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Dividing Lines, State of the Union, Scapegoating the Poor for Sport.

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This post is out of sequence, as I am thinking about the United States of America Budget, and tonight’s State of the Union Address. Please just take it at face value (WYSIWYG); I started out mentioning Food Stamps, considering a typical (?) case I know which shows the alternate route to Food Stamps from self-sufficiency can easily go through the family courts (a particularly egregious case; though there are some in all states, another one I’m following just now from Minnesota), as my case also did. This tells me that even people with going businesses that might be self-sustaining (such as the Georgia case showed) can still lose it all to a single family court judge, and are doing so.

After that, I remembered that this particular judge was on a national council dealing with major federal grants (CJJDP) through the USDOJ, and fleshed it out from here — finishing out these 10,000++ words (most of them quotes) with articles on Food Stamps, and another exhortation to consider what the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) have been telling us – taxes are NOT good, they are bad, and at this point, unnecessary.  To see this, you have to get a scope of the number of governments, consider their collective holdings, SEE that these holdings are at a minimum producing interest income, but moreso are held in pooled investments which produce returns.

All that our taxes (particularly the income tax) continue to do is exaggerate and exacerbate the differences between people who make a living with JOBS and those who do not, but instead, buy, sell, and more directly invest in corporations.   You can’t see this without taking a look.   However, some of the information below might persuade SOME of you it’s worth taking a look.  I hope!

I question, for example, why a single company (ICF International) worth $937 million should get $9 million of grants from HHS, half of them devoted to promoting marriage and fatherhood, and many more interesting things…So here goes!…


The State of the Union Address from President Obama is tonight.  I heard this morning, there is a plan to cut $85 billion from Food Stamps, and subsidies to farms.

I’m not familiar with farm subsidies, but I know at least which government operations (called “the courts’) are driving many Americans ONTO Food Stamps needlessly, and Americans are also funding this type of outrage (paying for judges’ salaries, courtrooms, prisons, bailiffs, file clerks, the entire apparatus, and more) every time they work a job and have wages garnished for income taxes, or pay any other kind of sales tax allegedly used to fund government operations at the Federal, or State, or County, or Municipality level, and/or when they use government services.  For example:  get married — a marriage license fee.  Get divorced — a fee for filing dissolution (ever think where those go to?).

This is Marla Wright’s* case in Georgia, and how SHE was financially devastated. Spending a total of 18 months in jail in some very strange circumstances was a contributing factor to say the least. Family Court judges are getting REALLY handy at tossing people in jail on a whim, and without charging them with actual contempt of court order, or cause. In criminal courts, there’d be a public defender, some sentencing guidelines, SOMEthing. In family courts, nope! Anyone can go in, and anyone can STAY in for long, or short durations; it’s innate to the field.

It seems to date back to the mid-1990s, divorce filing at a certain point in time, and years later, she is thrown in jail while showing up for a hearing in that case. She can’t get out because no proper filing of contempt was even registered for about 20 days (see blog for details, not my memory of the blog!).   In addition, the business she formerly own with her husband was simply ORDERED to give its profits to the courts under receivership, some  funky dual-docketing (more than one number for the same receivership), funky spellings of her own name, and a whole lot more took place. This is after she filed a restraining and protective order.  Note:  I remember this website as having formerly read “courtcollUsion, not “CourtcollIsion,” and recommend readers download the material FYI; it takes a while to understand what happened.
[*I think her last name has changed, but I DNR to what, it would be on the site]

http://courtcollision.blogspot.com/  MARLA WRIGHT case in Georgia:

I was fired on October 1, 2004 from my job at Inland Southern Management Corp as a Property Manager of shopping centers in the Atlanta metro area due to my arrest in Judge Grubbs courtroom at the October 1, 2004 hearing.  I was working there since December 26, 2003 and earning $42,500 per year.   I was held in jail from October 1, 2004 until Judge Grubbs filed her Order describing my contempt charges on October 19, 2004.  See my other posts on my contempt charges over child support and the sale of my marital home the Doral Property.
She filed for divorce in 1996.  There was a restraining order (see link).  The formula nowadays appears to be:  those who file the restraining orders later lose contact with their children, and are pushed back into poverty.  Happened in my case, for sure.  It’s a formula which is driven by many federal incentives, and which to succeed depend on secrecy — on one party NOT KNOWING what funding drives the other party, “party” meaning, parent.
Problems continued to at least 2013; a fairly detailed record has been scanned onto the blogs. I’m presenting this as an example of the courts simply stealing personal property by improperly incarcerating those who own it. This must have been a FAMILY COURT situation, and is one reason I believe the family courts are so out of control, they must be dismantled.  They have been designed intentionally to empower the courthouses and their cronies, and do not have enough protections for citizens innocent of any crimes.  Of COURSE this is going to impoverish some.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

MBA Properties Inc.’s unaccounted funds paid into the Registry of Superior Court Cobb County, and the Accountant and Receiver’s Report

Sunday, December 16, 2012

UPDATED – The connections between Judge Adele Grubbs, my ex-husband lawyer Bruce Ailion, his new wife Robin Adams, widow of the Magistrate Judge Ross Adams
…At the October 1, 2004 contempt hearing the only witness for my former husband lawyer Bruce Ailion who testified against me was Robin Adams.

About that Receivership of (business, MBA Properties Inc. — notice, a real estate business) property the mother received in a Dec. 2003 divorce settlement, which after she was incarcerated in December 2004, was simply funneled DIRECTLY to the accounts of the court — without proper accounting OR paperwork, and remember this name:

Judge Adele Grubbs failed to issue any order regarding the MBA Properties Inc. monies, even after the filed Submission of Report of Accountant and Motion for Termination of Receivership filed November 7, 2006 shown above, which detailed over $200,000 in cash and checks were deposited into Bruce Ailion’s various accounts.

MBA Properties Inc. over the term leasing commissions were collected by the Receiver, Robert Silliman and the Clerk of Superior Court of Cobb County and were paid into the Registry of Cobb Superior Court without any accounting for how much money was deposited shown below in Judge Grubbs December 5, 2005 Order Terminating Receivership and Directing Funds To Be Paid Into Registry Of Court.

In Judge Adele Grubbs Order Terminating Receivership below, she directs the Receiver to deposit (M.B.A. Properties Inc.’s) funds, without stating the amount of the funds collected over the past 26 months.*** The Order below also directs the unaccounted MBA Properties Inc. money that was collected from October 2004 until the date this order was filed, December 5, 2006 to be paid into the Registry of Cobb Superior Court without any specific amount of money being stated. Both the Clerk of Superior Court of Cobb County and the Receiver Robert Silliman collected M.B.A. Properties Inc. monies from October 2004 until this Order below filed December 5, 2006. I was incarcerated during most of this time. I was awarded M.B.A. Properties Inc. in a Final Order (Binding Arbitration) filed December 5, 2003.

Judge Adele Grubbs and the Receiver never issued an accounting for these M.B.A. Properties Inc. funds in any Order issued by the court.

***In plain English, the court itself (or someone at the court, some account at the court) was having the proceeds of a business improperly simply POURED into its funds, without accounting for this over a nearly 2-year period. It would probably not have been possible without first incarcerating the OWNER of that property, which appears to be the mother; so I find these two activities related.   This again is why CITIZENS must understand the ACCOUNTING PROCEDURES and PROCESSES of our GOVERNMENT or we will be subject to this, ongoing, at large, at-will, and without restraint.  Tax money was originally OUR money, whether from energies of labor, or directly paid when we buy consume goods.

In short, they are throwing citizens in jail without proper bookings or charges, and stealing the proceeds of their businesses, causing inappropriate job losses and further disrupting the economy. 

WHO DID THIS, THIS time? — which JUDGE?

Remember Donna Kristofak?

Well, in December 2012, Judge Grubb also made news after a woman who feared for her life pleaded for the husband NOT to be released from jail, and for a permanent protection order, in front of Judge Grubbs (Donna Kristofak).  She was later stabbed to death by the same husband who was, obviously, released from jail enabling him to do what he’d promised to do.  From the Atlanta Journal Constitution, here’s quote from the headliner “Slain woman predicted her own death.”  (note:  right before Christmas/winter holidays — VERY dangerous times for families dealing with domestic violence or even custody battles):

[An unfortunate title for the piece focused on the woman — not the court!]

By Bill Torpy

Donna Kristofak was terrified and letting the court know it. John S. Kristofak, who was her husband for 19 years, had been arrested six months earlier as he chased her in a Wal-Mart parking lot. In his car were a butcher’s knife and what police called “a suicide note.”

During a court hearing Oct. 12, Mrs. Kristofak begged a Cobb County judge not to release him from jail. “I fear for my life,” she told Superior Court Judge Adele Grubbs, telling the judge that a court-issued order of protection would not stop her crazed ex-spouse. . . .

Early Thursday, fugitive squads arrested Kristofak, 58, after a short struggle at a Motel 6 in Union City, ending a publicized five-day manhunt. He was charged with doing exactly what he’d promised earlier this year: murder. . .

