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Alert: Ready or Not, An 11,000-word, Multi-Stream, Detail-and-Documentation-filled Post is Next, Imminent, Upcoming and So Forth…

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Ex-Christian Post Publisher, Bible College Convicted in $35M Fraud Scheme” in Christianity Today, ‘Gleanings,’ by KATE SHELLNUTT – FEBRUARY 20, 2020. Image added post-publication to my Feb. 5, 2017 post on same topic / entities (IBT Media, Olivet College, Etienne Uzac, and more), post shortlink ends ‘-5IC’)

POST TITLE ADDED (for short-link) and corrected Feb. 23, 2020 to reflect its actual, vs. originally reported length:  (Original read “18,000 words.”  Perhaps I’d partitioned it later, DNR offhand, but right now, it’s about 11,000 words according to my WordPress stats which display at the bottom of all posts in edit mode).

Alert: Ready or Not, An 11,000-word, Multi-Stream, Detail-and-Documentation-filled Post is Next, Imminent, Upcoming and So Forth… [short-link ends “-5IC,” first published Feb. 5, 2017].

The theme “pay attention to ownership [and buying and selling] of media platforms” is an ongoing one for me, I’m working on a draft today based on two non-profits to make the point. However I only came back looking for any prior post on IBT Media and Etienne Uzac (easily searchable terms, at least on this blog!) after noticing a current article from Christianity Today as I was logging on to something else. Under “Gleanings,” it reads, and see nearby image:

Ex-Christian Post Publisher, Bible College Convicted in $35M Fraud Scheme:

The money laundering case left a Christian media network out of business and Olivet University owing $1.25 million.
FEBRUARY 20, 2020 1:53 PM

[Incidentally, this one is about 10,000 words.  I had some things to say, and show.]

“Things happen” when one’s development editor, copyeditor, news editor, lay-out person, the person getting the publication schedules and the marketing department head in charge of soliciting advertising and subscription revenues, in short, everyone but the editor in chief are is  all out on strike and the place is being run by enthusiastic, under-paid freelancers and interns. Some things which should happen more regularly, like publishing that issue, also don’t happen.

NY Sec of State Bus Entity Search Results for IBT Media (showing current CEO)

NY Sec. of State Bus. Entity Search Results for IBT Media (showing current CEO).  This is the NY Div of Corporations Entity Search Site (must use a “Captcha” to prove you’re a human.  Or other animate, computer-fluent  being who can respond to visual cues with the proper keyboarding, or voice-assisted keyboarding action).

Bottom half of IBT Media Inc NY Corp Div filing showing only 2006 start date + 1000 issues of stock (no par value). And two prior names. Click to read larger versionBottom half of IBT Media Inc NY Corp Div filing showing only 2006 start date + 1000 issues of stock (no par value). And two prior names. Click to read larger version


Or, as in my situation, where none of the above positions exist except all of them rolled into one function, position that is, person (me), similar things can and do (or, do not) happen.  Publication schedules are pushed back while stories are being developed.


This is a Forbes article dated August 3, 2013 by Jeff Bercovici

When there is no publication entity with print advertising or newsletter subscription revenues, or in fact ANYTHING generating ANY revenue, the tendency is to follow one’s longest suits (which in my case is identifying and following the investigative leads surrounding general themes, not editing, formatting, and getting them out in sufficiently NOT in depth format, or serial form such that they come out on pre-determined schedule) sometimes overrides other instincts (if they even exist here) that a more self-preserving, subscription/advertising-based revenue-generating, not to mention crowd-pleasing business instinct would enforce as the standard operating practice.

A revenue source or sponsor is more administrative overhead, but also more production capacity.

Or, if this wordpress-based on-line platform (blog) had a previously established sponsor — whether government (like this one, although it ends in *.org), or tax-exempt foundation (like this one), or a private university (like this one) or an entire corporation existing as its own entity — but supported by, it seems, a religion (like this one*** and see next image, not to mention the ones just above), it would be spitting out posts more regularly

***Recent info says IBT Media bought Newsweek in 2013 and are already laying off their own staff (shared in common or rotating basis? with Olivet University) and talking about selling off Newsweek) — then resources could be drawn from those places to support a news, editorial and marketing staff, before laying them off when things don’t go as planned:

(viewed early Feb. 2017) IBT Media (who runs this) is a NY Corporation filed only in 2006; articles have been written on its other affiliations by Mother Jones, New York Post, BusinessInsider.com, and other on-lines. I also looked up some of the related filings and tax-exempt entities (Olivet University actually is showing under two different EIN#s in California...)

