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Early Morning Intuitive on the Larger Picture (#3 of 3 on a “Red Herring Alert” Post and HHS/OFA’s “Healthy Marriage Responsible Fatherhood” (“HMRF”) Ongoing Distributions)

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Early Morning Intuitive on the Larger Picture

I JUST FOUND RECENTLY:  Meyer Elkin Feb. 27, 1992 Oral interview by David Kuroda, found on Video, posted on May 6, 2013.  The 1992 transcript is on my right sidebar (has been for some years) and a link also within the summary below.

Meyer Elkin (d. 1994?) has more to do with the origins of family court than most people outside the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts may realize.  This would be a good listen (and/or read) showing the original inspirations, which continue today…  It’s good to hear folklore, which this is,  (self-reporting on one’s own work, as interviewed by someone engaged in similar business and as a “founder” of such a movement) in the folklorists’ own words..  As summarized on YouTube — bookmark this in your memory please, and take some time to consider what you find in that interview, how it may relate to what we are experiencing today in the same courts:

Published on May 6, 2013

Interviewed by David Kuroda on February 27, 1992

An interview with Meyer Elkin as he discusses the beginning of his career in social work; education in social work at Berkeley; early positions during social work career; work with the Jewish Committee for Personal Service; the Conciliation Court in Los Angeles.

Meyer Elkin, a social worker with an MSW from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Social Welfare, created the Conciliation Court in Los Angeles as a vehicle for the Court to provide mediation and counseling to families considering divorce. It became the prototype for other conciliation court programs elsewhere in the United States.

To view a transcript of the interview, visit https://libraries.usc.edu/california-…

The California Social Welfare Archives (CSWA), established in 1979, is a non-profit organization operating under the auspices of the USC School of Social Work and affiliated with the University Libraries. It collects and preserves documents and personal histories of significant contributors to the evolution of social welfare ensuring their availability to future generations — students, teachers, historians, and researchers. Collection activity includes gathering and archiving social welfare materials of historical significance, conducting oral history interviews with contributors to social welfare solutions in California, and creating events to publicly recognize significant contributors to California social welfare.

For a written transcript of the interview, please email cswa@usc.edu.

The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts jointly publishes Family Court Review with Hofstra University (Maurice A. Deane? School of Law).  A look at its editorial board would be a lesson in itself in who’s been running these operations, or trying to anyhow.

For the context, see blog title.  I wrote out, non-stop and almost intuitively, what I believed was relevant to the viewing audience of a 4/26/2016 post which had actually raised information on the HMRF funding — below detailed, case-specific information about no less than FIVE criminal prosecutions arising out of ONE high-profile (at least in the Dakota County, Minnesota) case with which many family court litigants might identify, regardless of whether they may be on the same socioeconomic scale (apparently — high) of the two family lines involved.

That post actually has given rise to what will be FIVE other posts:  This 3-part series, one I already published, and another one which is looking in more detail at a specific “FBO” (Faith Based Organization) in Georgia with some peculiar fiscal habits I haven’t gotten to the bottom of.

Such as, how HHS is citing (again) the wrong city and address for this grantee, as compared to what the grantee is writing on its own tax returns; [##straightened out below; see “Georgia Corporation Search Results” found after THIS post was published.  It doesn’t “straighten out” why a Board of Directors would use a different address on its federal tax returns than when reporting to the State of Georgia, however…];

…and how the grantee is functioning apparently under two DIFFERENT EIN#s, only one which shows up as the legitimate recipient of tax-deductible contributions, and another which has been used since 2014 (fiscal year 2013 as I recall),

…and — more to the point — why again, there is enough internal inconsistency in this organization’s reporting of its predominantly ABSTINENCE_focused activities (along with healthy marriage, etc.) — such that it is self-reporting on the organization details, receipt of profits in EVERY category of program service activity– but this does NOT show on Page 1 (at all) and it does not show on the Schedules at the back of tax returns which are supposed to also report this, along with the grants.

Again, the organization itself (according to their tax returns) seem to exist primarily courtesy federal HHS grants (and some, other levels — state or county I guess, which might likewise still represent HHS grants to the state, passed through to the county, or directly to that county) contributions, and supposedly NOT running a profitable business, courtesy the taxpayers, tax-exempt, and without admitting to the profits. But, that certainly does appear to be what it’s doing.

Let me talk about this for a bit:

A big case of “Huh??? !!” regarding just ONE, and hardly the largest one among others, grantee in Georgia…

(running programming from another grantee, in Colorado who at a certain point not too many years ago, got mixed up in an Uganda President’s “kill-the-gays” movement and had to backtrack, apparently ALSO change organization names and corporate business entities a few times, issue a disclaimer “THAT wasn’t our intention!” (searchable on this blog and on-line)

..and that entity in Georgia’s lack of demonstrating (year after year) even an understanding of how to fill out a tax return, let alone those tax returns reflecting what HHS says the organization is and where it operates (!!).  Even a casual look only leads to even more “Questionability” on the ultimate purpose (agenda) behind these HMRF and post-PRWORA-based federal grants systems in the first place.

Like, how HHS is citing (again) the wrong city and address for this allegedly “Stone Mountain, Georgia” grantee, how the grantee is functioning apparently under two DIFFERENT EIN#s, only one which shows up as the legitimate recipient of tax-deductible contributions, and that has been used since 2014 (fiscal year 2013 as I recall) and — more to the point — why again, there is enough internal inconsistency in this organization’s reporting of its predominantly ABSTINENCE_focused activities (along with healthy marriage, etc.) — such that it is self-reporting on the organization details, receipt of profits in EVERY category of program service activity– but this does NOT show on Page 1 (at all) and it does not show on the Schedules at the back of tax returns which are supposed to also report this, along with the grants, nor does it show on Part VIII, “Statement of Revenues — which, if Page 2 of the returns are to believed, these figures certainly are.

This odd situation may be no more than a digital typo — except for the  internally inconsistent and conveniently “not reporting our profits” contents of the tax returns as well.  It took me a while to recognize that the difference in EIN#s might have been an odd way of keeping the same digits — in a different order, meaning, NOT the same identifying code:

Search Again  notice” 15-8211626 versus “58-21165261.”  The 58-2116261 is recognized by the IRS, the other (“more than a typo” in my opinion) is not, but NEITHER organization, or this same organization under different Board of Directors AND street addresses within a single year (2013 to 2014) STILL is not properly reporting how its own tax returns claim to be PROFITING, across the board, on HHS-(primarily) sponsored grants activities.  What’s more, at least one I saw (the one in yellow highlighting) did NOT properly record its own Part VIIA (directors, trustees, key officers, etc.) total income on Part IX expenses.  The amount it was off by is approximately $200K — for that year, only.  What about the other years?

MORE THAN CONQUERORS INC GA 2014 990 20 $1,790,144.00 15-8211626
MORE THAN CONQUERORS INC GA 2013 990 30 $1,375,301.00 58-2116261
MORE THAN CONQUERORS INC GA 2012 990 30 $1,077,563.00 58-2116261
More Than Conquerors Inc. GA 2011 990 26 $1,273,047.00 58-2116261

Compare the two EIN#s.  That’s not a “typo” — one number has been transposed from the end to the beginning of the string of 9 numbers comprising an identifier with the IRS and other places.  (not to mention, bank accounts associated with a particular organization).

MTCIGA.org — in 2013 as EIN# 582116261, under Viola January, and in Conyers Georgia.

The 7X profit from  Expenses in their third program service activity would seem to indicate some “Program Service REVENUES” (any revenues on that Part III, page 2 are actually revenues — it’s what the word “revenues” means in the context of “Program Service Accomplishments.”  But nothing shows on page 1 (Summary) where a blank for “how much did your activities earn, as opposed to what did your organization receive as gifts, earn as investment income or earn in “unrelated business income.”


Apparently they are not teaching spelling.

By comparison here’s the same organization (??) using naming the same website, same date of corporation also in Conyers, Georgia (but a different street address), return signed by “Viola January” but notably adding a board member, Philippia P. Faust, and how they described the much smaller profits from the WAIT Curriculum this year.  “Change of address” is not marked on the header information, although it’s at a different address, apparently, from 2013:

MTCIGA.org – Form 990, Year 2014 in Conyers, Georgia, EIN# 15-8211626, Notice, the digit “1” now shows at the beginning, not the end of the tax return’s EIN#, filled in by presumably someone in authority, or at least signed by them.


Speaking in very broad terms, it seems that in 2013, the expenses for the ‘HOPE PROJECT” increased 6-fold ($33K to $184K) from prior year, while the revenues somehow stayed about the same, for the same (as described) activities.  Not quite the same ratio of profitability, however an UNIdentified (and NOT shown in Schedule O as it was supposed to have been) activity which did produce significant program service revenues — compared to what was put into it — is showing at the very bottom of Part III (Page 2) for year 2014, as we can see here:

Other program services (Describe in Schedule O )

