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OHIO. My Oh My… 501©3, EIN#34-1376870, ACTION Ohio Coalition for Battered Women, a 1970s, deficit-ridden holdout, Still testifying – NOT, of course, about OHIO.Fatherhood.Gov (1999ff), though…

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[Two sections with images added post-publication, March 2, 2017.. the post is now only about 700 words longer, but takes up more vertical space because of the pictures]

This new post title (and case-sensitive shortlink ending “-5R3”):  OHIO.  My Oh My…  501©3 ACTION Ohio Coalition for Battered Women, a 1970s, deficit-ridden holdout, Still testifying – NOT, of course, about OHIO.Fatherhood.Gov (1999ff), though…

Where this came from, my January 22, 2012 post: ABA, APA, AFCC, AAML, . . and others:  Reconceptualize This!  [Some Ohio Councils, Commissions, and Headlines, Incl. Basic Links][Chosen to represent 2012 in my 2017 Retrospective, includes its own].

This post took almost a week to complete.  You will notice distinct sections with somewhat different tone or voice (although I wrote them all, it may reflect what I’d been immersed in studying at each point in time).  For example, I thought on discovering that Action Ohio Coalition for Battered Women had leadership in common with Ohio Women Inc., a significant feminist organization for which I couldn’t find a single tax return this century — but which is clearly still soliciting funds, I thought that was good enough to publish.

THIS SECTION (marked by background-color) ADDED post-publication:  

Six (6) annotated images down the left side and, separately, down the right side (in form of their filenames as pdfs, separated by this symbol: “||”) links to view each full-size. (The images may extend below the displayed end the light-pink background color depending on the viewing device):
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February 28, 2017 at 9:43 pm

Progressive Language Creep Section from 2012 “Reconceptualize This” post (reviewed and reformatted 2017)

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CONTEXT, SEQUENCE of this Post with its 2012 parent…

Any post on this blog should stand alone, interesting and relevant, but many communicate better when read as part of the designated ensemble.  Generally, no one post will contain all the information (that I’ve written up and published) on any single organization or program, nor could any post contain enough of that basic information, I believe, to show both depth (drill-down Show-and-Tell) and discussion of where it fits in the larger networks of public agencies or entities (like State — State of Ohio, State of Florida, State of New York…) with private ones, fauna and flora varying from minuscule to nearly invisible to the naked eye, and “forces to be reckoned with” even for U.S. Presidents.

Among the “nearly invisible,” one has to distinguish sometimes those with bigger mouths (found testifying for more funding for “the cause” before state or U.S. legislatures, or their subcommittees), but below-zero budgets (as I round recently in Ohio: this DV entity, which my 2012 post had mentioned, managed to maintain a below-zero deficit from 2002 – 2015, but that didn’t stop the spokepersons (its leadership) from testifying, citing to the organization name each time.  My question was, why maintain a constantly over-spending and obviously not well-funded entity in the first place?)

Full title of that 2012 “…Reconceptualize This…” post, with shortlink ending “-101”ABA, APA, AFCC, AAML, . . and others:  Reconceptualize This!  [Some Ohio Councils, Commissions, and Headlines, Incl. Basic Links][Chosen to represent 2012 in my 2017 Retrospective, includes its own]

I’d pulled out the section beginning:


and am keeping it separate, here, connecting a link, there.  THIS post with short-link ending “-5SR, ” is “Progressive Language Creep Section from 2012 “Reconceptualize This” post (reviewed and reformatted 2017)“] Completed Feb 14, 2017 (Valentine’s Day 🙂 ) but being one of perhaps 3 updates to the “Reconceptualize” post, there is a natural sequence in which should be published first, so I may delay another day or so. [published 2/19/2017]

…(and with two or three of its own 2017 offspring)

Two main themes (one regarding a program, another one person/ality and his related organizations under similar but not identical names) developed in this post have also been siphoned off to further develop them.  Marked in context when it comes up.

so that what remains here, each marked by a large heading will be:

(1) a substantial “Preview” and  (2) “2012 Contents, Formatted and Updated,” which represents the original 2012 contents (bottom under the Progressive Language Creep section), but with most formatting cleaned up and replacing some links no longer valid.  The preview contains more of my current understanding, the 2012 Contents (the rest of post) shows which organizations,  programs and their rhetoric had raised red flags back then.   I am still concerned about the same organizations, programs and their rhetorics (particularly as a woman and a mother), but it’s clear in reviewing the material I hadn’t fully migrated to “skip the debate on the rhetoric:  FIRST, show me the money, and the money behind the money, in terms of business registrations and tax returns !!!” Also, five years is a long time, and I’d researched (done “drill-downs”) on many organizations and tax-exempt foundations, as well as federal grants streams, since then.

