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My Posts, Just the List (June 29, 2014..back to Sept. 24, 2012. From Jan. 23, 2016 forward now available @ “Table of Contents 2016 ONLY” Post)

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Full post title with shortlink:  My Posts, Just the List (June 29, 2014..back to Sept. 24, 2012.  From Jan. 23, 2016 forward now available @ “Table of Contents 2016 ONLY” Post)

Table of Contents

(June 29, 2014..back to Sept. 24, 2012

I started this blog in spring 2009. It is my continuous show-and-tell learning curve exposing, as the motto says, Family –and Conciliation — Court Operations, Practices, and History from the early 1990s and earlier.

Nothing was posted or added to this table of contents from June 29, 2014 (Broken Courts, Flawed Practices, Parade of Fools) throughout 2015.  On January 23, 2016 (2016 More Business As Usual in MN? (Criminalizing, Terrorizing, Jailing Mothers)) I resumed publishing posts.  My personal situation wasn’t particularly better at this time, it had just progressed, and I felt it urgent to continue this line of reporting, as I had not stopped investigating (or writing it up off-blog) meanwhile.

This BLOG has two separate Tables of Contents in two different posts, both near the very top of the blog: [Update: as of 1/8/2017, I’m starting one for the new year also…]

(1) For 2016 only, see a post Table of Contents ONLY 2016 ONLY (marked “sticky” so it will be among the top 11 posts, like this one) published October 4, 2016.  Probably showing on the Sidebar at this time.  At Year-end, there were 52 posts.  The information before/after the table here is also valuable; I included for overview also for certain posts, a list of their tags to help with people who want to browse contents beyond post titles — and for my own reference.

(2) Below on THIS post, from June 29, 2014 (top of table) backwards, at this point, only to Sept. 24, 2012), with many more stretching back to March 2009 (startup) to be added.  Available now only via “Archives” function on top right sidebar — or if another post happens to link to one of them.

  • Click on any post title to read that post. If you don’t like reading explanatory material* and just want to see the list of post titles, use the Page-Down or Scroll function.


Blog Purpose can be deduced by: Browsing the table of contents below, reading a post or two, reading the sidebars, such as the one which starts:

This Absolutely Uncommon Analysis shouldn’t be!

What I do here: I expose the systems design, and the designers, so Y.O.U. can show others, and to notify those playing certain games, “you’ve been flagged.”

Heard of “disruptive technologies?” Disruptive innovations?

Well, this is a disruptive blog. I give people who’ve already been strung out and stripped down BY the system another place to stand and look at it, and a clear, fairly diagnostic language (vs. pretty logos and moving pictures) to describe it to others. AND, which many don’t do, I tell how I found the information; links databases and all.

Some Blog Navigation Logistics, and, finally, the Table: 

Like many blogs, this one is linear in layout in the central (main column )writing area.

All Posts appear underneath the top ten eleven (since 2016 TOC separated) posts I’ve intentionally stuck to the top (this Table of Contents page is one of those ten).

It has ONE main area for posts, also ONE right sidebar as you see with a lot of details, including text, recommended links, more of my writing in sidebar “widgets.”  Sidebar material is not listed in the Table of Contents here, but well worth exploring.  Accumulated over the life of the blog.

On Right Sidebar, the “Vital Links/Info” section is organized, numeric chrono then/and Alpha.  In this field WHEN some programming, or federal grants stream was initiated, or some significant responses (including Presidential Executive Memoranda [Pres. Bill Clinton, 1995, re: fatherhood) or Orders [Pres. George W. Bush, re: Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (“OFBCI”), which was then mimicked or echoed in some states also at the state Executive Branch (i.e., Governors’ Office) levels; Ohio’s comes to mind, and this was in 2001].

On the right sidebar, there is a section called “Pages” which represent many (not all) Pages I have written so far. For 2016, I have already lined up a series of posts in draft (most compiled in 2016) laying out specific topics, so decided to make a 2016 Table which will keep them in calendar order.   I write long post titles intentionally to raise certain points, and reading the table of contents or even this whole page alone, I think, is well worthwhile.

As of 2016, you STILL won’t find most of this material compiled elsewhere on the web.  Some people have compiled some of the elements, but in general not pulled them together and connected the obvious (once you see) along economic lines.

  • Want just the “Last Few Posts”?  See sidebar, or the 2016 Table of Contents, below. on a separate post published 10/4/2016
  • For a detailed and extensive overview of posts before June 29, 2014, see June 29, 2014 – September 24, 2012 (Retro, backward with post abstracts for some, multi-colored table).  Rows added to the bottom of this table for posts backwards towards the beginning of this blog, if and when I get around to it…) Page or Scroll down below paragraphs describing this blog’s focus and perspective.
  • For the entire blog by month, or any specific month, browse ‘Archives’ although Archives obviously doesn’t show post titles until you click on a single date.  Use drop-down menu to pick a month.  The range is about 60 months, closer to 38 different months due to the 2014-2015 gap in publishing.
  • In general, most posts are no less than 10,000 words, some obnoxiously longer, and I’d say that ALL of them tend to have follow-up links to support what I’m saying at any point.

“STICKY” = Ten Eleven posts are “STUCK” to the Top of the Blog to remain “in your face” on purpose.  Please consider prioritizing a read-through, even if I may be writing, currently, on your state or situation of more personal interest.  

The Sticky Posts summarize what my investigative blogging led me to conclude about the history and operations of the family courts nationwide. 

Several (ten now eleven) posts permanently stuck to the top, labeled “Sticky, so I am adding 2016 post to the top “Sticky” post “Table of Contents” page. Although anyone can just scroll down the main page to the most current posts underneath the “sticky” ones, that’s definitely not the most efficient way to get to them.

Tagging and Categories:  In 2016 I am more consistently tagging but still ignore the “categories,” function.  Categories tend to get outdated or less relevant to the blog’s focus with my learning curve.  Feel free to use either, but except for 2016 tagging, I wouldn’t count on them. For specific topics or groups, browse titles or use Search function on the blog. ///LGH (“Let’s Get Honest”).


    I Recommend:
  • Get to the Table of Contents below (and browse Archives function for anything earlier)
  • Get face to face with the evidence, deduce/grasp/SEE the patterns,
  • Get an Understanding — that’s most important! — and from there, what would YOU do about the situation?  
  • Then show and talk to others. Not enough conversations on this material…]

  • There are valuable posts 2009-2010-2011 also. I will add earlier Table Of Contents to the posts and links as I can; readers may use the Archive function.    But first, browse the table of contents!  I’ve added abstracts (summaries) to many, and marked vital ones.   In this field,  an overview supported by links to evidence (details) really counts; and that’s where my five years of sustained attention and continued investigation outside the mainstream, really delivers the goods.

Put this together with the sidebar summaries, pages, and other links on blogroll — become more aware of your economic and court-connected corporations language, and become a resource! (But, remember to link back here where quoted, thanks!)

… and there from time to time there are summary posts, such as: New Here? A Roadmap with some Chronology, Links, Issues , or Top Ten Plus One of Almost 600 published (Minus Most of the Table Talk), or a few outlining some key issues, for example (this January 17, 2011 post is not on the table of contents, but can be found by date, or a name search on the blog (or, on google)) “Happy New Year:  What Rhetoric are you?  Mother, Father or Mediator?” which outlines three key causes and funding streams funded by the public.

  • From my username “Let’s Get Honest,” I am saying, the primary indicator is — has a group been lying, or concealing private associations from its followers or the public?  Where there’s some lying, there’s usually more and the reason is often, for profit (for sales, current or future).  The audience is being “worked.”  Caveat emptor — buyer beware.  And, you’ve paid up front through at a minimum, taxes, in addition various fees for services from which legislators can divert income into newly created funds  [government accounting is “Fund” accounting] for private use in the courts. 

  • Distinguish when dealing with any professional class representing any of the above, who they apparently are working for — as seen by curricula vitae, the resumes (federal grants and private wealth behind most of the PhDs)  — and in general make “honesty” and “transparency” judgments on to whom one blurts out one’s personal custody history, or sounds off (on-line) about some allegedly evil ex or evil judge, custody evaluator, attorney, etc. all of which can be detrimental to the same case and one’s kids and is less than helpful — or not the most effective commentary for  bystanders, i.e., the public at large.

  • It’s not about individual personalities — it’s about the system!  Talk about and expose the system; some players are virtually interchangeable; others are “founders” and constantly cited and promoted by group members, consistent with any self-respecting cult or religious group (so to speak).  I also recommend obtaining a working definition of what is and what is not a cult, and identify some of the primary ones in operation.

  • The extended abstract on some entries (posts) reflects my belief of how important they are.  Some of the abstracts are virtually posts, i.e., I feel very strongly about the subject matter.
  • As an investigative blogger, I also know how rarely such information received press attention, gets on the typical coalition’s newsletter, or is featured in a conference.  I think it’s time for many people to get OFF the conference circuits (allowing showcase of various people who have product and services to sell), get on the internet or elsewhere to get their data — and organize LOCALLY to teach others to understand how (inter)NATiONALLY and practice lookup skills.

Regarding the 6/29/2014 post,  

Yes, Broken Courts, Flawed Practices, and the Parade of Fools (Pt.1(a) Intro, Context),
[that title is also a link…]

“the hour is late,”  and it’s high time for “Protective Mothers” (and all taxpayers)  to take a closer look at the corporate and professional leadership behaviors (collective) of the “Family Court Reform” coalitions, and to put their languages, and the reforms they want in a historical context (of course next to the tax returns and any board members in common). Stronger terms for serious issues, and if mocking helps, good!  It’s appropriate here!

