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Archive for May 12th, 2016

Despite Truly Funky Tax Returns, HHS Remains Loyal (2010-2015) to One Faith-Based (under Two Diff’t EIN#s, ONE of which the IRS acknowledges#) in Stone Mountain–or is it Conyers?– Georgia

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#”…IRS acknowledges” in the title refers to being qualified to accept tax-deductible contributions, explained below, right underneath the tax return tables showing those two different EIN#’s.  As this business entity (or is it two entities?) is mostly government-funded anyhow, it’s kind of a moot point.  Still, having HHS describe this on its grants database as ONE organization which suddenly (2015) changes its EIN# — and leadership — and type of formation (Private Foundation / Public Charity) — and leadership — and location (without checking “New Address”) is a little disconcerting.

This post sprang (so to speak, actually it was extracted by me and didn’t move on its own) out of one dated May 2, 2016 and which I eventually posted as “Red Herring Alert’s “Conversation with Dakota County Commissioner/HMRF funds,” and about those funds…

Post-publication post update:  Based on some of these findings, I added a PAGE (to right sidebar) on May 14, 2016, called HHS Grantees, Just Georgia, Just HMRF (CFDA 93086), May 13, 2016, Report Run.  Take a look! Will also be posting to publicize that page later today.  The Page displays grants tables; they take long to compile and have a lot to say, I didn’t want this information disappearing beneath a succession of posts, but to be visible on the sidebar. Georgia is “Below the Bible Belt” and “Faith-Based” goes over well, obviously.  It also has among the larger Violence-Prevention grantees, a “Criminal Justice Coordinating Council” which I believe bears more looking into.

The Page also demonstrates beyond argument the relative size of HMRF versus “Violence Prevention” grants — and that State agencies are getting both types (!!).  While the Page doesn’t discuss this (due to size limits), I also noticed again “University of Georgia Research Foundation” who I’d noticed years earlier running the social science R&D programming, including targeting African-American families, and using “PREP,” i.e., a curriculum developed by professors at the University of Denver and also heavily promoted within the “Oklahoma Marriage Initiative” which, famously around the turn of this century, and under a Catholic Governor (Frank Keating) and religious protestant evangelical high up in the state-level “HHS” responsibility, “Jerry Regier.”  In that scenario, a public relations firm received a real helping-hand for managing the resulting “Healthy Marriage Resource Center” (also propped up by HHS grants).

As a sample, obviously “FBO” (“Faith-based Organization,”), I took a look at this organization, as it says below, and could only say,

Oh my goodness, this organization (website “WWW.MTCIGA.ORG” per the 2014 return, …) is “something else…”

This draft began on May 2, 2016.  I’ve published three others since, and am currently studying and about to continue posting on some of the Focus on the Family Statewide Policy (501©4) and Family (501©3) organizations.  This MTCIGA has shown up to be either part of this circle, or closely associated with it.

That is a large topic.  There will be more than one post, I have not finished getting some outstanding questions answered, and may not, but what I do have to show is enough to raise red flags on WHY groups which fill out tax returns in some crazy-ass ways, and then have executive directors forming some of the curricula they are promoting — but said curriculum nonprofit doesn’t stay incorporated — and a number of other simply “funky” behaviors should say, WHERE’s HHS Accountability in all this?  Do they give a damn?

  • Check out TAGGS.hhs.gov report of “93010” CBAE (Community Based Abstinence Education) Grantees in Georgia; this is one.  Any column title can be sorted by clicking on it, active links are also clickable; which for any organization should show what other types of grants they may have gotten.  Only 25 results per page show — suggest try different sorts, including the Sum of Awards ($$, rightmost) column to see largest versus smallest amounts.   Notice the variety of types of organizations which obtained abstinence education grants. For example, in addition to what would appear to be other FBOs (“Crowned for Victory,” “Metro Atlanta Youth for Christ, Inc.” — looks like several million dollars, etc.) there is a Housing Authority, a Board of Education, a “Wholistic (sic) Stress Control Institute” called a “Research Institution, Foundation and Laboratory” (also drawing funds for Teenage Pregnancy Prevention, Drug-Free Communities, Preventing HIV/SA, etc.)

Wholistic Stress Control Institute (not the topic of this post) I notice in passing and is also “something else” in similar ways…although rather more on the “new age” spirituality than conservative Christian side, Apparently.

[“Wholistic Stress Institute” section marked by light-blue background and “Arial Narrow” font. Below that, more discussion on the “Faith-Based Organization” referenced in post title.]

The name of its Abstinence Education Award:  “THE GOAL OF THE 2 HYPE “A” CLUB IS TO TEACH AN ABSTINENCE EDUCATION TO 300 AFRICAN AMERICAN YOUTH (12-18) IN METRO ATLANTA”Basic search for HHS grants from this organization (Not its only stated source of gov’t grants, though) — click here to see it’s about $6.0M, that is, those recorded on TAGGs database which only goes back to 1991 (mostly about 1995) -for an organization formed in 1988.  The DUNS identifier is “620828681” if you want to do other searches:

I plunked down this new (to me) section near the top of this post not actually about this group.

Wholistic Stress Control Institute GA 2014 990 23 $367,459.00 58-1786170
Wholistic Stress Control Institute GA 2013 990 27 $344,171.00 58-1786170
Wholistic Stress Control Institute GA 2012 990 27 $268,068.00 58-1786170

YearEnd 2014 – Page 2 (Program Service Accomplishments) for some reason is blacked out.

YearEnd 2013 — brief description provided on page 2 shows that they have confused grants distributed with grants received.  And, as Part I (Summary) and Part VIII (Revenues) also show — the majority, in fact nearly all, grants received are government grants.  This organization does not provide enough program service revenues to survive off the government dole — and having been founded in 1988, they have not yet, apparently, figured out the difference (despite the IRS form explaining this on Page 1, and Page 2) between money they RECEIVED and money they Re-DISTRIBUTE to others, which was, none.  They also failed to identify on details (Pt. III page 3) what would certainly appear (Part VIII, Line 2) as revenues, but DID on Summary, Pt. I, Line 6

They are not redistributing anything to others; their charitable services seems to consist of programmings run, mostly for nothing, but some fees (See Part VIII) are being charged, as “Program Service Revenues” it says.  However in Year End 2011, this amount was $103K — but not shown on Part III at all)…

From “Wholistic Stress Institute,” Fiscal Yr. 2012 Form 990 (middle row above), Page 2, Part III:

4a (Code: )(Expenses $ 934, 565. including grants of $ 934, 565. )(Revenue $ 0. )


There are no grants distributed. There were, however, some (minimal, but some) Program service revenues, which are not showing up here (compare to Part VIII).   The grants shown, that year, were a total of $944K, and are organization revenues, not organization expenses.

That yellow quote above is a transcription, verbatim of the only description in this section of “Program Service Accomplishments.”

It obviously is not a description of what they did that year, but of a mission statement.  It also, notably — has obvious errors in:  spelling (“varity”), grammar/usage [“a varity of …education.” The word “variety” followed by “of” should refer to a plural, not singular noun.  What they probably mean — and what the website makes it clear they are offering –is classes.  Plural.], and punctuation [in a list of only four items, they begin with a comma, then add a semi-colon preceded by a space.  Commas would do just fine there].  The single paragraph as a short description lacks any identifiable detail traceable to the organization (such as names of classes offered — this would be the typical place to list them on a tax return].  It’s a failure to name things, i.e., in labeling. 
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