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Dividing Lines, State of the Union, Scapegoating the Poor for Sport.

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This post is out of sequence, as I am thinking about the United States of America Budget, and tonight’s State of the Union Address. Please just take it at face value (WYSIWYG); I started out mentioning Food Stamps, considering a typical (?) case I know which shows the alternate route to Food Stamps from self-sufficiency can easily go through the family courts (a particularly egregious case; though there are some in all states, another one I’m following just now from Minnesota), as my case also did. This tells me that even people with going businesses that might be self-sustaining (such as the Georgia case showed) can still lose it all to a single family court judge, and are doing so.

After that, I remembered that this particular judge was on a national council dealing with major federal grants (CJJDP) through the USDOJ, and fleshed it out from here — finishing out these 10,000++ words (most of them quotes) with articles on Food Stamps, and another exhortation to consider what the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) have been telling us – taxes are NOT good, they are bad, and at this point, unnecessary.  To see this, you have to get a scope of the number of governments, consider their collective holdings, SEE that these holdings are at a minimum producing interest income, but moreso are held in pooled investments which produce returns.

All that our taxes (particularly the income tax) continue to do is exaggerate and exacerbate the differences between people who make a living with JOBS and those who do not, but instead, buy, sell, and more directly invest in corporations.   You can’t see this without taking a look.   However, some of the information below might persuade SOME of you it’s worth taking a look.  I hope!

I question, for example, why a single company (ICF International) worth $937 million should get $9 million of grants from HHS, half of them devoted to promoting marriage and fatherhood, and many more interesting things…So here goes!…


The State of the Union Address from President Obama is tonight.  I heard this morning, there is a plan to cut $85 billion from Food Stamps, and subsidies to farms.

I’m not familiar with farm subsidies, but I know at least which government operations (called “the courts’) are driving many Americans ONTO Food Stamps needlessly, and Americans are also funding this type of outrage (paying for judges’ salaries, courtrooms, prisons, bailiffs, file clerks, the entire apparatus, and more) every time they work a job and have wages garnished for income taxes, or pay any other kind of sales tax allegedly used to fund government operations at the Federal, or State, or County, or Municipality level, and/or when they use government services.  For example:  get married — a marriage license fee.  Get divorced — a fee for filing dissolution (ever think where those go to?).

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January 28, 2014 at 7:21 pm

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