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Mandatory Mediation, Marriage-Mongering, Faith-based Fatherhood Mentoring, @ Malibu (Pepperdine U)

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Religion and Therapy are world-views which have in common the use of language to frame problems.  With the framing of problems comes the framing of solutions.  With the framing of solutions USUALLY comes marketing.
I personally do not look forward to a one-world religion or a one-world government, because most people I know (including myself) are not qualified to either run the world, or set up a single system to run the world.
I just learned — again by being still curious, still nosy, and still paying attention to strands of reasoning where they coincide in single knots of power, influence, and money are tied together included a Southern California University, I believe “Church of Christ” style, which is a particularly controlling brand of Protestantism — called Pepperdine.   (note:  one often finds judges & attorneys near this, and since the development of psychology & psychiatry as significant professions of influence — their “ilk” also — near the center), one also finds near the center of this religion.
I have EVERY right to speak on this topic from any number of angles, both the intellection, the experiential, the religious, and also as to study.   I have been both helped, hated, and hit by religious people belonging to various flocks — but not ONE of them has stood up to their own system and, witnessing this, spoken out against it and potentially sacrificing a local social support system that — if the shoe fits — gives what may be otherwise meaningless, or menial low-income (or middle-income) wage jobs which do NOT provide a sense of meaning, or community — sense.  But I do not think the way to handle this situation is by saying, I’m tolerant, I just don’t want to talk about it!  or by demonizing one point of view or another.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Where we CAN talk about it (godless, religious, nonattending spiritual, and others) IF we will — is around some objective identifiers — one of which is corporate status and economic — and the other of which is systems of expanding centralized control which — face it — churches are REAL good at, and tend towards.  So if my bringing this up makes me a “feminist asshole” or “anathema” it won’t be the first time, and quite honestly, I don’t care.
In my “insiders” and “outsiders” point of view, I have to warn that the fields of EDUCATION, PSYCHOLOGY & THERAPY  & LANGUAGE DOMINANCE are where you are going to find religious groups specializing in, after all, isn’t religion already in the same fields?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
In the development of mediation & its connection with the conservative (Church of Christ) Pepperdine University (Malibu California) and Pepperdine’s habit of promoting fatherhood (see this post) AND spitting out practitioners for the family law system — with disastrous consequences for females standing up to RELIGIOUS based domestic violence (translation:  nowhere to go for a support system — as the family law system has basically defanged and/or bought out the earlier battered women’s movement, including the shelter system) — there’s ample evidence that this is just TOO INBRED.
I don’t have a problem with the existence of conservative Christian Universities.  I just am warning of the particularly dangerous beliefs which translate into practice among certain (religious) groups — and that they are strategically encouraging their students and (flocks) to enter the fields of EDUCATION and PSYCHOLOGY and FAMILY PRACTICES (whether therapy, dispute resolution, or at times law) as “carriers” of this controlling, patriarchal, and abuse-minimizing mindset.
This has specifically done more than almost anything to turn yours truly into a “card-carrying” feminist (I don’t FYI carry a card and have never been a member of NOW.  In fact, I don’t like joining anything at all, these days; have had enough exposure to groupthink for three lifetimes…!)
I will continue speaking from the perspective that most atheists/agonistics and etc.’s just don’t care — or don’t know enough — about how dangerous this is, to allow this system to continue taking our money — and dominating our private relationships.  We are talking, a Latina mom whose 3 children were murdered when police refused to respond to a violation of a court order in the context of violence and threats (Castle Rock v. Gonzales).  We are talking, a woman from Kansas who was arrested and eventually lost her daughter by virtue of from being assaulted and bleeding in the wrong district, i.e., Claudine Dombrowski — and while I don’t blog along the same lines, I DID read her court docket, and it’s on here somewhere also. I’ve read a LOT of court dockets over the past few years. She really was ordered NOT to report (as I recall) further assaults in a certain county.  She drove to ANOTHER county for treatment, and they were court-mandated to report, so contacted the first one, and eventually this caused loss of her child.  C’mon now!  How angry would you be?
I split advocacy/activism paths with Claudine and a few mothers’ groups a while back,
for a number of reasons (including strategy, and I don’t like cult-like behavior)
but that still doesn’t eradicate this photo and the fact that the man who did this
got their child, and the lawyers and courts had a heyday with it.
Kansas, moreover, is a central outpost of Fatherhood organizations
and recently had some nice confabulations with David Blankenhorn’s group,
the “Institute for American Values.”
I guess this is an American Value, then …. beating up on women, racial profiling & sexism.
and power-grabs in closed-door conferences involving public money, and setting ‘Public” programs
for Private Profit
Expanding the poverty & population of the poor in the name of helping them.
I have PARTICULAR objections to setting up centralized systems which let any religious zealot (whether fundie, Opus Dei, touchy-feely, New Age, or Satanic — which I get to mention particularly after I noticed a fairly prominent San Francisco Law Firm and polemicist organization (which housed and promoted Kids Turn) at one point (same street address — and someone related to the firm’s owners owned the building, too) defending the high priestess of “the church of satan” in a palimony suit long ago!
I “kid” you not!

Kids’ Turn – Civic Center/Tenderloin – San FranciscoCA

 Rating: 2.5 – 3 reviews

1242 Market St (between Hyde St & Grove St) San FranciscoCA94102. Neighborhood: Civic Center/Tenderloin. (415) 777-9977. http://kidsturn.org

~2011 “YELP” comment: Yes, this organization is automated to take your payment online but somehow not automated to tell you where the location is after you have paid. I have registered, paid the night before and still today waiting for location to attend our workshop. 

They just want to take the money and run!!!!

They should not continue to received funding for operating as such.

~ 2010″YELP” comment:  A non-profit run just like you think.  They keep the location secret until you give them $650.00 then they wait until the day before the workshop to tell you where it will be held.  When you finally receive the information–oops! it’s the wrong location.  Instead of Oakland it’s Dublin you have to drive to.  The girl on the phone got it wrong.  When you called to confirm they received your fax they say, yeah, but not your spouses.  When you call your spouse who says she sent her $650.00 too, you call back & they say, ‘oh yeah, here it is‘ Separation and divorce is hard enough without these clowns.  PS the phone number from the court services is a Ladie’s Talk Chat Line.
  1. satanismcentral.com/lvcrt05.html

    File: LVCrt-05. 6114 California Street San FranciscoCA 94121 6 June 1990. Ms. Elizabeth Benford 1242 Market Street, Second FloorSan FranciscoCA 94102 

  2. http://www.gsanetwork.org/directory/community-organizations

    1242 Market St., 3rd floor. San FranciscoCA 94102 (415) 487-5777. Provides resources and training for young people about health and wellness, including 


As my LAST post states, …. the primary organization setting it up as the standard, and themselves as “the voice” since the early 1990s, seems to be (in California) the “California Dispute Resolution Council,” which is a mutual benefit LOBBYING organization, and whose origins includes the director of a dispute resolution institute from a conservative Christian University in Malibu, California, “Pepperdine.”

I cannot emphasize this enough — the church/state inbreeding has ALWAYS (historically) been a major part of worlds problems — not solutions! !!!    !!! — and about the only solution I can think to DETHRONING the national inbreeding of “education and psychology” indoctrinated individuals (and with them you get — pro bono — whatever religious viewpoints they were indoctrinated in, usually conservative, but sometimes new-age) — is somehow continuing to publicize the HISTORY OF THE SPREAD OF THIS MENTORING MOVEMENT —

Before I get into this Malibu-based University right off the Pacific Coast Highway, (a spectacular scenic drive up California’s Coast) — let’s look at some custody-case roadkill in a hair salon that occurred RECENTLY in Seal Beach (also off the same highway) in Fall 2011, and this is NOT the first carnage associated with a hair salon and custody cases in California — there was a “triple-header” in Northern California back in 2008.

