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This page will be updated as I can.  I realized I am repeating by phone (and sometimes in post) information already blogged.   Hopefully these are good browsing, a list of subject matter in addition to the links on the sidebar, pages, and sidebar widgets with some chronological narratives.   This represents four-plus years of consistent research driven by an insatiable (so far) desire to know  “How could these things be?” and “What are the alternatives?”    Please feed the blogger; you will NOT find this information assembled elsewhere, and it should’ve been.

One of the questions I ask on this page (middle) is also, “What alternatives do you, plural, want?  Is this really what you want done with your tax dollars?”   With some visuals.

Last Dozen Posts Published  (In Reverse Chrono Order) (from the sidebar; the sidebar content obviously changes with time).

BELOW, in REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE FORM, picking up from the Dec. 24, 2013 one above:

A table of post titles going so far back to December 2012 (blog dates from 2009), in reverse chrono order, being assembled as of February 2014.  I’ll add links as I can, however this has to be done from the Admin. site one post, one paste, one row/hyperlink at a time.   Meanwhile, you can look up any post by its date through “Archives” til then.  The titles are statements in themselves of a developing understanding of the field.

“Please Feed the Blogger” Notice:

Also, “please feed the blogger.”  Any idea how much time it takes to research and put up a post?

Below is a section from the sidebar explaining why this blog, and that I’ve been exploring pretty much new and original material/territory* — including what has happened since those who first “dropped the ball” on reporting the HHS grants factor (around 1999-2002) as it affects the courts, and who, specifically dropped it.    This blog is far from book format or indexed, but it’s a very good set of footprints, and with basic commonsense tools plus “show and tell” on lookups, involved.  The information has been picked up and is being brought up, from what I can tell, in re: mid-term Congressional election platforms in two different states.  

* (with exception of the CAFR material, which has good teachers already explaining it well, although I also blogged and continue to tie its huge significance into the family court matters.  CAFRs speak to who is government.  Courts are part of  government).

I am also seeking to get some specific “consciousness-raising” funds eliminated in my own state of California, after having seen just what programs they go to, and having been an eyewitness long term of what “help” consists of (i.e., PR campaigns, technical assistance and training, website constructions, and tax writeoffs, etc.)  This is definitely a real “public interest blog”

These tasks are guaranteed not to make one friends in high places, or among those in authority over the various programs I believe should be defunded.  Much of my blog is politically incorrect, including among the arrogant (in my opinion) “save the world” Baby Boomers expert at promoting world utopia (along with “Pay no attention to our operating structures” which I do anyhow, and report on).  Some of these, it seems, learned in the 1960s, somehow, that being able to change laws then, they are apparently beyond and above the law now.    I disagree, and talk about the consequences of being distracted by “cause” rhetoric.

The same people and their multi-faceted, not-quite-filing nonprofit groups already have their eyes on desired system changes, and the parts slated for elimination are THE parts protecting due process, fiscal accountability to government, and despite all the talks of equality, simply fair play, financially. All people should learn how to understand the basic operating systems of (1) government and (2) self-appointed systems change agent and figure out how these are funded.

Pls. Feed the Blogger in re: About to go Public notice

FYI, I’m about to go public (not on this forum) with my case, naming names, putting it in chronological order, for protection of certain family members, because I am not in safe situation currently. I am in solidarity with anyone who has been put homeless, or nearly homeless year after year by this system WITHOUT having abused others or perpetrated crimes on others, and with people who have lost their children (but not their minds) through the courts, without due process and without legitimate cause.  (Obviously, there are still legitimate reasons for being prevented from contact with one’s children. Unfortunately the most obvious ones in human terms don’t seem to hold much weight in “conciliation” courts with a mind of their own and purposes of their own, like ordering services and centralizing operations).

