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A Closer Look At — and Alternate Interpretation of — Who’s Funding Poverty Research (Hint: The Poor….) In New York (Columbia Univ. SSW), Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin’s IRP), and let’s not forget New Jersey (Princeton University’s Welfare-Reform-Focused “…Center for Research on Child Well-Being”). (Pt. 3 of 3=”-9TC”).

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A Closer Look at and Alternate Interpretation of Who’s Funding Poverty Research || PART 3 of 3

I have been referring to this post (now distributed across three posts) for about month now: first on my April 19 post, then on two others published in the interim May 6 & 12.

I’m glad to have finally published Part 1 (May 13), Part 2 (May 14) and now Part 3 today (May 15, 2019) so I can return to others in the pipeline on subjects raised in the interim posts “More about perspectives and key players” & “Apparently Common Family Court Reform Practice.”(<~~singular).

The first few inches of this post will look similar to the others until you get to  ~ ||| ~ ||| ~  and shortly after those characters, this heading:

WHERE I STARTED THIS POST (on moving material from another one)

YOU ARE READING Part 3 of 3:  A Closer Look At — and Alternate Interpretation of — Who’s Funding Poverty Research (Hint: The Poor….) In New York (Columbia Univ. SSW), Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin’s IRP), and let’s not forget New Jersey (Princeton University’s Welfare-Reform-Focused “…Center for Research on Child Well-Being”). (Pt. 3 of 3=”-9TC”)  (Case-sensitive, WP-generated shortlink ends “-9TC” Started about April 17, 2019, post split May 13, 2019).  About 8,500 words.


A Closer Look At …(“Pt 1 of 3=”9Lj“) & A Closer Look At … (Pt. 2 of 3=”9Tx”)

*By “series” I mean one post written in mostly one sitting around April 17, 2019, which now, a month later, wanting to publish, I think is relevant enough to split into three parts…for easier reading (or at least much shorter posts! The original was about 14,600 words; this one, about 8,500.  Those short-link references (“-9Lj,” “-9Tx,” and “9TC”) I included in the actual post titles this time for an administrative help/visual post url  identifier.



Part 3 (Post #3 of 3) contents relate most closely to the full title because it’s where the post began. So many of my posts are split-offs from others, I usually begin with the title identifying the main topic.

Part 3 here picks up from A Closer Look At … (Pt. 2 of 3=”9Tx”) (otherwise identical title), after repeating just the very top lead-in and images from Part 1, for context. It also (like part 2) begins with some overlap from the bottom of the prior post, which I’ve marked.

Because I’ve been working on other posts last month, this material is relatively fresh, not “hot off the press” fresh in my memory:  I work on these topics daily.  Research never stays in exactly one place or at exactly one level for a month at a time. My inclination on previewing the material (writing and images on the post), was that it’s ready to go and that those who wish to delve deeper should do so.

Meanwhile, I’m moving forward with my current writing topics, as reflected by the most recent post (May 12) and references to upcoming spinoff post within it.  Some more comments on the Princeton University centers may be found there, too.

The next section briefly repeats material from Parts 1 & 2 for the blogging context:/recent themes:

This was extracted, with a little overlap, from the intro to a new index I’m producing and [have now published April 19, 2019].  Having completed most of THAT project, my attention has been drawn to recent developments in some familiar circles (university centers) I’ve been aware of over time.

I believe that the most important part of obtaining “solutions” to major problems is understanding what questions to ask and from there, where to look for potential factors to the situation. It’s also important to realize that what may be for some a “problem” is for others not just an opportunity, but, to put it bluntly, an ongoing profit, benefit, and desirable state of affairs, though admitting this isn’t politically correct.

This post illustrates, again, why you JUST might want to pay enough attention to public/private finances to realize, the task is just about impossible… and what happens when it stays and continues developing out of sight and out of control.

To broadly summarize, domestically, there’s ongoing flow of resources throughout a larger collectively organized landscape.   {{MORE TEXT ALONG THESE LINES CAN BE FOUND ON PART 1, TOP}}

(First part of the OVERLAP is MINIATURIZED here, normal size on the other post.  The main point isn’t polymerization and polypropylene, as fascinating as the information is…).

~ ||| ~ ||| ~ (OVERLAP FROM PART 2, focus on the Polypropylene/Brazilian connection) ~ ||| ~ ||| ~

…. Finally (?) here’s the Abstract to a 2003 article presented? at a conference in Japan, found (through basic Google search on this material) at ieeexplore.IEEE.org, with six authors, talking about its use in insulating electric cables, and how it’s also good for recycling because it’s not cross-linked:

Property of syndiotactic polypropylene and its application to insulating electrical cable – property, manufacturing, and characteristics” (“Published in: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials (Cat. No.03CH37417)“)

“IEEE” (“Eye-Triple-E”) stands for “Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.” and has an interesting and clearly summarized history you can read about here (and please do!)

WHERE I STARTED THIS POST (on moving material from another one):

In finalizing the integration of an index of a blog I wrote almost exclusively in the year 2012 to this blog, I was tempted to just load on more updates** from two of FIVE university-based poverty research centers where two middle-aged men

[1] who’ve made a career, pushing public policy antagonistic and insultingly patronizing to single mothers

[2] backed by some of the largest progressive foundations around (foundations, at least one of them, with backers of murky respectability, at the best), and where

[3] both the middle-aged men (and middle-aged or older professional women who publish and proselytize alongside them) having become smart and rich through following life a course the masses of poor of the nation are NOT advised to follow, and generally are not in any position to follow, thereby guaranteeing that…

[4] “Assume the position!”~ The STUDIERS vs the STUDIED ~ The researchers vs. the human lab rats ~ basically, the Dominant few vs. the Subjected Many

…..remains the norm.  Status quo preserved.

**But I didn’t.  I off-ramped it and got this 3-part series..//LGH May 13, 2019


We often fail to see — but any serious, that is, long-term, diligent attempt to follow the finances quickly reveals — that the Ph.D.’d publishing, poverty- and family-center-directing or co-directing, white-collared academics are the hired hands.

They are NOT the engineers and did not design the infrastructure supporting the entire system which feeds them while they feed from information off the poor. (They are simply sustaining, endorsing, perpetuating, and prospering from it.)

That MACRO infrastructure (including its financial support) was set up decades ago, economically, through control of banking, currency, and — through taxation with less and less representation the more and more regionalized and federalized (then internationalized) it becomes over time — incrementally control of the population….