These groups focus primarily on mothers in trauma, or sexually abused children (including those experienced, or having survived incest) — talk about a HIGHLY vulnerable population!

Keeping cognitive functions and logic in place during trauma is challenging, but it can be done and is vital.

Several groups or coalitions, who I name, focus on the trauma and psychological profiling of batterers, abusers, and their victims and downplay  the federal financial factors, and particularly have censored the exact things my free, and basically unsponsored blog, now in its fifth year of consistent reporting, right here, focuses on.

That is without excuse and should be examined, and not from Facebook and their self-narrative and mutual folklore about history of the movement, which any movement is going to need, but from a look at the books, where these books exist as public records.

Accounting Literacy — track the associated business entities.  You’d be shocked, systemwide (not just in the “broken courts” crowd) where such legal entities simply do not exist.  I have a post “What’s in a Name” about “Centers.”  These “Centers” may or may not be business entities, but exist within a university, a nonprofit, a website even.

The Secretary of State, Charitable Registration, and tax returns of the main organizing groups is fascinating — and tells a completely different story. However, the blog covers a LOT more ground historically and as to various causes which end up right in the courtrooms affecting mother or a father’s relationship to their own children, and through this virtual ongoing siege on a mother or father’s (the system CAN be pointed at either side, almost at will) stability, can also be seen as a collective economic siege on the country, funded by our own government against our own best interests….
This is a blog, not a developmentally edited book.  I tend to write what I’m thinking where I am while thinking it, which you can see in this first abstract, added with the link to June 29, 2014 post, “Yes, Broken Courts, Flawed Practices…” post below.
I do not have a “developmental editor” (or copyeditor) budget.  I know no one is likely to read the entire blog (or sometimes, an entire post) and often re-state what I consider “the basics” so reading a portion of it will still lay them out. Like it, Leave it, or use your scroll bar and read past it.  (And/or — see “Donate Buttons” sprinkled throughout this blog!).


Some posts — such as the first one listed — contain extended abstracts in fine print.
New posts indicated by new Published Date (right column), alternating background-colors, and hopefully you can also still distinguish the table rows between each listing.  Suggest use View-Zoom-IN for larger font-size to read.
COMMENTS are available on this post.  I will be notified of any comment within 24 hours, and while comments activity isn’t high on this blog, it is still welcome.  I do know the blog is being watched, and remains in the public interest.  Where not credited to others by quote, link or other reference, the writing is mine.  Please do not post or reblog without including the appropriate link, and credit to Let’s Get Honest, author of Family Court Matters wordpress blog.
Also please observe, as I endeavor to, U.S. Fair Copyright Use and don’t market product, services, or even investigative analyses of the courts as your own based on my hard investigative work (with corresponding life experiences in the family court system)!!
FAMILYCOURTMATTERS.WORDPRESS.COM POST Titles in reverse chronological order (2016-forward Table is on a separate part (post) of this blog). Published
Yes, Broken Courts, Flawed Practices, and the Parade of Fools (Pt.1(a) Intro, Context). The Battered Mothers Custody Conference** (“BMCC”) typically in January New York [but for 2013 in D.C.]  for just over ten years has sought to collect, organize and focus abused and/or noncustodial mothers’ energies around themes of abuse, trauma, and lack of court expertise in understanding the same — while first censoring, then minimizing and discrediting alternate analyses of “the Crisis in the Courts,” specifically, economic analyses, including that the crisis might not be “in” the courts such that the crisis could be removed, but the courts themselves.  The Federal Funding Racket and its relationship to Nonprofit Trade Associations was exposed starting in at least 1999, and in 2002 even moreso.  This is known by many women — but ignored by these leadership alliances which encourage conformity.  Example:  Here’s an individual blogger (“abatteredmother.wordpress.com”) April 2011 blog re-posting the 2002 information by Cindy Ross, *which summarizes it succinctly. But what’s a lowly blogger, or battered mother, compared to Coalitions of Published Experts?

*AFCC was originally established in California as the means to enact Conciliation Court Law (CA Family Codes 1800-1852), an obscure set of codes used to prevent divorce in counties where the court itself deems it necessary to “promote the public welfare by preserving, promoting, and protecting family life and the institution of matrimony”. [15] While the Conciliation Court identifies children’s rights to “both parents”, it is used only to assist fathers take custody away from mothers and/or to otherwise gain inappropriate or illegal “access” to children. Enacting Conciliation Court Law gives the family court jurisdiction over domestic violence cases, in violation of appropriate family codes and “child’s best interests” laws.

[CONCILIATION COURTS = a major JURISDICTION GRAB] How does structuring conciliation codes and forming conciliation courts to re-classify domestic violence and child abuse help nonviolent men and good fathers? Not much!! Should this be corrected by better-trained experts, or retraction of the problematic legislation and associated courts set up steer profits to cronies?] I have to consider the timeframe of initial exposure of the federally-incentivitized “train-the-trainers” racket (at least by Year 2002) to the decision to set up a series of conferences NOT exposing the racket run by people back then already informed of it, 2003ff. And I did — see 3/29/2014 post, “A Different Kind of Attention,” As such, they have habitually misled (failed to properly inform) devotees on the relationship between the federal and state government, the influence of key nonprofit corporations staffed by judges, custody evaluators, parent coordinators, and GALs on family law and family and conciliation courts.  [2013 Family Courts in Crisis Newsletter references AFCC in one speaker bio, but says nothing about who it is, or what it represents].

A ten-year roster of BMCC speakers does not feature anyone who has exposed this, or is likely to.   Dr. Phyllis Chesler (hover cursor on BMCC link, above), writes on major, politically and internationally relevant issues, particularly Islamic gender apartheid and its consequences to women. 

In  “The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam” (by Spencer/Chesler, co. 2007 David Horowitz Freedom Center), ” readers are informed that the problems in American society (i.e. oppression of women) are “trivial” and a “narcissistic obsession” of feminists: 

Feminists realize that they will become increasingly irrelevant if they do not break free of their narcissistic obsession with the trivial problems they find in American society and look to the Muslim world where women are violently oppressed in real time every day of their lives. (fr. p. 13 of 17pp)

[**hover cursor over both links for my comments.  This is a cached version, current website is “down for a bit”)] Trivial problems by comparison — true, but, BMCC deals with the US court system. Dr. Chesler has been aware of the federal incentives to the courts since at least 2005.

From California (at the same 2013 BMCC conference), “CPPA” all but claims ownership of “the protective mothers’ movement.”

BMCC Sat 5/11/13 a.m. (same link), combined session after break: 10:30 -11:30 …….CONNIE VALENTINE, MARALEE MCLEAN, & DAMON:The Protective Mothers Movement: History in the Making We will give a sweeping overview of historical precedents leading up to and creating the current crisis in the family courts. This crisis has resulted in over a million children being given to their identified batterers and molesters. Connie Valentine has been a major activist and leader in the protective mothers movement over the past two decades.Maralee McLean is a protective mother and author of Prosecuted But Not Silenced: Courtroom Reform for SexuallyAbused Children. Sarah Schottenstein is one of the courageous kids who were “raised by the courts” and are nowspeaking out

While these groups provide temporary comfort and contact among traumatized, distressed, or outraged parents, a warm, nurturing, or discharge-my-outrage, blanket for that trauma and distress and a sense of purpose, they are also selling (false) hope and treating adult mothers like children by omitting KEY factors in the field.  What’s more, the typical presenter  (professional or published author, not referring to nonprofessional mothers telling horror stories)  are less than honest about who else they have all along been “friends with,” which displays an agenda.

Prepare to have that blanket away, properly — it’s not protection anyhow! (and don’t shoot the messenger!).  It begins:

Between “Pts.1” [1a and 1b] and “Pt.2” I expect to post more material on the Family Court Enhancement Project (“FCEP”), which I understand is all the talk about town (i.e., on the internet in these circles (use your search function to find some of it…).   So the title of this blog refers to a series.  It is a natural continuation of the recent (and from May 2012) “Parades, Charades and Facades,” and my posting this is keeping a personal promise (to myself) for the year 2014, to expose what’s underneath the rhetoric.

The “Broken Courts, Flawed Practices” court reform group’s leadership it seems was all along setting their sights on becoming the subject matter experts for this exact type of FCEP project, i.e., public recognition and with it, potential related spinoff income from close association with the “source,” i.e., with people managing the funding stream out of the USDOJ (among other places)’s  Office of Violence Against Women  $400 million budget, and direction of public (federal) money funding grants stemming from the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act).  

