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Revisiting and Remembering National NOW’s “Six Core Issues,” Like Number Two: “Ending Violence Against Women,’ vis-a-vis How Far Down A. Domestic Violence and B. “The Family Court Crisis” Are Buried.. and Several NOW IRS Forms 990 [April 28, 2022].

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I was curious whether “NOW” is no longer a force to be reckoned with for women’s rights, despite some high-profile individuals involved with NOW criticizing others who aren’t doing what they haven’t, yet, either.  (See previous post, link below).

What I found at apps.IRS.gov/app/eos/: (“EOS” for “Exempt Organizations Search”): many scattered and (for the most part) small tax-exempt chapters and national IRS filings. Many were IRS-auto-revoked, and some seem to have stopped filing altogether (they may be extinct, maybe not). The generic search brought up 425 results, so I narrowed it down to those who had Forms 990 copies. Of these, based on a name-search at Candid.org’s “Research and Verify Nonprofits 990-finder,” which displays total  assets (note: not revenues) in a table, not one was significantly large.

NOW national isn’t that big compared to other influential foundations.  (I cannot speak to the collective impact of the grassroots). Tax returns (with active links) are posted to several NOW entities below.

Again, the context of this post was from the previous one on who gets appointed to DV Task Forces, and how “feminist” are they (or, are they not, in the final analysis).

Caution in interpreting the numbers: Total (gross) Assets at Candid.org or anywhere else is not a reflection of how much revenue is processed through any nonprofit, but, I saw nothing recent over $5,000,000 — and we have billion-dollar tax-exempt foundations with their hand in the family courts, domestic violence/child-abuse-prevention, diversionary justice, juvenile justice reform, etc. field, as well as other domestic violence resource network organizations (so to speak) funded by both HHS and DOJ federally, well over $10,000,000 revenues annually (two examples:  NCJFCJ in Nevada and Futures Without Violence in California, which controls real estate and was as I recall over $40M revenues at one point. These organizations also trade funds among each other, i.e., sub-grant or pass-through to each other.. I didn’t check just this moment but in New York, I imagine that Vera Institute of Justice would also be quite large.** Of course NOW isn’t running shelters, it has a different purpose, but still, I wasn’t too surprised to see that its not showing up financially as a major factor player. It may be politically, but doesn’t seem to be financially..)

**Just before publishing, I took a quick look a VERA’s financials from CharitiesNYS.com; I’ve looked at these and the organization before; the size is truly stunning, as well as how it takes most of those (primarily)government grants and (based on the latest return, FY2020/YEJune as I recall, not signed til May, 2021) and turns them into over $100M of subcontracts.  It’s simply huge.  I decided, though, this deserves a separate post.  IF you’re curious, I’ll upload the pdf here:  Note one pdf has three forms in a row:  CHAR500 (which is great: It gives not only which govt agencies fund, but also the amounts.  It took more than a page to list them all), followed by the tax return (Form990), followed by the financial statements.
The Notes and other details say it’s also spun off (“Subsequent events” after the fiscal year end) a “Project Guardianship” where it’s functioning as public guardian for elderly and disabled, to manage their assets.  The amount seems to be $35,000,000 worth.  I also noted, out of all the pages that were inserted right-side-up, the ones that were somehow fed into the scanner upside down included several pages of grants (Schedule I), and several (not all) the actual financial statements.  In fact, I need to turn them all rightside up before uploading a pdf, so “maybe later.”

Looking for these also brings up — any search does — even more database issues (separate from any organization/entity filing issues). This comes with privatization, i.e., private ownership and administrations of such data, this time (again), with Candid.org which grabs tax returns from the IRS and posts them.

“Candid”has a user interface to search for these by entity name — which it gets wrong so often, I wonder whether they are manually entered, or what…so you must use EIN# with it for halfway reasonable search results ,and correct for errors, repeat the search, and pay attention to what does or doesn’t surface with each filter applied.  It has other benefits (presentation in columns, some ability to track earlier tax returns through url tweaks, something the IRS database doesn’t seem to have.

In searching for all these NOW entities on Candid the other day, I noticed you cannot enter more than one, distinct EIN# per search.  Why not?  That would seem to be one of the most basic standards of a user interface.  But no, you must repeat, repeat, and repeat again.  It’s free, but horribly inefficient!