The Huffington Post saw fit to make a note of this as did many others.  I just trying to figure out why LMFT’s, AFCC’s, and others choose to ignore what is clearly “carnage.”


Scott Dekraai, Seal Beach Shooting Suspect, Was Constantly Being Bailed Out

. . .Dekraai, 41, showed no emotion Friday at his first court appearance hours after prosecutors said they would seek the death penalty. He postponed entering pleas on eight counts of murder and one count of attempted murder in the rampage at Salon Meritage.

The beauty parlor was packed with customers just after lunch Wednesday when Dekraai, clad in a bulletproof vest, opened fire with at least two handguns, killing his ex-wife Michelle Fournier and seven others, including a man in his car outside the shop, authorities said. An elderly woman having her hair styled by her daughter, who died in the carnage, remains in critical condition. . . .

In 1991, Dekraai went to work at Catalina Channel Express, working his way up to captain piloting ferries between the mainland and the picturesque haven of Catalina Island. The company accused him of using heroin and illegal drugs to lose weight and he was fired in 2000. His breach of contract and defamation lawsuit were dismissed, according to court papers.

Dekraai, who was divorced from his first wife, married Fournier in 2003 in Nevada after a whirlwind romance. She gave birth to a son seven months later.

The relationship soured almost immediately. Fournier told White – who was also her friend – that Dekraai held a gun to her head shortly after their wedding.

Fournier left Dekraai in December 2006 because he wasn’t stable, said Tim Terbush, a friend of Fournier’s and a former neighbor who knew Dekraai for years. “His violence started to escalate, escalate, escalate and she was scared to death of him,” Terbush said.

Maybe someone should pass a law that once divorced, men don’t get to remarry — as there seem to be always an unending supply of women who can be swept off their feet and believe that the first one didn’t know what a nice guy she’d ditched…   Or women from marrying men 30 or 40 years older than themselves…. they seem to become public problems.   Check out the footer on this one about the Alameda County Family Justice Center itself another centralization of power — for convenience, of course.  Its first E.D. as the woman who recently had to resign from county supervisor first link, this paragraph) under multiple issues around drugs, domestic violence (as a victim), child endangerment, and substance abuse, all of which supposedly this justice center she headed (while being on the D.A.’s office payroll) supposedly HELPED people with:

By placing tax payer funded public services (law enforcement, criminal prosecution, health clinics) in the same building as non-profit agencies offering legal services, counseling, and childcare, we effectively ensure collaborative efficiency on behalf of victims, thereby maximizing every source of funding.

The Alameda County Family Justice Center

Core services provided on-site include: crisis intervention; law enforcement investigation and prosecution of offenders; temporary restraining orders; victim/witness support and advocacy; case management; individual and family counseling; support groups; medical clinics; emergency and transitional housing; childcare; transportation; faith-based services; multilingual capabilities; and many others.

Back to the dangers of working in a hair salon while in a custody battle — or patronizing one where someone — ANYONE — potentially is in a custody battle // DeKrai:

Some felt Dekraai’s grandparents set the stage for his problems later in life by spoiling him and stepping in to save him when he got into trouble. His step grandfather loaned him money several times when he ran up gambling debts and would buy him anything he wanted as a child, Hinmon said.

He’s never been held accountable and he’s always been bailed out of everything,” he said. “He had gambling problems with bookies and I know the last check his grandfather wrote him was for $5,000 – and he wrote on the check, `This is the last one.'”

In this context, the Mediation Model & the Church/State blend will help further decriminalize all kinds of family violence (see “parental alienation” as well).

When the step-grandfather died in 2005, Dekraai was devastated to discover he had willed half his estate to a biological daughter.  {{Sounds like he couldn’t share wealth OR kids…}}

Dekraai and his mother filed a claim against the estate, but it was dropped after their attorney determined they had no standing to challenge the will, said Howard Brief, an attorney who represented the estate and gave a deposition in the case. Dekraai and his mom split their half and received roughly $400,000 each, Brief said.

(then comes a very bad boating accident, PTSD, medications, and more drama…)

By the time he got out of the hospital, his (2nd) wife had filed for divorce. He couldn’t find work and had to move in with this mother. When his stepfather, Leroy Hinmon, asked him for rent, Dekraai attacked him in front of his mother and 4-year-old son.”He was beating him up, slapping him around,” Max Hinmon said. “He worked my brother over pretty good.”

The police were called and Leroy Hinmon got a temporary restraining order in August 2007. Dekraai, who didn’t dispute the claim that he cut and bruised the older man, was ordered to surrender any firearms and attend a year-long program for batterers.

{{why not JAIL the guy, and give the ex-wife sole custody?? then she might be alive, and their son might have a live mother — and that’s the question the Mediators and fatherhood practitioners, and Promisekeeprs are Not going to answer honestly, but if they do — it will be reframed as fatherlessness anyhow….  }}

While Dekraai and his ex-wife shared custody of their son, he was pushing for more time with him and more control over his rearing in what was becoming a more acrimonious situation.

The two traded accusations in court papers even as Dekraai settled into a suburban life in nearby Huntington Beach with a third wife, the woman who had been hired to care for him after his tugboat accident.

see $400K settlement from his stepfather…

I cannot keep doing this (esp. for free) so I hope some viewers are catching on:

AFCC — Lawyers Judges & Psychologists (mental health field).  Plus educators.

What else does a country need (besides slave labor to produce the goods and products to house the same, tend their real estate, raise their children, clean their homes, do the landscaping, assemble the (offshore-produced) cars and work in their oil refineries — or live in neighborhoods where oil refineries’ screwups cause environmental & health disasters?

Pepperdine School of Law & United Church of Christ ties:

About Pepperdine School of Law


A Place of Faith, Guided by Christian Values {{such as they be,...}}

As part of a Christian university, Pepperdine University School of Law expresses its Christian principles through all aspects of academic life and administrative policy. Pepperdine draws no separations between the “sacred and the secular” in daily life and conduct. There are many ways in which the school encourages and accentuates the Christian way of life in the Pepperdine community.

While all major social events and official ceremonies are opened in prayer, it is not unusual that business meetings will likewise be convened with a request to God for prudence, understanding, and guidance. Many of Pepperdine’s professors and administrators take the time to spiritually encourage and pray with students and others who need the care that those who profess faith are called to give.

Affiliation with Churches of Christ

Pepperdine keeps a vital affiliation with Churches of Christ of which its founder, George Pepperdine, was an elder and lifelong member. That affiliation is maintained today through policy and government (a majority of the Board of Regents must be Church of Christ members in good standing), through regular recruitment of students, faculty, and staff from within Church of Christ fellowships, and through the office and activities of Church Relations.

Respect for All Faiths

Students, faculty, and staff members of all faith traditions are welcome to become part of the Pepperdine community. God’s truth as revealed in both the observable and invisible worlds is universal and nonnegotiable, and an individual’s pursuit of that truth is respected and honored.