“Progressive” in the title refers to “gradually, over time” which the post reviews in a year-by-year sampling of developments in the fields I blog, not to the political persuasion commonly though to be the polar opposite of “conservative.” The words “Language Creep” communicate the “gradually over time” sense well enough but in 2012 I’d added that word to intensify the meaning.

Anyhow, this update is now done, is now about 12,000 words (was originally closer to 6,000) and has some extra screenprints where former links were broken.


This post ends looking at the American Humane Association historic involvement in the Child Protection Services without quite focusing on this on its main website, and the “QIC-NRF.”  (Screenprinted, added this 2010 reference) found at “CalSWEC.Berkeley.edu…/QIC-NRF…”

I’d blogged recently on CalSWEC for its promotion of some funky (shell-game, move the money among all 3) Ohio nonprofits in exactly this field as regional trainers, too).  That post link & title:

Searching “QIC-NRF,” there are plenty of results.  (next two images have links in their captions):


CLICK HERE FOR FULL-SIZED! QIC-NRF search Page 1 of 2 Google Search Results.  Youtube (image nr bottom) reveals connections btwn QIC-NRF participants (incl pilots) and existing recipients of other HHS Father-focused funding. NewDay Services also active in Access&Visitation grants (Tarrant County TX) as I recall: “Uploaded on May 26, 2011 Duane Yales tells his story and journey through the Child Welfare System. Duane was asked to represent Texas on the QIC-NRF National Father’s Advisory Council. NewDay Services for Children & Families was the local service provider for the project. Duane’s story has been a source of inspiration to child welfare workers to see fathers in a different light than they have traditionally seen them. This has led to better engagement with fathers, leading to better communication and better outcomes for the children. Category Nonprofits & Activism License Standard YouTube License”


CLICK HERE for FULL-SIZED! Page 2 of 2 Google Search results for “QIC-NRF” includes NACChildlaw, Fatherhood.gov, CBExpress (Children’s Bureau newsletter), DCCourts.gov and more


may not be full-page image. See CalSWEC.berkeley.edu link for the same.


From same document, same link (2010 report)


















I chose the CalSWEC one and discovered internal consistencies, errors (in naming the supporting grant) and avoidance of naming the actual players and what was their various relationship (let alone dollar amounts) flowing among them through a common practice, though not a moral one, of speaking of a project or program as though it were a corporate person, i.e., with a life of its own to receive and disburse funds.

A Program =/= a Person (business entity).

This is subtle, but it cannot be unintentional, and it is a red flag (especially with other symptoms) of something “not quite right” about the situation, and typically involving a financial trail slated for derailment.  Otherwise, why not just tell the truth up front, and the first time, about who paid whom for what?

[From an inside page] The National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System (QIC-NRF) is a collaborative effort among the American Humane Association, the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law and the National Fatherhood Initiative, and funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau  [Image shown above]

This gets interesting — as the inside page is only referencing the QIC-NRF factor, but the cover page references QIC-NRF and ‘QIC-Child Welfare System” both.  Which is it?

So the National QIC-NRF is the “effort” or project, but it’s spoken of as if it’s the producer. or curriculum funder, on the face page, with no reference to the role of the HHS:

[From the cover page] Curriculum Funded by the National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System

One moment it’s an entity, the next, a collaborative effort by 3 other entities (all nonprofits, the ABA a big one, the AHA, an old and generally respected one, and the NFI, while more controversial for its programming, having incorporated in 1994, has been influential and its programming is not entrenched within 1996 Welfare Reform and social services delivery systems through establishing grants administered by HHS, authorized under 1996 Welfare Reform.  As the HHS decides who gets these discretionary funds appropriated to it, I’d say HHS leadership (which in some years was closely entrenched with NFI leadership — do some homework, even Wikipedia, it will come up) is also a collaborator.

