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Progressive Language Creep Section from 2012 “Reconceptualize This” post (reviewed and reformatted 2017)

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CONTEXT, SEQUENCE of this Post with its 2012 parent…

Any post on this blog should stand alone, interesting and relevant, but many communicate better when read as part of the designated ensemble.  Generally, no one post will contain all the information (that I’ve written up and published) on any single organization or program, nor could any post contain enough of that basic information, I believe, to show both depth (drill-down Show-and-Tell) and discussion of where it fits in the larger networks of public agencies or entities (like State — State of Ohio, State of Florida, State of New York…) with private ones, fauna and flora varying from minuscule to nearly invisible to the naked eye, and “forces to be reckoned with” even for U.S. Presidents.

Among the “nearly invisible,” one has to distinguish sometimes those with bigger mouths (found testifying for more funding for “the cause” before state or U.S. legislatures, or their subcommittees), but below-zero budgets (as I round recently in Ohio: this DV entity, which my 2012 post had mentioned, managed to maintain a below-zero deficit from 2002 – 2015, but that didn’t stop the spokepersons (its leadership) from testifying, citing to the organization name each time.  My question was, why maintain a constantly over-spending and obviously not well-funded entity in the first place?)

Full title of that 2012 “…Reconceptualize This…” post, with shortlink ending “-101”ABA, APA, AFCC, AAML, . . and others:  Reconceptualize This!  [Some Ohio Councils, Commissions, and Headlines, Incl. Basic Links][Chosen to represent 2012 in my 2017 Retrospective, includes its own]

I’d pulled out the section beginning:


and am keeping it separate, here, connecting a link, there.  THIS post with short-link ending “-5SR, ” is “Progressive Language Creep Section from 2012 “Reconceptualize This” post (reviewed and reformatted 2017)“] Completed Feb 14, 2017 (Valentine’s Day 🙂 ) but being one of perhaps 3 updates to the “Reconceptualize” post, there is a natural sequence in which should be published first, so I may delay another day or so. [published 2/19/2017]

…(and with two or three of its own 2017 offspring)

Two main themes (one regarding a program, another one person/ality and his related organizations under similar but not identical names) developed in this post have also been siphoned off to further develop them.  Marked in context when it comes up.

so that what remains here, each marked by a large heading will be:

(1) a substantial “Preview” and  (2) “2012 Contents, Formatted and Updated,” which represents the original 2012 contents (bottom under the Progressive Language Creep section), but with most formatting cleaned up and replacing some links no longer valid.  The preview contains more of my current understanding, the 2012 Contents (the rest of post) shows which organizations,  programs and their rhetoric had raised red flags back then.   I am still concerned about the same organizations, programs and their rhetorics (particularly as a woman and a mother), but it’s clear in reviewing the material I hadn’t fully migrated to “skip the debate on the rhetoric:  FIRST, show me the money, and the money behind the money, in terms of business registrations and tax returns !!!” Also, five years is a long time, and I’d researched (done “drill-downs”) on many organizations and tax-exempt foundations, as well as federal grants streams, since then.

“Progressive” in the title refers to “gradually, over time” which the post reviews in a year-by-year sampling of developments in the fields I blog, not to the political persuasion commonly though to be the polar opposite of “conservative.” The words “Language Creep” communicate the “gradually over time” sense well enough but in 2012 I’d added that word to intensify the meaning.

Anyhow, this update is now done, is now about 12,000 words (was originally closer to 6,000) and has some extra screenprints where former links were broken.


This post ends looking at the American Humane Association historic involvement in the Child Protection Services without quite focusing on this on its main website, and the “QIC-NRF.”  (Screenprinted, added this 2010 reference) found at “CalSWEC.Berkeley.edu…/QIC-NRF…”

I’d blogged recently on CalSWEC for its promotion of some funky (shell-game, move the money among all 3) Ohio nonprofits in exactly this field as regional trainers, too).  That post link & title:

Searching “QIC-NRF,” there are plenty of results.  (next two images have links in their captions):


CLICK HERE FOR FULL-SIZED! QIC-NRF search Page 1 of 2 Google Search Results.  Youtube (image nr bottom) reveals connections btwn QIC-NRF participants (incl pilots) and existing recipients of other HHS Father-focused funding. NewDay Services also active in Access&Visitation grants (Tarrant County TX) as I recall: “Uploaded on May 26, 2011 Duane Yales tells his story and journey through the Child Welfare System. Duane was asked to represent Texas on the QIC-NRF National Father’s Advisory Council. NewDay Services for Children & Families was the local service provider for the project. Duane’s story has been a source of inspiration to child welfare workers to see fathers in a different light than they have traditionally seen them. This has led to better engagement with fathers, leading to better communication and better outcomes for the children. Category Nonprofits & Activism License Standard YouTube License”


CLICK HERE for FULL-SIZED! Page 2 of 2 Google Search results for “QIC-NRF” includes NACChildlaw, Fatherhood.gov, CBExpress (Children’s Bureau newsletter), DCCourts.gov and more


may not be full-page image. See CalSWEC.berkeley.edu link for the same.


From same document, same link (2010 report)


















I chose the CalSWEC one and discovered internal consistencies, errors (in naming the supporting grant) and avoidance of naming the actual players and what was their various relationship (let alone dollar amounts) flowing among them through a common practice, though not a moral one, of speaking of a project or program as though it were a corporate person, i.e., with a life of its own to receive and disburse funds.

A Program =/= a Person (business entity).

This is subtle, but it cannot be unintentional, and it is a red flag (especially with other symptoms) of something “not quite right” about the situation, and typically involving a financial trail slated for derailment.  Otherwise, why not just tell the truth up front, and the first time, about who paid whom for what?

[From an inside page] The National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System (QIC-NRF) is a collaborative effort among the American Humane Association, the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law and the National Fatherhood Initiative, and funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau  [Image shown above]

This gets interesting — as the inside page is only referencing the QIC-NRF factor, but the cover page references QIC-NRF and ‘QIC-Child Welfare System” both.  Which is it?

So the National QIC-NRF is the “effort” or project, but it’s spoken of as if it’s the producer. or curriculum funder, on the face page, with no reference to the role of the HHS:

[From the cover page] Curriculum Funded by the National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System

One moment it’s an entity, the next, a collaborative effort by 3 other entities (all nonprofits, the ABA a big one, the AHA, an old and generally respected one, and the NFI, while more controversial for its programming, having incorporated in 1994, has been influential and its programming is not entrenched within 1996 Welfare Reform and social services delivery systems through establishing grants administered by HHS, authorized under 1996 Welfare Reform.  As the HHS decides who gets these discretionary funds appropriated to it, I’d say HHS leadership (which in some years was closely entrenched with NFI leadership — do some homework, even Wikipedia, it will come up) is also a collaborator.

Funded by the National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System” is a false statement — on the cover of the training curriculum!  Unless that center is itself a separate corporate “person” (business identity, including a nonprofit), it’s not “funding” anything, but is rather itself “funded BY” others. This common tactic of substituting a project name for a business entity IS a tactic to downplay where the money is coming from, going to, and who it’s passing through.  A specific HHS grant is mentioned on the inside, but the cover page only mentions ONE entity — and that’s the American Humane Association, with its author. (Screenprints below on this post, or see that link). On page 3 bottom, it’s phrased differently:

This curriculum was funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau, Washington, D.C., as part of a supplemental award to the National Quality Improvement Center on Non- Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System, Grant #90CA1025.

OK, having just discovered something further, I’m not going to inflict it on readers in this introduction, with some screen prints too, links and explanations. But, it does go with this subject matter, I did already write it up, and it could and should be read at this link:


2010, report on the QIC-NRF (“CWS”) One-Day Social Worker Training Curriculum for Father Engagement, despite help from of the NFI, The AHA, and HHS  and as uploaded at CalSWEC.Berkeley.EDU, holds Misleading, Internally Inconsistent and Inaccurate Info on Award 90CA1025 (which doesn’t exist)

OR, as it turned out after the move (2017 Post Offspring #1)

Title of this post started Feb 15, 2017    Don’t know Who or What ~QIC-NRF ~ is?  Looks like neither do the AHA, the NFI, the ABA Center on Children and the Law, and HHS/Children’s Bureau (at least as uploaded at UCBerkeley’s School of Social Welfare CalSWEC) who collaborated on IT, then reported IT as a WHO (2010).  File under Fatherhood Engagement Absurdities — or at least, lots of anomalies —  2010. (case-sensitive shortlink ends in -5U6)

In this post I also referenced a lot of material from Pennsylvania (a state I was involved reporting on 2011-2012 and in communication with several individuals dealing with the courts there, particularly in Lackawanna County), and also on the intrusion of fatherhood programming into domestic violence prevention AND child abuse preventions, as exemplified by David Mandel (&) Associates, LLC (“DMA”) in Connecticut.