Thank you, your honor,” Mrs. Kristofak said. “May I ask, your honor, that it is on the record that I fear for my life?”   “It is on the record,” said Judge Grubbs, who then threatened John Kristofak, saying she would send him to prison in an instant if he ever came near his ex-wife or tried to contact her.

In an interview Thursday, Grubbs said she could not comment on the case but added, “You cannot predict human behavior. After (the school massacre in) Newtown people ask, ‘How can we stop someone before they do something?’ We don’t do that.”**

Grubbs, who has sat on the bench for 16 years, said the domestic violence cases that worry her the most are the ones where a woman tells the court that her husband didn’t mean to threaten her and she wants him back

Another commentary on the same incident. it’s still unclear to me whether Donna had gotten a civil, or the State of Georgia (or local District Attorney, through the criminal system), had been involved with the stalking.

**there are dozens of programs which say they do exactly that, they are called often something like “preventing child abuse (or family violence) before it happens.  If this can’t be done, why are they being funded?

On the CCJJDP:

Judge Adele J. Grubbs is, or at least was, on the “Coordinating Council of the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Preventionas I blogged Nov. 11, 2011 (Wisdom, Moderation and Justice — or is it just Commerce?  (…Georgia on my mind).  She’s high-up in the government world; that post has some background.   While I picked this example to illustrate a single Judge who stole from a single citizen (in the above instance), I”m also going to point out, again, we the public continue to fund our own prisons and systems of control — for youth, for parents (through the family court system) and through anyone NOT a youth, for the most part, through the prison systems designed for adults, in which politicians invest.

Here’s that bioblurb, copied today from the CCJJDP website:

Adele L. Grubbs
Superior Court of Cobb County, Georgia

The Honorable Adele Grubbs began serving as a Superior Court Judge for Cobb County in January 2001. Prior to her election to the Superior court Judge Grubbs served as Judge of the Juvenile Court of Cobb County for 5 years. She handled delinquent and troubled juveniles, heard custody cases, and assisted the Superior Court of Cobb County. She presided over criminal and civil jury trials, including domestic, family violence, and custody cases; divorces; and civil and criminal motions. She was previously copartner in a private law practice*** for 26 years and served as Assistant District Attorney of Cobb County. Judge Grubbs was elected to the Board of Governors for the State Bar of Georgia, where she has served for 11 years on the Consumer Assistance Program, Children and the Courts, and Child Support Committees. She is past president and current trustee of the Cobb Bar Association and past president of the Cobb Division of the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers. Judge Grubbs has served as a volunteer juvenile probation officer and as an attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police. She helped establish the Guardian Ad Litem [[“GAL'”] Program in Cobb County. Judge Grubbs lectures at the State Family Seminar, the Indigent Defense Seminar, and the Cobb County Guardian Ad Litem Seminar. She is founder of the Cobb Justice Foundation, in which more than 100 lawyers offer legal aid to residents of Cobb County. She has served on the boards of Cobb Children’s Centers, Inc. the Marietta High School Foundation; and the American Heart Association. She received the 1997 Cobb County Woman of Achievement award. A native of England, Judge Grubbs holds a British law degree, L.L.B. from the University of Manchester, England.

***the question comes up, in which country — Great Britain, or the US?

Not the main focus of this post, let’s look at that office some more, remembering that it’s under the USDOJ/OJP (Office of Justice Programs) and as such, is funding those programs:

OJJDP Organization Chart

This federal office redistributes public money (i.e., money it to spend, somehow)  in the form of “FUNDING” of both BLOCK and DISCRETIONARY grants: (see the website — it’s right there);

OJJDP provides funding to states, territories, localities, and private organizations, including faith-based institutions, through formula and block grants and discretionary grants.

Formula and Block GrantsFunding through formula and block grants is available to states and territories through the state agency designated by the Governor.Juvenile Justice Specialists in each state administer the funding through subgrants to units of local government, local private agencies, and American Indian/Alaska Native jurisdictions for programs in accordance with legislative requirements.

Discretionary Grants OJJDP awards discretionary grants to states, units of local government, and private organizations to administer programs.

For (your) follow-up, and for example, here’s a 2006-2007 ANNUAL REPORT of the OJJDP posted at the “NCJRS.gov” (like, their marketing brochure — see the glitz and glamour?  this is not the FINANCIAL report, but what would compare with any corporation’s advertising for more business — and speaks in generalities, naming specific flagship programs.  What we want to and should look at, however, is their finances — what kind of money is going into this office; and the system hierarchy.   From p. 18ff on faith-based initiatives:

The Office also funded two research projects related to faith-based programs:

• OJJDP awarded an FY 2007 research grant to ICF Incorporated (in partner­ ship with Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion) to conduct an evaluation of the Amachi program in Texas. The study will include both a process and outcome evaluation and examine the impact the Amachi program has on out­ comes for children of incarcerated parents and/or family members in Texas.

• OJJDP awarded a grant in FY 2006 to Baylor University to conduct the Reli­ gion in Prosocial Youth Behavior study. The research will identify protec­ tive factors that help faith-based and secular programs attain competency, develop empirically-based information to help youth resist delinquent and violent activity, and promote an integrated approach to youth crime preven­ tion that includes the role of religion. Researchers also will publish articles on the connection of religion to prosocial youth behavior, review and synthesize religion-crime literature, and conduct a research conference on the role of religion in promoting prosocial youth behavior.

Not only is it utterly ridiculous to grant (give away) ANY public money to ICF Incorporated, it’s also a conflict of interest to have someone representing that same institute from Baylor ON the OJJDP’s “Practitioner Members” list of ONLY 9 individuals (nationwide), alongside Judge Grubbs, who was just reported participating in business theft over in Cobb County, Georgia. His name is Byron Johnson.

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
I C F, INC  FAIRFAX VA 22031-6050 FAIRFAX 072648579 $ 9,467,846
Recipient: I C F, INC
Address: 9300 LEE HIGHWAY
FAIRFAX, VA 22031-6050
Country Name: United States of America
County Name: FAIRFAX
HHS Region: 3
Type: Supplier Organizations ( Service, Supplies, Material and Equipment )
Class: City Government
FY Award Number Award Title Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date DUNS# Amount This Action

Showing: 1 – 4 of 4 Award Actions

 (note:  these awards are “discretionary”)

FY Recipient City State CFDA Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date Amount This Action
2013 I C F, INC  FAIRFAX VA 93086 3 00 ACF 09-27-2013 $ 1,500,000 
2013 I C F, INC  FAIRFAX VA 93086 2 01 ACF 04-05-2013 $ 0 
Fiscal Year 2013 Total:  1,500,000
FY Recipient City State CFDA Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date Amount This Action
2012 I C F, INC  FAIRFAX VA 93086 2 00 ACF 09-27-2012 $ 1,500,000 
Fiscal Year 2012 Total:  1,500,000
FY Recipient City State CFDA Budget Year of Support Award Code Agency Action Issue Date Amount This Action
2011 I C F, INC  FAIRFAX VA 93086 1 00 ACF 09-28-2011 $ 1,500,000 
Fiscal Year 2011 Total:  1,500,000
Total of all award actions: $ 4,500,000

Also note that as only #2 in the “FH” series, it must have been fairly important.  Grant 90FH0001 was:

About one-HALF of HHS grants to this corporation show up as under TANF (welfare) diversions to promote marriage/fatherhood!!!   ($4.5million vs. $9.46 million).  That doesn’t include what ICF may also be granted from other federal agencies (for SOMETHING of a check, take the DUNS# above over to USASPENDING.gov and plug it in under “Advanced Search” function).

In two ways, HHS (that’s a “TAGGS” search result above, a familiar sight on my blog, right) has attempted to mis-lead viewers.  1.  First of all, “ICF, INC” has spaces inserted between the letters, which the company name does not.  2. Second, if anyone was doing a “category search” it’s listed as “City Government” which, to the best of my understanding, it’s not.    We do not, as I keep pointing out, have information integrity on our own public federal HHS expenditures by means of the only database supplied and offered (for free) to the public.  That’s why I’m separately printing out a list of ALL its recipients (unsorted) on another blog, to see what other “anomalies” may show up….

And ICF became “ICF International” with a public offering only in 2006 (when another multi-million-dollar re-authorization of marriage/fatherhood funding slipped by US taxpayers).  See http://fatherhood.hhs.gov/2006Initiative/

In other words, this was part of the federal budget appropriation, TANF as it’s been called since 1996.  Note:  this Government Site is an HHS site; even the language sounds ridiculous — a government promoting “fatherhood”?

Promoting Responsible Fatherhood 

2006 Initiative /
TANF Reauthorization
. . .  (cont’d. below)

The Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative’s purpose is to promote responsible fatherhood by funding programs that support healthy marriage activities, promote responsible parenting, and foster economic stability.  The initiative will enable fathers to improve their relationships and reconnect with their children.  It will help fathers overcome obstacles and barriers that often prevent them from being the most effective and nurturing parent possible.***  While the primary goal of the initiative is to promote fatherhood in all of its various forms, an essential point is to encourage fatherhood within the context of marriage.