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Retrospective @ 1/2017: Beginning-of-Year Posts (“As I’ve Been Saying, Since 2009”) and an Update or Two

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Retrospective @ 1/2017:  Beginning-of-Year Posts (“As I’ve Been Saying, Since 2009”) and an Update or Two (<=this post title with case-sensitive shortlink ending “-5wN”)

This is from the juicy center of “Dear Readers (2017 Themes, Ongoing Concerns)” post. It’s here as temporary scaffolding to work on the structure, but may end up putting down roots separately, and I’ll provide a skywalk (link) back to the original construction site (post).  It is referenced as a major section there, but when both are published, probably will be found here.


Retrospective: Beginning-of-year posts, since 2009:

(Inside the sky-blue borders.  Below this is more text, written first under this title).


February 28, 2016 postCredentialing and Schooling Psychologists (speaking of MN and the Grazzini-Rucki case) (My second in 2016).  Definitely a thorough and interesting read, even more relevant today in showing the proliferation of for-profit education, schools of professional psychologists, and who’s been investing of them, as well as connection to major (as in NYS) “Centers.”  They just want to improve lives — and courts — according to a mutually shared model…


2015 — no posts published all year.  It was a “busy” year…

2014, with an “Update” below.

2014 – 8 posted in January, I picked this one as typical:  How many “governments” are there?  What do they do?  What’s the Collective Cost?  Example, funding of NFLG (Nat’l Fatherhood Leaders Group, in DC) and others.  [appearance/para. breaks of this post not the most stylistic..]

2013, two posts, with a second “Update” below.

For 2013 – I’m picking two (I also considered well-developed draft.  Maybe later…)  

Somehow (in later revisions) I got into AFCC again, so there is a brief section with its tax returns and a few annotated images mixed into previewing the second chosen post for 2013, (“Hardly Breaking News .. Black People and the Tavistock Institute”) .. These are complicated to annotate and insert/label, and having put that section in as part of the natural flow, I’m going to just leave it in place…. The felt connection was of having had one’s family life, essentially, violated, and children alienated from their origins, trained to discredit and deride them.  

There are very real connections to population control as exercised in South Africa a century (plus) ago, and our current, USA, social services (welfare) system, in fact the overall systems of population control and management, complete with the “separate but unequal” and inbred caste systems — while an ongoing insistence that anyone helped should just accept the patronizing attitudes of those who condescend to do so.  Apart from a felt similarity in the operational “DNA” of the current “family court systems” (and related ones), there remains also the historic developments of the same. 

At this time I was blogging in html-only mode (I remember why – it was during a lean time, and related to the input device),.  The posts lack logos or images, and some of the tables didn’t hold their position over time. I’m not real proud of the formatting,  but I am of the information and points made which did not coast downstream on existing currents, but continued observing and looking for an anchor to others’, more publicized interpretations of the problems with the family courts vis-a-vis domestic violence and child abuse.  A quick cleanup [using techniques learned since] of the better earlier posts would be helpful, but I don’t see it happening soon.

2013 posts tended to quote extensively from websites (links provided) which links may have dissipated since.  They are one form of historical chronicling of this field. Another place to look is the Wayback Machine (internet archives), but it’s only as good as the web pages of which it takes snapshots, and only on those specific dates.

(1) Jan. 9, 2013, STILL Too Hot to Touch with a Ten-Foot Pole?  Supervised Visitation Racketeering (Shockome/Viola Stroud case) and Professionalization (SVNetwork.org) etc. [publ. Jan. 9, 2013]  [This post has two comments from a mother in Arizona [username “stillhere”], with whom I later had extensive conversations, and re: whom I also checked out the criminal docket referenced on her ex..She had also attended the 2012 Broken Courts Conference (which was in Arizona).  We lost touch in last year or so.  A nearby post continues the theme of people who just didn’t want to talk about that financial fraud which continued to surface in this grants-sponsored/non-profit administered field.

FYI the “Don’t Ask|Don’t Tell” approach to system-wide abuse of power doesn’t work. Bad idea..]