The DMA / “Non- Violence Alliance” exploration gets interesting as it goes “international” and, on website “endingviolence.com” showing a  CT address and references to a “Non-Violence Alliance.” So far we have an LLC, and LLP, and an Nonprofit (all filed in Connecticut with varying degrees of consistency in filing). The 501©3 (with the word “international” in its name) I see was IRS status revoked in 2011, which the IRS generously posted one year later in 2012, and has not been re-instated since.  There are websites soliciting funds which don’t quite claim it’s really a tax-exempt still up,  —

— and an emphasis on the success of this programming in other countries (besides the USA), especially the ones found in the Commonwealth of Nations (i.e., former British Commonwealth),*** like Australia, or Scotland (and I saw, Singapore).. Next image is from David Mandel & Associates, LLC’s website “Endingviolence.com” featuring “ICIDVP” (only showing image 2 of 3 at this time):

image-2-davidmandelassocllc-endingviolencecom-icidvp-pg-showing-fathersplus-featured-suite-of-tools-scrnshot-2017feb14-at-1036am <==image-2-davidmandelassocllc-endingviolencecom-icidvp-pg-showing-fathersplus-featured-suite-of-tools-scrnshot-2017feb14-at-1036am

ICIDVP stands for “International Center for Innovation in Domestic Violence Practices.”  The discrepancy between the grandiose title “international center” and (his) “The International Center for Nonviolence, Inc.” registration as a Connecticut, USA nonprofit is extreme.

*** Mentioning this “Commonwealth of Nations Outreachis relevant when attempts are made to coordinate and standardize practices in the courts and involving the laws, cross-jurisdiction with the USA — when other countries may or may not have such odd phenomena as funding streams labeled “Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood” or “Access Visitation Grants” and our country does NOT have a (1) monarch or (2) official national religion which is an off-shoot of Catholicism, focusing particularly on all-male clergy and celibacy for priests (and nuns).

At the same time, and these posts (either this one or an offshoot) brings up the attempts through the Child Welfare Training, to standardize handling (training of professionals) with also “Eurasia” and specifically, the former Russian states (!!).

***I will talk about this “off-post” but it is part of this post, and good to remember.  Here’s that post (link will point to it when it’s published):

*** 2017 Post Offspring #2 (SEE:  Should the USA join the Commonwealth of Nations?  And if not, Why Should We Allow our Elected Federal and State Officials to sponsor Coordination of Child Welfare, Domestic Violence, and Family Court|Custody Practices, as Ordered (Ordained?) by Appointed (not elected) Experts To Promote Their Personal Beliefs, Practices, and Profits? (A Few Reminders of Who’s Who) [Started 2-17-2017, with case-sensitive short-link ending “-5VC”].)

Meanwhile, Mr. Mandel seems to have gotten in very good with the State of Ohio for abuse prevention programming, and no question, the OHIO IPV Collaborative, and groups like (Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs, operating Battered Women’s Justice Project until about Sept. 2012 when it went “legit” by filing in Minnesota) and others like the model, with heavy fatherhood engagement, emphasizing treatments (especially batterers intervention) and other such things which produce ongoing revenues for those involved.

The next heavily annotated screenprint  (I marked up every nonprofit logo on there), clearly shows David Mandel & Associates, and “Safe & Together(™)” on a web page labeled “National Center for Adoption Law & Policy” (NCALP for short) at Capital University (a private nonprofit institution in Columbus Ohio), displaying also “Ohio Children’s Trust Fund” (which is under Ohio OJDFS, whose logo is also on there), prominently (bottom right corner) a DV-related organization “ODVN.org” (which I updated on the 2012 “Reconceptualize This” or nearby Jan. 2012 post, I THINK) as supported itself (though the web page doesn’t clarify) “The HealthPath Foundation of Ohio,” which turned out to be simply an extension (formed 1999) of “The Greater Cincinnati Foundation.”


Click HERE to read the fine print on OHIO IPV Collaborative as shown at Capital University (Columbus OH) “NCALP” and its displayed public, and private, supporters, with (bottom left) clear reference to Safe & Together(™) the ONLY program shown, and David Mandel Associates LLC (by virtue of company name. also the only other INDIVIDUAL’s name) in the top section which screenprint grabbed) surrounded by 8 other public or private logos.


This obviously can’t be all untangled (from the way it was presented to the public) on a single screenprint, but my color-coded arrows and rectangles may give the general idea that we are NOT supposed to be able to readily follow the money– just accept that if all these good guys are behind the (NCALP and Ohio IPV Collaborative) then surely it’s a good thing.

In fact, in the presentation, very few things are what they seem on the surface.  The NCALP — which later (August 2015) changed its name to “FYLaw” (Family & Youth Law) is not separate entity from Capital University, nor was the NCALP.  But it’s spoken of as if it is.  Then, an entity targeted to the NY Metro area (SCO Family of Services) is also on there — and it serves the NYC metro area (Nassau County and Suffolk County tax exempt bonds are referenced).

The so-called “NCALP” (now “FYLaw”) says his wikipedia, was founded in 1998 by Kent Marcus, returning from this time in the Clinton Administration (i.e., D.C. area), having been nominated for a U.S. District Judge, but the incoming President refused to even hear him.

The HealthPath Foundation (one of those logos), incorporated only in 1999 (per its IRS form) has 8 board members (all paid by “related organizations”), ZERO employees, ZERO contributions, ZERO program service revenues, ZERO independent subcontractors, and its reason for tax-exempt status is to support “The Greater Cincinnatti Foundation” which has 20 times its assets (½ billion).  If you question my comment that NCALP (or “FYLaw” IS (apparently) NOT A LEGITIMATE ENTITY (business person, or even separate trust which the public might identify by name) AND NOT SEPARATE FROM CAPITAL UNIVERSITY, A NONPROFIT, check out the Schedule I (Domestic Grants) from The HealthPath Foundation’s IRS 990s (YE2015) to “FYLaw” ($51K for “Technical Assistance” or similar), and copy the EIN# shown to 990finder.foundationcenter.org).

Taken from FY2014 HealthPath IRS, Page 2 (top referenced “Program Service Accomplishment”):

4a (Code:___ )(Expenses $ 380,667including grants of $-204,312)(Revenue$ –)

Prevention of Family Violence _______ ________ __-_

‘Four community-based_family violence prevention coalitions have implemented and sustained evidence–informed practices in-Ohio over a decade resulting in positive changes in individuals, organizations, and systems. [**]

‘Significant increase in the Ohio Domestic Violence Network’s (ODVN) family violence prevention knowledge, skills and training resource-s ———————————

‘Passage of teen dating violence and bullying prevention legislation———————

‘Adoption of workplace violence policy and education within all state government agencies- ———————————————–

‘Increased availability-of data resulting in improved awareness, advocacy and fundraising efforts ———————————————– – – — – – – – – – – – –

*Technical assistance for Safe & Together available to all 88 Ohio counties through partnership with the Ohio Department of Job andFamily Services ODJFS——————

41 counties trained in the Safe&-Together model

[**] the answer to this part of the Form 990 is supposed to relate to the filing year, not the filing “decade.”  However, while they’re noting $204K of grants, and four “community-based family violence prevention coalitions” why not also name them?  Does ODVN (which is characterized in its name as state-wide, but might be community-based) count?  I could post more images, but readers might learn more by looking at the tax return (and/or organization website) themselves. However here’s part of a Schedule I from FY2014 from this entity (look at relative size of grants):

thehealthplanfndtn-of-oh-ein311645836-sched-i-pt-ii-first-page-showing-52k-to-%22ncalp%22-100k-to-a-medical-univ-fndtn-and-scraps-to-others-2017-02-18-at-417pm thehealthplanfndtn-of-oh-ein311645836-sched-i-pt-ii-first-page-showing-52k-to-%22ncalp%22-100k-to-a-medical-univ-fndtn-and-scraps-to-others-2017-02-18-at-417pm

You will find that that EIN# is association with the entire university, not “NCALP AT Capital” and not FYLaw.  I also spent (too much) time looking for any business registration in Ohio by either of those names, and found nothing.

From http://www.familyyouthlaw.org

From http://www.familyyouthlaw.org  This is a later version of “NCALP” showing some similar and some different logos for the viewer to straighten out, under the stated Program Purposes of “Leading, Advocating, Empowering and (Upcoming Events).

Meanwhile, discounting any nonprofits which might be themselves taking public funding listed on (the next screenprint I’m about to show), there are also the logos from the Executive AND the Judicial Branches of the State of Ohio (Supreme Court & ODJFS, which handles welfare, chid support, foster care, workforce training, Medicaid — get the idea?) AND the “Ohio Children’s Trust Fund” which is housed under the OJDFS, and being established by law in 1984, generates revenues from divorce, marriage, death certificate etc. filings (I put the link on the image).

“FamilyYouthLaw.org” website footer reads © 2017 Capital University Law School” and offers up just a few paragraphs (without links) on its “About Page” continuing to imply it is an “It” and not a program or project.  Look at the grammar and wording:

The Family and Youth Law Center at Capital University Law School (FYLaw) works within child welfare, adoption, and juvenile justice systems to support positive outcomes for children, youth, and families.  Established in 1998 as the National Center for Adoption Law & Policy, FYLaw  partners with local, state, and national agencies and organizations in collaborations aimed at improving the laws, policies, and practices associated with child protection, adoption, and juvenile justice systems.

Over the past few years, FYLaw has expanded the services it provides beyond advocacy, training, and education to include direct representation of systems-involved youthFYLaw launched the Foster Youth Advocacy Center (FYAC) to provide civil legal services to young adults transitioning out of the child welfare system.  This year, FYAC expanded its operation to offer these services to families at risk of systems involvement.

