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Child Justice, Inc. , First Star, Inc., and the Tennessee Valley Authority — All in the Family? (Eileen King, Sherry Quirk) (Child Advocacy + Energy Law). [Begun Feb. 9, Moved Here Mar. 30, Publ. Apr. 29, 2022].

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In this post, “NSPC” represents the website National Safe Parents Coalition which became active shortly before February 9, 2022 — it seems to be February 4 — obviously timed as something to refer to and publicize an VAWA reauthorization testimony featuring Angela Jolie and others, and (yet another) law named after a needlessly murdered child. This time, this law was  named after Kayden (but the website references others, which I have posted recently also). (VAWA Reauthorization 2022).

No post on the NSPC with the goal of sharing drill-downs on its claimed membership, that is those on display as logos with links would be a short post. I’ve been whittling it down by sections, while continuing to research, post, write, and where I can stay engaged in social media on these themes. My last few posts have diverged a little, but not too far, as they tie into one of the partner websites of NSPC.

It’s been taking weeks, sometimes over a month, to get these out, and is quite stressful to see what I know to be “fake advocacy” and diversion from following the economics by the loudest (most public) actors involved in the campaigns.  Two centers at two different law schools are supporting the agenda, with the entourage of protective parents organizations (one, so delinquent and status-suspended for now legitimate reason, it’s embarrassing), and a nearly two-decade-long conference which still isn’t incorporated, vaguely refers to a nonprofit it’s part of, but doesn’t identify it (referring to the Battered Mothers’ Custody Conference), along with an entire administrative networks along two or three lines only:  resource centers (DVRN) and state coalitions against domestic violence all claiming concern about it and responses to it.

Today is April 29, 2022.  I am about to be “off” blogging for a while (household move upcoming, major logistics involved), and in looking for which of these drafts to put out next, I chose this one begun February 9th!  That soon after the activation of the NSPC website tells you its high priority — but it was not an easy explanation, and so has waited.

Child Justice, Inc., First Star, Inc., and the Tennessee Valley Authority — All in the Family? (Eileen King, Sherry Quirk, Child Advocacy + Energy Law). [Written Feb. 9, Moved Here, Mar. 30, , Published Apr. 29, 2022]. (short-link ends “-e4O” –> final character is capital “O” as in Ohio). As published (before any revisions), about 5,200 words only.

The information may not be commonly known; I only found it (several years ago) from excessive curiosity on how things work, and what was driving the strange, ritualistic behavior of certain people and organizations.

There were a few other honorable mention (drafts in the pipeline) and I’d also considered (and still recommend you use archives to review), six years old now, what I laid out in a series of posts during March, 2016.  I went back and cleaned up the appearances of those posts.  In doing so, I found about twelve more I’d written during the same time frame.

I want this information out, and understood — the situation we are dealing with (“We” because VAWA was reauthorized with the alterations to “incentivize” states to do better at keeping kids safe IN the custody courts, and if you’re in the USA, that includes you..  If you’re not and think this is a legitimate or responsible action by us, you’re deluded.).

These movements have affected a major part of my own prime working years, and of course relationships with adult children, by effectively turning as many people as possible in power aside from a rational cause of what’s driving poor judicial decision-making into one which better suits those who wish to profit from exactly that.  Read my definitions of “hierarchical” below, which was the first term which came to mind in describing the situation, overall.

~~>This post is about a specific portion, one of the “members” of NSPC.  It’s a short post, not hard to read, but you need to think about it for the impact to sink in.

~~>Because of my housing situation, I’m not going to polish it, add transitions, or babysit readers to show them what A + B + C + D add up to. I may (maybe) come back and do that in a few weeks.  Questions are welcome, here (there is a comment option for every post), or if on Twitter, include short-link and date published, at least part of the title if you want an answer from me, or where more answers may be found.