Personal Situation:  Family members (one currently holds “the key”) who conspired [yep, the word applies] years ago to exploit a temporary situation (while I had the restraining order on and was moving) to seize control of my housing, after systematically eliminating other known sources of income  (year by year, through trauma, through a frivolous family court lawsuit, and motions under that lawsuit, through shock-tactics, and in my understanding of the basic meaning of the word, through extortion)  have CONTINUED to do so.

From what I can tell, the long-term drive to discredit me as incompetent was all along with the goal of obtaining control of my portion of family inheritance; for greed, for whatever reasons drive the cold, hard center of what passes for a heart within their beings.  No one else’s best interests were at heart, it was very selfish.

FYI, We are not talking (at least that I’m aware of!) anything multi-million-dollar simply what I now need to live on after other means have been consistently eliminated.   This situation could face and has also faced women, mothers, leaving abuse, whose children turn 18, but the tribal warfare aspect simply moves on into the probate or elder-abuse realm.

In other words, as is said about family violence (truthfully), it never stops, it only escalates.  It is always about inappropriate demands to control other human beings against their will, and from what I can tell, it ALWAYS should be resisted, which I have done as best I can.  Why is this done?  Am I God?  No!  So, I don’t know — but from what I can deduce (other than people who wish to play “God” themselves):

  • Their lifestyle needs scapegoats?
  • They don’t feel truly alive or empowered without torturing others, particularly those less likely to return the favor, i.e., anyone vulnerable (young, old, in transition, distressed, etc.) ?  
  • The thrill of the game/lying, stealing, power over people who they couldn’t defeat in fair or open combat (legal, verbal, logical)?
  • Arrogance, pride, fear of abandonment, envy, etc.
  • “That’s what families are for”  (who else would tolerate this behavior?)
  • A supplemental retirement plan
  • To support a drug habit? (seriously, I have wondered in this particular situation. Why STEAL?)
  • Payback for perceived injustices that happened before I was conscious (born), or before I hit puberty?

If so, we can discuss that in the afterlife, if there is one, and if it comes up, I suppose.   Most likely it’s just

  • Garden-variety greed.  And, because they can.

Who knows?  I know that during that violent marriage, asking those “why?” questions of myself, or him didn’t provide many good answers.   Most of that time was in “how” mode anyhow, i.e., how to survive.

Meanwhile, I need to separate and survive. 

Newsflash — this process bankrupts people, and those most able to understand what it’s like (and value this blog), are fighting their own situations; so are people in their local support systems, what’s left of them.  Many are in touch by phone.

This whole family court situation I see as a planned economic attack on the fabric (such as it is) of the country — by targeting specific populations for injury, it disables and further burdens  their immediate surrounding communities.  [Do you understand the analogy to battles, and wartime?  Injured living people consume more public resources than the already dead.]  It’s softening them up for the endgames, which I suggest some people start thinking harder about.

The blog is for a record, for advocacy (of those interested) and for my own sanity and learning.   It is not for a livelihood.

But I’m liberally distributing these DONATE buttons meanwhile.  Any click leaving more than a probably $5.00 processing fee to access the funds is appreciated.  For a point of reference, gas is currently =/- $3.50 a gallon, and $25.00 minimum would be good, unless you have other friends with $5 -$10-$15 who can join in within similar timeframe… If someone wants to designate it for a use — platform upgrade, or a proofreader! — or roaming internet access for a month (would definitely alleviate the safety concerns)  — let me know at the time, however realize…..

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. . . .I was forced back onto Food Stamps , outraged at this given, unlike some people, there is an inheritance , a trust, with my name on it; but meanwhile it’s the nonfoods and specifically getting to safe places daily to write and seek help, that concern me most on daily basis.

And thanks in advance, as I don’t see how yet to send an anonymous “Thank You” from the business-connected paypal.  I could acknowledge them in a post (without names unless you’d like acknowledgement by name, tell me.  A fairly recent paypal donation from L.F. , and another from L.G. — thank you!).  I am intentionally not a 501(c)3, seeking to keep this blog active and to make a break from the family situation, which has been escalating (turning more violent again) by a MOVE.