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About the Writing Style (Getting It Out without going PTSD), Locating this in Time and Space…[also see: My Copy Editing Disclaimer: While I can Copy-Edit for stylistic consistency, Let’s Get Honest: This blog ain’t about to be Copyedited.” [8/29/2009] And why Mihaly Csikszentmihaly [whose name you cannot pronounce?] was right about “flow,” i.e.,  a state of “intense emotional involvement” and timelessness that comes from immersive and challenging activities such as software coding or rock climbing.Flow and the psychology of discovery and inventionA beautiful statement. In fact, I’m putting it at the top of this post!That mode, I think, has been the norm for me, professionally and in general in life; and I gravitated towards where it was a work and social asset. Generally speaking, I remember being happy – not without crises, but engaged in problemsolving and forward movement, and when change was called for, changing directions (as a single person).Then, there was the marriage — and it was domestic violence, battering, constant interruption, and some close brushes (too many) with becoming a “domestic dispute” statistic, with kids. I could not work the former type of work “traumatized” or receive its healing powers to buffer from the other assaults, very real threats on my immediate future in the form of eliminating a sustainable work life, as well as primary relationships with my children and becoming a marginalized person — because THANKS TO THESE COURTS, it can go on almost endlessly, and there’s little way to force a nonviolent ending to any of the legal and fiscal issues! July 24, 2013 (?)
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Massive Profits for Trademarked Mass-Marketing** to the Incarcerated Masses.[Moral Reconation Therapy(tm), Corrections Corp of America:]”Moral Reconation Therapy (TM)Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is the premiere cognitive-behavioral program for substance abuse treatment and for criminal justice offenders. Developed in 1985 by Gregory Little, Ed.D., and Kenneth Robinson, Ed.D. (BELOW)**, more than 120 published reports have documented that MRT-treated offenders show significantly lower recidivism for periods as long as 20 years after treatment. Studies show MRT-treated offenders have rearrest and reincarcertion rates 25% to 75% lower than expected. MRT programs are used in 47 states….

Same concept as pushing marriage/fatherhood programming through the welfare distribution network. Talk about “captive audiences” and mass-marketing!:

The MRT Domestic Violence Batterer’s Program The MRT® Domestic Violence program is an evidence-based process designed to meet all minimum standards for Batterers’ Intervention Programs. The Bringing Peace to Relationships workbook [@$10; facilitator’s guides, @$25] is based on the guiding principle and outline of our MRT power and control program approach and is appropriate for both male and female batterers. The MRT approach uses a positive group dynamic to alter inappropriate thought and behavior in batterers. The MRT model is a cognitive-behavioral program designed to change how batterers think (beliefs) and change behavior to one of equality and acceptance.*** The designers of the MRT® cognitive-behavioral approach have long seen behavior as learned and capable of being changed through altering beliefs and habits

Whether or not that behavior IS capable of being changed, the profits are made in the certification of people to run the classes, and in the running of them. See “Exposing and Prosecuting….” post

Most people aren’t aware that the FAMILY courts are actually modeled after DRUG Courts, and at their essence stem from the Behavioral Health field.  WHhich means, ordering services and classes to get that behavior altered.  Many people end up in family court after being unable to personally shift criminal behaviors in a partner, i.e., child abuse or domestic violence.

For those, see the blurb here on “CCI” (Privately held company which developed, after behavioral modification techniques were developed on federal prison population in Tennessee, 1979-1983:

Correctional Counseling, Inc.: The initial development and testing of the MRT method occurred between 1979 and 1983 at the Federal Correctional Institute in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1985, a refined version of MRT was implemented in a Drug  Treatment  therapeutic community prison program at the Shelby County Correction Center which is now known as the Shelby County Division of Correction. Correctional Counseling was formed in 1987as a subsidiary of a privately held behavioral health hospital company. In 1990 CCI was established as free standing privately held company to further design, research and implement programs that can make a difference in people’s lives.  Since then, the firm has delivered cognitive-behavioral treatment programs to hundreds of correctional agencies and more than 1 million offenders under these agencies’ supervision.  In 1987 CCI began offering workshop trainings and consulting services to correctional agencies to implement cognitive-behavioral treatment programs.  Dr. Robinson remains the firm’s president today

Dr. Robinson:   “Dr. Robinson received his Doctor of Education degree in educational psychology and counseling and his Master of Science degree in psychology from Memphis State University. ”   MRT(tm) moves to California’s overflowing prisons, AB109, 2011

So we see the fields of education and psychology thrive when there are captive audiences and many masses to test techniques on. (cf. compulsory K-12 education)…The public funds most of this, but the profits generated are often private. AS ARE some of the prisons (see “CCA” and “shareholders”)

June 19, 2013
QuickFactChecks on People/Corps Who Work in Supervised Visitation (See last post) June 19, 2013
 “Comment Submitted To:” (Supervised Visitation, Interlocking Nonprofits, in Minnesota)

Excerpt: Conceptual Thinking (understanding systems) is Essential to Freedom. Networking for mutual self-support groups is wonderful, but failure by support groups to scout why one needed them to start with, is suicidal, in the long run. Support groups simply go form their silos of information and shun information which doesn’t fit with the status quo.

This is a great way to overspecialize and become an extinct species. We HAVE to be able to speak a language that incorporates understanding of the systems that structure our lives. We aren’t. There are crackups, domestic violence, gang violence, and various kinds of “roadkill,” to which people have conveniently (for those who DO understand systems, and own them) self-separated into their groups by label: Protective Mothers, Battered Mothers, Fathers’ Rights, Family Values vs. Pro Choice, etc.

Have you ever seen skilled sheepdogs in action? Consider what they do — they face off with the sheep; one dog can control a sizeable clump. Now — who does the sheepdog answer to and who feeds and trains him? Now, who pays the man (or woman, I suppose) who trains, feeds, and runs the sheepdogs? The real question is, who owns the ranch. And that’s what family court reform groups (male or female) simply forget to specialize in, and train each other to respond to signals from, that is, to respond as the owner of the ranch might — not as the sheep might.

June 18, 2013
The Eagle Atop the Tree of Peace is Screaming a Warning (a.k.a. The Feminine Fire inSide). June 14, 2013
An Important Lesson from the Fertile Crescent: What Corporate Christianity learned from the Assyrian Empire June 14, 2013
Myths, Monuments, Monarchies — and Corporations (In Anticipation of Fathers’ Day) June 14, 2013
Michigan Matters (In Maddening Detail, formerly underneath “A Word to the Wise for Mothers…”)Excerpt: …travel expenses for DHS employees. A survey of where they are being flown is a clue to MULTI-state national conferences of public servants. ..The pattern of nationalization and regionalization (again, as financially supported by taxpayers — whether from Michigan, or Federal, or Both), is definitely maddening. At what point does this trail get so complex, that it’s clear no one is going to navigate it?

Nevertheless, there are still clues. First of all, when a Governor declares it’s National Fatherhood month, that is talking about getting grants, and redistributing. …. Another issue (not dealt with here, but to be aware of), is that fatherhood funding (and that could either be for marketing curriculum, or outreach to provide free legal advice in custody matters; both show up) is often directed to or through Children’s Trust Funds (in various states).As often happens when I go look for an example for such a statement, I end up finding something even more extensive and disturbing. It’s like a bottomless chasm. This time was no exception, but I had the sense to know it belongs in a separate post…. Arrrgh!!!

To understand some of this is to wish never to go back to “numb and dumb” again. And I know people who have been put homeless by these programs, which wouldn’t have been, without them. That’s six feet higher than some people who have been killed because of the insane insistence that gender matters more than character when it comes to kids. It doesn’t! …. However, that alone is more about marketing than anything else, I believe.

These organizations know very well that there are federal (and through federal, state, county, etc.) funding streams arranged around certain themes.   These are the irrigation system (outflow) from the centralized collection system we now know as the United States of America (Federal Government).  So they set themselves up to get the grants.

If you finish reading about some of the personnel involved in the Michigan example below, and also hooked up with the Supervised Visitation/Batterers Intervention Program industry (which has  Coalition based in Michigan as well, logo below), in looking at its board — I saw several high-ups in the Michigan DHS department (hardly surprising).  Duane M. Wilson, Ismael Ahmed/Stanley M. Stewart (top DHS leadership), Debi Cain, and others show up in this 2009 report on “out of state travel” expenses.  Please browse with care — you can see what memberships and conferences some state personnel are being flown to.


People in each state ought to get hold of their respective reports, to see what their leadership (gov’t HHS dept) has been up to in:  fatherhood promotion, child support enforcement, marriage promotion, DV prevention, and a WHOLE lot more.  . . .(this is fascinating detail — as we are paying Federal and State funding) airfare for our own employees to fly around the country and be trained in private nonprofit association conferences how to help (or screw) the public better — or at least in a more coordinated manner….

[So], Duane M. Wilson (below) was flown in March 2008 to attend a Marriage/Fatherhood Conference in San Francisco, and Stanley M. Stewart (involved in State DHS and this Batterers Intervention Services MI Coalition, on its board) to attend an African American Healthy Marriage Conference in Charlotte, NC, etc.   The largest conferences (over $1,000 federal funding, plus some state) to attend seem to be related to child support.