This post is:

Revisiting and Remembering National N.O.W.’s “Six Core Issues,” Like Number Two: “Ending Violence Against Women” vis-a-vis How Far Down: A. Domestic Violence and B. ‘The Family Court Crisis’ Are Buried.. with Several NOW IRS Forms 990 [April 28, 2022]. (short-link ends “-eot” and middle character is a lower-case “o” as in “oh, my!”). About 6,000 words.

Like many (if not most) of my posts, it arose from another one just published:

Table Talk’ Helps You Quickly Analyze Any Task Force*, Council, Commission, etc. (*Here, New York’s Task Force for a COVID-19 DV Response): Add Columns for Entity/Non-Entity, Website, Legal Domicile, and (For Size/Operations), Even For Some EIN#s, to Find AND read Any Tax Returns [Publ. Apr. 26, 2022].. (short-link ends “-egn”)

In it, I’d quoted New York City NOW on the New York (State) Council on Women and Girls’ Melissa DeRosa (you can’t miss it — the two largest images on my post, or link on the caption, below).

and on its disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo,  so I decided to review and post some of the NOW national, and city basic information, in a quick overview.

It’s good to know when reading output in major media citing to any nonprofit, what its financials show — and if they’re showing on its website. I also look at NOW (National’s) Six Core Issues...


This is not that detailed a drill-down; I wanted to take a look, and publish what I’d seen so far. There’s more that could be done (and should), but not my research and writing priority, or interest, at this time.  This post may however be interesting to some to see why I stand where I do in not holding my breath for help from these sources.

Some posts come out in one, almost nonstop session. This one did:  I knew what I wanted to say and how much I decided might be helpful to show (not just “say”), resulting in some quotes, and several more tables with the last three years of tax returns. That’s this post.

In quoting what an entity says about itself, why shouldn’t I quote both its own websites and (once found — NOW entities seem to specialize, like many in the DV infrastructure, in NOT volunteering their EIN#s or uploading sufficient financials) its own tax return and transparency habits?

For when those financials or EIN#s aren’t posted on entity websites, New York State’s charities search site is quite helpful, and it has a business entities search site also.  Add to that what the IRS may have (that CharitiesNYS.com doesn’t already) and it’s a good start. For anyone also exploring more of the New York State COVID-19 DV Response Task Force (appointed May, 2020; its chair resigned in disgrace August, 2021), that link will help.  Many members, obviously, might be and were on New York non-profit entities.

This post states where I stand as a feminist — I still believe I am — who didn’t sign on the line for this agenda, but whether or not I ever did, regardless of the reasons I did not, this post illustrates that, and possibly why help is NOT coming from this quarter as to, specifically, abuse of women as women and as mothers who’ve already dealt with domestic violence through/by way of, the family court system.

Listen to the organizations spell it out in their own words!

It’s not a right/left dilemma politically.  Yes, the DV infrastructure (and certainly NOW) leans to the Left, but that doesn’t mean it’s above throwing innocent people, particularly mothers who may not be “full-on” with NOW’s list of issues, in the middle of a highway with federal-grants-laden state and federal buses speeding and aiming right at them, but fails to even sound an alert. Targeting us, when we have children, it’s going to hurt our children — the next generations many of us gave birth to, and still hope to see a future for. The states want us “out of the way” so as to do its system-change, societal realignment and infrastructure capacity-building, and be complimented for it too.

NOW had positioning, it had opportunity, and it has certainly had the information timely.  It just wasn’t interested…. I’ve been a witness.

I think at the end of the day, we (in the “demographic” I mention above and will spell out later in the post (fine print, though) — and other than being a woman, I don’t fit any — not one — of those demographics that seem to interest N.O.W., although for a season it** seemed to show some interest in what was going down in the family court systems — are going to have to help ourselves, whether individually or in clusters through networking.

**I should refer to a single organization as an “it” not a “they.”  Here, there are several entities at the national level, and chapters, but still as entities, I’ll say “it” not “they” to keep this in mind.

