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With its WordPress-generated, case-sensitive short-link ending “-5MQ” that would be: Vital Info: “Sticky” Posts (Now Listed Here)   [2/8/2017, adjusted 5/26/2017] {{INCLUDING THAT SHORT-LINK HELPS ME, THE BLOG ADMINISTRATOR (AND THE ONLY ONE POSTING HERE) KEEP LINKS ACCURATE AS I AM WRITING POSTS CLOSELY RELATED IN  SUBJECT MATTER SERIES, WHEN POSTS ARE REFERENCED, SPLIT, OR EXPANDED}}

The post’s former motto, displayed in top-right corner, has been obscured by the title once I upgraded the blog. I moved the former motto into the title (Site Identity) area, and changed the motto. It’s still not fully visible, so, for the record, here it is as of “Q1” 2017:

‘A Different Kind of Attention Develops Sound Judgment’ | ‘Suppose I’m Right Here?…’ (posted 3/23 & 3/5/2014).

Over 680 posts, Public-Interest Investigative Blogging On These Matters Since 2009.

 So, the blog motto clearly references two posts (no longer “sticky”) which demonstrate my practices (“A Different Kind of Attention“) and my basic question, based on those practices over now many years, “Suppose I’m Right Here?  What Would You Do When the Lights Go On?”  (Would it change your personal cause-focused social media behavior or “leisure time”?) If I’m right (and I typically link to supporting evidence and coherent connections between the various parts of it; if there is missing evidence or improper connections/assumptions others can see) what logical (even if seemingly impossible at first) changes should be made to major systems, infrastructures, and practices involving “business as usual” in the public sphere– which is in effect now a “public/private partnership” sphere?

If you (personally) are just not willing or able to make any significant changes to what you repeat, parrot, re-blog or even what you look into regularly, to better understand public/private financing, government statements, federal grants as distributed, the grantees, or the multitude of professional associations developed around basic governmental positions (National Governors Association, and MANY others others), then on what basis are you complaining about government practices?  These practices occur in the context of networks of nonprofit organizations which conference with each other and with membership, often out of sight or out of mind of the average citizen. ****

**** I keep encountering more of this type of nonprofit association, some which have existed for decades, others (such as the National Council on School Facilities) are recent creations. This post will explain, and list more:

Published without tags, about 13,500 words (including captions to its many images), Friday, June 16, 2017.

By the time you read this, if you’re still in denial about the extensive networks of private associations involving government officials on the board, or restricted to them as members (but — hey, let’s not reject some donations — not as sponsoring partners or “Associates”) and that while government at different levels continues to fund such entities, they aren’t exactly advertising the inter-relationships on gov’t websites, or the financials on the association websites — and that these associations operate in the private, nonprofit sector with intent to affect the government sector (at all levels) bypassing normal input from citizens — then please seek personal help.  Fast.  You’re cognitively disabled.

New professions and fields of practice (leading to the overuse of the word “practitioner”) are created through public institutions sometimes as an apparent consequence of these trade organizations.  When those in them and setting them up know more about the status of government entity financing than the citizens overall, where is the balance of power?  What is the purpose of institutions maintaining a semblance or sense of justice, fairness, and due process when surrounded by this entire situation attempting to regionalize, nationalize and internationalize the whole infrastructure — and backed by stockpiled wealth from corporations housed (often) in privately controlled empires or quasi-empires of foundations — with investments wherever they want those investments to be.  These then collectively talk about budget deficits, especially regarding pension contributions, for the public to justify (fill in the blank)______ while skilfully avoiding discussion of available assets, and the investment incomes and revenues they are already producing.  (The last sentence was a reference to the “CAFRs” which accounting basis is according to a board connected with the GFOA (Government Finance Officers of America.####  The rest of that paragraph, however, and the one before, refer to topics I’ve been on for several years now, but which are hard to see without opening a tax return (or lots of them) and, well, “A Different Kind of Attention.”).

#### I decided to look into this again, and stand correct about “Who’s on First” when it comes to calling the shots.  It’s not the GFOA (although they were named as going along with it), but the Financial Accounting Foundation (“FAF”) in Norwalk, Connecticut.  The FAF was established by the AICPA (I’ll let you look that up — it ends “CPA” which is a clue) ca. 1971, and starting with the FASB for the private sector, and then the GASB for government, gradually standards were set.  A careful reading of the timeline and of the documents avialable, shows that both the FASB and GASB are still under the ultimate control of the FAF, although powers have been delegated to each of them.

The CAFRs (Collectively) ARE “The Whole Nine Yards,” But Who Sets the Rules that Those Govt Entities Producing the CAFRs Must Obey? (Basic History of the FAF, GASB, FASB, that even those referencing one of the above still typically ignore) [Started June 7, 2017] (shortlink ends “-6Z9”)

I’ll finish this after publishing the post it came from (Yet Another “Recent Research Suggests” link (2015 quoting pre-2010 source) unearths Yet Another Chameleon Corp. and Its Also Recently Re-branded Partner, ALL Targeting the $20 Billion School Supplies, Facilities, Technology and “Learning Environments” Marketplace. Internationally, of Course. (shortlink ends “-6Wy”), as an illustration.