June 6, 2013
In the Beginning, in Hindsight (more on early AFCC newsletters, SVN/CRC, and could we have prevented this?) June 6, 2013
Why Supervised Visitation (per se) Sucks. Federal Millions, that is (DOJ Grant 2004-WX-AT-K046)

Excerpt: There are people who make a living in evaluating federally -funded grants programs, such as Safe Exchange and Supervised Visitation. I have made a survey of the field, and a quick check of one of the major international nonprofit associations of providers, Supervised Visitation Network, and based on my sampling, plus field experiences, and supported by two DOJ/OIG audits of a certain grant promoting supervised visitation to both providers (regarding the fathers) and to Mothers, to indoctinate them into accepting the situation, I have come to the essential evaluation (which no DOJ grant was used in producing):Supervised Visitation, per se, SucksMy Field Exhibits includes two DOJ audits of Grant 2004-WX-AT-K046 (and related), and how grantees responded to being caught defrauding customers, i.e., US taxpayers. They regrouped and did it again elsewhere. You can sometimes spot these on the fly: Looks like another one:…

USDOJ Audit Reports are grouped into “By Component” and “External.” Notice the the OVW is “External” See next link to view the OVW audits, of which I randomly (really! in general, I was interested in Pennsylvania’s DV groups) chose to audit a certain one, and found material for this post… Office on Violence Against Women External Reports The Audit Division reports on the expenditure of federal funds by certain recipients of grants from the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW). …

Page “3” footnote of PCAR audit, “Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape”, referencing $4 million (4 Technical Assistance Grantss) to PCAR fround $336K of questionable costs. The other (April 2010) audit was not to PCAR, but to the nonprofit NDAA, covering $16 million (16 grants) of which $4 million of questionable costs came up. Some of these questionable costs covered the Grant mentioned in this title, and to APRI (American Prosecutors Research Institute), which I happen to know some battered women love to quote as it talks about PAS. However, they don’t look at the financial angle enough to understand they just quoted an organization engaged in questionable financial practices!). That Grant 30-10-0001 is linked to & mentioned again below. My evaluation approach differs radically from approaches by, say, Dr. Daniel G. Saunders, Professor of Social Work a UMichigan, that Barry Goldstein keeps quoting and holding out as “new light” on how to protect children. While he and his colleagues publish – and do not perish– about these matters, we mothers (and fathers) (and taxpayers) ARE perishing surrounding the topic. I think I might blog that separately, but just FYI, he [Saunders] is on the same TYPE of grants streams as these other technical training and service providers. [Topics in this post:Aequitas, APRI, BISC-MI, David Levy, DOJ Audit of VAWA grants, Fernando Mederos, Grant 2004-WX-AT-K046, Loretta Frederick BWJP-AFCC alliance, NDAA, Public Employees Private Nonprofits taking Federal $$, ReadTheir990s!!!!!, shapeshifting nonprofits that take federal grants, Shelly LaBotte, supervised visitation centers and parenting education providers, SVN, Technical Assistance & Training ]]

June 6, 2013
 Someone Got This Evidence. You Could Too. What’s the Follow-Up Plan? (Connecticut AFCC/pt.2) June 3, 2013
Family Justice Centers, revisited (Model Programs with Major Design Flaws) [post updated 5-31-13]Tags in this post:

Alameda County Family Justice Center,co-opting grassroots battered women’s movements,Family Justice Center Alliance,Kansas SRS,Nadia Davis-Lockyer and meth melodrama,Nepotism,Nepotism Cronyism “Family” connections,San Diego County Family Justice Center,The Urban Family: Domestic Violence Poverty and Parenting (2007 Symposium St Louis Univ),What DV Groups Don’t Tell Mothers,What happens in California when your aren’t paying attention to your legislature…
May 28, 2013
Someone got this Evidence. You Could Too. What’s the Follow Up Plan? (Connecticut AFCC/pt.1.)[This post compares and contrasts two forms of reporting.  In a chart — they are that different]] May 28, 2013
Comments Conservation on The Washington Times/Communities CT Court Employees article May 24, 2013″Sticky

ORPHANS: Where The Great Commission meets the Military-Industrial Complex

I had occasion to refer to the CCAI’s (Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s) original street address of 6723 Whittier Avenue, McLean, Virginia — which the inset table below points out. “ALWAYS LOOK UP STREET ADDRESSES OF NONPROFITS!” I dare anyone to connect the dots and tell me what the American Petroleum Institute has to do with the Christian Evangelism by Adoption Trade, and why so many Congresspeople are all excited about putting every adoptable infant into a nice Christian home. While travelling the globe to get them, sponsored by known connections with the very forces that make them.Orphans, that is. 

I know why certain kinds of Christians are interested. They believe (have been indoctrinated into) Matthew 28:18 “The Great Commission” –I also can kind of deduce why the Board Members of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CACI) might be heavily interested in maintaining close connections with Protestant Evangelical Franchise Operations and their mighty networks, and expertise at creating nonprofits under the religious umbrella.

[But] The next question that comes up — why are you and I funding and tolerating this? Have we, too, been indoctrinated that it’s somehow for our own good to connect helpless abandoned (presumably) infants from the corners of the globe with some of the most powerful institutions, and corporations, around — like the US Congress, a major private equity firm driven by its close connections with the American Intelligence Industry (CIA, etc.), and — well, let’s just take a look at it, OK? Is there no limit on this insanity, and our passivity?

[This post…] belongs back with the “On the Road to Emmaeus” and “”Christian Social Services: Replenishing the Ranks of the Faithful (Bethany Christian Services posts, ca. Eastertime, 2013.

6723 Whittier, McLean, VA (Always Look Up Street Addresses!!!)**

Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute  — 6723 Whittier, McLean, VA (EIN# 542035617; 2002 return, p.6 it’s signed by Kerry M. Hasenbalg, Exec. Dir.) Association of Former Intelligence Officers, INC. (@ 2009; also see light-pink-background Section below). =6723 Whittier Avenue, Suite 200, McLean, VA 22101-4533 Christian Alliance For Orphans –2008 return, 11/09; street address 6723 Whittier, McLean, VA (Treas Scott Hasenbalg)* (*All officers read from Colorado Springs; interesting…. The link, however is to yet another nonprofit, “Show Hope” (Shaohannah’s Hope) in honor of an young Chinese orphan adopted by Christian contemporary musician Steve Chapman, and inadvertently run over (and killed) in the driveway of their home by one of the teenaged boys… {{From the Tax Return showing a 6723 Whittier, McLean, VA and all the officers in Colorado Springs — the only paid officer shown is Maridel Sandberg. Look at her LINKEDIn.}} (That “Poundpuplegacy” link is a good one….) The STREET address of the Board of CAFO (above) i looked up, and it appears to be “Vision Trust International,” EIN# 841397081) (notice the mission statement): The EIN# has a PO Box, but the website shows the same street address as (all) the Directors of Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) above — 3710 Sinton Rd #100, Colorado Springs, 80907

Mission Statement Our Mission is to develop orphaned and neglected children into mature Christians equipped to live in their own culture. We do this by enabling Christian nationals to meet the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of these children

{{As I said, Evangelism by Adoption. }}  {{Maridel Sandberg Speaking in 2014, Alabama) (Orphanology)

May 18, 2013
Join or Start a Conversation on Family Court Matters. Jump in Somewhere! May 16, 2013
Private Equity Winds Changing their Tack? Private Equity = Government Policy, … (Errata)   [never mind — just 89 words] May 16, 2013
 Private Equity Winds Changing their Tack? Private Equity = Government Policy, so Pay Attention!Unless a lifetime of welfare, begging, or fighting in the courts sounds like fun, I suggest people learn to get a grip (understand), if not from me, from someone better equipped to relate this — about which way the winds are blowing, which is to say, which way the money (income-producing assets, aka “wealth”) is flowing.We ought to have a post — or a page at aminimum — on the Carlyle Group (a very interesting history), at a minimum at least 150 years of recent history spanning two or three continents (like: United States, Europe (London, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. — and Africa). I got a start on another blog over at:

I figure there are different approaches: Passive — let someone else deal with it, and think about it, and go back to work (thereby contributing to the problem — by contributing to the investment platform which, given a little attention, it’s pretty obvious workers are doing. Which sheds a different understanding on the whole concept of the income tax, the Social Security Act, (social services per se) and a lot more. Active — jump in, and by doing also get the understanding, and at least improve your personal situation. This should also free up some time for more political activity, which is definitely needed. ANYHOW — here’s a Pension and Investments on-line that as of 12/27/2010 is reporting on the largest FOUNDATIONS based on their pension holdings, for the year 2009. What amazes me is that, having done so many lookups, so very many of them have been dumping money into the courts, and promoting marriage and fatherhood, not to mention adoption incentives. I don’t see that any of them are particularly feminist or concerned about violence towards mothers AFTER they separate from abusive fathers…. Here’s that list

May 16, 2013
 Private Equity Winds Changing their Tack? Private Equity = Government Policy, so Pay Attention! [SAME Post — I wanted to list which Foundations, however, on this TOC]:



(Pionline.com article dated 12/27/2010. Merry Christmas)

Largest foundations Ranked by total assets, in U.S. billions, as of Dec. 31, 2009, unless otherwise noted.