4d (Expenses $ 71,221 including grants of  )  (Revenue $ 463,937) ***

Total program service expenses ►$ 1,481,541

*** 7 X 6 = 42, look at the increase here from a $71K investment to a $463.9K Revenues).  Here, on Part I,  Line 9, (either year shown) not to mention Page 9, Part VIII, is where this should actually be reported, i.e., Show Up.
See below-right: I realize the image is small, but you also have the link.  You may be able to tell that Line 9 is completely blank — and that the tax ID# (and street address) do not match from Year 2013 to 2014.  Not shown here – neither of them matches what HHS states is the current address — in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  “Go Figure!”
(This Year 2012 finally helped me “Crack” what was going on here — but it’s complex enough to be better explained in a separate post.  Among other things, the Executive Director (Viola January, that year) somehow — along with any Board members who authorized this, along with the CPA firm located in Norcross, Georgia — had allowed what are actually Government Grant (Contributions) to be entered on Page 2 as “Program Service Revenues” — which they simply are not.  Put this together with the really outsized (Part IX, Line 11g) “Other expenses” which it turns out, were traceable mostly (Schedule O) to “Health/ Relationship Educators,” and that, “coincidentally” the street address and suite# of these tax returns (until the street address changed – -not being marked so — in 2014) happens to match (per google street address search) something called “Committed 2 You, Inc.” allegedly formed in 2010. (below):
So it would seem for this one (?) organization, a number of issues are present, not just incompetence in filling out tax returns, but also some questionable conflicts of interest in billable expenses for activities (and NO “subcontractors over $100K identified”) IF the Executive Director here actually ran a company (or programming) which was billed to this HHS-supported organization.  If the “Health/Relationship Educators” were hired by an outside nonprofit, and more than $123K was spent on them (as one return indicated in an attached schedule), then that firm should’ve been listed on Part VIIB, next to the Key Employees, Officers, Directors, Trustees, (etc.).
When an Executive Director potentially is running a private (also nonprofit) business subcontracting to a nonprofit where the same individual is a board member (and/or Officer and/or Executive Director, which is an employee), the public who (obviously, in this case) supports that charity should be informed.  Without more information, all we know is there is an outsized ratio of expenses labeled “Other” under “Professional Fees” (Part IX, Statement of Expenses, Line 11 in current Form 990s)…  This will be addressed in more detail on a subsequent post, as identified in the section below.. It has to be SEEN (not just described) to be understood.
990.  Georgia Business Entities Search site.  You can search by Officer, or Registered Agent, or Business Entity Name.  Or “Control No.”  Unfortunately, (as with my state of California) you cannot search by status, i.e., Active, or Administratively Dissolved, or Active/Noncompliance” etc.
I found a “Committed 2 ME, Inc.” (formed 12/21/2011, never filed again, administratively dissolved just in 2016), not the same organization.
(From “BusinessBay.us“)

Committed 2 You Inc was established in 2010, and today employs 1 to 4, earning $500.000 to $999.999 per year. This is a Social Service and Welfare Organizations business, which does work in the B2C market, and is classified as a Social Service and Welfare Organizations, under code number 5419900 by the NAICS.

If you are seeking more information, feel free to contactViola January, President Full Report at the company’s single location by writing to 1309 Milstead Road Ne # A, Conyers, Georgia GA 30012 or by phoning (404) 725-5568 Full Report. You can also visit this business on Facebook by going to their profile page at Facebook or on find them on Twitter.

Business Name: Committed 2 You Inc
Contact Person: Viola January, PresidentFull Report
Address: 1309 Milstead Road Ne # A Conyers, Georgia 30012
Phone Number: (404) 725-5568

MTCIGA, 990 Yr 2014 as %22EIN#152811626%22 at 997 Commerce Dr, Conyers GA -- and No Program Service Revenues on Line 9 (P1 only here)

AND (Patience has its reward) — not an official source, that much, but here is a Governmental resolution commending “Committed 2 You, Inc.” for strengthening marriage in Georgia.  It’s about two pages long.  That’s your governmental connection.   Look at the URL — though not looking too official, it does appear on a *.gov” site.

I also notice the reference (in that proposed Governmental Resolution commending this “Committed 2 You, Inc.”) that possibly this was sponsored by “Georgia Family Council Center for Community Initiative” which bears further looking into.

Meanwhile, I searched “Georgia Corporations” by “Viola January” (instead of “January, Viola” which brought up nothing) and found both organizations. Notice that one lists the name in normal word order (and ALL CAPS) and the other, in reverse word order.  More to the point, one was “Administratively Dissolved,” that is’ Committed 2 You, Inc.” was administratively dissolved.

Every database has its “search” foibles, and without some self-awareness of what might have gone wrong when the first attempts produce few results, and without persistence, it can be discouraging). Search results (after publishing this post) as of Sat. May 7, 2016 pm.:

Business Name Control Number Business Type Principal Office Address Registered Agent Name Status
MORE THAN CONQUERORS, INC. K119890 Domestic Nonprofit Corporation 997 Commerce Drive , Suite 1 A, Conyers, GA, 30094, USA VIOLA JANUARY Active/Compliance
COMMITED 2 YOU, INC. 08008899 Domestic Nonprofit Corporation 1268 Mannbrook Drive, Stone Mountain, GA, 30083 January, Viola Admin. Dissolved

From Details page of “Committed 2 You, Inc.” we see, organized (incorporated) in 2008, last filing 2012.  Around this time, per its own “history” page, “More Than Conquerors, Inc.” was getting ready to grow up and spin off as itself after years of working with a fiscal agent, in administering (primarily, abstinence education, but also some other youth-focused programming).  The next quote omits the table structure, but has the basic information.  Notice it didn’t file since 2012 –but wasn’t until three years later, actually quite recently:

BUSINESS INFORMATION Business Name:COMMITED 2 YOU, INC.Control Number:08008899Business Type:Domestic Nonprofit CorporationBusiness Status:Admin. DissolvedBusiness Purpose: Principal Office Address:1268 Mannbrook Drive, Stone Mountain, GA, 30083Date of Formation / Registration Date:1/31/2008State of Formation:GeorgiaLast Annual Registration Year:2012DissolvedDate :12/31/2015

Only two officers are displayed:

Name Title Business Address
Viola January Secretary 1268 Mannbrook Drive, Stone Mountain, GA, 30083, USA
Viola January CEO 1268 Mannbrook Drive, Stone Mountain, GA, 30083, USA
William Billingsley, E CFO 7000 Kimberly Lane, Riverdale, GA, 30296, USA


While this Georgia Business Entity Search site (re-vamped substantially since I began this blog) doesn’t show all associated images, it does provide a streamlined “Filing History” and “Name “History” for each organization and addresses for (latest) registered officers.

From this, and for “MORE THAN CONQUERORS, INC.,” we can see that the Stone Mountain address preferred by HHS (TAGGS database) is actually in there.  But, was not acknowledged on the associated tax returns, above.

From the filing history (which I won’t post here), it was incorporated 1991, filed again in 1994, administratively dissolved [which means Not Filing Properly with the Secretary of State] in 1998, again in 2002, and got a notice of administrative dissolution in 2006, after which they seem to have been behaving better, potentially now that their abstinence and marriage education (etc.) grants were coming straight from HHS to them instead of by way of other “fiscal agents..” such as “Rockdale Medical Center” (as the “History” page describes in some detail).

An “Amended and Restated Articles” (of MTCIGA.org) shows, signed by Chris Young (Chairman of the Board) in Nov., 2013.  …..

  • These deal exclusively with how it’s administered, in considerable detail (EXCEPT under 10.8, “Conflict of Interest” which says only that they shall maintain a policy.  No reference whatsoever is made to the charitable purpose of the organization, i.e., marriage and abstinence education, etc.  Board of Directors meets 4X a year, and there different Classes of Membership on the Board of Directors, details on expense reimbursements, etc.   Just not much –at all — on conflicts of interest.

One thing I look at when an organization has been “administratively dissolved” (for failure to file properly, in other words) is how many months, for how long, before they get themselves “reinstated.”  Look at the gap/s between administrative dissolution and re-instatement.  If it’s significant (a half year or more), then such organization was POSSIBLY operating illegally for that duration. After all, one requirement of operating as a corporation in the USA is that they remain registered in the state in which they are doing business.

OFFICER INFORMATION (More Than Conquerors, Inc., per Georgia Business Search results)
Name Title Business Address
Thorolese Hunt CFO P.O.Box 930594, Norcross, GA, 30003, USA
Valerie Wright Secretary 1268 MANNBROOK DRIVE, STONE MOUNTAIN, GA, 30083, USA
Viola January CEO 1268 Mannbrook Drive , Stone Mountain, GA, 30083, USA
Viola January CEO 997 Commerce Dr. Suite 1A, Conyers, GA, 30094, USA

[The level of details that need to be looked at to pull this together — see “resolution” link above suggesting “Committed 2 You, Inc.” as somehow a good role model of an organization doing the right thing for the public (by setting up shop, then failing to stay registered?), and there is also a “Center for Community Initiative @ Georgia Family Council” with a Norcross, Georgia Street address.  In a 2010 (FYI) “Marriage Week” declaration (I’d bookmark and think about what’s on it also — there’s a statement the idea came from the UK to the US by way of “Brent Barlow and Diane Sollee” (who is, or should be, well known by now — at least on my blog — for participating in pushing for a “Marriage Movement” in the USA, with a Year 2000 Conference in Chicago (Also involving the Institute for American Values and, as I recall, a Louisville, KY-based foundation).  The key word here is “Smartmarriage.com” ® which term belongs to an LLC run by Diane Sollee.  So, at the “Smartmarriages.com ® conferences, 2000-2010 approximately, would-be grantees and curriculum providers could congregate, hook up, figure out how to purchase or set up certification routines (part of the distribution network, right?) and from there, go get those HHS grants!