What “we are going to have to help ourselves,” means when obstacles such as internet access, or internet/media platform screening algorithms impede connecting, and being often separated geographically,^^ we can’t spend all our time processing others’ information and trying to “get on the same page.” That’s the corporate world:  collectivism, and the lowest common denominator (I’m talking, of information) rises to the top.  Energy spent seeking with whom to collaborate can be redirected, and perhaps should be.

(^^Elon Musk just made a deal to buy Twitter: it’s going private, did you hear?  It’s already got algorithms warning people away from my (fairly innocent!) account, and I have yet to see any explanation why the numbers are so low with how much information I put out…  I shudder to think what it might mean… that a man who believes he’s preserving mankind’s future by looking to colonize other worlds through space, and who obviously has talent and creativity … but, there has also been coverage of how he treats the women he decides to have children with; extreme control, and deviously so.  I wouldn’t expect much less at the helm of Twitter, and I for one, appreciate SEC reports as a source of information on PUBLIC-traded companies…

BELOW here is everything I wrote earlier on the topics mentioned in the post title. Taking the content here lets me publish the related “Table Talk on Task Forces” (short-link ends “-egn”), which is was my goal (it was published 4/26)..

Revisiting the national NOW website, and its “Six Core Issues” | Where dealing with Domestic Violence (and the family courts) falls within them | For a perspective, let’s look at a few tax returns…

Revisiting the National NOW website, and its’ Six Core Issues,” I see that Ending Violence Against Women does make the list, but domestic violence is mixed in with many other kinds: your basic progressive approach and menu of items (along with the others).  Specific focus on domestic violence as it happens and is facilitated by family courts, isn’t really on the radar, and hasn’t been for years.  Look at the description, from those “Six Core Issues” (dated Feb. 2014, per the url), and from it:

Ending Violence Against Women: NOW is unique in its approach to the issue of violence against women, emphasizing that there are many interrelated aspects to the issuedomestic violence; sexual assault; sexual harassment; violence at abortion clinics; hate crimes across lines of gender, sexuality and race; the gender bias in our judicial system that further victimizes survivors of violence; and the violence of poverty emphasized by the radical right’s attacks on poor women and childrenall of which result from society’s attitudes toward women and efforts to “keep women in their place.”

As you can see by the issues named (and by mentioning “the radical right,”) this is a politically-charged approach, where “domestic violence, …” while first, is only one of a major list, including “violence at abortion clinics” and references to “our judicial system” but not one reference to the family law system, although by now, with the level of “roadkill” and national headlines, you’d think it might rate a passing mention.

The “Ending Violence Against Women” paragraph (under Six Core Issues) also has a link which reflects how NOW (the “national” entity) (“sic”) frames this purpose and what it considers resources:  The National DV hotline, the Sexual Assault Hotline, and (separate section) listing adding cultural/racial/gender-orientation flavors to the same.  This also comes after the first priority:  “Title IX” which refers to activities funded under federal education programs and activities receiving federal assistance (i.e., athletics too).

Found under “Ending Violence Against Women” link at NOW.org  (The link is labeled “Stopping” not “Ending”)

Title IX

Title IX is a civil rights law adopted under the Education Amendments in 1972. It protects people from being discriminated against on the basis of sex in education programs and activities receiving federal assistance. Discrimination can be harassment, sexual assaults, and denial of educational resources. Title IX applies to not only educational attainment but also access to athletic activities. Title IX’s strength is crucial in ending violence against women because it ensures that women receive the support they deserve after such a crime has been inflicted upon them. To learn more about the current status and support measures available, please check out the resources below.

After this, it tosses off the usual hotlines:  One for domestic violence (in English and Spanish) and the other for Sexual Assault, which is a link to RAINN (a member of this COVID-19 response task force, you’ll see below).  The NDVH (below) is among the Domestic Violence Resource Network members.

Searchable on this blog, especially fiscal anomalies and some odd bait-and-switch nomenclature on exactly which entity the grants went to, when several similar (but not identical) ones were involved.  Just search “NDVH” on this blog to find (older posts).

National Domestic Violence Hotline, 1-800-799-7233, https://www.thehotline.org/

For any victims and survivors who need support, the NDVH for there you, 24/7. Call 1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-799-7233 for TTY, or if you’re unable to speak safely, you can log onto thehotline.org or text LOVEIS to 22522.