***COMMENTARY: How are federal programs going to help fathers “reconnect with their children” except through affecting what is a state jurisdiction, those family and conciliation courts (in large part) which may, along with when fathers have indeed committed violence, or are incarcerated for other crimes (grounds for divorce which, FYI, were eliminated with “no-fault” divorce, but existed prior to it, in fact there were seven grounds for divorce, ONE of which was commission of a felony, another which was, extreme mental cruelty, yet another, abandonment….). The purpose of these was in part, and in truth, federal pressure to restructure with state’s courts without the legal right (or jurisdiction) to do so. They did it through financial clout and diverting money AWAY from whichever household the children were living in, towards the noncustodial (IF that noncustodial was a father, that is) — and playing shell games (catch it if you can) with child support arrears. Meanwhile, the states individually were themselves holding onto collected child support without finishing the distribution of it (see “undistributable collections, or “Silva v. Garcetti” for one lawsuit regarding them (late 1990s), etc.) all of which served to further centralize the money, not just the clout, at higher and more centralized levels of government!

Under this, note there’s also a link for “Access & Visitation.”  Only if you scroll further down does it link to the actual legislation and the wording appropriating $150,000,000 PER YEAR 2006-2010 (i.e. for FIVE YEARS) for said activities under the DRA (Deficit Reduction Act) of 2005.

(PERSONAL NOTE: During this timeframe my income base was completely destroyed through court actions and directly-related matters to THIS PROGRAM POLICY of FAVORING FATHERS over MOTHERS when it comes to DIVORCE and CUSTODY, based on lies about welfare, based on further lies about the Budget Itself.  I discovered the first set of funding not til 2009, and about the “CAFRs’ revealing MOST of welfare to be based (when compared to total US government holdings and the income they produce) also on lies (withholding of asset & liabilities information, as per W. Burien exposes, when discussing BUDGET) not until 2012.)

Here’s the HHS link to the actual (federal) law  An HONEST look at what it says shows that the money is going into, as it says plain enough — into PR (ad) and Education Campaigns.  That means, to grantees providing those things. I’ve put “Marriage” in the left column, and “Fatherhood” in the right.  From 2006-2011 it was $100K Marriage, $50M Fatherhood.  However the Claims Resolution Act (roughly representing the 2010 Federal budget, this sector) changed that to $75M + $75M. Big difference?  Not much — both are primarily promoting fatherhood, and groups that get from “for Marriage” also get “for fatherhood.”  Moreover, there’s no CFDA sort to tell the difference over at TAGGS, so the public can’t easily track the differences anyhow. If the HHS database itself doesn’t differentiate, then descriptions in law can hardly be measured and are almost meaningless.

    (iii) HEALTHY MARRIAGE PROMOTION ACTIVITIES — In clause (ii), the term ‘healthy marriage promotion activities’ means the following:
    ‘(I) Public advertising campaigns on the value of marriage and the skills needed to increase marital stability and health.
    ‘(II) Education in high schools on the value of marriage, relationship skills, and budgeting.
    ‘(III) Marriage education, marriage skills, and relationship skills programs, that may include parenting skills, financial management, conflict resolution, and job and career advancement, for non-married pregnant women and non-married expectant fathers.
    ‘(IV) Pre-marital education and marriage skills training for engaged couples and for couples or individuals interested in marriage.
    ‘(V) Marriage enhancement and marriage skills training programs for married couples.
    ‘(VI) Divorce reduction programs that teach relationship skills.
    ‘(VII) Marriage mentoring programs which use married couples as role models and mentors in at-risk communities.
    ‘(VIII) Programs to reduce the disincentives to marriage in means-tested aid programs, if offered in conjunction with any activity described in this subparagraph.
(ii) ACTIVITIES PROMOTING RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD — In this paragraph, the term ‘activities promoting responsible fatherhood’ means the following:

    ‘(I) Activities to promote marriage or sustain marriage through activities such as counseling, mentoring, disseminating information about the benefits of marriage and 2-parent involvement for children, enhancing relationship skills,
education regarding how to control aggressive behavior, disseminating information on the causes of domestic violence and child abuse***
    marriage preparation programs, premarital counseling, marital inventories, skills-based marriage education, financial planning seminars, including improving a family’s ability to effectively manage family business affairs by means such as education, counseling, or mentoring on matters related to family finances, including household management, budgeting, banking, and handling of financial transactions and home maintenance, and divorce education and reduction programs, including mediation and counseling.
    ‘(II) Activities to promote responsible parenting through activities such as counseling, mentoring, and


    **, disseminating information about good parenting practices, skills-based parenting education,

encouraging child support payments

    ,** and other methods.
    ‘(III) Activities to foster economic stability by helping fathers improve their economic status by providing activities such as work first services, job search, job training, subsidized employment, job retention, job enhancement, and encouraging education, including career-advancing education, dissemination of employment materials, coordination with existing employment services such as welfare-to-work programs, referrals to local employment training initiatives, and other methods.
    ‘(IV) Activities to promote responsible fatherhood that are conducted through a contract with a nationally recognized, nonprofit fatherhood promotion organization, such as the development, promotion, and distribution of a media campaign to encourage the appropriate involvement of parents in the life of any child and specifically the issue of responsible fatherhood, and the development of a national clearinghouse to assist States and communities in efforts to promote and support marriage and responsible fatherhood.



**Mediation . . . . child support payments, are indicators that by “FATHERS” are meant, specifically, NONcustodial fathers either who are involved with their children through the child support system (or, aren’t), or who may also be involved with the custody systems.  The word “fatherhood” is then in a context.

***interesting this wasn’t included on the marriage side. Apparently someone understands that men can be very aggressive. (Of course so can women).  Structurally, this is probably referring to anger management, batterers’ intervention programs.  Whatever it’s named, they are training, education, PR and ad campaigns.  (You should see the track record of the grantee corporations; both staying incorporated, and when nonprofits, filing their 990s; it’s a disgrace!!! Why have so few noticed?  Well for one there’s ALSO been a collective “shush” on these grants themselves in general; they are a small part of the federal budget, but highly effective in screwing up family’s work lives…while providing retirement income, royalties and fame for HHS-ex-employees (some current) and tax-exemption privileges for the conference circuits)

This is FEDERAL FUNDING — but  !!!I’m a MOTHER — why should any of my earnings, or any other MOTHER’s previously garnished, have ever gone to funding a multimillion-dollar corporation like this one for government give-aways to specifically promote FATHERHOOD and Marriage, when many of us almost died IN our marriages, and at the hands of FATHERS?  I shouldn’t, nor should anyone else have.
In reality, that problem (of marital violence, or parental violence against the other parent and all that goes with it, such reduced work capacity over the years) has simply been exploited to set up more programming and trainings, by firms like this who started out as private venture capital; this one with a background in the military and defense industries!  This firm ICF International is traded on the NASDAQ.  From their site:

ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI) partners with government and commercial clients to deliver professional services and technology solutions in the energy, environment, and infrastructure; health, social programs, and consumer/financial; and public safety and defense markets.

The firm combines passion for its work with industry expertise and innovative analytics to produce compelling results throughout the entire program lifecycle, from research and analysis through implementation and improvement.

Since 1969, ICF has been serving government at all levels, major corporations, and multilateral institutions. More than 4,500 employees serve these clients from more than 60 offices worldwide.

ICF International reported gross revenue of US$937 million in 2012.

Within each of our 13 markets, ICF offers advisory and implementation services to assist clients in strategy and policy analysis, program management, project evaluation, and other services.

And from its history page – look at the history of this corporation, and tell me again, why Americans of any stripe are supporting this corporation through government-giveaways. At LEAST limit it to contracts and not grants!!!

Our first president was C. D. Lester, a former Tuskegee Airman, who was joined in the firm by three U.S. Department of Defense analysts. Our consulting business proved more successful than our investments, and in 1972, the firm was reorganized as a consulting firm and renamed ICF Incorporated.

Another way to phrase this:  They didn’t have the business sense for investing, but had the COMMON sense to go where the money was — working for the government.  Read on…

Focusing on energy issues for U.S. federal agencies and for industry throughout the 1970s, the firm expanded into environmental business rapidly in the 1980s and began to build its engineering capabilities. In 1988 ICF acquired Kaiser Engineers, which had originated as the engineering unit of Henry J. Kaiser’s industrial empire## and [ICF] grew to rank among the largest engineering and construction companies in the world. In the following year (1989), the combined company went public and eventually traded stock on the New York Stock Exchange. The combined company operated as “ICF Kaiser,”with the consulting unit remaining largely intact.

In 1999, ICF Consulting ended its decade-long affiliation with Kaiser Engineers through a leveraged buyout, financed in part by the CM Equity Partners, LP, an equity investment firm based in New York City.

In 2006,ICF Consulting was renamed ICF International to reflect our growing geographic presence and increased scope of our service offerings from advisory services through implementation and improvement. The firm also pursued an Initial Public Offering (IPO)and now is a publicly traded firm listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol ICFI.

ICF International is a global, diversified firm that combines the entrepreneurship and dynamism of a new company with a solid reputation in the consulting industry derived from more than 40 years of performance.

