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How and When to Change, Ditch, (or Track) the Conversations of “Public Interest” Crusades.

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I took this from the middle of a post advertising “CAFR SCHOOL WEEK”  to keep its material on the top.  No one asked me to, it just came up in the context and is a handy teaching point of how we might clean up some of these conversationalists.

But I wish more people would look up the tax returns FIRST, and based on whether the individuals seeking donations, wanting to reform society, or crusading for a cause can be trusted in the most basic levels of honesty, or not, expose’em, and if an honest response (and change of heart) isn’t posted showing remorse (which it won’t be) ditch ’em!!!  

Some of the loudest mouths, I’ve learned over time, are the biggest cheats on basic honesty, they refer-but misquote and don’t link to the source (one clue) where the misquote could be caught.  A person who freely misquotes or censors information in favor of a private, or personal cause —  of course this cause should be applied to the entire nation, most times — will often also be a tax cheat, or working with one. It’s a basic fact-check anyone can do, and over time, if it’s habitual (though annoying) you can tell at a glance if you’re dealing with one.

Figure out whether it’s worth confronting with the facts and noting a response (I’ve done this a few times) and then notice how followers respond — whether they’ll hear, or continue in denial.  Then you can screen your own associates for who will waste the least time on the way to finding some more sensible individuals to talk to, and if that’s the goal, strategize with.

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January 23, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Why You Should Read, Bookmark and LISTEN, See last (1/23/2014) post.

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I just posted a concise link to someone (else) who will explain to anyone with in basic English literacy (I’ll estimate a ninth grade, USA that is, reading level) plain and clear writing which shows (show and tell) about how government works, that should alter your attitude, actions, and view of “government” — and understanding of how to respond to it.
Read it.  Or, don’t.  After all

Stupid is a State of Mind.

But also know that it endangers others and so is fundamentally immoral (possibly homicidal?) to contribute blindly to governments one doesn’t understand, in this context, through one’s worklife, while asking those without work-lives to make the next rounds of the social services system which doesn’t.

A passive acceptance of the status quo IS unethical and selfish, no matter how much you give to charity and how solvent your own households, or whether you are personally ethical, moral, and compassionate

I cannot personally explain to everyone who’s ever helped me tolerate abuse over the years (without intervening other than as support team) that the abuse is facilitated by their citizenship and through withheld taxes on the job, as well as by sales taxes, given sincerely, but ignorant of any sound basis for collecting them to start with.
Here’s my post advertising THAT post from Realitybloger  site (Clint Richardson, “CorporationNation” etc.).  My post here (under 5,000 words, you’re welcome) is, well, “exhortation.”  Sometimes I exort by insulting, but the taunts are pretty well-aimed; and there’s a truth basis for them.  However, I am trying to have intelligent conversations with people who want the family court systems changed — and too many refuse to educate themselves to a BASIC level in what’s actually most important to know first, and have not acted wisely in choosing who to follow, re-post, blog, or what to even talk about.

It’s like wanting to walk around in adult shoes (in this category), having learned a few words, [“parental alienation,”  “Richard Gardner,” “do another audit,” “Congressional hearing,” etc.] and put on some adult-looking clothes, without actually growing up. And we’re talking, a lot of middle-aged people who have raised children and may be plenty smart in other areas. But not in this one. So — please, change that!

This explanation* is not hearsay, and can be fact-checked by quoting government documents published on government sites that you can search later — while they’re still up.*  And moreover, there’s a call-in #for Q&A, or, listening to others ask Qs and gets some As. – – – – (-same link, again)

(*Case in point, HHS grants database — ALL of it accessible for free by the public — was “down for the count” just recently, and who (besides me!) noticed, alerted, wrote in, or complained? Anyone??? So I can assure us that “who is paying attention to what” has been weighed in the balance (sheets) and found lacking, and undoubtedly for strategic reasons. There are “IQ” tests and there are some more than obvious “Stupidity Tests.” FYI….That HHS TAGGS going down was one.)

When such clear exposes are up and available, the time to get them is right now — and not “down the road apiece” when either links will disappear, databases may go down, CAFR practices may change, or “Time’sUp!” may have signaled, OK to start slavery (or genocide) for real now, having so weakened most of the population they can’t resist, and the employed, under-informed, dumbed-down won’t intervene either, but become bystanders and enablers.

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January 23, 2014 at 6:39 pm

Get Real(itybloger)! — Call In, Read the Links on CAFRs, Review Regularly. (First posted Jan. 24, 2014)

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Post title with shortlink: Get Real(itybloger)! — Call In, Read the Links on CAFRs, Review Regularly. (First posted Jan. 24, 2014) Case-sensitive, WordPress-generated shortlink ends “-2hg.”  Just under 13,000 words.  This title with shortlink added during blog update Jan. 2018.

– – –

The “CAFR” topic is a governmental accounting and reporting practice which affects all people (and particularly in this situation, all US Citizens) because of its impact on the economy and our understanding of the size and scope of government operations. It is an over-arching and underlying issue, but it has been a hidden issue.

For example, as Carl Herman (Harvard Economics grad) put this in 2012, a very good question in my opinion.  Once certain evidence IS posted, it requires an review of reasoning built on “the big picture” (not including that evidence), and that “big picture” includes the hot topic of “DEFICIT.”

This is a “README” article! // Let’s Get Honest

CAFR summary: if $600B ‘fund’ can’t fund $27B pension, $16B budget deficit, why have it?(Posted on June 18, 2012 by Carl Herman in ‘Washington’s Blog”),

. . . Governor Brown is silent about the $600 billion in surplus cash and investments, claiming the $16 billion budget deficit can only be addressed by austerity – massive funding cuts to our essential infrastructure. A 2.8% divestment of the fund would cover the $16 billion deficit.
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