Georgia Marriage Week

February 7th – February 14, 2010  
 “We Applaud Our Sponsors” …. “Corporate Sponsors” (first one listed):
Center for Community Initiatives
3500 Parkway Lane, 460
Norcross, GA 30092
(770) 242-0001
Georgia Family Council’s Center for Community Initiatives (CCI) team is building strong communities throughout Georgia by promoting healthy marriages and families at the local level. CCI connects leaders from various sectors of a community and helps them craft long-range plans for strengthening families measurably in a way that best fit their community’s needs.
One reason I’m following up (some) on this — If you have heard of “Focus on the Family” — one thing they (as either 501©3 or 501©4) have quite well organized is statewide “Family Councils,” i.e. “(NAME OF STATE) Family Council,” which are themselves nonprofits as well, and supported by Focus on the Family (James Dobson et al.) as to agenda, organization, and it seems to me, financially.
So, the reference I showed above (a Governmental resolution commending “Committed 2 You, Inc.” for strengthening marriage in Georgia)  suggesting that the Senate Resolve that “Committed 2 You, Inc” be commended, references, and apparently connects with this “Georgia Family Council,” on a (frankly, pretty “cheap-ass”) yellow-background website, but notice the statement (absent any real links — like I tend to provide in MY posts at least!) that a single couple in UK came up with the idea of “Marriage Week” and two others in the US just happened to pick up on it and start it in the US, also.  OVersimplified much?  But, if true — highly recommended to look at the Public/Private funding model that the individual referenced actually used.  I.e., part of the deal was getting public (HHS) funding, of course — and where better to get it FROM than poor families who might be on (pre-1996) “Aid to Families with Dependent Children” and divert it into running marriage programming to anyone and everyone, through networked nonprofits that — well, “More Than Conquerors, Inc.” seems to be one example of just how “responsibly” this might be handled once the money is dished out…
Also see (within the same website on proclaiming a certain week in February to be “Marriage Week” in Georgia)
In December of 2009, the North Atlanta Family Network, in association with the Georgia Family Council and 11 grassroot Community Marriage Inititatives, petitioned Govenor Sonny Perdue to proclaim February 7th – February 14th, 2010 as Marriage Week in Georgia.
“God ordained the sanctity of marriage as a holy and sacred union between two people who promised to love, honor and respect each other and to give themselves faithfully to each other for as long as they both shall live…”
These are the opening words of the proclamation signed in 2010 by Governor Sonny Perdue declaring February 7th – February 14th as “Marriage Week” in Georgia…more

FINALLY (on this connection, and thank you for your patience!), connecting this material to “MTCIGA.org,” above — look at the PARTNERS page logos here, and you can notice some of the programming it is running, including “Committed 2 You, Inc.” and “MATURE” program out of Rockdale Medical Center in Conyers, Georgia, and “Center for Community Initiatives at Georgia Family Council”.  I will show those images, and related street addresses:

135 West Avenue Conyers, GA 30012 (404) 725-5568 http://www.committed2you.org

3500 Parkway Lane, Suite 460 Norcross, GA 30092 (770) 242-001 http://www.georgiafamily.org

The MATURE Project Rockdale Medical Center 1412 Milstead Avenue Conyers, GA 30012

See Street address for “georgiafamily.org” logo — above.

I FOUND that organization, by the usual means (looking for it!).  The organization name, and street address do NOT match what’s above, however its books are in the care of one of only two paid board members of “GeorgiaOpportunity.org,” a.k.a. the

“Georgia Center for Opportunity” as it now goes by.  Regardless, and despite an address change (Fiscal Year 2011) and apparently a name change (sometime thereafter), its books are in the care of its COO (Salary:  $121K) Terry Tucker (the CEO, Randy Hicks earns $118K) (that partic. year anyhow).

State the name, physical address, and telephone number of the person who possesses the books and records of the organizationTerry Tucker 3500 Parkway Lane Suite 460 Norcross,GA 30092 (770)242-0001″

In looking for “Georgia Family Council” to start with, I already located this (sponsored, incidentally) search result, and that they were running marriage curricula:

Those tax returns still show a former name:

Search Again

Georgia Family Education and Research Council GA 2014 990 34 $403,725.00 58-1928520
Georgia Family Education and Research Council GA 2013 990 27 $557,008.00 58-1928520
Georgia Family Education and Research Council GA 2012 990 32 $560,838.00 58-1928520

 Interesting tax returns.  From various of the above:

  • There are 9 husband and wife teams that serve the organization as Board Directors
  • (fiscal Year 2011, here is the “Center for Community Initiatives”

4C (Code )(Expenses$ 152,351. including grants of $  ) (Revenues ____)*
Center for Community Initiatives (CCI) is working to strengthen healthy families at the local level. The Center has:

Helped create 12 local marriage and family initiatives (CMFIs) across Georgia that encourage better relationships , better marriages and better families.

-Connected leaders from all sectors of a local community and helped them craft long-range plans for strengthening families in their community and provided professional assistance with board development, fundraising and communications.

  •  It shows as 100% private (i.e., no government grants) funded.  It seems, however, what they want to do is help set up other people and organizations (“initiative”) in line to GET government grants (especially — guess what — HMRF and Pregnancy Prevention, etc. in nature) from HHS and with this assistance — not direct TO them, but pushing others to make that happen — they can influence policy..
  • (If you compare Prior/Current years) I noticed that when one year they had a budget surplus of several hundred thousand dollars, the next, they managed to get rid of it by increasing expenditures in the categories of “Salaries” (but only adding one employee, somehow the total salaries jumped by about $250K) AND “Other expenses” (also increased by $250K) resulting in a negative (Revenues – Expenses) the following year.  Helps keep a low profile, I guess.  Perhaps in this they were taking a cue from our own government, which seems to do the same….
  • Date of Organization — 1990, one year before (per State of Georgia) “More Than Conquerors, Inc.”  although that organization says it started in 1989….


Post-Publication Note:  FYI, Excessive Material Added AFTER post was published (on the Georgia Family Council issue, which is relatively heavyweight in this context, and important) is removed below.  Sorry about any gaps in transitional language which may result.


See “heart-shaped” “MATURE” logo to right, and associated Street address.  The “Mature II” grants are already being distributed to MTCIGA.org from HHS.

Link to a saved TAGGS.hhs.gov search of this organization, only (not selecting on any particular year or type of grant).  Organization name shows at top of the report, so that column was omitted in the results.  Notice:  $9.1M Grants since 2010 only…. Look what is the focus of the grants received (in content and programming)– here’s that table. (The Link — please share with others!)

The “pink” table color is added.  This is a government website’s report & search results, copied & pasted onto this post May 7, 2016.

Recipient Name: More Than Conquerors
Report Total:  $9,199,636

Distinct Award Count:  12

Fiscal Year
Program Office
Recipient County
Award Number
Award Title
Action Issue Date
Award Action Type
CFDA Number
Principal Investigator
Sum of Actions
2015 OFA DE KALB 90FM0103 Marriage Appreciation Training Uplifting Relationship Education ( MATURE Plus II) 9/30/2015 NEW 93086 PHILLIPPIA FAUST $1,868,395
2014 FYSB DE KALB 90AR0028 Competitive Abstinence Education Program 9/23/2014 NEW 93060 PHILLIPPIA FAUST $384,573
2014 OFA DE KALB 90FM0053 Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationship Grants 9/24/2014 NON-COMPETING CONTINUATION 93086 PHILLIPPIA FAUST $798,798
2014 ASH/


DE KALB TP1AH000048 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 8/18/2014 NON-COMPETING CONTINUATION 93297 PHILLIPPIA FAUST $652,045
2013 OFA DE KALB 90FM0053 Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationship Grants 9/25/2013 NON-COMPETING CONTINUATION 93086 PHILLIPPIA FAUST $798,798
2013 ASH/OAH DE KALB TP1AH000048 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 8/8/2013 NON-COMPETING CONTINUATION 93297 PHILLIPPIA FAUST $652,045
2012 OFA DE KALB 90FM0053 Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationship Grants 9/18/2012 NON-COMPETING CONTINUATION 93086 PHILLIPPIA FAUST $798,798
2012 ASH/OAH DE KALB TP1AH000048 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 8/14/2012 NON-COMPETING CONTINUATION 93297 PHILLIPPIA FAUST $652,045
2011 OFA DE KALB 90FM0053 Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationship Grants 9/27/2011 NEW 93086 Phillipia Faust $798,798
2011 ASH/OAH DE KALB TP1AH000048 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 8/22/2011 NON-COMPETING CONTINUATION 93297 PHILLIPPIA FAUST $652,045
2010 ASH/OAH DE KALB TP1AH000048 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 9/20/2010 NEW 93297 VIOLA JANUARY $652,045

Organization Logo/motto talks about “Setting the Standard.”  Interesting…  notice the largest type of grant above was HMRF.  That figure, “$798,798” appears at least twice as “Revenues” in the tax returns, wrongfully so.  Assuming then, that there were “0” program service revenues for the organization, several (or, many) years in a row — then we are to presume that NONE of the venues where the classes were run charged any fees to any participants, or the sponsoring organizations (i.e., churches, middle schools, community centers, wherever).


The “WAIT Training Cirriculum” (sic) is produced by another, HHS-funded and ongoing-sponsored group called “The Center for Relationship Education.”  (Sample article on what’s done in this context): Shelly Donahue’s “WAIT Training” Education Video (article by Andy Kopsa — I’ve quoted it before) is 8/11/2011:

The Denver based WAIT (“Why Am I Tempted?”) abstinence-until-marriage program has used over $8.2 million in federal funds to bring assemblies like ones illustrated in the clips below to public schools, churches and community centers throughout the state.

The abstinence program, demonstrated by Shelly Donahue, is the subject of this week’s cover story, “Forbidden Fruit.”

Despite being cited for using shame and guilt-based methods as well as providing medically inaccurate information, WAIT will receive over $220,000 per year for the next three from the state of Colorado to do more of the same.

You can watch the full WAIT Training seminar video over at Boulder Community Media’s Vimeo page. Below are a few clips mentioned in this week’s story.

(Unlikely those links are still valid)…  Check out the rest of the article, which gives examples:

Donahue performs one of several optional in-school activities outlined in the WAIT Training curriculum. Here, she uses a piece of tape affixed and reaffixed to a young man’s arm to demonstrate how sex can ruin a teen’s ability to bond later in life to a spouse. Donahue also points out in this excerpt how the tape represents the girlfriend: once-clear, now tainted and covered with bits of the boy’s dried skin and hair (his DNA). Donahue repeated the process over and over again. Each time the tape — the girl — pulled up more debris and lost more of its ability to make a tight bond

How many “Competitive Abstinence Education” grantees across the country are still being paid to run the WAIT Curriculum?  

The “Hoover Vaccum”

Despite state and federal mandates that Title V recipients provide medically accurate information, WAIT Training’s Shelly Donahue tells Loveland High School students that if sperm gets anywhere near a girl’s vagina, her vagina will turn into a “little Hoover vacuum” to suck it up.

Again, it is primarily existing courtesy federal (and some, other levels — state or county I guess) contributions, and supposedly NOT running a profitable business, courtesy the taxpayers, tax-exempt, and without admitting to the profits. But, that certainly does appear to be what it’s doing.

This next, “background-color: white” (vs. “seashell” as you see here) section was from the draft of that post (“Despite Truly Funky Tax Returns, HHS Remains Loyal (2010-2015) to One Faith-Based (under Two Diff’t EIN#s, ONE of which the IRS acknowledges#) in Stone Mountain–or is it Conyers?– Georgia” or similar title. That link will not be active for the public, though I supplied it from the draft, until published).

