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Vital Info: “Sticky” Posts (Now Listed Here) [2/8/2017, rev. 5/26/2017]

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Adjusted Title of this post:  Vital Info: “Sticky” Posts (Now Listed Here)   [2/8/2017, rev. 5/26/2017]

With its WordPress-generated, case-sensitive short-link ending “-5MQ” that would be: Vital Info: “Sticky” Posts (Now Listed Here)   [2/8/2017, adjusted 5/26/2017] {{INCLUDING THAT SHORT-LINK HELPS ME, THE BLOG ADMINISTRATOR (AND THE ONLY ONE POSTING HERE) KEEP LINKS ACCURATE AS I AM WRITING POSTS CLOSELY RELATED IN  SUBJECT MATTER SERIES, WHEN POSTS ARE REFERENCED, SPLIT, OR EXPANDED}}


The post’s former motto, displayed in top-right corner, has been obscured by the title once I upgraded the blog. I moved the former motto into the title (Site Identity) area, and changed the motto. It’s still not fully visible, so, for the record, here it is as of “Q1” 2017:

‘A Different Kind of Attention Develops Sound Judgment’ | ‘Suppose I’m Right Here?…’ (posted 3/23 & 3/5/2014).

Over 680 posts, Public-Interest Investigative Blogging On These Matters Since 2009.

So, the blog motto clearly references two posts (no longer “sticky”) which demonstrate my practices (“A Different Kind of Attention“) and my basic question, based on those practices over now many years, “Suppose I’m Right Here?  What Would You Do When the Lights Go On?”  (Would it change your personal cause-focused social media behavior or “leisure time”?) If I’m right (and I typically link to supporting evidence and coherent connections between the various parts of it; if there is missing evidence or improper connections/assumptions others can see) what logical (even if seemingly impossible at first) changes should be made to major systems, infrastructures, and practices involving “business as usual” in the public sphere– which is in fact, now a “public/private partnership” sphere in practice?

If you (personally) are just not willing or able to make any significant changes to what you repeat, parrot, re-blog or even what you look into on a regular basis — then on what basis are you complaining about government practices?

[Some paragraphs removed to shorten the top (highest positioning) post on this blog, 5/26/2017. Access it on its own page easily HERE]: This PAGE title, with its case-sensitive shortlink ending “-6TM” is: About My Blog Motto (formerly on Vital Info/Sticky Links post, moved here  May 26, 2017). Though published, it is currently in a state of “flux”. Some overlap with this post.]


It seems to be human nature to construct narratives of reality, especially about things one has some experience with and wishes to bond with shared experiences by others on. However this need for simplified bonding phrases can also ensnare individuals in self-defeating suppositions.

I have little respect for professionals, trained in mediating and facilitating groups who as professionals hold conflicts-of-interest professional affiliations but do not disclose these to the people they are “helping.”

In the fields of domestic violence, fathers’ rights (“responsible fatherhood”), “child maltreatment” / child abuse, divorce, custody and child support, that field is crowded with conflicts of interests. The ENTIRE family court apparatus itself represents exactly this kind of conflict of interest in its administration, its goals, and its operations — something which can be at least pursued and tracked historically through tracking the behavior of primary nonprofits (plural!) involved.  Speculation about and ongoing suggestions that one can professionally clean up specific practices within single fields involving the family courts is, in the context, (and in my opinion) ridiculous.  FIRST, handle the conflicts of interest — financial, and close the doors to any money-laundering, and payment of bribes.

It shouldn’t take too long to figure out that this essentially means, closing the doors to court-connected corporations themselves, while welfare law (1996) and other acts of Congress before them (such as the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, “FVPSA,” I came to learn over time) specifically allocate funding for control of the field — coming through HHS.  Meanwhile, “HMRF” funding also comes through HHS.

I believe that individually (and not always organized under a banner, a group name, a nonprofit, or a “movement”) both women and men can make a significant difference by demanding honesty in personal associations (including on-line), and taking enough solitary time to do some basic, (BASIC basic) drill-downs (actually, “look-ups” might be a better word…) on their favorite philanthropies or nonprofits (pick one — it almost doesn’t matter), then look at some more.