{{“revealed” implies observable/visible; while the language of the Bible does talk about spiritual (invisible) matters — it is still LANGUAGE.  And in language, revealed mens, shown — literally!   …which surely these guys must know (conservative Christian == anti-gay, right?  This is a primary section for Bible toters that maintain “anti-gay” (antihomosexual) stances…

Romans 1 (this is within 5 verses of “men….burning in their lust one towards another…”)

 20For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

however the word “nonegotiable” seems pretty ironic in a place that has specialized centers for negotiation — one, a school of law, and two, a dispute resolution institute. Doesn’t that involve “negotiation“???  So what’s the “nonnegotiable” part — who gets to be on the Board of Regents?   Or, no separation between sacred and secular in daily life for students, and by the time they graduate from these programs, they too will be indoctrinated into no separation between sacred and secular in their professional practices, too?  ??}}

I also notice Pepperdine’s wealth was in the auto industry, his business pre-dates the creation of the Federal Reserve and the income tax with it, and being at the time wealthy enough to do this, opened (funded) Pepperdine College between the world wars, specifically because young people getting college educations were “leaving their faith.”

..it prospered after WWII from the G.I. Bill (obviously) . . . . .

…During this period the faculty grew from 67 (regular and adjunct) in 1946 to 116 in 1947. Number of degrees awarded annually at this time also swelled, with majors in business and education-psychology in the lead, topping out at 406 in 1950, eventually declining and stabilizing to approximately 200 a year through the mid-50s.

…then it got a donation of 138 acres of undeveloped ranchland in Malibu …

 In October 1968, the college received a remarkable donation of 138 acres of undeveloped ranch land in Malibu, given by Merritt H. Adamson, Sylvia Rindge Adamson Neville, and Rhoda-May Adamson Dallas, for the construction of a new campus.

OK — so, I looked up “Merritt H. Adamson” (this is clearly family wealth, right?  It turns out, from an 1990 LA Times Article, this upstanding man (who died of cancer in 1959) signed over control of his estate to his sisters, screwing (so to speak) his wife and children in the process.  Wonder if he was United Church of Christ too…

Family Feud : Sisters of Merritt Adamson Jr., above, are locked in a   (dark-green background) this is the heirs of who provided the acreage for the Malibu campus, and their “family disputes” – which, as they were wealthy, are played large and affect things like $43 million sewage systems, hotel redevelopment, real estate value


May 17, 1990 – When Merritt Adamson died of cancer in 1986 at the age of 59, he left behind more than just his one-third share of a $75-million family fortune.Shortly before he died, the real estate scion signed an agreement making his two sisters the sole guardians of a once-mighty Malibu land empire and leaving his widow, Sharon, with little say in the affairs of the Adamson Cos., the family firm.
[[One might also wonders, was he taken advantage of in his cancerous state..]] But beyond settling a feud among wealthy heirs, the outcome may also play a key role in shaping Malibu’s future.  In its rush to install a sewer system in the seaside community, Los Angeles County has struck a private deal with the sisters, Sylvia R. A. Neville and Rhoda-May Dallas, to surrender six acres they own near Pepperdine University for the site of a sewage treatment plant.

In exchange, the county offered to help expedite approval of a 300-room, $65-million hotel the sisters want to build in Malibu. The hotel, and Pepperdine’s plans to double the size of its campus, depend on the sewer system.

In her lawsuit against Neville and Dallas, in which she is seeking a third of the family fortune that some observers say may now have appreciated to $100 million or more,**{{the sisters-in-law want her to accept $200K}} Adamson has asked that the partnership agreement her husband signed be nullified. She claims that Neville and Dallas exerted undue influence on her husband to sign, knowing that he was too ill to understand it.

The agreement replaced one drawn up 18 years earlier that had provided that, upon the death of any of the siblings, his or her heirs would have the right to sell their one-third share of the Adamson Cos.’ assets at full market value.

Under the new arrangement, however, the sisters became sole general partners in the family firm when their brother died, and Sharon Adamson, as a limited partner, was left with little say over what she claims should have been her inheritance. Neville and Dallas, meanwhile, say the agreement gave them the right to buy out their brother’s entire share of the family fortune for $200,000.

I’d be interested (if I had a personal assistant to look up such things) to know whether the sisters-in-law had their own offspring, and whether their husbands — note that Mrs. Adamson was now a widow; she’d prematurely lost a husband to cancer (59 is young!!) as well — were pressuring the women (or, had married them for their money, etc.)….

In a countersuit against Adamson, the sisters have asked that the agreement be enforced and that Adamson accept the $200,000 and relinquish any further claims.  Although none of the women would agree to be interviewed, friends and former business associates, as well as court documents, reveal a rift between Merritt Adamson’s widow and his sisters that has become intensely personal.

For example, one of the first things Neville and Dallas did after their brother’s death was to dismiss his son, Grant, from the company job he had held for seven years. They also quickly moved to exclude Sharon Adamson from participating in any company decisions, according to court documents.

Notice that when THESE parties get to fighting, they don’t go to a dispute resolution expert to settle their problems.   “At play in the fields of the Lord + the future of Pepperdine’s Plumbing?”

The property has become tangled in the nasty legal battle between Adamson and her former sisters-in-law. Adamson [the WIFE], who doesn’t want the sewer plant built there, claims a one-third ownership of the six acres and insists that the two sisters have no right to give it away.

She is said to be sympathetic to about 100 homeowners whose houses are uphill–and, they say, downwind–of the site. They say that if the plant is built under their noses, it could wreck the resale value of their million-dollar homes.

“We’re pawns caught in a war between major landowners, with the county wanting to sacrifice us,” said Bob Briskin, a member of the Malibu Country Estates Homeowners Assn. The group has hired well-known public interest attorney Carlyle Hall Jr., and is threatening a lawsuit to try to block the plant.

OK, I just took a look at the Pepperdine Board of Regents (who all must be members in standing of the Church of Christ (I apologize if I’ get COC mixed up with United COC above).  And after getting a general scope, and looking up just ONE of them, I feel nauseous.  Please read, and it’s just possible that this is what is meant by “Christian values,” and is one reason I’m reluctant to call myself a Christian anymore, regardless of my personal beliefs…

Banowsky Has Had Erratic Career : Ranged From Pulpit to Classroom and Politics to Business

March 15, 1989|JESUS SANCHEZ | Times Staff Writer

William S. Banowsky has zigged and zagged from the pulpit to the classroom to the board room.

On Tuesday, the life of the 53-year-old former teen-age preacher and one-time president of Pepperdine University took another sharp turn. It was officially disclosed that Banowsky, now a vice president at National Medical Enterprises, agreed to pay $754,000 in fines and penalties to the Securities and Exchange Commission to settle insider trading charges.

While serving on the board of directors at Thrifty Corp. in 1986, Banowsky passed along confidential information concerning an upcoming takeover to friends and relatives, according to his settlement agreement with the SEC. Banowsky himself did not trade any stock, but the people he informed did and made an estimated $442,837 in profit.

It was a humiliating development for a deeply religious man whose charisma and ambition had catapulted him into positions of power and prominence at a young age. As a young man, Banowsky was the minister at a Lubbock, Tex., church where his sermons increased attendance 50%. “It was a very thrilling kind of an ego thing,” Banowsky said in a 1975 Times interview.

Impressed by his religious fervor and speaking ability, the Church of Christ enlisted Banowsky to debate moral issues against liberal thinkers, such as Rev. James A. Pike, as well as the religion editor of Playboy magazine.

In 1971, Banowsky, at age 34, became president of Pepperdine University and developed a reputation as a determined, even zealous, leader. Under his direction, the university raised more than $40 million and moved from South Central Los Angeles to a stunning campus by the ocean in Malibu. Enrollment jumped from 1,000 students to 8,000.

Political Conservative

He also met with controversy. In 1975, The Times revealed that Banowsky was one of four top university officials who received money from a secret fund to supplement their income. No civil or criminal actions were ever filed.

