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Post Title:  LOOK BEYOND THE LOGO! AND IF A NONPROFIT IS NAMED in the NEWS, OR EVEN HINTED AT IN THE NEWS, LOOK IT UP! (Short-link ends “-99m.”)  Post started July 16, 2018… July 31, 2018, I was on-line and on-blog again for the first time in a week, picking up three posts in the pipeline (in draft status). Further work on this draft Aug. 21… published August 29, 2018, updated post-publication* same-day and Aug. 30.

  • *(Added a short section on Weithorn & Ehrmann Family Foundation + charitable tax specialist lawyer Stanley S. Weithorn (1924-2015) to complete brief drill-downs on Tides.org supporting foundations as recorded on Tides Organizations’ consolidated annual financial statements YE2014-2015)
  • The post is now about 8,300 words including all image captions and (as I recall) just one table. It has plenty of pictures, but if you know the routine, typically those are screen shots of tax returns or other fine print from quotations of websites or new articles, sometimes annotated.

Before getting into it, know that this post was last edited, as of Aug. 21, three weeks ago (Aug. 1) including some additions.   Since Aug. 21, I was (besides being busy) deciding whether to split it in half, leaving just one substantial “drill-down” in each half. It’s one post which may feel like it has two or three distinct sections.

Some of my additions take time to clarify differences between my geological point of reference for “Drill-Down” versus a related but different point of reference (usage), computers: websites designed to lead readers into pre-fabricated drill-downs for the purpose of, generally, sales, or selling a concept for which public funds may be required.

Geological drillings are often but not exclusively for the ultimate purpose of profit (whether for mineral, oil, gas, or water). I use the phrase #DotheDrillDown often on Twitter thinking of the material , geological term, and want to clarify that when I say “DoTheDrillDown” it’s not for people to “click and read what I’ve prepared for you to read so you won’t have to work for the information” but for people to develop the habit of exploring themselves – personally engage with –  certain untapped reservoirs of valuable information from disparate (seemingly unrelated) sources — and let what’s found there speak to them about the surrounding contexts and connections.

And to become more aware of when they are being coached what not to think about by people and groups whose purposes, “brands” (public image) and agenda depend heavily on most of the masses  never having a cognitive curiosity about the importance of accounting: following the money, and where the dots ought to connect from one entity’s balance sheet to another, but the path to follow that connection is littered with broken and missing links.

Know also that this post has substantial but not only overlapping material from a post published August 4, Budgets Aren’t Balance Sheets! and other Basic (USA)Facts about Billionaires’ Philanthropic Behaviors, Such as of 2014-retired Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer + His Wife Connie [July, 2018] (short-link ends “-982”).  Started mid-July, published Aug. 4, 2018, at about 9,000 words (tags added later).  

“Substantial overlapping material” means mostly about the Silicon Valley Community Fund, its organizers and just some of their related organizations and organizations’ grantees, or as I call it on Twitter, “#FamousFaceBookFounders and their LLCs.” A more complete report would mean drill-down on 16 or 17 “related organizations,” more of the subcontractors besides ICONIQ Capital, and so forth.  I’ve done far more than is posted here.

Vocabulary “Drill” – same words, different applications.

In saying “drill-down,” I’m using a geological idea, but as in geology, things are also moving sideways.. there’s a flow; no single core sample tells the whole story.  Descriptions from the field of geology, including Indiana Geological & Water Survey (“IGS”), show basic concepts I’ve borrowed.

When it comes to data far below the surface,  first there’s the digging it out, then there’s the recording, if that information is to be at all useful. This differs from (I just saw) another common usage, meaning “pre-pared” for public consumption computer viewing, i.e., Business-Intelligence (“BI”) usage.

Geological and water surveys of course (say some of the excerpts below, on the IGS images) now use computers and electronics to record the measurements after physically drilling.  Unfortunately, for the types of things I record and (as possible) measure on this blog, I know of no software program or automated process of taking readings.

However, I have made it, through habit, and almost “automatic” routine check as a human being, remembering which items to look for, and keeping my eyes out for any “anomalies” (using correlation) and other peripheral information on an entity or on its leadership (board, or executive officers’) which might help increase a historical perception of its change, and the field’s changes, over time.

Google search results, “Drill-Down, geology” were far fewer than those referring to computers, without the word “geology.” Here’s one from AustralianMinesAtlas.gov.au…

I believe this was from the Cambridge Dictionary… “many websites have some form of hyperlink navigation as you drill down…”

Both involve getting to more in-depth information than the surface, but a key difference is one is not a guided tour.

I’m saying, we have to break new ground, it seems, in connecting disparate sources of information to obtain, mentally and at least SOME of it retained in our memory, a landscape involving financial concepts as tied to the public use (and accountability for) our tax receipts, and translate the PR, the degree of spin (whether from public or private, or both together entities) into a vocabulary which cuts across the divide enough to compare — similar, different.  Big, or small.  Characteristics of the corporations and (by association) those running them, etc.