(2) Jan. 16, 2013, Hardly Breaking News, But Still True:  “Black People and the Tavistock Institute” (2009 post)  (about 10K words, and wide-ranging, but to the point.  Someone else wrote the 2009 post is one written another which spoke to current issues…

Excerpt:  Imagine that a stranger broke into your home, robbing it, leaving it in ruins and then kidnapped your children to work as servants within his home.  This stranger, fearing an eventual retribution from these kidnapped children will find it necessary to implement systems for ensuring that these children remain loyal.   The stranger may do so by routinely showing the children pictures of their ruined former home while falsely retelling the details of the event (and) that he merely rescued them from their ruins, and that their parents didn’t want them.

In effect (though the “breaking, entering, taking, and alienating” took different forms) many of us do not have to imagine this.  While this is referring to at least the previous African kidnapping for intercontinental slave trading when it started and continued in previous centuries — with subsequent plans to integrate and acculturate the subjugated population at the appropriate level, only, in society — that paragraph also accurately describes what IS happening now, individually  but in a widespread fashion to independent and self-sufficient, law-abiding women and mothers .

And the systems in place to make it happen made NO specific media attention during the recent US Presidential campaign, transition time, or most recently, inaugural speeches or celebrations.

This also happens I’m sure to men and fathers, but the difference is when there has been violence, threats, terrorism, and destruction already within the family unit, public institutions which virtually worship “the family” endanger women by minimizing the abuse, and setting up a “separate and unequal” system of courts for us as parents.

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February 19, 2017 at 8:51 pm

Vital Info: “Sticky” Posts Now Listed Here [Publ. 2/9/2017, rev. 5/26, 6/19, and 10/1/2017]

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Adjusted Title of this post with its WordPress-generated, case-sensitive short-link ending “-5MQ” is: Vital Info: “Sticky” Posts (Now Listed Here)   [Publ. 2/9/2017, rev. 5/26, 6/19, and 10/1/2017]** {{INCLUDING THAT SHORT-LINK HELPS ME, THE BLOG ADMINISTRATOR (AND THE ONLY ONE POSTING HERE) KEEP LINKS ACCURATE AS I AM WRITING POSTS CLOSELY RELATED IN  SUBJECT MATTER SERIES, WHEN POSTS ARE REFERENCED, SPLIT, OR EXPANDED}}.  About 4,600 words.

**The Oct. 1, 2017 adjustment notes that (now my Jan. 9, 2017 Table of Contents Page*** is updated through Sept. 21, and better explained and displayed for prior years back to Sept. 24, 2012) I’ve added two more “sticky posts” relevant to current blogging and principles I continue to emphasize.  This table format matches their look on the Table of Contents 2017 page (yellow-background), with the second one including an annotated screenprint on the title row.

***Table of Contents Page, updated: 2017 Table of Contents Continues Themes From 2016. See TOC for: (1) 2017 now thru March Sept. 21; (2) 2016 All; (3) Sept. 2012 – June 2014, Reverse Chrono, and (4) See Also More Info Below. (case-sensitive, WordPress-generated shortlink-ends 5qZ, first published Jan. 9, 2017, second half of post title and substantial updates added in late September, 2017).

I’ll list the two additional Sticky posts again below without all the highlighting but with the links and their dates.  The other sticky posts presented earlier are on a specific format to feature them.  These being more recent may have much more explicit financial detail with annotated images throughout.  Both feature major movements in place for many years designed to affect future generations.  These two posts express the continuing problems posed by missing financial statements of major, influential government entities and (the second post) document a supposed expert that failed to even demonstrate the ability to read financial statements (as opposed to notes to the same) and get the labels, let alone categories, straight, about such a major category as “fiduciary funds” and where “CalPERS” (for the State of California) falls within that category.  The author who fails to read straight (actually, more than one) has published books on debt and is pushing for “State-Run Banks” as the solution to it.

Moral of the story?  We need to learn the basics ourselves to understand when those claiming to present them, aren’t, which quite often, they just aren’t!
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How Many Unified City/County Governments are there, and Since When, and WHY? Here’s One (Wyandotte County|KCK, since 1997)

screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-5-33-21-pm screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-5-33-38-pm

Post title and shortlinkHow Many Unified City/County Governments are there, and Since When, and Why?  Here’s One (Wyandotte County|KCK, since 1997)

[Note: WordPress-generated shortlinks, unlike web and email addresses, seem to be case-sensitive (if you’re planning to type it, keep the same upper/lower case configuration.  This one ends “5CC” — a separate one generated a few days ago, I noticed ended “5Cc.” ).