…to the point, overall, of “Do they live or do they die?  What say we? Which population sectors are living too long and need to be quietly culled?  Which sectors’ offspring, grown to adulthood independently thinking and not constantly stressed by poverty and work/life disruptions, neighborhood violence and disproportionate incarceration OR family breakups through the family court systems, might jeopardize our collective, “proprietary” control of the existing infrastructure?”

Population control is profiled and characterized by demography, race, gender, marital status, residence (metro/rural/suburban), religion, life curve, income level (notice the obsession with studying ‘low-income” families?  INCOME is one category of survival — it’s generally taxed UNLESS the “person” is a tax-exempt entity (corporation or government itself).

Regarding: “CENTERS:” The word “center” is attached to many things or concepts, and is vague enough that common usage can mislead anyone into thinking something is real which, technically speaking isn’t definable, or its own entity.  

“Centers” can be their own separate legal entities or exist, vaguely defined, within a nonprofit (if it’s big enough) or a university.  In this situation, one is characterized as AT a nonprofit and the other AT in a university, defying direct accountability without individual interaction (i.e., correspondence, direct contact, etc.).

I’ve looked repeatedly (over the years) at such centers, and specifically these two, and how they self-define, or whether any public financials are posted or might exist (especially as both mention receiving federal grants in support of their purposes).  Part of why I’m posting this now relates to a recent re-visit to the associated websites.

Anyone who wants to establish a position of power without answering to very many people (other than direct funders or sponsoring institution) would do well to set up a “center” and make sure it is NOT its own separate legal entity, whose backing and expenditures, size, age (etc.) might be tracked.  

(The above four paragraphs on “CENTERS” and in different font color were added May 13).

Also by citizenship and immigration status, family size, and did I yet mention political persuasion?

ALL of these elements seemingly must be monitored, gauged, evaluated, analyzed, and databases developed to obtain individualized profiles (see also “epigenetics” promotion at Harvard and elsewhere: searchable on this blog (CRISPR, etc.)) psychologically, physically and motivationally.  WHAT induces or heals trauma?

WHAT perpetuates or alleviates poverty.  WHAT SHALL WE SET OUR SIGHTS ON NEXT?

WHAT CAN BEST DISTRACT THE PEOPLE FROM EVER, EVER — ever — DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY FROM THE PROVIDERS OF SERVICES, BASED ON THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE ECONOMY (AND TO GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS AT ALL LEVELS)?  or from even comprehending what such accountability might look like, through lack of exposure to even basic sensible terms to demand it?


Anyone, actually subjected to and being aware of this micro/macro-socio-economic arrangement might be disgusted and fed up with it.  I know I am…. I doubt any service provider, nonprofit advocacy group, or government agency (whether or not I may need to approach any of the above again) will ever regain my full trust again. My basic survival instincts are skeptical it makes sense.  

//LGH April 2019, mid-post.

FOOTNOTES SECTION (was referred to at the bottom of Part 2… It’s extensive…)

My Footnotes Section here is more like commentary and my way of handling a tendency to think in very long sentences. I write, then remove entires sections to footnotes to keep subjects closer to verbs and, if any, direct objects. The commentary intends to bring in points of reference to things I’ve read or realized, often recently.  The tone will be either shocked, sarcastic, or simply declaring just how many other factors are involved that may not hit the awareness while following the drama, or the graphics, on any given website, accompanied by moral-sounding, beneficial and altruistic text.

When it comes to the two, specific men I referenced above, …

In finalizing the integration of an index of a blog I wrote almost exclusively in the year 2012 to this blog, I was tempted to just load on more updates** from two of FIVE university-based poverty research centers where two middle-aged men

[1] who’ve made a career, pushing public policy antagonistic and insultingly patronizing to single mothers. . . .

and their (negative) impact on women of my demographic, marital status and women specifically having been involved with exiting abusive relationships (ideally WITH children, not abandoning them to the unrepentant abusers along the way), they by focusing their careers and networking in specific fields and attached to specific organizations have made what looks like a smooth, uninterrupted and consistently high-profile career curve.  I do not see any extended terms of unemployment.

One worked in academia (and does still); the other having obtained the Ph.D. in PSYCHOLOGY, and some military (how much, unclear) background,went into government (something psychology seems to qualify one for) then into an established think tank relating to government policies.  The ongoing, prolific arrogance and seeking of leverage and position to control the American population EN MASSE through policy-making, policies he himself is not subject to or affected by — not being anything close to poor, having apparently been hauled through divorce court, and (so far as we know) having ever been battered, let alone ever having been a woman (what about sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts — do they exist?) — is outrageous.


When so few individual people can have THIS much say over national policy, a country is in deep trouble.  And it’s in such deep trouble, it seems to me, specifically through social services and psych programming saturation into ALL policy-making, with mega funding and operating principally nonprofit (reminder: government entities are also nonprofit.  They are NOT taxed on their own earnings)….


FOOTNOTE REFERENCES from the PARAGRAPH (split into numbered parts) ABOVE:

[1] salt-and-pepper-bearded and/or shock-of-white-haired — one of them married to another professor whose photo rarely appears in websites of centers she runs, the other who almost never mentions his wife’s first name in a public bio blurb anywhere

[2] (sometimes called “single parents” but in the context of an obsession on helping non-custodial, low-income men, especially men of color, and expanding this treatment to ALL, we know who’s meant)

[3]  This time, so far, Robin Hood Foundation (“RHF”), Annie E. Casey Foundation, JBP Foundation and the ever-present Ford Foundation..

Behind the founders of RHF one finds hedge fund and investment bankers (billionaires, some of them) which then leads naturally (for anyone who looks such things up, like me) to awareness of what other nonprofits those founders started and when (like, right after someone made a killing in hedge funds, leveraged buy-outs, betting against the market, futures, options, or etc.) in order to avoid being taxed through the nose on the same.  Particularly during the 1980s (Reagan-Bush, Sr. era, trickle-down theory, leading up to a nice Savings & Loan bailout situation towards the end of the decade).

{{INTERJECTION ADDED May 15, just before publishing}} PATIENCE PLEASE! MATH FOR AMERICA comes up in the text below; it was founded by one of the two founders of the RHF..I learned of it through Wikipedia, then looked it up.  The Fund for Public Schools comes up as a major grantee of Math for America…

Math for America (below) board of directors has philanthropists overlapping with a different Drill-Down I did (separately, but it’s referenced here also) regarding a media platform which has not too long ago produced a “Trey Bundy” report under “Center for Investigative Reporting” and “PRX.”  That family’s LAST name is Simons; there’s a father, daughter, and I believe son.  Just a sampler:

Simons Foundation (Set to: Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division) For just a flavor…. we are talking a billionaire hedge fund investor (James H. Simon), apparently brilliant mathematician, and initial donor of Math for America ($25M in 2004).  This foundation was set up with his second wife in 1994.

