin Abused Women’s Services, mobilizes individuals and communities to transform our world so domestic violence no longer exists, creating greater safety, justice, and equality.

To this end, Center for Domestic Peace operates with three interlocking strategies: 1) Safety and Empowerment, 2) Coordinated Community Response, and 3) Social Transformation.

1. Each year, our core services promote the safety and empowerment of more than 4,000 individuals impacted by domestic violence through: an emergency shelter, 24/7 hotlines, long-term transitional housing, support groups, legal advocacy and services, and a ManKind and WomanKind program for men and women who have been violent.

2. We engage, train, and coordinate professionals from various sectors to promote a coordinated community response to domestic violence within multiple systems – including legal services, law enforcement, criminal justice, health and mental health, and education.

3. We take a leadership role in promoting social transformation through technical assistance, education, prevention (including teens and adults), and policy initiatives.

Since our founding in 1977, we have responded to the needs of more than 163,000 women affected by domestic violence and their children, as well as more than 28,500 men who have been violent.

{{it is even acknowledged on this page that after all these years, in 2010, Marin acknowledges that its #1 violent crime is domestic violence.  PERHAPS they ought to try a different approach tha SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION through ENDLESS TRAININGS & TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE!?}}

Social Transformation

Center for Domestic Peace takes a leadership role in promoting social transformation through technical assistance, education, and policy initiatives.

Transforming Communities * * * *
Transforming Communities: Technical Assistance, Training, and Resource Center (TC-TAT) is a national project, which, through leadership development and training, builds the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities for effective prevention. Click here to visit TC-TAT’s website.

Education and Prevention
Center for Domestic Peace teaches youth and adults strategies for healthy and equal relating to prevent all forms of violence, including bullying and teen dating abuse.

Public Policy
Center for Domestic Peace provides leadership at the local, state, and national level to help draft policies and pass legislation that increases the effectiveness of domestic violence intervention, prevention, and protection of victim’s rights.

Share your Story. Visit the National Women’s Law Center website and tell your story. Help us advocate for more national support for domestic violence programs and services.

* * *…….I know this website above (transforming communities) — you know how? . . . I was a woman and mother LOOKING FOR ACTUAL HELP!   — but help is not available to anyone who won’t sign up for a program.  I was dealing with serious issues, and seeking child support enforcement or to regain a restraining order so I could continue work without putting me, my children, or my clients (some of who were groups of children and/or their parents) at risk! !!!     So were many women in my position! !!!

It appears that “ManKind” (above) was one of the earlier batterers intervention programs for men (as in, about 3 years after MAWS started, as in 1980):

About ManKind  

ManKind, operated by Center for Domestic Peace:
“An Innovative Approach to Stop Domestic Violence and Abuse”

In 1980, Center for Domestic Peace, home of Marin Abused Women’s Services, developed one of the nation’s first batterer education programs to work with men who are violent to their female partners to stop their violence and abuse. The two goals of ManKind are to help men end their immediate violence toward and abuse of their partners, and to engage men in community advocacy to change the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that support men’s violence against women and girls. ManKind utilizes a peer education approach to teach men to stop their violence.

(Board includes:

LeeAnn Bartolini, Ph.D.
Dominican University of California**

Dominican is well-respected Catholic Independent Univ. in the area.  It was founded by the Dominican Sisters.  Dr. Bartolini also attended Catholic High School.

Pat Davis
Psychotherapist and Interior Architectural Designer
San Fransisco State University

Aida Cecilia Castro Garcia
Family, Youth & Children’s Services 

Johanna Leestma La Fleur
Business Owner, Designer

Radica Ostojic Portello
Assistant Professor & Chair of International Languages; Director for International Student, Staff and Faculty Experience
Dominican University of California

The batterers’ intervention programs do not, I think, come from a religious organization and must be run by dewey-eyed idealists who simply don’t “get” what fundamental patriarchy as already enforced by peer-influence (of men and women both) through the faith systems — is actually about.  I’ll apologize for that “dewey-eyed idealist” comment in a day or so.  I do believe that the idea one can overcome religious-based prejudice through a training class is utopian, and note that most people who want a world utopia achieved through indoctrination are themselves possessed of a religious ideal.

Or, in the business of training and just like it…. (?)  Seriously — this is where grassroots advocacy treating assault & battery, and DV against women and children (the primary, though not only, targets of it) — as a CRIME sold us (mothers) out.





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