(viewed early Feb. 2017) IBT Media (who runs this) is a NY Corporation filed only in 2006; articles have been written on its other affiliations by Mother Jones, New York Post, BusinessInsider.com, and other on-lines. I also looked up some of the related filings and tax-exempt entities (Olivet University actually is showing under two different EIN#s in California…)

(look up the article for active links. The screenshot is actually from another in-the-works post).

(look up the article for active links. The screenshot is actually from another in-the-works post)


However you want to view it, I’m going to handle an overloaded but quite current, relevant, and I believe nevertheless fascinating post I’ve been working on for well over a week, one which just won’t stop sprouting new tendrils on the top, and broader, deeper roots on the bottom, by simply publishing the thing, under this title:

Post title:  How Many Unified City/County Governments are there, and Since When, and Why?  Here’s One (Wyandotte County|KCK, since 1997)

If this were baseball, and no home run was imminent, with bases loaded, I might punt.  If it were football and the first down wasn’t about to happen but potential for a field goal existed (and assuming there were actually a team), I’d kick.  Whatever the analogy was, I want to ditch the burden of concern about it NEVER being (a) complete enough to my satisfaction AND (simultaneously) (b) all those images lined up properly and connections between the main theme and off-shoots clear enough and © the whole thing being under 18,000 words and staying there (or shorter) until it really was publication-ready, my standards (don’t laugh!  I have them!).

So this post is for a preview of some of the topics in the upcoming, imminent 18,000-worder.  I’ve also liberally sprinkled postings (images, articles) regarding the strange “The International Business Times, Inc.” (former name) now going by “IBT Media Inc.” and some thoughts and commentary for these times on —  why should we think that colonization, racism and sexism somehow went away last century, and isn’t happening to the United States?

In quoting an older and very well-written source on this, I found new information about how “H-Net: Humanities and Social Services On-Line” sponsored? or at least hosted by a public university (Michigan State U., East Lansing) is still up soliciting funds, filing tax returns, but missed filing its annual report for the State of Michigan 2014, 2015 and 2016 until (just recently) finally getting administratively dissolved– while the receipts keep coming in.

Such an interesting world we live in, and while I’m sure many are emotionally processing losing (or winning) in the recent US Presidential election, and the on-line media and cable TV outlets, plus main print publications, are featuring it daily (no doubt this is good for sales), it’s also good to remind ourselves who owns them, and who owned them five years earlier, ten years earlier, and what the wealth that bought them represents.  Some of which my imminent post delved into also.

After all — subscriptions, advertising revenue, or sponsors all still feed into what gets published.

I’ve also scattered through it some references to the interesting religious-business-university (sic) outfit founded on a charismatic leader who says he parted from his early background in the Unification Church, but seems to have brought along SOME of its theology (rumors he’s the second Christ were allowed), some Scientology-like qualities (suing the critics into silence, almost), and some of its business practices too — towards both the workers, and the multiple organizations pumping up a public media presence which, apparently, wasn’t exactly self-sufficient.

I hope you enjoy the variety of information and insights on this post, as I’m sure you will on the next one also.  As ever, I like to post the images (annotated and otherwise) to go with the stories, which also affects speed of output — but I believe adding to the quality and credibility.  Also, there are plenty of quotes, all of which needs to be tweaked for layout and size.

Case in point:  Even when there has been paid staff, sometimes they get ditched.  For example:

Sometimes even established publications have to ditch operations, or underpaid staff.  IBT Media (which now owns Newsweek, at last check) had to.  Being digital itself, its ex-staffers certainly knew how to publicize the problems:
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More “Fun with Funds” from California State Manual (see Media/Uploads post) [Publ. 11/14/2013

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More “Fun with Funds” from California State Manual (see Media/Uploads post) [Publ. 11/14/2013]. (short-link ends: “-24q”)  This title and short-link (and border/font-change) added July 11, 2019)  Wordcount, about 20,000:  note: I see it contains some tables, i.e., see Title).