Línea directa nacional de violencia doméstica, 1-800-799-7233, https://www.thehotline.org/ para cualquier víctima y sobreviviente que necesite apoyo, se puede comunicar 24 horas del día….

Para información en español, visita la página “En Español.

National Sexual Assault Hotline, 1-800-656-4673, https://www.rainn.org/about-national-sexual-assault-telephone-hotline

Anyone affected by sexual assault, whether it happened to you or someone you care about, can find support on the National Sexual Assault Hotline. You can also visit online.rainn.org to receive support via confidential online chat

Many states have their own domestic violence and sexual assault hotlines with helpful information offered in a number of languages. You can reach their websites by entering the name of your state + domestic violence hotline or sexual assault hotline. Guidance to law enforcement assistance, shelters, counseling and other important services are provided

So, basically N.O.W. refers to the basic state coalitions against domestic violence and, where they exist, sexual assault — the same system that’s been failing (us) in the family courts, decade after decade. Apparently N.O.W. does not have a problem with the State CADV & Special Issues “DVRN” agenda as constructed, with parallel or overlapping system reflecting the “sexual assault” separately.

On the same page, underneath a few tabs (BLOG / NEWS/ RESOURCES) it holds references to:

  • Indigenous Women’s Justice (2019)
  • Sexual Assault is a Hate Crime^^ (2017)
  • We Can No Longer Be Silent:  How Intimate Partner Violence Affects Women of Color (2016)
  • What You Need to Know About the Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline (2016)
^^Since when is violent assault, domestic, without the sexual assault (when it occurs: I realize they often co-occur) not ALSO a hate crime in N.O.W.’s eyes? I was battered over nearly a ten-year period before finding who could help me file for intervention (and pre-family court gauntlet, which was the next destination.  Tough, but still better than being suddenly murdered, or our children seeing the same fate, which was the train we were on…).  Throughout this time, and often during an incident, I was reminded that this assault had everything to do with “my place as a woman, wife, mother” in this (married) household.  The solution for women like me wasn’t more accessible abortions, earlier on — just don’t have kids, or don’t marry — it was legal enforcement of existing laws against committing felonies against another person, even a partner or spouse.

Since I’m quoting both NOW and NOW, NYC, I’m posting their tax returns for a look at (relative) size.

However, this section exists so I can say again, I’ve known for many years that help [“for whom” qualified at [1] isn’t coming from this quarter:  so why would I expect help from these quarters (such as at NFVLC-George Washington University, based on previous nonprofit DVLEAP, which was itself part of the system), regarding family law matters?  Do I have to vote progressive/Democrat now, or forever hold my peace; must I endorse ALL of the NOW issues or “forget  it” for moral support (for people in my demographic [2],  or even real help [3] just staying alive, and restoring / stopping future generations of (specifically, non-abusive mothers) from being separated overnight and without cause, basically permanently, from their offspring where a biologically-related male is within range and makes a bid for custody?

[1] Meaning, help for domestic violence road-kill or the family court gauntlet’s “total destruction/chronic extortion/resource-tripping/case-churning/affiliate-marketing [for this venue] AND public-funded “technical assistance and training” bonanza” paradigm;  [2] i.e., women who ran the family court gauntlets after filing for protection, or had to file for protection — for ourselves and/or our children); [3] (vs. Technical Training and Assistance and public education/awareness, and MAYBE a select, cherry-picked poster-child cases may get some amicus brief help, or be taken as appeals, while nationally, CADV organizations just don’t/won’t and aren’t funded to do this…)

Let me close by saying:  Between NOW, NOW PAC, and NOW Foundation and regarding “The Family Court Crisis”, the latter is only a tiny bleep under NOW Foundation which (you can see below) isn’t that large, either.  It’s hard to know from that tiny bleep of information whether or not it such a team still exists.