Besides his role as an educator, Banowsky was also prominent in conservative political circles. Once considered a young rising star in the Republican Party, Banowsky was a major fund-raiser for then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan and a candidate for a top job at the Interior Department under President Gerald R. Ford. He was approached about making a run for governor himself in 1973, but he declined.

In 1978, Banowsky left Pepperdine to head the University of Oklahoma. A few years later, Banowsky returned to Southern California to head the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. But after only six weeks, Banowsky returned to Oklahoma, saying he had made a major mistake.

Despite his short stay, chamber officials say Banowsky made quite an impression with the staff and with community groups. “He was an incredible speaker,” said chamber Vice President Michael J. Colton. “He spoke without notes and he never failed to get a standing ovation.”

(yet he’s still on the Board of Regents, along with 4 new ones in 2010 and other scions of industry, banking, aerospace, etc.– Goldman Sachs, Northrop Grunman, a Colorado Rancher (Sterling — formerly Coors), and — a bit odd – a former SVP of “eharmony” (Christian on-line dating site) and Sheila K. Bost, a marital & child therapist… and a Dr. Susan Rice, woman from SFR Consulting, a nonprofit fundraising group, 1999 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1100:   “Dr. Rice earned her doctorate in education from Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology. She holds an MPA degree from UCLA and a bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame.”

Sheila K. Bost, beside living in a nice million-$$ neighborhood in Santa Monica with her husband, was very active in BOTH the Straus Dispute Resolution Institute, and the Boone Family Center (at Pepperdine) which I already know as a basic Healthy Marriages -outpost.)  But first, a little more background on Pepperdine, at least from some MSM:

 A 1977 “Sports Illustrated Vault” article talks about the pull of Malibu, and desertion of the Los Angeles campus (almost):   School of Soft Knocks: Overlooking Malibu’s movie colony, Pepperdine University

It is true that the school is visually stimulating to the point of making one forget hard realities. Everything is clean and vivid. The students are the embodiment of good taste. There are no campus guerrillas, no wild-eyed poets, no Indian headbands, no unbuttoned shirts. “I would say the basic Pepperdine student is a middle- to upper-middle-class white who is not too intellectual, owns his own car and is sort of wanting to bust out,” says student newspaper editor Don Risolo. “The males are about six feet tall, tan, with blond hair and mustaches. The girls are fashion-conscious, good-looking, chic and tend to wear tight slacks.” Because everyone lives, eats and socializes with everyone else, and because most Pepperdine students are active in intramural and beach sports, the appearance of the student body is one of decided healthiness.

. . . perhaps they have relaxed their no drinking and no dancing rules within the last 30 years (1977-2007 or so)??

Pepperdine also has fine facilities—the sparkling field house, a 50-meter outdoor pool (not to mention the beach), and playing fields as immaculate as putting greens. In addition, it is near a vast recruiting area and has the funds—$600,000 spent annually on sports, without the need to support a high-budget football program. “We had a football team until 1961,” says Athletic Director Wayne Wright, “but I doubt if we’ll ever have one again. We don’t need one.”

The seed for this tiny athletic powerhouse was planted in the social tumult of the ’60s. When Watts exploded in race riots in 1965, the bordering Los Angeles campus of Pepperdine was adversely affected. “We never got over the shock of having been in the middle of things during the riots.” says Banowsky. “The area changed, and the brethren in Bakersfield were just not going to send their children to that campus.” Clearly, a new campus was in order, and when a donor offered 138 free acres of prime Malibu property. Pepperdine snapped it up.

The new campus, now named Seaver College after philanthropist Frank R. Seaver, opened to much fanfare and not a little criticism. Environmentalists were angry because three million cubic yards of dirt had been moved to provide the setting; hills were leveled and ravines rerouted. Local residents were upset by the 125-foot tower featuring an illuminated cross that shone over the entire coast. Critics managed to get most of the lights toned down. Black civic leaders were indignant because they felt the school was bailing out of its social commitment to the community around the original L.A. campus. Indeed, since the move the L.A. campus has deteriorated even further. Students have complained of rats in the cafeteria, and there have been reports of prostitution and drug sales on the campus.

In contrast, the Malibu campus shines like a jewel. Further acquisitions have brought the land holdings to 623 acres, and total university assets are up from $7.8 million in 1967 to $70 million today. Construction is just getting started on the new Pepperdine law school, and tennis courts, parking lots and other amenities are being built. “The conservative religious angle,” says Bob Rose in a not-too-reverent tone, “it’s great for getting money.”

It is less great in getting satisfied students. Only 15% to 20% of the Pepperdine students are Church of Christ members, but everyone must follow certain church-oriented rules, and these have a tendency to chafe. No dancing is permitted on campus, and smoking is allowed only in bedrooms and rest rooms. Drinking is taboo, and even empty liquor bottles are forbidden in dorm rooms. (Rose spent one December afternoon cutting the last page out of every one of this season’s basketball programs when the administration discovered it carried an ad from aCalifornia winemaker.) A dress code that does not allow halter tops, bare feet or beach wear in the academic area is strictly enforced. There are no coed dorms, and a 1 a.m. curfew (2 a.m. on weekends) is strongly suggested for the 1,000 students who live on campus. Further, all students, athletes included, are required to take two religion courses and to attend chapel twice a week. Combined with the natural surroundings, the warm weather and the elegant Mediterranean-style architecture, the atmosphere at Pepperdine is a somewhat paradoxical one. “It is strange,” says newspaper editor Risolo, “but in all my columns I always end up referring to this place as a ‘resort monastery. ‘ “

Pepperdine is also home to the “Boone Family Institute” (as in, Pat Boone) — c’mon now! !!!

Board of Regents member Sheila K. Rost was “co-advisor” of the Boone Center (i.e., established with help from Pat Boone & wife’s wealth to start with, and basically a HHS & SmartMarriages (Diane Sollee’s group) marketplace, apparently — well,:

After graduating from George Peabody College, I was awarded a Fellowship to study atVanderbilt University where I graduated with a Masters in Speech Pathology. I worked in Hollywood with Crippled Children’s Society (now AbilityFirst) where I directed an experiential preschool program with children who experienced delayed language.

My interest in the emotional side of speech therapy led me to return to school to receive my second Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at Fuller Seminary’s School of Psychology.

I am a member of the Marriage Friendly Therapists movement — therapists who value marriage and life-long commitment, and are dedicated to helping marriages succeed if at all possible. I also am available to present interactive presentations and workshops with concepts gleaned from my training with other top-notch therapists.

A certified premarital counselor with {{CLICK — it’s a HEALTHY MARRIAGES CURRICULUM}} Prepare/Enrich and with FOCCUS,** I am also listed as a premarital counselor on The First Dance. For my therapeutic focus, I remain a Clinical Member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

**((same idea, Nebraska nonprofit, Pre-marriage training and train-the-trainers certification, copyrighted.  Creighton (Omaha) is I believe a Jesuit university.Click on it — you’ll see.  Same idea, different copyright, different target market.))

I have studied with and received additional training with some of the country’s expert couples’ therapists {{probably at a SMARTMARRIAGES conference}} and believe in fostering and fortifying relationships before and after marriage. {{speaking of which…}}  I have taken professional mediation courses offered by Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law. I also hold advanced training in Grief Counseling working with adults, children and families experiencing grief and loss. I published an article entitled Spirituality and Chronic Illness: A Personal Narrative in the Journal Leaven. (PDF Download)

I have directed programs and taught classes for all age groups working with numerous community groups, schools, and churches. For over a decade I co-chaired the Advisory Board for Pepperdine’s Boone Center for the Family and volunteered my time in various capacities. I currently serve as a Regent on the Pepperdine University Board of Regents.

