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Early Morning Intuitive on “the Larger Picture” (#2 of 3: TAGGS, FBOs, Competitive Abstinence Education, and other Oxymoronic Public Policy Labels)

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….So few people are keeping these topics “on the front burner,” despite their regular impact on the federal budget (a few billion over the years) but much larger on the public, including confusion, family partition, and fragmentation of understanding!

As these things go, I write, sometimes the core post in one sitting, then I start adding supporting detail (links, visuals), clarifying terms with examples, and we have a very long post.  Or, the posts are split, requiring linking narratives.

So, here is the second three posts labeled “Early Morning Intuitive” because that’s how they started on my reading a certain Red Herring Alert post written by someone in Minnesota, courtesy Dakota County Family Court Case, who is at risk of being incarcerated by the State of Minnesota for allegedly interfering with an allegedly (but now that past is being actively dismissed, as is typical for the family court venue in general) abusive father’s parental rights to access all children, including two teenagers who at the time made it quite clear they didn’t want that contact, or to live with him.
In fact, in this case, which on my part is hearsay — I understand he is also ordered to also receive child support payments and health insurance payments from his ex-wife, although the court seems to have already broken her back financially some years ago. But I do realize generally, this is about  par for the course in family court contested cases — SOMEONE is going to lose through attrition, and someone else is often going to win. What’s less well-known is how our federal government both stages some of these battles AND sets the stakes, places the odds on one party to win and another to lose.

Most people don’t stage bloodsports (which divorce, face it, sometimes literally is) and dramatic conflict through altruism, but usually because it’s good for business — that is to say, profits.  This is ALSO true, whether you like this news or not, as to HHS as a grant-making agency involved in the “Federal Designer Family” business (my terms) or, if you will “healthy marriage promotion/responsible fatherhood” business (their terms).  “HMRF!!”  Here, one can identify spectactors, promoters, agents, and the extended family of those actually in the ring.  There are the coaches, and the medics (obviously a necessary part of the deal)…and sometimes, crime-scene cleanup.

It is not a popular view to see a major federal agency primary purpose, as regards healing and helping families, to actually be “losing the money in the cracks, and keeping up the pressure on the middle- and of course, low-income population” by continually talking about debts and deficits.

And not talking about just how very large is the nonprofit sector, including the FBO nonprofit sector in this country, along with the religious-exempt organizations who tend to sponsor the same (and get to do so with complete lack of transparency as to their operations to the general public, and working with a handy set of volunteers and target audiences (for government programs, I’m talking) who typically are not well-informed on their leaders’ assets, liabilities, income and revenues — or just how many corporations the head pastors (in some denominations) may be setting up, controlled by them, and both 501©3 and for-profit LLCs.  And with who else are they setting these up.

Before you pass judgment on my supposedly unpatriotic and/or heretical attitude, my skepticism, or my so-called negativity, please put your hands, as I have been, on some of the evidence, and identified place where that evidence cannot be shown.

After doing this, give me a better way to describe the same evidence, or interpret it, and I’ll be glad to consider — if I see that you have actually looked at it, and have some insight into its existence in the first place. (Comments fields are appropriate places to do this).

That RedHerringAlert (blog) post, Conversation with Dakota County Commissioner Chair Nancy Schouweiler Posted on April 26, 2016Dede Evavold’s continued attempt, with assistance, obviously from the individual over at LionNews …

Image from Lion News

On the other end of the “prosecuting and jailing people for parental interference spectrum are countless cases where the authorities, including law enforcement AND the courts, didn’t give a cr@p about a fathers’ interference with mothers’ rights, even court-ordered ones.

As I’ve made clear periodically in this blog, I’m one of those mothers.  I also have seen the long-term, chronic impact of this on my family line (three generations of it).

The original alleged purpose for radically restructuring welfare (that is, the Social Security Act of 1934 as reframed in 1996 under the privatization and “Block Grants to States” and “fatherlessness is a social disease” logic), the rationale was an emotional mix — wrapped up in some social science rhetoric to make it seem less emotional (and racist/sexist) than it actually was, is that to help people out of poverty, they must constantly be reminded what got them there — too much sex too early (as opposed to safe sex, abstinence is the preferred FBO solution), and especially not getting or staying married. However, once the infrastructure was set in place — as no question, this “HMRF” grants stream has been — there’s nowhere to go but expand and perpetuate, re-brand and replicate — trademarking terms along the way as needed.

Along those lines —

I fail to see how attacking people’s work and parenting lives through a loosely run, and loose-lipped family court therapeutic jurisprudence“** (i.e. “forget-the-evidence”) court system literally laced (saturated) with opportunities and even federal-grants-based incentives for any of the local (“community-based”) decision-making professionals (“the more the merrier” being the general philosophy) to actually double-bill (the parents being billed for what government may have already paid), pay kickbacks, or receive bribes — when many of their fellow professionals who do not do this, also do not talk about the federal grants systems and privatization (court-connected corporations) through which those kickbacks and/or bribes might be paid and through which they COULD NOT be paid, if they were simply not so commonplace, if not actually demanded, as routine practice in divorce and custody cases where ANY form of abuse happened, or allegedly happened.

**This concept having been introduced (by whom and when matters) and the ongoing attempt to mainstream it also matters.  That’s a Wiki Link. I’ll footnote it (bottom of this post). I still remember being shocked to see a center at a law school in Baltimore actively promoting this.  They are also quite big on “Unified Family Courts” and have a newsletter advertising themselves (or the publication, ‘Full Court Press”) as the only one in the nation so promoting this concept.  PERHAPS because it’s not a good idea… and the public doesn’t want it! However, attempts to mainline it anyhow, continue (Note13 on the “TJ” (therapeutic jurisprudence) wiki is to a blog titled simply “mainstreamtj.wordpress.com“)

What’s more for the mass behavioral modification efforts, community-based organizations (501©3s) and particularly FAITH-BASED ones, promoted and sometimes also sheltered (address-wise) by religious-exempt ones that don’t even have to show tax returns to anyone — and for whom even the IRS needs a special “Hall Pass” to audit, post-PRWORA and post GWBush Administration (2001-2008) are now encouraged to line up and get involved — this then sets THOSE organizations (who surely like the responsibility and the perks — millions of dollars of grants they otherwise simply just might get, and access to needy populations (as in physically hungry, or “just-released-from-jail-and-no-jobs” parents, primarily fathers) to come to them for their physical needs to get met, and in the process getting taught about abstinence, fatherhood, relationship and communication skills, and of course the benefits of marriage — against the public, who funds in them in advance every time they draw a paycheck or use a fee-based government service that may eventually end up in the Social Security Trust Fund.

This makes no sense.  But, look further, and at some of the discrepancies in grant totals reported, and the discrepancies and oddities in the grantees’ tax returns, and habit of founding multiple corporations out of a small assortment of addresses; keeping some, losing the others, and meanwhile I found that HHS granted NOT to the 501©3 “ministries” as the websites imply, but literally to the church itself.  If the church doesn’t have to show its overall revenues and expenses, or revenues minus expenses (which, face it, most churches don’t!) then on what NEEDS basis should HHS continue supplying the funds, as a representative of the public interest.

What about the public’s right to know where the funds went?

THAT — and not because they are better, nicer, warmer, friendlier, more healthy family-values entities — appears to be why (in my researched opinion) both Republican and Democrat Presidents at the top or near the very top of the US food chain (and the US being near the top globally also, to an extent) — apparently are so favorable towards donating directly to churches, while not making this QUITE so obvious in using the term “FaithBasedOrganizations,” for which there is no legitimate, agreed-upon definition.  The IRS sets those definitions, HHS has its own — and “faith-based” isn’t on the list.  What’s more either this, or a related post shows that HHS when it has sensible levels (like government, or non-government) often applies them in rather confusing ways, i.e., different than the outside evidence on the corporate entity involved.