In each of these initiatives, FYLaw partners with Capital University and Capital University Law School to help provide experiential and service learning opportunities to law and social work students interested in working in child welfare and other related fields. FYLaw’s student-oriented programming includes a national moot court competition, a fellowship program, externships, and pro bono opportunities

Yellow highlit portions showing where “FYLaw” is spoken of as if it were an entity, it “works” and could “partner” “launch” (a center), and — the wording is subtle, but implies that it provides “direct representation of systems-involved youth” (through “the services it provides” still speaking of it as an entity.  Also misleading is that it is “at” Capital University, when donors to this organization are donating instead TO “Capital University.”

It occurred that Capital University may have chosen to “do business” under a trade name registered with the USPTO.  I did find NCALP (filed 2003, registered 2004 until it was cancelled in 2010 only — with name-change to [as above quote] (per material on “familyyouthlaw.org”) not having been set up until August 2015. However I didn’t find any registration for the second name (on USPTO.gov).  Registration is optional, so that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist somewhere.  Next image:


Click to see the “goods and services” categories (top 3 lines in side orange rectangle) and for confirmation that a nonprofit university with over $220M assets and existing revenues from, obviously, student tuitions (and some donations) chose to register a word mark to imply that IT was not ITself, and why would it cancel this as of 2010, after only six years of existence for a center allegedly founded in 1998. Maybe there was a previous tradename. Anyhow click to read!


From another perspective, here’s BWJP.org describing approximately the same thing, in glowing terms, which I intended (with that above) to blog separately and have begun work on:

URL: http://www.bwjp.org/resource-center/resource-results/ohio-ipv-collaborative-builds-competency-within-child-protective-services.html

URL: http://www.bwjp.org/resource-center/resource-results/ohio-ipv-collaborative-builds-competency-within-child-protective-services.html This was published in July 2011 (after NCALP word mark was cancelled) and references NCALP’s connection to the Ohio Supreme Court (not too surprising considering its founder Kent Marcus’ connection to the USDOJ in the 1990s…). This short link (other than clearly pushing NCJFCJ’s “Green Book” printed in 1999) and pushing for ‘Differential Response (a.k.a. Alternatives), is also full of relevant information (and half-info) for where NCALP fits into the Supreme Court, as well as half-info on who or what, really, is Ohio HealthPath… I posted on the Green Book and the role of Jeffrey Edleson (now at UCBERK SSW as Dean) in this whole (mess) several times in 2016.  The link also mentions David Mandel’s “Safe and Together(™)” model as a “promising practice.


PREVIEW, Cont’d.,

(change of subject matter focus)

Also, on a “COLI” Annual Report from the APA (Committee on Legal Issues), a nine-person bar who in Year 2010 decided it was time a “Judicial Ambassadors Initiative,” doing “NCJFCJ outreach.” I kid you not:

Judicial Ambassadors Initiative — this judicial outreach initiative provides forums for building more effective relationships between the psychological and judicial communities. Efforts were made in 2010 to collaborate with the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. COLI member, Lori C. Thomas, JD, PhD,** served as a judicial ambassador at NCJFCJ’s National Conference on Juvenile and Family Law addressing high conflict difficult clients and personality disorders.

**link added, that’s a current lookup, from WynnsFamilyPsychology, NC, where she’s apparently working now;  this is just part of the descriptive page, with education: Penn State (Bachelors), Drexel (Clinicial Psychology PhD) and Villanova (Law).  Note there may be other Lori C. Thomas, J.D., Ph.D.’s, conceivably and I haven’t done more than a few lookups to make sure it’s the same one, though I believe so.

…Child Custody, Divorce & Separation Services in North Carolina

Dr. Thomas works with parents who have made the difficult decision to separate or divorce. As a family psychologist and mental health expert, her focus is on what is best for the children involved. Dr. Thomas provides custody consultations, Custody Evaluations,custody mediation, forensic services, collaborative coparenting services, parenting plans, supervised visitation recommendations, court testimony,Reunification Therapy, and other divorce and separation services. Dr. Thomas has specialized training as a divorce and custody mediator. She has been a court-referred mediator and provided private divorce and custody mediation services through a large group practice. This includes mediating custody & support and providing couples with written memorandums of understanding (which can be used as a guide for working with an attorney to create a divorce agreement). 

[Here also is a Slideshare (from the APA Division 42 newsletter, looks like — psychologists in Community and Independent Practice) with about p.17 featuring Lori Thomas talking about court-appointed mediation for divorce, and the next article about “holistic practice,” etc.  Sept. 2014.]

I discovered APA’s “COLI” (and Division 41) this time round looking up the 2008 (Chicago) Conference mentioned in the next paragraph.  The context here being 2010, I’m showing it to illustrate the professional journals used to further, privately (all these are private associations) disseminate and get agreement on how to handle certain issues affecting men, women and children (and all taxpapers, single, married, childless or parents), deeply, the ABA/AAML/APA/NCJFCJ and let’s not forget, the “AFCC” way without letting the public REALLY in on the process….

Facilitating APA/ABA Relations — Select APA and ABA presenters from the April 2008 APA/ABA Conference, Reconceptualizing Child Custody: Past, Present, and Future – Lawyers and Psychologists Working Together,** expanded their presentations for publication in a special issue of the interdisciplinary journal, Behavioral Science and the Law,## devoted to issues pertaining to divorce, separation, children and families. (Published July-August 2010, Volume 28, Number 4). This publication serves as a vehicle to apprise others of this collaborative APA/ABA effort and allows for greater distribution of some of the best work presented at the APA/ABA Conference.

**Even the title is an attention-grabber, and had been referenced in my 2012 post above. If Child Custody (or, how to handle domestic violence-related issues) is going to be “Re-conceptualized” by the professionals, several classes, MOST likely to be making life-changing decisions, at what point is it right, fair, just, or equitable in any way, to conceal the deliberations from the public?

(This is one of the more heavily annotated and colorful screenprints included, I believe.)

The screenprints are cumbersome to produce (especially annotated) and include in blogs, and I hope where they are, people will take time to read the comments and/or the full-sized versions from links attached.


Continued from bottom of the “Reconceptualize This” Jan 22, 2012 post, ( ABA, APA, AFCC, AAML, . . and others:  Reconceptualize This!  [Some Ohio Councils, Commissions, and Headlines, Incl. Basic Links][Chosen to represent 2012 in my 2017 Retrospective, includes its own]) under the heading:


Year, 2007

(follow up from 2004 start of a Commission for Justice Initiatives to do exactly this type of activity)

Commission for Justice Initiatives in Pennsylvania
In May 2004, at the request and with the support of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, then Pennsylvania Bar Association President Michael H. Reed established the Commission for Justice Initiatives in Pennsylvania.

Guided by the basic tenet that the justice system needs to be responsive to the expectations and needs of the communities it serves, the commission identifies, develops and recommends the implementation of programs and practices designed to improve the administration of justice in Pennsylvania, educate the public about justice and the judicial system, and enhance the public’s trust and confidence in Pennsylvania’s justice system.

Changing the Culture of Custody  (Pennsylvania)

Also found at http://www15.brinkster.com/ncfcpgh/Report.pdf  (ALL font changes mine in the quote):

Chairman’s Introduction  (Chairman was The Hon. Thomas King Kistler)

The adoption of the Gold Standard Model set forth in this report, and the associated programs, will immediately change the course for the future of family separations and subsequent parenting arrangements. Children will be exposed to a far less contentious system, and will bear fewer emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

(Please note absence of parent representatives on the committee:)

Beginning in 2005, at the request of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, a Committee of experienced practitioners from many disciplines began the process of seeking a truly new and innovative way to resolve “custody” cases with less cost, delay and anguish. Through their dedicated and continuous efforts this Committee now offers the following report.

Over the last two years, the Committee has held 21 full day meetings, and conducted research projects and numerous investigative visits to courts to determine the best options for separating families.

Best according to whose definition?

Arnold Shienvold, Ph.D.,** brought great understanding of the dynamics of separation, as a clinical psychologist; Judy Shopp, {{Hover cursor for some of her qualifications & associations}} contributed vast knowledge on Alternative Dispute Resolution and mediation, and edited this report; Kathy Morrison {{PCADV}} represented the Domestic Violence community and their suggestions; Kim Nieves and Don Harris brought the expertise of the AOPC office, and its statistical gathering muscle; Maria Cognetti** {{AFCC presenter}} spoke for all of the family law practitioners {{??}}; Cindy Stoltz and Amy Ross added the perspective of Court Administration who will have to ‘run’ any system created; Gregg Warner illustrated the legislative interests and needs; Frank Cervone*spoke tirelessly on behalf of children and their needs; and Common Pleas Judges Manny Bertin (Montgomery), Chet Harhut (Lackawanna),** Katherine Platt (Chester), and Larry Kaplan (Allegheny) contributed their vast and varied experiences with family court matters over thousands of cases. This group was brought together and coalesced under the guidance and efforts of Marie Queen, of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. My sincere thanks and admiration go to each of them.

Some of the Personnel above:

SHIENVOLD appears to be lead personnel here, which basically says that AFCC’s standards are going to be the Gold Standard.

Dr. Shienvold’s name appeared on protests at the Lackawanna County Courthouse in recent months as a problem professional.  Nevertheless, his firm is part of a contract for expert witnesses hired by (don’t quote me, but I did look it up) the State of Pennsylvania.  Not mentioned:  He’s AFCC Board Member and I heard President-Elect.  Surprise, surprise, they recommend a Rule of Civil Procedure for Parent Coordinators.  Past models from Florida (where Parenting Coordination was successfully lobbied for, with the help of establishing a Florida Chapter of AFCC first, etc. Next up (if not there already) — pass a law in Pennsylvania (as in Florida) allowing judges to order parenting coordination over the objections of either parent.