If you consider what I just did in a quick run-down on NOW Entities (4/28/2022) or, did in part (“Table Talk on Task Forces,” 4/26/2022), that’s the kind of work that could/should be done with the tax-exempt entities mentioned here (First Star apparently has more than one now).  Get to the Tax Returns.

But this one, beyond that, ask (yourself) some hard questions:  WHY are these people pushing this agenda?  How is it that on both the east and west coast** of USA, leadership with very close ties to and background in the energy / utilities provision industries are so into helping vulnerable children / foster children/ cleaning up the family courts through more training, featuring all the murdered and abused children / talking constantly about ritual child abuse (CPPA et al.), and soliciting — all these years — case information from traumatized mothers, and using that to get laws passed to (allegedly) fix the situation?

**For the energy part, Child Advocacy Institute, see also background of Robert Fellmeth, who has or at least had connections to First Star also.  Below, I’d blogged earlier in some detail; links and partial quotes are below.

I’d be interested to see what conclusions others come to after asking some hard questions:  Again, WHY doesn’t NSPC choose to file for business entity / membership organization status up front?  Why put out numbers it can’t back up as to how many members, and much more.

(WHY is it so necessary to have people in power already (see “TVA”) steer the futures of those who are not?)


Child Justice, Inc., First Star, Inc., and the Tennessee Valley Authority — All in the Family? (Eileen King, Sherry Quirk, Child Advocacy + Energy Law). [Written Feb. 9, Here, Mar. 30, 2022]. (short-link ends “-e4O” –> final character is capital “O” as in Ohio).

A post on the NSPC became necessary the moment it surfaced. There are still some “survivor mothers” (fka battered mothers) out here who don’t believe in and don’t join cults like this one, and while we’ve lost a lot, haven’t yet lost our minds… or powers of observation as campaigns develop.  I happen to specialize in rapid-fire drill-downs of the new, and an elephant’s memory (and I take notes) of existing tax-exempt entities known to have impacted, or attempted to impact, negatively and needlessly, my and my own offspring’s safety and prosperity, tax-exempts specializing in demographic and profiling terms we happen to match. (single mother, noncustodial mother, domestic violence survivor, “protective parents” in the family court (that last — “give it a break!!”), etc.

The (reference deleted: think bovine excrement) never stops, it just gets repackaged and piled higher, spread wider, too.

Obviously some are still producing that type of output, and far too many are consuming it, failing to digest, process, filter out the indigestible, absorb its meaning, and simply just “pass it on” intact.  I still believe that more people who actually digested this information systematically, en masse, might purify the conversations with a little more truth.  It takes strength and willpower.  We know that the output takes money, something the rest of us seem to consistently have less of after going through the family court gauntlets (post-DV) but NOT joining cults or drinking the Kool-Aid.

No apologies for the worn-out analogies.  I’m not in “academic” mode mindset at the moment. I’m not a public relations consultant and have none on the payroll, and don’t practice hypnosis (so haven’t entranced, nor do I want people IN a trance as followers).

There are a few problem nonprofits new on the scene, I say “problem” because of the “cloning” factor.

A Post on NSPC (“NationalSafeParents.org”) Led to This Topic:

NSPC — ‘Coalition’ Meaning What? Rebranding the Same Themes with, Generally, the Same Entities While Channeling (vs. Exposing) AFCC Lingo and Ignoring USA’s ‘We Both Love and Hate Women’ Federal Funds? [Begun Feb. 6, 2022, Publ. Apr. 4]. (case-sensitive short-link ends “-dxg”)

The website first held about eleven logos.  By February 9, two more were added, bringing it to thirteen, and Child Justice, Inc. was number twelve (or thirteen), and because of its background, leadership, predecessor, and a few family relationships not common knowledge, grabbed my attention in a way that the usual cluster of logos on a website complimenting each other for progress in an agenda (that I don’t endorse or agree with — at all, and for very clear, specific reasons.