This moves material from my January 2017 updates to a January 1, 2012 post, in an act of mercy towards the older post, and in the public interest today, about 5 years and 1 month later.  PART of this post about CALEXIT is continued on one published the same day (title and link right below the “Read More” divider). I am publishing this within 15 minutes of the other.  Tags may be added later.

My 2/5/2017 published post alerts readers to this one and explains that, despite long efforts on this one, it’s not in what I’d consider a complete format.  There are still unanswered questions I have and follow-up information I’d normally like to have finished before posting.

However the information on this one is varied, of current (as well as ongoing) relevance, and still well worth reading.  As you’ll find out soon enough, it’s also not particularly on the post’s title.  This time, I followed my nose for what needed to be said, and posted what it smelled, piece after piece.  “So be it…”

Why of public interest today…

We are First 100 Days of the Trump Presidency, swimming in Executive Orders, Cabinet appointments, Supreme Court nominee, news media featuring worldwide protests on the same, and reports on the President’s phone calls with leadership of other countries around the world.  Uncertain times….

My state (sic) — or at least a group called Yes California, Inc., is campaigning for Secession; I kid you not.  Guess this will supplement my inspiration to secede from California, which (for reasons which have escaped me) appears to believe it’s morally, ethically, and in many other ways simply superior to the rest of the country.  Meanwhile, these progressive liberal values have raised hell upon non-globalist individuals who mistakenly, working, marrying, having children (escaping at-home violence), and divorcing here, might have thought that “liberalism” and progressive values JUST PERHAPS might also meant us.

I’ve already located “Yes California, Inc.” in time and space (Time: 9/2013), space -no longer at a street address where multiple organizations, it looks like landscape-mulch-involved (one of which had zero registered presence as a company, though I found its advertising, and a notice that the State of California DOT had stopped a payment on a contract (at least I think that’s what the “stop payment” list was…), and is now showing up registered at its CPA address in Long Beach (So Cal near Los Angeles for the uninitiated into California geography).

This is so simple, although annoying to have to do. Just some business entity search, a generalized further street address search, and if there are some uploadable images to the business, looking at them, making maybe a note of the registered agent, or responsible parties (now that the Calif SOS Business Search site provides the information).  MAYBE if more people engaged in this routinely on being approached for money, or doused with volatile and at times disturbing information from authoritative sources, and then SHARED what they found with others (and on-line so it’s searchable) — we’d likely have a different state, and country.  But, most do not.  I know I didn’t until I was at a loss for answers how certain events happened, in “my” country, the USA, and in this supposedly progressive/Democrat, liberal (etc.) state!

Show 10 entities per page        Narrow search results:

Face page lists it as “Domestic Stock Corporation” (not a nonprofit).

And this Project, having made the post really Top-Heavy (before I got all the answers I wanted) has just been off-ramped, but to be published at the same time, without all the “connective tissue” narratives I sometimes get around to.

I believe an appropriate title will be “Just Say “NO” to “Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence Campaign Committee  ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalBrexit” til you get (1) their identities (2) their filings and (3) that this include “The Debt We Have” meaning, someone hasn’t been reading CAFRs, or doesn’t want or expect others to,” and of course (4) Who’s running that show.

Once I remove that chunk of post, what’s left is complex in a different way, and more central to the blog’s main themes, not that CAFRs and California wanting to be its own nation (allegedly) isn’t related.
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Just Say No to: Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence COMMITTEE (PAC) ~Yes California Independence CAMPAIGN ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalExit.” (And Why). [2/6/2017 + 2/7 addition]

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Post Title and Shortlink: Just Say No to: Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence COMMITTEE (PAC) ~Yes California Independence CAMPAIGN ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalExit.” (And Why). [2/6/2017 + 2/7 addition] (Case-sensitive shortlink ends “-5Lj”).

Recommended: preview (scroll or “Page-Down”) and read the tags t bottom for better overview of subject matter, which goes beyond that mentioned in the title (see also prior post 2/5/2017).   This updated added (mostly to include title’s shortlink-ending character string on body of post, something I now do routinely), Feb. 23, 2020//LGH.

Since I just [2017] added a section post-publication (don’t worry, entire post is still ca. 8,000 words only), I felt the responsible thing would be to copy the “introduction” from below the update to the very top here.  You’ll see it again below.  Just realize this post is a continuation of another one and on a specific topic as you see in its title.