[From the Sidebar… under (near the bottom right):

To Support (and visually upgrade!) This “Uncommon Analysis”

Want to appreciate or support my four years of Consistent Writing; over 580 posts, and a website and posts [not to mention sidebar, and its “widgets”!!]] literally loaded with links?
Whether you want it parsed and outlined, or in documented rant form, it will be strategically different, scratch-your-head “Huh?!?” or deeply disturbing “What-the-????” and, in the long run, actionable (like, how can we stop funding the foolishness) information.

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The average post is 5,000-10,000+ words (including quotations), results from ongoing, original connect-the-dots investigations and analysis, while referring readers to others who’ve done their own research under hard conditions, including court-created poverty, trauma, and even sometimes jail (see Richard Fine).

Basically, I saw a gap in informed coverage for not just women, but specifically mothers, and stepped in to fill and blog it and point to others’ analysis who’d been inappropriately dropped by the roadside. The gap was the connection between federal policy, private nonprofit providers, and the local courthouse. I also felt that the gender wars (both sides) had been exploited by “carpet-bagging” interests as if these interests were neutral, when they were not. I also knew from experience that trauma AND confusion makes one easier to manipulate, while relevant information (and knowing how to get it) are antidotes. Another nonsectarian approach was definitely needed.

The blog should (complete with sarcasm) should help some laugh at the lunacy, then I hope “wake the hell up!” about what public money is being used for, and clearly identify the PUBLIC danger which the PRIVAT-ization of government [2001, see p. 16 on “Nonprofits”) represents. In this, the family courts’ consistently self-congratulating, “problem-solving” model is a significant, and well-heeled part. (see “The Mediation Miracle,” as told by a judge; p. 16/2006). The same groups pushing for no-fault divorce (under “irreconciliable differences”) also pushed for conciliation courts — does that sound rational? Was there another motive? Or was it to cause confusion over what is, and is not, a crime, and in that confusion, expand and engage behavioral health services?

So, this blog provides an alternate framework for some of the toughest issues of our time; life and death issues, social issues, and economic issues that get to the heart of, what IS government, and where do I stand in relationship to it?  [[It signals other places to look, and shows how to, as well..Please teach others!!.It is a wakeup call.]]

It is what I wish someone had provided for my children, their father, and me before I set a single foot in, or responded to a single pleading, in the family court venue. Had I known it, I would’ve fought harder to get the case dismissed upfront, just as anyone being kidnapped should fight (if they are caught unawares) hardest right at the start, for the best results.  […more — below on sidebar]

Regarding donations — any level of assistance will help, whether to upgrade the platform slightly (addressing formatting issues), add some functionality, or condensing the information as an aid to other forms of presenting it….or to help me to survive to blog again another day. If it’s not yet understood HOW the family court system effectively (and I believe intentionally) functions to keep at least one out of every two parents in marginalized “economic survival mode” year after year, than it’s simply not understood, and should be, as these people live in MOST communities today.

But $25 minimum is best at this time.

ALSO SEE — and after some recent correspondence/communications — Walter Burien’s basic assessment, which some others verify, do NOT be shanghai’ed into conversations intended to deflect guilt and responsibility onto the nation as a whole for BUDGET DEFICIT.   There’s no excuse for ongoing taxation and ongoing participation in this without proper protest — makes all citizens participants in economic abuse of targeted profiles of citizens BY government.

Silence + ignorance of basic government operations, while continuing through our jobs & taxes to fund them basically says,

We take it on faith, you are our leaders, we will follow, go ahead, we won’t intervene: — go target minorities — then single mothers — or, if needed, fathers — then children — then the elderly — or urban areas — or rural areas, or populations by ethnicity, not just gender — and set up our pilot projects while dismantling local rule, political jurisdictions, and local community infrastructure.  Public silence also says, “Go head — use  any and all kinds of organizations called anything with nice words attached: “Community” “Family” “Protection” or “Stop Violence” [the list is endless].  Where our treasures are (you have them, garnish my taxes last year, this year, and the next), there our heart is also, and it’s in your hands now.)”