Now there are, last I looked fifteen logos, and not a day goes by on Twitter when either some of the members, and/or (usually “and”) “BFF”**  at George Washington University School of Law, dba (apparently) “National Family Violence Law Center” are publicizing some new breakthroughs, any type of event, an article published in a journal, or their upcoming (or, just-held) “event” featuring one of the few truly chosen leaders — with their audiences.  A heavy sprinkling of global references throughout, i.e., NFVLC retweets a person in the UK retweeting something back here….

**Best Friends Forever  (Don’t look to me for current phrases in circulation:  I’m a senior…”BFF” works for me and I just gave a translation if it’s needed.)

It’s amazing what a cult can accomplish when it’s found its true audiences and adherents. The hierarchy is clear — thought leaders, thought-followers (proselytes) and human sacrifices, as well as financial contributions to support the edifice.

By the way, the root sense of “hierarchy,” even Wikipedia admits, has to do with priesthood, and one representation is the pyramid or triangle.  Britannica Dictionary, or Etymonline:  All make reference to religion, priests, church, and Etymonline even has a diagram:  arkhein (to rule) + hiera (sacred rites) = hierarches (high priest, presiding over the sacred rites).

Amazing what years upon years of faithfully, consistently, religiously withholding information and over-simplifying the truth (by simply eliminating half or two-thirds of its foundations) and from there, suppositions and assumptions built into the by-lines can do.

Knowing at least some of the organizers over those same years, I expected and got no less from this group, whether it’s called NSPC or organized around BMCC (as parts of it have been), or affiliated with DVLEAP, and that’s just referencing California, New York, D.C. and (NSPC has so far not stated any legal domicile — hard to do if one is a website and list of members, not an entity…)..

[Below, see a six-image gallery of definitions, from the above links, and some more (as to the Wiki).

With the word ‘hierarchical,’ the concept of”religion” keeps coming up, and I believe that what we are seeing in FamilyCourtReformists is hierarchical,. religious and ritualistic behavior with absolutely defined ranks — but the verbiage being put  out CONSTANTLY by the same emphasizes collectivity, mutualism, “we, us, ours, — join our ranks, march forward, forward together, solidarity, etc.” — which is, essentially a lie.  It’s a tightly controlled catechism, interfering with the probable causes of continual child-sacrifice — and that’s NOT a figurative term in this context — and access to the inner workings (translation:  finances!) of the initiated running this, is forbidden.  Secrecy while feigning transparency.

EVERYthing about this spells “cult, control, and watch out if you interfere…”  Not to mention, recruiting behaviors.  THAT’s why I included the gallery to further make that point…]

I determined right away to post (as I could) drill-downs of each and every logo displayed after checking out even just a few of them I didn’t (at the time) recognize.  What’s below this line, is about how I wrote it out early February. A more thorough posting would (again) look up, upload, caption and comment upon this entity’s financials.  That’s not going to happen this round — and it’s something anyone else so inclined to do, could do.  They may not notice as much as someone who’s been going this for years, but they can still look at a few numbers, read a few names, and if not yet familiar with the process, learn the parts of a basic tax return and start considering what it has to tell them.

The post below started as an inset, commenting on the arrival of this nonprofit’s logo on to the NSPC website.  The Tennessee Valley Authority reference will be explained below.

I begin to wonder why First Star and friends aren’t jumping on the NSPC bandwagon — is it really because of a slightly different focus?  Not their turf — giving NSPC and friends some room IN the family courts?  (Who knows…) ..Different background color marks the block-copied text for the rest of this post, which had its own inset,

marked in this background-color and holds links and quotes explaining the title references in Child Justice, Inc., First Star, Inc., and the Tennessee Valley Authority — All in the Family? (Eileen King, Sherry Quirk) (Child Advocacy + Energy Law). (short-link ends “-e4O”)

This single entity, Child Justice, Inc., (as nonprofits go, it’s not that large however it is in the million-dollar revenues range and most of those revenues are on its tax returns listed directly as “government grants.”)..

