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Just Say No to: Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence COMMITTEE (PAC) ~Yes California Independence CAMPAIGN ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalExit.” (And Why). [2/6/2017 + 2/7 addition]

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Post Title and Shortlink: Just Say No to: Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence COMMITTEE (PAC) ~Yes California Independence CAMPAIGN ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalExit.” (And Why). [2/6/2017 + 2/7 addition] (Case-sensitive shortlink ends “-5Lj”).

Recommended: preview (scroll or “Page-Down”) and read the tags t bottom for better overview of subject matter, which goes beyond that mentioned in the title (see also prior post 2/5/2017).   This updated added (mostly to include title’s shortlink-ending character string on body of post, something I now do routinely), Feb. 23, 2020//LGH.

Since I just [2017] added a section post-publication (don’t worry, entire post is still ca. 8,000 words only), I felt the responsible thing would be to copy the “introduction” from below the update to the very top here.  You’ll see it again below.  Just realize this post is a continuation of another one and on a specific topic as you see in its title.

What’s happening here?


On Sunday Feb. 5, 2017, I published an “Alert” about an upcoming 18,000 word post, stating I’d had enough and was just going to publish it — and gave a preview.

The name of the “18,000-worder” still is: How Many Unified City/County Governments are there, and Since When, and Why?  Here’s One (Wyandotte County|KCK, since 1997)**

At the time the “CalBrexit” section of the 18,000-worder wasn’t quite so long.  I had left undone the attempt to locate the “MIA” entity behind this campaign based on its political Committee (that is Political Action Committee or PAC) FPPN ID#.

**[This is the follow-up.  Some of its roots still remain on the above post.]

In adding the update section, some of it on “Newsweek” (one of many outlets reporting on this California so-called movement to secede), I am also reminding us to become and try to stay aware of the vehicles of communication, and just what type of powerhouse corporations (and families) are behind them, and how they deal with profits, and cut their losses.

We are aware of “conduits” for water to drink, bathe, and wash away things we don’t want hanging around our homes, when reports of contamination make the headlines (Flint Michigan; about lead levels).

We should be no less aware (and if this condition exists, correct it!) that the conduits of information today have a history — and that includes the financial and ownership history as well.  Without calling these “contaminated” per se, not one of them is free from influence.  Just try to maintain some awareness overall of where these are, and from which “sovereign nation” (while we’re on the topic) they may reside, form year to year.  This is just good basic information to understand in life…  As people with their controlled or owned corporations powerful enough to buy and sell off newspapers like some of us may have to plan ahead for vehicles — or clothes, or even food are generally going to be active in several categories of life.

For the context (I have the whole-page image below also) here’s a recent search on the theme, and I’ve looked at every article (I THINK) on the list.


Here’s a quote from the last one shown:

California, you’re not going to secede so shut up and help us fix our country.” By Jeff Taylor in Bilerico Report (LGBTQnation.com), Nov. 17, 2016

There is a growing movement in California calling for secession now that Donald Trump has become president-elect. Because as we all know, when things don’t go your way the best response is to give up and run away from home.

===>Silicon Valley big wigs like Uber investor and Hyperloop co-founder Shervin Pishevar and angel investor Jason Calacanis have jumped on board, giving the concept more credence and potential financial backing

Apparently helping to gentrify a large swath of California so that only rich people can afford to live there isn’t enough. Now they need to leave the most vulnerable in our society even more high and dry by helping to ensure the United States remains red for the foreseeable future.

Because let’s be honest, that would be the result. And someone should probably tell them that they border the ocean. When they start falling into the water, helped along by the even harder right turn they ensured our country would take, the union might not look so awful after all.

Although they seem to have a plan for that inevitability.

We can re-enter the union after California becomes a nation,” Pishevar told CNBC. “As the sixth largest economy in the world, the economic engine of the nation and provider of a large percentage of the federal budget, California carries a lot of weight.”

That is, of course, assuming we would take you traitors back.

That’s tongue in cheek, but I don’t think it’s funny, and having already seen what California is doing (as are other states) to screw its own, while working hard to open trade offices overseas (for example, in China, overseen by groups like Bay Area Council) and the attempt to standardize and dumb down while claiming it’s actually the opposite, the entire public school system, I’m calling this one out.

And no, I will not wade through ALL the media outlets small or large on this (for one, they seem to gunk up my browser… or bring it to a crawl — or a stall). //Let’s Get Honest 2-6-2017 Monday evening PST.

Actual Title & Link: Just Say No to: Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence COMMITTEE (PAC) ~Yes California Independence CAMPAIGN ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalBrexit.” (And Why)

From a 6/25/2016 Newsweek article, this suggests the potential state lines for the hypothetical Nation of California. Hmm...