(W. Burien, who first (that I’m aware of) started systematically exposing the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports system of government, makes it very clear – we should declare “No Tax Zones”


He says, the public should be made the direct (first-line) beneficiaries of the government operations we (and our parents, grandparents, generations of immigrants also) have with our labor and taken from our wages already paid for — the return on government investments; it should NOT be a for-profit operation at all levels.

1. Taxation is a Revenue Source ~ 2. Investment Return is a Revenue Source ~ 3. Enterprise Operations (Businesses actually run by government and charging fees for services) generate revenue sources.  He says, use #s 2 & 3 to knock out #1.  

In plain language:   Quit taxing!!   Note: Burien also has a “Donate” button on his blog CAFR1.com (for a specific purpose) and continues to write articles, as I do.  When you see this, it’s not a “just don’t tell” topic.  

He has a basic template and from what I can tell is serious about this issue.  He is not talking violent overthrow, or anarchy — or destroying infrastructures.  He is simply talking about ownership, recommending this happen venue (meaning political jurisdiction, I gather) by venue.  This was written it look, about six year ago (2011), but the template has been around for a while.  “TRFA” is “Tax Retirement Fund Association”

From this point forward the tide has now changed. No more “business as usual” for the government syndicate. We have all seen what roads that have led us down. Let it be a new “We the People business as usual” whereby the people are true shareholders of our government. This is now in process through the application of the TRFA Prospectus Audits becoming a mandate for the benefit of our children, and us through the TRFA.

We own this country, it is not, nor should it be owned by a select group of individuals of whom it is apparent from recent events and a showing of their own unrestrained opportunistic nature, view the people as pawns for their amusement, abuse, and their own obscene financial gain by manipulation. This must change and change now by mandate vote by, for, and from “We the People”.

Improvements and or minor modifications by the TRFA that could be applicable to specific venues may occur as the project moves forward. The object principles of the TRFA Prospectus Audit will always be kept to the point and specific as outlined in original form and in simple nature.

Also, from last summer (July 24,2013):

Government Wealth Disclosure over the Years

Clint Richardson is a sharp cookie!

I started briefing him back in 2009 to 2010 and I did not have to repeat something twice. He picked up everything, snap, snap, snap. Within a year he took the ball and ran with it to present.  {{for more links, see my Jan 23, 2014 post “Get Real(itybloger)!/ LGH}} 

My National CAFR disclosure started in 1998 and Gerald Klatt (CAFRMan.com) I briefed at the end of 1999, and he as a federal auditor after being briefed on the “collective totals” and massive specialty investment accounts, three months latter after looking and confirming, he called and said to me: “Walter, what we have here in this country is 100% Communism under the guise of a free market capitalist system. The government owns and controls everything.

I challenged him at that time, being that he was a retired federal auditor of thirty years, to launch a site focused on CAFR surplus reviews. Six months latter he launched http://CAFRMan.com



follow-up on the Public Banking issue by WB date 9/2010… explains what the concept of “public state-run banks” means in plain English (contains the phrase “you can kiss the United States goodbye” and “New World Order signed, sealed, and delivered.”)   I would discuss this further right now — but this is a Table of Contents page!

But, while I’m on the topic of  how Americans are “masterfully entertained and distracted” from governmental accounting practices…

I still ask:

So, What do you Want?

