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Archive for May 3rd, 2016

Red Herring Alert’s “Conversation with Dakota County Commissioner/HMRF funds,” and about those funds…

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Dakota County is in Minnesota:  look for the Twin Cities (St. Paul/Minneapolis) metro area.

That RedHerringAlert (blog) post, Conversation with Dakota County Commissioner Chair Nancy Schouweiler Posted on April 26, 2016Dede Evavold’s continued attempt, with assistance, obviously from the individual over at LionNews …

Image from Lion News

…to communicate to a County Commissioner (image below-right, red suit) that it’s high time

Dakota County Commissioners (image from the RHA blog post 4/26/2016)

to make some crooked things straight and for Dede to refuse to submit to being (my disclaimers:  “possibly,” or  “apparently”) framed for criminal activity and forced to show up without information sufficient to defend herself, as is required by law to be provided her.

Underneath that detailed, case-specific information and posting of correspondence on that ‘Conversation,”and neatly tied into it under things that County Commissioners do — like “authorize receipt of federal/state funds on healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood” — was the bottom half of the post on the same, which I discovered while myself in a somewhat sleepless state from having just learned  about, ah, er, some yet still more recent “developments” in my personal, legal, and safety-focused saga of separating from certain, ah, “individuals,

I am again seeing just how far certain kinds of “individuals”*  may go in assuming multiple persona (and often bringing others with similar schizoid, multiple-persona-issues proclivities (=habits!), referring less to things psychological, but than things incorporation-al) in the process of smoke-screening (his/her/their) own (“apparently” or “possibly”) previous unethical/negligent/illegal activities vis-a-vis (as regards) the targeted individual — which is more appropriately understood as “ANY AND ALL RESOURCES POSSIBLY ASSOCIATED WITH AND UNETHICALLY OR ILLEGALLY OBTAINED/ EXTRACTED and/or even EXTORTED FROM THE TARGETED INDIVIDUAL  FOR FUN, INCLUDING KEEPING ONE’S TECHNIQUES IN THIS SHARP, and the THRILL OF HAVING GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT, etc., AND PROFIT. “

Part of this includes not just obtaining more, but safeguarding existing profits (obtained legally or illegally, ethically or unethically).  For protecting that status quo, threatening to engage, or engaging in pre-emptive litigation strikes against any further public exposure of what has, known to the same, been taking place for months or years previously, under their aggressive initiative or, as it may be, chronic, passive negligence, whichever mode (“Passive/Aggressive”) suits the overall strategic goal of — building income-producing, ideally, tax-sheltered and not in one’s own name (in case of guess what else? litigation from the targeted individuals — or competitors) assets for fun and profit and in part by defrauding others.  The “not in one’s own name” is where the “Multiple-corporate-persona” comes in.

So, the unethically, illegally at times will include “fraudulent” which in essence is what in common terms would be called lying.  For added bonus and impact, such blatant lying is also psychological attack on the other, and asserts a position which the targeted individual may very well know is false, but it is intended that the eventual audience (in the intended theatre — whether a courtroom, a police station, or elsewhere — whose influence is desired to bring up on the targeted person. It’s a form of bluster and boasting, and it keeps the other side busy (and lawyers in business), calling them out) either does not know, or chooses not to admit that they know, participating in the charade, for THEIR fun and profit..

For the term “For Fun and Profit” I have to credit Catherine Austin Fitts’ analogy of “Sam and Dave Unload Boatloads of White Agricultural Substances.”  The shortest summary of this is that those who operate above-the-board legally are hard put to compete against those who completely evade corporate and/or personal income taxes by  operating under-the-table in the criminal sphere.  I wrote and posted it, get this:  12/12/12 (Dec. 12, 2o12) over at another blog, Cold, Hard Facts.  “Nothing Complicated Here: Want Real Change?  Enact This!”  Huh, another Presidential Election Year, then, too…..  within a few paragraphs, it makes its point (and links to the Fitts article too).

(Continued at bottom of the post under FootnoteUnethicallly or Illegally Obtained for Fun and Profit through Targeting Specific Individuals“)..

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