Then go learn to look up (USA) some federal agency grants.  Not to mention contracts.  Pick up a LONG document full of numbers and words called the “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report” (CAFR) of SOME government entity you’re interested in — and read the table of contents, the transmittal letter up front, the “MD&A” (Management Discussion & Analysis) and even those “Notes” at the end.  While you’re at it, look at the numbers too. These CAFRs often have organization charts; they tell you what is and what is not being reported on, and often contain startling admissions.

Start to make some sense of the one in your hands.  Then read another — and you have something to compare the first one to.  Learn what are some basic — real basic — tools for looking things up and discover (I did!) in the process just in what condition they are, currently.  Think about that — what does it say about a country which continues taxing its citizens, but cannot and does not account for the receipts and provide functional databases (AND advertise where they are found on federal agency home pages!) so people may do their own lookups?

And then the same government makes a big deal about “public/private partnerships” why — just in case some people might get too close to the truth on the accountability gaps?  What a sure way to make money disappear — redistribute through a diverse set of interconnected nonprofits, blended government with private wealth, and then trademarking the programs, taking them national and international, and selling it as in the public interest.  Really???

In part, this is what I’ve done when curious about something, including on-line websites ending *.org and promoting some cause.  You’ll see it on this blog.  Do you prefer stories?  Do your stories have to have an individual’s name in them, a plot — distressed child, estranged spouse, bad judge, unfair custody evaluator, flawed practices and family courts not stopping child abuse (where they ever set up to do this??) — instead of an organization’s name, or a government entity’s name, or an accounting term describing the report form (Annual Report, Budget, Financial Statement, Tax return, etc.)?

Understandable, but perhaps it’s time to grow up.

Note:  if that “shoe doesn’t fit,” which it might not for many readers, then the message wasn’t for you; don’t wear it!  Also, IF readers hear someone else is writing in similar manner on these things (doing more drill-downs across-the-board, not just in one geography or one field, AND making sense of those parts in relationship to the whole), I’d really like to know — please submit links on a comment!

[These paragraphs above added 3/18/2017.  Now, about the “Sticky” stuff, and links to those 15 Vital Info posts:]

(This post is sticky, too!)

 Vital Info, or at least Formerly “Sticky” Posts (pared down from 15) [2/8/2017]

(That title is also an active link; its url is the generated “shortlink.”

It just happens to be yellow because the usual link color wouldn’t display so well.)

This post provides the former (as of its publication) Top 15 Sticky Posts in 15 IMAGEs (Screenshots), and above that in a separate, shorter list (minus the pictures) so I may unstick most of them with confidence the information won’t be lost among the 680+ posts spanning seven years (now almost eight) .

Anything I labeled “sticky,” meaning “stays near top of the blog,” holds concepts and contents I obviously considered vital.  Then again, so are my current posts, but the concepts on the sticky ones remain fundamental.

There are limits to how much re-organizing (“house-keeping”) of any blog is possible while still investigating, writing, and hoping to keep publishing; this move is overdue.  But it’s time to condense the “Sticky” posts — which stayed month after month and year after year at the top of the blog’s central column leading an ongoing parade of post.  With this re-arrangement that list of vital titles now becomes less “in your face” than I’d like, but helps especially people who have been following or know about this blog better scan the main area (not just side-bar “most recent posts” and Table of Contents formatting) for my current research and themes.

For the same reason (scanning for topics and themes) I continue to choose long, more than just “catchy” post titles — getting the topics as close to top-level visibility as possible, although in covering the topics, the posts are going to be long and sometimes, the juicy heart of them, further towards the bottom.

I kept this post “Sticky #1” of now only 7, and removed that “glue” from the others. 

This post exists to provide the former (as of its publication) Top 15 Sticky Posts in 15 IMAGEs (Screenshots).  The images are simply labeled #1,  #2, etc. and the date and time of the screenshots.

Each image caption will have a link to both the screenshot, and the individual post, so you can access them from this page.  Click “LINK” to go straight to that post, or date & time are to read the screenshot, basically a preview of its contents, full-size.  Post titles are visible in the images:  

[The images + captions are in the dark-green background section, but otherwise, with two links/image caption, look about like this.]