Simons Foundation (set to Math & Physical Sciences)

James H. Simons. b. 1938 (Wikipedia sidebar)

James H. Simons (Wikipedia)

In March 2019, he was named one of the highest-earning hedge fund managers and traders by Forbes.[56]

Simons and his second wife, Marilyn Hawrys Simons, co-founded the Simons Foundation in 1994, a charitable organization that supports projects related to education and health, in addition to scientific research.[1] In memory of his son Paul, whom he had with his first wife, Barbara Simons, he established Avalon Park, a 130-acre (0.53 km2) nature preserve in Stony Brook. In 1996, 34-year-old Paul was killed by a car driver while riding a bicycle near the Simons home. Another son, Nick Simons, drowned at age 24 while on a trip to Bali in Indonesia in 2003. Nick had worked in Nepal. The Simons have become large donors to Nepalese healthcare through the Nick Simons Institute.[46][47]

I’m not doing “Cliff notes” for what’s available to learn from Wikipedia, all of which will give some indicators of what level of brilliance (and wealth) we are dealing with here.  Be sure to read the footnotes and controversies (i.e., use of complicated financial strategies to avoid over $6B of taxes over the psat decade, etc.) as well.    “The mathematician who cracked Wall Street” etc. As the inset says, estimated wealth Feb. 2019 was $21.5 BILLION.”  Read through that Wikipedia.

Having first looked at it, the above is a passing reference to “Math for America, Inc.” (in NY) founded by one of the two Robin Hood Foundation founders (who, incidentally, were also working together at the time) in 1988.  Math for America’s website posts no 990s or financial statements and its latest tax return shown (not even for fiscal year 2017 yet) shows it’s significantly over spending, AND its largest donations (of the about $4M actually donated to an entity which has to produce its own tax returns, i.e., another 501©3) went to “Fund for the Public Schools ($2.6M), and the second largest to an independent, but similarly branded “Math for America Los Angeles, Inc.” (which got over $1M).  Other entities (including several “Math for America’s” in other geographies) go their thousands (much smaller grants reported).

“The Fund for Public Schools” in NYC (started in 1982, per its IRS returns) is co-located at the NYC Department of Education Building, and gives one HUGE grant each year directly to the NYC Dept. of Education, sometimes with better description of its purpose than others.  I looked at past years of tax returns there and showed it getting “bulked up” with contributions (almost doubling) right before the 2008 recession.  A recent tax return shows it managed to overspend the year’s revenues by $14M, while also losing a major amount in sale of securities (about the same amount).  Such things are often indicated when page 1 of any tax return (heading, right-hand side) may show a “Gross receipts” figure that is substantially larger than the “Total Revenues” shown below it on the same page.

When Gross Receipts are millions of dollars higher (or, hundreds of thousands higher) than revenues, that often — though not always – -may mean major assets (investments held) were sold at a loss, or very little profit.  It can be checked out on Part VIII Line (as I recall) 6.  The question this raises in my mind is, who profited from buying those investments so low — to whom were they sold?  etc.

Meanwhile the MfA website, which I checked out, in principle sounds like a great idea (Master teachers mentoring others, encouraging them to stay involved in the challenging and often underpaid public school systems and mentor other teachers, networking on-line).  I also noticed the board of director abstracts included a James Simons, and Elizabeth Simons, and references to both the “Simons Foundation” and I knew Elizabeth Simons (from prior drill-down — just recently — in the context of who is sponsoring which mainstream media (public radio, podcasts, etc.) when it came to reporting by “the Center for Investigative Reporting (project “Reveal” started in 2015) and the nearby “X” logo for “PRX.”

Why was I curious? Well, they are reporting on family-court related problems, as launched (spear-headed) by, at least according to mutual self-description, two Northern California nonprofits, both have been operating at cross-purposes with this blog and reportage, for more than a decade (California Protective Parents Association and Center for Judicial Excellence).

(See also caption from the Heising-Simons foundation thumbnail image below):

TOPIC: On March 9, 2019, Trey Bundy (of CIR) wrote “Bitter Custody” about PAS theory and reunification camps.  It was distributed on other websites also (I showed “revealnews.org”)

Notice the list of sponsoring organizations of not this specific article, but the project “REVEAL.” I’m providing two images which some people who may follow me on Twitter (and/or here) are likely to recognize:

After looking for a few days at the merging of PRX with PRI and PRI’s management (control) by WGBH (Boston public broadcasting platform), while PRI’s endowment appears to be managed by its related entity “Okabena Capital” (or similar title) — which turns out to be who managed the private family wealth of the Dayton family (as in “Dayton-Hudson” which later became Minnesota-based “Target” corporation, and who’s had a state governor (Mark Dayton) among their descendants.  I’d tweeted some of this (but not the PRI follow-up part yet)…. it seems that….

…a key theme seems to be not just content production, but also sponsored content.  Overall, this means that despite the constant stream of information across so very many platforms (while companies continue to merge and operate nonprofit, subcontracting to — I found this at PRX — untrackable and sometimes falsely-named entities as reported on Form 990 Part VIIB (“Independent Contractors”) — it may look like it’s coming from independent sources WITHOUT common viewpoints, but given the competition and the size of the market place as well as (consolidated over time) control — it’s ALL with a spin, and OFTEN will omit basic information essential to understanding how our government and economy actually work!  The point is to attract readers and revenues, maximize profits and minimize taxation on those profits, while influencing public institutions for social change.

Sponsoring foundations were listed (SEE TWO IMAGES ABOVE).  To be as thorough as possible, I at least did an initial lookup of the Heising-Simons Foundation.  Liz Simons (Stanford, enthusiastic promoter of early childhood foundation) is married to Mark Heising (IMAGED BELOW with LINK), and she is the daughter of hedge fund investor and major success (Renaissance Technologies, LLC) James Simons.  So father, daughter, and son-in-law are on the board of the ONE entity (which doesn’t post its tax returns or financial statements, and may not be filing promptly with the IRS either, although it’s not THAT large and doesn’t seem to have a complex company structure at all), “Math for America, Inc.” based in NY….