From a 6/25/2016 Newsweek article**, this suggests the potential state lines for the hypothetical Nation of California. Hmm… The City and County of San Francisco are eliminated, as well as the “9-county Bay Area” region surrounding it.  but the State of Los Angeles (currently a City and County also, with a port) and San Diego (also currently a City and County) are retrained.  Sonoma — currently a smaller county — has retained its name and become a State.  In the fertile Central Valley, “San Joaquin” and environs have become “Alta” and “Baja Joaquin.”  There is also a “Calexico” as you can see.  Far north of the new nation, it’s “Jefferson”..  Cute..

Section here is a post-publication (2/7/2017) update.  I needed to add link for the Newsweek quote above, added a quote, and continued the theme of “who owns the press” by including references to the history of Newsweek’s various owners.  This has gotten more interesting in recent years. After that I’ll get right back to “CalExit” and explaining what this post is about in the first place.  Look for where the light-blue background stops, and heading indicating you’re “back on track”…//LGH

**”CalExit?  Brexit Buoys California Independence Movement” by Seung Lee in Newsweek [two days after the Brexit vote on 6/23/2016]

In Marinelli’s vision, California will remain whole as a sovereign nation but will have states of its own. The capital will be in Sacramento, but the California constitution will be more Articles of Confederation than Constitution in giving more autonomy to each state, including Jefferson and Silicon Valley. “We don’t have to let Sacramento be a national capital of California like Washington D.C.,” Marinelli says.

If California did leave the United States, Marinelli says he hoped to negotiate an agreement with the remaining states in allowing freedom of movement of people and goods. It also would need to make new deals with neighboring Mexico—and perhaps even other seceded republics from the Union like a free Texas or a free Cascadia union of Washington and Oregon

This is talking like a conservative and (of course) capitalist in both ideas and terminology.  For example, he’s not using the word “democracy” and is protesting centralized control, etc.  But, wants the best of both statuses (free movement of people and goods).



I am reminded that Newsweek is currently (at least as of 2016) under the ownership of IBT Media.  For more on that, see my “Alert” post which has a lot to say, and links, about the same.


Newsweek Wiki (Clean screen-shot). See below for annotated version.

Click for the whole, annotated Wiki (16pp) but only footnotes will be active links. Annotations point out ownership and characteristics of its history, up through IBT Media purchase and "return to profitability."

Click for the whole, annotated Wiki (16pp) but only footnotes will be active links. Annotations point out ownership and characteristics of its history, up through IBT Media purchase and “return to profitability.”

Here’s one clean and one annotated image of Newsweek|Wikipedia, and 16pp annotated pdf (see its caption), footnotes-only active links.  Click there or the main link to read also about Sidney Harman’s background, education, and companies before and after he bought Newsweek, jointly with another (forming IAC/Interactive) for only $1 in 2010, after which IBT Media bought it in 2013 for “undisclosed terms.”  Or how women employees sued it in the 1970s for discrimination (refusing to let them be reporters), and won.  Or, about some of its earlier, famous backers.

When reading these one is also reading about development of major industries and narratives of how the companies behind them buy and sell off each other, remain private or go public, and succeed or fail.


From a Diff’t Wiki, on Sidney Harmon’s Harmon International  ” (cont’d on quotes below).

Harman’s company was doing fine, but he sold it off (unlike someone else we know currently US President) to avoid conflicts of interest when working under the Department of Commerce under Carter, to Beatrice Foods.  Beatrice sold off parts of it, Harman on leaving government employment, started Harman International and began buying back what he could.  He lived to be 92; his second wife (after his first one died, and 26 years younger), who remarried the same year of her own divorce, Jane Harman, has been US Congresswoman and running a Woodrow Wilson Center at Princeton.

“Harman International Industries, Incorporated is an American company that designs and engineers connected products for automakers, consumers and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems; audio and visual products, enterprise automation; and connected services.[5] Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, Harman maintains major operations in the Americas, Europe, as well as Asia and markets its products under more than twenty brands — including AKG AcousticsAMXCrown AudioHarman/KardonInfinityJBLJBL ProfessionalLexiconMark LevinsonMartin, Revel, Soundcraft and Studer.

On November 14, 2016, Harman entered into an agreement to be acquired by South Korean company Samsung Electronics.[1][2] 

Another section of this history of this enterprising (for sure) engineer AND businessman demonstrates that companies operate either Private or Public, or may rotate between the two (this one went public in 1986 and 21 years later ALMOST went private (see that image), but it didn’t happen.  Finally, 8 more years (of it operating public) and Samsung, as we can see, bought it for $8 Billion.