What’s happening here?


On Sunday Feb. 5, 2017, I published an “Alert” about an upcoming 18,000 word post, stating I’d had enough and was just going to publish it — and gave a preview.

The name of the “18,000-worder” still is: How Many Unified City/County Governments are there, and Since When, and Why?  Here’s One (Wyandotte County|KCK, since 1997)**

At the time the “CalBrexit” section of the 18,000-worder wasn’t quite so long.  I had left undone the attempt to locate the “MIA” entity behind this campaign based on its political Committee (that is Political Action Committee or PAC) FPPN ID#.

**[This is the follow-up.  Some of its roots still remain on the above post.]

In adding the update section, some of it on “Newsweek” (one of many outlets reporting on this California so-called movement to secede), I am also reminding us to become and try to stay aware of the vehicles of communication, and just what type of powerhouse corporations (and families) are behind them, and how they deal with profits, and cut their losses.

We are aware of “conduits” for water to drink, bathe, and wash away things we don’t want hanging around our homes, when reports of contamination make the headlines (Flint Michigan; about lead levels).

We should be no less aware (and if this condition exists, correct it!) that the conduits of information today have a history — and that includes the financial and ownership history as well.  Without calling these “contaminated” per se, not one of them is free from influence.  Just try to maintain some awareness overall of where these are, and from which “sovereign nation” (while we’re on the topic) they may reside, form year to year.  This is just good basic information to understand in life…  As people with their controlled or owned corporations powerful enough to buy and sell off newspapers like some of us may have to plan ahead for vehicles — or clothes, or even food are generally going to be active in several categories of life.

For the context (I have the whole-page image below also) here’s a recent search on the theme, and I’ve looked at every article (I THINK) on the list.


Here’s a quote from the last one shown:

California, you’re not going to secede so shut up and help us fix our country.” By Jeff Taylor in Bilerico Report (LGBTQnation.com), Nov. 17, 2016

There is a growing movement in California calling for secession now that Donald Trump has become president-elect. Because as we all know, when things don’t go your way the best response is to give up and run away from home.

===>Silicon Valley big wigs like Uber investor and Hyperloop co-founder Shervin Pishevar and angel investor Jason Calacanis have jumped on board, giving the concept more credence and potential financial backing

Apparently helping to gentrify a large swath of California so that only rich people can afford to live there isn’t enough. Now they need to leave the most vulnerable in our society even more high and dry by helping to ensure the United States remains red for the foreseeable future.

Because let’s be honest, that would be the result. And someone should probably tell them that they border the ocean. When they start falling into the water, helped along by the even harder right turn they ensured our country would take, the union might not look so awful after all.

Although they seem to have a plan for that inevitability.

We can re-enter the union after California becomes a nation,” Pishevar told CNBC. “As the sixth largest economy in the world, the economic engine of the nation and provider of a large percentage of the federal budget, California carries a lot of weight.”

That is, of course, assuming we would take you traitors back.

That’s tongue in cheek, but I don’t think it’s funny, and having already seen what California is doing (as are other states) to screw its own, while working hard to open trade offices overseas (for example, in China, overseen by groups like Bay Area Council) and the attempt to standardize and dumb down while claiming it’s actually the opposite, the entire public school system, I’m calling this one out.

And no, I will not wade through ALL the media outlets small or large on this (for one, they seem to gunk up my browser… or bring it to a crawl — or a stall). //Let’s Get Honest 2-6-2017 Monday evening PST.

Actual Title & Link: Just Say No to: Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence COMMITTEE (PAC) ~Yes California Independence CAMPAIGN ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalBrexit.” (And Why)

From a 6/25/2016 Newsweek article, this suggests the potential state lines for the hypothetical Nation of California. Hmm...

From a 6/25/2016 Newsweek article**, this suggests the potential state lines for the hypothetical Nation of California. Hmm… The City and County of San Francisco are eliminated, as well as the “9-county Bay Area” region surrounding it.  but the State of Los Angeles (currently a City and County also, with a port) and San Diego (also currently a City and County) are retrained.  Sonoma — currently a smaller county — has retained its name and become a State.  In the fertile Central Valley, “San Joaquin” and environs have become “Alta” and “Baja Joaquin.”  There is also a “Calexico” as you can see.  Far north of the new nation, it’s “Jefferson”..  Cute..