Mark Heising of the Heising-Simons Foundation. He is the son-in law (wife is Elizabeth Simons) of hedge fund billionaire mathematician (MIT/UCBerkeley) James H. Simons. This is their (this generation’s) family foundation it says. BLOGGING CONTEXT: H-S foundation is one among several sponsoring “REVEAL” which is a CIR (Center for Investigative Reporting) project. On March 9, 2019, Trey Bundy (of CIR) wrote “Bitter Custody” about PAS theory and reunification camps.

[4] SOMEONE has to play the role of the human resources/capital/subject matter to be behavioral-modification tested, using proprietary (often) databases and conducting longitudinal “qualititative” research also on what EXACTLY causes or detracts from each demographic’s well-being.

Especially whether or not they stay and get married, and how much welfare they can be signed up for and in how many different forms (i.e., “more” = “better”).

(May, 2019, the next sentence seems to have proceeded out of — far above — the continued sentiment, characterizing apparent reasoning (thought) process of some of the centers I mentioned above).  To repeat the last part of it — regarding population management and programs to ensure ongoing distraction of attention or organized protests of ongoing exploitation, I’d written:

“WHAT CAN BEST DISTRACT THE PEOPLE FROM EVER, EVER — ever — DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY FROM THE PROVIDERS OF SERVICES, BASED ON THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE ECONOMY (AND TO GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS AT ALL LEVELS)?  or from even comprehending what such accountability might look like, through lack of exposure to even basic sensible terms to demand it?”

(and inserted all those footnotes above, then continued here):

Like believing that the impact of criminal behavior, such as Ponzi schemes, the professionalization of networking among both public and private TAX-EXEMPT ENTITIES and moving money around among them, with much fanfare (and much less open disclosure of the money received and donated, and financial statements accounting for it) has NOTHING to do with who’s rich and who’s poor.

Or the role of hedge funds and (1980s) the leveraged buy-out mania upon the after-tax remains for the average working human being in the United States of America, and elsewhere.

I think what pushed me a bit over the edge on (an urge to report more right now) on the Institute for Research on Poverty and a 2015-launched center at Columbia University under some of the same inbred, at times, married and certainly consistently publishing together while training up new generations of (I’m going to assume) sincerely well-intentioned graduate students and recent doctorates to keep this line of work headed in the same direction.

  • (I know, I know, that is an incomplete sentence.  For the basic answers, see the material below, with associated images.
  • this might have been the kick-off point to decision to write again (I say this in the text below):
    • Looking for a link confirming the marital relationship (Garfinkel/McLanahan) I found it at Columbia University, where Garfinkel is interim Dean of the School of Social Work. Part of his bio blurb says that he and his wife started the well-known, longitudinal “Fragile Families” study, which I hadn’t realized before**
  • I remember being even more alerted to the centralization of leading personalities (psychs or sociologists mostly) mentoring the next generation in their ways.) //LGH May 15, 2019 comment

** In other words, these (characters/ people/ professionals) hadn’t just made  a living off the longitudinal study but also took credit as a married couple for jump-starting it.  gain, “Fragile Families” is a phrase particularly associated with the Ford Foundation, just a Billion Dollars of Assets or so and some weight to be thrown around influencing how public institutions are funded, structured AND what they do — like maintaining the male-dominant position as the ideal family structure, etc.

While some of us don’t even have contact with our own children by virtue of gender-based policy and erosion of walls between federal and state-jurisdiction subject matter in the family courts.  Regardless of our personal character, competence, track records, work history, and ability to live life without killing or threatening to kill, rob, or kidnap other human beings.

Being single and female and a mother is NOT a crime.

Divorcing a violent abuser shouldn’t be punished by a lifetime of forced state attempts to “reconcile” the irreconciliable (with means including hostage-taking, threats, holding children for ransom, ordering to pay exorbitant fees and face “sudden death overtime” while others around are not passing that segment of the game) because at one time, and out of the goodness of our hearts and intentions, we gave birth to human beings with perhaps lack of complete foresight into the character of the involved man providing the other essential element, which provision took, generally, up to a few minutes of his time to jumpstart the conception.


A Closer Look At — and Alternate Interpretation of — Who’s Funding Poverty Research (Hint: The Poor….) In New York (Columbia Univ.’s SSW), Wisconsin (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison’s IRP), and let’s not forget New Jersey (Princeton University’s Welfare-Reform-Focused “…Center for Research on Child Well-Being”). (<~~Link is updated to reflect the post you are now reading) (case-sensitive, WP-generated shortlink ends “-9LJ” PART 3 here is now “-9TC”)


Looking for a link confirming the marital relationship (Garfinkel/McLanahan) I found it at Columbia University, where Garfinkel is interim Dean of the School of Social Work. Part of his bio blurb says that he and his wife started the well-known, longitudinal “Fragile Families” study, which I hadn’t realized before:  {{Faculty Profile, “SocialWork.Columbia.edu” for Irwin Garfinkel}}

… Dr. Garfinkel is also co-founding director of the Center on Poverty and Social Policy (2014-present). Previously, Dr. Garfinkel served as the director of the Institute for Research on Poverty from 1975-1980,** and the School of Social Work at the University of Wisconsin from 1982-1984. From 1980-1990, he was the principal investigator of the Wisconsin Child Support Study. His research on child support and welfare influenced legislation in Wisconsin, other American states, the U.S. Congress, Great Britain, Australia, and Sweden.

In 1998, in conjunction with his wife, Dr. Sara McLanahan of Princeton University, Dr. Garfinkel initiated the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study. Nearly 5,000 children in 20 large American cities were enrolled in the study at birth and are now adolescents…

** the “IRP” at UWisconsin has come up on this blog before, through the small nonprofit and odd-Form 990 history (to separate EIN#s show up, it was booted out of Illinois and re-surfaced in Wisconsin) “CFFPP” which historically in name, and after a name-change, continuing in policy, focused on low-income, African-American and Latino fathers.  (David Pate, (CFFP founder and Operations Manager) Jacquelyn Boggess, J.D.  (CFFP Executive Director) (UWisconsin-Madison School of Law)).  CFFPP’s self-descriptions acknowledged itself to be the strategic arm of the Ford Foundation’s policy. Other board of directors are clearly father-centric (and I’ve posted on this before so won’t re-view here).

The connection, still current with IRP is via David Pate (See bio  and research interests at University of Wisconsin-Madison Institute for Research on Poverty), where you can quickly find more: HHS sponsorship and fatherhood/marriage promotion… but little encouragement to follow either the funding of these centers, their sponsors, or HHS itself.