So, do you want to continue going along with more taxes, and NOT looking on what they’re being used for (basically, this blog looks at that), and how they are being squandered through donating millions to corporations that just don’t exist (even if they once did, temporarily)?  Which is to say, you want to continue tolerating keeping the faucet turned ON, and not capturing where the water is going…..because you’re busy working to ‘create’ more water (i.e., revenues for government, and for yourself) as if there were a 1:1 relationship between what it taxes and what it needs…..  If some of it goes into immoral or worse purposes (running drugs, arms, or trafficking children — in addition to subverting governments here and there depending on what commodities those governments may have that the US (or those running it) wants, while continuing, by and large, to tolerate genocides (Rwanda) until after they’re over with at which time, outrage is expressed….

In other words, it’s OK to keep a sort of “black ops” budget functional, just don’t tell us about it….

OR, do you consent to federal funds being used for, literally, “target practice,” targeting populations by their profiles; for developing and refining tactics [with the costs paid up front] of swaying mass public opinion through owned media campaigns?

For example, like these:

PR newswirerelease from 2010 admits that $97 million of DONATED airtime was given to the US HHS to promote “fatherhood” ???

             Ad Council logo  

HHS logo

NRFC logo


U.S. Department of Health and  Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families, Office of Family Assistance, National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse and Ad Council Show Fathers the Critical Role They Play in Their Child’s Life

New [in 2010, that is] Public Service Advertisements Inspire Fatherhood Involvement

Washington DC, October 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Nine out of ten parents believe there is a “father absence crisis” in America, according to two national surveys by the National Fatherhood Initiative. To inspire fathers to become more involved in the lives of their children, <1>the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families, Office of Family Assistance, <2>the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) and <3>The Advertising Council are launching a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs). …

What do those ad agencies have in common with HHS (see log) federal government running PR and ad campaigns?  “Gee, I don’t know, let me scratch my head and think about it some more….“). 

(I added the “”s to call attention to WHO (by identity) is collaborating to do this).  And, we’ll talk about that separately…. but basically, who can tell us all about:

<1> The Office of Family Assistance under the HHS/ACF, or for that matter about the ACF? (one source I have says ACF only started in 1991, just years before welfare reform, and the tail end of a Republican Presidential Administration….)

<2> The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, (is it public or private or hybrid?  Is it a Corporation?  Is it an AGENCY of government?  Where would the costs of maintaining it be found?  What, actually, is it doing?

<3>  The Advertising Council.

 . . .These new PSAs continue the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse’s tradition of delivering messages that inspire dads to give their children what they need to succeed: their time,” said Roland C. Warren, Media Campaign Director of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. . . .

Since its launch in 2008, the Fatherhood Involvement campaign has received nearly $97 million in donated media across television, radio, outdoor, print and digital. Per the Ad Council’s model, the PSAs will run and air in advertising time and space that is donated by the media.

The Advertising Council is a nonprofit

(also participating):


C-E (Campbell-Ewald) is one of the nation’s largest advertising, direct and digital communications agencies, with offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York, and Washington, D.C. A part of The Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE:IPG),** C-E partners with a score of national brands, including Alltel Wireless, Carrier, General Motors, Ghirardelli, Kaiser Permanente, Olympic Paints and Stains, OnStar, Remington Arms, USAA, United States Environmental Protection Agency, United States Mint, United States Navy and the United States Postal Service.

Speaking of nonprofits, here are some tax returns of The Advertising Council (click on the name under “Organization Name” column to see one; when I post these on-line, that’s generally a link to a tax return found via “990finder.foundationcenter.org”)

You betcha it’s a nonprofit, but, what goes around comes around; assets continue to grow since that mutual campaign commitment to promote responsible fatherhood (which is to say, promote media campaigns…PR…PSAs…. at the public (HHS is involved, right?) expense!!!