Section here is a post-publication (2/7/2017) update.  I needed to add link for the Newsweek quote above, added a quote, and continued the theme of “who owns the press” by including references to the history of Newsweek’s various owners.  This has gotten more interesting in recent years. After that I’ll get right back to “CalExit” and explaining what this post is about in the first place.  Look for where the light-blue background stops, and heading indicating you’re “back on track”…//LGH
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Alert: Ready or Not, An 11,000-word, Multi-Stream, Detail-and-Documentation-filled Post is Next, Imminent, Upcoming and So Forth…

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Ex-Christian Post Publisher, Bible College Convicted in $35M Fraud Scheme” in Christianity Today, ‘Gleanings,’ by KATE SHELLNUTT – FEBRUARY 20, 2020. Image added post-publication to my Feb. 5, 2017 post on same topic / entities (IBT Media, Olivet College, Etienne Uzac, and more), post shortlink ends ‘-5IC’)

POST TITLE ADDED (for short-link) and corrected Feb. 23, 2020 to reflect its actual, vs. originally reported length:  (Original read “18,000 words.”  Perhaps I’d partitioned it later, DNR offhand, but right now, it’s about 11,000 words according to my WordPress stats which display at the bottom of all posts in edit mode).

Alert: Ready or Not, An 11,000-word, Multi-Stream, Detail-and-Documentation-filled Post is Next, Imminent, Upcoming and So Forth… [short-link ends “-5IC,” first published Feb. 5, 2017].

The theme “pay attention to ownership [and buying and selling] of media platforms” is an ongoing one for me, I’m working on a draft today based on two non-profits to make the point. However I only came back looking for any prior post on IBT Media and Etienne Uzac (easily searchable terms, at least on this blog!) after noticing a current article from Christianity Today as I was logging on to something else. Under “Gleanings,” it reads, and see nearby image:

Ex-Christian Post Publisher, Bible College Convicted in $35M Fraud Scheme:

The money laundering case left a Christian media network out of business and Olivet University owing $1.25 million.
FEBRUARY 20, 2020 1:53 PM

[Incidentally, this one is about 10,000 words.  I had some things to say, and show.]

“Things happen” when one’s development editor, copyeditor, news editor, lay-out person, the person getting the publication schedules and the marketing department head in charge of soliciting advertising and subscription revenues, in short, everyone but the editor in chief are is  all out on strike and the place is being run by enthusiastic, under-paid freelancers and interns. Some things which should happen more regularly, like publishing that issue, also don’t happen.

NY Sec of State Bus Entity Search Results for IBT Media (showing current CEO)

NY Sec. of State Bus. Entity Search Results for IBT Media (showing current CEO).  This is the NY Div of Corporations Entity Search Site (must use a “Captcha” to prove you’re a human.  Or other animate, computer-fluent  being who can respond to visual cues with the proper keyboarding, or voice-assisted keyboarding action).

Bottom half of IBT Media Inc NY Corp Div filing showing only 2006 start date + 1000 issues of stock (no par value). And two prior names. Click to read larger versionBottom half of IBT Media Inc NY Corp Div filing showing only 2006 start date + 1000 issues of stock (no par value). And two prior names. Click to read larger version


Or, as in my situation, where none of the above positions exist except all of them rolled into one function, position that is, person (me), similar things can and do (or, do not) happen.  Publication schedules are pushed back while stories are being developed.


This is a Forbes article dated August 3, 2013 by Jeff Bercovici

When there is no publication entity with print advertising or newsletter subscription revenues, or in fact ANYTHING generating ANY revenue, the tendency is to follow one’s longest suits (which in my case is identifying and following the investigative leads surrounding general themes, not editing, formatting, and getting them out in sufficiently NOT in depth format, or serial form such that they come out on pre-determined schedule) sometimes overrides other instincts (if they even exist here) that a more self-preserving, subscription/advertising-based revenue-generating, not to mention crowd-pleasing business instinct would enforce as the standard operating practice.

A revenue source or sponsor is more administrative overhead, but also more production capacity.