NOW Foundation’s page on its all-volunteer Family Court Crisis “Advisory Ad Hoc Committee” members (appointed 2004),  — how late in the game is 2004? — headed by Renee Beeker (some may know from her ‘Family Court Watch’ approach) hasn’t been updated since and isn’t even given a date (but that page’s url only reads “2014,” possibly when it was uploaded, belatedly.  I do not know, but the message  is clear:  not a national priority for the feminist future. This page is the same “dead end, information-desert” it was when I looked at it several years ago… At this time, I was active in some on-line group emails or forums (forget which) and probably had some exchanges with Renee Beeker.  I don’t believe that “court watch” without corresponding infrastructure analysis (what I do, as much as I can) will suffice.  The infrastructure analysis takes what people may see and witness into the realm of understanding the mindsets that could have designed such systems, and often in their own words.

Smart Moms know not to look to this (NOW or strictly feminist-aligned) resource for guidance, support, or technical (or much of any other) kind of assistance, especially if we’re not “All-or-Nothing” on the political agenda — which I’m not….and I question, while I know many who’ve had abortions go on to later have children and do fine, something is a bit “off” in featuring this as an agenda — OK to kill the fetuses in certain circumstances (and I’m not “anti-choice”) but we are talking here about keeping adult women and their existing children alive, let alone safe, while trying to leave abusive situations.

I’m not angry with N.O.W., I just know there’s a lot of hypocrisy in the agenda, and the means to reaching it… They had a fighting chance when California N.O.W. at least did some reports on the family court in the early 2000s… but the interest just wasn’t there to put this closer to the center platform.

I also know it’s only common sense, for people who expect “advocacy groups” to advocate for them, to look at what they are saying, and what they are doing (fiscally, as to transparency, as to compliance with regulations, etc.) and not just media cites or testimonials –which is where these groups will want most people to be looking..  That’s fine — but never omit the basic “background check” — and that has to include at least one or two levels of filings!

I searched APPS.IRS.Gov/APP/EOS/ (<~~Bookmark this!) and selected “Copies of Returns” for “National Organization of Women” to eliminate all the “Auto-revocations” “Forms 990-N” (revenues under $50K, etc.) — which immediately culled the list from 425 to just 14.  Among these are the NOW and the NOW Foundation, NOW New York State, and NOW New York City, which I also quoted on this post.  They are alpha by EIN# (not entity name) (as shown on this app, entity namne isn’t always an exact match to organization name on the underlying tax returns, anyway).  But here are (with links); I included California’s

Odd that none of these shows a city or state.  Why not? I wonder if any are group returns… To summarize from the main “NOW, Inc.” — its latest return shown is only 2018 (YE Dec.), and it’s pitifully small.  Among its “assets” are $796K owed it by NOW Foundation.  etc.  From its statement of purpose, and the Schedule R (related entities shown) (transcribed, i.e., from the tax return):

Seriously, if NOW doesn’t file for one more year, that is, 2021, and the IRS gets around to it, it could be status auto-revoked.  On the other hand I’ve seen the IRS let entities keep going which are suspended by their state corporate or charitable registries (I have one in mind, but it’s probably too small to be bothered with — one way such things are done, that is, continuing to operate below the table)…

NOW, EIN# 237094479 (link to its latest Form 990O:  Auto-revoked for not filing yet?):

“To take access through intersectional grassroots activism to promote feminist ideals and lead societal change.”

NOW Foundation, EIN# 521477004 (as shown on the above tax return):

“Furthering women’s rights through education and litigation”

NOW PAC, EIN#020597551 (as shown on NOW tax return, not in the links provided above):

“Elect feminists to federal office.”

NOW PAC: I did not find EIN# 020597551 (and that is how it was written on the NOW tax return) on either Candid.org or the IRS EOS search site (where I also searched by entity name). It may exist or have existed; I just didn’t find it this time. It might be have been IRS auto-revoked: I don’t know.

I could do more drill-down and comparisons, but so could anyone reading this (who has access to internet and a little time**.  I’ve posted links.  Probably the foundation would be the largest, and I’m betting that NYC, or NYS NOWs might also be substantial.  [Nope, as to the latter…].

**(..and, ideally, a laptop as opposed to small tablet or cellphone, but an iPad would work.  I posted from iPad for a long time)

Yet in the COVID-19 Task Force ^^^ there’s a New York Women’s Foundation and YWCA-USA. The state and condition of N.O.W. and its chapters and related tax-exempts in 2022 is not my main focus…  The domestic violence infrastructure and “family court reformists” coalitions (relationships within relationships of nonprofits + non-entities in varying states of compliance with state or IRS law) is.