##Henry J. Kaiser, like founders of so many other international corporations, made a fortune building for and supplying materials for WAR (i.e., the U.S.A. federal government), and diversified thereafter. Kaiser Permanente (at least out west, where I live) is a MAJOR healthcare corporation, and just for the record, the gentleman and his wife, family and family foundation who have recently (2012) teamed up with the “Our Broken Family Courts Initiative” (I refer to Nicholas Cummings et. al) got HIS start, in part, as head of mental health at Kaiser.  To get that more accurately, Read Victor Yalom’s interview at Psychotherapy.net (year 2008) of Dr. Cummings, in which he also admits bringing over Michael Balint and wife (although he apparently go the wrong wife’s name in his narrative) from Tavistock, so we in the US can do what the Brits were doing: nationalizing health care and helping make MENTAL & BEHAVIORAL HEALTH a central feature of US Government financing, including through the divorce courts…. [“…The founder of the first professional school of psychology, visionary, and gadfly Nick Cummings reflects on the history and predicts the future of psychotherapy…”]

Here’s the quote re: Michael Balint from the Cummings interview. It’s a major issue in family courts, how the mental health specialists have become integrated into the system. More on my “Stunning Assault on the Truth” post (as it’s continually in revision/expansion) and also see the About Us/History page of “AFCCnet.org” an organization (private) seeking to run, and doing a good imitation of actually running, the nation’s family court systems and attempting to get it to align globally with other nations who do not, or may not have the Bill of Rights, some of who are Constitutional monarchies, or commonwealths of the Crown, or even simply socialist. Regardless — we should handle our divorce and custody issues the same globally??? In a word, some say: YES.

(From the Interview. Cummings was working for Kaiser Health in the mid-1900s)…

Michael Balint helped found mental health in the British universal health system after World War II. In his 1950 book, The Doctor, the Patient, and the Illness, he said that physicians have to become more like psychologists, and psychologists have to become more like physicians. He said that the idea that a psychologist is going to treat a patient so that for the rest of his life he will never have another neurotic symptom is insane. It’s crazy. Physicians don’t practice that way. You come in, you have the flu, you’re treated for the flu. After the flu is cured, you’re dismissed. But two or three years later, you may come in with a leg injury, with a fall, with whatever. And you’re treated for that. Psychologists should treat people for the condition that brings them in.

…Exactly. We extrapolated that into psychotherapy. This was absolutely heresy in those days. I was attacked, not just by psychoanalysts, but by colleagues. And it worked because the patient could come in for life. We began calling itbrief intermittent psychotherapy throughout the life cycle. “I am your doctor for the rest of your life.” And the interesting thing was we found out it was transferable—that patients who might not have come in for four years would start talking as if they’d been in last week.

…Kaiser got interested in psychotherapy because they found out that 60 to 70 percent of their physician visits in primary care had psychological, not medical, conditions. So we decided to follow these people the year after they’d been in, the second year after, the third year, and see what their overutilization of health care was, because they would be running to the doctor when they actually had psychological problems. We found that we were reducing medical overutilization by 65 percent within five years after the initial contact, with no further therapy. And that’s how the medical cost offset attracted the National Institute of Mental Health, the Veterans Administration, and so forth. We started a series of research.

The acceptance in medicine was terrific. The acceptance from government in Washington was terrific. The rejection from my colleagues was intense. I was accused of destroying psychotherapy singlehandedly.The rejection from my colleagues was intense. I was accused of destroying psychotherapy singlehandedly. And I said, “Well, it’s just a pleasure to learn I’m that powerful.” But nonetheless, this is what I had to put up with. I contacted Michael Balint and asked if he could come to San Francisco and spend a week with us. And I wanted him to meet with our psychologists and physicians. He asked, “Can I bring Alice?”—his wife. Victor, we got both of them for one week and we would go from morning, have dinner, and go into the evening. We got him and Alice for one week, not counting airfare and hotel, for $1000. Both of them, in the late 1950’s

It’s forgiveable if someone of this age gets names mixed up, however in the late 1950s, Michael Balint was married to Enid, not Alice. In context, both Freud and Balint had to emigrate (and did so to London) because of persecution for their religion, i.e., they were Jewish. Notice the decade!

(not a very good translation, but the same information is available elsewhere also):

Freud and his family had already emigrated to England. Michael, Alice and their son John followed in 1939, because it became more and more dangerous for them as a family from jewish origin to live in Budapest. They first settled in Manchester. Short after Alice Balint died from a rupture of the Aorta.
Michael Balint stayed in Manchester until 1945. He became the Director of a Child Guidance Clinic. His research now focused on babys, their behavior, their relationships. He started to publish his ideas about “primary love”, “primary relation” and the “basic fault”.
When he moved to London in 1945 he became a consultant at the Tavistock Clinic.
He was more and more interested – just like his teacher Ferenczi – in the interaction between individuals….2. Balint and the GPs
In 1950 Balint started his group-work with GPs again, this time in London at the Tavistock-clinic and togehter with his third wife Enid, who was a social worker, “to study the psychological implications of general medical practice”. And they checked their hypotheses, that “the most frequently used drug in general practice was the doctor himself”.
In these times many of the GP’s patients were traumatized by and during the war. And – as Balint quoted – “a great number of people have lost their roots and connections… the individual thus becomes more and more solitary, even lonely… any mental or emotional stress or strain is either accompanied by, or tantamount to, some bodily sensation… one possible outlet is to drop in to one’s doctor and complain…” and “It is here, then, that the doctor’s attitude about how to prescribe himself to the patient becomes decisive.”

Here’s another source stating that Alice Balint died in 1939, the year they moved to London. Probably Cummings never met her. This Source is from “Medical University of South Carolina” Dept. of Family Medicine, dated to 2001. Seven years later, Cummings referred to wife “Alice” coming to the United States. Perhaps wives are interchangeable in his mind? Also, Balint is famous enough and well-known, so his life should also be well-known to individuals in this field, namely, PSYCHOANALYSIS!

The Balint Movement in America Alan H. Johnson, PhD

Michael Balint’s (1896–1970) career evolution from general practitioner (1918) to psychoanalyst (1926) and subsequently to general practitioner educator (1950) began at his home in Budapest and then moved from London to sites in the United States. His frequent visits to America, together with his wife Enid, were an influential force in promoting and training US-based Balint group leaders. Michael and Enid Balint’ s influence, together with the support of US physicians, South African physicians who became US citizens, and behavioral scientists, laid the foundation for the formation of an American Balint Society in 1990. The Society’s educational and research efforts occurred primarily in family practice residencies and have grown over the past 10 years. The Society is presently working to stan- dardize credentialing of Balint group leaders to assure continued quality growth in the American Balint movement.
(Fam Med 2001;33(3):174-7.)

Due to the rise of Nazism and political changes in Europe during the 1930s, Balint, his wife Alice, and son John, with the help of his friends, took up resi- dence in Manchester, England, in 1939. Alice Balint died later that year of a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Michael Balint obtained British medical qualifications and in 1945 moved to London. A year after becoming a British subject in 1947, he joined the staff of the Tavistock Clinic.

In 1950, Balint instituted “research cum training” seminars for general practitioners at the Tavistock Clinic. These seminars would come to be known as Balint seminars or Balint groups.9 In 1961, he reached the mandatory retirement age of 65, though his work with Balint groups continued until his death.

Like I said, very interesting who “Our Broken Family Courts Initiative” folks chose to team up with. They know at least where the money is. …. Here, in context, ICF International has a background related to Henry J. Kaiser and the later famous health plans. Let’s look at where some of THAT wealth came from, and where it’s going to….

Henry John Kaiser (May 9, 1882 – August 24, 1967) was an American industrialist who became known as the father of modern American shipbuilding. He established the Kaiser Shipyard which builtLiberty ships during World War II, after which he formed Kaiser Aluminum and Kaiser Steel. Kaiser organized Kaiser Permanentehealth care for his workers and their families. He led Kaiser-Frazerfollowed by Kaiser Motors, automobile companies known for the safety of their designs. Kaiser was involved in large construction projects such as civic centers and dams, and invested in real estate. With his acquired wealth, he initiated the Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan, charitable organization

Here’s Kaiser Permanente, and the word here is LARGE and PRIVATE OPERATIONS (except the overall foundation healthplan):

Kaiser Permanente is made up of three distinct groups of entities: the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and its regional operating subsidiaries; Kaiser Foundation Hospitals; and the autonomous regional Permanente Medical Groups. As of 2006, Kaiser Permanente operates in nine states and the District of Columbia, and is the largest managed care organization in the United States.

Kaiser Permanente has 8.9 million health plan members, 167,300 employees, 14,600 physicians, 37 medical centers, and 611 medical offices.[2] In its most recently reported year, the non-profit Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals entities reported a combined $1.6 billion in net income on $47.9 billion in operating revenues.[1] Each independent Permanente Medical Group operates as a separate for-profit partnership or professional corporation in its individual territory, and while none publicly report their financial results, each is primarily funded by reimbursements from its respective regional Kaiser Foundation Health Plan entity.

Unbelievable, in scope of operation.  Notice from 1955 forward they were smart enough to understand “Tax-Exempt” and tax shelters, and that they organized almost immediately after World War II.

Kaiser Permanente provides care throughout eight regions in the United States. Two or three (four, in the case of California) distinct but interdependent legal entities form the Kaiser system within each region. This structure was adopted by Kaiser Permanente physicians and leaders in 1955.