For FOCCUS — can you spell “Archdiocese of Omaha”?


FOCCUS, Inc. USA is a ministry of the Archdiocese of Omaha Family Life Office. Dedicated to offering cost-effective resources that support quality marriage preparation, and marriage and family enrichment, FOCCUS, Inc. USA is best known for the development of the FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory. First developed in 1985, the FOCCUS Inventory is used around the world with a variety editions and translations available for use by certified FOCCUS facilitators. Our commitment to supporting today’s couples, as well as the facilitators and organizations who serve them, is reflected through the FOCCUS, Inc. USA website, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are interested in becoming a certified FOCCUS facilitator or discussing how your organization can integrate the FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory into your marriage education process, please contact us today!

Marriage Preparation Process in the Archdiocese of Omaha
2012 Archdiocese of Omaha, Marriage Prep Brochure

(Who is the ARCHDIOCESE of OMAHA? (just in case you thought the primary political designations were, say, states, counties, etc. . . here’s the corresponding religious authorities, by region — for example:

The Diocese of Omaha, which included Nebraska and Wyoming, was created on October 2, 1885, while James O’Connor was bishop. The diocese was split on August 2, 1887, and reduced to all counties in Nebraska north of the Platte River. At that time the Dioceses of Lincoln and Cheyenne were created. The Omaha Diocese again was split in March, 1912, as the Diocese of Kearney was created. On April 11, 1917, that diocesan see was transferred to Grand Island as previously disputed counties were transferred to that western Nebraska diocese. The Omaha Diocese became an Archdiocese on August 10, 1945.

The Archdiocese of Omaha now comprises 14,051 square miles which includes the counties of Boyd, Holt, Merrick, Nance, Boone, Antelope, Knox, Pierce, Madison, Platte, Colfax, Stanton, Wayne, Cedar, Dixon, Dakota, Thurston, Cuming, Dodge, Burt, Washington, Douglas, and Sarpy. There are more than 220,000 Catholics in the 149 parishes and missions.

the word “ARCH” stands for ruling over / authority, got it?The Virgin Mary in Prayer  While in many areas, some evangelical protestants show up anti-Catholic, and are the “true Christians” because (allegedly) they read and value the  Bible more than church hierarchy, #1.  I doubt it, and #2. These are laid aside when it comes to mutual agreement on taking HHS funds to push marriage curricula on the poor, and make it hard for women & children who NEED to flee domestic terrorism (that’s IPV, a.k.a. DV) to do so — because it’s just not “godly” for a single mother, well, to have authority over her children and a voice in society. . . .  This doesn’t, apparently, include Mary, the mother of Jesus or, as it were, God (which Protestants also protest, although they still say Jesus is God.  If Jesus IS indeed God, then who was his mother?)  …. and if someone can’t argue that theory sensibly, would you want the same arguing your family law case based on the merits?  (Mea culpa, I just got into some theology there, but I see it more as sociology.  Again, if there is to be reason involved in our primary institutions, then I don’t want those institutions ruled by force, indoctrination, or excommunication for dissidents!!!…)

You should read this FOCCUS organization agreement and understand how very much it constitutes a franchised marketing agreement, only with religious/family terms, i.e., instead of “upline” or “downline” it’s Parent or Child organization.

Found at this website:   http://www.johnpaul2center.org/JohnPaulIICenter/NazarethProject/EngagedEnrichment1/FOCCUS-OrganizationRegistratio.pdf

Please designate a FOCCUS “Organization Administrator” for your organization (the person who will manage any of the following functions for your organization on the new FOCCUS website. Please do not list priest/pastor as the organization administrator):

• • •

Approve FOCCUS Facilitators Create, Order and/or Transfer FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory Sessions Generate, Print and/or Email FOCCUS© Couple Reports.

If my organization is functioning without a parent organization over it AND without any child organizations under it: I understand that all trained facilitators within my organization will need to register on the FOCCUS website at http://www.foccusinc.com and that is it my responsibility to approve or deny requests by facilitators, to provide FOCCUS facilitation within my organization, and to do so in a timely manner.I understand that my organization may be eligible to have ‘child’ organizations under it.If my organization has such child organization(s) operating under it, I will have the ability to view, manage and transfer their FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory session credits and reports.I will respect the privacy of the couples and will treat all parties with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. If my organization is functioning under a parent organization (such as a diocese or national body), I understand that my parent organization has the ability to view, manage and transfer my organization’s FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory session credits and reports within the auspices of the parent organization, and I will respect the privacy of the couples and will treat all parties with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. If my organization is functioning as a parent organization with other organizations functioning under it (such as a parish, church, chapter or local branch), I understand that it is my responsibility to either approve or deny child organization requests in a timely manner.I understand that I have the option to extend any contract pricing discounts on products or inventory session credits agreed to by FOCCUS, Inc. USA to my child organization(s). I understand that I have the ability to view, manage and transfer FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory Sessions and FOCCUS© Couple Reports of my child organization(s).I will respect the privacy of the couples and will treat all parties with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

….found under the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Marriage (Nazareth) Project:

John Paul II Center - Milwaukee

The Nazareth Project for Marriage and Family Formation is an office of The John Paul II Center for Lifelong Faith and Ministry Formation. The Nazareth Project exists to build up the Body of Christ in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee by providing an authentic, Catholic vision of Sacramental Marriage as an icon of the love between Christ and His Bride, the Church.

…..That “lifelong faith and ministry formation” Center is an “initiative” of the archdiocese of Milwaukee….  Just in case we are not clear on this, the head of the Catholic Church resides in the Vatican, a separate country with its own ambassador, stamps, etc. — and which has been referred to in recent times as one of ‘THREE CITIES THAT RULE THE WORLD,” all of them as having within these cities designated areas that are not actually part of the areas they rule, in London (banking), Washington, D.C. (military), and of course Rome (religious).

(from this Milwaukee site)….

The evangelization of America is not only a gift from the Lord; it is also a source of new responsibilities”.
John Paul II, Ecclesia in America.

General Statistics

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee was established on November 28, 1843, and was created an archbishopric on February 12, 1875.

The archdiocese covers 4,758 square miles in southeast Wisconsin and includes the following counties: Dodge, Fond du Lac, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Sheboygan, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha.


Total number of parishes: 208 (current as of October 2010)
Registered Catholics: 633,739 (current as of October 2010)
Total population in southeastern Wisconsin: 2,302,272 (current as of October 2010)

Isn’t it a little odd that on the Board of Regents of a “Church of Christ” university, Pepperdine/Malibu, California, there in Malibu part because of urban flight and fears of dark-skinned people and their urban blight (like they caused it?) — a marital therapist has no problem promoting something like FOCCUS to help evangelize America through the family, for God, the Pope and the Vatican? and anyone want to place a bet whether this program (like so man of the others) got any HHS support?


The Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University was established in 1996 through the inspiration and foundation of M. Norvel and Helen Young and endowed by Pat and Shirley Boone in 2006. The Center has become an active, vital extension of Pepperdine’s Christian mission. Created to provide a supportive force to help strengthen families, it provides practical seminars for marriage enrichment and parenting, as well as trainings for churches, professionals, and lay leaders who reach wider audiences in their communities. The Center is headquartered in M. Norvel and Helen Young Center on the Gradizio Graduate Campus.