I pulled in its intro to set a context including the Red Herring Alert link for this post.

Underneath this section, I talk for a while in general terms about factors influencing public policy affecting the family courts and where they tend to come from — including sponsored centers at universities and famous personalities (in social science, psychology, and occasionally law) to go with it.  This includes at least acknowledging these exist.

For example, the influence of the Ford Foundation and it’s “Strengthening Fragile Families Initiative” which followed  Ronald Mincy, Ph.D. into Columbia University where another center was set up, it says, in 2007 (Interesting — another reauthorization and multi-million-dollar set of Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood (HMRF) occurred in 2006, along with reauthorization of the federal budget in 2005, I believe that was “Deficit Reduction Act,” right?).

And I reference the first overtly, then less overly, father-friendly “CFFPP” and its name change, as well as that it was indeed a project of the Ford Foundation to implement Strengthening Fragile Families,” as well as significant Kellogg Foundation influence in some of the original professional’s background and academic educations.  And a few other “fatherhood”networks.  The thing is — centers are universities have sponsors from large tax-exempt foundations.  These same foundations also directly sponsor their favorite sets of nonprofits as well, in association with government.   And the OVERALL theme is fatherhood/marriage.

To the extent that domestic violence prevention (notice it doesn’t say “prosecution” but “prevention” although obviously some is going to be involved……) influential organizations ARE influential, in the past few decades, from what I can tell, they have influence — and funding — to the extent that they cooperate with “fatherhood practitioners” agenda, a large part of which is reframing “domestic violence” as a social problem more than a crime. This brings in the social science experts (helps make careers) and the HHS funding.

Ironically, HHS itself funds both fatherhood grants (to a much larger extent) and violence prevention grants (to a much SMALLER extent, discretionary, and not particularly going most of them to shelters any more).  Is it any surprise then, to see cases like the Grazzini-Rucki case where what happened has to be reframed as parental alienation, and the mother reporting domestic violence, stigmatized, punished, and terrorized (see 1/23/2016 post) as well as the runaway children reunified with their father.

If women start actually being able to separate AND stay separate from serious marital abuse and violence, including death threats, and another generation of children learns that it really is NOT acceptable under any circumstances to physically assault, threaten, or terrorize one’s spouse (or children by doing so or directly) — THAT would be a new day.  Why federal social policy is so intent that this NOT take place, while funding programs claiming they will be making it happen is a message in itself that continual social conflict is a desired outcome.  Obviously, a population that is constantly fighting itself is less like to unite and fight any oppressive government.

Once you start to follow the organizations moving the public, and the private money in these fields,  things will start to make more sense..

ANYHOW — when you see the identical section again on this post — the original “Early Morning Intuitive” I keep talking about is below, also marked with a large title.  That section is less about those grants than about AFCC and a few related situations, including what types of organizations acrually control the informational databases we rely on to see where our public funds went. Such as, ex-military contractors, privatized…. Hmm.

This post sprang (so to speak, actually it was extracted by me and didn’t move on its own) out of one dated May 2, 2016 (and which I am still trying to get posted!!!) which I called “Red Herring Alert’s “Conversation with Dakota County Commissioner/HMRF funds,” and about those funds…

Just so you know what “HMRF” stands for:

The Office of Family Assistance (OFA)  administers several key federal grant programs,** including the Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood  Grants. These programs foster economically secure households and communities for the well-being and long-term success of children and families

…On September 30, 2015, ACF’s Office of Family Assistance announced grantee awards to 46 organizations to provide healthy marriage and relationship education programming…..

The “Welfare-Reform” (1996) theory behind pushing for this Marriage/Fatherhood funding, as part of the form primary purpose of “TANF” was that the poor people, being a burden on society, should be prevented from and assisted in, reducing their fertility rates, and getting and staying married. It was in the public benefit, allegedly, to promote marriage because it reduced the public debt burden.

This mentality is still essentially an outgrowth of the 1965 Moynihan ReportThe Negro Family: The Case for National Action.” The proper arrangement of life and child-rearing was to be the two-parent, male-breadwinner family.

As you will see in this post, organizations using this type of funding are STILL targeting African-American (and Hispanic) youth for abstinence prevention marriage promotion, and so forth.

Continuing re: the Grazzini-Rucki case, and family court cases in general:

Wealth on one or both sides of any family line has rarely been an impediment to this court system stripping one (or both) sides of it in a single divorce/custody (and so much the better if there’s been domestic violence, and and the associated, inherent conflict in one side saying it happened, and the accused side (on which side, FYI, family courts typically weigh in on) and the other saying it didn’t, and what about “parental alienation” (a classic distraction technique)… Sometimes both sides may be completely denuded of any resources, or the ability to work, however a more common scenarios seems to be where the court orders one side already bankrupt, or close to it (coincidentally through some of the prior decision-making IN the same family court system) to simply pay off the other side.

Further “clouding” the issues — as no doubt this was intended to — is the nationwide, universal, proclivity for established institutions (I’m talking Universities, Congress, and by and large — faith-based-organizations a.k.a., the religious) to complain about uppity, family-breaking, DV-reporting, and otherwise separating MOTHERS, as a class.

Further confusing THIS issue is how often men AND women in positions of power (such as — Mainstream Media, University Academia, and women judges, lawyers, and custody-evaluators) have no problem putting down their own gender in perservation of the perception of “neutrality” to the status quo. It’s not as simple as “what gender is he/she — well they are for/against “my” cause.”

Many of these just do not belong to the same social class — and absolutely do not belong to the same professional circles as the average person, or couple, or family being run through the family court gauntlet. The perspective is simply not the same, either intellectually, or instinctively.


  • Time to admit that the words “Domestic Violence” have remained, the context, and application, has significantly changed over time.
  • A run-on section laying out some of this, but for the links, see elsewhere on the blog, and on the Internet.
  • University Based Centers, Institutes, etc. without distinct TRACKABLE funding base, but which are taking both substantial private foundation AND public money, are part of the players in HOW domestic violence is viewed and handled, nationwide (and beyond).
  • These centers (and they are typical of many universities) house the academics who IN CERTAIN FIELDS are more than likely to show C.V.s’ primarily or largely sponsored by HHS money, or if before 1980, HEW money — along side private corporate wealth housed in tax-exempt foundations. Common to many of these is the LACK of interest in “the word from the street” unless it already fits into existing policy, and LACK of consequences for when any sponsored, promoted, and successfully passed agenda ends up getting people homeless, bankrupt, or deceased — as it pertains specifically, to custody and divorce issues, including those where abuse has been named or found.

So — anyone (besides me, in my “free time,”) who wants to go through the University of Minnesota financial statements (both CAFR and more detailed budgetary accounts or analysis) please feel free to find me what is allocated to an “Institute” under the School of Welfare called IDVAAC.

Also recommended — try this over at Temple University for the FRPN (Fatherhood Research and Practice Network), over at Columbia University for the NCOFF (National Center on Fathers and Families” I believe it’s called), and quite a few other centers of similar name at various universities nation-wide, who have concerned themselves (whether under social science, under Education (I heard there was another at the University of Pennsvylvania under the GSE — see some of the membership of the one at Temple University), and so forth.

To reference this, just briefly:

Further complicating ALL of the above is what I (Let’s Get Honest) have chosen to call the DV Cartel– including some significant nonprofits and associated professionals, including at least one deceased progressive Senator and his faithful wife (the Wellstones) — who decide to shake hands with the “responsible fatherhood” grants-based movement as expressed in the virtual takeover of the battered women’s and any feminist movement.

Women employees or those on the board of directors may lead and are typically contacted after the latest DV homicide-suicide, alleged (there was one in North Las Vegas, Nevada — May 5, 2016, as I speak.  A 27 year old woman and 40 year old man were “found dead” outside a daycare after “shots were heard,” a weapon was recovered at the scene, and the couple’s children, a three-year old and a four-year-old, girl and boy, are now orphans.)  But the Tax Returns show the grants and the programming — and that grants and programming consistently shows strategic cooperation with the DEcriminalization of domestic violence and RE-description of it as a social science and demographics problem, a welfare-problem, and with lead agencies and professionals — and I will continue to name two of them (both men) who for years (and one, still) have been ensconced as professors at University of Minnesota (Minneapolis Campus)’ “School of Social Welfare.”  And those are Jeffrey L. Edleson (who co-authored “the Greenbook” in 1999 which was published by a judicial membership organization, NCJFCJ, and then became the basis for a major “pilot project” on how to intervene in “Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment.”  This project, the Greenbook Initiative, then placed two major US Federal agencies (US/HHS and US/DOJ) along with several major tax-exempt foundations— at least one of them (ICF International) — on the federal “dole” (as contractor and grantee both) and significant, as to ICF, in promoting “healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood.”

The other Minnesota-based (still) individual represents the culturally-sensitive blend of “Domestic Violence” concern with “Responsible Fatherhood” (Grantmaking!) at a Center for which NO known business entity (such as 501©3), and — so far– no known sub-part of the humongous research institution and constitutional corporation, literally an arm of the State of Minnesota, called the University of Minnesota.

I am referring to Oliver J. Williams, Ph.D. and the Steering Committee and Leadership (Executive Staff or whatever it’s called, I do not have it memorized) at IDVAAC. Among that leadership is a man who for years was working in Maryland distributing responsible fatherhood grants programs, but lately, it says, is now working for the “Vera Institute of Justice,” namely Johnny Rice II, Ph.D.

IDVAAC is also cited by the OVW (which implements VAWA- based, that’s “Violence Against Women Act” (first passed 1994, several amendments have been passed since) USDOJ-administered grants, including some I believe they are called entitlement or block grants, but the MAJORITY of these are called “Discretionary.”  Among these were some in 2013 for “Court Improvement” and on the TAT (Technical Assistance and Training) was, “IDVAAC” which is — literally — a non-entity posing as an entity.  I posted on this in 2016 (“Caught up in?…Get Caught Up On….”).