Tax returns don’t specify from which governments (federal state or other) these grants come.

The tax returns (not posted voluntarily by this entity, either) barely describe, in any year, what it does.

There are a number of “anomalies” in both website (reluctance to cough up its own EIN#) and the tax returns I can discuss elsewhere.

However the (celebrated, by NSPC) founder of this entity and a previous one of similar (but not identical) name associated with her, pales by comparison with her sister — seemingly cooperating along the same lines as to nonprofits — both during her time as a partner in leading energy-related law firms and recently (I was  surprised to learn recently) having retired from about five years at the Tennessee Valley Authority, with a salary in excess (counting compensation package) of $2 million.

I’m not saying this lawyer, the sister, is in any way not deserving of high pay for such a highly responsible job (I’m sure she is).  BUT, the connection to this other set of interests is odd, as is how other groups for years continued to feature one of the sisters (only) and one of the sister’s nonprofits (only) at conferences and in newsletters.  Some of these connections I was discovering as far back as 2011-2013 (Child Justice Inc. formed up December 2012)…

The child protection industry (specific nonprofits focusing more on the child protection than the family court sectors) and reforming it, nonprofits designated to help certify child welfare as a legal specialty, on both West Coast (San Diego and Los Angeles) and East Coast (Washington, D.C., now in Silver Springs, Maryland (i.e. ,near Baltimore) have long had deep connections to the ENERGY sector.

“Go figure — why?” You tell me, but both CAI (Child Advocacy Institute) + First Star (and promoting NACC–National Association of Counsel for Children, which plays tag-team periodically with AFCC, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts) and First Star (in Los Angeles, also a version of it was? in D.C.) are deeply connected also with the new-ish NSPC “member” added the other day — “Child Justice, Inc.” (associated with Eileen King since about 2012; before that she was associated with Justice for Children, Inc.).

How so?  Eileen King’s sister (from what I understand, and the initial Child Justice Inc. was out of the same law office address) is Sherry Quirk, (then) of Schiff, Hardin, LLP.  After that, she was (and has recently retired from) being General Counsel at the Tennessee Valley Authority.  How I know (and the only way I know) they are sisters, is John D. Quirk, Sr.’s 2006 obituary which reads, in part:

He was the loving father of Eileen Frances King of Silver Spring, MD, John Dennis Quirk Jr. of Manomet, Mary Ann Fandel of Sandwich and Sherry Quirk of Washington, DC. ….(and many more grandchildren and descendants).

Also notice the “send donations to” at the bottom:

…his 3 great-grandchildren, Yeshe, Iona, Alexander and many nieces and nephews. Funeral Services private. In lieu of flowers, a tax-deductible donation in his memory may be made to Justice for Children, 1155 Connecticut Ave. Northwest, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20036.

Before Ms. King was associated with Child Justice, Inc., she was associated with Justice for Children, Inc.  Like CJI, JfC was listed as a resource on some of the California “AFCC-denial/Fatherhood grants — what’s THAT?” entities, such as Center for Judicial Excellence (establ. around 2004 or 2005 only).

For what it’s worth, John D. Quirk’s wife Marge had a brother who died (in New Jersey) the following year:  her maiden name matches his last name.  He was 84 and I guess would have then been Eileen (and Sherry’s) uncle:

Joseph Taranta (Obits.NJ)

Joseph L. Taranta Chief chemical engineer, 84 Joseph L. Taranta, 84, of Robbinsville, formerly of Westfield and North Plainfield, died on Thursday, Dec. 27, 2007, at his home.  He was the father of Meg Taranta, and Carrie and husband, Ron Wayne; brother of Marge Quirk and Norma Scavuzzo, and grandfather of Peter and Andrew Taranta.

This is Northern NJ, not too far from New York City (I’m a NJ native, the towns are familiar to my childhood):

Search of both sisters (and nothing else) doesn’t produce much, (about two results) but a 1995 book on Cult and Ritual Abuse acknoweldges them (both) in a certain context, showing at least an interest in this topic.  I may upload the image.  Book description.  Google books are absolutely horrible to view, but I took the “About” description at least.