Rank Foundation  Assets ($Billions)
1 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $33.91
2 Ford Foundation1 $10.37
3 J. Paul Getty Trust2 $9.34
4 The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation $8.49
5 The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation $6.87
6 W. K. Kellogg Foundation3 $6.81
7 The David and Lucile Packard Foundation $5.70
8 The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation $5.24
9 Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation $5.20
10 Lilly Endowment Inc. $5.15
11 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation $5.05
12 Tulsa Community Foundation4 $3.80
13 The Rockefeller Foundation $3.32
14 The Kresge Foundation $3.13
15 The California Endowment5 $3.08
16 The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust6 $2.67
17 The Annie E. Casey Foundation $2.64
18 The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation4 $2.52
19 The Duke Endowment $2.48
20 Carnegie Corporation of New York1 $2.43
21 Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, Inc. $2.40
22 Margaret A. Cargill Foundation4 $2.12
23 Charles Stewart Mott Foundation $2.08
24 John S. and James L. Knight Foundation $2.08
25 Conrad N. Hilton Foundation $1.98
26 Walton Family Foundation, Inc.4 $1.95
27 Open Society Institute4 $1.93
28 The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.5 $1.77
29 Casey Family Programs4 $1.76
30 Silicon Valley Community Foundation $1.75
31 The New York Community Trust $1.74
32 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation $1.62
33 Kimbell Art Foundation4 $1.61
34 The Annenberg Foundation2 $1.60
35 The Cleveland Foundation4 $1.60
36 The McKnight Foundation4 $1.58
37 The Bloomberg Family Foundation, Inc.4 $1.57
38 Richard King Mellon Foundation4 $1.53
39 Doris Duke Charitable Foundation $1.53
40 The Chicago Community Trust1 $1.50
41 Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation4 $1.49
42 The James Irvine Foundation $1.45
43 Houston Endowment Inc. $1.43
44 The Simons Foundation2 $1.41
45 The Heinz Endowments $1.37
46 Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation4 $1.35
47 The Wallace Foundation $1.28
48 The Starr Foundation4 $1.20
49 Daniels Fund $1.13
50 California Community Foundation7 $1.12

Notes: 1: Data are as of Sept. 30, 2009. 2: Data are as of June 30, 2009. 3: Data are as of Aug. 31, 2009. 4: Data are as of Dec. 31, 2008. 5: Data are as of Feb. 28, 2009. 6: Data are as of March 31, 2009. 7: Data are as of June 30, 2010. Source: The Foundation Center

[I believe this is a quote from Walter Burien — see post!] Through collective government investments from all individual governments across the United States, the government owns most of the major corporations in America, and beyond. I’ll say it again, in a different way. Collectively, through investment, the United States government owns most major corporations and just about everything else in America.

Look at a recent Wall Street Journal on how Private Equity Buyout Firms are now Building — Dams — instead:

PRIVATE EQUITY FIRMS Build Instead of Buy” May 14, 2013, Wall Street Journal, in “Markets.” See photo: The private-equity firm Blackstone, branching out from corporate takeovers, built a hydropower dam, above, on the White Nile in Uganda. BUJAGALI, Uganda—A new dam at the headwaters of the White Nile, nearly 20 years in the making, generates almost half of this East African country’s electricity. Its owner isn’t a state utility or an energy giant. It is Blackstone Group LP, best known for corporate takeovers. The private-equity firm built the dam with partners and has a contract with energy-hungry Uganda to sell it power at rates that ensure profits for Blackstone for years to come.


May 16, 2013
 CDRC and Friends: Ever Wonder How All that Mediation, Alternate Dispute Resolution, etc. got passed?With 3/20/2014 updates/additions:

May 16, 2013 AND updated,Additions: March 20, 2014

May 15, 2013?

Flipping Cause and Effect: AFCC Rhetoric in Action: Got Custody Killings? Blame it on the Bad Language.

May 15, 2013

 Flipping Cause and Effect: (Footnotes to the 5/15/2013 post)

{{Excerpt, an AFCC father’s ex-attorney commenting on the Seal Beach (Calif) 7-person massacre / hover cursor over title}} 

**Don Eisenberg from California appears to be a Super Attorney and a member of ACFLS with a Long Beach, California office.  This father already had shared custody.

Here’s the quote:

Who Is Scott Dekraai? A Closer Look At The Hair Salon Killer [RadarOnLine, Oct. 13, 2011] By Adam S. Levy Radar Staff Writer … We’ve got more details for you about Scott Evans Dekraai, the 42-year-old Huntington Beach man who’s suspected of murdering his ex-wife Michelle — and seven others — on a shooting rampage Wednesday at the Seal Beach, California hair salon she worked at. … . . .  Dekraai’s former attorney Don Eisenberg concurred, saying he had “no reason to suspect a thing.  “I know they had a difficult relationship, but that’s nothing that would foreshadow a tragedy life this,” Eisenberg, who said he hasn’t spoken to Dekraai in two years, told the website.

May 15, 2013

So, Who wrote the PBI-published Guide to Pennsylvania’s “New Child Custody Act”? May 10, 2013
Tax-Exempt Institutes, Associations, and Foundations Influence the Courts (Pennsylvania) May 9, 2013
Well Ain’t that Something: PBI coaching Judges and Attorneys on How to Set Up Nonprofits… May 5, 2013
AFCC — A Users’ Manual (Intro).. and (for now), some of “Arizona” April 11, 2013
Christian Social Services: Taking Federal Funds to Replenish the Ranks of the Faithful{{SEE BOTTOM OF THIS Table of Contents page for a sample Chart: of Bethany Christian Services HHS grants}} April 7, 2013
 “On the Road to Emmaeus,” When Life Demands a Major Shift in Understanding“[It was a tough season for yours truly.  Also judging by the the topics (tags) for this post:]  “Adoption Industry, All Americans should learn to Track Government Spending, Another Easter 2013, Bethany Christian Services, CFDA 93007, Christianity + Extra HHS Funds = Theocracy (=Patriarchy), ~Church Membership Replenishment– as Adult Battered Women and Single Mothers Exit the Ranks in Disgust, ~CryoEmbryo Donation Awareness Campaign (CFDA 93007), Federally Baptized Evangelism by Adoption, foster care industry, In an Evangelizing Recruiting World Independent (Thinking) Parents and Adults are Contraindicated, Is HHS selling Babies at cost?, MARE (Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange), Minority Status as “Special Needs” Adoption Category, On the Road to Emmaeus – Then and Now, Privatizing Government Conceals Conflicts of Interest, Processing a Shift in Consciousness”

[I WROTE ONE YEAR AGO — APRIL, 2013] We are in the realm of public direct payments to evangelical (faith-based) organizations — from HHS — for the primary purpose of evangelizing. It just so happens that these days many faith-based (Christian) organizations are evangelizing throught adoption, as they’ve been trained to. They have been social service organizations for many years as all, but the more I look at the tax exemption angle — and what churches are, meanwhile, doing to men, women and children in the name of God — I’m starting to understand this as every bit as much “PR” to make up for the damages as I also understand that the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Fords, MacArthurs, (Rhodes), Guggenheim, (Annie E. Casey) and etc. tremendous philanthropic organizations — donating millions (if not billions) to build libraries, concert halls, and other monumental institutions, are doing it (a) with taxes they didn’t pay and (b) with the profits from cartels, monopolies, and in general treating their menials like dirt, if not quite slave labor, and (c) for PR.

What do they have that wasn’t donated to them, or that the followers weren’t talked, or bullied (forced) into handing over? I mean, how many of us really have a say (agreed) to the special tax status churches enjoy and with which to expand infinitely (see internet) without having to file tax returns like regular nonprofits. And then how many nonprofits are simply situated right in church buildings? They cannot really stand independently of government while taking privileges from the same (collectively) to even exist. Meanwhile, government these days is using church-based networks for its own purpose and in my opinion, both have specialized in the hiding assets and money-laundering aspects (while covering up other kinds of abuse) from their followers.

This may not be universally true, but it is institutionally (and in general) true.

~ ~ ~ I was genuinely surprised to realize how blatantly this is happening as we speak.

I would love some morally justifiable excuse NOT to deliver this message, or to sugar-coat it, but see none… I would cut out entire sections, and more would grow in their place, as I continued simply telling what I see — and from government sources (databases, tax returns, corporate registrations, charitable registrations, and public websites advertising the same groups). Finally, it is just getting posted. The substance of it shows up in tables — if you do nothing else, scroll down to them and bypass narrative; AFTER running a search!

So, this post got its start an “Adoption Opportunities” grant series I found (foster care and adoption has been on my mind a while — see page in Children’s Law Centers (NCLN) which thrive off this — and this industry has affected family courts also, by way of promoting the use of GALs for custody cases with even a smidgen of conflict (or domestic violence). To better understand it, please read the comments thread at the bottom of the March 30, 2013 post.

. . . We are talking about the influences of religious groups on removing children from competent women by fetching men out of prison to fight them for custody. /// The comment came from an independent single mother, and I am familiar with the case, including the prison docket. Any number of mothers coming out of the “faith” tradition (from sort of religious background) could’ve written some version of the same theme — we used to believe that living a responsible, adult, and solvent life, raising kids to respect the law, like we did, and paying our own way in general — would be sufficient. Or that even staying off welfare was good enough.

In this country, it no longer is. ANYONE [woman] who has children and either doesn’t marry to start with, or doesn’t stay in the relationship, is at risk of having to personally take on the weight of this industry, while being treated like a pariah by the faith-based community for not holding on to a man, abuse or no abuse. And EVERYONE, from what I’ve learned, is participating in this cruelty — by funding it, unawares or awares. It’s about the federal funding to the states….


April 5, 2013
National Top Domestic Violence/Child Custody Experts continue trying to Dumb Down Moms March 30, 2013
GALs Gone Wild — and Overbilling, Under-reporting Income (Connecticut, Minnesota, Pennsylvania) March 29, 2013
Children’s Law Center Minnesota’s leads off with Toxic Propaganda about Mothers March 28, 2013
 *Read Me*Responsible Citizenhood 101 — Look It Up! Marriage/Fatherhood HHS Funding Minnesota!