WHAT A COINCIDENCE — RIGHT WITH , in WELFARE REFORM AND TANF BLOCK GRANTS TO THE STATES FOR FATHERHOOD/MARRIAGE PROMOTION (WAS IT ABOUT $150 MILLION BACK THEN, TOO??)  and by coincidence in 2006, when the same grants series got another nice boost (i.e., funding, grants reauthorized in DRA of 2005), here comes more help from the Boones.  And they’re in the marketing marriage training business. Fancy that….  Coincidence.

A Fundraising branch of the Boone Center for the Family

The purpose of the Friends of the Family League is to enrich the work of the Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University by raising annual and endowment funds, thus sustaining the Center’s educational and training programs. The goal of the Friends of the Family League is to raise the greatest amount of money at the least expense.  Founding and MembershipCreated in the fall of 2003, the League is composed of dedicated women working to enhance the resources of the Center and its outreach services. The League invites those committed to furthering the Center’s work to join and become involved, and to support its annual and endowment campaigns through tax-deductible gifts and event participation.

{{another feature of churches is their grrrreat ability to train and domesticate women into raising money and donate services for them, while often forbidding them to preach, get ordained, and obstructing them obtaining legal restraint and protection when it’s a dominant male, or deacon/pastor doing the abuse…}}

Membership Responsibilities Annual dues are $150 per member, which defrays the cost of meeting luncheons      please note — the Boone Family Center takes donations through the School of Education and Psychology, not as a separate EIN# I guess.  

support the center
Donations can be made to the Boone Center for the Family through our connection with Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology.  To make an online donation:





Many of these Web sites and organizations provide helpful information and resources for fathers and families, but this listing should not be considered an endorsement by the Boone Center for the Family of anything you might find on these sites.

Click a category name to expand/collapse the list of links.  (LGH will put photos all at the bottom):

Family Life
  • Love & Respect   (grand rapids Michigan couple’s for-profit? business running conferences…)
  • Marriage Alive
  • National Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment
  • National Healthy Marriage Resource Center    (simply the HHS-grants-supported website run by the group from Oklahoma, click and read the fine print at the bottom.  why mess around — why not just connect HHS to a conservative Christian University and be done with it?)
  • Real Relationships   (this is actually “Les and Leslie Parrott” who I profiled recently — they’re from washington (state) but show up as third-gen Olivet Nazarene church/college leadership and buying up real estate in Arizona — don’t quote me on that, but I put up the links.    Again, isn’t it nice to have TANF diversions from poor people to help already-rich people expand their real estate holdings and religion too?  Mainline Christianity IN ACTION, right here ….)
  • Smart Marriages   (that’s the conference held 2000-2010 again, it’s a for-profit LLC based in washington, D.C. that ran these conferences.   CLOSE CONNECTION to welfare reform & religion. Click and see).
  • Between Two Trees ** (see “the master’s program” paras. below; they were trained by this guy… and are under its nonprofit auspices– which currently I can’t find!!)

Emerson & Sarah Eggerichs

the couple on the right do bed and breakfasts, are SmartMarriage, Prep/Enrich, PREP, Imago and if you have ANOTHER fad certification course, they will take it.  Did I mention…

“Kurt & Rhonda Hamner, a husband and wife team, developed Bed and Breakfast with a Purpose Retreats ten years ago. Their vision was to bring together effective marriage communication tools and genuine romance. They are Certified Marriage and Relationship Coaches and have been trained under the PREP, Imago, Prepare/Enrich, Mastering the Mysteries of Love programs and have thirty years experience as pastoral counselors. Curt directs Between Two Trees Ministries and is a professional marriage and family education consultant, serving clients including Pepperdine Unversity, Center for the Family, Love and Respect Conference” (see Eggeriches, below).

Did I mention, that includes one they’re already trained under to “maximize kingdom impact”? And — just how much is ENOUGH of this stuff?!?!?

Between Two Trees Ministry is a 501 (c)(3) non profit ministry under the authority of Priority Living, www.mastersprogram.org… these programs are big on MALE leadership (female is OK if they’re part of a couple, or on track with the programs….). I’m still looking for the corporate status on this one, but membership is a $3,000/year pledge:

The Master’s Program Prepares Christian Leaders
The Master’s Program (TMP) brings together area [male only?] Christian leaders led by one of our leadership coaches to help you learn to leverage yourself for Kingdom work. We advocate leadership coaching from a Christ-centered perspective to prepare Christ followers to change their world and build God’s Kingdom.

Kingdom Building Lifestyle — Life Mastery

Created by Chief Mentoring Officer Bob Shank, this Kingdom building lifestyle program will change your outlook from business success to Kingdom significance. The Master’s Program will help you lead by learning to live an irresistible lifestyle accompanied by influential works of service. TMP provides the direction and tools necessary to create balance, margin, and focus.

If you want to take the next step to creating greater value for Christ Jesus (the Master), join TMP and let us serve you.

Gift of stocks or securities allows The Master’s Program to have additional resources necessary to fullfill our mission to prepare Christian leaders to change their world and build God’s kingdom. To make a non-cash donation such as securities, real estate, or other assets, please contact Steve Esser or Brent Caldwell at:
Steve, 1•714•xxx.xxxx., steve@mastersprogram.org
Brent, 1•949•xxx.xxxx, brent@mastersprogram.org

By supporting the work of The Master’s Program, your tax-deductible donation is preparing Christian leaders. The Master’s Program is recognized as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization by the IRS. Although most donations are considered tax-deductible, we do not render legal, tax, or investment advice. Please consult professional counsel for individual financial planning choices.


Bob Shank


Bob Shank

Leadership Mentor for various US city sessions.


Steve Stenstrom

 Steve StenstromLeadership Mentor for San Francisco area sessions. 


Chris Hornibrook

 Chris HornibrookLeadership Mentor for Canadian Sessions. 

Iron Sharpening iron


Brian Dowd

 Brian DowdLeadership Mentor for East Bay area sessions. 


Peter Henderson

 Peter HendersonLeadership Mentor for Roseville area sessions. 


Curt Hamner

 Curt HamnerLeadership Mentor for Inland Empire area sessions. 

[[See photos from Boone Family Center references — this is the “Love and Respect” link]]

Dr. Eggerichs has authored several books, including the national bestseller Love and Respect, which is a Platinum and Book of the Year award winner, selling over 1.3 million copies.   Incorporated 2000 in Michigan as a nonprofit.  The street address seems to house several marriage counselors…  

Entity Name ID Number Type









Love and Respect Ministries MI 2010 $3,953,114 990 41 38-3555199
Love and Respect Ministries MI 2009 $3,778,495 990 31 38-3555199
Love and Respect Ministries MI 2008 $3,372,611 990 40 38-3555199
Love and Respect Ministries MI 2007 $2,684,661 990 22 38-3555199
Love and Respect Ministries Inc. MI 2006 $1,781,665 990 24 38-3555199


that’s a pretty good tax return for a NONprofit with this purpose:


**(i.e., submit, husbands are the head, etc.)

(5) DR EMERSON EGGERICHS PRESIDENT  (salary — this year anyhow):   $105.8K (70 hr week listed) & $82K from “other/related orgs”;  (6) SARAH EGGERICHS VICE PRESIDENT ($14oK) (& $7K from “other.”)  Yes they are registered as a Charity too in MI

Link (Boone Family Center) to “Marriage Alive” refers to a nonprofit as old as 1983, TN, in the same business — let’s cut to the chase (the 990s):








Marriage Alive International TN 2011 $73,083 990EZ 11 58-1574418
Marriage Alive International TN 2010 $100,699 990EZ 12 58-1574418
Marriage Alive International TN 2009 $136,583 990EZ 11 58-1574418
Marriage Alive International TN 2008 $153,962 990 26 58-1574418
Marriage Alive International Inc. TN 2007 $107,783 990 24 58-1574418
Marriage Alive International Inc. TN 2006 $93,032 990 23 58-1574418

The board consists of three married couples, Claudia (Mrs. Arp) earns a modest $39K, their profit is from sales of inventory:  About $63K sales – $29 costs of inventory = profits.  that doesn’t quite make her salary, so there are also contributions, which ends up with a nice budget also for travel and conference, all of which can be written off.  Their curriculum helps (it says) communities launch ThEIR marriage initiatives. As this is great income, I can see why people might want to get into this business.