I have found even Esta Soler’s (head of the well-known “Futures without Violence” in San Francisco, formerly “Family Violence Prevention Fund” — a $40+-million-dollar outfit) ALSO on the board of Wisconsin (domicile) “CFFPP” which was formerly called “Center for Father and Families Public Policy” but renamed itself to omit the word “fathers” from at least the title (if not the contents) of the nonprofit.  This 1995-founded (it says) nonprofit actually is called an “Arm of the Ford-Foundation Funded Strengthening Fragile Families Initiative

Here’s a publication showing the prior name, the board, the organization description.  Notice Oliver Williams is also on there and that at this time, the title included the word Fathers.  More to the point, the Ford Foundation (talk about major influence on public policy!!!) was originally behind it as it is or at least was behind many other MAJOR social science demonstration projects being run, sometimes “unawares,” although not completely hidden (if you read this type of material as part of a daily, weekly, or monthly information diet — which I’ll bet MOST American’s don’t….) on the population, ESPECIALLY any low-income population, and I’m referring to MDRC.

Also I believe it is the Ford Foundation (and not Rockefellers) who first funded the “Fund for the City of New York” (ca. 1968) which now is running a joint innovation project with an entire STATE (and that state is New York!)’s “Unified Court System — called “TheCenter for Court Innovation.” (Minnesotans –go look up Kearns County Domestic Violence Felony Court and find there’s a connection to the NY Center).

So when a smallish nonprofit (such as CFFPP) with major players in the domestic violence and fatherhood (or and/or “poverty”) fields with a focus on ethnicity is being backed by something as large as the Ford Foundation, should we not take notice of it, and talk about it?  Even if only finding out a decade– or four– after the fact?

Board of Directors
Esta Soler • Interim Chairperson, Family Violence Prevention Fund

Tanvir Mangat • Treasurer, Private Consultant
Margaret Stapleton, J.D. • Secretary, National Center on Poverty Law Adrienne Brooks • Private Consultant
Carole Doeppers • Consumer and Health Privacy Consultant
Earl S. Johnson, Ph.D. • California Health and Human Services Agency John Rich, M.D., M.P.H. • Boston Public Health Commission Beth Richie, Ph.D. • University of Illinois at Chicago
Gerald A. Smith • IBM
Oliver Williams, Ph.D. • University of Minnesota


Jacquelyn Boggess, J.D. • Senior Policy Analyst Rebecca May • Policy Analyst
Louisa Medaris • Office Manager
David Pate, Ph.D. • Executive Director Marguerite Roulet, Ph.D. • Research Associate Scott Sussman, J.D. • Legal Analyst

The Center on Fathers, Families and Public Policy is a national nonprofit policy organization that addresses the concerns of low-income families who receive federal and state assistance. Founded in 1995 as a policy arm of the Ford Foundation-supported Strengthening Fragile Families Initiative, the Center works with practitioners, researchers, and policy advocates throughout the country to promote the well-being of low-income men, their children, and their families.** The Center provides technical assistance to direct service organizations, analysis of legislative and policy initiatives that affect low- income families, and advocacy for the creation of holistic laws that are supportive of all members of low-income families, whether or not they live together or are legally married.

Generally speaking, it takes a woman to have a child, however any pronoun referring to the female gender (i.e., the word “mothers” or even “women”) is strategically omitted from this description.

Compare to a center at Columbia University with similar name, and similar backing (i.e., coming out of Ford Foundation backing under that title):

The Center for Research on Fathers, Children and Family Well-Being’s mission is to expand the knowledge base on the role of fathers (and father figures) in the lives of disadvantaged children and the processes by which nonresident fathers (and father figures) affect child development and family well-being.  (http://crfcfw.columbia.edu/about/)

CRFCFW was established in 2007 by Dr. Ronald B. Mincy.

Here’s some information about the CRFCFW team. (photo below — one woman is missing from the photo).  You can see that the “SFFI” (Strengthening Fragile Families Initiative) came from his former employment at the Ford Foundation, and there’s referenced a similar, but not identical, center at Columbia with further studies along these lines.  He is Harvard & MIT, what I’m wondering is why the last sentences describe him as “married for 30 years” but barely (and rarely) seems to mention his wife’s name or, in general, his mother although SOMEHOW he made it through Harvard and MIT.  Perhaps mother was not a basket case?  But it’s been “fathers” ever since, period.   Comes with the territory? She is Adjunct Faculty/Assistant Professor at Columbia, according to this  (http://socialwork.crosscomm.net/faculty/adjunct-faculty) and good enough to be listed as a speaker at the “4th Annual Caribbean Fathers & Families Coalition of America”  alongside people who have run other HHS “HMRF” grants-funded organizations, I see (Dr. Carolyn Curtis of CA):

Faculty The 4th Annual Caribbean Healthy Fathers & Families Conference

The 4th Annual Caribbean Healthy Fathers & Families Conference Kingston, Jamaica June 21 & 22, 2016
Fathers & Families Coalition of America to host our fourth Caribe event with international experts, regional leaders and our Jamaica Affiliate of Fathers & Families Coalition of America to support the ongoing training needs for providers and parents. The Regional Conference is an opportunity to build a base to improve policy, services, resources, professional development, capacity building assistance to improve outcomes for children and families. Featured Speakers Dr. Ronald B. Mincy, Sr.-Columbia University Dr. Allan McCray-Life Impact Dr. Obie Clayton-Clark Atlanta University Dr. Percy Ricketts, LMHC, NCC Dr. Aida Díaz-Asociación de Maestro de Puerto Rico Dr. Carolyn Curtis-Sacramento, California Dr. Fiona Mincy-New York City, NY Ms. Anayra Túa López-Proyecto Nacer, Bayamon, PR Mr. Andre Harrison-Role Call, Staten Island, NY

From same sign-up website link, “Fathers & Families Coalition of America” –a bout whose corporate identy and fiscal behavior (EIN# was automatically revoked after failing to file for 3 years in a row, by the IRS — but meanwhile they’d been (a) apparently advertising under a DIFFERENT EIN# on their publications and (b) having been for a long time a “dba” of an organization which had the word “Arizona” in its own legal business name, and which (their own site admits) wasn’t even incorporated until 2004, despite having been around and apparently functioning (conferencing) since 1994, the IRS delayed publicizing that “Fathers & Families Coalition of America” (as a dba or as itself– while the IRS was NOT publishing its former real — but revoked — EIN#, changed its name to what is seen currently), meanwhile I have not been able to locate NOT ONE tax return of either named organization, EVER.  (I have discussed this also with other investigative bloggers on these things). I don’t know that one was ever filed.

Now– consider this next — apparently another institute (by FFCA) is going to happen this coming July in either San Diego or NJ (or both — both locations are referenced with similar, but not identical institute titles):

Jul 28 – 29, 2016

Interfaith & Nonprofit Leadership Conference | Without Borders-Restoration of Families

Over the past five years, Fathers & Families Coalition of America with its local Affiliate Agencies has provided continuous improvement training introducing evidence based practices and emerging models of strengthening families’ services. In 2016, our partnerships have expanded with leadership from St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church of God in Christ, Life Impact, LLC, Livingstone Cathedral and numerous regional FFCA Affiliate Agencies to host 2-day conference for aspiring leaders from nonprofit and ecumenical entities. Highlighted Speakers Dr. Jannah Scott, Deputy Director, Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Washington, DC Hon. Joyce Thomas, Regional Administrator, Administration for Children and Families Region II, New York City, NY Special Leadership Program |D.I.S.C. Analysis & Coaching Taking Us to the Next Level

My point:  If professionals THAT high in the HHS (or Homeland Security) hierarchy are continually supporting the FFCA conferences by showing up at them (which I know they have been from plenty of material on the web), what does this say about HHS’ leadership (and, Homeland Security’s) “Concern” for the organization’s repeated failure to file and advertising itself on, apparently, a fake EIN#?

If I could identify this problem, I should think that either HHS or that Dept of Homeland Security (BOTH of whom, incidentally, and per some HTML I have on the blog which tracks this) seem to have been on my site, as well as repeated visits from one or another of the DOD (Dept. of Defense) Information Network.) — then I believe that any competent, attentive individuals at those agencies also could have.

But apparently, they didn’t — and the IRS went out of its way NOT to expose FFCA’s fiscal misbehavior for SIX YEARS after status revoked (by them) took place… then I feel it’s fair to say, “Houston, we have a problem….” I think it’s time to look at the entire setup as facilitation tax evasion and money-laundering, along with the population behavioral modifications (“get and stay married when child-bearing, and if you’re a hormone-laden adolescent, seriously consider abstinence– we will be running classes at your local public schools, starting in middle school; and women — COOL IT on the domestic violence reporting, OK?  That doesn’t let you off co-parenting with a man that may have threatened to kill you, and thanks to us, may still have the means and opportunity to do so”) that all this is, under WELFARE REFORM, and NATIONAL DEBT REDUCTION, and HELPING POOR PEOPLE,  is  supposed to facilitate. 

Dr. Mincy’s wife’s very low profile (when he is speaking or being written about, anyhow) reminds me of another married couple professorship, although at Columbia for one, and Princeton, for the other.  Irwin Garfinkel (also, I believe, Columbia School of Social Work and likewise famous for it) is married to Sara McLaughlan (wife — working at Princeton University — and collaborabing often through another center THERE with Brooking Institution’s (Major nonprofit, educational, since 1939) and ITS “Center of Families and Children” or similar term — Ron Haskins & Isabel Sawhill (Ron Haskins is — or should be– well known for his role in welfare reform and SPECIFICALLY pushing for the Access/Visitation Grants.

Below as you can see, Dr. Mincy was He was also cited by the National Fatherhood Leadership Group (a DC nonprofit, current, former, or status revoked, I DNK — but I DO know that when I went looking for their website to see the related fatherhood groups mentioned on it — it came up “Website Domain Expired 4/12/2016.”  I had looked only 4/16/2016…..) Oh well!)