[“Yet Another ‘Recent Research Suggests’ ” has been published since. See right sidebar.  “The CAFRS (Collectively) ARE The Whole Nine Yards” has not.  I have observations on the latter which won’t show up on the FAF website, but if you don’t feel like waiting, here’s a “40 years of FASB” and “30 Years of GASB” links from the FAF website, called “Accountingfoundation.org“.  And two annotated images:

FAF home page annotated (click to enlarge as needed).

FAF “Financial” page offers audited financial statements and annual reports — but not IRS returns (Forms 990). Good enough reason to go get them!

[Some paragraphs removed to shorten the top (highest positioning) post on this blog, 5/26/2017. Access it on its own page easily HERE (PAGE title, with its case-sensitive shortlink ending “-6TM”): About My Blog Motto (formerly on Vital Info/Sticky Links post, moved here  May 26, 2017).  Some overlap with this post. Updated material, important concepts.]


It seems to be human nature to construct narratives of reality, especially about things one has some experience with and wishes to bond with shared experiences by others on. However this need for simplified bonding phrases can also ensnare individuals in self-defeating suppositions.

I have little respect for professionals, trained in mediating and facilitating groups who as professionals hold conflicts-of-interest professional affiliations but do not disclose these to the people they are “helping.”

In the fields of domestic violence, fathers’ rights (“responsible fatherhood”), “child maltreatment” / child abuse, divorce, custody and child support, all those fields are crowded with conflicts of interests. The ENTIRE family court apparatus itself represents exactly this kind of conflict of interest in its administration, its goals, and its operations — something which can be at least pursued and tracked historically through tracking the behavior of primary nonprofits (plural!) involved.  Meanwhile, irrational speculation and ongoing suggestions that one can professionally clean up specific practices within single fields involving the family courts continues.  In the context, (and in my opinion) this is ridiculous and at times also showing conflicts of interest within the groups propounding it.  FIRST, handle the conflicts of interest — financial, and close the doors to any money-laundering, and payment of bribes.

It shouldn’t take too long to figure out that this essentially means, closing the doors to court-connected corporations themselves, while welfare law (1996) and other acts of Congress before them (such as the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, “FVPSA,” I came to learn over time) specifically allocate funding for control of the field — coming through HHS.  Meanwhile, “HMRF” funding also comes through HHS, and separately since 1994, first passage of the “Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”), funding through the corresponding Office (OVW) created to implement it, continues as though the previous grants didn’t even exist.

With so much  money swirling around to fund conflicting sides of the “rights” run through federal agency grants (not to mention private, too), it’s only logical that less than ethical collaborations will develop to commandeer these funds, and dominate the field.

In fact, in late 1999 and right after, an example of this would be the Greenbook Initiative, follow up to a publication by (Edelson/Schechter) the National Council of Family and Juvenile Court Judges.  The Greenbook Initiative (2000ff) involved both USDOJ and USDHHS and several large tax-exempt foundations I ended up studying in part because of their involvement in the same.  IF NO ONE in the “protective parents” advocacy groups (tag-teaming with the already centralized domestic violence agencies) is willing to take on “the big guys” in these matters, they will end up as they have been — recirculating the same factoids, poster child cases, and slightly altered basic reasoning the started with years ago, continuing to ignore or even assess the size of “The elephant in the room.”

I got REAL tired of this and a lot more valuable understanding, insight, starting with more information, writing this blog, and reducing my involvement in crazy on-line conversations (and marches, rallies conferences, too). Most of this blog results from having come to my senses many years ago on that matter, and it continues to be fun (though a lot of work) in some senses to write. 

It will also be some work to read, but I believe worthwhile, and that once you “get the hang of” the importance of doing those lookups, and expose YOUR eyes, ears, and attention to the evidence I’m posting, you will find its contents valuable.

ALSO, I still believe that individually (and not always organized under a banner, a group name, a nonprofit, or a “movement”) both women and men can make a significant difference by demanding honesty in personal associations (including on-line), and taking enough solitary time to do some basic, (BASIC basic) drill-downs (actually, “look-ups” might be a better word…) on their favorite philanthropies or nonprofits (pick one — it almost doesn’t matter), then look at some more.
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Let's Get Honest! Blog: Absolutely Uncommon Analysis of Family & Conciliation Courts' Operations, Practices, & History

'A Different Kind of Attention Develops Sound Judgment' | 'Suppose I'm Right Here?...' (posted 3/23 & 3/5/2014). Over 680 posts, Public-Interest Investigative Blogging On These Matters Since 2009.

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