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OVW Funding and eCommerce @ Duluth Abuse Intervention Programs = In WHOSE Best Interest?

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(By the end of this post, I look at one of the (multiple) trainings offered, in some more detail, and notice the software provider.  Along the way, a great way to get a snapshot of any organization is the financial pictures provided by grants and tax returns.

An over view of one year of a DAIP tax return, and by the end of this, a nice look at the software provider (which is now traded on the NYSE and had salesperson making $1 million/year) — makes you kinda think about why are we setting up these marketing sites anyhow?


 Be more effective. Learn new skills!

 There are many options for getting the training you want and need:





“Coordinating Community Response” is a policy of “Duluth Abuse Intervention Programs” (formerly Minnesota Program Development Inc., CURRENTLY receiving nice fat HHS grants to do technical assistance and training, right? Some publish, while others simply try to survive….

So, how did we get from here (1980s, retrospective of 1999 by Ellen Pence & Melanie Shepard)

Coordinating community responses to domestic violence: Lessons from Duluth and beyond

MF Shepard, EL Pence – 1999 – books.google.com
 Successful intervention projects require a com- mon philosophical framework that will provide
the basis  will examine how the DAIP looks at the causes of domestic violence and how  Chapter
3 will explicate the underlying assumptions that guide Duluth’s reform efforts and 
(Interesting, Pence described herself as the daughter of a salesman father and Catholic mother, and good at peddling guilt!  Battered women’s advocates admit they don’t have the resources, and chose Duluth as a manageable area to attempt to model an “interagency response,” etc….)
To, for example HERE


Development of a Framework for Identifying and Explicating the Context of Domestic Violence in Custody Cases and its Implications for Custody Determinations

BWJP and its project partner, Praxis International, are expanding recent multidisciplinary efforts to more effectively protect the safety and wellbeing of children and their parents in the family court system by crafting a more practical framework for identifying, understanding and accounting for the contexts and implications of domestic violence in custody arrangements and parenting plans.

BWJP and Praxis staff  have formed a National Workgroup with representatives from the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts(AFCC).  In consultation with leading researchers and practitioners, they have begun to examine the institutional processes by which family courts commonly reach and/or facilitate crucial parenting decisions, including the use of auxiliary advisors such as custody evaluators, guardians ad litem and court appointed special advocates.  The intent is to identify the ways in which current institutional practices produce both problematic and helpful results for children and their parents.  The goal of this analysis, which draws heavily from the Praxis Audit Process of institutional ethnography, is to develop concrete recommendations for producing safer, healthier outcomes for children and their battered and battering parents.


(Grant related to this particular collaboration with AFCC…):

This really goes with the last post — but shows a $600,000 award to DAIP for “explicating and developing a framework to “explicate” domestic violence, among about 53 other things they are explicating and developing frameworks for.

Where public dollars are going, in part.  How it looks on “usaspending.gov” USASPENDING.GOV (I KEYED IN THE DAIP DUNS# AND BEGAN LOOKING AT THE GRANTS..

Transaction # 22
Federal Award ID: 2009TAAXK025: 01 (Grant) Although the award reads 2009, it’s actually showing up as a 2011 action.   Notice where it’s coming from — DOJ/OJP.   This gets interesting, because BWJP, being a project of DAIP, gets funding from DAIP… just maintains its own website.
Recipient: Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs 
202 E. Superior St, Duluth, Minnesota
Program Source: 15-0409 “Violence against Women Prevention and Prosecution Programs”
Department/Agency: Department of JusticeOffice of Justice Programs
CFDA Program: 16.526: OVW Technical Assistance Initiative
Description: Development of a Framework for Identifying and Exp … (More)
Obligation Date:
Obligation Amount:
” and Explicating the Context of Domestic Violence in Custody Cases and Its Implications for Custody Determination.”
Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards

  (that’s HHS only, grants only — from taggs.hhs.gov.  the name “Duluth Abuse Intervention Programs” (its current name) has not been updated by TAGGS and will produce a zero results search.  the DUNS# IS AN INDENTIFIER, THOUGH. Although plenty of HHS database entries lack DUNS# anyway…

This shows it sorted by (left column) which program office the money was drawn from; compare also year.  I.e., it started out 1995 from OCS AND CDC both, about 1998, added grants from NCIPC, about 2004 picked up FYSB. Keeping in mind that this database doesn’t include anything before 1995…
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