(DECIDED IT WAS TIME TO ADD SOME IMAGES AND DETAILS; some are from the extensive (28-page) c.v. posted.  There’s an IRP cover page (red color theme) and a UWisconsin-Milwaukee Faculty page (yellow color theme).  He looks like a nice guy (esp. compared to, say, Ron Haskins…) and I’m sure is doing what seems right to him.  I picked out a few images (from CV) referring to other “fatherhood” centers or involvements I’ve previously blogged.  (as a “gallery”)

I noticed today (May, 2019) on checking back at “CFFPP” that it was recently IRS status-revoked again (2014, posted 2015) then re-instated (Oct. 2015) and that its latest tax return (not exactly a current one) had a drastic reduction in contributions to below $5,000, leaving it reporting over $270K negative assets.  The highest contributions (per schedules shown on a FY2003 one) were for FY2000, $1.1M revenues). It was registered in Illinois only in 2005 (with the word “Fathers” in the business name); before that as I recall from prior blogging, was legally registered for a time in Wisconsin — but was status-revoked for not filing. It resurfaced in Illinois and changed its name to eliminate the word “fathers” although that still seems to be the policy focus.  I wonder if it’s about to get shut down now… The organization website still references a Madison, Wisconsin street address. Not posting here at this time (Not that hard to look up, either!) (NOTE:  most recent tax return not showing, so its fortunes may have changed some…but I get the sense it’s going to be allowed to fade out…)

It’s interesting how Wisconsin, above all the available states which might’ve become lead poverty research institute (keep reading below; it is!).  That’s also where welfare reform was pre-tested (Gov. Tommy Thompson) as a “right to work” (union-busting) state, and where the Association of Family and Conciliation still claims legal domicile on its IRS returns and maintains a street address (although it’s legal domicile as a corporation certainly still seems to be in Illinois…).

David Pate is an Associate Professor at the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and an affiliate of the Institute for Research on Poverty and Collaborative Center of Health Equity at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His research focuses on low-income African-American men, fatherhood, and child support. In particular, Pate studies how black men are affected by the social welfare system and the challenges that impede their ability to attain economic security. His research projects involve the use of qualitative research methods to examine life course events of non-custodial African-American men. This includes their ability to be gainfully employed, engage with their children, and sustain a good quality of life.  {All emphases added}

I’d also discovered, to my dismay at the time, how well-known HHS- and USDOJ- (and NCJFCJ-) funded “Family Violence Prevention Fund” (now called “Futures without Violence”)  resource center in San Francisco with a hefty influence on how “Domestic Violence” is handled when it comes to “Child Custody” (i.e., in the family courts) had its CEO Esta Soler on (CFFP’s) board of directors.  Futures w/o Violence is larger than the typical “coalition against domestic violence” entity receiving statewide grants, and it is such, I learned, through Congressional legislation specifying the relative amounts for resource centers and clearinghouses, as opposed to statewide coalitions, which pass through funding to direct service providers in a state; at least as to the federal funds administered under the Dept. of Health and Human Services under the 1984 FVPSA , itself a later amended to CAPTA (Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act) of the 1970s. I’ve blogged this.

Checking the IRP for purposes of this post (introduction) I found a USC Collaborative and how the IRP is leading this as the only HHS-federally-funded, National Resource Center for Poverty ($9.5M 2016-2021).  It also coordinates the university thematic research networks (five themes and membership):

A list of “members” of the thematic network (university-connected) researchers of “Poverty and Family Functioning (link above), while co-led by one (young) man and one (young) woman, under “Members” shows nine women and five male members, of which one is Ron Haskins (!).  The co-leader young woman (Marcia Carlson’s) interests are listed, complete with a typo in the last word (“among unmarried parent,” singular) as:

Marcia Carlson SSC.Wisc.Edu co-directs the “Poverty and Family Functioning” thematic research group (with Christopher Wimer of Columbia Univ) with, currently, 14 members at various universities or think tanks(?), incl. Ron Haskins

Marcia Carlson’s Research Interests

  • Child and family well-being and related public policy
  • Father involvement
  • Co-parenting
  • Union formation and relationship quality among unmarried parent

Notice any particular theme there?  The young man and “research scientist” Christopher Wimer, I recognized from having in general checked in periodically at the Columbia University Center for ongoing developments, given its close connections and philosophical alignment with Princeton Universities’ “The Future of Children” Post-Moynihan, marriage-pushing mentality.

Christopher Wimer, Co-Director “Center on Poverty and Social Policy” at Columbia Univ (NY) also co-directs the UWisconsin-IRP-led “Poverty and Family Functioning” thematic research group (with Marcia Carlson of UWI-Madison) with, currently, 14 members at various universities or think tanks(?), incl. Ron Haskins

Christopher Wimer is co-director of the Columbia University Center on Poverty and Social Policy and the Project Director on the Robin Hood Poverty Tracker.** He conducts research on the measurement of poverty and disadvantage in both local and national contexts, as well as historical trends in poverty and the impacts of social policies on the poverty rate. He also studies how families cope with poverty and economic insecurity, with a focus on food insecurity and other forms of material hardship.

His work pays particular attention to the role of government policies and programs on the wellbeing of low-income families and children.

University of Wisconsin-Madison’s IRP didn’t supply the link.  I did. On looking up also the Center he co-directs at Columbia (to find out, “with whom,”) I learned at “socialwork.columbia.edu, including that this center was only launched in 2015, and the co-director is (guess who!) Irwin Garfinkel, who is also listed as Principal Investigator (while Wimer is “Project Director”) of the Robin Hood Poverty Tracker.  Garfinkel appears to be the only middle-aged person listed as “Staff,” and as such would naturally be its mentor and leader, although the word “co-director” is used.  (He is certainly the only one with white hair and/or a beard)…

For “mentor” another appropriate might be “grooming.”  Their careers launched through the ongoing launch of new centers at respected universities partnered with high-powered foundations (and federal grants), what are the chances that these young people, given their credentials and status, would turn out humble enough to hear other points of view from non-credentialed individuals whose experience and insight doesn’t fit with the status quo interpretation of the causes of poverty, and astonishing gaps of interest in other contributing factors, nationwide?


The CPSP (Center on Poverty and Social Policy’s)’s listing, from which one can access “more information” on its May 21, 2015 launch page (tricky to find past Columbia School of Social Work’s TV-like, big photos, promotional-layout main website, but I finally did, right above the Ronald D. Mincy Center for Research on Fathers, Children & Family Well-being) for May 21, 2015 shows very close connection to Robin Hood Foundation’s Poverty Tracker, and featuring broken links to personnel, including a second panel chaired by someone from Annie E. Casey Foundation (also heavily active in responsible fatherhood field promotion) as well as Robin Hood’s Michael Weinstein, who’s searchable on this blog (and I believe no longer works there).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking for what the CPSP actually has been doing, its website under “DATA” shows ONLY two links, one directly linked to historic recreation of the SPM Supplemental Poverty Measure (started up in 2009) historically back to 1967 — with funding from:  Annie E. Casey Foundation and “The JPB Foundation” (!!), and the other back to the Robin Hood Foundation Poverty Tracker.

