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Republicans, Quit Blaming the Poor for their Poverty! (House Ways’n Means/Camp statement re: TANF)

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The HOUSE is who appropriates money for various legislation.  One way to stay up on it is simply to subscribe to email announcements.  See four-day committee hearings 9/11-12-13-14th 2012…

TANF, as I noted last post, frees up more and more ways for states (those in power in state HHS branches in particular) to divert money collected from all originally intended as “AID to FAMILIES with DEPENDENT CHILDREN” (AFDC) to ‘TEMPORARY AID for NEEDY FAMILIES” (of federally-connected contractors and social-engineering-minded professionals..)

Someone else needs to start posing (framing) the questions.  I just showed how, amazingly, some people’s work entails spending welfare diversions from kids and their parents who need it to eat, in order to promote evangelical world views that marriage is the way.  And somehow these proponents are rarely lacking in real estate assets, which only a spelunker could trace –and who has the time and will for that?

WORK ETHICS indeed!  Hypocrites!

How much “work” is involved in going to conferences, attending a training seminar in how to push marriage or fatherhood curricula on xyz population, write off the conference as a deductible for one’s nonprofit formed precisely to take advantage of TANF’s diversionary magic qualities, set up (or buy) a website and then take referrals from your church, child support offices, or prisons?

What this is really about is making sure that more people are working wages, which = more centralized control for those who are close to government (in it, getting grants from it, or contracting from it).

See last post.   Block Grants to States.

Opening Statement
Opening Statement Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI)
Markup of 
H.J.Res. 118, “Providing for Congressional Disapproval of the Administration’s July 12, 2012 Waiver of Welfare Work Requirements” September 13, 2012
(Remarks as Prepared)
Good morning. We are meeting today to consider H.J.Res. 118, a resolution to block the Obama Administration from waiving work requirements in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) welfare program.Americans strongly believe that those who are able should work in exchange for receiving federal benefits.  A recent survey revealed that 83 percent support a work requirement as a condition for receiving welfare.  The best way out of poverty is a job, and it is critical that our laws both foster job creation as well as ensure that welfare is always a pathway to work.

Work requirements were central to the success of the bipartisan 1996 welfare reforms.  Those reforms led to more work, more earnings, less welfare dependence, and less poverty among low-income Americans.  And the reforms were unmistakably successful.

For example, employment of single mothers increased by 15 percent from 1996 to 2000, and it remains higher today than in 1996, even after two recessions.  At the same time, welfare caseloads have declined by 57 percent.

However, with their July 12 announcement, the Administration moved to undo the success of the last decade and a half and allow States to waive the welfare work requirements that are at the heart of the TANF program.

To make matters worse, the Administration’s proposal to waive these important work requirements is illegal.  The 1996 legislation, signed into law by President Clinton, does permit an administration to waive certain requirements in the welfare program, which we will hear more about today.  But the work requirement is not among those provisions.  And this was intentional.

In orange, one lie and one irrelevancy.  Who’s on-line to counter this propaganda?  Notice how he went RIGHT to “single mothers” when in fact, now there are single fathers (or remarried fathers) extracting children from working single mothers’ homes, so some of these mothers are now instead simply paying for the privilege of having been robbed of contact with their kids.  Some of these are also paying men who battered them or abused their kids (I am NOT saying it’s all).

It could be that for SOME types of jobs, the way out of poverty was a job — but then again some of the people (in the family court system at least) who are helping put one or BOTH parents out of jobs are either judges or psychologists, or both.  The Wall Street Journal did a study a while back of the highest-paid per hour professions — and guess which two came out near the top?  Judges and Psychologists (at the PhD level).  Guess how THAT came to pass?  Off mainstreaming mental health.

The fact is that the better way out of poverty is owning a prosperous business (suggestion:  Become a federal contractor), making it to retirement on a federal pension, wise investments that put off enough to live on (NOTE:  Not recommended to invest only in the United States, as IT doesn’t….) – — and then, there’s also the immoral, unethical, and illegal way out of poverty called dealing in drugs.  I don’t recommend it (risk levels including getting caught and jailed, or dying, and plus, it makes for a worse globe).  That said, our own government is one of the biggest drug-dealers around (including Pharma, and Narco) which I think is no longer up for debate.  We just don’t like to think about it much.

ANOTHER way out of poverty is to form a shell nonprofit situation (i.e. sell out) for the HHS and take grants to then take more funds from the poor, which is primarily what the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative set the standard for.   I have WATCHED this and BLOGGED this herein.

yet ANOTHER way out of poverty, apparently, is to become a “FAITH BASED” (or “FAITH-BASED”) something or other, and submit an application to the US Department of Health and Human Services.  There are 11 without the hyphen, and 39 (including some individuals with the name “Faith”) without:

Recipient = Faith based

Showing: 1 – 11 of 11 Recipients

Note: One EIN can be associated with several different organizations. Also, one DUNS number can be associated with multiple EINs. This occurs in cases where Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) has assigned more than one EIN to a recipient organization.

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Alta Vista Faith-Based Initiative Corporation  Double Oak TX 75077-8450 DENTON 361452084 $ 50,000
Faith Based Community Development Corp.  OCEANSIDE CA 92054 SAN DIEGO $ 75,000
Faith-Based Solutions, LLC 

(= BIGggg FRAUD. I blogged)

RENO NV 89502-3709 WASHOE 145755851 $ 1,000,000
Governor`s Ofc of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives  MONTGOMERY AL 36104 MONTGOMERY 124325460 $ 0
Governors Office of Community & Faith Based Initiatives  DETROIT MI 48202 WAYNE 805340163 $ 250,000
Iowa Center for Faith Based & Community Initiatives  W DES MOINES IA 50265-5489 POLK 189950996 $ 1,050,000
National Center for Faith Based Initiative  WEST PALM BEACH  FL 33407 PALM BEACH $ 1,750,000
New Jersey State Office of Faith Based Initiative  TRENTON NJ 08625 MERCER 361857998 $ 0
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ 

(Took the money & ran, next Admin (2007) got to do the audit and pick up the pieces.  This office is still in place.  Search “Krista Sisterhen.”)

COLUMBUS OH 43215 FRANKLIN 809031776 $ 3,444,539 
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  (Interesting, got two DUNSs.) COLUMBUS OH 43215 FRANKLIN 809376072 $ 1,534,186

(the next 39 will include this subset, I believe, so let’s approximate maybe 28 more.  Want an eyeopener?  Do follow-up!)

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