Apparently buying a publication (like a newspaper or on-line news source) in the middle of all this isn’t that big a deal — but as it happened in 2010, Newsweek had other bidders, including a Syrian-investor firm, I’m sure they’d have paid more than $1.00, BUT the successful engineer, businessman, high-ranking Cabinet? (Exec. Branch) public servant, who then returned to running his own business into his 80s, did someone a favor and took over Newsweek, debt and all:

Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon founded the predecessor to Harman International, Harman Kardon, in 1953. Both Harman and Kardon were engineers by training and had worked at the Bogen Company, which was then the top manufacturer of public address systems. Their collaboration helped to create a new industry: high-fidelity audio. Harman bought out his partner in 1956 and then expanded Harman Kardon into an audio powerhouse, according to a biography written by the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame.[6]

Acquisitions and expansion[edit] <=<=<=

=>=>=> In the 1970s, Harman accepted an appointment in the Carter administration as deputy secretary of the Department of Commerce. When Harman took office in 1976, he sold his company to conglomerate Beatrice Foods to avoid a conflict of interest. Beatrice promptly sold many portions of the company, including the original Harman Kardon division, and by 1980 only 60% of the original company remained.

After he left government in 1978,[7] he created Harman International Industries and reacquired a number of businesses he sold to Beatrice. The company continued its growth plan with a string of acquisitions throughout the 1980s that pushed Harman International’s sales from about $80 million in 1981 to more than $200 million by 1986, and then to more than $500 million by 1989. Harman International went public in 1986 with a stock offering on the New York Stock Exchange. Cash from that sale was used to, among many other purchases, buy Soundcraft, a U.K. producer of professional mixing boards, in 1988 and later – Salt Lake City digital electronics producer DOD Electronics Corp. By 1990, Harman International was selling consumer audio gear under such brands as JBL, Harman Kardon, Infinity and Epicure loudspeakers, as well as professional audio systems with such brands as JBL Professional, UREI, Soundcraft, Allen & Heathdbx, Studer, DOD, Lexicon, AKG, BSS, Orban, Quested and Turbosound (the last one now under the control of Music Group (company)[8]).

In July 2011, Harman acquired MWM Acoustics, a privately held company that specialized in speaker and microphone technology for consumer electronics and enterprise telephony. The combination of MWM Acoustics, Branded Audio, and AKG Automotive Microphones became the Embedded Audio Business Team.[9]

Harman expanded to include lighting in 2013 with the acquisition ofMartin Professional.[10]

In June, 2014, Harman completed the acquisition of AMX LLC, from The Duchossois Group, bringing enterprise control and automation systems as well as audio/video switching and distributing to Harman’s offerings.[11]

The Duchussois Group (Elmhurst, IL) history shows it only bought AMX LLC in 2005.  Duchussois Industries renamed “Group” in 2009; the home page motto reads “from railcars to investments” and for the new millennium, it’s “Diversification.” Timeline has very few entries, but marks its 1929 start in becoming ‘Chamberlain Corporation” (manufacturing parts of home goods — irons, washing machines), 1942, Defense Munitions went so well, the US Army kept it on after the war…. No explanation of the namechange..

“The turn of the millennium is a period of development, expansion, and flexibility, focused on acquiring companies that extend the scope of industries under the Duchossois name.”

[Actually, it does, however, the timeline is just not in chrono order.  I see that Duchussois family ran Thrall, Thrall eventually bought Chamberlain, Duchussois family bought out Thrall interests — you can read the rest.  Good luck keeping the timeline straight (or, look at another source for similar info, like fundinguniverse.com (typically stops at around year 2000].  You might be interested in the military history (of both individuals) and the Churchill Downs, Inc. connection. Buying, selling, investing, managing, retaining control as needed.  Both have military background, one from the Marines, another from a military academy:

Connection to a 2-6-2017 post (update) as one purchaser/seller of Newsweek bought a company from "The Duchussois Group" in 2014; these are the two featured Duchussois on the company website:

Connection to a 2-6-2017 post (update) as one purchaser/seller of Newsweek bought a company from “The Duchussois Group” in 2014; these are the two featured Duchussois on the company website:|||“From 1952 to 1980, Dick was Chief Executive Officer of Thrall Car Manufacturing Company, one of the nation’s leading railcar manufacturers. In 1980, he purchased Chamberlain Manufacturing Corp. and became its Chairman. In 1983, as Chairman of The Duchossois Group, he purchased Arlington Park Race Track and led its resurrection after a disastrous fire in 1985. In 2000, Arlington Park merged with Churchill Downs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHDN), where Dick and Craig currently sit on the Board of Directors.”|||

In March 2015, Harman acquired the automotive division of Bang & Olufsen for 145 million euros ($156 million) for the unit as well as technology license fees.[12] The purchase didn’t include Bang & Olufsen’s consumer-electronics business.[13] 

[BANG & OLUFSEN – DANISH.  SEE LINK for more info, including impact of not cooperating well enough with the Nazis on part of company history]

In 2015, recognizing the increasing role of software and services in the markets it served, Harman expanded its capabilities around cloud, mobility and analytics with the acquisitions of Symphony Teleca, a software services company based in Mountain View, CA,[14] and Redbend, an Israeli-based provider of software management technology for connected devices, and over-the-air (OTA) software and firmware upgrading services.[15]With these additions, Harman announced the formation of a fourth division, which they called Connected Services.