This is another in a series of Show and Tell Posts providing more language (concepts) and tools (links) to “Shine the Light” (some readers will recognize where that phrase comes from) on exactly what my blog motto talks about.  Including the money. Others include:

INCIDENTALLY, Blogging and Quoting Protocol:

WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get)!  This is  packed with information and insight, not to mention exhortation, demonstration, and all that.  Originally I just wanted people to see the visual for the listing of those funds..

(By the way– this IS my effort and writing, and if you quote segments of it elsewhere, please include a link and reference “FamilyCourtMatters.wordpress.com” and or (See Gravatar) “investigative blogger “Let’s Get Honest.”  Also be aware than when you do so, a lot of formatting codes are going to come along and possibly make it look visually (even) worse, a situation that makes posting neat and clean stuff (including those quotations and the occasional graphic) a real difficulty.

 Anything not credited to someone else with quote or link, IS co. me, co. 2013 and for the readers, that’s “Let’s Get Honest,” owner of this blog, til further notice.  I do not sign my name for reasons of safety/outstanding legal issues of the underlying court case.   Were it not just me, I’d possibly have “ditched it” earlier, but as a parent, I cannot.  

Did you come up with this information and put it in context and chronological setting?

So, if you quote — be sure to LINK and CITE (and let me know)!(Thanks!)

The longer ANYONE holds money (before distributing) in either interest-bearing or investment (ROI-producing) accounts before distributing it — depending on their relationship to the tax code — the more profits they have, and the less whoever gave it to them did, UNLESS those who gave also needed write-offs.   The people who LEAST need to be giving the MOST upfront and hoping that stewardship is good and services (to handle your distressed neighbors, or self included) are good and timely — are individual workers, not having formed of joined corporations to protect and consolidate their assets.  And that’s MOST of America, from what I can tell.

Economically “Out of sight out of mind” is not good balance of power. Unchecked power (and to properly check power, ONE Group of organized people have to  have some economic sufficiency AND the time and heart to put into the matter!)

In general I may not say it beautifully, but I know these are the right questions to ask, and things to consider. A journalist who is going to unearth the amount of evidence in individual custody cases that this woman Anne Stevenson has, or about Courthouse Corporations and “The Training” rackets that THIS one has Marv Bryer, is rare.  There are many, though not enough, more where they came from (including yours truly) particularly concerned with the courts. 

However, ALL people can and should put in some basic, minimal time and learn to EDUCATE THEMSELVES how to look up fund balances, and identify where the money flowing through these family and conciliation courts is coming from, and going to! Their collateral damages affect neighborhoods and present, future and past generation, and there is a clear pattern of goods in motion FROM one sector TOWARDS other sectors.  Only looking at the financials, and that movement, will properly identify the sectors.  Moreover, it’s a good education of a neglected (except by those in it) field.


I hope that in my lifetime more people catch on, strategize a resistance, publicize this information and themselves get organized to disseminate the basics.  I’m working on it too, but it’s definitely not a one-woman job, and after this gauntlet lasting years (it was never closed, resolved, or put right.  The legal and factual matters remained OFF the table and there has been no consensus.  People simply continue to get older IN the abusive relationships and as these things to, the longer you’re in it, the harder it is to get free.   Anyone is welcome to help — there’s a Donate Button on the right sidebar. Looks like this:

Donate Button with Credit Cards 


  • A November 2013 printout of a listing labeled “October 2013″ (Column 2 anyhow) from the California Manual of State Funds; accessed at this site (Col.2) http://www.dof.ca.gov/accounting/uniform_codes_manual/funds/documents/20fundnum.pdf and a related one, for Column1, which (click and see) gives concise, one-page forms explaining which legislation started the fund, where it’s revenues come for and more information.
  • Anyone can click on ANY fund# and find out valuable information about where it came from, how it’s allocated, who gets it, which bright idea it was (AB or SB #, i.e., who proposed the legislation to start with, before it became law) and if it’s still valid.  If it’s been abolished, that’s listed, and where the balances were going to go IF it (as funds do) got abolished or replaced by some other fund.
  • So looking at these lists is a “get-acquainted” process at a minimum, and get a better picture of what’s actually going on, economically and in an organized fashion — with public money.

A Continuum of Crooks: Grandpa and Friends Funded Hitler; Have Grandson and Friends had a Change of Heart?