What about the presence (or here, absence) of means to connect those dots should we want to know?  This takes a while, obviously, to demonstrate, but I hope readers will find the information valuable when it comes to evaluating other programs, or organizations, or social policy, and leverage to oppose public policy, where appropriate, other than by getting into a religious, values-based argument with people who can’t think once that portion of their brain/emotion syntax is fully linked, with emotions driving the show, and brain (cognitive, rational, and in the long run, the protective factor) helpless in the backseat for lack of valid fuel (data, and definitions to go with it) to process.


For some of the mothers who are still shocked or outraged about it, I believe that if you take some “time out” and start to comprehend the major, national social paradigm shift of this country AWAY from rights for anyone (particularly, but not limited to women) and examine how this just might be reflected in the HHS grants — both the funding streams available, who gets them, and how they’re handled once they get them — it might not be less offensive, injurious, or outrageous to the proclamation in this country that we actually care about human rights (or, women’s rights not to be battered or have their children stolen overnight by the courts, or the other parent, without EVIDENCE of some criminality or truly dangerous — to others — behavior…. BUT, it will start to make sense. Whatever it means, in this post I am presenting more evidence on the so-called FBOs, and on TAGGS and on HHS Grant-making policies a generation after welfare reform (1996-2016 IS one, young generation…).

And when things start to “make sense” that is a lot closer to any remedy than pursuing “enhancement” (Yes, I meant “Family Court Enhancement Project” in that reference) of existing screwed up policies through adding on some layers of the same bureaucracy which created the problems in the first place.


I’m talking about, respectively, Dede Evavold (non-relative), David Rucki (father) and Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, mother.  This one, the news media have taken an interest in, and even 20/20 reporting (run out of a company controlled by “Disney” so as one might expect, the emphasis was on entertainment more than investigative journalism — and of course, suggesting that the REAL “crime,” or mental illness here (on the part of the mother, possibly a communicable — to her kids – -disease?) of “parental alienation.”  Thanks, 20/20 for adding old rhetoric to an ongoing issue which, typically, I say, is more about the money flowing through these systems, than the facts of any particular case.

Anyhow, Dede Evavold slipped in something about MY interest, the “HMRF” grants, on the bottom of this post — and my response was, from long acquaintance with that topic, and myself being in a somewhat altered state because of my own recent psychic shock (yet another in a long series of them) realizing just who else had their eyes on the resources I need to get away from people who have set their eyes, originally, on my offspring, secondarily (and probably the original long-term goal, strategically speaking), any inheritance, combined with the inherent attraction for some people of certain, while, world views and personality types, who often gravitate to certain professions  to congregate around family conflicts and make a living regulating and profiting from others already under duress.

To justify taking over someone else’s children, property, or in short, liberty — major destruction and defamation is required to persuade on-lookers NOT to help, NOT to be alarmed — the authorities are in control, and making good decisions for all — and to go back to work and keep the tax revenues flowing on in, including sales tax, and all forms of “business as usual” while the US drains off HHS diversionary funds into this “Mental Health Archipelago” and gradually reduces the independent, assertive, and serious about their legal rights population OUT, and replaces them with people who are less informed about the HHS factor, or the PRWORA factors, or the religious/fatherhood influences in the USA (especially if the country or origin is much worse than the USA in that regard, so coming here seems like an improvement, and I mean, for women especially)….

BEGIN QUOTE from Previous Post:

THAT post was over at Red Herring Alert and featuring one thing, but packing an additional punch on the bottom half which might be missed if you don’t click and read the entire post.  You’d also miss my first comment on there, which I realized at the time, might be more appropriately posted than stuck on a comments field….on a rapidly-posting blog with a wider subject matter and ongoing narratives on a specific subset of criminal cases surrounding the Grazzini-Rucki family-court-jurisdiction nightmare.

Dakota County Commissioner Nancy Schoulweiler (see RHA post 4/26/2016)

<===”A call was made to Nancy Schouweiler, Dakota Co. Chair, Board of Commissioners on Monday, April 25, 2016 to discuss refusal to provide discovery/public data by Dakota County for Case No. 19HA-CR-15-4227

and on the bottom half: a letter combination we should probably just memorize — as it’s part of a domain name under ACF.HHS.Gov which tells us why we are still being taxed despite the largest owner of the asset infrastructure (hard assets, not including software systems, etc.) already IS the USA (federal government), still..[https://hmrf.acf.hhs.gov]==>

And under, this I was “updated on new developments” within the specifically “responsible fatherhood” portion of “WHERE did those Public Funds Go, recently???

Program Components” (of “ReFORM” program funding).

{{copied from RHA post, but available elsewhere on line.  Only here with my emphases and different colors, though!}}

With a funding level of up to $1,500,000 per year [PER RECIPIENT] for five years, ReFORM programs are encouraged to develop collaboration opportunities with other federal resources, including the U.S. Department of Justice’s Second Chance Act grantees, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s local Public Housing Authorities, and resources from local offices of child support enforcement.##

Did you pick up on those departments?  USDOJ (Second Chance grantees), and US HUD’s Public Housing Authorities AND resources from “local offices” (generally speaking means county-level) offices of child support enforcement. In federal jargon, it seems there’s federal, regional, THEN state, THEN regions within each state (usually), THEN Metro/Non-Metro (i.e., between County and City is likely to be a “Metro” area with coordinated policies), THEN county.

One set of definitions seems to relate to things people locally might be more aware of — or even learned in school.  Such as, Our State has ___ Counties and in these counties are Cities.  This City is our capital, and other major cities are ____. The UNITED STATES has 50 states, and the Nation’s Capital is in Washington, D.C. …..

However a different set of definitions relates to the Regionalization and Privatization of Government, by Subject Matter, into the hands of experts, and presided over by inter-agency, inter-jursidiction (whether county, state, or even national) Councils and Roundtables and Task Forces to develop Centers of Excellence and Model Practices on “What Works Best.”..
[ENDQUOTE from My previous post]

A wake-up call, and a cure for taking any more policy issues at face value might be to actually examine the application.  When it comes to the HHS as a grant-making agency in the public interest, and its TAGGS.HHS.gov as an electronic database going back to about 1991 (in selectable years — except year 1992 appears to be missing in at least one drop-down menu !!)

I think “TAGGS” raises more questions than it answers, although no doubt it is a window into what the federal government thinks about the public’s “need to know” and having that put in a functional form, with accurate labeling, and searchable in case WE might have a question that was the policymakers didn’t think about, and like to run a few reports to further inquire, or even bring it up.

Intermediate Section 

(TAGGS, FBOs, and Sex Prevention for Teens, excuse me, “Competitive Abstinence Education”)

The repeated use of several oxymoronic terms (of an inane phrase, piece of jargon), such as “Faith-Based Organization” indicates the key activity is Sales, Advertising not Evidence-based Science.

Is an organization (for example, a corporation) as the religions allege people do, going to have spiritual life, eternal life or be in any potential resurrection or re-incarnation?

For Christians (and a lot of the FBOs appear to be), what’s the difference between “faith-based” and actually having any faith whatsoever, for example, as a grain of mustard seed such that mountains could be moved?  Picture this in the gospel’s usage, then applied to the current concept:

Context here, man came to Jesus’ disciples needing a miracle (apparently for a devil to be cast out of his son, who was harming himself.  The concept being to get rid of whatever was causing the dangerous, potentially lethal to the son, behavior).  “Faith” is described as a thing either had, or not had — and not much of it is needed to get the job done:

Matthew 17: 14And when they were come to the multitude, there came to him a certain man, kneeling down to him, and saying, 15Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is lunatick, and sore vexed: for ofttimes he falleth into the fire, and oft into the water. 16And I brought him to thy disciples, and they could not cure him. 17Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me. 18And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he departed out of him: and the child was cured from that very hour.

19Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out? 20And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. 21 Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting

If FBOs, that is, faith-basedorganizations, propped up, in part, with millions of dollars of federal grants (some of them… the example below was of $10M-$11M over a five-year period) obtained from the people via taxation and redistributed to some of them according to the will of government via HHS as faithful stewards of the will of Congress (Congress having appropriated it through voting on federal budgets year after year) were the vessels of healing and wholeness, and qualified as “FAITH-BASED,” then the passage of at least one faith-founder (Jesus Christ) might have read something like this (of course, people would be beseeching the local government agencies or their representatives, and then be forwarded (by net, by handout, or by word of mouth) to a local FBO to receive the healing and deliverance):

Matthew 17: 14And when they were come to the multitude, there came to him a certain man, kneeling down to him, and saying, 15Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is lunatick, and sore vexed: for ofttimes he falleth into the fire, and oft into the water. 16And I brought him to thy disciples, faith-based-institute and they it could not cure him. 17Then Jesus answered and said, faithless and perverse generation, organization how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me. 18And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he departed out of him: and the child was cured from that very hour.

19Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out? 20And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: your organization was not FAITH-BASED for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, associate regularly with religious organizations who have obtained favor* with the king’s table, or/or volunteer or work with other businesses as such organizations–or their disciples — may choose to name and run in any community,** ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. 21Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting

Favor with the King’s Table in Modern Terms:

(*Tax-exemption, freedom from submitting tax returns, and special provisions for pastors’ housing) (**I trust this is not breaking news to the average reader — religious organizations sometimes form their own business entities, acquire and rent property, or dispose of it, hire, and organize them separately from the “house of worship” or main entity which does not have to report to the IRS — and which the IRS needs special provisions to even audit — while the main organization continues to take donations that the wider public is not informed of (as to quantity), and on which they are not taxed.

And, sometimes at the same location, said  other organizations — or even the main one — will indeed also take significant federal grants and go about the business of the very government who has privileged their existence above the normal human being.  And, what’s more, sell these activities and solicit volunteers for them also…They also sue and are sued, and sometimes on winning a lawsuit like any other corporation, may evict the prior tenants, regardless of how emotionally and financially invested in the institution over the years they may have been.  Or, vice versa.

They also do startups and replicable business models, and as much as anyone else, use the web to organize, advertise, and solicit customers the faithful (or unconverted) from competitor sects… In fact, if you think of it, in many ways, religious organizations are quite a bit like any other companies.  The difference is, without the US having a national religion and a scary monarch or leader (King Henry VIII, or Oliver Cromwell), they cannot compel attendance, and cannot compel consumption of services.

Speaking of which, an example I was just thinking of — “TrinityChurch.tv” from Miami, Florida, and taking significant HHS grants under “Peacemakers” and running various marriage/fatherhood/youth classes such as HHS recommends to its grantees — I see now has an even more flashy website, and “CAMPUSES” — in Harlem, and in San Diego (!).

FBO’s – Trinity Church, Inc., of Miami as Social Service Provider and HHS grantee

(This section takes several paragraphs — because it looks at some tax returns, TAGGS grants to the recipient organization, and website/corporate lookups showing the Board personnel in common (such as, one married pastor couple and in law parents, in one of the trademarked 501©3s).

I looked up the multiple incorporations of this one some years ago, after reading how they’d gotten $21 million of federal funding over the years, and after reading some of the HMRF curricula that was being run, and realizing the “business model” encouraged setting up more “Peacemakers” ministries (501©3s, actually).  See “Corporate Entities Search” (or Officer/Agent Search Wilkerson, in part) over at Florida’s sunbiz.org to see for yourself more of the detail.

Like many (not all) evangelistic, Protestant ministries with roots in TELevangelism, a heavy visual emphasis on the founding couple and not much detail to be found on the other leadership by name, photograph, and as it will show in a minute, having their names on the multiple businesses (nonprofit and other) run out of a single, or just a very few, church addresses:


Under “Get Involved” is a drop-down menu, mostly photographic, with some brief text and ways to contact them. Page down and you’ll see “Peacemakers” but not much -at all– about it.  Formerly, this was described in much more detail as a church model supporting others forming 501©3s named “Peacemakers” to help run those programs. Now, not so. Searchable on this blog.  I see they are still also featuring (under “Education” or “Kids”) running a “CDF Freedom School” (trademarked concept of the Children’s Defense Fund” alongside them.

Florida’s Sec. of State Business Records database, “Sunbiz.org” if you search, shows a full page (or more) of active/inactive, for-profit, not-forprofit of “Peacemakers” organizations.  Here’s link to the About August, 1998, application for a Nov.1997-incorporated nonprofit from Washington State to start operating in Florida as a foreign not-for-profit, and showing the pastor’s name, Richard P. Wilkerson, and his wife’s, Robyn.  EIN# 91-1868795.  Below are the associated tax returns for 2012, 2013, and 2014 fiscal year apparently = calendar year.

Search Again

PEACEMAKERS INC FL 2014 990 21 $806,075.00 91-1868795
PEACEMAKERS INC FL 2013 990 17 $728,848.00 91-1868795
PEACEMAKERS INC FL 2012 990 18 $636,425.00 91-1868795

Top row (2014): This TINY organization (3 on the Board, and it says 2 only employees — one of which is the pastor’s wife (or perhaps she is also a pastor, I didn’t check again), Robyn — paid $75K.  Total Salaries $145K, total “Other Expenses” $201K, total contributions (no government at this point) $455K, for the program purpose:

“The mission of Peacemakers is to serve the inner city and churches and educate families by promoting a better way of life.”

The three board members are: husband, wife, and mother-inlaw (Lorraine Buntain,it says, is Robyn’s mother).  An unknown employee is credited for $53K or so salary, and Robyn for $75K for a 30-hour work week. (In 2012, the 3rd board member was Robyn’s father, and her salary $85K).


4a (Code _____ )(Expenses$ 129,835 including grants of $——0 )(Revenue$ __0_)

Provide leadership conference and workshop for youth and young adults to help develop their interpersonal and decision making skills

4b (Code- _   )(Expenses $ 127,048 including grants of$ ——)(Revenue $ )

Monthly speaking engagements to educate and train youth and young adults in various life skills. (Total program service expenses ► $256,883)

The Summary (Part I, page 1) shows “Other Expenses” (besides $145K salaries + $4.1K grant, which should actually show above) were $231.9K.=  Details of Expenses (Part IX) show Travel $106K, Conferences $103K.

In 2010, this same organization had 3 Board members (the third apparently, Scott Vanderbeek, not a relative); Robyn was paid $85K (only Key person, Section VIIA shown as paid), 3 employees, but $192K was recorded under “Compensation for Key Employees” in Part IX and on Part I — more than double the expenses recorded there.  And the program purpose was evangelizing — throughout the US. Later versions simply dropped the reference to evangelism.

The website “Peacemakers.com/Who We Are” (Not linked any more to the church site) is featuring a sponsored “holiday jam” with Joyce Meyer Ministries, but eventually (keep paging down and don’t be easily distracted!) to the story that the broke pastor couple (having moved from Washington state (I do recall about four sons also) were rescued by an ad for a government grant to provide social services.   As I’ve showed above, “Who We Are” as an organization has been only 3 people for several years, and gradual accumulation of assets as private donations exceeded expenses, even when they were possibly overstated by 100% or more. There is a “timeline” with four entries (1998, 2000, 2006, 2014)

(GENERAL) Peacemakers is a Christian, non-profit, social services organization. Our goal is to bring peace to Miami. We exist to move people from desperation and need to a place of sustainability and peace. Peacemakers is a place where physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met. We believe in partnering with individuals, businesses, and private foundations to bring help and hope to the hundreds of thousands of individuals and families who live in crisis.

1998 Peacemakers Was Founded

Peacemakers was created in response to a need. It was 1998, and Pastors Rich and Robyn Wilkerson of Trinity church were struggling to meet the overwhelming needs of the community. They had exhausted their life savings and they didn’t know how they would continue helping Miami. Robyn stumbled on an advertisement in the local newspaper for a government grant. She decided to apply for the grant without any prior experience and, to her surprise, the church received $175,000 to create and run summer day camps for inner city children. This started a trend. We applied for and won more grants and additional funding and more services were offered, but there were never enough resources to go around.

2000 We Are Peacemakers

In 2000, Peacemakers became a formal social services providing entity in Miami. Peacemakers formed partnerships with the county, state, and federal governments to help people who need a loving hand. We respond to the tremendous, pressing social needs of individuals and families residing in Miami-Dade County, Florida, an area of high poverty, unemployment, and crime.

