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…Think About It: Will Any of These EVER Admit to AFCC’s Influence AND US-based Fatherhood | Access Visitation agenda for the (AFCC-promoted, specialized) Family Courts? (My Sentiments + Evidence May 29, 2020, Updated and Published June 26). » Wm J Bower v Michelle A. Bournay-Bower, 469 Mass.690, May 8, 2014-Sept. 15, 2014, court below Prob&FamilyCourt Dept, NorfolkCounty Mass || Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 10.00.18 AM

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Due Process and improper delegation of authority problems in Bower v. Bournay-Bower divorce, parent-coordinator violations noted by higher court (Norfolk County, MA, Hon Christina Harms (Probate judge who appointed the PC) the PC in question (other filings show) was AFCC’s Robin Deutsch,historically directing a Center at Wm. James College (formerly, in fact about 2012, name-changed from Mass. School of Professional Psychology)

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