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Silva v. Garcetti shows the downsides of Applying for Welfare (to both parents)

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Abstract:  This post has ca. 5,500 words, and four major cites.  Most of it is quotation, the largest part is the first part.  Basically:

  • the actual 1999 Silva v. Garcia case summary from Johnnypumphandle
    • Also a short reference to “Maximus” which is still doing business in California, and nationwide. This should tell us something; they keep getting major contracts even though they’re thought of and have been caught in major fraud around welfare matters!
    • Note: (there are entire blogs and ripoff reports and a forum dedicated to complaints about Maximus which among other things collects child support.  See it under topix.com
    • While Ms. Silva (below was getting $130 a month out of the money garnished of her husband, how much were child support officials (or any privatized contractors making?) Maximus disclosure for 3/5/2004– in California only, shows their salaries and stock options: (dba in Calif as “Virginia Maximus) (search site):
      • a Joseph Zernik article reporting the falsification of records on the arrest of Richard Fine and obstruction of attempts by others to get their hands on the actual records (his arrest was in 2009)
  • Understanding the Contractual Relationship” from realitybloger.wordpress.com
  • A post (from same blogger)referencing Obamacare and the Supreme Court & elections, but it actually reviews the implications and meanings of “Supreme Court” “United States” and “Constitution” among other things. (same blogger)

[I added for reference, recent disclosures (in California) on publicly-traded companies, showing Maximus Director salaries (and stocks/options owned — notice most are in options, not stocks) for 2006 & 2004.  Context:  they are a child support enforcement private contractor (DNK if currently in California in this capacity, but they have offices where AFCC does – US, Australia, UK, Canada….)].  Once a public traded company starts doing business for gov’t — it gets very interesting.  For one — they are sued for fraud, say, and pay multi-million$$ settlements (as Maximus has) — where does that go, then — what does gov’t do with the fund?  Does it help the common man, or (case in point), children?  Maximus was sued among other things for submitting false claims to have provided Medicaid coverage for foster kids — talk about a vulnerable population!]]

It’s noticeable that these are low-traffic sites, particularly the Zernik one is very disturbing it’s been ignored by mainstream.  I used to judge sites as “creditable” by the format and appearance of their sites; do they look respectable?  I learned the hard way that that often works in reverse, particularly with a lot of the funding for some of these sites coming directly to fake corporations via HHS, which is to say, from the public they should be serving better and more honest to!


raises a few more questions for me (general ones) but basically established how these agencies and that particular District Attorney’s office (then responsible for collecting welfare) was handling a law-abiding citizen.


silva1.gif (20804 bytes)

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September 10, 2012 at 10:08 am

Independence Entails Investigation (links-only version of last post)

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Well, ALMOST only . . . .

This should be a more useful format:

PEOPLE/BLOGGERS I QUOTED.  Some are notables, others are notable simply for what they noticed:

  • vidrebel.wordpress.com,blogger is “horse237”
    • “The bankers want America to lose World War III so the soon to be impoverished citizens cannot demand both the arrest of the bankers and the return of the tens of trillions they stole. They also want to fold a weakened America as a destroyed and failed state into the New World Order with all power securely in the hands of multi-billionaires.”
      (horse237’s signature block:) I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world’s population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.


Over the years, I have gradually come to understand that some of the wisest people, and real fighters for the truth, are those who endured significant child abuse, including not being fed enough.   Long-term child abuse will turn a person either into a coward, or a fighter.  I have two in my personal acquaintance (presently), and either of them alone is worth three on-line support groups and those who support during abuse — but will not or cannot do anything to stop it.

Writers that come to mind in this category (in my book), include Viktor Frankl, and Richard Rhodes.  You’d be surprised.

the comments on “vidrebel” are also interesting. Which led to some of this:

  • Michael Hudson, economist (Wikipedia) An author cited by a blogger
  • http://www.wanttoknow.info/(this site was from a comment on the vidrebel.**chart below.
  • Catherine Austin Fitts.  Now, her name is all over the internet, so google it. (and a comment to previous post has a video link of her).
  • Johnnypumphandle.com” re: the 1999 Child Support issue.  Link to face-sheet and summary of Silva v. Garcetti; excerpt:

. . .4. In fiscal year 1997-98 the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office collected approximately $257 million in child support payments. The cost to the public for such collections in fiscal year 1997-98 was approximately $104,809,000.00, or approximately $.40 for every dollar collected.