I have just looked for the TAGGS.HHS.Gov grants — and the grantee is listed as the church, not
“Peacemakers” the separate 501©3.   Will show below:

2006 Creating a Network & Feeding the Hungry

In August 2006, Peacemakers established the North Miami Neighborhood Resource Network, consisting of 56 community partners, which ensures that community resources are shared and encourages cross-service partnerships and collaborations between service agencies. This allows those in need easy access to multiple forms of assistance in one place.

In January 2006, we began a partnership with Farm Share, Inc. to form the North Dade Food Distribution Center on Trinity Church’s South Campus. This site administers the USDA TEFAP program and distributes fresh produce and other food and toiletry items to individuals, families, as well as faith-based and community-based, non-profit organizations that provide food to those in need. This distribution site was a strategic food recovery and relief site during the 2006 hurricane season

2014 Peacemakers is Growing

Today, Peacemakers facilitates social service delivery to more than 1,500 people a week through its North Miami, Miami Gardens, and satellite program locations. We have helped over 50,000 individuals since we started. There are currently eight Peacemakers affiliates in six states, with four more sites in process. Soon there will be twelve PFC centers across the country. We are helping more people every day!

So, multiple organizations — each taking or distributing HHS (and other) resources to the public — can be formed — and yes these do run marriage and abstinence programming as well as responsible fatherhood.  However it may be hard to keep track of.  Far down on “What We Do” is the Abstinence Education under “PlanBe”

PlanBe _______ and Healthy Relationships


Teen pregnancy, STDs, domestic violence, failing marriages, and poor parenting skills are major issues in Miami. Our passion for helping urban youth reach their full potential led to the creation of a series of successful youth abstinence programs, provided in partnership with the local schools. We also offer parenting classes and marriage workshops to help the members of our community build healthy relationships and stronger families.

(red font, mine).  Probably some of this comes through the “Family Centers” as well..

Open for you and your family!

Monday: 11:30am-5pm
Tuesday/Wednesday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 9:30am-3pm & 5pm-7pm
Assisting our community with services and programs, including:

Social Service Counseling
Job Placement Services
Unemployment Insurance Benefit Counseling
Parenting Education <=<=<=
many more Family Support Services 786-888-HELP 17801 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL 33169.

So, “Peacemakers(r) Family Center” is an LLC controlled by the pastor, registered  in 200810 years after the original nonprofit.  Its FEIN# is 26-2709973, but this is not a 501©3.

Entity Name Document Number Status

Same Year, Same Location, Different EIN#, there is also a “Peacemakers Community Development, LLC

Entity Name Document Number Status

Also controlled by the pastor, and like the first organization, they chose a law firm out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to register it (odd choice for a Washington State corporation, unless you remember where Marriage Education under TANF funding got its first state-wide push, and when (Oklahoma Marriage Initiative began with a grab of TANF surplus, or “contingency” funding[DNR exactly which, it’s searchable], about 1998/1999).  The Peacemakers Community Development, LLC as an LLC, the record says, is also personally controlled by Richard P. Wilkerson, not by the church or the church members. It does not list any other members of the LLC, individuals or corporate.

In addition, and now inactive (Admin. Dissolved for lack of filing any more annual reports in Florida, no EIN# displayed), formed again by the Tulsa, OK, law firm, this one stamped “March, 2000” and for Registered Agents, shows Robyn Wilkerson, Richard Wilkerson, and Danny Thomas of Aventura, Florida.  The street address of the Notary is similar, but not identical to the church address above:

Entity Name Document Number Status

2016 %22EIN#AppliedFor%22 (2014-formed) Peacemakers Project Miami, Inc.%22 (2Wilkersons&1More, Located @Trinity Church)Also, filed as “Corporation,” not an LLC or an “Inc.”

Here’s another one formed with both Wilkersons and one other person, located at the church, incorporated in 2014 and have yet to obtain EIN# as this past March.  Do you think, perhaps, there is a pattern going on here?  What’s showing is the electronic registration.  Found by searching “Officer/Registered Agent” and typing in “Richardson, Robyn” (Full-page image to right I know is hard to read:  here’s that same as a pdf:  2016 “EIN#AppliedFor” (2014-formed) Peacemakers Project Miami, Inc. (2Wilkersons&1More, Located @Trinity Church) )<< pdf=<= same =>=image>>

Here is YET another one, which existed 2009-March, 2015, but was “Voluntarily Dissolved”  As they say, “the devil is in the details” — and this has one address for Robyn Wilkerson, another for Richard Wilkerson (possibly a son, not spouse?) and the same street address as at least one shown under the “Urban Community Development Corporation” plus the PO Box known to be controlled by Richard P. Wilkerson for which “Peacemakers International, Inc.” is registered.  It gets more interesting — the Notary Public of one shows up as one of the original directors of this one — and the Incorporator is a J.Dan Beirute from Tulsa, OK…. I couldn’t make this up.  I’m just reading it!

Florida Not For Profit Corporation LEARNING IS FOR EVERYONE ACADEMY, INC.

Filing Information Document Number N09000007189

FEI/EIN Number 27-0634192
Date Filed 07/23/2009 State FL Status INACTIVE
Last Event VOLUNTARY DISSOLUTION Event Date Filed 03/16/2015 Event Effective Date NONE

Principal Address

As it turns out Pastor(?) Robyn Wilkerson has over 27 years history in broadcast media, and (of course) life coach, teaching and speaking, says “Daystar.com”  Daystar Television Network is in Texas (and quite a few other countries) and appears to be Christian.

Bio:  Robyn Wilkerson is an accomplished author, life coach, teacher, and speaker with over 27 years of experience in media broadcasting.Alongside her husband, Robyn co-pastors Trinity Church in Miami, Florida where she also serves as the Senior Business Administrator, General Manager, and Co-Founder of Peacemakers Ministries. Robyn is an expert in real life issues like marriage, family, and relationships.  Video Found: 3 Videos

  • <==Her Story – Robyn Wilkerson (J1410)
  • Rich and Robyn Wilkerson, Tony Scott, Stephen and Angela Rucker, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Hank and Brenda Kunneman (11.06.2014) ===>
  • <==Rich and Robyn Wilkerson (08.26.2014) May 21, 2015 / Guest GuideJoni GuestsMarcus & Joni Guests





Learning Is For Everyone, Inc. — Look up on “Sunbiz.org” and read the Registration Image pdf for more details (having trouble uploading it currently; I am still new at being able to upload any *.png, *.tiff, or *.jpeg images transferred from pdf files. Too bad, think how much easier it would be to discuss those tax returns!!)…. Learning Is For Everyone Academy, Inc. (Existed 2009-2015 FL, (The Wilkersons)] + some, Charter School)It shows husband at one address and wife at another, plus the notary public of the one that didn’t get an EIN# for two years (or, so far) was among the original interim directors of this one….  Which is also, it says, a charter academy….

COMPARED to the PEACEMAKERS PROJECT MIAMI, INC., above (Formed 2014, has no EIN# yet two years later)….Notice the street addresses).  Obviously the various addresses and functions are being shifted around between Richard and Robyn, with sometimes one of the couple being the incorporator, the other the registered agent, and to seem more independent, reflecting two different addresses.  In the mix of available address are the actual Church street address (shown above), a PO Box controlled, apparently, by Pastor Rich Wilkerson associated with Peacemakers International, Inc. (per their tax return), and an address in Golden Beach, Florida.  One of the above Corporations (with “Danny Thomas” on it) showed his address in Aventura, Florida.  Another one showed Robyn Wilkerson in Aventura, Florida.  “Whatever works….” (of is it “Anything goes…?”) 

Still Show and Tell on how FBOs run out of Religious-Exempt organizations choose to function as an arm of government by going for the social service funds, and building their networks (and personal names and reputations, and tax-exempt organizations ANY ONE of which could, if legitimate and active, represent another bank account in which to store funds tax-exempt and be paid from them as members of the board, and have expenses (for traveling to promote more of the same) written off.