In March 2016, Harman acquired the automotive cyber-security firm TowerSec.[16]

Bloomberg.com company snapshot of The Duchossois Group:

The Duchossois Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, manufactures access control, security, and lighting and convenience products. It invests in public and private companies, private investment funds, growth equities, and fund investments; provides garage door openers, Smartphone control products, garage tools, accessories, and parts and support services; and offers door chimes and push buttons, motion activated security lighting products, utility lighting products, motion activated decorative lighting products, and lighting controls. It serves residential security, commercial control, and automation markets. The company offers products online. The Duchossois Group, Inc. was formerly known as Duchossois Industries, Inc. and changed its name to The Duchossois Group, Inc. in March 2009. The Duchossois Group, Inc. is headquartered in Elmhurst, Illinois.  [Also shows Founder & Chairman Richard L.  is now 94.  And, if this isn’t clear yet, that it’s private.]



INCIDENTALLY, since I published this YESTERDAY EVENING, and searched for more information on Louis Marinelli (of Calexit and “Yes California Independence PAC” — I’ll show it below, both images and links) as to his time at Alliant International University in San Diego, that this post was on the search results, and not too far from the top (!).  So was another post from 2014 (link now broken) and a “syndicated column” California Focus” by this man:

Thomas Elias writes the syndicated California Focus column, appearing twice weekly in 93 newspapers around California, with circulation over 2.2 million. He has won numerous awards from organizations like the National Headliners Club, the California Newspaper Publishers Association, the Greater Los Angeles Press Club, and the California Taxpayers Association. He has been nominated three times for the Pulitzer Prize in distinguished commentary. Elias is the author of two books, “The Burzynski Breakthrough: The Most Promising Cancer Treatment and the Government’s Campaign to Squelch It” (now in its third edition; also published in Japanese and recently optioned for a television movie) and “The Simpson Trial in Black and White,” co-authored with the late Dennis Schatzman.

And here’s the link to that article published Wednesday 11/26/2014, that’s got to be real close to Thanksgiving, but also marked “CALIFORNIA FOCUS | FOR RELEASE: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2014, OR THEREAFTER”  “Next Up: A Semi-Sovereign California Movement?

The proposed Six Californias initiative died last fall, a victim of the weaknesses in its own concept and so much skepticism that even a $5 million petition circulating campaign wasn’t enough to get it onto the 2016 ballot.

But this doesn’t mean innovative and quirky – some might call it imaginative or fatuous – thinking about changes in this state’s future status has stopped.

Next up, apparently, will be a move toward a somewhat more sovereign California, maybe not a completely separate nation-state, but at least an entity capable of making its own binding deals with other countries and able to pass laws that could not be overturned by either Congress or the U.S. Supreme Court.

A start in this direction comes now from an outfit called Sovereign CA, headed by Louis Marinelli, a 28-year-old teacher of English as a second language on the San Diego campus of Alliant International University. …
Marinelli, who can’t say how many members his group has because it charges no dues – but reports getting more than 2,600 Facebook “likes” – hopes to put three initiatives before the voters in 2016 to get started toward semi-sovereignty.

[The short column is showing no comments, but I recommend reading the rest of it]

It’s called “Sovereign California Inc.” [not “Sovereign CA”] and here it is at the Sec of State level as a nonprofit, plus the Oct. 2014 Statement of Info.”

Narrow search results: [from BusinessSearch.SOS.CA.Gov – formerly “kepler.sos.ca.gov”)

Search for any non-profit registration so far (it having been around two and a half years by now) shows, hardly a surprise, it’s not registered. (SCREENPRINT FROM CALIFORNIA (DOJ/OAG-RUN) SEC. OF STATE.  THIS IS THE SAME ENTITY# as above):

California Nonprofit "Sovereign California Inc" (filed one SI in 2014 only) showing "Not Registered." We DNK if it's a PAC or not, however. And if no funds were received...

California Nonprofit “Sovereign California Inc” (filed one SI in 2014 only) showing “Not Registered.” We DNK if it’s a PAC or not, however. And if no funds were received…


Then again, it may not have to, depending on the IRS rules:

A page from the IRS.gov (When I went looking for why no registration outside the FPPC one showing up for Yes California Independence Campaign, shown in images published 2-6-2017, below here).

A page from the IRS.gov (When I went looking for why no registration outside the FPPC one showing up for Yes California Independence Campaign, shown in images published 2-6-2017, below here).

Printout (1pg) of the Oct. 2014 Statement of Information and screenprint of half of it.


Marinelli & Zotova in San Diego on "Sovereign California Inc" 2014 statement of information (only electronic filing shown)

Marinelli & Zotova in San Diego on “Sovereign California Inc” 2014 statement of information (only electronic filing shown)

Dec. 2016 article in the Washington Times reveals he moved to Russia to be with his wife (probably Ms. Zotova), and had help getting there from some Anti-Globalization movement in Russia.  Meanwhile, just imagine if people started, when blogging, tweeting, writing syndicated columns, or social-media-ing these things, give complete (legally registered) business names, and remind their readers to LOOK THEM UP, and “OUT them when not registered, not filing, and not telling the truth, if this became evident, on any filings. That should be PART of functioning as the citizen of any country, and particularly the USA:

 – The Washington Times – Saturday, December 17, 2016

An American citizen spearheading the California secessionist movement said he’ll open an embassy in Moscow this weekend as his separatist campaign looks toward Russia for recognition.