^^^See prior post (the substance of this post used to be there), Table Talk’ Helps You Quickly Analyze Any Task Force*, Council, Commission, etc. (*Here, New York’s Task Force for a COVID-19 DV Response):… (short-link ends “-egn”)

Anything on NOW, or NOW NYC below  — or NOW Foundation, PAC, and I threw in “California NOW” for good measure because it had produced some research on the problems in the family courts in the early 2000s) is “gratis” and here only as I was satisfying my own curiosity.  I also think it’s relevant to see a little bit of the filing habits and the size of the various entities.

NOW was originally formed, I’ve read and said on this blog before, in response to the 1965 Moynihan Report’s dramatic racism and sexism.  That report has been key and revered in welfare (social science, social services provision through the federal budget) for decades now — yet these feminists are only interested in it as pertains to the usual list of progressive / equal rights agenda.  Not to say, these have no merit — but the rhinoceros, so to speak, was left, aggressive, in the room and dangerously further compromising the safety of women and children all this time. No offense meant to the animal kingdom…(Elephants and rhinoceroses have also been under attack by humans for no good reason).

I’m just saying, that was as BIG oversight, and it’s not been innocuous, nor was it accidental.  NOW leadership just wasn’t interested… Another reason I never joined when I might have been tempted to..

Incidentally the NOW conference in July, 2022, is going to be in Chicago.  Maybe they should take on the AFCC and friends.  MAYBE they should focus more on domestic violence, not only the most current flavor of forms of violence to organize around…

Completely incidental find (to this post, but ℅ my IRS name search, above) here’s a NationalCoalitionofWomen.com with tax return Form990EZ FY2019 (downtown Chicago), revenues only $17.5K, and showing the above website, but marked (Header info) “Initial Return” and “Application (i.e., with the IRS for tax-exempt status) Pending” checked at top left of page 1.  Yet the website claims it was started in 2008.  Hmm. (National Coalition of Women Initiative in Law ℅ Carolyn Blessing).  I’d searched “organization” not “Coalition.” The return says “Initiative” (singular), the website (footer) has it plural. (Its founder explains it began with women lawyers facing similar issues).

A few pointers regarding the urls linking to the tax returns in the six tables below:

(Feel free to ignore, but I noticed, it signifies a sea-change in this private database search provider, itself a tax-exempt foundation, and worth mentioning.  The subject matter is permanence and change in such databases: who controls it, how functional are they…).

Before I start posting these, I’d like to recommend people also take a few minutes on each table below to click on each year’s returns (under “organization names”) and notice that the more recent ones are urls begin “docs.candid.org” while the earlier ones — and this first table, only showing through 2018, is “earlier ones” so compare to the one after it, the Foundation — begin 990s.foundationcenter.org

The Foundation Center merged with (took over) Guidestar, about 2017, and rebranded itself as “Candid” with the bright orange accents.  Click on candid.org and look at the footer info.  A while back I was exploring this in more detail (key documents seem to be missing).  I’m not now, just pointing it out.  The database domain name has changed, although the surviving organization in that merger (as I recall) was “Foundation Center” and its legal business name did NOT, actually, change.  I don’t recall all the details, but you could probably find out more at New York State (I believe the Foundation Center is registered there).  When entities don’t stay current on their own filings (state or federal), they can indeed change a legal business name (instead of obtain a “dba” or fictitious name) in the meantime.

I may have blogged this in part, but if you search “candid.org” on this blog, you’re likely to get almost every single post, and I’ve published 868 + pages…  Better, if curious, to try searching the Foundation Center’s EIN# (on this blog) if you want more info.  Or, research it yourself, separately.

Another new “url” phenomenon (how new, I don’t know) observed looking up tax returns, mostly through this database (not so much the IRS), a whole LONG string of characters after the “*.pdf?” sometimes show up.  Where I catch it, I delete everything starting with the “?” after the pdf before publishing — I assume this probably relates to my search strings, which in my opinion, are “none of your business” on these posts.  Besides, without those long strings, the url is simpler to read and understand…

NOW, Inc.: 

Total results: 3. Search Again. EIN# 23-7094479

(I have similar tables with different shading throughout the blog; these colors are closer to the colors on Candid.org.)