National structure[edit]

The two types of organizations which make up each regional entity are:

  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plans (KFHP) work with employers, employees, and individual members to offer prepaid health plans and insurance. The health plans are not-for-profit and provide infrastructure for and invest in Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and provide a tax-exempt shelter for the for-profit medical groups.
  • Permanente Medical Groups are physician-owned organizations, which provide and arrange for medical care for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan members in each respective region. The medical groups are for-profit partnerships or professional corporations and receive nearly all of their funding from Kaiser Foundation Health Plans. The first medical group, The Permanente Medical Group, formed in 1948 in Northern California.

Notice that, no matter which state they represent, the corporation seems to be filed in California (I chose only year 2011 (no 2012 returns showing up on this database yet) and sorted by ASSETS (for Revenues, click on a tax return by corp. name), i.e., the basic one holds $15 trillion of assets (as a nonprofit, tax-exempt foundation…..) The gross receipts (I just clicked) on the top one for this purpose:  “TO PROVIDE HIGH-QUALITY, AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE SERVICES TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF OUR MEMBERS AND THE COMMUNITIES WE SERVE” were over $73 TRILLION. Nothing like scope and a great marketing plan (i.e., through businesses who get their employees on the plan or offer it to their employees)….

Of that $73 TRILLION, $37 TRILLION was “program service income” (i.e., services on which profits weren’t taxed), and $295.6 MILLION was “investment income.”   only $17 million was grants and contributions, and $9 million “unrelated business income.”  Which goes to prove the benefits of staying in existence as a corporation, mass-marketing to the public at large, tax-exemption and marketing pharmaceuticals to patients should also be mentioned…  The chairman and CEO’s SALARY (alone) is over $7 million; I also counted 12 other officers with salaries at either $1+ or $2+ million and several close to it.

Not that this isn’t a major operation that one would want the best talent running, however the chief characteristic is that it is a LARGE operation…  Serving whom?

I’m putting in {  }s after each one, the year of incorporation and state of incorporation if it’s not in the name — but wherever the CORP was, the addresses seem to be all in Oakland, California, in a building which I believe Kaiser itself owns  , and the $ represents “Gross Receipts” per the tax return (information shows on page 1 of any tax return)

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. {$73 trillion, formed 1955; also $7.5trillion (about half) of assets held in “Public Traded Securities”}*** CA 2011 990 157 ~$15,335,859,355 ~94-1340523
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado  {1969, $3 trillion} CA 2011 990 105 ~$1,454,050,830 ~84-0591617
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of The Northwest {1984, Oregon, $3 trillion} CA 2011 990 96 ~$1,228,271,737 ~93-0798039
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc. {1972, MD, $2.4 trillion operating at $53million loss in 2011} CA 2011 990 153 ~$985,638,340 ~52-0954463
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgiainc {1985, $1.1 trillion} CA 2011 990 134 ~$375,804,045 ~58-1592076
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Ohio {$610 million, 1978} CA 2011 990 120 ~$271,986,191 ~34-0922268

There are long explanations at the back of regarding Kaiser Foundation Health Plan’s involvement with low-income populations, both Medi-Cal (=California’s “Medicaid” program name)  and others who don’t qualify for Medi-Cal.   I’ve placed some of that text (hover cursor) in a link to the tax return; search on the tax return for “Participation in Medicaid and Other Government-Sponsored Programs” which is pages of fine print expanding on what this nonprofit Does (“Program Service Accomplishments”, part III.4.a-d, usually summarized briefly on about page 2 of any return).

***For the top row, above, year 2011, here are some of their “Independent Contractors” (i.e., where some of the earnings went) and amounts (p. 8 bottom of the tax return), and what the main tax-exempt corporation paid them:

  • $6.2 trillion
  • $9.0 trillion
  • $162.5 million
  • $371.7 Million (for AMBULANCE SERVICES)
  • $13.4 trillion.

If we look at $13.4, $6.2 and $9 trillion, we are talking about $28.6 trillion.   Where the Revenues came from?  Well ,same year: $25.5 MEMBER CONTRIBUTIONS (people pay up front in case of needing it later), and among other sectors, $Medicare, $9.7 trillion.  … Scrolling through this group’s “Grants to other organizations” (Schedule I), alphabetical by organization — it’s obvious that all are minor amounts (for kaiser, anyhow) except one $5 million grant to the “East Bay Community Foundation” (meaning in Oakland), EIN# 94- 6070996 which should probably be labeled “Public Relations.”

At least this foundation has filed its 2012 returns available to the 990finders database (which gets them from the IRS):

East Bay Community Foundation, The CA 2012 990 103 ~$226,155,340 ~94-6070996
East Bay Community Foundation, The CA 2011 990 149 ~$262,358,564 ~94-6070996

This corporation shows formed in 1928!!!  It pre-dates Kaiser!

YE2011 (lower row of the two above) tax return, gross receipts:  $23 million.  (“Contributions” were $14 million this year, $73 million in 2010 — so what happened?)  I also just scrolled through where they are redistributing the grants to, and guarantee you it’s in no way limited to the community (to the East Bay) or even to California; a lot of money is going to private schools in the area, and plenty also going to churches.  $10,000 was given to “Christ the Light Cathedral Bishop’s Appeal,”EIN# 94-1527086, which building, at least, is an architectural landmark on a central feature of Oakland, the man-made “Lake Merritt,”   a spectacular structure in, apparently, or approximately, the shape of a bishop’s mitre.  It  replaced the one badly damaged  in a 1989  earthquake (an event I was present for)… More info   “Bishop’s Appeal” in this context is, evangelism.  The East Bay Community Foundation is  via its tax-exempt status, donating directly to the Diocese of Oakland, which is already soliciting heavily from its own parishioners.  For more details, Check out the link for “Bishop’s Appeal”  (hover cursor for list of uses of “Bishop’s Appeal” funds raised, also see items 7 & 8 at the link).  Compare to a Year 2010-2011 Consolidated Annual Financial Statements for the Diocese showing they were (2011) holding over $204 million in assets, to $179 million in liabilities, an increase from the prior year on all counts)

Looking up that number we find the EIN# actually represents simply the Diocese of Oakland which doesn’t have to file tax returns for the public:

Organization Name Registration Number Record Type Registration Status City State Registration Type Record Type
DIOCESE OF OAKLAND CT0153636 Charity Exempt – Active OAKLAND CA Charity Registration Charity

The list of categories of assets held for the diocese from a financial report found on-line (linked, above) will show it’s doing what governments do — talking about the budget, not their holdings!  Part of their assets are:  Cash and cash equivalents:  $10.4 million; restricted cash: $1.1 million;  Marketable Securities — $61 million; Receivables, net – $11 million; … Loans to “parishes, schools, seminarians, net $23 million; Notes Receivable – related parties: $73 million, Beneficial interest in the Christ the Light Cathedral, $5.7 million; land held for sale: $1.9 million, property and equipment held, net – $10.3 million,

They don’t need $5K from East Bay Community Foundation any more than ICF international needs $9 million of HHS grants..

From the EBCF (which got $5 million from Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., above) money is also donated to school districts.   All in all, what I’m seeing is redistribution throughout a WIDE net of amounts from $5,000.00 ($5K)  (dozens) and upwards, serving primarily to confuse the accounting trails for anyone seeking to follow them…

We also serve as a center of philanthropic activity in the East Bay. Since our founding in 1928, almost 500 funds and endowments have been established at the Foundation. Last year the Foundation and our donors granted more than $65 million to nonprofit organizations, and today, charitable assets under our management total more than $325 million.

“Community Foundation” defined:

The Council on Foundations in Washington D.C., a professional association of the nation’s foundations, has outlined these six characteristics that define a community foundation:

  • A flexible, yet permanent collection of funds supported by a wide range of donors.
  • The relative independence to determine the best use of those funds to meet the community needs.
  • A governing board of volunteers, knowledgeable of their community and recognized for their personal involvement in civic affairs.
  • A commitment to provide leadership on pervasive community problems.
  • A commitment to assist donors to identify and attain their philanthropic goals.
  • Adherence to a sense of “community” that overrides individual interests and objectives.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), Serving Children, Families, and Communities

Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
The logo is the link; I learned (in 2011) there are 9 members representing Federal Agencies (we are talking EXECUTIVE BRANCH of US Gov’t) but also 9 expert practitioner members, appointed as described (Judge Grubbs was appointed by the Speaker of the House along with two others).

About the Council (link is on main site)..the Council, an independent organization in the executive branch that coordinates all federal juvenile delinquency prevention programs, all federal programs and activities that detain or care for unaccompanied juveniles, and all federal programs relating to missing and exploited children.

Member Information (link is on main site) Read about the Council members who represent the nine federal agencies on the Council. Also read about the nine expert practitioner members appointed by the President, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Here are the 9 experts practitioner members of the CJJDP, as you can see it is a mixture of government and business membership (right column) next to the 9 Federal Agencies also represented on the same Council (not Office, but the Council to the Office, to the OJJDP):

(NOTE there’s another category of “Federal Agency” members called “affiliate” that I didn’t post.  Just see the website for the fuller scope of who’s involved).