You should read the report (I did).

**Ms. Cognetti — “Vice President of AAML” presenting alongside Dr. Shienvold at a JOINT AFCC-AAML conference, this past December, in Phillie:

ADVANCED ISSUES IN CHILD CUSTODY:  EVALUATION, LITIGATION & SETTLEMENT   “An exceptional, advanced-level training opportunity co-sponsored by two premier family law organizations”

• Learn the latest advanced practice skills and strategies • Earn continuing education credit • Expand your practice through unparalleled networking opportunities • An interdisciplinary faculty of leaders in the field • The latest research on children, custody, separation and divorce

Topics include:

Witness Preparation Direct and Cross Examination Child Development and Attachment Child Relocation Disputes Mental Health Consultation

Parental Alienation  Psychological Testing Domestic Abuse Bias and Opinion Formulation Ethics: Best Interests or Zealous Advocacy?

Cognetti & Shienvold  (Cognetti is probably also AFCC member, but I’m not sure):

Program Committee

Kenneth P. Altshuler, Esq., AAML President-Elect Nancy Zalusky Berg, Esq., AAML Fellow Maria Cognetti, Esq., AAML Vice President Gaetano (“Guy”) Ferro, Esq., AAML Past President Madeline Marzano-Lesnevich, Esq., AAML Vice President Arnold T. Shienvold, Ph.D., AFCC President Elect Robert M. Smith, Esq., AFCC Past President

Frank Cervone (I didn’t know the name) testified recently in re:  Penn State Child Abuse Allegations;

About Frank P. Cervone

Mr. Cervone currently serves as the Executive Director of Support Center for Child Advocates, the nation’s oldest and largest program dedicated exclusively to providing pro bono legal services for abused and neglected children. Since its founding in 1977, Child Advocates has trained more than 3,500 attorneys who contribute pro bono services valued at more than $4.6 million annually.
. . .
Mr. Cervone serves as Chair of the Pennsylvania Children’s Trust Fund. He chaired the Advisory Committee on Child Welfare Services and served as member of the Advisory Committee on Adoption Law, of the Joint State Government Commission, the research arm of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.. . .
He also serves as a member of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Procedural Rules Committee, and as member of the National Advisory Committee for the National Quality Improvement Center {{“QIC” pops up later on this post; learn the term}} on the Representation of Children in the Child Welfare System. He is a member of the Board of the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance and member of the American Bar Association Section of Litigation Children’s Rights Litigation Committee Working Group. He is a founder and co-director of the National Children’s Law Network.
Mr. Cervone is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Villanova University School of Law, and he has a Masters Degree in Theology and Ministry from LaSalle University.

Here’s an update on his RECENT testimony after the Penn State Abuse:


Well, here’s a 2008 article stating how concerned he is there aren’t more volunteer to protect the kids in the court:

Finding allies for children in court

For President Judge Chester Harhut, the idea of bringing in volunteers to help children in the court system has been a long time coming.

BY ERIN L. NISSLEY STAFF WRITER Published: Monday, May 5, 2008 1:00 AM EDT

For President Judge Chester Harhut, the idea of bringing in volunteers to help children in the court system has been a long time coming.

The county received grant money more than five years ago to launch a program that paired children in abuse and neglect cases with advocates who would spend time getting to know their needs. But Judge Harhut and other court officials had a hard time finding an agency that would take a leading role in the project, including screening volunteers and coordinating training.

I think what speaks most loudly for The Hon. Harhut is how the FBI has raided his court, after repeated complaints about abusive practices by the GAL, he appointed — it turns out, she is without lease, without contract, not an employee, and taking advantage of public property to work her magic on the families.  The community also expressed repeated concerns also about supervised visitation and parenting coordinator Ann Marie Termini, including parents being forced to pay cash, and in short, they are pretty well upset and picketing the courthouse weekly.

FBI VISITS LACKAWANNA COURTHOUSE   (Note:  Lackawanna County is just north of the more famous Luzerne County, where 3 judges went down in a racketeering scandal).

PREDICTABLY (given who was on the Commission for Justice Initiatives, Changing the Culture of Custody Committee — a whole lot of AFCC) (incl. Harhut), the next order of business was pushing through PARENTing COORDINATION in Statute form.  Who better to “evaluate” this than some of the same folks, and here it is:


The report on page 3 says that “Pennsylvania Law Permits the PA Supreme Ct to Authorize the Courts of Common Please to Appoint Mental Health Professionals as Parenting Coordinators and the PA Supreme Court Should Issue a Rule Allowing for Such Appointments” (with some abbreviations obviously).  What’s funny(?) about that — not too long after, the same authority revoked the same rule, taking the respective communities by surprise and — last I checked — parenting coordination so carefully promoted was “out on its ass” in the Commonwealth.  I haven’t checked back since then, but  “as I recall.” LGH/2017 update.)

[I recommend to click and read.  It’s plain white paper, not really date-and-time stamped, but it points out that once you have a commission, chances are you’ll have a task force from it, and that the same task force just might be a little stacked one way or the other.  What I did in 2012 was look up those in “footnote 1” and categorize them.  Below these first 3 screenprints (a technique I didn’t learn til later was how to take one and post it), the second one showing that Footnote #1, is a bulleted list showing who they are, some rough categorization by their degrees.  The combo of degrees matches the types of degree-combos also found in the AFCC, naturally.)*  

*(Font color-coding.  That color was a short insert, 2017)

Image 1 of 3

Image 1 of 3, “Report of the Parenting Coordination Task Force on Delegation and Delegation to Non-Lawyers

Image 2 of 3 (p.1 bottom showing FN1)

Image 2 of 3 (p.1 bottom showing FN1)

Image 3 of 3 (part of p2)

Image 3 of 3 (part of p2)

A Task force of course has to issue a report.  Here’s who was on the Task Force (The document is only 15pp double-spaced, might as well read it, too!).  Notice:  Ph.D.’s, Ed.D.s (a few), Esqs & JD’s, and Judges. (Looks like I underlined the Judges…)

  • $$$  Steven J. Anderer, J.D., Ph.D. – $$$
  • Rachel L. Baturin, MPH, J.D.
  • The Hon. Robert J. Bigham
  • $$$ Steven Cohen, Ph.D.  (see 2006 article cowritten by 3 members of this task force:  Cohen, Orlow & Iannuzelli)** (see his ad/link for PC’s, below)
  • Kimberly Cox, Esq.
  • $$$ Mark B. Dischell, Esq.
  • John C. Howett, Jr., Esq.
  • $$$ Jane Iannuzelli, M.Ed.D., M.A.
  • Samuel Knapp, Ed.D.
  • The Hon. Robert J. Matthews
  • $$$ Eve Orlow, Ed.D., M.S. {Member of PA State board of Psychologists)
  • The Hon. Katherine B.L. Platt
  • $$$ Arnold Shienvold, Ph.D.
  • $$$ Michele Southworth, J.D., LMFT**
  • $$$ David J. Steerman, Esq.  (List reads “David Michele Steerman” @ PCCentral)
  • Cynthia K. Stoltz, Esq.
  • $$$ Anne Marie Termini, Ed.D., M.S., LPC ** (and why I bothered to type out this list!)
  • The  Hon. Jeannine Turgeon
  • The Honorable David N. Wecht

Legend:  “$$$”

For Comparison, Several of the Above are already listed at PARENTING COORDINATION CENTRAL.  Marked with $$ signs next to their bullet, above!

Parenting Coordination Central

So, those on the task force have been found:  writing together, training as parent coordinators together, presenting at AFCC/APA conferences together, and etc. , and their websites are pretty uniformly pushing HARD for parenting coordination, which I’ll spare you here (but have seen enough of!).  Whether or not all those makred $$ have taken their trainings with Boyan/Termini, I don’t know — but here are the elaborate details of how much participants will be charged to learn what:

http://www.parentingcoordinationcentral.com/pg91.cfm.   To register, go to the amazing, the invisibly incorporated (that I can see) http://www.cooperativeparenting.com/:

Susan Boyan and Ann Marie Termini are co-founders of the Cooperative Parenting Institute (CPI). The CPI is an organization {{WHERE??}} whose mission is to promote the healing and enhancement of family relationships. The Institute offers a wide range of services and resources to assist families as well as professionals with a successful transition from a one to two home family. The professionals at CPI are dedicated to educating the public, judges, legal and mental health professionals on the effects of divorce and time-sharing arrangements on the development of children.

Family Law Judges and Attorneys don’t know this already?   Hey, but if it’s tax-deductible as CLE or something, bring it on!


Article I cited in 2012 post by Steven R. Cohen , and (next similar image) a small part from that site’s “A Warning on Websites” — really a warning on choosing custody evaluators.

(Two screenprints from the “2006 article co-written by 3 members of this task force” article — still dated “2006” at footer, while it’s still functional.  Link again in image caption):

Article I cited in 2012 post by Steven R. Anderer

As I read the references to this short piece (found at Anderer site, above), it’s clear they are basically AFCC professionals citing AFCC professionals, in typical language:  Other states have done it thus (not mentioning, which AFCC professionals were involved IN those other states).   By this rationale, we should just “go with the flow.”