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This Conversation is also a Call to Repentance, including from some religious practices associated with corporate practices associated with many other things, and none of them noble.  In fact those who were formerly called “savages” may have been more noble, at least in their self-government and living a little more softly on the land — while those with titles of Nobility have historically been the opposite.

There is nothing noble about the crowd running the United States right now, and it is going to require a different language both to understand them, and to communicate with others who have understood, and are disgusted, properly so.  Whatever spirituality is, once it’s incorporated, boxed up and sold and owns (and leases) real estate — that’s commerce.

Like many of my posts, this came OUT of another one, and had a second story added, which is the top part.  It weaves different strands and themes together — which is what I do, I’ve come to accept.  You want FAQs?  Then read and write your own research and summarize them.  I carry mine as part of me, now, and continue learning, which is the process.  It’s a continuum.

If you only want FAQs (i’ve written several up at times), read the 550 post titles, as chapter titles and see what they say.  I don’t blog “Frequently Asked Questions,” I blog the under-asked questions, question why they weren’t asked, and propose answers, after eliminating the obviously disqualified ones.


Grandpa Funding Hitler isn’t a joke, it’s historical fact.  Not acting alone, of course.  Grandpa symbolizes Prescott Bush, Grandson, obviously, a U.S. President….

George Bush - Unauthorized Biography

 Nazi interests in the Silesian-American Corporation, long managed by Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker, were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act on Nov. 17, 1942. In this action, the government announced that it was seizing only the Nazi interests, leaving the Nazis’ U.S. partners to carry on the business . (etc.)  More HERE

What I’m concerned about is the gradual numbing and conditioning of us — rather than face the facts -we have gone already “Fascist,” the next step IS “jackboot fascism.”

In this context asking the authorities to “reform the courts” in a subordinate, and submissive posture, a topic I have gone over and over with a certain blog who is stumbling upon, or being fed, actual evidence, refuses to sort what’s already up there, and then typically responds, let’s hope the authorities do something.   As a result, the individuals posts confusion — an unsorted set of referrals, which is almost worse than being categorically off-track, which at least would be easier to see and address.

A confused person is easier to “lead,” and will attract more confused people to be led.  That’s not a safe place to be!

Whatever happened in the blogger’s background, she IS taking action — posting consistently.  But where is the discretion, the exercise of judgement, and the making up of one’s mind what’s wrong, what’s right, what’s off-track, and what’s not?  Is it possible that most people truly do not recognize that media (telecommunications providers, newspaper publishers, etc.) are actually corporations also?  And that the media have corporate owners?

We need to understand the role of CORPORATIONS & GOV’T & PUSHING PSYCHOLOGY/MENTAL HEALTH/SOCIAL SCIENCE  (do I have to spell it out again? See topmost post on this blog!).  And BLENDING and CATERING to DOMINIONIST STYLE RELIGIONS, WITH PUBLIC FUNDING.

One way to understand this is through an outside-in look, in the words of people who beat the Europeans to the United States, Canada, and while I’m at it, Africa — and whose history includes the understanding (experiential) that what are now called these “governments” actually began as (and still are) “corporations.”  A Corporation is not a people.  People are not a corporation.  A corporation entails a contract, whether under duress or not.  what about the people that lived (anywhere) before the ownership of them, their land, their commodities, and their right to buy and sell, wasn’t “incorporated” – or their religions?

I didn’t understand this growing up, or most of the way through my family court case.  But it can be understood.  How about NOW?

The Bush Family, and others, understood corporations as a technology of commerce and their backup by (colonizing) home countries, i.e., by the military, and their power.  For example, World War II was actually started to protect multi-national corporate interests WITHIN (Germany, Great Britain, United States) and a Dutch bank owned by German Industrialists one of them enchanted with Hitler.

Why would it make any sense then to continue NOT understanding how corporations work?  Or what the word “person” means under United States Code?

I think it’s also going to take some genuine (not “drank the Kool-aid”) grounded women (sorry to be on a “thing” about that these days; it comes from recent experience…) to connect the dots — once they regain their voices — and organize the fragments being thrown at them, chaotically, into the sensible whole it truly is, as well as name and state the purpose of the chaos-producers as a form of warfare and distraction.

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