Louis Marinelli, the president of the Yes California Independence Campaign, plans to open the doors Sunday to the Golden State’s first ever “embassy” in none other than the Russian capital.

Mr. Marinelli, 30, has been one of the most vocal proponents in recent years of the grassroots movement dedicated towards gaining California’s independence from the United States. He’s orchestrated that campaign from abroad since at least September, however, when he relocated from San Diego to Siberia to be with his Russian wife, KQED recently reported.

Announcing his plans to open the first Embassy of the Independent Republic of California this week, Mr. Marinellisaidthe facility will serve as a hub for his secessionist movement to gain support from Russia, notwithstanding tensions between Moscow and Washington currently being at its worst in decades.

“California can’t become a country without recognition from other countries,” Mr. Marinellitweeted recently.

Indeed, Mr. Marinelli’s efforts have already secured Russian support in the form of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, a Kremlin-funded group that claims to be “opposed to the global dominance of transnational corporations and supranational trade and financial institutions,” according to its website. …

TOO BAD I DIDN’T THINK TO GO THROUGH MY OWN POST — FIRST — AND LOOK UP ‘SOVEREIGN CALIFORNIA’ OVER AT THE CALIFORNIA STATE FPPC AND FIND OUT IT DID EXIST, BUT HAS BEEN TERMINATED, AND UNLIKE THE NEWER ONE, ACTUALLY HAD SUBMITTED SOME FILINGS BEFORE BEING TERMINATED:  YOU MAY LOOK THIS UP, SO I’M NOT PRINTING TO PDFs here, except the contributions page, showing only $6K, and except for one person, all from people listed on the 410 Amendment.  (The original filing is not showing on the site).  NOTE:  This one terminated 9/15/2015 and the next one (Yes California Independence Committee PAC) was initiated, I show below and as I recall, Oct or Nov. 2015 — and has shown NO electronic filings except for its first one.

screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-6-58-51-pmMarcus Evans (on one of the filings) shows as a Cal Trans Planner, Marinelli as a teacher, and the only other contributor, “Ret’d.”   Form 410 (organization description) had Theodore Slater (Beverly Hills address) and  Louis Marinelli, plus Marcus Evans, and Sam Chaney (Assist Treas or Treasurer); Yes California Indep Campaign listed ONLY Marinelli (now in Russia…) and Sam Chaney.  AS I recall (feel free to doublecheck, links below).

(end of 2/7/2017 update on Newsweek and its various owners, plus just a little more on “Sovereign California Inc.”)


Originally proposed (on the post from which it came)  title:
Just Say “NO” to “Yes California, Inc. ~ Yes California Independence Campaign Committee ~ YesCalifornia.org ~ and “CalExit” til you get (1) their identities (2) their filings and (3) that this includes “The Debt We Have” meaning, someone hasn’t been reading CAFRs, or doesn’t want or expect others to,” and of course (4) Who’s running that show.  

[Title originally read “CalBrexit” and had a mistake (Subj/verb agreement in #)].


Under “How much support does Yes California have?” it’s clear this isn’t about to report anything fiscal — but volunteers. On the campaign website (ending *.org) I notice that this page has only 2 “likes” and that — as so often happens — the writers omitted any suffix better identifying the entity, the PAC, or whoever it is.  Which probably explains why, below, my first instinct was that “Yes California, INC.” was the related entity.  Now (after all that work, seen below), I’m just not sure — although why those entities would otherwise have this name, who knows?

What’s happening here?


On Sunday Feb. 5, 2017, I published an “Alert” about an upcoming 18,000 word post, stating I’d had enough and was just going to publish it — and gave a preview.

The name of the “18,000-worder” still is: How Many Unified City/County Governments are there, and Since When, and Why?  Here’s One (Wyandotte County|KCK, since 1997)

At the time the “CalBrexit” section of the 18,000-worder wasn’t quite so long.  I had left undone the attempt to locate the “MIA” entity behind this campaign based on its political Committee (that is Political Action Committee or PAC) FPPN ID#.

The “Alert” post (read it and see) has some more factoids along the way relating to who owns the on-line media, not to mention the Christian Right (who at some points are experts in owning some of this; besides which, it came up in search results for the “CalBrexit” movement to split off this state — in dismay for having lost to Trump and at risk of not being so progressive as before — from the rest of the country.

So, today, hoping to track down that entity again, I found that the state is in the process of updating its Public Disclosure Database — and that the Yes California Independence Committee, FPPC ID# 137892, IS “Active” but has so far put out NO (that would be “zero”) electronic filings other than a scant 3-pager Form 410, which I’ll show you below.  So according to the Secretary of State website (“Cal-ACCESS” database), there has been NO financial activity for whoever and whatever this PAC is.  And, as it’s declined so far to show up as any sort of 501© locally, who’s to say.