What happened to the concept of independence of the Judicial and Legislative Branches?  The report rationalizes:  We already have a civil rule that allows this and “Judges in at least 15 counties have appointed parenting coordinators”  -(see the list.  I wonder how many are AFCC members!).   A THIEF could use the same rationale:  “But I’ve already been in the habit, shouldn’t you decriminalize theft?  All this debate over it is causing undue conflict for the parties in question!”

None of the august assemblage seemed to think that an actual layperson (they’re apparently the priesthood, so I call others “laypeople”) to keep them honest, among other things, or inject a little new blood into the deliberations!  Particularly as Ms. Termini has an obvious conflict of interest, being a parent coordinator already, and advocate of it.

***Steve Cohen, Ph.D. Page promoting Parent Coordination as if it were just something that “just happens” bcause of litigious parents.. It’s addressed to attorneys, to handle families that “just don’t want to change”:

Attorneys:  why should you consider a parent coordinator for your client?

You have probably heard the old joke: How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? One — but it really has to want to change.

Many family law clients don’t really want to change . .  (etc. . ..  )

Speaking of Mandatory Services Ordered: [2017 update: Original image gone, Dr. Orlow’s name gone from the above link to her name on the bulleted list, but a click on “Children First Services” at “CenterPsych.com” (main url to that link) did lead to this link with a very brief description and an Ardmore, PA street address:

Our Children First Program

OUR CHILDREN FIRST is a county mandated parent education program aimed at assisting divorcing parents in ameliorating the disruptive consequences of divorce on their children. Utilizing videos, discussions and role plays, parents are sensitized to a child’s view of divorce and taught to remain a stable force in their children’s life. In this four hour seminar, parents are informed about: child development – which may serve as a basis for planning parenting time, potential pitfalls to avoid, and taught skills to help their child cope with the many adjustments required of them and parents through the divorce process. This program emphasizes that children need both parents; divorce does not change a child’s need for an ongoing relationship with a mother and a father. Divorcing parents are taught how to co-parent their children during this painful and chaotic time.

Click here for a copy of the registration form to print and mail in. (<==looks to be more recent)

(screenprint showing it’s $60 for the four-hour seminar, made payable to the entity, not an individual)

For Dr. Orlow’s link (above) I notice that the link to Center Psychological Services also talks about Montgomery County’s Mandatory Parent Education Services “Our Children First” (cf.  KidsFirst out of some other counties, which I blogged on plenty, see “Muklewicz”).  $60 a pop or not custody modification hearing for you!  The Montgomery County Parent Seminar Registration site doesn’t even tell viewers who the provider is — it’s a website contact form, and parents “will be contacted.”


(This table in original post, I can see the page summary of “Our Children First” program has changed meanwhile).

Center Programs > Our Children First Program

OUR CHILDREN FIRST is a county mandated parent education program aimed at assisting divorcing parents in ameliorating the disruptive consequences of divorce on their children.

Utilizing videos, discussions and role plays, parents are sensitized to children’s view of divorce and taught to remain a stable force in their children’s life. In this four (4) hour seminar, parents are informed about child development which may serve as a basis for planning parenting time, potential pitfalls to avoid and skills to help their children cope with the many adjustments required of them and parents through the divorce process.

This program emphasizes that children need both parents; divorce does not change a child’s need for an ongoing relationship with a mother and a father. Divorcing parents are taught how to co-parent their children during this painful and chaotic time.

Enclosed form (same link) says:

Pursuant to Montgomery County Local Rule N. 1915.3, in an action for custody, partial custody or visitation, both parents must attend an approved educational seminar on the general responsibilities of separated and divorced parents.

About The Seminar

OUR CHILDREN FIRST seminar is a four-hour workshop in which instructors and participants will explore the potential social, emotional, psychological and economic implications on children during the divorce process. This seminar is for adults only; no childcare is available and children are not permitted to attend.


1) Complete the form below; 2) Enclose your $60.00 check or money order, payable to CPS

Dr. Orlow’s blurb on Center for Psychological Services:

Eve Orlow, Ed.D., M.S.

Areas of Interest/Specialty:
Individuals; couples; Families, Individual Psychotherapy; Parenting issues;

Parenting adolescents with adjustment issues.

Separating parents, divorcing parents, Parenting coordination.


Was this blurb the same before she was assigned on the task force as to whether to mandate parenting coordination?

[update — I found a Nov. 23, 2011 article at “NYDivorce.Com” by Neil Cahn, “Are Parenting Coordinators too Little Too Late in Custody and Visitation Disputes?” going straight into an Eve Orlow quote, that is right after referencing Andrew Schephard of Hofstra, then citing several cases — in NY — involving parenting coordinators), and afterwards, citing several cases:

Professor Andrew Schepard of the Hofstra University School of Law in his  article, “Parenting Coordinator for High Conflict Parent” N.Y.L.J., 5/8/03, p. 3 col. 1, explained the role of Parenting Coordinator as “a combination educator, mediator and sometimes-therapist who helps parents develop conflict-management skills and decides disputes if they cannot. . . . [B]y supervising parenting and resolving conflict, a Parenting Coordinator helps high-conflict parents develop a tolerable working relationship (usually parallel as opposed to cooperative parenting) for the benefit of their children.”

In her 2007 article “Working with Parenting Coordinators” in the Summer, 2007 issue of the Family Advocate, the publication of the American Bar Association’s Section of Family Law, Eve Orlow, Ph.D., noted that a Parenting Coordinator mixes counseling and parent education with mediation and arbitration….

Some of the related posts on this one (dated 2017, 2016) are hair-raising; for example, a mother can’t move 17 miles away, or where a daughter refuses to see her father (in forced therapeutic visitation — and she’s 17), this is no longer forced — but his child support is terminated. Some of them, both parents were represented, sometimes both parents AND the child and the one where Mom couldn’t move 17 miles to Rye NY (where she worked, and alleged the school district was better) and a less expensive residence (apartment) near HER work as librarian, she was denied because the father, who claimed daily involvement with them — although he also claimed working several places in NJ regularly — the mother had no attorney).  I may have summarized them wrong, but here are the links:

(2017 added info here is light-pink background, smaller font).

**Unbelievable.  This couple wasn’t married either.  Look at the summary (I’ll make it small font, though).  The father had been previously married and had two older children, this information was sprung on both the children in the case, obviously disturbing them, in 2010.  End of the story?  Child support orders vacated because of the mess, along with no more forced father-contact, but complaining about alienation the whole time. Read the details!):

 By consent orders in 2004 and 2005, the mother had physical custody of the children. In 2007, the mother petitioned to modify the earlier-agreed visitation schedule. Without a hearing., the Family Court granted the father’s motion to dismiss the mother’s petition. On a prior appeal, the Second Department reversed that order and remitted the matter for a hearing. In 2010, the father filed a petition to modify the custody and visitation orders so as to award him sole custody of the children, alleging that the mother interfered with his parenting time.

In July 2010, while these proceedings were pending, the children’s paternal uncle contacted the children and revealed that the father had been previously married, and that they had two older siblings. The children were upset that the father had withheld this information and refused to visit or communicate with the father.

What kind of father would fail to tell his own offspring that they have siblings, half-brothers or half-sisters.  Did the other older siblings also know about these ones?  Look at the Family Court Response to children having a natural revulsion to having been deceived — force contact.  What kind of father would also try to take sole legal and physical custody of the mother where the only abuse has been attempting to modify a custody order, dismissed without a hearing (forcing an appeal or just drop it, when there may have been some legitimate need for the modification), then retaliate by attempting to gain sole legal and physical custody — when he’d been holding out on the existence of other relatives?

In an attempt to rehabilitate the relationship between the father and the children, in 2010 the Family Court directed therapeutic visitation. The father subsequently filed two motions alleging that the mother had violated that direction. He also filed petitions to vacate a 2007 support order, and sought sole physical and legal custody on the basis of the mother’s alienation. After a hearing, by order dated September 6, 2011, the Family Court found that the mother willfully violated the orders directing therapeutic visitation.

After further hearings on the parties’ modification petitions, in April, 2013, Nassau County Family Court Judicial Hearing Officer Elaine Jackson Stack found the mother had alienated the children by failing to affirmatively act to restore the parental access rights of the father and interfering with the children’s relationship with the father, but refused to modify the custody and visitation orders. J.H.O. Stack did grant that branch of the father’s petition to vacate his support obligation to the extent of directing him to pay 50% of his child support obligation to the mother, and to pay the remaining 50% of his child support obligation to the mother’s attorney to hold in an escrow account pending the mother’s active participation in restoring the parental access rights of the father.

I wasn’t there, but it’s still interesting that this JHO was a woman and the next person handling her case in 2014 went on to become a Supreme Court judge…

In 2014, Family Court (now Supreme Court) Judge Edmund M. Dane confirmed J.H.O. Stack’s report finding that the mother willfully violated the April 2013 order and her recommendation that the father’s support obligation be terminated; that funds received by the mother’s attorney as partial payment of the father’s support obligation be refunded to the father; that the branch of the father’s amended petition which was to modify the custody orders be denied; and that prior orders directing parental access for the father be vacated.

Both parties appealed. By the time of the Second Department’s December 28, 2016 decision, the parties’ son had turned 18, mooting the custody (but not the child support) aspects of the appeal as to him.

With respect to the parties’ daughter, who is now 17 years old, the Second Department [WHO??]] noted that while one parent’s alienation of a child from the other parent is an act inconsistent with the best interests of the child, here, the daughter’s bond to her mother, and her alienation from her father, were so strong (both parents contributing to the deterioration of that relationship), that a change of custody would be harmful to her.