5. As of the present time, neither the United States government, the state of California, nor the County of Los Angeles have taken any action requiring the District Attorney to disburse the monies on “hold”. This failure is causing the taxpayers, the recipients of the child support, the welfare system, and the payors of child support to suffer hardship on a daily basis.

I also hadn’t known this about the John Silva Case, but apparently his child support order pre-dates welfare reform (of 1996) and the block grants to the states — which allowed for huge diversions from the actual children into programming based on social science (marriage/fatherhood/abstinence, etc.) theory:

6. Plaintiff JOHN R. SILVA is a citizen of California and a resident of the County of Los Angeles. Plaintiff has filed state tax returns and has paid taxes in the County of Los Angeles for the past five years. Plaintiff has paid child support payments to the Court Trustee pursuant to a court order dated November 29, 1989, commencing at such tine as his former wife received Aid for Dependent children (“AFDC”} payments for the six-month period of time from August 1989 through February 1990. Such child support payments by Plaintiff were $135.00 per month, plus a 2% service charge of $2.70, for a total monthly payment of $137.70.

7. plaintiff brings this suit as a party acting for the interests of himself and all taxpayer contributors to the County of Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Family Support, child Support Collections Fund, as paid to the Court Trustee or such other person ordered by the court.

Interesting, that this major Silva case comes from a father who let his wife go on AFDC briefly — and for such a minimal (even in 1989) monthly amount — $137?  She was working FT, or what?  So, around 1999, California was (belatedly) switching over to state-wide centralized agency from the DA’s offices, which hasn’t done much better, from what I can tell. they did, however, contract out with Iron Mountain (data storage) who claims it (or one of it’s partners) somehow lost in transit from Denver (what was it doing in Denver to start with?) 800,000 records’ privacy…

(On reading this account, I”m going to post it next; if one multiplies HOW MANY fathers (and mothers) are being treated this way by the same system, I believe it will add up to justify my proposal that OCSE be eliminated.  Clearly, when money OR services are transmitted from one party to another by way of government of various levels (county, state, federal) — “a lot gets lost” in the translation!

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Independence entails Independent Investigations; this means YOU!

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[post word-count ca.  10,000]

[Note:    Blog focus has  broadened; Tags less relevant.  Use “search” instead]


I am a little negative the past month, or should I say, disturbed about what I’ve been learning and what it means as to planning a future life that includes staying alive (not as a slave, either). I’m not using that word figuratively, in my case:  I tangled with seeking help from the courts a very, very long time ago — and the net loss so far –well, the tab keeps running up, with or without an attorney on board.

I am only one person here, and not fully networked with people who are putting this together — where it’s heading. But I see their work, and could possibly boil it down to maybe FIVE total individuals’ work I consider critical reading.  We have to admit (this is why I blogged FEDMINE a few times) that our government far outclasses the individual workers in access to liquid cash (i.e., they can contract), and in timely and more accurate database as to what they are doing.

There needs to be more people working TOGETHER on this project (in every county of every single state in the united states) and we also need to keep track of how many various component units of government, and authorities (i.e., s
pecial districts, etc.) are being created nationwide.  We do not realize how entrenched we are in committing economic suicide on a massive scale — and how passive and disarmed (emotionally, intellectually, and –which is the primary weapon, backed by force where necessary — economically).

The language of economics and accounting is no longer optional for average Americans.  We are taught to think wages, unemployment benefit, retirement, paycheck and JOBS.  This is not how profits are made, and until we leverage INFORMATION (at least organized locally) — it’s a mismatch.

But I’d say the same thing (in maybe a different tone) either way.  Wake the Hell Up!

For months and months I poured over these financial statements for the various types of government municipal corporations, attempting to comprehend the almost foreign creative accounting language and legalese that was presented within – which was sure to drive off even the most ardent of researchers. {{LGH Note — I just started this process, although I’d been looking at financial statements and tax returns, etc., earlier.  But this is a new language for me also.  If we can do it, you can do it!}} But for some reason, as frustrating as that learning curve was, I persisted. And finally, after so many years of being blinded by that unseen hand, I can at last see my nemesis…

No wonder the average Joe can’t get ahead!

