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How Many Unified City/County Governments are there, and Since When, and WHY? Here’s One (Wyandotte County|KCK, since 1997)

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Post title and shortlinkHow Many Unified City/County Governments are there, and Since When, and Why?  Here’s One (Wyandotte County|KCK, since 1997)

[Note: WordPress-generated shortlinks, unlike web and email addresses, seem to be case-sensitive (if you’re planning to type it, keep the same upper/lower case configuration.  This one ends “5CC” — a separate one generated a few days ago, I noticed ended “5Cc.” ).

This moves material from my January 2017 updates to a January 1, 2012 post, in an act of mercy towards the older post, and in the public interest today, about 5 years and 1 month later.  PART of this post about CALEXIT is continued on one published the same day (title and link right below the “Read More” divider). I am publishing this within 15 minutes of the other.  Tags may be added later.

My 2/5/2017 published post alerts readers to this one and explains that, despite long efforts on this one, it’s not in what I’d consider a complete format.  There are still unanswered questions I have and follow-up information I’d normally like to have finished before posting.

However the information on this one is varied, of current (as well as ongoing) relevance, and still well worth reading.  As you’ll find out soon enough, it’s also not particularly on the post’s title.  This time, I followed my nose for what needed to be said, and posted what it smelled, piece after piece.  “So be it…”

Why of public interest today…

We are First 100 Days of the Trump Presidency, swimming in Executive Orders, Cabinet appointments, Supreme Court nominee, news media featuring worldwide protests on the same, and reports on the President’s phone calls with leadership of other countries around the world.  Uncertain times….

My state (sic) — or at least a group called Yes California, Inc., is campaigning for Secession; I kid you not.  Guess this will supplement my inspiration to secede from California, which (for reasons which have escaped me) appears to believe it’s morally, ethically, and in many other ways simply superior to the rest of the country.  Meanwhile, these progressive liberal values have raised hell upon non-globalist individuals who mistakenly, working, marrying, having children (escaping at-home violence), and divorcing here, might have thought that “liberalism” and progressive values JUST PERHAPS might also meant us.

I’ve already located “Yes California, Inc.” in time and space (Time: 9/2013), space -no longer at a street address where multiple organizations, it looks like landscape-mulch-involved (one of which had zero registered presence as a company, though I found its advertising, and a notice that the State of California DOT had stopped a payment on a contract (at least I think that’s what the “stop payment” list was…), and is now showing up registered at its CPA address in Long Beach (So Cal near Los Angeles for the uninitiated into California geography).

This is so simple, although annoying to have to do. Just some business entity search, a generalized further street address search, and if there are some uploadable images to the business, looking at them, making maybe a note of the registered agent, or responsible parties (now that the Calif SOS Business Search site provides the information).  MAYBE if more people engaged in this routinely on being approached for money, or doused with volatile and at times disturbing information from authoritative sources, and then SHARED what they found with others (and on-line so it’s searchable) — we’d likely have a different state, and country.  But, most do not.  I know I didn’t until I was at a loss for answers how certain events happened, in “my” country, the USA, and in this supposedly progressive/Democrat, liberal (etc.) state!

Show 10 entities per page        Narrow search results:

Face page lists it as “Domestic Stock Corporation” (not a nonprofit).

And this Project, having made the post really Top-Heavy (before I got all the answers I wanted) has just been off-ramped, but to be published at the same time, without all the “connective tissue” narratives I sometimes get around to.

I believe an appropriate title will be “Just Say “NO” to “Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence Campaign Committee  ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalBrexit” til you get (1) their identities (2) their filings and (3) that this include “The Debt We Have” meaning, someone hasn’t been reading CAFRs, or doesn’t want or expect others to,” and of course (4) Who’s running that show.

Once I remove that chunk of post, what’s left is complex in a different way, and more central to the blog’s main themes, not that CAFRs and California wanting to be its own nation (allegedly) isn’t related.
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Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

February 6, 2017 at 9:37 pm

Just Say No to: Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence COMMITTEE (PAC) ~Yes California Independence CAMPAIGN ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalExit.” (And Why). [2/6/2017 + 2/7 addition]

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Post Title and Shortlink: Just Say No to: Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence COMMITTEE (PAC) ~Yes California Independence CAMPAIGN ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalExit.” (And Why). [2/6/2017 + 2/7 addition] (Case-sensitive shortlink ends “-5Lj”).

Recommended: preview (scroll or “Page-Down”) and read the tags t bottom for better overview of subject matter, which goes beyond that mentioned in the title (see also prior post 2/5/2017).   This updated added (mostly to include title’s shortlink-ending character string on body of post, something I now do routinely), Feb. 23, 2020//LGH.

Since I just [2017] added a section post-publication (don’t worry, entire post is still ca. 8,000 words only), I felt the responsible thing would be to copy the “introduction” from below the update to the very top here.  You’ll see it again below.  Just realize this post is a continuation of another one and on a specific topic as you see in its title.