National Organization for Women DC 2018 990O 50 $2,236,848.00 23-7094479
National Organization for Women DC 2017 990O 44 $1,633,538.00 23-7094479
National Organization for Women DC 2016 990O 42 $830,555.00 23-7094479

NOW Foundation:

Total results: 3. Search Again.  EIN# 52-1477004

NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN FOUNDATION INC DC 2019 990 43 $3,233,150.00 52-1477004
National Organization for Womenfoundation Inc DC 2018 990 50 $2,786,835.00 52-1477004
National Organization for Womenfoundation Inc DC 2017 990 43 $2,003,488.00 52-1477004

Database question:  Why would the most recent results be spelled and spaced correctly, while both prior years (initial caps) be missing the space between “Women” and “foundation” (which no initial cap on “Foundation” shows you wasn’t my error, but as copied)?

I just ran the name-search again (with the proper spacing (to reproduce, click here) and was reminded that in various years, several state NOWs may have had their foundations too.  (Look at the years).  The prior years of the national one (EIN# 52-1477004) did not show — at all (how a single typo — in the database or the software?) can result in missed results).  But, two different line items, both for FY 2019, DID show: one had no EIN# associated.  This raises more questions than it answers, more about Candid than about the filing entities — I think.  It’s a data base and search program question…

I’ll include (just two) images in gallery format right here to show.  There some overlap between two images.  Next:

NOW-NYC (check it out):

Total results: 3. Search Again.  EIN# 13-2914323.  Since 1967.  501©4

National Organization for Women Inc NY 2018 990 $127,656.00 13-2914323
National Organization for Women-Nyc NY 2017 990O 30 $441,115.00 13-2914323

– – –

What happened, Candid? (Look at Year 2018 — Organization Name is wrong.  Same EIN# as the others, but omits the “NYC.”  Of course this will affect search results when anyone keys in “Name.”  To make it (not) easier, Candid’s recent revision (from prior versions, which I’ve been using for years, so remember how they worked), to get to the “EIN#” field — given Candid’s unreliability when “organization name” is used — you have to (1) understand it might exist and (2) whether or not you did at first, click on “More Search” options to use it — every single time…  Here, I had searched by EIN# (or wouldn’t have gotten all three results) but got three different versions of a single entity’s name across three different years.  (This is not reflected on the underlying Form pdfs).  Also see “Form” field — the forms are inconsistent.  Typically the NOWs are 501©4s and if they want an addition 501©3 (where contributions are tax-deductible), they’ll form a 501©3 and call it, typically, the same business name but “Foundation” (except, not here: see next table).

“What happened? financially” is also a good question: in FYE2019, NOW NYC raised $256K fundraising for a cost of only $22K (not bad ratio of revenues to expenses), but contributed NONE of it to the organization under Pt. VIII Line 1c (Contributions, fund-raising events) while its Revs- Expenses for the last two years (shown then) are well below zero, i.e. reporting a net gross assets deficit.  The link is right above — just click and read!

The only paid officer (Pt. VIIA), Sonio Ossorio, received $101K, not too much for NYC, but the question” what are you doing” seems legit.  It also under “website” reads “N/A” — does it really not have a website?  This entity lists a Sched-R related tax-exempt 501©3 which I looked up — also run by Sonio Ossorio (who, in the next entity’s Part VIIA, reports paying her $67K…) (at latest look, this database): its returns look like this:

Women’s Justice Now, Inc.

Total results: 3. Search Again.  EIN# 13-3083202.  Since 1983, the corresponding 501©3

Womens Justice Now NY 2019 990 $1,953,270.00 13-3083202
Womens Justice Now NY 2018 990 $1,571,754.00 13-3083202
Womens Justice Now NY 2017 990 39 $1,143,937.00 13-3083202

This bugged me enough to Tweet about it (April 28, after this post was published).  My Tweets aren’t loading just now (for several minutes), but when they are I (might) come back and include the link, here.  I asked others to follow up, just calling attention to this issue. //LGH 29 Apr. 2022.