(Children’s Institute, Los Angeles; Nonprofit Tricks of the Trade, a short How-To) 

Tags for post (if you’re from Minnesota, hint, hint…):“FAMILY STRENGTHENING PROJECT”, “G/ESM FATHER PROJECT’S PATHWAYS TO RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD “, “MINNEAPOLIS PROJECT PROMOTING FATHERHOOD”, “RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD SINGLE ACTIVITY GRANT LEVEL 1: MEN IN THE MAKING”, 020499885 DUNS, 060470564 DUNS, 062832638 DUNS, 9449090935 DUNS, Advokids (Frank Cervone- PA member of NCLN), Andrew Freeberg, Bernadette Dohrn-NCLN, CFDA 93086, CHILDREN’S LAW CENTERS, Elizabeth McMillan, Eric McCoy, Grant 90FK0007, Grant 90FK0016, Grant 90FR0022, Grant 90FR0028, Grant 90FR0033, Grant 90FR0068, Hennepin County MN, HHS Deceptive Labeling in Fatherhood Grants, How to do TAGGS lookups, John Turnipseed, Kelly Matter, Mark-Peter Lundquist, Michael Bischoff, Minnesota Council on Crime and Justice (=welfare), Minnesota Fatherhood, Minnesota involvement in NCLN, NCLN =National Children’s Law Center Network, Pamela Alexander, Ramsey County MN, Resource Inc (FR Grantee, Sheila Olson, Thomas L. Johnson, Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation

March 25, 2013
 “Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut,” the Underground Economy in an AFCC Courthouse? March 6, 2013
How VERY Pushy People got the Paradigm Shifted to Problem-solving Courts/No-Fault Divorce February 17, 2013
How a 1952 Divorce Opinion was Leveraged into Pushing the Conciliation Court Model and No-Fault Divorce February 13, 2013
FUND-a-Mentals of Conciliation Court: State Codes, Jurisdiction Grab, Federal Grants, Personnel February 9, 2013

FUND-a-Mentals of Conciliation Court: Who Holds the Keys to the Vault / See the Matrix

February 9, 2013
A Stunning Validation by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson: The Assault on Truth, The Origins of Psychoanalysis

In this blog, I have wished to focus more on economics and operations of courts, grants, corporations, etc. than of rhetoric or ideology.  This post is an exception.


{*Whose originators’ systems-change goals, which I can (and as I recall it does) prove, as did looks like Mr. Masson in the 1980s,  included (1) to change the language of criminal law into the language of behavioral science, as per AFCCnet.org History page, etc., and (2) in the process, to guarantee the future of their prized professions, and ensure (3) access to vulnerable kids by  future generations of child-abusers, is not cut off.  Yes it absolutely does also dovetail into historic cultural views of women and mothers. 

I quote from people who claim to be the founders.  

Where these professions fit in the question of violent assaults upon children, and violent wars of domination against “the other” as to nations (WWI, WWII, origins of welfare and national mental health systems), gets real interesting.  

Apparently these fields are necessary handmaidens and facilitators to a culture of violence as part of commerce and conquest?  IF SO, then what does that say about the current clamor (and programs) to want to stop or prevent it?}  It gets real interesting..  

Depending on what state of being split up into other posts this one is, this spans from Freud (pre-1900s) to Fix the Courts movements (2000s) and deals with the topics of censorship and reframing truth, as shown in the title of the post, “Assault on the Truth,” and recommends we get down to basics, and act accordingly.  The basic question:  IS this true, and if so, who’s telling it, who’s covering it up, and then what next?  Disturbing, for sure….}[The post also has formatting challenges because of my habit is to “show and tell” using quotations, within quotations, which are easily overcome if you look (clicks) at the links yourself in their original contexts. At all points my goal is for people to LOOK!]

February 5, 2013
README!! There is in the State Treasury the Family Law Trust Fund…. January 27, 2013
Without a Prayer For Relief: Investigative Reporter Betsy Combier (ParentAdvocates.org) connects the Dots at Madison Avenue Presby January 24, 2013
README/CRITICAL/”GET THIS!! “Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption through Common Law Discovery (1997 Interview)

File this Article under “What a Difference One Person can Make, if that person:

Has Guts, Will Obtain Evidence, Look at Evidence, Come to Logical Conclusion regarding Evidence Obtained AND Publicize It!

January 24, 2013
Hardly Breaking News, But Still True: “Black People and the Tavistock Institute” (2009 post) January 24, 2013
How I Learn (You Can Too) from High-Profile Custody Cases: Genia Shockome, Viola Stroud, Barry Goldstein, etc. *January 24, 2013
STILL Too Hot to Touch with a Ten-Foot Pole? Supervised Visitation Racketeering (Shockome/Viola Stroud case) and Professionalization (SVNetwork.org) etc. January 9, 2013
Interesting Bedfellows, and the Speckled Background of Psychology in AmericaExcerpt: Last April I wrote a post Why Watching Conference Agenda is Crucial: Cummings Foundation, Behavioral Health Promotion, and “Our” “Broken” Family Court System. and did some research on this topic, after hearing about a March 2012 conference in Arizona — a very interesting state from the family law perspective for several reasons (among them a major AFCC chapter, the origination of the Fathers and Families Coalition of America began there, a certain Republican legislator (Mark Anderson) was also a Unification Church (i.e. the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon) member, and a certain marriage-promotion organization with ties to the Godzich family, called “National Association of Marriage Enhancement,” the Godziches also have some connections to G.W. Bush, and a number of issues relative to this blog, and interesting in their own right.. . .here comes some more of the same. File under, “I told you so!”:

Cummings Foundation Launches Congressional Initiative to Fix Broken Family Courts

Notice that link is from the NCSDV.org website. http://www.ncdsv.org/images/ CF_LaunchesCongressionalInitiativeToFixBrokenFamilyCourts_10-22-2012.pdf ….NCSDV formed in 1998 with this statement:

When Deborah D. Tucker, MPA, and Sarah M. Buel, JD, founded the National Training Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence in 1998, their vision was to create an organization that encouraged and created unprecedented levels of collaboration among professionals working to end violence against women. See the National Center’s introductory letter to national and state organizations, friends and supporters.The reason behind this vision was simple: after decades of work in the field, these two women understood that the most successful efforts – the kind of efforts that save lives and transform our society – are always the result ofindividuals and organizations working together:

[under “staff” link” to NCDSV], see connections to the power structures:

. . . .The National Center consults with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on DELTA(Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancements and Leadership Through Alliances), a program involving 14 state coalitions to advance the prevention of domestic violence.

{{How about doing a better at stopping it after it’s occurred? Just asking….}} NCDSV consulted from 2007-2011 with the CDC Foundation on the Robert Wood Johnson-funded DELTA PREP program preparing 19 additional state coalitions to initiate in DELTA and initiate evidence-based prevention strategies in their states. Debby has extensive experience on the national level.  She served as Co-Chair of the U.S. Department of DefenseTask Force on Domestic Violence from 2000-2003 . . .

[[2014 “Good Grief!” — the CDC foundation is a Georgia Corp (nonprofit) that takes donations to help the US Dept. of HHS (largest grant-making agency in the federal government, of which “CDC” are just part) do its job better?  Propping up that department?? Look at the size of it!]] 

CDC Foundation, The GA 2012 990 152 $68,775,895 58-2106707
CDC Foundation, The GA 2011 990 60 $87,526,470 58-2106707
CDC Foundation, The GA 2010 990 48 $74,521,205 58-2106707

Unlike many organizations, [NCDSV] appears to have been started by a survivor, a mother who was temporarily on welfare, and got her undergraduates degree in 1987 by working FT days and going to school nights (who, then, raised her son?) and then went on to star summa cum laude at Harvard University School of law. Unfortunately, from a perspective of mothers going through the system (including systems of training created by founders and creative visionaries in the field of domestic violence itself), the expertise and insistence that a “Coordinated Community Response” is the best response — and including some of the problem agencies among the Coordinated Community” — has made it impossible to confront, or even be heard,about the problems and conflicts of interest this actually causes us. Or even that it’s resulting in unnecessary and avoidable deaths because of the same issues!

While Coordinated Communities Consolidate Philosophies and Increase Credibility — the fact is, they also “Incorporate Conflicts of Interest while Centralizing Control” — and hence strengthen their initiatives, while silencing alternative, unfunded, and non-collaborationist lone-wolves, who just might be howling out the truth in the middle of the night.

January 7, 2013
A Few FAQs on Major Family Court Programs.  [revised 2014] December 31, 2012
Year In Review: On Dec. 3rd, a 2011 Post on Unaudited Title IV Incentives Tops the Charts.. December 31, 2012
“Mother Says” — Words to the Wise for Women in Custody Challenges December 25?, 2012
Mystic Emotions, Spirituality, Fables, Bibles — (briefly) December 25, 2012
How It’s Done: Government by Private Nonprofit / ForProfit Alliances: Decembe 16, 2012
Kickbacks Push Atypical Antipsychotics to Drug Locked up Kids, Elderly and Disabled, Using Public Money December 13, 2012
Unsafe for Human Consumption? The Leftovers of Government-by-the-People [a.k.a. The Day After Thanksgiving]

[Reflections on Social Security Trust Fund, Namibia (Shark Islands), the 1918 Blue Book Assyrian empire]

December 7, 2012
Holy Giant Squid! (Our Govt’s Amazing Anatomy and Habits) or is it, Rodin’s “The Thinker (Sitting Over the Gates of Hell)”? December 6, 2012
Proof that Governments are Essentially Commerce, with Guns

[Namibian History, Diamond Cartels/Epstein)

December 4, 2012
Governments are for the Corporations; As Then, So Now December 3, 2012
Why Middle Class Education only Serves the Elite by Controlling the Poor [

Cecil Rhodes et al.]