Cult and Ritual Abuse: It’s History, Anthropology, and recent discovery in Contemporary America (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2000) by James Randall Noblitt and (this appears to be one person with several different names?) Pamela Sue Perskin, Pamela Sue Noblitt, Pamela Perskin Noblitt

A personal but also scholarly journey into the clandestine and confusing world of ritual abuse, this book provides unique insights into the catastrophic experiences of ritual abuse survivors and their efforts to find healing through psychological treatment. This revised edition provides contemporary revelations about cults in existence today and also new therapies developed since the first edition was published in 1995. Co-authored by a clinical psychologist and the executive director of a professional organization dedicated to treating survivors of cult and ritual abuse, this edition will be of interest to both academic and professional markets.

The special legal dilemmas, survival problems and day-to-day life experiences of these survivors are examined in a scholarly but sensitive manner. The book presents the idea that ritual abuse is an age-old phenomenon found in many cultures throughout the world. That ritual abuse causes a variety of specific psychiatric symptoms is noted. Special attention is given to the diagnosis dissociative identity disorder that is frequently found among ritual abuse survivors. Suggestions are offered for effectively dealing with the various social and legal problems that result from this severe form of abuse. New diagnoses–cult and ritual trauma disorder–are proposed for this newly identified problem

This is James Randall Noblitt — now at Alliant International  University (California School of Professional Psychology), and the connections are starting to make more sense to me now (Alliant International plays a HUGE role in referrals from the ‘Family Court Reform” field, especially its California contingent).  See also “IVAT” on this blog…

…He earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of North Texas as an Air Force Institute of Technology Scholar. His clinical internship was at the USAF Medical Center, Wright-Patterson AFB. OH. Subsequently he served as an Air Force clinical psychologist  at Lakenheath AB, England, and Sheppard AFB Regional Hospital, TX.  In 1984 he opened a clinical psychology practice in Dallas, TX that he continued until his move to Los Angeles in 2006 to join the Alliant faculty.

There is a Wikipedia on (two reviews of) this book, neither particularly affirmative. You can read them…

I just looked for “Schiff Hardin” and just now learned that it’s about to merge (effective in a few weeks, March 1, 2022) with “Arent Fox.”  Look at the size of the combined operations and what fields it’s in.  Arent Fox and Schiff Hardin Announce Combination (Merger)  Announcement found at Arent Fox, dated December 1, 2021:

Arent Fox LLP and Schiff Hardin LLP today announced a formal agreement to merge, effective March 1, 2022. Operating under the name ArentFox Schiff, the new firm will be home to more than 600 lawyers and policy professionals and serve as a destination for an international roster of corporations, governments, private individuals, and trade associations.

ArentFox Schiff will be based in seven US markets that include Washington, DC, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, and Ann Arbor and provide comprehensive, industry-focused transactional, regulatory, and litigation counseling. ArentFox Schiff will be led by Chair Anthony V. Lupo and Co-Firmwide Managing Partners Cristina A. Carvalho and Joseph J. Krasovec III.

“We are merging at a time when both firms are having record-breaking years in terms of production and profitability,” said Arent Fox Chair Anthony V. Lupo. “Schiff Hardin’s excellent reputation is a reflection of their legal talent, storied history, and a client-first approach.

The same announcement (also Dec. 1, 2021) from Reuters:  “Arent Fox, Schiff Hardin, will merge to form a $475Million Revenue Firm

ArentFox Schiff will have more than 600 lawyers and policy professionals in total along with combined revenue of more than $475 million, its two predecessor firms said.

The merger is set to vault the new ArentFox Schiff into the ranks of the nation’s 100 highest revenue firms, based on American Lawyer data.