Dr. Ronald B. Mincy is the Director of the Center for Research on Fathers, Children and Family Well-Being and the Maurice V. Russell Professor of Social Policy and Social Work Practice at the Columbia University School of Social Work. He teaches graduate courses on social welfare policy, program evaluation, and microeconomics, and a doctoral seminar on causal inference. He has published widely on the effects of income security policy on child and family poverty, family formation, and child well-being; responsible fatherhood, the urban underclass, and urban poverty. Prior to joining the Columbia faculty, Mincy was Senior Program Officer in the Ford Foundation’s Human development and Reproductive Health Program, where he developed the Strengthening Fragile Families Initiative (SFFI). SFFI was a Ford Foundation grantmaking initiative working with federal, state, and local human service agencies to reform income security policies to enable low-income mothers and fathers to provide emotional, financial, and development support to their children receiving welfare. As a result of SFFI, Mincy is widely regarded as a critical catalyst for changes currently underway in the treatment of low-income fathers by U.S. welfare, child support, and family support systems.

Mincy is a co-principal investigator for the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study a birth cohort study of children born to unmarried parents, which is nationally representative of births in large cities. His most recent book Black Males Left Behind, examines the consequences of the 1990s economic boom for less-educated men.

Dr. Mincy is an advisory board member for the National Poverty Center; the African American Healthy Marriage Initiative; (that’ another HHS-sponsored project!) Transition to Fatherhood; the National Fatherhood Leadership Group; the Longitudinal Evaluation of the Harlem Children’s Zone; The Economic Mobility Project, Pew Charitable Trusts; the Mac Arthur Network on Family and the Economy, and Governor Paterson’s Task Force on Juvenile Justice

Dr. Mincy’s undergraduate and graduate training in economics were at Harvard and M.I.T. He and his wife, Flona Mincy, have been married for more than thirty years and live in Harlem, New York. They have two sons


Here is the “CFFPP” logo since the namechange:  and link to their current staff (http://cffpp.org/staff/; 3 women and two men, including original David Pate). Notice that both the Kellogg and the Ford foundations continue to sponsor its work… It is in Madison, Wisconsin. Their board sounds very distinguished (11 people, 3 women, take a look from the main website):  Here are just two I’m quoting — one references an HHS-sponsored, multi-year “FATHER Project” in Minnesota  (and a few other groups I’m somewhat familiar with).  As a reminder, a 501©3 has a board of directors, but only looking at the tax return tells you if they work more than 1 hours a week as volunteers or not.  Often board helps with reputation and fame of the organization, which helps with credibility and, as needed, donations.   So, here is that quote:

Guy Bowling

Guy Bowling is the Program Manager for the FATHER Project, a program of Goodwill/ Easter Seals Minnesota. Mr. Bowling has been a leader in the fatherhood field for 18 years with a special focus on working with low-income, non-custodial fathers in culturally specific communities. He has been the Manager of the FATHER Project since 1999. In that role, he oversaw the successful implementation of a five-year $2.5 million grant project funded through the federal Department of Health and Human Services, through the Office of Family Assistance (OFA). He remains in that role as the FATHER Project has received a one-year, $1.7 million grant award from OFA to expand its proven service model across Minnesota.

This indicates the recipient will be Good Will/Easter Seals and not easy to locate on a tax return — I’m sure that’s a very large organization.

He received the 2001 “Spirit of Fatherhood” award at the National Center for Strategic Planning and Community Leadership’s (NPCL)*** Annual International Fatherhood conference. He received the Ronald F. Johnson Award to be inducted into the Spirit of Fatherhood Hall of Fame in 2012 at the 14th annual NPCL conference. Guy was recently selected as an emerging leader to participate in the National Practitioners Leadership Institute (NPLI). The NPLI Leadership Academy is designed to assist field leaders in growing their network and expertise in one or more of the following areas: Responsible Fatherhood, Family Stability, Workforce Development, and Black Male Achievement.

**NCPL is itself a nonprofit, and another topic — but it is searchable.  My blog has examples all over it of looking up:  Corporate filings, EIN#s and tax returns, and if they exist, charitable registries (NYS has one, I DNK if this was in NY or Washington, D.C.).  The Institute is probably associated with NCPL.   Anyhow….

Osvaldo “Ozzie” Cruz

For the past twelve years, Mr. Cruz’s primary focus has been working with at risk youth within the greater Los Angeles area through community based programs, school evidence based programs and detention centers. Mr. Cruz currently holds the position of Prevention Specialist at El Sereno Healthy Start within Los Angeles Unified School District, where he works with at risk boys and young men.

Mr. Cruz is a member of The National Compadres Network, a not-for-profit organization that responds to local and national requests to address the growing needs of the Latino community, with a primary focus on providing services to Latino males.

This post sprang (so to speak, actually it was extracted by me and didn’t move on its own) out of one dated May 2, 2016 (and which I am still trying to get posted!!!) which I called “Red Herring Alert’s “Conversation with Dakota County Commissioner/HMRF funds,” and about those funds…

Just so you know what “HMRF” stands for:

The Office of Family Assistance (OFA)  administers several key federal grant programs,** including the Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood  Grants. These programs foster economically secure households and communities for the well-being and long-term success of children and families

…On September 30, 2015, ACF’s Office of Family Assistance announced grantee awards to 46 organizations to provide healthy marriage and relationship education programming…..

The “Welfare-Reform” (1996) theory behind pushing for this Marriage/Fatherhood funding, as part of the form primary purpose of “TANF” was that the poor people, being a burden on society, should be prevented from and assisted in, reducing their fertility rates, and getting and staying married. It was in the public benefit, allegedly, to promote marriage because it reduced the public debt burden.

This mentality is still essentially an outgrowth of the 1965 Moynihan ReportThe Negro Family: The Case for National Action.” The proper arrangement of life and child-rearing was to be the two-parent, male-breadwinner family.

As you will see in [that] post [to be published], organizations using this type of funding are STILL targeting African-American (and Hispanic) youth for abstinence prevention marriage promotion, and so forth.


Early Morning Intuitive as Written in one piece last week:

The Early Morning was 4/28/2016, not today May 6…  These are comments from the Red Herring Alert — plus what I didn’t submit because it was too long for a comment.

  1. #1 of maybe 3 comments, when I was unable to sleep ca. 3am and finally gave up and got up to reply. So, it will be talkative and informative — like this post was. _______

    I just finished reading this 4/26 post; hadn’t realized from the top portion that there was a bottom portion on HMRF and referencing my blog. On 4/26, I was just finishing up and posted “Child Support, Fatherhood Promotion: More DIALOGUE and TABLES of OCSE Grants to States (CFDAs 93601, 93563, 93564) from my 7/26/2011 Post (For example, in Alabama..)” (link:  LINK) (some html code may show in that paragraph). Grants.gov (quoted above, it looks like) advertises grant opportunities posted, however for HHS http://TAGGS.hhs.gov is the place to go, unless you’re privately endowed and can afford an actually functional service like “Fedmine.” 

    This RedHerring Post has so much info on accessibility of electronically available information, I would like to point out that in many places (and probably here also), and federally, it is often former (or even current) military contractors who have gone into providing electronic services to government agencies. When a major federal contractor providing private security (which private security forces such as the former Blackwater / Xe / (now it has yet another name, I forgot) &/or “DynCorps” –and there are others) are themselves in control of the databases ma) intaining the accounting information for the US government, how sovereign are we, really? That basic question didn’t come from me, but Catherine Austin Fitts, about 15 years ago. She was high-ranking in the Federal Housing Authority during George Bush, Sr. (1989ff) administration. See updated “Quips, Links and Thinks” post (10th from top of my blog/”sticky”) which quotes an author on DynCorps. I also looked up the organization. Another major federal contractor heavily involved in the HMRF business, originally formed by Tuskeegee airmen as “Inner City Fund” but when that didn’t pan out, went into consulting for the federal government. It is now called “ICF, International” and has grown fat and bought out a number of other companies, become in fact a multi-national corporation — and it has not only received a major HMRF GRANT (alongside an Oklahoma-based PR firm Public Strategies) — under CFDA 93086 — to run a “resource center” (glorified term for complex, multifaceted electronic database and public website). Please read the history of this organization, and click around enough to see which companies it used to be part of (Kaiser Engineers) and which ones it helped gobble up (Caliber Associates — which did evaluations of federal projects). ICF International was also, if I have this right, an “Evaluation Partner” on the national (HHS/DOJ Public/Private Venture) “Greenbook Initiative” on “Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment” based on the NCJFCJ (that’s a University of Nevada/Reno — except when it’s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! — based (I posted on this in 2016 also) 501©3 membership association involving plenty of family court judges. But, as an ASSOCIATION, it’s still a private corporation — and it also takes substantial HHS grants.

    You can’t get away saying “What does THAT have to do with THIS county in Minnnesota or this post?” — everything. First, as this post says, there are federal incentives to produce certain outcomes in family courts which are under subject matter jurisdiction of, well, apparently County level courts — and State level laws. But “where’s there’s a will ,there’s a way” seems to be the rule, and State economics are of course entwined with federal economics.

    AND, the Twin Cities is one of five campuses of one of the largest research universities (one of the top nine in the nation), i.e. the University of Minnesota. As to Greenbook Initiative (in which the federal contractor, multinational for-profit “ICF, International” played a role as one of just a few “Evaluation” (I think it was or Technical Assistance) partners — UMN for many years (about 29?) hosted Jeffrey L. Edleson — at the School of Social Work, who co-authored the (1999-published — by NCJFCJ) “The Greenbook” along with JD the late Susan Schechter. Here is that link, coaching the state-legislature-regulated family courts how to Effectively Intervene in cases of Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment: http://www.ncjfcj.org/resource-library/publications/effective-intervention-domestic-violence-child-maltreatment-cases notice the URL and description. Feb. 6, 1999.