The Track Record Gets Worse, on Pepperdine, Marriage-Mongering, and Fatherhood promotion. You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet…  Keep reading about how the guy on staff of the “National Center on Fathering” (Midwestern power base) Ken Canfield, also used to (for three years) head up  Boone Center for Family @ Pepperdine U..

  1. About | Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University


    about the center. About the Boone Center for the Family. Mission. To strengthen and promote healthy relationships as we honor God’s essential foundation – the 

  2. family.pepperdine.edu/faith/church-resources/

    Marriage and Family Resources · Request a Speaker · Articles  What is Family of Faith Network? Boone Center for the Family |Pepperdine University Home 

Children’s Institute, Inc.: Event Details: 14th Annual Partnerships 


Children’s Institute, Inc.: Event Details: 14th Annual Partnerships Conference  executive director of Pepperdine University’s BooneCenter for the Family

The Children’s Institute is a major fatherhood grants recipient — well, take a look:
HHS only, GRANTS only…  Click on it and see what types of programs (107 different grants).
CII announced the release of Fatherhood: Insights and Perspectives from Leaders in the Fatherhood Movement**, at the 14th annual conference: A New Beginning for Partnerships for Children & Families in Los Angeles County. The book, published through CII’s Leadership Center, is a collection of essays from noted experts in psychology, social work, criminal justice, education and other related fields who focus on the critical issue of father absence in the early development of children. The issue was highlighted at a conference plenary presented by keynote speaker Dr. Ken Canfield, executive director of Pepperdine University’s Boone Center for the Family. More than 1,000 participants attended the event which was hosted by California State University Los Angeles and Los Angeles County Superior Court, and co-sponsored by Children’s Institute.
I provided a Google Search link on that “release” announcement (i.e., of the $50 million, how much goes towards supporting publications to promote more of the same rhetoric?).  LOOK who’s using and quoting that publication (i.e., people on the same network, which absolutely includes conservative religious circles, some of the most dangerous places for women — including the Southern Baptists that ex-President (of the United States) Jimmy Carter actually “divorced” himself from, citing as his basis their views towards women! —
This is just one example of what happens when you blend church and state — without restraint.  BOTH are systems of control and abuse, and both are hierarchy based; both have a history of bloodshed, violence, and at times, genocide & the slave trade.  In order for this level of violence, abuse and extortion to continue on the national level, SOMEONE is going to have to dominate us mothers, because we do not have and raise children in order to “donate” them to the above causes!  I mean — seriously analyze this opening statement:

Family Ministry Today

The Modern Fatherhood Movement and Ministry to Fathers in the Faith Community

by DR. KEN CANFIELD – OCT 18  (I guess this would be 2012 — but from 2008-2011 he was heading up that “Boone Family Center” at Pepperdine….)

Beginning in the mid-1960s, practices and perspectives on fathering garnered new attention. In practice, it was a major development when fathers were invited to be active participants in the birth room. Related to perspectives, researchers demonstrated that children reared in a home with a father present faced fewer psychological and social challenges compared to children who were “fatherless.” Such findings helped to shape the rationale and basis of the modern fatherhood movement. Soon health care professionals, social-scientific researchers, and community organizers tuned into the need for responsible fathering and did so with earnestness.

Continue reading and get a nice rundown on the fatherhood movement (wade through the language), including positive references to “Warren Farrell’ (author of the Penthouse article often debated by mothers, called “Positive Incest,” but often referenced because he was “NOW.”) And positive references to Promise Keepers.
(I had a “promise keeper” help my ex-batterer, the guy had a problem stealing drugs, and was put in our home to help monitor and stalk me, even at work, when my work was supporting the family!  I survived one stint with this man freeloading, and when he was scheduled to come back again, managed to exit the household until he was gone.  This man (in combination with my ex) was responsible for so escalating the domestic terrorism that I lost a full-time NIGHT job which was at the time our primary household income.  While I was MARRIED!! The first time, this man talked about me to my spouse, in front of both children (then young) in third person — and tried hard to get me to shut down my bank account — but continue working full-time and just give the check to my abusive husband!  He was a complete jerk, and as I said also had an issue with stealing drugs.   Guess what name was invoked for this type of stalking and harassment –at home, coming to and from work, and the final straw AT WORK (about the only safe & assault/stalking-free place available for me during those years)?  —  “God,” and though I don’t remember, most likely Jesus too.   This man didn’t have a work ethic himself, either — apparently something in common with my ex.)
Canfield goes on:
The Realities of Natural Father Closeness in the Church
Although being spiritually fathered can minimize and displace the negative effects of natural fathering, it is necessary for the church to wrestle with the impact of closeness to a natural father. If men have a healthy sense of father closeness while growing up, it gives them a decisive advantage in regulating non-marital sexual behaviors and in being more satisfied in their family relationships. In a data set from the Promise Keepers movement (n=993), men who described a close relationship with their natural father reported significantly lower usage of pornography, fewer struggles with masturbation, and less fantasizing about non-marital sexual relationships. In addition, men who experienced deeper father closeness with their father growing up were more satisfied in their current fathering role and marriage.

Is that self-reported?  Who were the lab assistants?  Does the word “data set” make it some how scientific?  At what point does it not count as masturbation and does it count?  Good (effin’) grief!!   Is it wrong for a woman or a married man to masturbate?  (wanna place any bets about how Canfield and crowd would vote on that issue?)

I guess in this world view, masturbation is bad for both men and women?  Note, however, while using the words “data set” (from Promise Keepers!) that there’s no reference to it — although the propaganda piece here does have 19 footnotes (including some to the author’s work), with #18 being to that book by the (late) leader of the $50-million HHS grantee (thats’ even larger than “California Healthy Marriage Coalition” which I believe topped out somewhere around $15 million — of grants) Hershel K. Swinger, ” (18) H. Swinger, Fatherhood: Insights and Perspectives (Los Angeles: Children’s Institute, 2009), 31-40.

And while “Dr. Canfield” is on the staff of the Midwest based “NCOF” (above), they live near Pepperdine:

He and his wife, Dee, have been married for over thirty years and have five grown children, several grandchildren, and live in Malibu, California.

So, why not just write it like this? which at least would be more honest:

The Modern Fatherhood Movement and Ministry Money to Fathers in the Faith Community

So — we see that the courts, the grants system, PEPPERDINE, and with it, religion — are well-connected.  This Children’s institute’s 14th Annual Conference with plenary speaker, Ken Canfield, was ALSO
Co-hosted by the Los Angeles County Superior Court

Ken R. Canfield, Ph.D.


Dr. Ken R. Canfield is founder of the National Center for Fathering, and served as NCF’s president and CEO from 1990 through 2005. From 2008 until 2011, he served as Executive Director of the Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University. In 2011 Dr. Canfield accepted the call to build the Urban Center for the Family at World Impact in Los Angeles.  {{“don’t even go there…”}}


His work has been recognized in a variety of ways: He has been a consultant to state and community officials on ways to engage and equip fathers in local programming; served as one of the founding members of former Vice President Al Gore’s private-sector “Father to Father” Initiative; and was awarded the 1993 Father of theYear by the National Congress for Men and i.