Meanwhile (Dec. 11, 2021, announcement) Schiff Hardin is advising on bank mergers: “Schiff Hardin advises Leaders Bank in Merger Agreement

“NEWS RELEASE | 11.12.2021 Schiff Hardin LLP is representing The Leaders Bank in its announced merger with Providence Bank & Trust. Pending regulatory approval, Leaders Bank will merge into Providence Bank & Trust. The acquisition will bring Providence Bank & Trust to approximately $1.69 billion in assets. The merger is expected to close in 2022.

Just a few years before that (2018), which I only knew because a friend in Chicago had an account at the time of this purchase: Chicago’s Urban Partnership Bank acquired by Suburban Providence Bank & Trust (Chicago SunTimes, Sept. 6, 2018) (Urban Partnership Bank was on Chicago’s South side.  A paywall is preventing me from viewing the article which I’d caught a glimpse of before being solicited to subscribe (you used up your free views, etc.)., but this source isn’t:  Jan. 29, 2019, “Providence Bank & Trust completes acquisition of Urban Partnership Bank.  from S&P Global, Market Intelligence:

South Holland, Ill.-based Providence Bank & Trust has completed its acquisition of Chicago-based Urban Partnership Bank.  The conversion and consolidation of data processing platforms, systems and customer files are expected to occur in early June. The combined bank will have more than $1.0 billion in assets and 16 branches located throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. (paras. removed; that’s the whole article).

MichaelRomain.com (Sept. 2018) explains what took Urban Partnership, a Community Development and minority depository bank under, and why it’d be better off under Providence.


Two Law Firms: Schiff, Hardin (March, 2022) merged recently with Arent, Fox and is now ArentFox Schiff, both law firms.  Schiff Hardin was in the energy field.  

For an idea of size of operations, (actually while looking at this, it came up), last November (Nov. 2021), Schiff Hardin — before merging with Arent Fox — oversaw Providence Bank & Trust merge into the Leaders Bank.  Just three years before, in 2018, Providence Bank & Trust had bought up a Chicago South-side “Urban Partnership Bank” in 2018.

Sherry Quirk (Eileen King’s sister) who’d been (maybe still is) so involved with First Star, formerly worked at Schiff Hardin, but has just recently (well, December 2020) retired from a very high salary, at the helm of the Tennessee Valley Authority, as its General Counsel.

(OK so far?  Keep reading):

Google search (or some other search engine) simply Schiff Hardin, LLP Sherry Quirk (<~~that’s the search) to find some brief bios, her connection to the TVA (a major energy authority, one of the first joint powers authorities in the USA; jurisdiction crossing state borders) and that her experience at Schiff Harden was indeed in the energy fields (and legal experience before that also).  A “Wallmine” link also shows current net worth.  I’ll say it again — there is some connection between running children’s rights organization and establishing “child welfare law” as a specific certified specialty — and law firms and lawyers involved in the energy fields:  From “Wallmine” (url: https://wallmine.com/nyse/tvc/officer/1621208/sherry-quirk:

Sherry Quirk Net Worth (not shown here): Sherry Quirk biography

Sherry A. Quirk is no longer serves as Executive Vice President – General Counsel of the Company ([Tennessee Valley Authority: its NYSE stock is “TVC“) effective 03/05/2021. From October 2010 to February 2015, Ms. Quirk was an equity partner in the law firm of Schiff Hardin LLP, which specializes in federal energy regulation, legislation, and power supply transaction. Prior to joining Schiff Hardin, Ms. Quirk was a partner in the Energy Group of Sullivan & Worcester LLP, and a partner in the Energy Group of Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand, specializing in federal energy regulation, legislation, power supply transactions, and state proceedings.

Child Justice, Inc. began initially (in 2012) out of the Schiff Hardin offices in Washington, D.C.  Street addresses can be searched.