    I was a battered wife (and mother) in the 1990s and remember at some point running across Susan Schechter’s and Ann Jone’s book “When Love Goes Wrong: What to Do When You Can’t Do Anything Right. (1993 review). Another review (or, more like, ad) at The Nation Institute Shows (click on Bio) that this book was written “at the request of leaders of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence” (a Denver-based 501©3) and that Ann Jones was the journalist in that partnership — in fact, (currently) “A former gender adviser to the UN, she currently studies war as a fellow of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard.”
    (image, if this link works)

    Back then, my urgent need was HELP — physical protection from battering, intervention. I didn’t need job skills or training (already had two college degrees and experience in a profession which was also under continual assault/ sabotage by my husband). I didn’t need “communications skills” or co-parenting advice. I needed legal intervention to for protection of life and limb, and I needed like many do, safe separation so I would be able to sleep, wake up, go to work, and come back from work WITHOUT that imminent threat as a routine part of everyday life. I also needed to be able to go to work knowing my then still very young children would be safe, and not (as I frequently found out, until forced THROUGH the unpredictable events and work sabotage incidents, to QUIT that job, when holding down a FT night job (outside my regular, and former profession), that someone could be relied on to be even AT the home for them).

    A civil restraining order (shoulda gone for criminal, but that’s now hindsight) provided immediate TEMPORARY relief — but brought up the issue of custody and within, it seemed, DAYS we were in front of a mediator. It was TEN YEARS before I learned that the federal government had a grant series designed to promote: mediation, parent education & counseling, supervised visitation (in California, that’s scope of services for “Access and Visitation” grants) administered through the child support agency — AND before it sunk in that there was an ORGANIZED lobby of judges, mental health professionals — and lawyers — in the form of a private, for-profit and fiscally misbehaving 501©3 out of Illinois (but with a Wisconsin address — and plenty of powerful members helping run the Administrative Office of the Courts in California (provides support to the highest authority, I guess, in the state over the courts, the California Judicial Council with its Chief Administrative Judge)……

    I have since learned to pay a LOT better attention, when it’s a certain professional (especially if a lawyer) or any organization involving people in governmental authority (example in this post — County Commissioner, and the others cited), to WHO is speaking, and IN WHAT CONTEXT. Your commissioner, it says, has membership in a National Association of Counties and the Association of Minnesota Counties. Unless those are constitutionally-created associations (federal or state), they are PRIVATE authorities. They can describe, but the interests being promoted are those of the Counties (government entities) and Commissioners (government employees — civil servants). That is a KEY difference in authority and responsibility.
    (cont’d on next comment)


  2. Enough material came out in the early morning (more at the intuitive than cognitive level of thinking) writing session here to move to a separate post at http://FamilyCourtmatters.wordpress.com. The post format also allows me to show quotes, and emphases (bold, italics) to better organize the narrative. BUT, when you do this much look up and follow-up, sometimes what comes out in this “intuitive” state is in fact a distilled summary of a LOT of information before the super-analytical can get in there and say “I wouldn’t say that, if I were you…”……

(This was written then, but saved to text instead of submitted. It was the rest of that, not ‘stream of consciousness’ but stream of explanation, for that timeframe, on the subject matter):

Written 4/28/2016, originally intended for Minnesota readers and regarding the 4/26/2016 post above:

“CONV With COMMISSIONER” my Comment #2 4-28-2016

#2 of maybe 3:   Another long one that won’t hurt anyone and might help some.

[the organization mentioned in the next-to-last para. of the previous comment was, of course, “Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.”  This is an INTERNATIONAL association, including in its board membership.  List of Conferences (Over 50).  Check out 2007 Conference in Ohio AFCC and NCJFCJ Regional Training Conference / Applications for High Conflict Families, Domestic Violence and Alienation /September 27-29, 2007.  (The next conference with “Alienation” in its title is next November, in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 2007 AFCC Board members (easy to find — Conference brochure is still on-line) include as you can see JDs, MSWs, PhDs (often in psychology or sociology, wanna bet?), AND JUDGES, come from all over.  These names should be recognized in general, and those in anyone’s home state, in particular (for example, Nancy ver Steegh works at Wm. Mitchell College of Law, which I’m told produces plenty of MN judges). This particular 2007 conference with ANOTHER judicial membership organization (and public charity), NCJFCJ, because of NCJFCJ’s major influence, is significant. In 2006 also, (Probably as a result of 2005 Congressional Budget re-authorization — was it “Deficit Reduction Act” this round?) another $100M-plus round of HMFR grants were authorized to grantees around the country).

“President: Hon. William C. Fee (IN)  President Elect: Robin M. Deutsch, Ph.D. (MA) Vice President: Hon. Emile Kruzick (Canada?) Treasurer: Robert M. Smith, M.Div., J.D. Secretary: Linda Fieldstone, M.Ed. – FL –  Past President: Mary M. Ferriter, J.D., M.P.A. Magistrate Richard Altman Wendy Bryans, LL.B. Annette Burns, J.D. Andrea Clark, M.S.W. Cori Erickson, M.S. Dianna Gould-Saltman, J.D. [And since 2010, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge! Appointed by our “Terminator” movie-star, then and since, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger”)  Hon. Graham Mullane Marsha Kline Pruett, Ph.D., M.S.L. – I think out of Yale (CT) Arnold Shienvold, Ph.D. – PA, Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D. – AZ now, used to be CA  Hon. Hugh Starnes – FL Nancy Ver Steegh, J.D., M.S.W. Janet Walker, Ph.D. (the UK.  searchable on my blog).”———————- [Any locations added by me, by recall.]

AFCC collaborates with centers at various universities [Collaborative Leadership to Improve Practice and Policy

under the “About us” page, at the bottom] (making funding harder to track, if even possible).  BUT, I looked every group mentioned in that paragraph, and could cite what state and university the “Centers” were in by memory.  This is NOT hard to figure out, and should by now be familiar territory to PARENTS!!


AFCC organization is not so much financially large (although no doubt many of its members are paid plenty well – -judges!? — Custody evaluators???), as well-positioned and well-connected.  I’ll bet almost EVERY family lawyer is aware of this organization, but most won’t bother telling their clients about it.  Lawyers are famous for “forgetting” to inform their own clients of the information they actually need to know to make the best decisions even in their own case.  Like, not indicating that the opposing side (particularly when clients are women) might just be getting free legal help (despite financial status) — with that custody case!

The origins of AFCC also tie heavily into the origins of Schools of Social Welfare (Social Science) as well as of Psychoanalysis and Psychology and schools thereof: Read 1992 Interview with Meyer Elkin who “created the Conciliation Court of Los Angeles” by David Kuroda — who was then running it. (this is on sidebar of my blog also, in the Vital Links (chrono by date) section). Meyer Elkin being an AFCC original (“founding father”) and AFCC having come out of the Conciliation Courts (one early incorporation — there’ve been several because it didn’t maintain consistent — that is to say — honest — filing record with the Secretary of State over the years — showed street address out of the one on in Los Angeles) and AFCC all but taking personal credit for running (or at a minimum continuously “improving” and setting up “Center of Excellence” in) the family courts themselves, this would be extremely relevant interview to read, “ya think”?

MEYER ELKIN Interviewed at his home by David Kuroda February 27, 1992

Meyer Elkin, a social worker with an MSW from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Social Welfare, created the Conciliation Court in Los Angeles as a vehicle for the Court to provide mediation and counseling to families considering divorce. It became the prototype for other conciliation court programs elsewhere in the United States. David Kuroda, with an MSW from the School of Social Work, University of Southern California, succeeded Meyer Elkin in directing the Conciliation Court in Los Angeles.


(Robin Deutsch, Ph.D. -above –works out of “Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology” (former name) now called “William James College.”  She directs another “Center” there…).  The schools of social work seem to predate the free-standing INDEPENDENT schools of professional psychology which came up in the late 1960s.   Protestant Seminaries also have School of Psychology within them (example:  Pepperdine in Malibu, CA, or Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA),


So, to bring it up to the current, and why the family courts innately can’t, and by design, don’t particularly WANT to deal with the criminal nature of domestic violence, but rather reframe it as a behavioral health issue — and call in “Social Services” professionals — part of this is “fees for friends” but another part is the evangelistic, almost religious, zeal for transforming society, starting with access to little kids, and persuading them that that abuse, well, wasn’t really, and inventing terms like “parental alienation” and “high-conflict” not to mention professions (like parent coordination) etc. — this is predictable IF one has a clue about where they’re coming from.

Steps in making prosecution for child abuse, child sexual abuse, and sexual or domestic violence against women GOING away:

(1) language change.  (AFCC stated this purpose early on).  (2) obtain sources of funding for the propaganda and professionals to carry forward this agenda (see Universities, private associations, national associations, etc.  Persuade one of the richest and most powerful associations around — I’m talking about the ABA — to hook up with another — and I’m talking about the APA (American Psychological Association) to sign on to this agenda.  Each of them licenses (right?) and trains/mentors new professionals, generation after generation.   Edward? Bernays (father of public relations, nephew of Sigmund Freud (father of psychoanalysis, right?) adopted behavioral modification tactics to public advertising after wartime propaganda.  ONE of these was to get expert testimonial for (a product or marketing campaign).  When it comes to THESE matters, the experts were the academics.  Get it?

While the AFCC is promoting its services and expertise in reducing “High-Conflict” in fact, they are by definition creating a significant, ongoing, long-term, and ultimately UNresolvable conflict in that their preferred language (jargon) and associated coordinated set of legal codes (behavior health/social science takes precedence over criminal prosecution of criminal behavior) IS in ongoing conflict with the criminal code itself.  Point in case:  My children were stolen by their father and a girlfriend on an overnight, court-ordered visitation.  I complied with the court order, being smart enough as a mother not to even think about violating one.  The father was considerably in arrears on child support (not even set above welfare level at this time, and NO spousal support being paid) and after significant (and I later learned, ill-informed) prodding on my part — as I couldn’t get protection for my own work life through the courts, I said, well, then you must start doing your job (“Child Support Enforcement Agency….”) and enforce collection of the child support!

So he cut some deal with them on the arrears (I believe it was about $15,000 at the time, but by then my work life was down to low-income through job loss AFTER separation and AROUND those court-ordered visitations absent any restraining order).