Advertising Council NY 2012 990 47 $33,009,942 @ 13-0417693
Advertising Council NY 2011 990 46 $31,838,838 @ 13-0417693
Advertising Council NY 2010 990 43 $27,880,172 @ 13-0417693

[the “@” is just to separate two columns of #s quickly]

I’m sure the Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are all for Public Service Purposes.  Just look at the  Board of Directors, and their related corporations…

BET Networks, Procter & Gamble, Starcom MediaVest Group, AT&T Mobility, Meredith Corporation (A Media Conglomerate out of DesMoines), American Association of Ad Agencies, Turner Broadcasting, Heineken USA, Citibank, Wells Fargo, VISA, GE, Kellogg, Prudential, Dell, Tumblr, Sony, Fox Broadcasting, Volkswagen Group of America, Anheuser-Busch, Allstate, Lowe Campbell Ewald (see above), NASCAR, Intel, Interpublic Group (see above), CBS, State Farm, General Motors, Hewlett Packard (listed as just “HP” for some reason), Campbell Soup, MillerCoors (that’s the 3rd beer company I saw offhand), McKinsey & Co (Global consulting, I blogged some), Deloitte LLP (NOTE:  Connection? to Wade Horn, formerly HHS, National Fatherhood Initiative related; he left HHS for Deloitte Consulting LLP). Johnson & Johnson [See recent posts], GOOGLE, Liberty Mutual, JPMorgan Chase, Comcast, The Coca Cola Company, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare…. Toyota, CBS

Tele/Communications companies, Banks, Beer, Broadcasting agencies, Cars, Computers, Credit (VISA) Food, Insurance, Pharma, Food, Broadcasting, accounting firms (Deloitte) and international global consulting firms (that’s also just a partial list).  Yep, they represent and speak for what the common man needs, obviously — or they wouldn’t still be in business profitably selling it to the common man (and woman)…. who also often work for these companies, too.

Clearly these corporations are representing the little-guy and are concerned for low-income wage-earners, which they aren’t nor is the nonprofit using public funds to run media campaigns about what low-income, urban, noncustodial fathers – (scratch that, it was just the initial selling point of welfare reform and the child support system, subsequent evolving systems are to include) ALL fathers (especially any involved with the child support system, or who we want to become involved with it) should be doing (with public HHS etc. help) to become more financially AND emotionally involved with their children, particularly if they are in prison for some reason.  And also, because obviously mothers not living with these men, but living tieh their children, wil be hearing these messages also and be affected,  “let ’em eat cake.”  Let them marry or co-parent their way out of poverty.  Or else….lose custody and contact with their children except through paying supervised visitation — and child support to the fathers — as punishment for speaking up, or believing OTHER media campaigns implying this country also cares about violence against women.

Ad Council

More on this topic, in a separate post. Meanwhile, Here’s a reverse-chrono listing of my posts, with title and date published and, if it’s marked “sticky” that one should be “stuck” to the top of the blog. others, if no link is provided yet, can be accessed by their dates under “archives.” I will continue adding to this — remember I began blogging in 2009, and this only goes back as far as Fall 2012, just over a year. Thanks in advance for any contributions to the cause! For questions, submit a comment, or find the Feedback Form (either way), just please keep it on-topic and no hate-mail re: your lousy exes, or for that matter, if it applies, judges, counselors, etc. I’m interested in these SYSTEMS and their FUNDING — and that’s a public issue….