#4 (Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 833.20pm PST)

 LINK Sticky Post #4 (Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 833.20pm PST  


Also for those removed from the “top-of-the-blog” position, they are still listed in proper date order on the various tables of contents (<>2017,  <>2016 only, and <>Sept. 2012 – June 29, 2014)

ALSO, SEPARATELY, and FIRST( if you don’t need the Image to make up your mind), and FOR READER CONVENIENCE, I’m posting both the LINKS and links to screenprints of those images, all together at the top.  For each image, the same two links/each will be provided on their Captions also (except once where I mistakenly included two shots of one post, and another time where I deliberately took one screenshot of two posts).

IF YOU ARE MORE VISUALLY ORIENTED, SKIP THE SHORT SECTION IN LIGHT-GREEN BACKGROUND (It’s all text, 15 bullets divided into 3 groups of 5 each, and two links per item (bullet)) and LOOK FOR THE IMAGES IN DARK-GREEN BACKGROUND LIKE THIS.  Thanks in advance for telling others about my blog.

This is a list (in 3 groups of 5 each) of the Sticky Post Images (pdfs for viewing full-sized).  They look a bit different in that I added the image filename to each. Some, you can see portions of the right sidebar (intentional, to differentiate the images seen as small icons). the word “LINK” in each leads directly to the post itself also:

Originally I had just the actual filenames on this list.  That looked far too messy; I’ve cleaned them up some by bolding reminders of post contents (which the filenames had contained, as is my practice), and the final date and times listed refers to the date of the screenshots — not the post publications.

(former) Sticky Posts Views 1 – 5, click “LINK” for post, or long filenames to view pdf of screenshots of the posts full-sized:

 (former) Sticky Posts Views 6 – 10

 (former) Sticky Posts Views 11 – 15

**Numbering: I left the exact times on filenames and image captions “just in case.”  For example, at Images 6 & 7 I noticed there’d been a repeat screenshot, and so labeled them “6” and “6B” and the next “7” etc.  However, the images (as “png” files) had already been numbered, so I kept that (no-repeat) numbering.  They should all match, but when in doubt, click to see, and/or look at the time of screenshot.

The caption to each image below, however has TWO links.  One is to view the image of the screenprint itself full-sized, (link is on the date & time); which I figured might be helpful in deciding, “is this the one I want to read?” and the other is to the full, original post, with all its interior links, so once it’s not longer “sticky” it can still be found easily on the blog.  Having done this, and published this post (probably “Sticky”), I will then start removing the label from several of these and ideally, let the more current posts rise closer to the top of the blog.

The Top “2017 TOC Continues Themes from 2017” post contains links and printouts to all other available TOCs (earlier timespans), so it will remain in the top position.    If there is some other way I can make for easier reading (format-wise), feel free to let me know through a comment.  Thanks / Let’s Get Honest.




THAT POST (“LINK”), or THAT IMAGE FULL-SIZED (“Screenshot Feb. 7 @ [exact time]”)

Sticky Post #6 (Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 834.44pm PST)

Sticky Post #6 (Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 834.44pm PST) Actually I see that “#6 and #7 are two screenshots of the same post. and that a few screenshots later, I did a two-for-one screen shot (Stunning Valid + Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption), so the total is still 15

Sticky Post #9 (Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 836.03pm PST)

LINK: Sticky Post #8 (Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 836.03pm PST) THIS ONE WILL REMAIN STICKY. It’s not about CAFRs ONLY….

Sticky Post #12 (Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 837.39pm PST)

Sticky Posts #11 AND 12 (a “two-for-one”screenshot)(Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 837.39pm PST) LINK11 | LINK12

Sticky Post #13 (Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 8:38.00pm PST)

LINK  Post #13 (Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 8:38.00pm PST). THIS ONE MAY STAY STICKY.

Sticky Post #14 (Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 8:38.32pm PST)

LINK Sticky Post #14 (Screenshot Feb. 7 @ 8:38.32pm PST) THIS ONE MAY STAY STICKY, (EARLIER INVESTIGATIONS of EIN# 942650693, Cal Entity C0977183, owned by a different Entity formed in 1983, The Center for Family Enrichmt, Cal Bus.Entity C1231755, formed 1983″..see below on this post).