It’s getting hard to separate where Columbia University School of Social Work (in a number of its centers) from Robin Hood Foundation (founded in 1988 by two hedge fund and investment bankers, extremely smart and correspondingly wealthy men, Paul Tudor-Jones and Peter Borish (also math whiz):

Paul Tudor-Jones Wiki:

One of Jones’ earliest and major successes was predicting Black Monday in 1987, tripling his money during the event due to large short positions.[8]

Peter Borish was second-in-command to Jones at Tudor Investment Corporation.[9] Jones said Borish anticipated the crash in 1987 because Borish had mapped the 1987 market against the market preceding the 1929 crash, and noted the similarity between the two markets.[10]

With that much wealth, tax-exempt foundations are necessary for tax reasons! Also good PR to distract from, at times, how the profits came from others’ losses… RHF founded in 1988…

In February 2013, Forbes Magazine listed him as one of the 40 Highest-Earning hedge fund managers.[12] Although the hedge fund industry standard is two percent per annum of assets under management and twenty percent of the profits, Tudor Investment Corp. charges four percent per annum of assets under management and twenty-three percent of the profits.[13]

. . . Borish (“Billionaire mathematician, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist”) worked 1982-1985 at the Federal Reserve Board monitoring foreign exchanges, futures and options before moving on to work with Tudor-Jones entity:

Borish worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 1982–85, monitoring foreign exchanges and futures and options.[4][5][8] Tudor Investment Corporation[edit] Borish was then founding partner and second-in-command at Tudor Investment Corporation, which he joined in 1985 and left in December 1994 (“excessive citations” flag on the wiki).

(I just looked quickly at FY2016 (YEJun2017) “Math for America’s” tax returns, in part because it’s showing declining “total assets” in the last three years, predictable because after its listed head officer John Ewing’s half-million-dollar (over $500K w/ benefits) salary and having taken in only $12M, it (claims to have) granted out $19M, leaving an excess of expenditures over revenues of about $14M — the same amount of grants given primarily to individuals (851 different ones, $11M of this to “master teachers”).

Granting primarily to individuals means the money is virtually untrackable).

Math for America, also, having been founded only in 2004, is struggling to maintain qualification for public charity and only does so under the “Facts-and-circumstances” description as, admittedly, its funding comes from a small source of donors only.  However of the organizations donated to (on the latest tax return shown), $1M+ went to a Los Angeles “Math for America” and $2.5?M to “Fund for Public Schools,” which sounds like an organization I might have run across (or blogged) in late 2016-early 2017, herein.

Math for America also (Part X) lists few assets outside of grants receivable and (Pt. X Line 15) “Other assets” of $413K which are to be described in Part D — but aren’t.  The category there (for FY2016) is simply blank.  Who knows what they were — but that’s a significant amount.  However (per the IRS form) if they were less than 5% of total expenses for the year, they do not need tob e detailed.

Even Robin Hood Foundation’s “Wiki” shows that over the years with its directors including some involved in the 2008 failure of Lehman Brothers, and/or (Harvey Weinstein, founder with his brother of “Miramax”) through alleged sexual abuse of enough women to eventually jumpstart (?) the “#MeToo” movement, and having to step down in 2017.

Harvey Weinstein, despite this, per Wiki, still holds a “CBE” (Commander of the British Empire).

Richard J. Fuld, Jr. ran Lehman brothers for 40 years (see internal links from the Wiki article) and was later subpoenae’d for under criminal investigation:


Back at Columbia University School of Social Work seems that this new Center for Poverty and Social Policy is designed for a single, established and networked careerist in the field (and professor) to mentor younger people, and for a testing ground for RHF’s recent project, Poverty Tracker.

The JPB Foundation results from estate of Jeffery M. Picower (survivor wife Barbara) better known for his role in the Madoff Ponzi Scheme (and having been found dead in his swimming pool in the middle of being investigated for this in 2009). In other words, how much wealth was obtained from defrauded investors is unknown, but it certainly seems more than was repaid even after the litigation.

I DNR offhand (from founding documents probably available through CharitiesNYS.com, as both HCZ and RHF are in New York) whether it was Harlem Children’s Zone of the Robin Hood Foundation tax returns which showed major early donor was JBP Foundation.  But essentially, they are ideologically aligned in their handling of social policy + poverty.  The ideology is (a) progressive and (b) paternalistic (fathers & families, not mothers and families), and do NOT include anything negative about the role of tax-exemption or tax-exempt foundations collaboratively setting social policy THROUGH government institutions as in any way related to our current poverty of those reliant on basic employment (not intergenerationally preserved wealth through prior corporate exploitation — or cheating / tax-evasion, etc.).  In these fields “feminist” doesn’t necessarily mean “mother-friendly.”

Although it’s evident such situations do exist….

It would seem mentoring is taking place to ensure perpetuation of such policies as single mothers leaving abuse continue to run up against, whether or not they are properly identified to us, when attempting to function and assert basic human rights regardless of our marital status and vis-a-vis direct threats to harm after previous harm from (men, specifically) we have been attempting to establish boundaries with, without 100% rejecting them as fathers.  And we have to do this, generally, in the family court system, where such fathers are prone to drag us in order for retaliation, monitoring, post-separation stalking, and to get child support arrears reduced or eliminated, restraining orders removed, and in general, chronic, long-term “payback.”

FOOTER “CFRP at LBJ UTexas-Austin” screenshots (where “FAMILIES” omits “Mama” in word, captioning policies and even photos.

Texas has also worked hard to perpetuate this at certain university centers also (I tweeted earlier this year, or late last year): https://childandfamilyresearch.utexas.edu (LBJ School of Public Affairs, U-Texas Austin)….(“families” defined often in the sector as “Fathers and their children” or ‘Fathers, children and their families” with “mothers” an afterthought, if there at all.  Children: yes.  Youth:  yes.  Families:  Yes.  Fathers or Fatherhood: yes.  Mothers or motherhood?  No.