Here it is, it’s a thread; click the image to read:


NOW, New York State... is much smaller, is filing Form990EZs (which don’t show certain basic information, like date formed and Legal domicile, that full Form 990s do), but at least admits to having a website:  NOWNYS.org.

Total results: 3. Search Again. EIN# 16-1521621

National Organization for Women-New York State Inc. NY 2019 990EZ $39,412.00 16-1521621
NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN-NYS INC NY 2013 990EO 8 $20,863.00 16-1521621

The weird “YR” sort order (2016, 2019 2013) seems a consequence of three different ways of naming the entity.  Feel free to repeat the search and try to get the most current ones, in date order (Click on column headers — on the search, not this website — to sort by that field. To get to the “EIN#” field, you must click on “More Search Options”).  In my results above (see “FORM” field, two indicate they might be full-sized Forms 990, but none are: all are Form 990EZs

I found its FY2008 Form 990EZ — still small. Some readers likely to recognize some of the Board of Directors (all volunteers) of the time.  IRS Form 990EZs are a factor (as I read it) on the 2008 recession to make it easier to file, and were not available before then. I’m not sure whether Form 990-Ns were available before (probably).

California NOW is (currently) even smaller than New York State’s but at least has filed its FY2020 return!

Total results: 3. Search Again.  EIN# 51-0136521 CA NOW (Year-End, Dec.)

(Where is the return for FY2018?)

I tweaked the FY2017 CA NOW url to get to an earlier year, found its tax return for FY 2007, when the form was different (it changed in 2008).  It shows $687K of “Public support” and Exec Director then Helen Grieco (at a modest, even for the time, $82K) and seems fully-filled out.  A few years before that, a little more…

This was about when (the year before) I made contact with the organization (though I never joined) attempting to prevent a kidnapping which had been threatened.  Helen Grieco called me back and was there, at least electronically and as moral support, for at least a year, when my family were not, and when the DV orgs, local, who’d helped me out of the relationship, had adequately proved they would not be around from here on out.  I was trying to make sense of what had just happened…

Grieco wrote a letter for the courts re: me, based on conversations to date, and stating what the organization was seeing in the family courts  (remember, Family Court Report 2002 had already happened, and in 2005 the HHS grants had been identified as a factor, i.e., welfare reform) for the Family Courts, which I gave to my then-attorney (for one hearing, only, AFTER my children were stolen, and still trying to get them back, as I recall), who didn’t submit it to the courts.  A supporting statement from the California NOW would’ve been appropriate at this point, but I was barely staving off trauma at the time, for sure — and it hadn’t yet hit me that these children weren’t coming back into my life AT ALL, if the ex could help it.  All year long (in and out of the family courts), the hope was dangled in front of me that the relationship the courts had allowed to be totally broken, might be restored:  but no one even tried to run some parenting classes on this family, as (in the court’s eyes, at that point, and a judge had said it), “the funds aren’t available.”  I never had a trial and never got to cross-examine my ex on the reasons he stole the children in front of a judge, nor were any broken court orders (even the ones he broke after that) about to be addressed.  (Major shock value… you don’t get over it overnight, nor did our children, as it turned out later).

The feminists associated with NOW state, and National, had every awareness of the impact of welfare reform, but were only concerned, so it seems, in the issues which suited the progressive menu — more child care, pay equity, and more government services.  I was interested in safety, my personal right to choose as an adult in what line of work and how to support our family, so long as there was no abuse.  What I’m saying, when it comes to “Personal Right to Work and Opportunity Reconciliation Act (“PRWORA”) — where was MY right to work, in a legitimate profession, as a single custodial mother in the 21st century?  Apparently, GONE.

Approximately the same assessment, in my (not so) humble opinion, applies to the DV Infrastructure throughout.  It’s got its own agenda, far from the reality people live…

That’s the end of this post!

To go back to the top, click: Revisiting and Remembering National N.O.W.’s “Six Core Issues,” Like Number Two: “Ending Violence Against Women” vis-a-vis How Far Down: A. Domestic Violence and B. ‘The Family Court Crisis’ Are Buried.. with Several NOW IRS Forms 990 [April 28, 2022]. (short-link ends “-eot” and middle character is a lower-case “o” as in “oh, my!”). About 6,000 words.

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