The proposed secession of the largest (almost) state in the US controlling most of the West Coast Ports, and bordering on Mexico on the South, and not really that far (politically either) from Canada on the North (only two states to drive through….) was not really the main topic of my long post.  It’s just kind of impossible to ignore.  I live in an area where people are marching in Berkeley and Oakland, protesting at UCBerkeley (of course) and it’s affecting traffic, and retail storefronts.   And it tends to remind me that people still don’t read the governmental financial statements, and aren’t thinking clearly (most likely, from a lifetime of not doing just that).

Also that the progressives are sore losers, and the conservatives are having fun mocking them, but who inbetween is keeping their eye on the prize — and that prize is going to be you betcha, financial, AND so following the fiscal filings as this develop becomes important.

So what’s happening — I’m publishing this post FIRST, and the 18,000-worder from which it came SECOND so that the one published SECOND will be closer to the top of the blog, and that when people get down to the part saying “Substantial material Removed here” they can link to it, or read it later.”

This one has plenty of annotated images, details ,and shows where I went to look things up starting with an on-line social media campaign, but failing to find any registered “Entity” behind it and identifiably connected with it — other than (today I finally located) — following the FPPC PAC ID# provided, I did locate an “original filing” for “Yes California Independence Committee PAC” — it was filed 11/23/2015 — but not ONE additional electronic filing since.

Which hasn’t prevented its young president, who it turns out “immigrated” to California only in 2006, taught at Alliant International University and has taught also in Russia, might just be a reactionary conservative (i.e., zealously reformed); its treasurer Sam Chaney (This guy at “weaponized news“?  NF yet– just didn’t get to it yet)

WeaponizedNews.Com also seeks an uncompromising and independent investigation into the crimes of 9-11, with subpoena power granted to obtain a long-overdue resolution for the survivors and families of the deceased. We reject the official explanation of the events leading up to, during and after the attacks of September 11th, 2001 as well as the fear-based mind control politics and state mandated propaganda being disseminated by the Corporate Media which has facilitated the cover-up of 9-11.

As we establish citizens groups throughout the country and world, we wish to inspire a community of truth-seekers and peacemakers through creative campaigns with a commitment of nonviolence. WeaponizedNews.Com is not so much a group but an idea, an idea that “We the People” are the vehicles of these “ideas” and of the freedoms, liberties, and truths we are seeking all across the globe….


…And last (on this post also), a promised “angel investor” with connections to the Obama Administration, major funder of him in both elections, and single father of two daughters.  As he came here as a child after his father (who was in broadcast/TV) had to flee Iran under Khomeini, I’m assuming that the “single custodial father” and unmentioned/ “MIA” mother somehow happened in the USA between then and now….

From getting plenty of media coverage on the concept.

At any rate, below, there’s plenty of annotated images, and an entire set of lookups of “Yes California, Inc.” which — technically speaking, though it was where I started, thinking it would “of course” be related to this initiative — I haven’t connected to the YesCalifornia.org on-line campaign, and still more unanswered questions regarding this whole deal.  Starting with “Where’s the money?” A Donate Page makes it clear, it’s being solicited:


http://www.yescalifornia.org/donate. “By Clicking on Contribute, You confirm that the following statements are true and accurate: I am not a foreign national who lacks permanent residence in the United States. This contribution is made from my own funds, and not those of another. I am at least eighteen years old. California Contribution Terms

(continuing Calif Contribution Terms from the “Donate” page:)


Maximum contribution for individuals, business entities committees/PACs and small contributor committees is $28,200 per election. There is no limit for contributions from a political party. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited by law. Contributions are not tax deductible. State law requires that we collect and report name, address, occupation and employer of contributors.


Maximum contribution for individuals, business entities and committees/PACs is $7000 per election. Maximum contribution for small contributor committees is $14,100 per election cycle. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited by law. Contributions are not tax deductible. State law requires that we collect and report name, address, occupation and employer of contributors.


Maximum contribution for individuals, business entities and committees/PACs is $4,200 per election. Maximum contribution for small contributor committees is $8,500 per election cycle. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited by law. Contributions are not tax deductible. State law requires that we collect and report name, address, occupation and employer of contributors.

There’s more that could be researched and said here.  This is a start only.  Enjoy, if you get more relevant info, please submit a comment (with link).  I live in this state (!) and have learned the hard way how it does business with its own, and justified on what great causes.  I’ve seen the migration of the court system (in hindsight, that is, reconstructed) over to more centralized, state-level control, and of course regionalization which systematically reduces direct representative government rights of residents by their appointed legislators.

No way in (_ _ _ _ ) do I wish to stick around and watch recent arrivals, including Louis Martinelli, or his promised angel investor backer, or the other globalists, even attempt to pull this thing off, further distracting those of us still stuck in the state and deluged by politically-driven dialogues, from getting to the bottom-line of state operations.  About which the 18,000 worder has a lot to say.