The TVA announced the retirement of its General Counsel (Sherry Quirk) in December, 2020.  She sounds highly qualified and has been an energy lawyer (TVA sells electricity — it’s in the “energy” business too) for a very long time.  Brief description of the TVA from that announcement.  Please read — she sounds like an amazing leader and brought major benefits to the agency, as well as generating a Pro Bono initiative beyond just the basic duties:

TVA General Counsel Sherry Quirk Announces Retirement

The Tennessee Valley Authority is a corporate agency of the United States that provides electricity for business customers and local power companies serving nearly 10 million people in parts of seven southeastern states. TVA receives no taxpayer funding, deriving virtually all of its revenues from sales of electricity. In addition to operating and investing its revenues in its electric system, TVA provides flood control, navigation and land management for the Tennessee River system, and assists local power companies and state and local governments with economic development and job creation.
(contact) Jim Hopson Public Information Officer jrhopson@tva.gov (nb:  “TVA.gov)  865-632-8860

Here’s the announcement in Jan. 29, 2015 of her moving from Schiff Hardin to the TVA, in “Today’s General Counsel”: (Abstracted I gather from the Chattanooga Times Union, which requires a subscription to read more…)

Sherry Quirk to TVA as GC

.Sherry Quirk will join TVA next month as the agency’s top lawyer. The Tennessee Valley Authority announced today that Quirk will succeed Ralph Rodgers as general counsel, effective Feb. 2. Rodgers, who held this role since 2010, is retiring from TVA after 34 years of service. At the law firm of Schiff Hardin LLP, Quirk was head of the Energy and Public Utilities practice group. Prior to joining Schiff Hardin, Quirk worked as a partner in the Energy Group of Sullivan & Worcester LLP, a 200-attorney, Boston-based law firm exclusively focused on public utility industry work.

Ms. Quirk’s LinkedIn shows a 1976 B.A. in Anthropology from Mt. Holyoke (if it’s relevant, she’s about my age), after which a J.D. (1978-1982) in American University Washington School of Law. Her latest salary?  Salary1.com shows (TVA is among highest paying federal agency, I read somewhere), possibly from their proxy statements (no, I do not know what that means…):

As Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Tennessee Valley Authority, Sherry A. Quirk made $2,278,350 in total compensation. Of this total $557,291 was received as a salary, $1,695,859 was received as a bonus, $0 was received in stock options, $0 was awarded as stock and $25,200came from other types of compensation. This information is according to proxy statements filed for the 2020 fiscal year.

How extraordinarily high salaries at TVA are (Quirk’s wasn’t the highest in 2018) is discussed & shown here, Nov. 2018.  This also shows her getting a 24% bonus raise to $2M.

If you think I can’t document that, think again.  Searching the two sisters’ names I found a tag on this blog (and only one post — not on this topic — to go with it: https://familycourtmatters.org/tag/childs-right-to-counsel-and-nonprofits-promoting-this-nacc-cai-first-star/ It appears I knew of the connection as far back as 2016…This post may not seem related, but it is:  Title: Communities In Schools Model (When You Hear this Rhetoric, Go find those Tax Returns!) From Oct. 17, 2016  (short-link ends “-8Fb”; moved here 2/17/2018.  Hate to waste all that earlier work by not publishing it!) (about 11,400 words). (There’s only one tag with that name, so both links lead to the same place.  You’ll need to hit the “read more” link… (The post has a lot of supporting and captioned images, something I do less of these days…//LGH Feb. 9, 20-22…)

NAVIGATING TO THE RELEVANT PART: This post (scroll down to the section about Fostering Media Connections (talking about sponsored journalism targeting specific topics) and below that, this does indeed show — in detail — the connections between First Star, Schiff Hardin, CAI (Child Advocacy Institute in San Diego — see “Robert Fellmeth”) and the NACC.  too complex for this intro, but I have a detailed annotated image showing the street address in Washington D.C. which indeed will match the earliest address of (again, context here of NSPC newer member, “Child Justice, Inc.):

It is also (shown in various newsletters) copying a format used, successfully it seems, by a law professor at University of San Diego for “CAI” (CHILDREN’S ADVOCACY INSTITUTE), which is by way of reference to Robert Fellmeth — also on the board of another foundation/nonprofit grouping (East Coast, West Coast) — First Star (the nonprofit based in DC) and, perhaps the name was First Star in Los Angeles, where the latter was a pun on the word “star” (a primary founder being a actor Peter Samuelson). (Notice listing of Fellmeth of CAI on its board).