Anyhow, back to “PlanBE” and the Abstinence Grants.  WHICH, of the many organizations above, actually was paid from HHS?  Well….

DUNS 169620234 is apparently for Trinity Church, Inc.  Searching that DUNS# under “Recipient Search” (which gives only the total) here is the total direct HHS grants, so it says, so far  — $10 million.

Recipient Name
ZIP Code
Sum of Awards
Trinity Church, Inc 16962 0234 MIAMI FL 33168 United States of America Other

Social Services Organization

Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations $10,052,897

(Re: this total of $10.0M — a search on the same organization, State of Florida, no selected years or grants, done as an “Advanced Search” yields a total that is $1.8M larger!!  (I will display further below)…People who don’t bother do do the Advanced Searches are not informed of this by doing just a Basic.  Consider yourself forewarned to check more than one type of search before coming to a conclusion about the total grants for any organization).

I’m wondering why “County” isn’t filled in — it does exist in a County.  Here’s the address HHS shows:

  • Trinity Church, Inc
  • Address: 655 NW 125th Street MIAMI, FL 33168 County**
  • Country: United States of America
  • Type:Other Social Services Organization
  • Class: Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations

**This is actually “NORTH Miami” from other records, and as of 2005 no longer matches the street address.  Why didn’t HHS update it?

Here’s what Florida’s registration says, including NameChange in 2000, and address change in 2008 (All on the cover sheet show the 17801 2nd Street NW address, and not as shown above. The annual reports (I checked) show that the street address changed approximately 2005, meaning that apart from the initial “Compassion Capital Grant” (which will show on TAGGS grants below) in 2003, since 2006, start of the HMRF and Abstinence grants to this organization, it has held a different street address — on NW 2nd street.):

Corporate Name Document Number Status

EIN# is 591201093 — however this is a church, so you won’t be reading its tax returns anytime soon, $10M or no $10M!!  Click to compare the “Registered Agent” “Principal Address” and “Mailing Address” (PO Box), one of which (hard to tell which Change refers to which address) as recently as April, 2016… The next to last Annual Report (Feb. 2016) showed “Klautrelle Long” (notary of one of the above corporations, initial direct or another) on the report, the April one, she’s (assuming it’s a “she”) off it.

**The TAGGS database street address, searched, turns out to be the North Miami Medical Center (the word “North” was omitted from TAGGS’ city), which this link seems to confirm — as well as Trinity Church School and their South Campus.

Under CFDA 93086 (guess what — Healthy marriage promotion/Responsible Fatherhood, a.k.a. “HMRF”), they got a $2.75M grant spread out over five years: 2006-2010:

CFDAs: 93086
Recipient Name: Trinity Church, Inc.
States: FL
Report Total: $2,750,000
Distinct Award Count: 5
Fiscal Year
Recipt Name
Recipt City
Recipient Class
Award Number
Award Title
Principal Investigatr
Sum of Actions
2010 Trinity Church, Inc MIAMI 16962


Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations 90FE




93086 LINDA FREEMAN $550,000
2009 Trinity Church, Inc MIAMI 16962


Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations 90FE


2008 Trinity Church, Inc MIAMI 16962


Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations 90FE


2007 Trinity Church, Inc MIAMI 16962


Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations 90FE


2006 Trinity Church, Inc MIAMI 16962


Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations 90FE



After the first instance, “Non-Competing Continuation” I abbreviated “Non-Comp Cont” for horizontal space.

Now this one, I omitted the second (Or. name) and 5th (Org. Class) columns, since we know what they are (the DUNS# confirms it’s the same entity) and we can see the Abstinence Grant.  We can ALSO see that the total does not match what was found when we searched a basic “recipient total” above — and it’s off considerably — this shows a page total of $11M, not $10M.  FYI, I’ve done that a LOT with HMRF grantees, and the discrepancies are sometimes as much as 25%-33% for some of the larger ones (Basic totals versus Advanced Details totals):

How this looks, specifically, on TAGGS (which grant awards, under which grant streams/CFDAs):

Recipient Name: Trinity Church, Inc.
States: FL
Report Total: $11,802,697
Distinct Award Count: 16
Fiscal Year
Recip’t City
DUNS Number
Award Title
Principal Investigr
Sum of Actions
2015 MIAMI 16962




Competitive Personal Responsibility Education Program NEW 93092 CRYSTAL AGNEW $794,240
2015 MIAMI 16962




Trinity Church, Inc. Peacemaker Family Center PlanBe_ Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (Tier 1B) NEW 93297 CRYSTAL AGNEW $1,445,554
2014 MIAMI 16962




Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 NON-COM-PETING CONTIN-UATION 93297 CRYSTAL AGNEW $998,500
2013 MIAMI 16962




Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 NON-COMP CONT’N 93297 CRYSTAL AGNEW $998,500
2012 MIAMI 16962




Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 NON-COMP CONT’N 93297 CRYSTAL AGNEW $998,500
2011 MIAMI 16962




Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 NON-COMP CONT’N 93297 LINDA FREEMAN $998,500
2010 MIAMI 16962




2010 MIAMI 16962 0234 TP1AH


Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 NEW 93297 LINDA FREEMAN $998,500
2009 MIAMI 16962 0234 90AE


2009 MIAMI 16962 0234 90FE


2008 MIAMI 16962 0234 90AE


2008 MIAMI 16962 0234 90FE


2007 MIAMI 16962 0234 90AE


2007 MIAMI 16962 0234 90FE


2006 MIAMI 16962 0234 90FE


2003 MIAMI 1696 20234 90IJ



The government, obviously in some situations can attract customers and raise revenues better than religious institutions by COMPELLING attendance and consumption of services (cf. Parent Education, Batterers Intervention Programming (“Wanna reduce that potential criminal sentence?  Don’t miss our behavioral modification group sessions”), or they can quasi-extort attendance and consumption of services under extreme conditions (Supervised Visitation — “Wanna see your children?  It’s going to cost you….and mind the guidelines”).

However in some ways, there is a common interest between government and religious institutions which does not exist between individual citizens, and government.  For example, both operate tax-exempt as the entities that they are.



(Do we) Want Justice? Or at least some “due process” for a change? Then (we must) Start using language which reflects fiscal realities (which requires work — and growing up) and give up babytalk including “psychobabble.”

If the issue is “parental alienation”  then talk about who’s promoting the term and how — don’t argue its validity, each time publicizing it for free (remember the saying “All PR is Good PR”?).  If you have a problem with “parental alienation” then change the conversation — talk about AFCC, NCJFCJ as organizations and who’s been financing them.

If the issue is policy of “faith-based organizations” — there WILL be no coherent “bipartisan” or mass organized conversations based on values around this.  Republicans tend to favor, Democrats not surprisingly, do too.  However, it’s not about “FAITH” (organizations don’t have faith), it’s about the IRS.  Religious tax-exempt, AND some other characteristics common to many “church folk.” (Enough to make a difference in choice of US Supreme Court Judges (read up on Focus on the Family and James Dobson, you’ll see it).  I follow the HMRF money and I recently found a so-called “faith-based” organization in Georgia.  It’s not that large — but it’s tax returns are a JOKE, and it just changed EIN#s in 2015, apparently — and HHS calls them all the same.  So, in ONE conversation which is not about “what we believe” or even about “services we provide” I can expose BOTH the federal agency perpetrating this — and the organization participating — and the organizations functioning for years as “fiscal agent.”

I wasn’t picking on this organization, but already had seen several of the others, and it was self-consciously named after a well-known Bible verse from the end of Romans 8, “More Than Conquerors, Inc.”  These are truly inspiring verses for most Christians.  Put together with nice photos and some videos of youth being served in the Atlanta, Georgia area, who would NOT have positive feelings for such a group?

Maybe even as many youth have been “served” (as it turns out, with an unusual focus on abstinence education, although funding for it stopped in 2010) — but THE facts of the Tax Returns remain on-line, and that story says that while people may be thinking about what may not separate them from “the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord,” they may have already been separated from their dollars — or a fair accounting of what has been done with them.