December 1, 2012
Government — Same Turkey Outside, but Who Changed the Stuffing?

[Fitts (financial coups d’etat), Burien, CAFRs]

November 20, 2012
Whither, Oh Father(hood), shall I flee from thy presence? (A Few FAQs) November 17, 2012
General Blog Announcement – Check Links, Recent Posts and/or Cold,Hard.Fact$ November 15, 2012
Are you a Citizen Intermediary? Then read the USA CAFR 2011 & what the GAO Audit thinks of it. (Then relay the message, because MSM won’t!) November 12, 2012
Courts=Govt=Business,Part III: Stunning 2011 Admissions from the USA GAO to The President and Congress: USA Can’t Really Audit Itself, and DNK where it stands financially November 12, 2012
Family Courts, Part of Government= Business. Part II, Details: November 12, 2012
Family Courts are Part of Government = Business Systems. Part I Novembe 11, 2012
About CAPITALs, COURTS and TRUSTS (hint: the Social Security Act is regarding a “Trust”) November 9, 2012
About Dog and Pony Shows, and another Beast….(post-election perspective) November 7, 2012
IS Baltimore Rising (Inc)? City CPA audits HHS “Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents” Grant, again November 6, 2012
Domestic Violence == more Poverty == more seeking help from TANF== more Fatherhood/ Marriage Programming November 3, 2012
Troubled by Trauma Today, while Debating FR Rhetoric… October 31, 2012
WHAT is a “Resource,” Corporately Speaking? NFRC // fatherhood.gov October 30, 2012
Spelling It Out Again, Basic Players, Basic Blueprints [yawn…][well, we’d better not, actually…] October 28, 2012
Christian Sects 2: Progressive Mormon Feminist (??) on Mitt, Back in the Day…. October 27, 2012
Countering Global Wealth Consolidation 1. Isn’t Optional 2. Means Change Your Mindset. October 25, 2012
What It’s Still About….(… in Summer 2013) October 25, 2012
The Profits Are in the Investments (ROI), Mergers/Acquistions, Sales, Dividends etc. — not the Wages! October 24, 2012
Excerpt (it starts):

I got really irritated on looking a few of these groups pushing marriage curricula, and networking with their out-of-state-buddies (and HHS), and basically so long as the grants come, who cares about the integrity of the subject matter? I’m a woman. I also am a mother.. . . The problem is Bipartisan — and neither political party is my friend right now. Hypocrites!

October 12, 2012
HHS Grantees…How many Evangelizing, How many Hypnotizing, How many Simply Disappeared? October ??, 2012
HHS’ Grants Database (TAGGS) isn’t “Close enough for Jazz.” [Rec. Read-Wallerstein”Center for Family in Transition“, WAIT (Abstinence), NARME, SMARTMARRIAGES.com, and technical issues with the database. Organizational namechanges, etc. September 30, 2012
OVW Funding and eCommerce @ Duluth Abuse Intervention Programs = In WHOSE Best Interest? September 29, 2012
Technical Assistance and Training = Silencing Mothers’ Voices, Taking their Money… September 27, 2012
Certain things, in Life, in America, are simply “Foundational”….Central(ized).. September 26, 2012
README: How Mandatory Mediation in Family Law “Emerged” from 35 ADR Pioneers (incl. Dir of Dispute Resolution @ Pepperdine U.) September 26, 2012
Mandatory Mediation, Marriage-Mongering, Faith-based Fatherhood Mentoring, @ Malibu (Pepperdine U) September 24, 2012

~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~ /|\/|\/|\/|\/|\ [Work Area!]



Title Published
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012
@ *, 2012

This Quote, and chart:  is from “Christian Social Services: Taking Federal Funds to Replenish the Ranks of the Faithful” [April 7, 2013]. This is literally happening. They need to RE-plenish the ranks because people like myself (I’m a survivor of religious battering, i.e., domestic violence. over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that churches (almost any brand) are dangerous for women. Mature, intelligent, and “had enough!” Women like myself are walking out the front doors, and taking what’s left of our lives back. Word is getting out. Apparently it’s easier to make converts when they are REALLY dependent minors — like orphans, especially babies…

(These are some the charts, figures, and stats on Bethany Christian Services; see last post. It should be viewed as one in a series of posts and is not stand-alone, except as an alert to the size and scope of federal funding of conservative evangelical organizations with documented “bad attitudes” towards women. As these same very well organized and networked organizations are focusing increasingly on adoption, and in our current political climate, I worry about both the safety and the values of the adopted infants, and what this says to our country’s own value system.) For “chart” purposes, understand that a DUNS# is an identifier required for anyone doing business with government. An EIN#, however, relates to the IRS and tax status. The chart below comes from a search on NAMES (on the HHS database TAGGS), and doesn’t show EIN#s. I don’t believe one can produce a search RESULT showing EIN#s on this database, although you can search by them — at the elementary level only. Probably if they added this field as a results on their “Advanced Search” page, the game would be up on grants to fake corporations… Already in the example below, I see some anomalies in a single healthy marriage grant… [http://taggs.hhs.gov]

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards……..
BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES GRAND RAPIDS   MI   49501-0294   KENT 080350796 $20,341,146
BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES GRAND RAPIDS   MI   49501-0294   KENT   609890876 $ 500,000
BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES GRAND RAPIDS   MI   49501-0294   KENT   784751778 $2,099,988
BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES OF VA FAIRFAX   VA   22030-2522   **FAIRFAX   609890876   $997,454
Bethany Christian Services of Northwest Iowa ORANGE CITY   IA   51041-1715   SIOUX   859378937  $1,770,994

Only ONE Bethany Christian Services is listed by the IRS as tax-exempt, and its EIN# is: 381524282 [SHOWN BELOW BY AN IRS EXEMPT ORGANIZATION SEARCH, pale-blue background). This is a GROUP tax exemption, i.e., acknowledges there are affiliates. After running some charts (below) I finally took the largest recipient of HHS grants — in maroon above (DUNS# 080350796 and went over to USASPENDING.gov, plugged it in, and found not $20,341 million, but just over half that amount (All of it grants), $11,564,781. If one subtracts the about $20K+ given not from HHS but from another federal agency, (Corporation for National and Community Services/CNCS) to Bethany Christian Services, for inspiring volunteers to get involved in helping with poverty in their community. (only 3 grants, from 2010, 2011, and 2012) — I’m wondering what’s up. Why would one source show $9 million or so less than the other? Is it a matter of which years were covered? What’s also kinda funny — a lot of these were TANF diversions (i.e., taking money AWAY from Aid to the families and diverting it to marriage promotion, as enabled by welfare reform. Previously, it’d have gone to the needy families themselves. Note: Welfare reform also included expanding the roles of who qualifies for services, i.e., it’s not just low-income fathers who can utilize the services… [[Endquote from that post.]]

In this format:



Title Published
@ *, 2016
@ *, 2016
@ *, 2016
@ *, 2016

Click to see actual list.


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  1. What is the organizational structure of MN state government that connects the Federal government’s Health and Human Services to child support enforcement in any given county? Starting from the bottom-up in the judicial-system with the court-order that has child support payments go up to submitting that information to the State which in terms submits it to HHS.


    November 22, 2014 at 6:05 am

    • I apologize for taking so long to approve the comment. I’ve had a case in motion (personally) and been engrossed in writing for that, and certain posts, so much so that I also let go of my involvement in a certain campaign in Minnesota for a Republican state supreme court justice challenging a Democrat incumbent where this blog somehow got posted on the candidate (Michelle McDonald’s) website (a single link — it used to have a little more text under it, under “ISSUES”), although I’m not on record as endorsing her, not being a resident — and not knowing as much as I do about the family law system overall. This happens periodically, but this season, my situation is in major transition. I’m not a Minnesota resident; I live in California.

      That’s a good question, and I would like to ask, if you can answer without feeling necessary to talk individual cases, why are you looking bottom-up? HHS funds are disbursed top-down, in a huge variety of ways, both to state governments through their block grants to the states for family support (which includes Social Security Act Title IV-D, relating to Child Support, and with this, a sector to a designated agency to handle the access/visitation funds (you can check which agency from the HHS site, or look it up at TAGGS.hhs.gov and key in Minnesota and select CFDA “93597” which refers to those grants). Also, from the Social Security Act Title IV-A, certain funds are funneled to marriage/fatherhood promotion (no longer just restricted to CFDA “93086,” but that is the code for “responsible fatherhood/healthy marriage” funding).
      ~ ~ ~
      I’d like to give this more attention, but if you could say which problem it is you are attempting to solve (what’s the over-riding question, or concern), that might help me direct your attention better.
      ~ ~ ~
      Minnesota Child Support Enforcement comes under the State’s Department of Human Services. The courts are, obviously, not under that department. Child support is supposed to be distributed in every state through a central “SDU” structure (which might be private or not), but I imagine as in California, there are local “Child Support Agencies” at the county levels.
      If you want to know a very specific, or very detailed answer to such a question, an understanding of the basics of how government is organized and how money runs (is circulated) through its various parts, helps. For that, and I have several comments on a blog called “Carver County Corruption,” showing lookups, obtaining a governmental “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report” for the State, and the county in question (or a sample county) and read the front matter which describes the organization, sometimes with a flow chart. These reports show the funds (I have a “CAFR” post near top of this blog for more links, or see CAFRman.com for basic guide). Depending on what you want to know, at some point you’re going to maybe want to identify which named account numbers represent which “funds” where the child support payments go.
      This entire topic is a volatile one and in California, with the country’s largest court system, which within recent quarter-century got unified and is now what I would call top-down “bloated,” in the late 1990s a father was making child support payments that did not reach his children. Being on talking terms with his ex, John Silva took action on this, and somehow anti-trust attorney Richard Fine (from Los Angeles) got involved. They discovered, before California had switched over to central SDU for child support and while the District Attorney’s Office was the enforcer, that this same office had been sitting on millions of collected, but NOT distributed funds (letting them of course earn some nice interest, if not dividends meanwhile).
      …. So they filed “Silva v. Garcetti,” Gil Garcetti being then the Los Angeles District Attorney. (His son Eric is now Mayor of Los Angeles (brief bio)).