Organization Name Registration Type Registration Status Registration Number Applicant Number FEIN City State
THE CENTER FOR FAMILY ENRICHMENT Charity Registration Delinquent 052976 1064145 942650693 SAN RAFAEL CA

It would appear from looking up this EIN# under IRS Exempt Organization Search site for “filed Form 990-N (= claiming assets under $50,000, at least since the amount was moved upward from the previous ceiling of $25,000, above which one had to file a Form 990 or Form 990EZ revealing more information about the organization to the public) that for several years until they decided to dissolve and donate what was left to a Center at the University of Michigan, ℅ a certain account and a certain person, The Judith Wallerstein Center for the Family in Transition was, conveniently, never reporting revenues over $50K (though it often came close) and thus could file the Form 990-N (Post-cards) as shown below:

irs-eos-check-form-990-n-filings-showing-jwc-fit-ein94265093-filed-postcards-for-200708091011-and-12-limit-changed-to-50k-ca-yr2010-screen-shot-2017-02-09irs-eos-check-form-990-n-filings-showing-jwc-fit-ein94265093-filed-postcards-for-200708091011-and-12-limit-changed-to-50k-ca-yr2010-sshot-2017-02-09 jwallerstein-ctr-for-fit-ein942650693-fyr-2012-filing-locatn-srafaelfrom-irs-eos-form-990n-details-sshot-2017-02-09-at-522pm jwallerstein-ctrf-for-fit-ein942650693-990-n-details-fy2009-ye6-30-2010-claiing-under-25k-revs-2017-02-09-at-5-24-08-pm












This looks to be a “rather” deep well I’m not going all the way down just at this time.  However, I will post the Charitable Details of the two separate business entities here, showing the IDENTICAL EIN# as indicated in their cover (search results, Calif. OAG) above.  What that Search Results table doesn’t show however, is the different Entity#s, or that one stopped filing ca. 2001 and the other didn’t even START filing til 2002…

the-jwallerstein-center-for-fam-in-transition-ein942650693-entity-0977183-char-details-showing-2001-had-47k-assets-2002-missing-2003-not-filed-til-sep-2009-last-renewal-2009   (<== this actually prints out all the details (not just the annotated sheet), showing a string of “N’s” where “990 rec’d” should be filed.  Value:  In this pdf above, the internal links to organization documents (founding documents, RRFs, anything in the “Related” section at the bottom) are active links — readers may click and read any of them.)


the-jwallerstein-cnter-for-fam-in-transition-ein942650693-entity0977183-chardetails-showing-fy2001-had-47k-assets-2002-info-missing-2003-not-filed-til-sep-2009-last-renewal-sep2009-stat-dissol c1231755-the-ctr-for-fam-enrichmt-%22ftb-suspended%22-sos-face-sheet-shows-1-samestr-address-as-the-jwc-fit-2-filings-for-2012-and-2013-3-eric-reitz-ra-scrnshot-2017-02-09-at-557-59pm c1231755-the-ctr-for-fam-enrichmt-%22ftb-suspended%22-sos-face-sheet-shows-1-samestr-address-as-the-jwc-fit-2-filings-for-2012-and-2013-3-eric-reitz-ra-scrnshot-2017-02-09-at-557-59pmcalentity1231755-ct052976thecntr-for-fam-enrichmt-since1983-char-details-showing-ein942650693-later-grabbed-by-jwallerstein-center-fit-started-in-20022017-02-09-at-524-37pm <== this is actually for the annotated Business Search (SOS) Face Sheet for “The Center for Family Enrichment.”

Calif Entity #1231755 (CT#052976) The Center for Family Enrichment-since1983-CHARITABLE DETAILS showing-EIN#942650693 (later-grabbed-by-jwallerstein-center-FIT) (screenshot 2017-02-09-at-524-37pm)


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Let's Get Honest! Blog: Absolutely Uncommon Analysis of Family & Conciliation Courts' Operations, Practices, & History

'A Different Kind of Attention Develops Sound Judgment' | 'Suppose I'm Right Here?...' (posted 3/23 & 3/5/2014). Over 680 posts, Public-Interest Investigative Blogging On These Matters Since 2009.

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