Federal Agency Members

Ex Officio Members and Designees

U.S. Department of JusticeDepartment of Justice logo

Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Attorney General

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency PreventionOJJDP logo

Robert Listenbee

Corporation for National and Community ServiceCNCS logo

Wendy Spencer
Chief Executive Officer

Valerie E. Green
General Counsel

U.S. Department of EducationDepartment of Education logo

Arne Duncan

Deborah S. Delisle
Assistant Secretary

U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human Services logo

Kathleen Sebelius

Ajay Chaudry
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Services Policy

U.S. Department of Homeland SecurityDepartment of Homeland Security logo

John Morton
Assistant Secretary
Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Deane Dougherty
Deputy Assistant Director, Custody Management

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentDepartment of Housing and Urban Development logo

Shaun L.S. Donovan

Maurice Jones
Deputy Secretary

U.S. Department of LaborDepartment of Labor logo

Thomas E. Perez

Gerri Fiala
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Administration

Office of National Drug Control PolicyOffice of National Drug Control Policy logo

Gil Kerlikowske
Executive Office of the President

Cynthia Caporizzo
Special Advisor, Strategic Planning


Practitioner MembersAppointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Adele L. Grubbs
Superior Court of Cobb County, Georgia

Pamela F. Rodriguez ***
TASC, Inc. (Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities)

Gordon A. Martin, Jr.
Associate Justice
Massachusetts Trial Court

Appointed by the Majority Leader of the Senate  

Maura Corrigan
Michigan Department of Human Services

Deborah Schumacher
Second Judicial District Court

Richard Vincent
LRS Systems

Appointed by the President of the United States

Laurie Garduque
Director, Juvenile Justice
MacArthur Foundation

Reginald Dwayne Betts
Author and Spokesperson

Trina Thompson
Immediate Past Presiding Judge
Juvenile Justice Center

***********= Another designation *****

Federal Agency Affiliate Members and Designees

U.S. Department of Agriculture USDA Logo

Thomas Vilsack

Audrey Rowe
Administrator, Food and Nutrition Service

U.S. Department of Defense

Chuck Hagel

Rosemary Freitas Williams
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy

U.S. Department of the Interior

Sally Jewell

Kevin Washburn
Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Pamela S. Hyde

Larke Huang
Senior Advisor on Children and Youth

One look at this shows  zero (nada, no, nothing, and not one participant) representation of the non-judicial, non-corporate (treatment-involved), representing a NON-aligned with any federal programs (or corporate contractor with them)  sector of the public — on either side.  I’m sorry, except for ONE, Reginald Wayne Betts:

Reginald Dwayne Betts
Author and Spokesperson

Reginald Dwayne Betts is a husband and father of two sons. As a poet, essayist and national spokesperson for the Campaign for Youth Justice, Betts writes and lectures about the impact of mass incarceration on American society. In 2011, Betts was awarded a Radcliffe Fellowship to Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Studies. The author of the memoir, A Question of Freedom (Avery/Penguin 2009), and the collection of poetry, Shahid Reads His Own Palm (Alice James Books, 2010), Betts’ work possesses a careful, complicated and often difficult-to-confront intimacy that challenges conventional ideas about crime, masculinity and redemption. In 2010 he was awarded an NAACP Image Award for A Question of Freedom and a Soros Justice Fellowship to complete The Circumference of a Prison, a work of nonfiction exploring the criminal justice system’s role in the everyday lives of Americans who have not committed crimes. Dwayne was prosecuted in adult court at the age of 16 and spent more than 8 years in the adult prison.

(Reginald Wayne Betts, WAPO [Washington Post] article 2006 article shows, grew up fatherless, went to prison at 16, and apparently now mentors youth):  “From Inmate to Mentor Through the Power of Books”

. . . Betts was a 16-year-old honors student and class treasurer at Suitland High School when he carjacked somebody, was charged as an adult and spent more than eight years in prison. He wasn’t that bad, he says. He just drifted a bad way, and there simply weren’t enough safety nets to head him off — not enough teachers or organizations, mentors or black men.

Betts knows how easily black boys can live hermetically sealed lives in which guns and drugs and dying are all viable options. And with everything in him, he wants to save them from that mistake, from everything he has been through.   … . . .

In December of that year, he and a friend drove a neighborhood junkie’s stolen car to Springfield Mall. They found a man asleep in a car. Betts pointed a borrowed pistol at the window. They took the man’s wallet and drove off with his car. The next day, Betts and his friend tried to buy $300 worth of clothes at the Pentagon City mall with the man’s stolen credit card. A clerk called security. Police caught them near the Pentagon.

Betts cried after his first court appearance. He was going to miss Christmas. At 16, he was charged as an adult with carjacking, use of a firearm during a felony and attempted robbery. He was the first of his neighborhood friends to go to prison. . . .

For the first time, he decided he could be whomever he wanted. “There is no more fear of failure after you’ve been to prison,” he says.

He made friends — a skateboarder and a 45-year-old white former Marine who called him “the antithesis” because he worked in the law library — and always had a book. He had his first serious conversation with a black man older than 35. He got a reputation for being smart, which brought him a measure of respect — which gave him a space. He taught himself Spanish by studying five hours a day, six days a week.

The only other person as a “Practitioner Member” on this task force (Richard Vincent, see above) other than TASC (see below) who works for a corporation — not literally as a judge of in government, is CEO of a private (Nevada) corporation that provides diversionary services to the incarcerated.  Or, however else you’d paraphrase that biography on-line; he was formerly director of Nevada’s CYF and now is running a private business.  His bioblurb isn’t even copyedited (proofread).  I wonder if the facts were checked?

Mr. Vincent is the owner and CEO of LRS Systems located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is an Internet Company that provides court-mandated on-line psycho-educational programs for problems such as DUI School, Anger Management and Impulse Control, AIDS Awareness, Domestic Violence, Drug and Alcohol and Victim’s Impact Panel (VIP). The company also provides an on-line Teen Driving Course and an SAT prep course. LRS is a private, for profit Nevada based S Corporation. He previously served as recruiter for Vision Quest in Tucson, Arizona. Vision Quest is a private corporation that provides alternative treatment programs for hard-core delinquent offenders. Mr. Vincent was involved with staff training; directly responsible for staff recruitment and hiring; traveled nationally and conducted face-to-face interviews with potential childcare workers.

Mr. Vincent was also Vice President and COO for Comprehensive Care in Costa Mesa, California. He was charged with the operation of eight (8) free-standing JCHO Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency Hospitals for Adults and Children. During his tenure he also served as Administrator of three, free-standing hospitals.

The USDOJ could’ve provided a more direct link — there are 91 business entities with the word “Comprehensive Care” in their titles, about every other one of them “Suspended” or “Dissolved,” after all, it’s a common name!  Here’s just one (notice — spans three states).  You can’t sort active from inactive, or see city of incorporation from the main search results page in California’s Business entities site.  This isn’t “Costa Mesa” but literally does say “Comprehensive Care (Corporation)”– which of course could easily have change since then:

Entity Number: C0568250
Date Filed: 04/25/1969
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: DELAWARE
Entity Address: 3405 W DR MLK JR BLVD,, SUITE 101
Entity City, State, Zip: TAMPA FL 33607
Agent Address: 2710 GATEWAY OAKS DR STE 150N
Agent City, State, Zip: SACRAMENTO CA 95833

(That’s probably not it):

Mr. Vincent served as the Director of Children, Youth and Families for the State of Nevada.

This position required supervision of five Bureaus including: Institutions for Youthful Offenders, State Parole, Child Care Facilities, Pre-schools, Northern and Southern Nevada Foster Homes and State Probation Subsidy Programs. During my tenure (sic) Nevada was qualified with OJJDP. He began his career working in the Juvenile Justice Field as a Youth Counselor and Probation Officer, after working all departments in Youth Correctional.

I found a cached (Nov. 2013) version of Bloomberg Businessweek.com which has him (Richard B. Vincent) as: 72 yrs old; and CFO at “STAT Software Inc.” (Private company) with this description, which appears to match.  Notice the “Corporate Address” of 2061 East Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89107


Richard B. Vincent has been a Director and Treasurer of STAT Software Inc. since June 2003 and also serves as its Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Vincent was employed by the Clark County Juvenile Court from 1968 to 1986. During that period, he held administrative positions. Mr. Vincent was employed by Comprehensive Care Corporation, a New York Stock Exchange company, from 1988 to 1996 as a hospital administrator and Vice President of operations. Mr. Vincent founded Legal Rehabilitation Services, a behavioral health out-patient clinic, in 1997, and is currently the Chief Executive Officer and owner. Mr. Vincent is graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is a licensed Social Worker and licensed Counselor.
 Nevada Business Entity Search (now that we have two corporation names:  LRS and STAT Software, Inc.), search by officer name (with middle initial) produced two companies:
Officer Name Officer Type Entity Name

*filed 1998, status “Permanently Revoked” referencing the year 2000.  Same guy?  Not on my pay grade to track down, however does have two officers from CA and failed to file its officers within two years, like the other one.  Street address for Richard B. Vincent is different (and out of Las Vegas).