I learned (experientially, then as to the policy matters later) that two simultaneous and conflicting sets of laws governing parental rights to their own children existed.  ONE, to prevent child-stealing activities, and the OTHER, to reward it (with abatement of child support arrears and in some cases, even getting that nonabusive parent to pay the abusive one child support.  I have personally met women (mothers) in more than one state put homeless through this!  I am also aware of at least three mothers involved in custody cases who, as noncustodial mothers confronting the system, felt it necessary to flee the country after going as far as they felt possible in the family court system to protect her (custody-switched) children.

Behind the criminal laws on the books is the matter of enforcement.  They aren’t much good unless those to whom they might be applied know that they might be enforced, and I am talking specifically, battering and child-stealing.  (California laws regarding parental interference are different from Minnesota’s).  The well-meaning, or so-called “protective’ (I don’t like that term for many reasons) parent, especially if female, who is UNAWARE of this dichotomy, or less aware of it than are the officers who ought to enforce, and less aware of the possibility of a “jurisdiction-grab” by the family court system, will wonder why their case got “dumped” into that system instead of prosecuted.  Why should prosecution happen when it’s possible to simply stand back, refuse to enforce, and let the targeted people (adult and minors) be further compromised and desperate for justice in a system which was designed instead to bring PROFITS in the form of COURT-ORDERED SERVICES to professionals?


JEFFREY EDLESON is dean and professor of the School of Social Welfare. He was a professor of social work at the University of Minnesota School of Social Work for 29 years before joining Berkeley in 2012 and the founding director of the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse. ~ ~ ~A leading expert in domestic violence, Dr. Edleson’s current research examines the impact of adult violence on children and how social systems respond to these children. His work also focuses on international parental abduction in cases of domestic violence and the evaluation of interventions and policies on family violence. His body of publications comprises more than 120 articles and 12 books. ~ ~ ~Dr. Edleson’s recent appointments include the National Institute of Justice’s Scientific Review Panel on Family Violence and Violence Against Women as well as the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women. He is an elected fellow of the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare


Dean’s Welcome, UCBerkeley Social Welfare (Jeffrey L. Edleson, formerly of UMN).

“The UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare is an international leader in producing new thinking and research about practices and policies that provide individuals and communities with the support and access necessary to develop to the fullest extent possible.

Here at the School we introduce social welfare to our undergraduate majors. We produce the future leaders of California’s and the nation’s social work profession in our Master’s program and through our joint graduate degree programs in public health, public policy as well as in a pupil personnel services credential (PPSC) program. We mentor emerging social welfare scholars who come from around the globe to study in our doctoral program. Many of these PhD graduates go on to become eminent academics who, in turn, train the next generation of practitioners, policymakers and educators in the United States and abroad.

As you can see, all they wanna do is “produce new thinking and research about practices and policies….” (Systems change).  But for a good reason — to “provide individuals and communities” (translation:  to the nonprofit, community foundations, included, organizations in those communities, including at times religious institutions or other faith-based) with “support and access (to  what??? — must be “services” or perhaps “justice” — but not exactly specified….)


Key figures in your state’s history (Senator Paul Wellstone and his wife Sheila, who attended Year 2000 AFCC conference, alongside fatherhood practitioner or at least “policy expert” Ronald D. Mincy, PhD (currently working out of Columbia University in NYC); also HHS grantee and “Special Resource Center” (in Violence prevention — what else?) HHS grantee and 501©3 Duluth Abuse Intervention Programs (and its primary project, “Battered women’s Justice Project” or “BWJP” for short) have been involved and conferenced with the AFCC.  At one point (1983?) another PRIVATE 501©3 (you can tell because it has to file a Form 990 with the IRS) organization supporting it called “National Center on State Courts” dating from about the 1970s. That NCSC served, briefly, as “Secretariat” for AFCC, giving it administrative support, handling its contracts, and access to its libraries.  This caught my serious attention when in May, 2012, a statewide self-evaluation (basically) of the “Administrative Office of the Courts” in California (CJC/AOC — and under this a CFCC, Center for Families and Children in the Courts — itself a 2001 merger of two other, I believe, statewide offices) being called “overbloated bureaucracy” and “top heavy” and “usurping program control” (etc.).

The ONLY non-California personal allowed on the evaluation committee of the highest court of the country’s largest state court system (California’s — 58 counties, as a coastal state with at least FOUR major seaports (San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco’s) it’s LARGE — was the President of the NCSC.  If you need further “red flags” about nationalization and internationalization through private corporations involving US or State or County civil servant employees,  when you perceive the entity involved in some article or post you are reading and attempting to understand MIGHT be a corporation or nonprofit (501©3 — and they often have co-located 501©4s which can engage in more political activity, i.e., lobbying) — GO GET ITS TAX RETURN and READ IT.  Become a voracious reader, demand (of yourself!) to understand the vocabulary of what you read, and be persistent and curious.   Better yet, blog what you find, too!  Most of us are about a half-century or more behind, and checking in all the worst places (like funded, paid-for, centralized, for-profit media, social media, anecdotal evidence and sensational headlines).



Let’s Get Honest, currently (before 5am) “Sleepless in California,” from another, and escalated USPO-mailed attempt to extort me AND a certain trust fund that’s already been drained when I was driven out of a paid-for-rental home last December, and based on some claims which the sender — an attorney — reasonably knows are false, knows that I ALSO know is false, but greed and opportunity plus disregard for the truth (and, time is also showing, any GENUINE ethical respect for the responsibilities of the profession) could not resist attempting to get ahold of my resources (and I’m a senior).   ……  My vulnerability is that too many lawyers (in this situation), not to mention trustees also involved, are aware that a source of potential revenue FOR THEM exists to ease their lifestyle, and too few very real protections against the assault on this source of potential revenue, being held (in this case) in a trust fund exist.


In some very real ways, when similar hordes (literally, if taken nationwide) of lawyers, court-appointed OR family-originated trustees of the estate or conservators of the person (NOT the same thing, but good luck convincing those who wish to overstep that boundary…), whether minor child or disabled or (real or falsely categorized) mental incompetents, or elders (also allegedly or truly unable to handle their own affairs) AND service providers, either as service -providing professionals, or partnerships/corporations set up as, for example, nonprofits (the Minnesota example which comes to mind for some reason is Erickson Mediation Services (S. Erickson, M. McKnight — one lawyer, one mental health specialist) (that business name being an expired “dba” Family Mediation Services, Inc.)— these sort of people WANT ACCESS to OTHER PEOPLE’s MONEY (not just OTHER PEOPLE’s CHILDREN).


I can’t think of a better reason ALL PEOPLE (with or without money, or children) should better acquaint themselves with the difference between a government entity (and where government entity financial statements are kept) and a business entity (and how to track those finances) and what’s been going on in the Public/Private Collaborations arena statewide, HHS region-wide (HHS has the country divided up into fewer regions than states; there’s a history behind how this happened which ties into the predecessor agencies OF HHS (formed in 1980), including, in part HEW (1953-1980?) AND I believe prior to this, the FSA (Federal Security Agency).  A good summary of this is available on-line, searchable under “A History of Service” and probably the term FSA.   The setting up of REGIONAL government in opposition to the US Constitution’s (now) 50 States/Commonwealths & territories is deliberate, and part of UNDERMINING representative government, incrementally over time, with the assent (if not informed CONsent) of the people as a deliberate tactic in subjecting all US Citizens, and of course residents of any other country, to a single world government.  A lot of this seems to have been set up as early as before World Wars I and II.

My next to last post (4/18/2016) has a light-blue background section near the top quoting some references on this.  But, the topic of that post is actually about OCSE (HHS administered Child Support Enforcement grants to state agencies — and to specific nonprofits).

IF you think of it in connection with the initiation of the federal income tax through a Constitutional Amendment in 1913 (AFTER freed slaves (male) but BEFORE, incidentally, women (ANY women) were allowed to vote in the US), and set up of Social Security Trust Fund and Administration (etc.), it is possible to see that the accumulation of federal revenues has been going on for a VERY long time.  And, it seems to me, that with this setup (not to mention things we should all be familiar with which occurred between WWI and WWII, and I’m thinking about the “Gold-grab” (1933) and then suddenly (after setting up where US citizens having too much gold would be possibly labeled “Trading with the Enemy”) raising the price of gold which had just been ordered turned in… and then AFTER that, the Social Security Act of 1934 on which SO MUCH of government today hinges, and SO MUCH of government operations (because of federal grants to states) exists— the NONPROFITS came into existence almost the same time as the concept of “taxing everyone” (including corporate “persons”), it should start to make sense that governments (nationwide and I mean at all levels) are actually operating profitably — very — but like some nonprofits do, publicizing how “broke” they are by moving assets off-the book, accounting for them differently, or as I have continue to document as to the HHS grants, distributing them “where the sun don’t shine.”    All of us have been conditioned under duress to continue being taxed without having adequate information to how those taxes are being spent and in many cases, staying ignorant of this for GENERATIONS — while others, who know better, make sure to teach THEIR kids, and then have plenty of hired-hands to manage their wealth (and by hired- hands I do mean lawyers, sometimes funded academics at universities — the tax-exempt foundations funding some centers can be documented), and all of that….

There seems a deep and commonly-held belief among the very wealthy that this wealth should go places they control, while promoting more social services (and using social science experts to justify it) for all “low-income” population on which they need to maintain an ongoing practice for the sake of the profession and the profits from it.  If things were much different, some of this wealth would actually be freely competing with (instead of hiring to work for them) some of the top and most creative brains (minds) around, young, middle-aged, and old.  The business model is that the concentrated wealth hires the professionals and funds their careers, the professionals (AND their offspring, who at least can get into decent colleges) are rewarded for their work and the causes it promotes.


So, that tax itself from the start was a means of re-organizing the relationships of individuals to their own governments which they would continue to be supporting, and generations to come.  The wealth accumulated in certain sectors AND family lines, and was drained from other sectors AND family lines.  ….


Back to the post conversation, but similarly, Anyone interested in this criminal case could look up the associations this commissioner belongs to and read their tax returns.  Who knows what you might find.  Also look up that advisory council the commissioner is on.  At worst, you’ll know more than before you started, and at best, maybe something extremely useful — in other situations too.  Self-directed learning….  If those private associations are taking public funds (or contracts), then it’s just some more leverage.

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