Interesting.  I was NOT alienating my children, never interfered (over a seven-year period) with father’s access to them, but once he stole the children (on court-ordered visitation I complied with DESPITE long-standing threats on his part to kidnap, and then having done so, cut off contact with me, I didn’t hear a single word about this father having “alienated” the children from me, although I’d raised them from birth to teens (and worked).  We were not considered, I gather, to be wealthy enough to have forced custody evaluations (on either side), and were given the ‘fast-track” mediator’s 20-minute decision routine, after which a GAL was brought onto the case — rather than starting the repair of the “broken” relationship by admitting that father was in consistent and ongoing violation of both the former standing and the existing, “revised” court orders which gave me, at the time, biweekly visitation with my children (which NEVER occurred not even one or two weeks in a row).

 Pardon me, but you just saw — it’s 2017, those are the posts…

ABA, APA, AFCC & AAML — so far (above), right?

Lackawanna Bar site highlights Termini’s PC operation:

Cooperative Parenting Programs

Ann Marie Termini, Ed. S., M.S.
Lackawanna County Family Court (963-6512) –
and Clarks Summit, PA (586-5669)

In effect for three (3) years in Lackawanna County

COMMISSION ON JUSTICE INITiATIVES (etc) says, “Bring it on! for high-conflict families!”


PARENTS + FBI in LACKAWANNA COUNTY, PA, see it a little differently.

Here is selected feedback from “Scranton Political Times” on the Co-parenting/Termini thread!

Lackawonderful wrote:

Let me see if I have this straight…. Ann Marie Termini lists her credentials as Ed.S. (Education Specialist), M.S. (Master’s in Education) and L.P.C. (Licensed Professional Counsellor).  She does not have her Ph.D. and she is not a psychologist! From the invoices for this year, through August 2011 she has billed Lackawanna County for consultation and as the CoParenting Coodinator (???). over $44K!

Basically, we, the taxpayers, will be paying (based on her billing so far this year) $80k + to a Social Worker…. Someone in the county should take a walk up the street to Scranton Counselling and see what a social woker position in Scranton really commands, and I assure you it is no where near $80K…. Again the taxpayers are getting the raw end of the stick!!!

or, by “resignation please” (Oct. 2011)

Are we going to find out what Termini did to earn all that cash?  Funny how that job didn’t go out for advertising every year.  Most contract work is supposed to be bid out, isn’t it?

This stuff pisses off everybody who reads it.  Everybody who works at 200 Adams Ave is so disgusted they want to walk out.  That Court Administrators Office run by Claire is a shinning example of deplorable work ethic and professional conduct.

More like a barn full of fat animals if you ask me.

or, by “redrider” (oct. 2011):

no not bad day at the office  anne marie terminni testified in another county during a custody case she was just a consultant for lackawanna county i was ordered in wyoming county court to attend coparenting with terminni i started getting bills in the mail from lackawanna county but my case has nothing to do with lackawanna county how can someone whos seeing you in her private practice  all of a sudden start sending you bills from lackawanna county courts and she would only accept money orders for payments i think that something fishy goin on

Why don’t we just centralize it — one class, one idea, nationwide — and at least cut down on the opportunities for overbilling.  This guy from California seems to have the concept down– get certified with the court, get the classes online, pay people $45 per referrals, and sit back with the on-line ATM machine!   (found when I looked for the Wyoming class — good SEO placement, Dr. Ari!)

{{Note:  I believe Scranton Political Times forum has been down for several years, but didn’t check recently.  I was an active participant on there for a long time; my “Formerly Sticky Post” (see recent post with this in its title)” “Quips, Thinks and Links” for the signature block eventually used).}}



The OnlineParentClass.com class was designed for individuals who need to take a parenting or co-parenting course for a court order, as part of a custody agreement, other legal or probationary reasons, or simply to just improve parenting skills for personal growth. It was designed by Ari Novick, Ph.D. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and expert in anger management and family relationships. Dr. Novick is probation and court approved parenting class provider as well as anger management provider.

About Dr. Ari J. Novick, Ph.D.

Ari J. Novick, Ph.D, is a practicing licensed psychotherapist, anger management and parent educator in Southern California. He can be reached at (949) 715-2694, on the web at www.ajnovickgroup.com or by email: ari@ajnovickgroup.com. Dr. Novick’s is an approved provider of the Orange County Probation Department for both Parenting and Anger Management. He is also an adjunct professor of psychology for Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

(What this really is all about is professional expansion for educationists and psychologists anyhow….)

The OnlineParentClass.com class was designed for individuals who need to take a parenting or co-parenting course for a court order, as part of a custody agreement, other legal or probationary reasons, or simply to just improve parenting skills for personal growth. It was designed by Ari Novick, Ph.D. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and expert in anger management and family relationships. Dr. Novick is probation and court approved parenting class provider as well as anger management provider.

(CONT’D @ Here is selected feedback from “Scranton Political Times” on the Co-parenting/Termini thread!)

or by Joe Pilchesky summarizing her earnings — which he took the time to ascertain:


Termini is on pace to earn nearly $100,000.00 this year as a Family Court consultant. It’s just unclear who she consults and why.

SOMEONE ELSE, taking it from the receipts which Joe posted:Is this just a coincidence or was there a natural huge spike in Termini’s income with the county?

January of 2008 is $2,320.00 total for her services.

January of 2009 is $3,220.00

January of 2010 is $4,110.00

January of 2011 is a huge increase to $7,050.00

Isn’t 2008 when Chet started appointing cases like crazy to Ross?

And all of a sudden Termini sees over 300% increase in business since Ross got all those case?  Did Termini get all of Ross’ cases.  Wow, if that’s the case Termini sure got lucky.

Coincidence?  I think not Mr. Fed.  I think not.

How about LiBassi? Did he get lucky, too?  Thank you, Mr. P.  What a treasure of information. I hope the investigators note the luck and the coincidences.

And finally, here’s the image of a “Right to Know” letter (from Mr. P.) re: Termini.  Images of the payment vouchers are on the same thread.  How many other people in ANY other counties have even asked?

 [[<==The images are out because the forum is down..]]

Summarized from images above (and his responses from the RTK), he writes:

I sent a right-to-know letter to Lackawanna County asking for documents regarding Family Court’s Co-Parenting Coordinator, Ann Marie Termini.  I received a response a few days ago, so I’m able to share some information with you.  The RTK letter and the response thereto are posted below. {{above, here}}

* I asked for copies of contracts between Termini and the County.  Response: None exist. That’s question 6 in the RTK letter.

* I asked for documents to support what the scope of her duties are as a contractor. Response: None exist.  That’s question 2.

* I asked for documents to support that a lease agreement exists relating to the space she occupies on county property.  Response: None exist.  That’s question 3

* I asked for agreements relating to Termini using utilities, office equipment and furnishings. Response: None exist. That’s question 5

* I asked for copies of any complaints about Termini. Response: None exist. That’s question 8.

* I asked for copies of any court orders directing that Termini is appointed as the Co-Parenting Coordinator.  Response: None exist.  That’s question 9

* I asked for any documents to support the creation of the Co-Parenting Program. Response: None exist. That’s question 10.

* I asked for a copy of any advertising relating to seeking persons to fill the position of Co-Parenting Coordinator. Response: None exist.  That’s question 12

However, it seems that the Hon. Chester Harhut (see “Commission for Justice Initiatives” “Changing the Culture of Custody Committee”) DID by court order (not contract bid out, not competitive process, that we can see) appoint GAL Danielle M. Ross for this county, in approximately 2008.   When Joe Pilchesky discovered this information, he filed the civil suit against those who hired her improperly — it’s a good filing — and after the FBI came in and said, “We’ll investigate!” that apparently removed his standing to sue!

From the payment vouchers, for example, January 2011 (link = image), “Services to Lackawanna Family Court,” part was “consulting specialist” ($20/hour) and part, parenting coordinator ($60.00/hour) for  total of $7,050 (hours for the month — 163.50).   I’d sure like to see the county payroll disbursing this.

Which just goes to show that if the right people say “parent coordinator” often enough, they will be well-rewarded for the repetitious talk by the creation of a new income stream, at taxpayer/parent cost.

Year, 2008:

Reconceptualizing Child Custody:

Past, Present, and Future—Lawyers

and Psychologists Working Together

A Continuing Education Conference

[Exploring this during my updates, I made it also into a separate post, after discovering a “Division 41” of the APA claiming there is an APA-LS association, and something called the “Committee on Legal Issues” (COLI) to the APA. From the latter, year 2010:

http://www.apa.org/about/offices/ogc/2010-coli.aspx (which I discovered only in 2017)

Committee on Legal Issues 2010 Annual Report


The Committee on Legal Issues (COLI) is an ad hoc Committee that reports through the APA Board of Directors while maintaining a close working relationship with APA’s General Counsel and related staff. The overarching mission of COLI is to provide and promote expertise on psycho-legal issues and trends.