This NCOF is closely connected to the White House — which is more than any woman suffering from ongoing religious abuse, including domestic violence and other forms of terroristic personal shut-downs in marriage, is ever likely to be — as such women are going to be engaged in a years-long fight for their kids and economic viability and independence.  the church does NOT confront but rather ENDORSES domestic violence within its ranks.
Another “NCOF member, same page.”

Carey serves on the White House Task Force on Fatherhood and Healthy Families. He is also a member of the executive committee of the National Fatherhood Leaders Group, which promotes responsible fatherhood policy, research, advocacy and practice. In June 2012, Carey was honored by the White House Office of Public Engagement and Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships as a “Champion of Change” in the field of fatherhood.

  • Pepperdine’s Boone Center for the Family is not the only out-reach program, it also has the Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, and its practitioners reach out across the nation, after they get qualified as LMFTs. One reason I know is (in part) when mothers contact me about various Pepperdine graduates they are struggling with, i.e., to prevent losing contact with their sons or daughters.



    Kevin R. Foss is a graduate of Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of  Child Development Institute, and the Boone Center for theFamily at Pepperdine 

    Who is Kevin Foss?

    Kevin R. Foss is a graduate of Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, emphasizing Marriage and Family Therapy. He is currently earning hours toward his MFT license under the supervision of Trevor Reynolds, MA. (see below).*** Kevin’s primary areas of interest and expertise for adolescent and adult psychotherapy are with anxiety spectrum disorders, including Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, and Panic Disorder. He also has experience with spirituality, life stage transitions, stress management, interpersonal communication, and the performing arts population.

    Throughout his clinical experience, Kevin has worked to meet the individual at their current state of functioning while working to push them toward personal improvement with an empathic and motivating character. Kevin believes that everyone has the capacity to improve, but, more importantly, we are stronger and more powerful than we can imagine. Combining faith in one’s self, directing our power toward our goals, and employing empirically based therapeutic techniques will help us achieve that which we desire, and free us from that which hinders us.

    Kevin is currently a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern with the California Board of Behavioral Science. His previous clinical training include the Westwood Institute for Anxiety Disorders, the Child Development Institute, and the Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine UniversityKevin Foss

    His mentor, “Trevor Reynolds,”



    Trevor Reynolds is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked with adolescents and families in the Conejo Valley for more than eleven years. He is a founding partner of Engage Psychological Services, Inc. His areas of focus are working with adolescents and family issues, anxiety and depression and chemical dependency.

    In addition to being a prominent relationship therapist,[[??]] Trevor is currently an adjunct faculty member at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology and he supervises MFT interns.

    Also working in the same firm is another intern of T. Reynold & Pepperdine:

    Evan Simmons is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern currently completing his post-graduate hours, while being supervised by Trevor Reynolds, MFT. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from California Lutheran University with an emphasis in sports psychology and received his Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy from Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

  • New Vintage Leadership | Tag Archive | Pepperdine University


    Aug 8, 2012 – We then grazed on lunch, and listened to some of the good things Pepperdine is doing (the Boone Center for the Family, the Straus Institute for 

  • The Hideaway Experience: Staff


     the Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.  Ginny has been in private practice with the Amarillo Family Institute for over . . . .

This group has only been incorporated for two years:
Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process
(Baranov’s address is “Avenue of the Stars,” — isn’t this an interesting choice of registered agents for such a family-oriented practice as “engage”??  Or do the stars have greater than average problems with addictions etc. (or pay more for treatment, or what?)
A struggling actor has withdrawn his claim that he is Sonny Bono’s son and an heir to the late singer-turned-congressman’s estate. Sean Machu, 35, was not listed as an heir in court documents filed in Riverside County (Calif.) proposing how Bono’s $1.72 million estate and other assets would be divided. (Bono died in January 1998.) “I can confirm that we are no longer pursuing the claim,” Machu’s attorney, Michael Baranov, said Tuesday. He declined further comment.
(any relationship to William S. Baranov, on the board of regents of Pepperdine? and President Emeritus?)
CHURCHES OF CHRIST (did you know this — about the no musical instruments in worship?  I’ve heard some of this (actually, nice singing…..).  Wikipedia — not exactly the best authority, but for a flavor of the concepts behind it:

Branches developed within the church between those who used musical instruments in worship (now usually known as Christian churches and churches of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)) and those who chose to singa cappella, because the use of instruments in church worship is not mentioned in the New Testament.

The latter branch, called Churches of Christ, is the subject of this article. Though officially recognized as distinct movements since 1906, the separation between the Churches of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)had been taking place gradually for decades.

Modern Churches of Christ have their historical roots in the Restoration Movement, which was a converging of Christians across denominational lines in search of a return to a hypothesized original, “pre-denominational” Christianity.[1][2]:108 Participants in this movement sought to base doctrine and practice on the Bible alone, rather than recognizing the traditional councils and denominational hierarchies that had come to define Christianity since the 1st century AD

Of course, the leadership has to be male, though — so they are a “natural” for the CFDA 93.086, marriage/fatherhood funding.  this is obviously God’s will…

They believe that they are recreating the New Testament church as established by Christ.[6][7][8]:106 Churches of Christ generally share the following theological beliefs and practices:[1]

  • Rely on the Bible alone for doctrine and practice, and do not have any formalized doctrine;[8]:103[9]:238,240[10]:123
  • Autonomous, congregational church organization without denominational oversight;[9]:238[10]:124
  • Local governance[9]:238 by a plurality of male elders;[10]:124[11]:47–54
  • Baptism by immersion of consenting believers[9]:238[10]:124 for the forgiveness of sins;[1][8]:103[10]:124
  • Weekly observance of Communion[10]:124 on Sunday[8]:107[9]:238 (also referred to as “The Lord’s Supper” or, in British congregations, the “breaking of bread”; all but “a very small segment” use unfermented grape juice instead of wine[12]:491); and
  • Practice of a cappella singing in worship
I am doing this as a  “public service announcement” for those as yet unaware of how very religious this whole THING is, and what it signifies when bred into the family courts & mediation movement.  better to know than not, something about what one is dealing with — and a LOT of psychologists do come out of Pepperdine and head straight for access to youth, children & family.  After all, they are called to evangelize the world, right?  Kingdom Impact, economic dominance, etc.
In the overall picture, the “Access/Visitation” funds (only $10 million per year, since 1996) may seem nominal (certainly alongside the $4 billion per year administrative/enforcement costs for Child Support Enforcement) but — trust me — the mandatory mediation was vigorously (but not vigorously enough, and not involving enough actual victims of domestic violence in the process) opposed by battered women’s advocates — until they basically cratered and cut some deals (for the sake of grants and continuing their organizations).
This eventually set up the scenario to enlarge the authority of the family court venue to undo protections for violence against women and children, and also abuses fathers in that it takes federal money and dumps it into fatherhood programs which play one side of every custody dispute AGAINST the other.  Some men don’t take to this well, and react violently on the local level.
By and large, women’s movements to address the situation have been organized around pre-set dialogues which then set up programs — and allegedly the programs help address the problem. But they don’t!  The original problem is the total breakdown of the language of criminal law by diverting MOST crimes against women and children into the category of “family” and reframe them as “disputes” to be mediated.
I want to show (everyone, basically — although those in on these planning processes already know what they are — they just didn’t care enough to think of the consequences upon the prosecution of criminal and lethal behavior within families….  they were self-referential, self-promoting, and self-advocating — and organized to do this from initial positions of power, to further increase that power.
This includes economic and legislative power also — lobbying.

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