The KJV on the organization’s theme, “More Than Conquerors
31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?
33 Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.
34 Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.
35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.
38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Probably not — but one thing seems sure, organizations (religious-exempt corporations in the US) quoting Bible verses have been pretty ____ good over the years at separating people from their money. With the advent (get it?) of the term “faith-based organizations**  they don’t have to ask up front so much.  We already “gave at the office” — it’s called taxation. The money is managed by a federal agency, the HHS….

**…As a George W. Bush 2001 executive-ordered into existence office encouraged as social policy nationwide (1/29/2001, the first two orders of the administration.  In the aftermath of 9/11/2001, we tend to have forgotten the impact of that 1/29/2001 “call to arms” and “Come on in” to “faith-based organizations….” Some already existed, some formed up and got in line for the handouts…) —

The love of God and faith in the resurrection is one thing, but still, “In God We Trust — Everything else, we Track” (the phrase from a passing image on the movie “Battleship” in which the invading alien ships are blown up — as is the satellite setup in Hawaii they’d planned to use to signal back home).  I have faith in God, but certain other things, I track, especially those things in categories historically known to encourage people to “take it on faith.”

So, this is among what developed with even a preliminary look at this faith-based organization, More Than Conquerors, Inc. in Georgia:

Award Number
Award Title
Award Code
Budget Year
Action Date
DUNS Number
Action Amount
[Collapse] Data FY: 2015
90FM0103 Marriage Appreciation Training Uplifting Relationship Education ( MATURE Plus II) 00 1 ACF 9/30/2015 141833140 $1,868,395
[Collapse] Data FY: 2014
90AR0028 Competitive Abstinence Education Program 00 1 ACF 9/23/2014 141833140 $384,573
90FM0053 Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationship Grants 00 4 ACF 9/24/2014 141833140 $798,798
TP1AH000048 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 00 5 DHHS/OS 8/18/2014 141833140 $652,045
[Collapse] Data FY: 2013
TP1AH000048 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 00 4 DHHS /OS 8/8/2013 141833140 $652,045
90FM0053 Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationship Grants 00 3 ACF 9/25/2013 141833140 $798,798
90AR0017 THE COMPETITIVE ABSTINENCE EDUCATION 00 1 ACF 9/25/2013 141833140 $491,251
[Collapse] Data FY: 2012
TP1AH000048 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 00 3 DHHS /OS 8/14/2012 141833140 $652,045
90FM0053 Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationship Grants 00 2 ACF 9/18/2012 141833140 $798,798
[Collapse] Data FY: 2011
TP1AH000048 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 00 2 DHHS /OS 8/22/2011 141833140 $652,045
90FM0053 Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationship Grants 00 1 ACF 9/27/2011 141833140 $798,798
[Collapse] Data FY: 2010
TP1AH000048 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Tier 1 00 1 DHHS /OS 9/20/2010 141833140 $652,045

Here’s a link to the Total, searched by the DUNS# you see above:

Recipient Name
ZIP Code
Sum of Awards
More Than Conquerors Inc 14183 3140 STONE MOUNTAIN GA 30083 DE KALB United States of America Other Educa- tional Organi-zation Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations $9,199,636

If you look at the column Budget Year, starting from the Bottom, you see a somewhat typical pattern to those organizations which have previously, apparently, “made-a-connection” with whoever decides who gets the grants —

Year 1 — starts out kinda small (or not to call attention to the amount), a multi-year grant.  Years 2 &3, adds another by which time it’s over $1M, and Year 4adds a third, by which time they are over $1M/year.

Notice which categories were chosen and involving more than one HHS “Op/Div” (ACF is the Opdiv” under which the “Office of Family Assistance” or ‘OFA” (column not shown above, but you could run a search which does) administers welfare / TANF funds).  I don’t know offhand what the  “OS” stands for but it could be looked up at the main HHS site.

Look what categories were chosen over time, to specialize in…..Teenage Pregnancy Prevention, Healthy Marriage, and lastly (in this list — not for that organization over the years!!) Abstinence Prevention.   When the “Teenage Pregnancy Prevention” grant is in its 5th year, and “Healthy Marriage” in its 4th, that is, in “Data Year 2014” — here comes Year 1 of a NEW kind of Abstinence Education, (never heard of it before….)

90AR0028 Competitive Abstinence Education Program (for $342,583)

and then in 2015, it’s “Heck, let’s just roll them all into one”– and here comes another complex Acronym (“MATURE”) to re-wrap the same old programming, and in the nice amount of $1.8M.  I mean, the total of three grants was already up to $1.8M/year, why back off now?

Data FY: 2015
90FM0103 Marriage Appreciation Training Uplifting Relationship Education ( MATURE Plus II) 00 1 ACF 9/30/2015 141833140 $1,868,395

So, while the “COMMUNITY” Abstinence Education was terminated (I learned, separately) apparently in 2010, which is CFDA 93010, the ‘Competitive Abstinence Education (whatever that means), CFDA 93060, apparently was not:  I looked up this grant attempting to get the CFDA# (I had some trouble locating the word “Abstinence” under the list of CFDA’s available the other day, making it hard to select on).  93060 is run out of FYSB and not OFA, I see.

Fiscal Year

Progr Office
Recipient Name
Recipient City
Award #
Award Title
CFDA Program Name
Principal Investigator
Sum of Actions
2014 FYSB More Than Conquerors Inc STONE MOUNT’N GA 90AR 0028 Competitive Abstinence Education Program 93060 Compe-titive Absti-nence Educa-tion (CAE) PHILLIPPIA FAUST $384,573

(The State of Georgia, what’s more, is one among several that spend less than 25% of their Federal TANF & MOE (Maintenance of Effort — meaning what the States kick in) on BASIC ASSISTANCE.  There’s a pie chart available from the HHS website, and I will post it (on the grant dealing with this organization) showing that in the year 2014, Georgia spent its $508.89M “TANF & MOE” money 71.5% on “Non-Basic Assistance” and only 8% on basics.  It spent even less on promoting two-parent families or preventing out-of-wedlock births (two noted TANF purposes since 1996) — however a very small percentage of a very large, and reliably ONGOING amount, still is enough to keep organizations like this going year after year ….  but what that tells us is that “What Congress Hath Appropriated and Started, Let No Man Divide Asunder” from those on the dole….. Maybe in basic services for those shiftless, lazy poor — but not in promoting Apple-Pie Concepts when BiPartisan Congressmen (and a few –not enough yet — women) know it will placate both the religious right and some of the social-sciences left (not that the Religious Right doesn’t use Social Science to justify this either….). (….initial caps intended there…)


HHS seems to “love ’em” since about 2010, however their “About Us/History” page says they were receiving federal (abstinence) grants, years earlier, through another fiscal agent.  That Fiscal Agent was “Rockdale Medical Center” in Conyers, Georgia– which is now (I DNK about then) owned by LifePointHealth, based in Tennessee, which owns hospitals in 22 states, I think these are investor-owned hospitals.  I didn’t track THAT far so far, but for anyone who might wish to track the abstinence education forwarded to someone else and aimed eventually at this one organization, you would have to track down who got which kind of grants, when, in which state, and then attempt to connect this to a destination grantee.  The material at this one’s home site seems to indicate they didn’t get a bank account under their own name (???) until about 2010, after having organized in 1989.  Does that even make sense??

I just ran an “Advanced Search” on the “AR00__” grants (because, strangely, “Award Search” prohibits entering a partial grant award #…) and, to save horizontal space, omitted the fields OpDiv and “CFDA # & Name.” But FYI, I did a first run with them, and all 40 showed OpDiv “FYSB” and all were CFDA 93060.  Which means that whoever is putting out those curricula and train-the-trainer seminars, downloadable or in person — including one on the list in Colorado, “The Center for Relationship Education” — is all in fine form.  As you can tell by looking this display shows them sorted by “Award#.”  Awards contain letters and numbers, so it’s an ALPHA, not a NUMERIC search, reverse order apparently, so 90AR0031 come before 90AR0021, before 90AR0011, and 90AR001 will be seen below.  Some recipients therefore, will show up more than once among the 40 wards.