COLI consists of nine APA members with broad expertise and interests in psycho-legal issues. Membership on COLI is on a rotating basis, with members appointed for three-year terms. Eve M. Brank, JD, PhD and Lori C. Thomas, JD, PhD served as COLI’s Co-Chairs for 2010. The members of COLI for 2010 included:

3rd Year Class: Eve M. Brank, JD, PhD; Sharon G. Portwood, JD, PhD; Lori C. Thomas, JD, PhD 2nd Year Class: Mary Alice Conroy, PhD; David S. DeMatteo, JD, PhD; Eugene F. Griffin, JD, PhD 1st Year Class: Michael J. Jenuwine, JD, PhD; Charlotte J. Patterson, PhD; Lisa Drago Piechowski, PhD


COLI convened two meetings in 2010 on March 19-20 and October 22-23, in Washington, DC, in conjunction with the APA Consolidated Meetings.

Summary of COLI Activities [2010, obviously]

COLI Amicus Review

COLI reviewed and issued recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning APA involvement as amicus curiae in cases, as follows:  (see link to read details)….

COLI Projective/Initiatives:

I’m showing the two Activities and Initiatives of most interest through one heavily and colorfully annotated screenprint, with associated “pdf” so you can read them full-size.  Please do so! It is a big deal when the APA goes courting the NCJFCJ which is having a conference reflecting AFCC jargon on “high-conflict difficult clients” 2010 and publishing and disseminating material bound to affect future custody and divorcing parents, and people attempting to stay alive and intact after abuse, with their kids, when IMPORTANT information about just how incestuous/inbred and privately publicized is the relationship betweenthe powerful APA, the powerful ABA (both associations started in the late 1800s!), and the NCJFCJ (which claims 1939 origin, but earliest I can find corporate filings  in Nevada is the 1970s, which also makes sense as to the timeline of some federal legislation directed specifically at juvenile delinquency prevention in 1974 (See USDOJ [justice.gov] website on the OJJDP for more info), and the AFCC, which claims origins  back to 1963, may have operated at any time out of the conciliation courts without filing, but whose first known INCORPORATION legally in California is by now generally known to be 1975). While the ABA and ABA (and their statewide associations) are far more than “flush” with funds, the NCJFCJ (with its related entities) doing OK but much less, and the AFCC, routinely showing only maximum maybe $5M revenues, and activities, primarily membership/conference-related — ALL of the organizations are individually powerful because ALL of them are dealing with the courts, and at least three of them have membership who are judges.

So please do read, for general awareness, the screen print on the COLI here, listing that 2008 conference and publication (afterwards) of expanded info from selected presenters at that conference into a journal you probably do NOT subscribe to, shown there.  Thanks//LGH 2017.  ALSO, my annotations are © myself — don’t quote without acknowledgement and let me know by a link when/if you do Thanks! (comments are received within 24 hours by email if I don’t notice them immediately on this blog!).

Seminar topics include, but are not limited to: • Representation of children’s interests in matters of disputed custody

• Admissibility of expert testimony • Parent coordination • Effective interventions with high-conflict families • Considering allegations of abuse and neglect in contested cases • Crafting visitation, access, and parenting time • Alternatives to the adversarial process (Other planned activities include a mock trial involving expert psychological testimony . . .. )

This was in Chicago and Cosponsored by:  American Psychological Association (APA) & American Bar Association Section of Family Law (ABA)

This was big news — if you knew enough to frequent parenting coordination sites, or had picked up the phrase among colleagues.  Here’s Matthew Sullivan, Ph.D., Parent Coordinator (etc.) advertising on his site, right opposite the link to “Child Alienation” and an ad for the AFCC conference 2012:

Reconceptualizing Child Custody:Past Present and Future- Lawyers and Psychologists Working Together, co-sponsored by the American Psychological Association and the Family Law section of the American Bar Association. Dr Sullivan will be one of numerous presenters at this amazing collaborative effort of Legal and Psychological professionals. The conference will take place in Chicago. Please see the preliminary brochure below:

And, prior to this:

Year, 2002

Batterers As Fathers:

Rethinking and Reconceptualizing Policy and Practice

[Missing logo / broken link from 2012 removed] I am inserting two recent screenprints obtained 2-14-2017, showing the LLC is in Canton, Connecticut, and a lot of light-gray font, plus the international focus, as shown by some of the acronyms and the leading testimony from Scotland.]
[I should note that my blog has been getting a lot of UK and Canadian traffic in recent months.  This doesn’t show on “Feedjit Live” widget which presently has some software glitch restricting it to San Francisco (probably the provider locale) only.  WordPress, which this blog is, doesn’t handle javascript, and following Feedjit instructions for “wordpress” this time didn’t work..  I’ll fix it eventually.]]
[[Making, printing-to pdf and inserting the next 3 annotated screenprints, FYI, took 1.5 hours this time.  Pls. make time to click on the related pdfs so as to read the comments.  Note:  apart from my comments (one of which on each is also a filename), the website it was taken from isn’t filled with information at all; and the 3rd image had very little info on it.  For some reason, this situation is really “getting to me” at this time — I believe it’s a cumulative effect, and increased awareness of other networks particularly promoting fathers’ rights, in the State of Ohio.  
[[See also a recent (Jan. 2017 posts on “3 Nonprofits in Ohio.”  Before reviewing all this information, I’d run across their connections to major entities (and coordinated networks around UCBerkeley School of Social Welfare, NCCD (National Council and Crime and Delinquency) here — and the 3 nonprofits I’d looked at are run by just a VERY few people (like 3) and doing the regionals.  IN recently reviewing some of the “Children’s Trust” (Ohio) website, I saw the regional child welfare trainings again, in 12 areas.  So this topic is definitely hooking up with (and these individuals seem to be hooking up also with) what I have already seen — from the tax returns– is a financial SHELL GAME involving trainings of social or child abuse prevention workers.]]

2012 text on David Mandel Associates, or “& Associates,” LLC, cont’d.

Believe it or not, this is an idea posted at “VAWNet”

by David Mandel for the Non-Violence Alliance (2002)

This paper describes an approach to intervention and prevention with children exposed to domestic violence that enforces the concepts of batterer accountability and change. The author asks and addresses a series of questions about holding batterers accountable for their behavior by utilizing existing legal and social work processes, making recommendations about systems change that may best enhance the safety of battered women and their children.

Clicking on the “Non-Violence Alliance” (“endingviolence.com”) one sees “DMA (David Mandel Associates, LLC), which, a nice 2011 link to the left, leads to:

Newsletter: January 2011

Which again asserts that it’s better to keep the abusive parents WITH their families than to risk separation, and lack of work for Batterers Intervention Providers:

I am pleased to announce the launch of new DMA Responsible Fatherhood Initiative (RFI).** The RFI will provide training and consultation focused on improving the capacity of systems to understand and respond to the role of all fathers, particularly fathers who are perpetrators of domestic violence, in the lives of their families. The RFI will be directed by Mark Larson, who brings to the position an extensive background working with men who batter, fatherhood, the Safe and Together model and providing training and consultation to intervention systems.

As part of the Safe and Together model, we routinely highlight the critical importance of intervening with domestic violence perpetrators who are social or biological fathers. We believe there is a direct connection between the safety and well being of families and the capacity of communities and organizations to implement effective interventions with abusive fathers. Developing these interventions requires an increase in the capacity to work with all fathers, not just fathers who have been violent.

The “new” part of it here, being DMA’s jumping on the bandwagon, and not even bothering to re-phrase the concept which pre-dates welfare reform of 1996.  The Safe and Together blogspot then hauls out several other “collaborators” in keeping everyone safe by keeping families together, no matter what the cost to either the families, or the communities.  Battered Women’s Justice Project, and OHIO DV collaborative, and Connecticut as well….
This mentions the American Humane Association.  Here’s its concept on preventing child abuse:  “The Front Porch Project.”  “Suprisingly,” they, too, believe that individuals will not stop child abuse unless trained to recognize and encouraged by professionals to do so; the CPS is simply overwhelmed, that’s why it’s failing:
[Logo now missing.  I’m replacing with current.  I have already examined many AHA Form 990s and seen the responsible fatherhood funds distributed, somewhat arbitrarily, and years ago communicated its involvement in QIC-NRF.  On reviewing their website (not Form 990s) again now in 2017 (MANY posts and more readings on all kinds of related topics later), I am first struck by how one has to dig deeper and browse further in their history to realize just how involved it is in Child Welfare Movement.  This could be communicated by screenprints, but again a cursory look at their site (except a detailed reading of the “history” page, ALL of it obscures their close relationship with what is now (wasn’t “back when”) Health and Human Services federal agency, and having even taken credit for the creation of CAPTA, and continued insistence on the training and professionalization of child welfare workers — which is exactly where “responsible fatherhood” programming (those people and organizations involved in that funding stream and campaign in opposition to increasing women’s rights and demands for protection from violence) inserted itself….]

AHA Home page banners have some human elements, but focus exclusively on animals, obscuring their long-standing relationship with Federal Security Agency (FSA), HEW (predecessor of HHS) and HHS and with that, involvement starting as far back as the 1960s, 1970s, in initiatives and issues that have proved to be gender-specific, and driven towards favoring fathers over mothers..


AHA “position statements” in 2 columns. NOT ONE references children.

(Note:  Not mentioned, for protection of women or mothers.  FYI, animal abuse is often ritualistically symbolic of ‘who’s next’ in line for the same treatment.  (Ask me how I know that…..).   Wouldn’t it make more sense to separate the abuser from the abused?  Not in this group’s views:

Using a capacity-building approach involving training, technical assistance, and evaluation, American Humane Association helps local organizations implement and sustain the Front Porch Project in their communities. The Front Porch Project is a standout national prevention initiative because of its unique focus on educating and empowering concerned citizens on the role they can have in protecting children and supporting families. {{WHERE have I heard that phrase before? }}}   Evaluation results have shown that 95% of participants who participated in the Front Porch Project Community Training, the heart and soul of this initiative, agreed that they feel more comfortable intervening with struggling parents or families and are more likely to intervene than before the training. Empowering everyone to intervene early, the Front Porch Project helps ensure that all children in our communities will grow up with the health development they need to become stable, contributing adults.