      Gil Garcetti (gov’t blurb). Gil Garcetti was in the DA’s office 32 years, and WAS District Attorney 1992 (right after Rodney King beatings and riots; he prosecuted O.J. Simpson for murder–losing) until 2000 and in general is high-profile, high press figure at least for Los Angeles. Less high-profile, though, is “Silva v. Garcetti” and how the attempt to get those child support payments properly distributed, along with another case involving corruption, landed attorney Richard J. Fine in solitary coercive confinement (at age 69) for 18 months in a row (starting 2009)… and for extra good measure, Fine also got disbarred….
      = = = = = = =

      This has been reported a LOT, but I’m telling you that it’s a hot-button issue and a valid one to pursue. Some links from the Silva v. Garcia case:


      • 5. As of the present time, neither the United States government, the state of California, nor the County of Los Angeles have taken any action requiring the District Attorney to disburse the monies on “hold”. This failure is causing the taxpayers, the recipients of the child support, the welfare system, and the payors of child support to suffer hardship on a daily basis.
      • 6. Plaintiff JOHN R. SILVA is a citizen of California and a resident of the County of Los Angeles. Plaintiff has filed state tax returns and has paid taxes in the County of Los Angeles for the past five years. Plaintiff has paid child support payments to the Court Trustee pursuant to a court order dated November 29, 1989, commencing at such tine as his former wife received Aid for Dependent children (“AFDC”} payments for the six-month period of time from August 1989 through February 1990. Such child support payments by Plaintiff were $135.00 per month, plus a 2% service charge of $2.70, for a total monthly payment of $137.70….
      • 7. plaintiff brings this suit as a party acting for the interests of himself and all taxpayer contributors to the County of Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Family Support, child Support Collections Fund, as paid to the Court Trustee or such other person ordered by the court.

        8. Defendant GIL CARCETTI (“Garcetti”) is the District Attorney of the county of Los Angeles. Garcetti is the chief Enforcement Officer for the collection of child support payments ordered by the court to be paid to the Court Trustee. He maintains a unit entitled “The family Support Unit” whose “Mission Statement” is to enforce the financial responsibility of parents to support their children. Such unit is entitled “The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Family Support operations”. Such unit had a budget for fiscal 1997-98 of approximately $104,809,000.00. Such unit collected in fiscal year 1997-98 approximately $257 million. Such unit failed or refused to disburse to lawful recipients, including custodial parents, the County of Los Angeles Welfare Department, and individuals who paid into the Child support Collections Fund by court order and the custodial parents to whom such funds should have been paid were not located within six months of date of payment.

      • etc. I have talked about this case on a link on the sidebar (“About this Blog”) long ago. Mr. Fine (no longer an attorney!!) got out September 2010 and his “Campaign for Judicial Integrity” website is a much shorter summary of events. He was exposing county-paid judicial bribes after the judges were to be paid from the state level, constitutionally (roughly 1997-1998, statewide transfer of ownership and authority of the 58 counties trial courts AND their facilities, AND responsibility for their employees, to the state level), some judges continued taking county payments. Richard Fine, being who he is, went after this and attempted to clean it up, which he says affected the Silva v. Garcetti case:

        In July, 1998, Dr. Fine won an injunction in the case of Steven White and Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association v. Connell stopping the California government from paying bills without an appropriation, i.e. Budget. This ended 26 years of “Annual Budget Crises”. The injunction stopped the California government from paying the Governor, the Legislators, the state employees and the judges during the “crisis.” The judges were angered by this injunction.

        On September 15, 2000, Ronald M. George, Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court told the AnnuaI Meeting of the California Judges Association in San Diego that the county payments to state Superior Court judges “were wrong and may be unconstitutional.” The statement was reported in the Metropolitan News, a 3,000 person circulation legal newspaper. Previous to this statement, the public was not aware of these payments, much less their illegalty. [sic]

        Due to the judicial hatred caused by the injunction and the illegal county payments to the judges, Dr. Fine became aware: (1) that in 1999 he lost the case of Silva v. LA County District Attorney Garcetti, in the LA Superior Court when state Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant dimissed the case at the end of trial after the LA County District Attorney’s Office admitted to wrongfully withholding $14 million of child support payments from mothers and children in court papers and on the witness stand; (2) that in 1999, after winning an $11 million judgment and an injunction in the LA Superior Court against LA County in the case of Amjadi and LACAOEHS v. LA County Bd. of Supervisors, requiring LA County to stop putting $45 million per year in environmental fees in the LA County General Fund and requiring it to place such in a “special fund” restricted to use for environmental purposes, state Superior Court Judge Kurt Lewin denied him attorneys fees; . . .

        …further down we see the incarceration:

        Dr. Fine was illegally incarcerated for eighteen (18) months from March 4, 2009 until September 17, 2010, when Judge Yaffe suddenly ordered his release.

        Over two (2) years later, in December, 2012, Alan Parachini, the LA Superior Court Public Information Officer from 2002 until November, 2010 admitted in an interview that the LA Superior Court judges, and in particular Judge Yaffe, had a “visceral hatred” against Dr. Fine, wanted “revenge” against him, wanted to “silence him” and wanted “to take him out of circulation” for his keeping the illegal payments before the courts and the Legislature.

        One more link to illustrate just how potent the matter of undistributed child support collections, and a public that doesn’t understand governmental funding period, can be. From Angiemedia, “Corrupt Judge David Yaffe Jails Political Activist Richard Fine

        Full Disclosure Network® compiled an eight minute video revealing the essence of what happened and demonstrated the growing unrest among the citizens over Court Corruption in Los Angeles. Specifically, the citizens kept focusing on the jailed attorney Richard I Fine and the controversial State Senate Bill SBX2 11 that was approved by the Legislature during the budget session that gave retroactive immunity from criminal and civil prosecution to Judges, Courts, and government officials who had accepted and or given illegal public funds from the County to the Judges. Richard Fine was jailed on March 4, 2009 after he attempted to disqualify Judge Yaffe who had accepted the illegal payments from the County, he remains in L.A. County Jail….. …

        Richard Fine To Die In Jail?

        As of early 2010, Richard Fine is apparently still rotting away in jail without a trial or being charged with any crime. There is apparently no time limit to how long he will be there, nor any intent to charge him with a crime or provide a trial. The Los Angeles Superior Courts and Judge David Yaffe, one of the judges taking allegedly illegal payments, apparently wanted to shut him up and has thrown him in jail on contempt of court accusations over what Fine contents is an illegal court order which he is opposing on principle.

        Law enforcement has wrongly followed Judge Yaffe’s direction by executing his improper orders to incarcerate Richard Fine without reasonable due process for what are apparently political reasons. Yes, even in supposedly “free” America we have political prisoners. Richard Fine is on the hit list because he’s been poking away at corruption in California for years and recently started going after the corrupt Los Angeles Superior Court with increased intensity

        [He was released for Yom Kippur, as I recall, 2010…].

        I realize this wasn’t an answer to your question. I’m saying it for the overview and if there is a parallel in Minnesota, perhaps you may find it. My personal experience was that after going nuts tracking grants from the bottom up (through TAGGS.hhs.gov — that’s grants only, not budgets) that the “CAFR” principle answered most of my major questions. That, plus understanding that since at least 1996, government has become increasingly centralized and privatized, such that people who ARE aware of the money sitting around in a variety of funds (i.e., which the public is not really made aware of) will easily continue to exploit and pressure through justifying increased taxes and reduced services to those who are not. I would go top down; and I believe the child support system should be eliminated. In fact, most taxes, if the proper understanding that governments within the US (collectively) already own MOST of the assets infrastructure of the country, WHy are we being taxed, and WHY do perhaps half the HHS programs (HHS being the largest grant-making agency around) even exist? I can testify, from what I’ve seen (in 5 yrs of blogging pretty intensely) that the marriage/fatherhood funding (through HHS) was likely set up as yet another money laundering scheme which some people will be dumb enough to swallow whole, because it sounds like a good cause. Minnesota has PLENTY of this going on, and key AFCC personnel at the law school (Wm. Mitchell College of Law) and judicial levels, and the primary DV agencies in the state are (imho) also in on it, i.e., the ones up there in Duluth. ….
        I realize this was information overload (intentional), but again, if you have feedback, my recommendation is to clarify the question — what is the practical application of the answer you’re seeking? That said, I can’t get the answer for you at this time. As to my own child support arrears payments (being a mother, I get some. He got the kids and 1/3 of the arrears abated), I would go look it up in my own case. The amount is, to the $$ & cents exactly the same month after month, and most likely coming from some stray funds. My ex doesn’t work that steady, and some day I’d like to track its source, too….

      Let's Get Honest

      November 25, 2014 at 7:01 pm

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