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Private Equity Winds Changing their Tack? Private Equity = Government Policy, … (Errata) May 16, 2013
Private Equity Winds Changing their Tack? Private Equity = Government Policy, so Pay Attention! May 16, 2013
CDRC and Friends: Ever Wonder How All that Mediation, Alternate Dispute Resolution, etc. got passed? May 16, 2013
Flipping Cause and Effect: AFCC Rhetoric in Action: Got Custody Killings? Blame it on the Bad Language. May 15, 2013
So, Who wrote the PBI-published Guide to Pennsylvania’s “New Child Custody Act”? May 10, 2013
Tax-Exempt Institutes, Associations, and Foundations Influence the Courts (Pennsylvania) May 9, 2013
Well Ain’t that Something: PBI coaching Judges and Attorneys on How to Set Up Nonprofits… May 5, 2013
AFCC — A Users’ Manual (Intro).. and (for now), some of “Arizona” April 11, 2013
Christian Social Services: Taking Federal Funds to Replenish the Ranks of the Faithful April 7, 2013
“On the Road to Emmaeus,” When Life Demands a Major Shift in Understanding April 5, 2013
National Top Domestic Violence/Child Custody Experts continue trying to Dumb Down Moms March 30, 2013
GALs Gone Wild — and Overbilling, Under-reporting Income (Connecticut, Minnesota, Pennsylvania) March 29, 2013
Children’s Law Center Minnesota’s leads off with Toxic Propaganda about Mothers March 28, 2013
Responsible Citizenhood 101 — Look It Up! Marriage/Fatherhood HHS Funding Minnesota! March 25, 2013
“Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut,” the Underground Economy in an AFCC Courthouse? March 6, 2013
How VERY Pushy People got the Paradigm Shifted to Problem-solving Courts/No-Fault Divorce February 17, 2013
How a 1952 Divorce Opinion was Leveraged into Pushing the Conciliation Court Model and No-Fault Divorce February 13, 2013
FUND-a-Mentals of Conciliation Court: State Codes, Jurisdiction Grab, Federal Grants, Personnel February 9, 2013


FUND-a-Mentals of Conciliation Court: Who Holds the Keys to the Vault / See the Matrix February 9, 2013
X A Stunning Validation by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson: The Assault on Truth, The Origins of Psychoanalysis – February 5, 2013
There is in the State Treasury the Family Law Trust Fund…. January 27, 2013
Without a Prayer For Relief: Investigative Reporter Betsy Combier (ParentAdvocates.org) connects the Dots at Madison Avenue Presby January 24, 2013
X Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption through Common Law Discovery (1997 Interview) January 24, 2013
Hardly Breaking News, But Still True: “Black People and the Tavistock Institute” (2009 post) January 24, 2013
How I Learn (You Can Too) from High-Profile Custody Cases: Genia Shockome, Viola Stroud, Barry Goldstein, etc. January 24, 2013
STILL Too Hot to Touch with a Ten-Foot Pole? Supervised Visitation Racketeering (Shockome/Viola Stroud case) and Professionalization (SVNetwork.org) etc. January 9, 2013
Interesting Bedfellows, and the Speckled Background of Psychology in America January 7, 2013
A Few FAQs on Major Family Court Programs. December 31, 2012
Year In Review: On Dec. 3rd, a 2011 Post on Unaudited Title IV Incentives Tops the Charts.. December 30, 2012
“Mother Says” — Words to the Wise for Women in Custody Challenges
Mystic Emotions, Spirituality, Fables, Bibles — (briefly) December 25, 2012
How It’s Done: Government by Private Nonprofit / ForProfit Alliances: December 16, 2012
Kickbacks Push Atypical Antipsychotics to Drug Locked up Kids, Elderly and Disabled, Using Public Money December 13, 2012
Unsafe for Human Consumption? The Leftovers of Government-by-the-People [a.k.a. The Day After Thanksgiving]

[Reflections on Social Security Trust Fund, Namibia (Shark Islands), the 1918 Blue Book Assyrian empire]

December 7, 2012
Holy Giant Squid! (Our Govt’s Amazing Anatomy and Habits) or is it, Rodin’s “The Thinker (Sitting Over the Gates of Hell)”? December 6, 2012
Proof that Governments are Essentially Commerce, with Guns

[Namibian History, Diamond Cartels/Epstein;

December 4, 2012
Governments are for the Corporations; As Then, So Now December 3, 2012
Why Middle Class Education only Serves the Elite by Controlling the Poor

[Cecil Rhodes et al.]

December 1, 2012
Government — Same Turkey Outside, but Who Changed the Stuffing?

[Fitts (financial coups d’etat), Burien, CAFRs]

November 20, 2012
Whither, Oh Father(hood), shall I flee from thy presence? (A Few FAQs). November 17, 2012

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