(CFRP Affiliates also, according to its own record, including a center at Temple University (FRPN.org) and a Texas Interagency Commission on Fatherhood (among the agencies listed: Attorney General’s Office).  See what you think — these images are from the home page, at the top and a single “page-down” below it, and one below that.  Notice the heading names, what nouns are used referring to (a) gender-neutral collectives or (b) definitely NOT “gender-neutral” masculine references (i.e., anything with the word “father” in it and © nothing — at all — countering the fatherhood with any feminine noun, singular, plural, of any age):

The Texas Regional Fatherhood Summit 2019 page has links to 2018 conference, which starts out featuring an “Osborne” associated with APPAM.  Separately, under this ChildandFamilyResearch (UTexas) link, the menu for “Affiliations” shows them alphabetically, putting APPAM (Osborne involvement) and below it, FRPN (Fatherhood Research and Practice Network), where Osborne is shown as involved.  (FRPN is based at Temple University in Philadelphia).  See these images… I’ve annotated them heavily (I’m indignant, and also wanted to point out cross-relationships with HHS, and between APPAM (the nonprofit) and FRPN (a project housed at Temple University in Pennsylvania — not mentioned in that abstract — which essentially expands the networking already in place for years (at least a decade or two) among nonprofits known (I’ve looked several of them up and their board of directors, when it came up in the course of investigating the federal fatherhood grants streams through HHS).  Cynthia Osborne (https://lbj.utexas.edu/directory/faculty/cynthia-osborne) holds leadership positions, it seems at:

CFRP (UTexas.edu)

APPAM (a private association of scholars interested in excellence in research and policy…), and

FRPN (which is  neither a university, nor a center at a university, nor a private entity.  It’s a PROJECT.  However a university seems to be paid for it.  FRPN.org).

Osborne is a common name, however it seems to me there’s been re-entry (Fatherhood) programming by an Osborne association (in NY State); I wonder if any relative and who is the family line, i.e., if that’s relevant.  Sometimes in these fields it is…

From the Faculty Page above, I notice Cynthia Osborne has a Bachelors in 1991 (still fairly young), and the undergraduate college and major are significant:  Claremont McKenna College.  Then an M.A. in “Education” at Claremont Graduate University” (California?), another masters at Harvard-Kennedy School of Government (MPP), and finally a Ph.D. in ‘Demography and Public Affairs’ at NJ’s Princeton, which no doubt might have put her in closer contact (as a younger, and possibly to-be-mentored upcoming doctorate in this area) with the people involved in promoting fathers’ rights (healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood) internationally, using public funds as much as possible, also at Princeton i.e., in the Bendheim-Thoman Center for Child Well-Being run by Sara McLanahan (and others), but in the Woodrow Wilson School for International Affairs.

Cynthia Osborne faculty page at LBJ School of Public Affairs, UTexas-Austin (Image #1 of 2, not incl. from the nearby available CV provided as pdf link on the faculty page

Cynthia Osborne faculty page at LBJ School of Public Affairs, UTexas-Austin (Image #2 of 2, not incl. from the nearby available CV provided as pdf link on the faculty page

Wow.  (See above two images with headshot, LBJ School of Public Affairs faculty page)…I said that on looking only at the faculty page (not the nearby available FY2016 CV).  I’ve just paged through (all of) that 28-pager, and more than confirmed that she was working alongside, publishing with and had spent time at the Princeton Center in question (McLanahan, FutureOfChildren etc.) right before coming to UTexas Austin.

Cynthia Osborne faculty page at LBJ School of Public Affairs, UTexas-Austin (Image #2 of 2, CV Page 1 bottom from her 28-page 2016 CV (pdf format, provided ℅ link on this link to the faculty page. Recent “Research and Teaching” exp not even in chrono order. She only lasted 3 years in a (public?) middle school in the 1990s..***2003-2005 (right after PhD) she was working in the Princeton Univ. “…Center for Research on Child Well-Being (McLanahan|Garfinkel| Haskins-Sawhill (℅ “The Future Of Children” it publishes) associations & no doubt mentoring)

(See nearby two images from C.V., both from its Page 1)

Cynthia Osborne faculty page at LBJ School of Public Affairs, UTexas-Austin (Image #1 of 2, CV Page 1 from her 28-page 2016 CV (pdf format, provided ℅ link on this link to the faculty page

CV shows publications by that center and/or alongside: McLanahan, Garfinkel and (Jeanne) Brooks-Gunn (Columbia/Princeton combo), plus listing page after page of all kinds of categories, most categories of which are saturated with father- paternity- references, and barely a token gesture towards mothers except when questioning how family stability affects their mental health — or whether a father’s presence at birth mitigates partner violence etc….

How much time has Osborne ever spent being responsible for a classroom of young children — and has she had or raised her own?  Ever been married or divorce?  What about her parents?

What kind of mentality drives women into this kind of career path?  Craving to be close to, share, and operate primarily within the sources of power, particularly power over other women with whom they do not share common life experiences — like motherhood, poverty, dealing first-hand with domestic violence, divorce, forced co-parenting with an abusive ex, or having to navigate, by way of some of the above, the local family court systems?

Osborne’s C.V. shows a major emphasis on evaluating everything else but, apparently, her own choice of focus as a white-collar professional ~~ with unknown marital, mother, or other status, and having next to no experience THIS CENTURY SO FAR in the private business world outside academia, and (correspondingly) probably very little knowledge of what it’s like to live and seek work in such arena — like most of Americans whose demographies she’s researching, actually must and do.

From the dissociative position of PhD-publishing in journals many of the above women, while dealing with their own situations, may rarely get to read — and so realize the types of professionals prone to “diss-ing” them and promoting almost anything which will further fathers’ rights in  parenting, childhood, divorce, marriage, child welfare proceedings, and of course having only the fairest of fair child support assigned to them…


OPINION, OBTAINED OVER THE GOOD SECTION OF MY LIFETIME (now in my sixties), PARTICULARLY LAST 25 YEARS, HOWEVER SOME OF IT STARTING IN MY OWN UNDERGRADUATE LIFE (I took a year off for self-initiated “practicum” in my field, then returned to graduate, and had first-hand comparison between pedagogical theory and actual experience with children, before later

(…and after obtaining one more degree, work/study) marrying and having my own children, then continuing to work in and after schools with all kinds (and ages) of children — and professionals in my field, as shut down during a violent marriage, but re-enaged and re-established no sooner than we separated, then shut down again through the extended family court litigations, and (the final straw in local networking in that field), an extremely violent event to both children and myself– an overnight, illegal (but later, retroactively “legalized”) family court stealing, i.e., parental kidnapping, pre-emptive based on the (lie) that I myself was planning to do such a thing (i.e., I was stupid enough to try it had it even come into my head to do so). Pardon the personal Cliff Notes… but,

I have often said, and periodically post, that majoring in psychology, or education, prepares one primarily for a life in public institutions, funded by the public – whether public schools, public universities, social services, or the court systems.  Unlike majors in certain other fields which may, and do, produce useful innovation in science (exploration, production of food, protection of the environment), medicine (healing and repair of bodies), engineering (the ability to build things which stand up under physical assault by the elements, earthquakes, floods, winds, snow, etc. and in which people can live, or on which they can travel), or the arts (creativity and expression of common, or common to certain cultures and ways of communicating between cultures, transmitted across space and time, and often associated with religious beliefs, or sponsored by those too).