Or, if this wordpress-based on-line platform (blog) had a previously established sponsor — whether government (like this one, although it ends in *.org), or tax-exempt foundation (like this one), or a private university (like this one) or an entire corporation existing as its own entity — but supported by, it seems, a religion (like this one*** and see next image, not to mention the ones just above), it would be spitting out posts more regularly

***Recent info says IBT Media bought Newsweek in 2013 and are already laying off their own staff (shared in common or rotating basis? with Olivet University) and talking about selling off Newsweek) — then resources could be drawn from those places to support a news, editorial and marketing staff, before laying them off when things don’t go as planned:

(viewed early Feb. 2017) IBT Media (who runs this) is a NY Corporation filed only in 2006; articles have been written on its other affiliations by Mother Jones, New York Post, BusinessInsider.com, and other on-lines. I also looked up some of the related filings and tax-exempt entities (Olivet University actually is showing under two different EIN#s in California...)

(viewed early Feb. 2017) IBT Media (who runs this) is a NY Corporation filed only in 2006; articles have been written on its other affiliations by Mother Jones, New York Post, BusinessInsider.com, and other on-lines. I also looked up some of the related filings and tax-exempt entities (Olivet University actually is showing under two different EIN#s in California…)

(look up the article for active links. The screenshot is actually from another in-the-works post).

(look up the article for active links. The screenshot is actually from another in-the-works post)


However you want to view it, I’m going to handle an overloaded but quite current, relevant, and I believe nevertheless fascinating post I’ve been working on for well over a week, one which just won’t stop sprouting new tendrils on the top, and broader, deeper roots on the bottom, by simply publishing the thing, under this title:

Post title:  How Many Unified City/County Governments are there, and Since When, and Why?  Here’s One (Wyandotte County|KCK, since 1997)

If this were baseball, and no home run was imminent, with bases loaded, I might punt.  If it were football and the first down wasn’t about to happen but potential for a field goal existed (and assuming there were actually a team), I’d kick.  Whatever the analogy was, I want to ditch the burden of concern about it NEVER being (a) complete enough to my satisfaction AND (simultaneously) (b) all those images lined up properly and connections between the main theme and off-shoots clear enough and © the whole thing being under 18,000 words and staying there (or shorter) until it really was publication-ready, my standards (don’t laugh!  I have them!).

So this post is for a preview of some of the topics in the upcoming, imminent 18,000-worder.  I’ve also liberally sprinkled postings (images, articles) regarding the strange “The International Business Times, Inc.” (former name) now going by “IBT Media Inc.” and some thoughts and commentary for these times on —  why should we think that colonization, racism and sexism somehow went away last century, and isn’t happening to the United States?

In quoting an older and very well-written source on this, I found new information about how “H-Net: Humanities and Social Services On-Line” sponsored? or at least hosted by a public university (Michigan State U., East Lansing) is still up soliciting funds, filing tax returns, but missed filing its annual report for the State of Michigan 2014, 2015 and 2016 until (just recently) finally getting administratively dissolved– while the receipts keep coming in.

Such an interesting world we live in, and while I’m sure many are emotionally processing losing (or winning) in the recent US Presidential election, and the on-line media and cable TV outlets, plus main print publications, are featuring it daily (no doubt this is good for sales), it’s also good to remind ourselves who owns them, and who owned them five years earlier, ten years earlier, and what the wealth that bought them represents.  Some of which my imminent post delved into also.

After all — subscriptions, advertising revenue, or sponsors all still feed into what gets published.

I’ve also scattered through it some references to the interesting religious-business-university (sic) outfit founded on a charismatic leader who says he parted from his early background in the Unification Church, but seems to have brought along SOME of its theology (rumors he’s the second Christ were allowed), some Scientology-like qualities (suing the critics into silence, almost), and some of its business practices too — towards both the workers, and the multiple organizations pumping up a public media presence which, apparently, wasn’t exactly self-sufficient.

I hope you enjoy the variety of information and insights on this post, as I’m sure you will on the next one also.  As ever, I like to post the images (annotated and otherwise) to go with the stories, which also affects speed of output — but I believe adding to the quality and credibility.  Also, there are plenty of quotes, all of which needs to be tweaked for layout and size.

Case in point:  Even when there has been paid staff, sometimes they get ditched.  For example:

Sometimes even established publications have to ditch operations, or underpaid staff.  IBT Media (which now owns Newsweek, at last check) had to.  Being digital itself, its ex-staffers certainly knew how to publicize the problems:
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