I have already seen and blogged in 2016 how a supposedly anti-Regionalization group (Democrats Against Agenda 21 + Freedom Advocates — see “Behind the Green Mask”) used for a fiscal agent a pro-Agenda 21 outfit with a counterpart at Rutgers University and a famous celebrity (Forrest Whitaker) promoting the “Institute for Peace.”   Here, we have a supposedly reformed conservative pushing progressive causes — and not showing the fiscal identity clearly (so far as I can tell).



Search results for “Yes California, Inc.” if clicked on lead to this cover page (the colorful annotations are added – Click to See fullsized)

<==It is (cover sheet Calif. Sec. of State) saying it is at:  27128A PASEO ESPADA STE 1524 SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO CA 92675.

This doesn’t match their latest (last summer, 2016) “Statement of Information,” but I just showed you what the face sheet still says — so maybe at some earlier time, it WAS there.

The 2014 “Statement of Information” (S.I. — guess it compares somehow to an annual report?) e-file shows certain people, and that the business was “Equipment Leasing.”

But the next year, which says “no change” does have a change of address and person signing (electronically, or at least their name was on it), who turns out to be a CPA in Long Beach, CA.  Here’s from the earlier (March 2014) in two B/W images, as well as that full-page pdf. (==>1 page, full-sized, B/W only: yes-calif-inc-march-2014-si-showing-paul-thomas-noring-ruth-e-noring-sanjuancapistrano-addr-henry-viramontes-coronoaca)  Notice the prevalence of two Norings and a Viramontes. The colorful annotated image above (with link to view full-sized in its caption) is the face sheet.  The B/W ones are the SI, top and bottom, for same entity, C3601626.  So there is NO question of the street address here, right, or the registered agent, for Yes California, Inc.

Calif Domestic Stock company Yes California Inc (SI 2014 top half)

Calif Domestic Stock company Yes California Inc (SI 2014 top half), with Entity# C3601626 visible ion Line 2, under entity name block.



Cal Entity C3601626 formed 9/2013 cf. a related PAC lobbying for secession of the State of California from the United States (per YesCalifornia.org) shows certain people (Noring, Viramontes) on it, certain street addresses and the business described as “Equipment Leasing,” name at bottom Ruth Eliz. Noring.

Meanwhile here is “VN Enterprises” which formerly had the same street address (Inc. 2004, Still Active); the one by 2014 however shows diff’t address but same Last Names (Noring | Viramontes) involved — Kent Noring, Suzana Viramontes — in the Manufacturing Wood Chip and Landscaping Businesses.  I looked up VN Enterprises only after finding it at the same street and suite# on an address search.  Coincidence all of this, ya’ think?

VN Enterprises bottom half of its SI 2014 filing (see pdf for full-sized, full-page)

VN Enterprises bottom half of its SI 2014 filing (CLICK this pdf for full-sized, B/W only, full-page (including header assuring you it’s the same entity) or Click HERE to see this annotated bottom half

(These two links also under the related image  below — it has a bright blue border and two links in the caption: “(CLICK this pdf for full-sized, B/W only, full-page (including header assuring you it’s the same entity) or Click HERE to see this annotated bottom half“)

Now, these show NO address correlation with San Juan Capistrano, but an earlier listing of “VN Enterprises” DOES show one:

I could also start posting images and factoids about another company called “Main Street Materials, Inc.” ALSO at the (exact) same street address (****main-street-materials-inc-27128-paseo-espada-a1524-sanjuan-capistrano-ca-2017-02-02-at-3-07pm )– except I don’t see any sec. of state filing for it.  Perhaps someone changed the company name, or perhaps it never registered.  I DID find it on a “stop-payment” list from the USDOJ.


***1MAIN ST MATERIALS at San Juan Capistrano address


Back to information from “YesCalifornia.ORG” website.

I see the Yes California “Donate” page is using Paypal, gives an actual organization name (which I of course will also look up) below which is a reminder, this is a “nonviolent” campaign:

Paid for by the Yes California Independence Committee PAC. FPPC ID 1378942.

Link to this page from the state FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission) HERE.

Link to this page from the state FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission) HERE.

“california-to-move-for-secession-google-search-feb22017-only-pulls-one-result-from-2017” (Google Srch Results image, below)

Google search as image shows 2|2|2017 produced only one result from January 2017. THE LINKS ARE ACTIVE. Click HERE to see annotated page.

Google search as image shows 2|2|2017 produced only one result from January 2017. THE LINKS on the PDF ARE ACTIVE. Click HERE to see annotated page.