This is their history page, and all the red represent years. It’s been around since the last quarter of the 1800… Only people who click on most of them or scroll through most of them would, looking to AHA website for information on it, realize how heavily interspersed its history has been with professionalizing the child protect services field… Recommended browsing, although it’s still self-reporting. Better yet, go view as many recent tax returns as possible of the entity. (I already did, years back)


AHA History — 2006 (Click for Fullsized) showing established the “Fatherhood Initiative.” “Coincidentally” HHS had just (re?) authorized $150M/year of HMRF funding that fall.


(See history page 1973) AHA takes credit for formation of the CAPTA. THis has come under fire since for adoption incentives leading to aggressive ripping of children out of their parents care — and a Georgia Senator? and her husband campaigning AGAINST this actively (and fearlessly), Nancy Schaefer and her husband mysteriously, suddenly die in an alleged murder/suicide, which many followers question — although GBI and FBI didn’t particularly. Blogs are put up on the situation.

And on the same, main page website, here’s their fatherhood initiative  with the highly “original” concept:

Fatherhood Initiative


“Bringing back the dads 

Today, too many of America’s children—both inside and outside the child welfare system—are growing up without a father in their lives. At least 65% of children placed into the child welfare system were not living with their birth fathers at the time of placement, and even after placement their fathers and paternal relatives are not involved in planning their cases.”

“These fathers and paternal relatives can be a great, untapped resource for children. That’s why American Humane Association’s Fatherhood Initiative is dedicated to supporting children in regaining important and lasting connections with their fathers and paternal relatives, and to help fathers understand and carry out their role as parents. Studies show that children who have a father-figure in their lives are more likely to do better in school and less likely to commit crimes as adults.

WOW.  Sound like some propaganda yet?  Wonder where that thinking (PR) came from, and who paid for it (besides US taxpayers)…

Let’s look a little bit at whose money goes into this one — because the AHA tells us, right here:

The federal Child and Family Services Reviews and the What About the Dads? report indicate there is very little meaningful interaction between fathers and the child welfare system. The Children’s Bureau funded the American Humane Association and its partners, the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law, and National Fatherhood Initiative,to create a quality improvement center {{QIC}} on non-resident fathers (father who do not live with their children). The center was designed to gain more knowledge on engaging non-resident fathers and their children who are involved in the child welfare system.

SEE?  they even have a logo: (broken link.  I went looking — no lack of reporting on “QIC-NRF” from many sources.  The next two screenprints are from “CALSWEC (UCBerkeley)” which I had cause to post on recently.  The word “CalSWEC” is in the post title- recommended reading.  Replacement screenprints from this link: http://calswec.berkeley.edu/files/uploads/qic-nrf_curric.pdf, the year is 2010, and this is a simple report on a one-day training for social workers on how to engage noncustodial fathers, with an AHA author:



Link is above. Recommended read and consider significance.

 ADVISORY BOARD Of the “QIC-NRF” says it all, if you’re paying attention (for example, note Michael Hayes, who is on public payroll also):
NOTE: I just looked up a few of these individuals, and in the process of an unsolicited ‘windows reboot” lost all my work, including specific details (a LOT of them, including tax returns) on the person on Washington State (Susan N. Dreyfuss) and her organizations’ association with another nonprofit started by a Washington State Judge, (Justice Bobbe J. Bridge).  The manner in which the groups interacted, dates back to Ms. Dreyfuss, Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, and the start of welfare reform in 1996.   It is clear enough to me (and I hope will become to you) who is running which shows, nationally, and implementing them at the state level through a multitude of nonprofits.
I lost a LOT of information — and a lot of time — unfortunately, but will return with this information, I hope, before the end of January [2012].
It speaks to the further segmentation of society into the top echelon — which simply prefer to bypass the legislative process in favor of SPEED — and who are funded by corporations, enabled by nonprofits, and a revolving door of CEOs of nonprofits with positions — often within the state or federal HHS.  What this means for individuals, and particularly individual WOMEN, is absolutely frightening. [emphasis added 2017]
The presence of Michael Hayes on this task force, but I encourage others to look up the background on Susan N. Dreyfuss, who is approximately my age — but as she did not have to file a protective order on spouse, apparently, or be dragged footfirst with dependent children into the domestic relations courts, as they continued to evolve (thanks in part to fatherhood organizations inspiring federal grants to produce ‘out-come-based” court processes) she has continued uninterrupted, it seems, to multiple income streams in the lands of behavioral health nonprofits, plus groups like “Families International.”  The families in question (despite title) are actually families of nonprofit organizations with similar themes — namely, expand behavioral health services.
The EX-Officio CEO of an organization she came from (to head up Washington state DSHS) was in 2010 earning over $500K from three different sources; $368K.  Similarly the retired Washington State Justice (who also was presenting at AFCC in 2005 and probably previously), formed a  nice nonprofit ‘Center for Children & Families Justice” and earning around $130K there.  She also has a jewelry chain store (personal jewelers) that I think she and her husband started, “Ben Bridge Jewelers” and so forth.  The CCYJ is simply a nonprofit to transform Washington State’s entire child welfare and juvenile justice (etc.) and turns out to be simply funded by three major foundations (see their tax return) and is implementing a model from out of state.
But this will have to be posted another time, as I cannot re-create it today.
NOTE:  You CANNOT understand this information if you WILL NOT look up nonprofits and take a glance at their tax returns, and notice who is on which one.  Personnel, Nonprofits, and Tax Returns.  With time & attention, it  really does get easier if this isn’t your background!  Also, the more one looks at, the clearer the patterns become.  I cannot intravenously inject this information including the understanding that goes with it).  My purpose is to post enough proof to sound an alert, and attract others to pay attention to the subterranean fault lines in what remains of our civil rights, and individual liberties.  The process of no taxation without representation is simply a done deal– but only addressing that issue is likely to stem the dissolution of individual liberties in this country, no matter what the ethnicity.
Of all people that should understand this, women should — however, many of the leadership gladly selling out the rest of us are women who have risen to the top of government and private industry (this includes many attorneys), and simply either believe that this means they are indeed superior human beings, worthy of determining how and where to manage, manipulate, and/or warehouse (or, force to consume unnecessary mental health services or medications, when it comes to foster care) — and as such, do not need to bother getting feedback CONSISTENTLY from those served.  They simply collaborate with the practitioners, and pat themselves on the back for a job well done.
I do not mean to minimize these men and women’s qualifications — obviously, they are talented and experienced in what they are doing.  It’s WHAT THEY ARE DOING and HOW THEY ARE DOING IT that I question.  We have to insist that the systems of patronage simply stop!  I know equally qualified — but repeatedly job-interrupted — individuals at many levels of society, who cannot buy their way out of these systems, simply because they are not the super-rich, super-connected, uninterrupted so-called “cream” of society.   What does it mean if people rise to the top of society, when society is itself pretty darned corrupt?

QIC-NRF National Advisory Board Members

The national advisory board brings together representatives from numerous disciplines, including law, fatherhood, child welfare and child protection services, courts, front-line practice, research, policy and academia. Ten members were selected for the board and approved by the U.S. Children’s Bureau. Board members assist the quality improvement center in identifying issues and barriers to involving non-resident fathers in child welfare cases; guide the selection of research focus, requests for proposal and site selection; and act as a resource regarding multidisciplinary issues and methods that may contribute to comprehensive assessment and experimentation.

The board members are:

Scott E. Cade
Deputy Commissioner
New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance[Note 2017 update :  the OTDA also handles fatherhood initiative funding, which I have posted on, referring to NYS]

John Chacon
Independent Community Programming Consultant  (FOR WHAT?)

Richard T. Cozzola
Supervisory Attorney of the Children’s Law Project
Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago

Susan N. Dreyfus
Washington Department of Social and Health Services


Michael Hayes
Director of Family Strengthening Initiative = handles access/visitation grants.
Office of Attorney General, State of Texas

Mark Kiselica
Fellow and Former President
Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity, American Psychological Association
Professor, Department of Counselor Education
College of New Jersey

Erwin McEwen
Illinois Department of Child and Family Services

Fernando Mederos
Director of Special Projects, Fatherhood
Massachusetts Department of Social Services

Maurice Moore
Program Associate
Annie E. Casey Foundation (has its fingers in almost every fatherhood or children’s project around)

Stephen M. Rubin
Judge Pro Tempore
Pima County Superior Court (Arizona)

MISCellaneous post came up alongside another one:
CUTE.  From Pittsburgh Live
A woman’s boyfriend breaks and entered her home, laying in wait, assaults her & friend, pouring bleach on their faces, beats them with crutches (whose?), pours more bleach on.  She is over two hours late for a hearing, and the judge puts her in jail.    The woman is a FT student, works nights til 8am; she went home and showered after work, and, taking bus, went to the courthouse.  Judge doesn’t care, and orders her held until after the assailant pleaded guilty.  The young man, who had been in jail for 8 months, was sentenced to time served, plus 2 yrs probation, and released.  I hope she has a Taser or something at home now, and better locks….

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