**Filed 6/13/2002, “Permanently Revoked” for failing to turn in annual list of officers for 2004 (i.e., it only filed once). It’s the same address as Stat software which Bloomberg connects with the man now sitting on the CCJJDP council!

Legal Rehabilitation Services (under which he’s STILL listed there) Was DISSOLVED — as of year 2003!


Now it’s “LRS Systems, Ltd.” (which Ltd.” prefix would normally indicate out of the country, I thought) and it being an LLC he doesn’t have to file so often — not til 7/2014.  This one was set up in 2003.  There are a slew of other corporations that have Richard Vincent as “Officer” and taxpayers who think people advising an office of the federal government on what to do with its YOUTH, might want to do a background check on this particular man’s private business corporations, at least in Nevada! (note the famous “NCJFCJ” is also in Nevada)… It looks to me (at first glance) like he’s bouncing around from corp. to corp. about every two years….  Keeping in mind that it’s a common name (Richard Vincent), I’m still going to post the rest of them as a comments field, on this post, FYI.    Maybe he did this in California, too, for all we know, before which he was working in Government.  Go figure!!!

Business Entity Information
Status: Active File Date: 07/21/2003
Type: Domestic Limited-Liability Company Entity Number: LLC10783-2003
Qualifying State: NV List of Officers Due: 07/31/2014
Managed By: Managers Expiration Date: 07/21/2503
Foreign Name: On Admin Hold: No
NV Business ID: NV20031109633 Business License Exp: 07/31/2014


Keeping in mind that the United States is the largest PER CAPITA (that’s “per-person”) prisoner in the world, with mega-privatized prisons also, and now having set this up, since the 1970sff the theme is, treatment diversions (i.e., for substance abuse, etc.)  — then the big money is also going towards that field.  For example, I just looked up (or tried to), who is “TASC” above (next entry beneath Judge grubbs) and found several state nonprofits, and a lesser-funded, but National One, called:


National TASC

*TASC began during the 1970s as a criminal justice effort in response to the rising tide of substance-involved offenders revolving through the criminal justice system, developing mechanisms to utilize the treatment system to meet criminal justice goals. Discussion of how to link treatment and the judicial process and interrupt the relationship between drugs and property crimes were held by the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), the White House-established Special Action Office for Drug Prevention (SAODAP), and the National Institute on Mental Health’s division of Narcotic Addiction and Drug Abuse (DNADA) predecessor to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The result was a federal initiative, modeled after early experiments with diversion programs and two demonstration projects in New York City and Washington, D.C. The project was funded under the Drug Abuse office and Treatment Act of 1972 and christened TASC: “Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime.” In the mid 80s a resurgence of interest in TASC came through the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), which had taken the place of LEAA.

2013 Conference Presenations of “TASC” include such phrases as “the role of psychopharmacology in recovery” and, go figure, “Problem-solving Courts.” (See series on Baltimore for that issue!).  Plenary Session involved TASC-Illinois:

Plenary –

***this is a slide show with banner “TASC INSTITUTE FOR CONSULTING AND TRAINING,” and the title:  “Leveraging National Health Care Reform to Reduce Recidivism and Build Recovery”  Recommend:  look.  They have figured out that the newly eligible under health care reform are a lot of ‘CJS” (Criminal Justice System-involved) low-income people, as a target market, based on new-Medicaid enrollees in 2014….

I see this ILLINOIS  “TASC” sprang from the War on Drugs, 1970s.  The only issue I have with this — the United States Government is among the primary drug-pushers, and the purpose of pushing drugs to poor people (often in the housing projects) could be neatly summarized as “fees for friends,” and has been..


Here’s how “World Socialist Web Site” puts it.  NOTE:  I am NOT a Socialist and do not agree with socialist solutions to hunger or anything else!!!  But as we now have privatized government (oligarchy) I don’t approve of that either.  But the World Socialists are making a very good point here, hard to refute. And this was from September 2013.

US Congress moves to cut billions in food aid

By Andre Damon
21 September 2013

The US House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that would slash food stamp funding by nearly $40 billion over ten years, kicking four million people off the program next year.

While the White House and congressional Democrats have said they will not accept the bill in its present form, its passage sets the baseline for a deal by the Democrats, who also favor significant cuts in food aid to the poorest Americans.

On Friday, the House also passed a bill that would link continued government operations to the removal of funding for the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act, setting the stage for a potential government shutdown on October 1. The aim of both parties is once again to whip up a crisis atmosphere in which to implement vast cuts to social spending over popular opposition.

The food stamp bill would cut $39 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) over ten years. It would force adults between 18 and 50 to either work or attend work training to reapply for benefits, and would also institute drug testing for recipients.

The bill would also force food stamp recipients without children to work, train or volunteer for at least 20 hours per week to continue receiving assistance. This would make food stamp recipients the equivalent of indentured servants, forced to work for free in order to eat. . . .

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) wrote, “Those who would be thrown off the program include some of the nation’s most destitute adults, as well as many low-income children, seniors, and families that work for low wages.” The CBPP added that SNAP kept 4.7 million people out of poverty in 2011 alone.

“Hunger is a silent epidemic that people are afraid to talk about,” said Reyes, who said the Delaware food bank helps “a lot of seniors, a lot of the working poor and single mothers.”

Obama said he would veto the bill in its present form. However, this is thoroughly hypocritical given Obama’s own policies. The Democratic budget passed in the Senate earlier this year cuts over $4 billion from the food stamp program, on top of cuts that are already scheduled to take place as a result of the expiration of the 2009 Recovery Act. A family of three can expect to see a $20 to $25 a month reduction in SNAP benefits as a result. There are no proposals from the Obama administration or either house of Congress to forestall this reduction in benefits.

In justifying cutting food stamps, House Republicans pointed out that their proposals for linking assistance to draconian requirements are entirely in line with welfare reforms implemented by Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1996. While Obama postures as an opponent of Republican austerity, his latest budget proposal would slash $400 billion from Medicare and other health care programs and $130 billion from Social Security.

The food stamp program has traditionally been part of the farm bill, which has been regularly reauthorized every five years. In July, House Republicans split up the bill’s farm assistance and nutrition programs into separate bills, in preparation for their plans to gut the food stamp program.

Sounds like a plan to me — hungry people are easier to persuade they must work for little (less than enough to live on), or if necessary free.  Or, there’s another way –a gain, based on the false concept that a BUDGET is Government Holdings, which it’s not, and that discussion in moving money around must happen only within that budget sector, while putting the screws to the poor.  December 10, 2013, another source (these are simply Google search results.  Interesting that the Socialist one was at the top of search results):

Cuts To Food Stamps Taking New Form, Eliminating Heating Subsidies Loophole

By:  Tuesday December 10, 2013 8:38 am
While Congress may be interested in blowing over $600 billion to subsidize defense contractors in fighting the non-existent Soviet Union, the food stamp program is facing the knife. Now you might note that the Pentagon can’t account for trillions (with a t) of dollars and the fraud rate for SNAP is 1%, but whatever. We need to save money and people on food stamps can’t make campaign contributions like defense contractors can.The new plan, according to analysts at Roll Call, is to eliminate a loophole that allows states to pay higher food stamps by tapping into a program designed for helping with winter heating bills.For Democrats especially, any talk about cutting billions from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is uncomfortable and certain to create internal strife. But negotiators on the farm bill believe they’ve found a way to make about $8 billion in savings from the program palatable for most Democrats. File:Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program logo.svg
Why is this “palatable” to most Democrats?The key is eliminating a loophole that enables states to help some low-income residents with nominal subsidies to pay for their heating in the winter in order to trigger much higher food stamp benefits. Some states, such as New York, will make a $1 Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program payment to low-income people in order to automatically qualify them for the maximum federal food stamps Standard Utility Allowance for 12 months.How horrifying, states are trying to find ways to help residents not go hungry by tapping into other programs for the poor. Clearly this must be stopped at all costs.

One more, from the Baltimore Sun (November, 2013), puts it a little closer into proportion- although none of the articles talks at all about the ongoing “TANF Diversions” into marriage/fatherhood/abstinence etc. programming which is basically pouring public money down a hole, including a black hole of non-accountability to fake corporations and many of them with religious viewpoints hostile to half the population:  the female half.   Pouring this money into “faith-based” corporations housed at religious-exempt (from filing with the IRS locations) doesn’t help matters much.  While this may not be a huge amount ($150 million/year) it causes huge collateral damages driving people into poverty much as domestic violence (economic control usually being a primary feature) also does.  Here’s that article:

Food stamp users aren’t villains

Nov. 10, 2013  (John Wisor) [responding to an indignant letter from someone whose information came from standing in line at a grocery store…. link is in the article] . . .

The federal government spent around $80 billion on food stamps in 2013. If it was even granted that 5 percent of that $80 billion was misused, that would mean there was $4 billion worth of federally subsidized misuse or outright fraud. But the actual money spent in total by the federal government in 2013 totals to $3.454 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office,** this would mean that .0012 percent of the total budget was spent on said misuse. Is that really a reason to slash SNAP benefits for the most impoverished Americans across the country?