TAGGS-generated TinyUrl, Link the search below
Award Number: 90AR00##*
{{*LGH explains:  i.e., partial Award#, leaving off last two digits.  If any read “90AR01##, etc., those wouldn’t be included. Also, while these all happen to have displayed (with more columns shown on the same report filter — Award # only)) as OpDiv FYSB and CFDA 93060,   this does not mean it’s all the CFDA 93060 grants, either..The Filter was the Award # and that it corresponds 1:1 with the CFA 93060 would be an assumption/presumption.}}
Report Total:  $18,031,517
Distinct Award Count: 40            
Fiscal Year
Recipient Name
Recipt State
DUNS Number
Award #
Award Title
Award Action Type
Principal Investigator
Sum of Actions
2015 QUEST FOR CHANGE, INC. GA 808146653 90AR0031 Competitive Abstinence Education NEW SHAUNAE MOTLEY $376,256
2015 NORTHWEST FAMILY SERVICES OR 612467134 90AR0032 Competitive Abstinence Education NEW CINDY BANKSTON $440,850
2015 Mission West Virginia, Inc. WV 789583106 90AR0033 Competitive Abstinence Education Program NEW TORRI CHILDS $585,289
2015 Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston, Inc. MA 065819547 90AR0034 Competitive Abstinence Education NEW RHEA GORDON $481,440
2015 Abstinence Between Strong Teens (ABST) FL 120728089 90AR0035 Competitive Abstinence Education NEW BARBARA BOLIERE $346,141
2015 PATH INC (A POSITIVE APPROACH TO TEEN HEALTH) IN 142404206 90AR0036 Competitive Abstinence Education NEW LAUREEN EICHENBERGER $500,286
2015 Boys & Girls Clubs of the Northtowns of Western NY NY 874963903 90AR0037 Competitive Abstinence Education NEW TIERNEY SMITH $584,642
2015 EPWORTH CHILDREN & FAMILY SERVICES MO 020373114 90AR0038 Competitive Abstinence Education NEW ERICA BRAUN $374,167
2015 NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF CONCERNED BLACK MEN, INC DC 024463817 90AR0039 Competitive Abstinence Education NEW KIA CHATMON $447,374
2015 CJH Educational Grant Services, Inc. NC 124630497 90AR0040 Competitive Abstinence Education NEW MARY N HARRIS $417,225
2014 HAWAII YOUTH SERVICES NETWORK HI 834346376 90AR0020 Competitive Abstinence Education Grant Program NEW DARLENE TUDELA $429,322
2014 OPERATION KEEPSAKE OH 044478738 90AR0021 Competitive Abstinence Education Grant Program NEW PEGGY PECCHIO $431,667
2014 VISTA COMMUNITY CLINIC CA 073383754 90AR0022 Competitive Abstinence Education Grant Program NEW FERNANDO SANUDO $200,000
2014 BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES MI 080350796 90AR0023 Competitive Abstinence Education NEW JUSTIN S BEENE $496,244
2014 HEALTH CARE EDUCATION & TRAINING, INC IN 932135536 90AR0024 Competitive Abstinence Education Program NEW JENNY STEPHENSON $425,352
2014 INTERSECTIONS, INC. AS 854993214 90AR0025 Competitive Abstinence Education Program NEW LOSO IAULUALO $491,047
2014 Arizona Youth Partnership AZ 799042676 90AR0026 Competitive Abstinence Education Program NEW LORI MALANGONE $429,456
2014 WHOLISTIC STRESS CONTROL INSTITUTE GA 620828681 90AR0027 Competitive Abstinence Education Program NEW JENNIE TROTTER $458,800
2014 More Than Conquerors Inc GA 141833140 90AR0028 Competitive Abstinence Education Program NEW PHILLIPPIA FAUST $384,573
2014 SR1 MS 780996869 90AR0029 Competitive Abstinence Education Grant Program NEW DORLISA L HUTTON $496,244
2014 Boys & Girls Clubs in Tennessee TN 962653668 90AR0030 Competitive Abstinence Education Program NEW KELLY DRUMMOND $243,159
2013 Cabot Crisis Pregnancy Center AR 175850317 90AR0010 THE COMPETITIVE ABSTINENCE EDUCATION NEW VICKIE PARKER $352,125
2013 The Center for Relationship Education CO 137401704 90AR0011 COMPETITIVE ABSTINENCE EDUCATION NEW ENRICO FIGUEROA $491,193
Page Total: $10,791,744
2013 Unity Family Community Center, Inc. FL 138604967 90AR0014 COMPETITIVE ABSTINENCE EDUCATION NEW JOYCE WILSON $412,864
2013 More Than Conquerors Inc GA 141833140 90AR0017 THE COMPETITIVE ABSTINENCE EDUCATION NEW PHILLIPPIA FAUST $491,251
2012 Communities Choosing Adolescent Pregnancy Prev. Prog. CA 869233770 90AR0004 COMPETITIVE ABSTINENCE EDUCATION GRANT PROGRAM NEW ROBERT W BAILLIE $249,342
2012 CJH Educational Grant Services, Inc. NC 124630497 90AR0005 COMPETITIVE ABSTINENCE EDUCATION GRANT PROGRAM NEW SHARON C GOODSON $649,342
2012 Evansville Christian Life Center IN 608867743 90AR0006 COMPETITIVE ABSTINENCE EDUCATION GRANT PROGRAM NEW SUSIE K ATHERTON $244,110
Page Total: $7,239,773
For more on “More Than Conquerors, Inc.” in Georgia and how they are reporting to the IRS under two different EIN#s, treated as one DUNS# by HHS, and how the program service REVENUES shown (reported) on the supporting pages to Part I, ‘Summary” (or, Part VIII, Revenues) and other finer points — if  “We still can’t fill out an internally consistent and truthful tax return after 25 year as an organization” is a ‘finer point,’ – -either check it out yourself, or hope I get another, related post out while you’re still perhaps interested.  But — you are hereby warned, this is among ONE reason there’s ongoing enthusiasm — in many circles — but less than up-front debate any more — about these grants and funding streams involving the largest grant-making federal agency around…. the one that handles, as I’ve pointed out plenty, Welfare funding.


That we allow such things to continue generation after generation (HHS itself only dates back to 1980) shows a resigned passivism — or an already news-media conditioned tunnel vision.  Time to wake up!

The key setup, in my own background, of this situation really does stem from the aftermath of leaving an abusive marriage and being drop-kicked unawares at the time, into the family court system as it existed early in this century, which is to say, within 10 years of Welfare Reform (1996), right after 2001 (including an Executive Order further promoting engaging “faith-based organizations” (which is itself an oxymoron and having NO trackable definition on the HHS grants database, “http://taggs.hhs.“, before the 2008 recession, and last, but not least, in the first Bush, Jr. Administration.)

[Long term, continual attrition through repeated legal events involving the family court.  Kids age out, but there are ways to continue the process; there is never a lack of lawyers, or people who want prior abuse covered up, and the reporting individuals stigmatized.  We live in a culture which respects success.  Facilitating other’s ongoing failure through repeated disruptions in  normal life activities — maintaining work, housing, a relationship with one’s own children given no criminal behavior was involved — functioning at full individual capacity towards building something for the future, for one’s children, for others, or even for “a rainy day,” which is to say, for personal independence while still physically and mentally functional:  live long enough, and all will become “seniors…”]

I brought this up also back on 6/9/2014 post, “My Challenge: Talk Sense, or become an OxyMORON (and Someone Else’s Dinner)”  I posted the same HHS Grantee Class and Type categories, and (incidentally), this post I notice also contained a personal petition I’d just put up on Change.org the prior April, revealing (for the first time), who “Let’s Get Honest” was, i.e., my personal situation.  However, this post has a lot of other decent information including on US Treasury Receipts, and on what happens when language has become instead of a means to communicate, a means to confuse the public — and WHY this is done…

From “TAGGS.hhs.gov — Advanced Search options:

Advanced Search, Recipient CLASS options (see above link, scroll down) viewed 4/30/2016:

County Government~Federal Government~Foreign Non-Profit Organization~Foreign Profit Organization~International (U.S. & Foreign OR Two/More Foreign Organizations )~Interstate Government ~Affiliated Organizations~Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations~Non-Profit Public Non-Government Organizations~Other (Towns, Villages, American Indian Tribes)~Private Profit ( Large Business ) Organizations~Private Profit ( Small Business )Organizations~Special Unit of Government~Sponsored Organizations~State Government

Do you see “Faith-based?” “Religious Institution”? Synoagogue, Mosque, Church, Temple?