What’s happening here?


On Sunday Feb. 5, 2017, I published an “Alert” about an upcoming 18,000 word post, stating I’d had enough and was just going to publish it — and gave a preview.

The name of the “18,000-worder” still is: How Many Unified City/County Governments are there, and Since When, and Why?  Here’s One (Wyandotte County|KCK, since 1997)**

At the time the “CalBrexit” section of the 18,000-worder wasn’t quite so long.  I had left undone the attempt to locate the “MIA” entity behind this campaign based on its political Committee (that is Political Action Committee or PAC) FPPN ID#.

**[This is the follow-up.  Some of its roots still remain on the above post.]

In adding the update section, some of it on “Newsweek” (one of many outlets reporting on this California so-called movement to secede), I am also reminding us to become and try to stay aware of the vehicles of communication, and just what type of powerhouse corporations (and families) are behind them, and how they deal with profits, and cut their losses.

We are aware of “conduits” for water to drink, bathe, and wash away things we don’t want hanging around our homes, when reports of contamination make the headlines (Flint Michigan; about lead levels).

We should be no less aware (and if this condition exists, correct it!) that the conduits of information today have a history — and that includes the financial and ownership history as well.  Without calling these “contaminated” per se, not one of them is free from influence.  Just try to maintain some awareness overall of where these are, and from which “sovereign nation” (while we’re on the topic) they may reside, form year to year.  This is just good basic information to understand in life…  As people with their controlled or owned corporations powerful enough to buy and sell off newspapers like some of us may have to plan ahead for vehicles — or clothes, or even food are generally going to be active in several categories of life.

For the context (I have the whole-page image below also) here’s a recent search on the theme, and I’ve looked at every article (I THINK) on the list.


Here’s a quote from the last one shown:

California, you’re not going to secede so shut up and help us fix our country.” By Jeff Taylor in Bilerico Report (LGBTQnation.com), Nov. 17, 2016

There is a growing movement in California calling for secession now that Donald Trump has become president-elect. Because as we all know, when things don’t go your way the best response is to give up and run away from home.

===>Silicon Valley big wigs like Uber investor and Hyperloop co-founder Shervin Pishevar and angel investor Jason Calacanis have jumped on board, giving the concept more credence and potential financial backing

Apparently helping to gentrify a large swath of California so that only rich people can afford to live there isn’t enough. Now they need to leave the most vulnerable in our society even more high and dry by helping to ensure the United States remains red for the foreseeable future.

Because let’s be honest, that would be the result. And someone should probably tell them that they border the ocean. When they start falling into the water, helped along by the even harder right turn they ensured our country would take, the union might not look so awful after all.

Although they seem to have a plan for that inevitability.

We can re-enter the union after California becomes a nation,” Pishevar told CNBC. “As the sixth largest economy in the world, the economic engine of the nation and provider of a large percentage of the federal budget, California carries a lot of weight.”

That is, of course, assuming we would take you traitors back.

That’s tongue in cheek, but I don’t think it’s funny, and having already seen what California is doing (as are other states) to screw its own, while working hard to open trade offices overseas (for example, in China, overseen by groups like Bay Area Council) and the attempt to standardize and dumb down while claiming it’s actually the opposite, the entire public school system, I’m calling this one out.

And no, I will not wade through ALL the media outlets small or large on this (for one, they seem to gunk up my browser… or bring it to a crawl — or a stall). //Let’s Get Honest 2-6-2017 Monday evening PST.

Actual Title & Link: Just Say No to: Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence COMMITTEE (PAC) ~Yes California Independence CAMPAIGN ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalBrexit.” (And Why)

From a 6/25/2016 Newsweek article, this suggests the potential state lines for the hypothetical Nation of California. Hmm...

From a 6/25/2016 Newsweek article**, this suggests the potential state lines for the hypothetical Nation of California. Hmm… The City and County of San Francisco are eliminated, as well as the “9-county Bay Area” region surrounding it.  but the State of Los Angeles (currently a City and County also, with a port) and San Diego (also currently a City and County) are retrained.  Sonoma — currently a smaller county — has retained its name and become a State.  In the fertile Central Valley, “San Joaquin” and environs have become “Alta” and “Baja Joaquin.”  There is also a “Calexico” as you can see.  Far north of the new nation, it’s “Jefferson”..  Cute..

Section here is a post-publication (2/7/2017) update.  I needed to add link for the Newsweek quote above, added a quote, and continued the theme of “who owns the press” by including references to the history of Newsweek’s various owners.  This has gotten more interesting in recent years. After that I’ll get right back to “CalExit” and explaining what this post is about in the first place.  Look for where the light-blue background stops, and heading indicating you’re “back on track”…//LGH
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