This is why entitlement reform is a wedge issue, aggrandized by the politicians and the media, though quietly ignoring the fact that SNAP misuse is such a minuscule problem relative to the budget as a whole. Politicians will often talk about spending cuts, but in most cases these arguments are vacuous and meant to pit the public at large against one another. ## Politicians will hoot and holler about entitlement reform, but meanwhile, they are not talking about the Federal Reserve bank buying up $85 billion in toxic assets from banks every month through Quantitative Easing. We will cut entitlement spending on food stamps, but won’t discuss the nearly $700 billion used on U.S. Department of Defense spending just this year. Regardless of one’s beliefs on any of these programs, we don’t need to cast impoverished Americans as villains in such difficult economic times, as they neither caused nor benefited from the Great Recession.

Since the economic recovery, most new jobs created are part-time, minimum wage positions and the unemployment rate is still high. To top it off, the majority of the wealth created since the recovery has gone to the very wealthy. This is simply an unsustainable economic model.

So ask yourself, is the person buying a candy bar with their food stamps really the enemy, or just a victim of an unstable socioeconomic situation of which he or she has no control over?*** And would taking away the ability of that person to buy that candy bar really solve any problems at all?

John Wisor

[##Of course this is the intent; it’s a game ,and it’s “divide and conquer.” It was used in colonizing Africa and has been effectively used in colonizing America as well. In fact, the real divide is between the corporate and the individual, and further, between the NONprofit corporation and the individual who isn’t tax-exempt.]

** /  ***Unfortunately Mr. Wisor didn’t provide links or resources for the average American to even look up his figures. While I agree with him the fact is, taxpayers are contributing through personal negligence in understanding how their taxes are being used.  To do this, they MUST at some point accept and understand that government holdings are reported across governments by a document called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and that many things off-budget produce major income.  In short, we are accounting-ignorant, and “opinion-affluent.”  This is intentional — see public school systems…   Why should not anyone who qualifies as a citizen to receive food stamps seek to also find out (as I did — and I was forced onto food stamps once by domestic violence, and again because of the family court systems.  My response to this included finding out why I live in a country which accepts programs that eliminate income from households where children live – or anywhere else — needlessly…  I found out that the place isn’t run by those who work JOBS, the place is STAFFED by the workers, but run by those who own the corporations that employ the workers. As we will see in Pennsylvania, rather than get the residents to actually be trained and able to buy and sell their own corporations, hiring people that live in the area (training where necessary), a choice was made instead to market to others the distressed population as a WORKFORCE and sell of the human AND natural resources to “domestic and foreign corporations”  to revitalize the economy.

Somehow, quit stealing by continued taxing, never makes it on the agenda.  The public, who is conditioned to this and can’t imagine another reality (and has less choices if they are less solvent and able to feed, house, educate, and protect themselves) doesn’t even KNOW to bring this up consistently; and those who DO know, aren’t exactly going to tell.

Finally, an article from someone who seems to have read some agency reports:

The Federal Government Wastes Your Money Faster than They Can Take it From You!

It’s Your Money They’re Burning

From 2002-2012 the feds have blown a half trillion in taxpayer dollars for no other reason than they just had it to burn!

From 2002-2012 the feds have blown a half trillion in taxpayer dollars for no other reason than they just had it to burn!

Oops? The Feds cut roughly $85 Billion in Spending during 2013 Sequester: Yet in the Same Year, Blew $101 Billion Just Because They Had it to Blow
Most of you surely remember a few months back when the federal government sequester over a new spending budget ended with right at $85 billion being cut from programs such as Head Start, health research and food assistance programs for the poor. Federal employees were either laid off or lost their jobs entirely and the agency in which they work closed or left severely understaffed.Well, as we now find out, there was indeed a legitimate reason why the feds saw the need to whack so much money from young school kids, the poor and the nation’s elderly. They had to make those $85 billion cuts to help offset the $101 billion in taxpayer money they had just given away to people, programs and businesses they didn’t even owe money too! In fact, that $101 billion is a drop in the bucket compared to how much taxpayer money the federal government blew on payments it didn’t owe over a 10 year period between 2002-2012.According a recent report,* within this 10 year span federal agencies accidently, mistakenly or critically erred in paying out over a half TRILLION DOLLARS ($688 billion) to people it didn’t owe, medical treatments and medications mistakenly filed to and/or paid out by the wrong agencies and rent/lease agreements on properties it no longer uses or has never used at all!

@ money.msn.com:

Feds blow $100 billion a year on incorrect payments:
The Department of Health and Human Services and the IRS are 2 of the biggest offenders, but the food stamp program is a success story.

By The Fiscal Times Jan 15, 2014 1:10PM

Between 2002 and 2012, federal agencies spent more than half a trillion dollars ($688 billion) on payments that should never have been made.

Every year, according to their own record-keeping, the agencies that administer major federal programs are now paying out more than $100 billion improperly, and even though they’re aware of the problem, they recover only a tiny fraction for taxpayers. This adds up to huge losses for the U.S. Treasury.

The government doesn’t get a whole lot of that money back. In July, then-Controller of the Office of Management and Budget Daniel Werfel testified in a Senate hearing that over the preceding two years, the government had recaptured only $2 billion in improper payments.
Your taxes wasted on a $120 million parking center (that’s a link in the original: use it!)

As part of their annual financial reports, federal agencies are required to estimate the payment error rate of the programs they administer, and for some of the biggest benefits programs, the percentage of payments deemed improper reaches double digits, and tens of billions of dollars.

The prime offender in fiscal 2013 was the Department of Health and Human Services. According to its 2013 financial report, the agency estimated that across seven of the programs it administers, it paid out $55.9 billion improperly.

Last year, 10.1 percent of the payments made under Medicare’s Fee for Service program, which is administered by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, were determined to be either errors or the result of fraud. The result was a net improper payout of $33.2 billion.

Payments made through Medicare Part C, a supplementary insurance program, were improper 9.5 percent of the time in 2013, for a net loss of $6.9 billion, while payments through Part D, for prescription drugs, were wrong in 3.7 percent of cases, costing the agency another $1.4 billion.
Space agency targeted for wasteful spending
CMS also manages payments for Medicaid, which had an improper payment rate of 5.8 percent for a total loss of $13.5 billion in 2013.

You can read this article, each links to others in “The Fiscal Times” which list, sometimes summarize, sometimes enumerate, but too seldom point readers to the sources of their information — which would be public-interest education. Why should they? Fiscaltimes.com is presumably a corporation, and the purpose of corporations is profit.

What are the organizing principles? What is the “operating system” of the economy– versus reporting on symptoms of its clack, rattles, clunkers, and going off-road?

The organizing principles would have to present as an accounting diagram: where money comes from, where it goes towards, boiled down as simple as possible, and that simplicity looked at as rational or not, representative or not, and definitely if it’s a LOGICAL system, what’s the logic behind it. All systems have some logic — but towards whose benefit? What’s the formula?

Stock photo from this article:…

The Economy Just got a Punch to the Gut.”


Some are unified with others — no question about it. Others are separated from others, and in a different market sector. Wealth attracts wealth, and I see no proper solution other than for more of us to learn to read financial statements, figure it out (what’s been withheld in both information and in holdings), and alter the system. I am old enough to have spanned a few generations pre- and post-internet, to understand how a profession is helpless against a family court (as are we can see businesses), and just how irrational the entire Title IV section of the Social Security Act is, and for all I can tell, always was. It is a tool of gradually centralizing government in the Executive Branch, and an act of sheer genius.

Figuring out to do the accounting as per CAFRS came along only after WWII. Make it a New Year’s Resolution, please, to comprehend this, and to begin to think in terms of proportion (concept of numbers, concepts of ACCOUNTING and concepts of systems flow are helpful) for this year.

I have some innate tendencies (since a kid, definitely) to think conceptually (so does at least one of my children, and I think it’s innate). However, a lot of this is no more than simply saying “No” and “Not Interested” to that which makes no sense — in either labeling (that’s “accounting”) and as to math.

It all has to do with where the dividing lines are set. The accounting tells us they set the individuals against the corporations, and the corporations (certain ones) with government. Learn to tell the difference!

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

January 28, 2014 at 7:21 pm

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  1. Ms. Wright was incarcerated for failure to pay child support among other matters. She currently owes over $80000 in back child support. Ms. Wright may blame Judge Grubb’s for holding her accountable for her behavior, but she appealed these decisions over 5 times and the judgments stand.

    Ms. Wright’s understanding of the facts and the law and her responsibilities to her children are misguided and unconscionable. There is a current outstanding arrest warrant for Ms. Wright. If there was any truth to the defamatory and libelous statements made in her blog or any truth or justification for her allegations, she would present her case to the Court. In fact there is no basis for these false statements. There is a place for such allegations and they are in Court.

    Non-payment of child support is child abuse and neglect. There is an open public record of the court decisions and public accounting at the Cobb County Child support receivers office that publicly document this abuse. Contrary to Ms. Wright’s assertions the Court’s do not arbitrarily throw people in jail. Courts doe hold people accountable for their conduct and it’s Ms. Wright’s conduct that resulted in her legal difficulties.

    Bruce Ailion

    January 29, 2014 at 3:26 pm

  2. […] Dividing Lines, State of the Union, Scapegoating the Poor for Sport. January 29, 2014 […]

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