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The Scam: HOW “Faith-based” HHS Grantees Suck Public Funds into 501(c)3s

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Readers.  This is a MAJOR financial slush-bucket operating out of at a minimum three major federal agencies — The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), all of which naturally deal with FAMILIES — and have chosen to deliver their services (give back to the public some of which has been previously collected and held, while it earns a return on investment and interest*)

It takes a while to get to the “Show and Tell,” but they are there, in the form of charts with numbers on them.  The numbers are in the millions when it comes to the HHS grants.

I haven’t picked the largest example, just a very good example of how this whole mess began, meaning, what President Bush couldn’t get past Congress, he pushed into action by Executive Order; kind of how Family Divisions of the Superior Courts were pushed through the Administrative Sector after “a handful of advocates” couldn’t get the concept passed through the state Legislature (that means, both houses) in Maryland.

As I explained in a very recent post, “Bypassing the Legal Process.”  . . . . You think these people, located near Washington D.C. and in many of the same circles (like Yale, Harvard, etc.) don’t learn from each other how that process works?  If your eyes are ONLY on the laws, the courts, and the legal system, you’ve missed the sector where things get done!!!

How much even the federal government alone holds, most of the public doesn’t know, which makes functioning with a view to getting money from that that sector, and simply diverting it to friends (including plenty of religious friends) without any simple or clear way to track it — a cinch.

*As  documented in a set of accounting statements SEPARATE from the “Budget” discussions which are repeatedly shoved as if this PART actually represented the whole in the public’s face when it comes time to cut services, or demand more appropriations, raise fees, and make or lose political standing depending on how one handles the topic of TAXES.

Walter Burien and others (incl. others he’s systematically shown this to) has stated this CLEARLY for decades (starting in 1989) — it’s a basic principle.  Any principles I layer onto this one, are subsidiary — with one exception (and I did ask him about this one).  Add to this, he’s not taking on the collected corporate wealth of the churches — who are not required to even file with the IRS!  They can IF they want their donors to get tax-exempt receipts for contributions, and in some states, they have to (California is one).

Government Debt = Government Investment  Our Local Government is Broke
by Walter Burien – CAFR1.com

I will note that we all must comprehend the game that was played in the selective presentation of “Debt”.

Government promoted debt at the front door and used their own investment assets through the back door to fund that promoted debt. In this fashion they:

1. created a parking zone for the truckloads of cash they were bringing in;
2. Locked in a return on their investments;

3. Drew down their budgetary operating funds to give the impression they needed more taxation or debt incurred to operate.

If a complete and “true” audit was done of government debt cutting through all of the masks present to cross match the investor with the same debt, probably 65% of that debt it would be determined to be “self-funded”. I can not emphasize how important the comprehension of this one issue is.

People have been kept in the dark per this issue intentionally for decades due to the massive wealth involved.

“I can not emphasize how important the comprehension of this one issue is.”

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January 10, 2014 at 8:31 pm

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