From various links in the “search results” I learn that he was aiming for 2018-2019 election year (?) that there was an “angel investor” offer (but none identified so far to the Secretary of State), that Marinelli only came to California from NY in 2006 (!!) and might just be a reformed conservative and (from a 2015 LA TIMES interview) he was teaching English at Alliant International University in San Diego (whom I’ve blogged — often! for its psychological connections to the divorce courts and IVAT (Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma), etc.   Look at the next two quotes:

11/9/2016 in Business Insider:  “Californians are calling for a ‘Calexit’ from the US – and here’s how a secession could work, by Melia Robinson

..”The Yes California Independence Campaign aims to hold a referendum in 2018 that, if passed, would bring California one step closer to becoming an independent country.

Far-fetched as it may sound, the plan started gathering steam after Tuesday night’s surprising presidential vote. The movement has an impressive backer in Shervin Pishevar, a well-known angel investor who offered to bankroll a campaign to secede.” [AND it references payments Marinelli made, which are not shown on the records..].  ”

In 2015, Marinelli paid $200 each to get nine initiatives related to secession on a statewide ballot, according to The Los Angeles Times. None garnered the nearly 400,000 signatures necessary to appear on the ballot. So Marinelli and his followers are forced to start over.

Yes California now aims to gather enough signatures to put an initiative on the ballot in 2018, when Californians will choose their next governor, for a referendum in 2019.”

And, earlier (Aug. 28, 2015) accessible from that link in the Los Angeles Times, classified I see as a “Op-Ed/Opinion” and “column“:

(Photo caption: photo not shown here): Louis Marinelli, who teaches English at Alliant International University in San Diego and is a candidate for California’s 80th Assembly District, describes himself as as a civil rights advocate. (Howard Lipin / The San Diego Union-Tribune / Zuma Press)

Patt Morrison

Patt MorrisonContact ReporterPatt Morrison Ask

Why are you doing this? You weren’t even born in California.
I was born in upstate New York and moved here in 2006. It was one of the greatest accidents of my life. I’m Californicated, I guess you’d say. I feel like an immigrant who moved here from another country. I just love California.

…Yours is an interesting resume; you taught English in Russia, you are a 2nd Amendment supporter and an ACLU member, and you once campaigned against same-sex marriage.

A regret of mine; I wasn’t really anti-gay per se, but I was of the persuasion that marriage should be between a man and a woman. I led a charge on that, created a social media network, traveled around and talked about this. Taking this issue from social media to the streets and meeting people affected by this changed my mind. It opened my eyes to diversity, and that’s what California is about.

Isn’t your vision of California the one conservatives mock as latte liberal?

I’m pretty liberal, especially on social issues…

Pending a more thorough reading of what is supposed to be registered with the California Sec of State under the Political Reform Act of 1974 or per the FPPC (for example, if any of those forms 460/461 and 450 (and/or any others) shown in one of the above images SHOULD’VE been filed, but as of Feb. 2017 so far weren’t, leaving the state-level record of contributions and expenditures towards any initiative not recorded (again, I haven’t turned over every stone yet, but at least several), and the PAC apparently not having identified itself at the business entity level either – despite having a significant promised angel investor behind the movement — I’d say some others might want to better get to know who Louis Marinelli (not to mention Treasurer Sam Chaney of Clovis) has been dealing with, and might be fronting for.  Marinelli doesn’t look old enough to have gotten some wrinkles around his eyes yet, and may be in reaction against what looks like his former, and acknowledged in some of the media, “patriotic, conservative” roots.  Meanwhile, here’s Shervin Peshivar, #86 (2016; #81 in 2015) on a Forbes “Midas List” at age 42:

Shervin Pishevar per Forbes "The Midas List." Click to read on-line

Shervin Pishevar per Forbes “The Midas List.” Click to read on-line

He’s single with a BA from UCBerkeley:  “Pishevar immigrated as a child from Iran, fleeing the Islamic revolution. Before getting into venture, Pishevar was an entrepreneur with startups such as Webs.com, Social Gaming Network and Hyperoffice. …”
Did he have parents accompanying him, or relatives, or was it “unaccompanied minor.”  Where’s any reference to any adults who came with?  (Wikipedia entry answers these questions and more.  Incidentally, that “single” is single custodial father, looks like.

Activism, political fundraising, and philanthropy[edit]

In April 2016, a fundraising event to benefit Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign was hosted by George and Amal Clooney at Pishevar’s home. He was a top fundraiser for both of Obama’s presidential campaigns.[30][31]

Pishevar is an advocate of the Startup Visa Act, which would create a new type of two year visa available to immigrant entrepreneurs. He is one of the creators of StartUpVisa.com, a website which provides information and builds grassroots support for the legislation. Additionally, he initiated the OpenMesh Project, an organization designed to create an ISP system in Egypt that could turn laptops into low-cost Internet routers.[32][33][34][34]

Pishevar is involved with the philanthropies Invisible Children and charity:water.[34]

Following the results of the United States presidential election in 2016, Pishevar publicly expressed support for a California independence movement and secession from the United States.[35]

Personal life[edit]

Pishevar lives in San Francisco. He has two children, Cyrus and Darya, whom he has raised as a single father.[36]

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