Advanced Search, Recipient TYPE options (see above link, scroll down) viewed 4/30/2016:

All Other (Including Individuals) ~Community Action Organization~Consultant~DAO Supplier Organizations ( Service, Supplies, Material and Equipment )~Educational Department~Elementary & Secondary School~Environmental Organization~Financial Institution~Health Department~Hospital~Indian Tribal Council~Intermediary Organization ( Insurance, Etc. )~Junior College, College & University~Law Enforcement Agency ( Including Criminal Rehabilitation )~Library & Museum~Medical Doctor~Nursing Home OR Other Domiciliary Care Facility~Other Educational Organization~Other Health Organization~Other Social Services Organization~Other Special Interest Organization~Planning & Administrative Organizations~Rehabilitation Organization ( Other Than Criminal )~Research Institution, Foundation and Laboratory~School Board & School District~Student~Supplier Organizations ( Service, Supplies, Material and Equipment )~Vocational & Training School~Welfare Department

Do you see “Faith-based?” “Religious Institution”? Synoagogue, Mosque, Church, Temple?

Does the US Government have one?  

Not really, but the IRC, and you may look at IRS.gov to see it.

Again, “My Challenge: Talk Sense, or become an OxyMORON (and Someone Else’s Dinner)”  If you want to argue pro/con of the psychological validity of an inane phrase such as “parental alienation,” I believe that is evidence of insanity.  You’ve lost your grip on reality, and don’t know who is calling the shots.  The moment you argue pro/con on someone else’s jargon, using the same professional fields (behavioral sciences/psychology) from which the term came for a standard of measurement, you have lost all leverage.

Start using language which reflects fiscal realities (which requires work — and growing up) and give up babytalk including “psychobabble.”!  Perhaps another challenge to grow up and face is the question of good and evil.  If these really are not spiritual qualities, as opposed to environmental ones which can be trained out of individuals, or possibly (see William Bernet/the Warrior Gene) even bred out of the next generations, then the logical solution is control of breeding and environment — worldwide — which justifies a one-world government to eliminate war, violence (and with it — freedom, dissidence, and the privilege of thinking outside pre-determined boundaries).

And for people who have lived, sometimes for years or a lifetime, with significant abuse and domineering individuals who hurt, lie, steal and cheat to get their way on a personal, more local level — I think it’s fair to say, we do not want to continue facilitating this either personally, locally, OR nationally/internationally in society.

Next post — it’s not too long — is the actual “Early Morning Intuitive” which I wrote last week, in one sitting summarizing some of the situation, with a wish and hope that others might pick up on some of that larger picture, and start discussing it among themselves. I am only one person, and am still fighting for a future, and the ability to plan it more free from interference by destructive individuals from the past.  The current situation demands some intense focus and it will also be demanding an intense investment of time until it is resolved.  The issues aren’t complex, but they are challenging in “the Larger Picture” where NOT ONE portion of either the court systems, or law enforcement (given existing court orders) is, really, assuredly bribery/kickback free, meaning, a place in which criminal behavior, if and when identified, will actually be backed off to protect someone who does not engage in bribery, or kickbacks, let alone have something to do it with in the first place if I was that type

The THIRD of THREE posts follows, containing the actual “Early Morning Intiutive” writings which came out in one piece in response to the 4/26/2016 post on Red Herring Alert. This will have less charts, and possibly be an easier read. If you want a slightly-extended “elevator speech” to tell others about this overall situation — before they are willing to look at your open laptop showing the grants (or the posts which contain those tables) — this may help.

FOOTNOTE” Therapeutic Jurisprudence,” sections from the Wiki article, and another link or so.  

Check out “Note 13” in the quote, which links to a May 6, 2016 wordpress blog connecting psychoanalysis and therapeutic jurisprudence (and a conference at “Sigmund Freud University”).  See some of my “sticky” and recent (end of 2014) posts on “Suppose I’m Right” and “Stunning Validation from Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson” on just how inbred are the origins of the family court system with followers and societies based, bottom line, on the theories and writings of Sigmund Freud!


…In the early 90’s, legal scholars began to use the term when discussing mental health law, including Wexler and Winick in their 1991 book, Essays in Therapeutic Jurisprudence. The TJ Approach soon spread beyond mental health law to include TJ work in criminal law, family and juvenile law, health law, tort law, contracts and commercial law, trusts and estates law, disability law, constitutional law, evidence law, and legal profession. In short, TJ became a mental health approach to law generally.[3][4]

The approach was soon applied to the way various legal actors–judgeslawyerspolice officers, and expert witnesses—play their roles, suggesting ways of doing so that would diminish unintended antitherapeutic consequences and increase the psychological well-being of those who come into contact with these legal figures. In 1999 in a Notre Dame Law Review article[5] TJ was applied to drug treatment courts (DTC) for the first time and the authors asserted that DTCs were TJ in action and that TJ provided the jurisprudential underpinnings of DTCs. TJ has emerged as the theoretical foundation for the increasing number of “problem-solving courts” that have transformed the role of the judiciary. These include, in addition to DTCs, domestic violence courts, mental health courts, re-entry courts, teen courts, and community courts.[6]

Some countries embraced the TJ movement more than others: particularly America where it originated, as well as Canada and Australia albeit with reservations, with England mainly resisting while nevertheless developing some problem-solving courts.[7] Attempts are made to introduce TJ concepts into the systems of various other countries, such as Pakistan.[8]

Reframing roles[edit]

Therapeutic Jurisprudence also has been applied in an effort to reframe the role of the lawyer. It envisions lawyers practicing with an ethic of care and heightened interpersonal skills, who value the psychological well being of their clients as well as their legal rights and interests, and to actively seek to prevent legal problems through creative drafting and problem-solving approaches.[9][10] TJ also has begun to transform legal education, in particular clinical legal education.[11]


Traditionally, TJ was closely associated with problem-solving courts, such as drug treatment courts, because such courts were designed to invite the use of TJ practices (such as procedural justice, judge-client personal interaction, demonstration of empathy, active listening, and the like). Many desire the expansion of problem-solving courts, but for a number of reasons, especially economic ones, expansion on a large scale seems unlikely; in fact, in some jurisdictions, economic factors have even led to the elimination of such courts. For these and other reasons, a current interest on the part of many TJ scholars and proponents is to “mainstream” TJ—that is, to try to apply TJ practices and principles in “ordinary” courts, especially in criminal, juvenile, and perhaps family matters.

In order to mainstream TJ, a first analytical step is to see to what extent existing provisions of current codes are “friendly”to TJ—that is, whether their legal structure is sufficient to permit the introduction of TJ practices. If so, educational programs should be instituted to discuss how the law may be implemented in a more therapeutic manner. If not, a discussion would be necessary about the desirability and feasibility of legal reform. The analytical methodology in use here employs the metaphor of “wine” and “bottles”, where the TJ practices and techniques are the wine and the governing legal structures are the bottles.[12] The mainstreaming project is facilitated by a Blog entitled Therapeutic Jurisprudence in the Mainstream.[13]

Another link at that Wiki was from Monash University -established by state charter in Victoria, Australia, in 1958: It was named after Sir John Monash (1865-1931)

Non-Adversarial Justice: Restorative justice / Therapeutic jurisprudence

Resources for alternative dispute resolution, restorative justice, therapeutic jurisprudence and commercial arbitration.
Named after engineer, military leader and public administrator Sir John Monash, Monash University was established by an Act of Parliament in 1958. When our first students began their studies at our foundation campus in Clayton in 1961, we became the first university established in the state of Victoria in over 100 years …

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