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Show Me The Money — and Let’s Eliminate the Child Support System. [Publ. Sept. 9, 2012. HHS Access-Visitation Funds Table at Bottom].

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Sometimes I stray into the movie theater to break the monotony of dealing every single day with how to break off abusive relationships without losing either my life, or literally everything, after already having lost the centrality of my work life and purpose in life when it comes to parenting or raising my kids — or demonstrating by example that “There is no excuse for abuse” when in truth, there is every excuse under the book for it, politically and in the courts and in federal policy.
The bottom line in this country is that it’s all under pressure and as such, the bottom of the social heap are under attack, as well as those attempting to get out of that bottom sector by doing something politically incorrect.
I have yet to find someone able AND willing to stick up for THEIR rights to know the truth about the past, and for my ability to finish getting the people who committed crimes (un-prosecuted) against my kids, me, and their grandma away from me or vice versa.

POST TITLE (Title Date Published and ending phrase added during my Review of Sept. 2012 posts, i.e., almost a decade later.//LGH Aug. 5, 2022):

This is an unusually (for me) short post, even counting the TAGGS.HHS.Gov table at the bottom!


D.A. Fails to Get Suit on Child Support Dismissed

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA / A news summary | The Local Review

September 30, 1999

LOS ANGELES — A Municipal Court judge on Wednesday allowed a taxpayer lawsuit against the Los Angeles County district attorney’s child support unit to proceed.

Judge S. Patricia Spear did not grant the demurrer sought by county attorneys, which would have ended the lawsuit that seeks to compel the office to release child support money it has collected but says it cannot distribute.

The office has held as much as $25 million in an interest-bearing account, sometimes in violation of state law. But county officials say the amount has been reduced to about $10 million and that they are trying to distribute the funds. The lawsuit, by taxpayer attorney Richard Fine, alleges that the office has no right to hold the money and should return it.

County lawyers were successful in getting an earlier version of the suit dismissed on technical grounds, but Fine amended it to meet the county’s objections and refiled.

He was definitely one persistent attorney, right up unto being disbarred and tossed in solitary coercive confinement, and after that too.  This is a message to taxpayers of what our government entitities think of them, and why the cities need to make sure to keep great counsel on board to help dismiss the inevitable host of lawsuits against them.
It’s also a note to us that about the first step in any lawsuit where one is the defendant is to make the plaintiff work harder, by getting the thing dismissed if at all possible. IT’s where the County apparently started…
It’s election year, and while I’m still barely hanging on through years in this piece of crap Family Court System (so-called) — at which point normal life ceases because reality sets in about this country — and someone just commented on an older post, using the words “bullet” and “headline” in the context of a solution, on my post showing the OCSE grants spent on enforcement.  This person appears to know about the level of fraud (i.e., billing the feds for fake or closed cases) and filed AND won a lawsuit over the matter.
I just found some of the casework he’s talking about — and this appears to date to a divorce or child support case settled back in 1985!   It’s not very often you can read the words “Fucked Up” in a court pleading, but as the pleading is 2007 and the matter dated back to pre-welfare times, I can hardly fault someone for using it.   Except it has more capitals (the main writes all sentences in all capitals), a segment reads like this:
“This case and the related suits generated from it are a case text book history of a federal court’s (?) going off the rails and how the US Congress (fucked up) in abdicating its over cite (oversight) duties, in making judges the police of other judges, directly leading to misconduct councils being in outcome only judicial criminal cover-up councils, and citizens have no venue to relief and justice from the Criminal government’s and the crimes of federal court judges.
Other cases. I can’t understand it all, but some of the issues he’s bringing up are keeping cases alive which aren’t legally alive, going after a father in Alaska for a child that never lived in Alaska and which eh claims isn’t his, forged signatures (on some of the earlier parts of the case), and in general dealing out hell on wheels.  He has run smack up against the fact that the house always wins:

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September 9, 2012 at 4:39 pm

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