Founded 1989 at USD School of Law (Robert Fellmeth)

“First Star was founded in 1999 as a national 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to improving life for child victims of abuse and neglect. Since 2011 First Star has pioneered support programs to launch foster children into productive lives and careers through higher education. In 2016, the growth and diversity of First Star’s programs required two entities with separately focused governance, and the historical First Star policy work was transferred to First Star Institute.  The amicable relationship between the two organizations builds on First Star’s success, and the two “sister” entities share a common lineage.”

Our Mission

First Star improves the lives of foster youth by partnering with child welfare agencies, universities, and school districts to ensure foster youth have the academic, life skills, and adult supports needed to successfully transition to higher education and adulthood. We pursue our mission through innovative college-preparatory programs, providing technical assistance to stakeholders, and advocating for policy change.”

[My voice on the blog here…] CAI (USD/Fellmeth) was in effect sponsoring journalism on the topic of Children’s Advocacy; working also alongside a group based in Colorado (?) the NACC (National Association of Counsel for Children) with periodic overlap and at least one conference &/or training (conferences tend to include CEU courses, i.e., trainings too) with the “AFCC” I post so much on.

I gathered information (screenprints) looked at this situation surrounding “FMC” and CCAI, as I said, with rapt attention for a day and a half.  Which is to say, I did nothing on any blog meanwhile (unusual for me) and will post soon on the FMC/CCAI connections.

Fellmeth is also associated with an Annie E. Casey Foundation sponsored “JCCF” (existed 1993-2014 at University of Maryland) at its journalism college.  Unlike USC or USD, Univ. of Maryland is a public, state university..

JCCF was launched in 1993 with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation to create a professional community of practice for reporters whose primary beat was covering children and families. Over 21 years, JCCF offered conferences and fellowship programs to enhance skills and knowledge on a variety of issues, from juvenile justice to preschool education, welfare reform to health care. ..

If you know a few things about the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and responsible fatherhood promotion — the AECF (also one of the wealthiest private foundations around — assets in the billions) has been a long-term promoter and sponsor of the field.  In this blog (which, above that section, has other things VERy relevant to the family court field, in terms of Yurie Bronfenbrenner, Elizabeth Loftus & Stephen Ceci, and more.   My section on the CCAI/First Star/NACC connectivity (East Coast, West Coast USA) with Robert Fellmeth, Peter Samuelson, and the support of law firm Schiff Hardin, ends with these words in this color:

Next box shows nearby post in my Education Transformation Nonprofit Networking (late 2016-2017) sequence, and its predecessor:

Below that, the post is less relevant to these topics.  For a few years I was looking into Education reform nonrpofits more than the (same old, same old) fatherhood grantees and AFCC tax returns.  It gets a bit repetitive after all…

It’s taking time, but (beyond what’s already on this blog:  855 posts, about as many pages, each one an essay… and the sidebars… and my Twitter account since 2012) I can connect the dots and show the movement of these themes geographically.  It’s NOT that hard to see if you take a few blinders off and start thinking for yourself..

//LGH Feb. 9, 2022.


I’m publishing this April 29, 2022.  To go back to the top of this post, …click on the title link:

Child Justice, Inc., First Star, Inc., and the Tennessee Valley Authority — All in the Family? (Eileen King, Sherry Quirk, Child Advocacy + Energy Law). [Written Feb. 9, Moved Here, Mar. 30, , Published Apr. 29, 2022]. (short-link ends “-e4O” –> final character is capital “O” as in Ohio).

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