Psychology and education/training are also highly useful in the corporate field of course, and many organizations seem to have gotten their start in these.  Psychology is among the least-qualified of the “psych-” fields and least challenging majors or fields of study (mastery of vocabulary and memorization of gurus in the field critical) but backed by and networked among one of the most powerful (and invasive) national associations outside the APA.

The unique partnerships between the APA and the ABA as expressed in the family court venues (not to mention in the “interdisciplinary” Association for Family and Conciliation Courts, Inc. activist membership which seeks positions of power and influence – -including upon legislation and in administrative and training sectors of the courts or at state levels (i.e., “Governors’ Task Forces on Family Law”) could almost be construed as an ALTERNATE form of government. It is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the USA today (and I’d say, globally).  

The field (professionals trained within this field, specifically psychologists) also has sought to infiltrate and obtain revenues and subject matter for study of people throughout their life span and I do mean, literally from birth through death; while in school as children, while having or raising children as adults if possible (note: Dr. Osborne above highly interested in “Home Visiting Programs” AND, as a woman heavily invested into Father-centric programming as even the “Affiliates” within the CFRP Partnership at the one school within the one university (UTexas-Austin) show.

Also in prison, out of prison. Married or Divorcing, or Unmarried, in the workplace, when accessing social services (for any form of safety net), almost everywhere and in almost every situation, there is some form of professional from this field attempting to, or already, functioning to promote, supervised, teach, coach, advocate and mediate TRUTH and ACCESS TO LIFE for all people.

Along with psychoanalysis (Freud and following) and “psychotherapy” promoted heavily as an adjunct to war (persuasion, treatment of trauma, learning what “makes people tick” so as to continue MAKING them tick in certain ways) and the free blending of these skills and licensures among specifically, overtly religious sectors both patriarchal (esp. Judaeo-Christian circles and universities) and “new age” (which often tend to emphasize the more feminine power — but can still be as controlling and cult-like) . . . .

Essentially — at its essence — these fields are supportive of intrusive and increasing levels of state intervention in private lives under the label of “helping” and “prevention” while in fact, steering and standardizing.

And it’s a field whose practitioners are often going to have career curves, to the extent grants research is involved, that will be supported from start to finish, sponsored by or working IN abusive and over-reaching public institutions, to validate and support such abusive and over-reaching infrastructures, while (historically and through-out) MINIMIZING the purpose of treating criminal behavior as something individuals take personal responsibility for, and consequences for should they be caught engaging in it in anything other than under extreme duress (such as trafficked men, women or children).


[Some Images won’t load at the moment — I’ll get to them eventually]….


Footnote [3] “Who owns/runs info platforms and sponsors their content,” cont’d.

Within the last week, starting with an article which has been featured on Twitter among circles I follow — the article dealt with reunification programming —  I noticed a small logo next to the larger one associated with a nonprofit investigative news nonprofit (Center for Investigative Reporting or “CIR”)  and their project RevealNews (2015ff) I’d already looked up (website, tax returns, corporate filings at the state level, etc.) and was aware of generally.  Reveal News fine print (after the article) shows how many — about six — foundations were sponsoring the project (not just the individual article).  I looked them up, too, the ones I didn’t already know.

The small logo was “PRX” (Public Radio Exchange) which I learned had recently (late 2018) merged with PRI (Public Radio International, in Minnesota), related to or spinoff project of WGBH (Boston) which also controlled it as sole corporate member. PRI showed an unusual asset manager company (Okabena Capital) which, I learned, managed the family investments of a Minnesota family dynasty whose claim to fame is what’s now known as the Target Brand (previously Dayton-Hudson Stores) and whose heirs included a governor of the state.

I’d looked up the related entity (“Okabena”) in part because from the PRI tax returns, it looked like the assets weren’t being very actively managed, or earning that much.  And it’s just an odd name.  I’ve not yet gotten to viewing WGBH’s tax returns, but certainly learned a lot about mergers, consolidations, and platforms in the public radio, podcast arena in the process.  I’d Tweeted up to much (not all) information on PRX (in part because its claimed subcontractors for FY2016 were showing up soon after non-extant, quickly SOS Suspended, or legitimate but shape-shifting quickly though legally (LLC to Inc. within a year), or what appears to have been calling a podcast (which is a project) a person. I’ve not yet tweeted on PRI.

I look forward to (though am not sure whether I may get to it or not) finding out more about WGBH’s filings, and increasing my understanding of what, exactly is meant by the “Public” in “Public Radio” whether PRI pre-PRX, or PRX as it now exists.

FOOTNOTE “SAM AND DAVE” (The Economics of Production**

as posted in NarcoNews,.com 2001, by Catherine Austin Fitts).  Footnoted here to provide images in case the link, now quite old, disappears);

Searching again, I found my own April 11, 2013 post on this, under the title “AFCC — A Users’ Manual (Intro) … and (for now) Arizona

Scroll down, please, to the bottom section where it references the Sam and Dave model and explains why I believe we should be alert to this model within government operations. It summarizes what I was trying to again explain, far above on this post.  Six years ago, I had laid out the same commonsense questions:  There is a section background-highlit yellow.

**(Images won’t upload currently.  Other on-line postings of this exist anyhow as of even 2019).

. . . .

~~~~~ Prior posts in this series: A Closer Look At …(“Pt 1 of 3=”9Lj“) & A Closer Look At … (Pt. 2 of 3=”9Tx”)

~~~~You just finished reading: A Closer Look At — and Alternate Interpretation of — Who’s Funding Poverty Research (Hint: The Poor….) In New York (Columbia Univ. SSW), Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin’s IRP), and let’s not forget New Jersey (Princeton University’s Welfare-Reform-Focused “…Center for Research on Child Well-Being”). (Pt. 3 of 3=”-9TC”)(<~~Clicking here will bring you back to the top of this post (browser will refresh/re-load the page)).

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