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Where the Pyramid meets the Circle ..meets the Trademarked(r) Train-the-Trainers Program – Pt. 1

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[Updated and edited — a lot — during Apr. 2016 extension/completion of blog Table of Contents.  Some of this information I added, I now see, was covered in a Sept. 17, 2012 blog ” Faith-Based Incorporations (HHS grantees) often Don’t Stand Up under Scrutiny].

[Word count ca. 6,110; (UPDATED, closer to 10,000);  topic:  Basically bellyachin’ about collectivism in government.   Point in Case “The Circle Foundation”  //through Kent County MD “Local Management Board, which turns out to be under the state-level Governors Office of Children.]

Raise your hand if you think that group therapy, group counseling, and group-decisionmaking actually is better and more equitable than pyramid schemes and the traditional caste-based hierarchies.

And of these two, say which is a better economic model or government model.

FYI, it’s also being marketed globally.  USA justice system is no longer uniquely “Constitutional” at all — but based on collectivism and is being aligned through nonprofits and transformation (mostly at the Executive Level of gov’t) align with NO INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS — JUST VALUE SYSTEMS ESTABLISHED IN PEER GROUPS, with a CERTIFIED FACILITATOR.

(From lower down, what inspired this post — it takes a while to get there, about some programs being recommended through a “Local Management Board” (LMB) in Kent County, Maryland:

…AND — why are Girls in Circles, and (if so) Boys in Councils — is that because Boys are leaders and Girls need group endorsement (i.e., Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, or the [even more] religious version, “Men are from Dirt, Women are from Men” ?? (Search this blog for source & relationship to federal grants trail).


Does it sound to you like our state and local (including county-level) governments are looking more and more like corporations, with boards, executive chairs, fund-raisers, and roundtables??  Or Councils?  Or Circles?  this basically changes the distribution networks, so at the ground (local) level, one can either reach UP the tentacle, or just simply start at the federal level and see if you can trace the influence and service organizations all the way down to one’s own neighborhood.  If along the way, several nonprofits are formed to take fundings and then are dissolved WHO CARES? (who’s to know?


Where I’m going with this is that a state, MARYLAND (east coast, obviously, near the nation’s capital), is using a model based in CALIFORNIA (San Rafael) for some of its diversionary services for youth, or assistance to them.

I LIVE in Northern California, and have been unable to get protection from ongoing abuse, child support enforcement, court order enforcement, and in short, as the calendar years go on and on, have watched all kinds of nonprofits deliberately ignore HOW people are put, and kept, on welfare and because of this, unable to speedily rebuild lives after violence without having those lives dismantled again.

The CFCC/AFCC Court Law School Center (Collaborations) factor:

It’s also known that Baltimore University School of Law has a “CFCC” outfit based on what appears to be the California Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts/”CFCC” basis — and from that UB power basis, promoting “unified family courts” model nationwide, to provide as many therapeutic jurisprudence services to as many people as possible before the US goes bankrupt.
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