I have been asked several times to explain how banks, weapons manufacturers, insurance companies, investment holdings companies, health and pharmaceutical corporations, and essentially the entire corporate business structure of the world is funded – why do private corporations have so much extra money to expand, to buy other corporations, and to just in general play around with? How do banks come up with the capital to mortgage the entirety of the salable lands of the world? And where does that money come from in the first place?

As it turns out, the people of the United States are paying for this through their own sheer ignorance of where their own taxpayer money is being taken and invested. And this of all ironies is the most destructive reality for the very people who lack the knowledge of their own governments’ grand conspiracy through its investment fund scheme.

And today, I’m here to wake you the hell up!

I saw this the long hard way, tracking backwards from nonprofits servicing the courts (ca. 2009) and running their policy — and downwards from TAGGS.hhs.gov — which is where it got really interesting.  But all I could see, really (and I did blog it) was that the tax system itself (i.e., centralized wealth) was the problem.

We tend to think “nonprofit” means somehow, “not profitable” (see Phoebe factoids — or start reading tax returns to figure that one out) and this is OK with all of us because they are helping handle social services problems which otherwise WE would have to personally handle. Better to let the government handle it, right?  (I’m going to have to say — wrong.)

I finally came to accept that nonprofits are not (at all) accountable to their clients — only their articles of incorporation and funders.  Some may have nice altruistic ideas and really help people, and others are crooks.  And you can’t tell by looking at their tax status — you have to actually look at the organization. . . . .

Please understand that the speed of transactions and wealth transfer has accelerated and there is an economic war on and most of you were not in on the strategic planning of it.   

Preserving social status needs to be a lower priority.  Find some spare time and start looking these things up, if you are helping fund the same government that’s jeopardizing the lives and safety of — literally many times — your neighbors!   And for most, social status isn’t preservable anyhow, except to the extent they cooperate with starving out the rest of us (those on the economic fringes).  If you’re comfortable with witnessing and enabling this, then stop reading here and plan a future that’s based on how things were a decade or a generation ago.

Welfare change of 1996 speeded up centralized collective government — if you consider where the US government (federal) actually gets $4 billion to spend on only support — it’s a little frightening. And understanding economic matters (and particularly changes in the past 15-20 years or so) is no longer optional.  This is a matter of not just sounding the alarm, but putting a countering policy into place, in order to avoid genocide, in the not too distant future.  

Here’s another, one-piece summary of the past 100 years asserting that we are heading into World War III, and saying why. Coherently…… I hate to mention this, but there are SEVERAL prophesies in the Bible which sound a lot like what’s described here.

The post shows some animosity towards Israel as a state.  I feel uncomfortable with it, but do not have a problem with the ECONOMIC analysis put forth here about the series of wars we’re in.  You don’t get this fast a summary (in one post) too often, that makes any sense!

Look at ca. Revelation 19 — it’s talking about the destruction of Babylon and it speaks almost exclusively in terms of an economic empire — merchants, etc. etc.  I only put that out as a possibility.

Here’s the summary — and it’s in economic terms.  (When the Bible says, “the love of money is the root of all evil” I’d like to agree that genocide is a form of evil, for sure, whether by starvation, war, or etc.).

A short summary like this (read the whole post, please!) is a rarety.  Being from a blogger, it’s an opinion. Its the sequence of events that should be read (he goes “war by war” with turning points in currency & banks, and presidents).

The Federal Reserve From Creation in 1913 To Destruction in 2013

Posted on April 1, 2012

The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 to do four things which the FED is still engaged in today.  The Panic of 1907 was caused by speculators who used borrowed money to buy stock and by bucket shops which defrauded investors.  The Monetary Reform Commission run by Senator Nelson Aldrich wanted an elastic currency so  the financial blunders of the 0.1% could be covered up by passing the costs onto the 99.9% through inflation. An elastic currency also allowed the costs of wars to be disguised  by inflation.

The Federal Reserve also set up a fractional reserve banking system which permitted ten dollars to be loaned out for every one in deposit.

This intentionally created an exaggerated credit cycle so bankers could profit from the wild swings in the prices of stocks and mortgages.

And finally the Federal Reserve Note is an interest bearing currency which requires us to give the banks 500 billion dollars a year in interest payments for debts which are fictions created by a law passed in 1913.The Federal Reserve was designed to transfer our wealth to the bankers.

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