Vocab Drill Down (Geo) from IndianaU (Bloomington) IGS (two images only) ~~~ SShots 2018Aug22 Wed @2.07.19 PM

References: All illustrations except those of the old drilling rig, the cross section, and the road cut are from:Baker, Ron; 1979; A Primer of Oilwell Drilling; The University of Texas at Austin; Austin, Texas

Vocab Drill Down (Geo, see LOOK BEYOND THE LOGO post) from IndianaU (Bloomington) IGS (two images only) 2018Aug22 Wed @2.09.03 PM

This “drill-down” process (speaking of applying the geological concepts to searching for information in key places, taking core samples and then recording the measurements somehow) differs from the “BI” (Business Intelligence) concept of “Drill-Down and Drill Through(<==please read the short description; a link at bottom of the page also leads to a clickable, alpha, vocabulary list; it’s a “BI Encyclopedia”) which refers to preparing the data & (I guess) “html” to direct the reader to such information at the easy click of a mouse — as a well-designed website might.

When I say “Drill Down,” I am talking about, as a consumer / outsider of information, takes more effort — it is locating and looking down, in more details, the relevant information that the websites often do NOT provide in drill-down or drill-through format either. I’m saying, learn to see what’s NOT been offered at the surface level, and take notes if/why it might not have been.  See what’s not there but likely to exist and can be tracked elsewhere.  Observe misdirection and distraction from the bedrock reality, for historic folds and fault lines (changes over time), for characteristics of that rock (bottom-line best description of the entity or entities operating in synche), and correct course in a search for understanding WHO IS IT?  as — trust me — often will be necessary!  

The BI web design Drill Down/Drill-Through purpose is driving revenues, or selling a cause.

Mine is, public-interest awareness of (across-the-board) both government and tax-exempt entities (so often working hand in hand with governments) frame their respective causes. The backdrop of audited financial statements + 990s (if found) + legal domicile registrations AND the organization’s various websites helps translate the truer activities.  The more personal effort into at least looking! the more patterns of a gap between presentation and reality surfaces.

[End of Vocabulary “Drill” section.  Next:]

From my handwritten notes last week, “Tides Orgs” list several supporting organizations.

“Supporting” vs. “Related” organizations. How it seems to work… who they are.

For example, not identical, but after looking closer, I noticed some similarities in between the Tides Organizations’ “supporting”  and SVCF’s “Related” organizations.  The “Tides Organizations” are also [mostly*] from Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area, not Silicon Valley — although these are less than a half day’s drive from each other).  [*One in NY.]

“Tides.org” represents several different organizations laterally (find and view their comprehensive audited financial statements (they are on the website), or for a taste of how presented, follow me on recent Twitter threads on #R4G (RightsForGirls.org, which is a fiscally sponsored project).

  • Beauchamp Charities
  • Rouhana Family Foundation
  • Harding Rock Fund
  • One Pacific Coast Foundation
  • The Underdog Fund
  • Weithorn & Ehrmann Families Fund.

Here’s where in the (Years ending Dec. 2014 & 2015) Tides Consolidated Financial Statements I found that.

Note: In reading any Financial Statements, always look at both the financial statements themselves (the pages mostly tables (columns + labeled rows) of numbers with totals of each column & section) see Table of Contents for specific name each statement is to take and what it shows) and for more insight on WHO is the organization and what those numbers represent, “Notes to The Financial Statements.”  The notes often explain things less than clear on the organization’s website and sometimes not even on their tax returns. This is even more important for government Comprehensive Audited Financial Reports or “CAFRs”…read the accompanying Notes too! (Look under Comptroller’s Offices for government entities, or just search for them on the website, or in general, naming the entity)…

This image is from Note 1 to Tides Organizations Consolidated Statements YE 2014 and 2015...

What “Tides Organizations” means for purposes of these financial statements is also shown on Note 1 (but not on this post).  Note, the statements are of consolidated operations, which would of course differ from what’s seen on individual Tides entity (I think there are about five of them) Forms 990.

“Tides Consolidated Statemts YsE Dec 2014, 2015 (shows supporting orgs + its Entities + some financials)|SHOW THIS!~~ SShots 2018Aug22 Wed..”


I had no idea (Before any drill-downs, that is) who the above organizations are, or what are their assets, but am looking now, repeating the list, but adding EIN#s if found, website if found, and whether or not the website connects people to that info and for some of them, a few images or other “specs” giving the general flavor of each.

Correction or Clarification (8/30): What the Financial Statements called “Supporting” organization, a tax return identifies under “Related”. There are many Tides Organizations, but I chose to look at “Tides Foundation” Form 990 because the supporting ones I’d already viewed cited that as the one they were “supporting.”  Notice the increasing total balances for Tides Foundation over just three years.  Most of that is simply increased donations.

Below that, see its Schedule D (FY 2014 chosen) showing how many Donor-Advised and (second column) “Other” Funds, and how much is held in or distributed from each type.

Form 990s results for Tides Foundation, EIN# 51-0198509, Total Assets shown FYs 2014-2015 showing major increase. (No column headers shown only because I used a name-search not EIN# search to locate it; other results inbetween these and the top of the table//LGH)

(174pp shown above for FY 2014 includes page after page of fine-print, basically illegible “grantees” which is unnecessary and is a statement of intent NOT to encourage closer scrutiny.  “Who gives a damn?” is the mentality…  The grants, over $100M worth, are also arranged in descending order by amount (not alpha) and probably have repetitions, i.e., if two grants of different amounts to the same organization, the entries would not be near each other.  ….

Tides Foundation, EIN# 51-0198509 FY2014 Sched D Donor advised (column a)  + Funds & other accounts (column b). Self-explanatory: 252 DAFs, contributions to $104.5M, Grants from $105.8M left aggregated end of year (ln.4) value of $131.7M .. as opposed to the 99 column (b) “Funds and other accounts” which received $40M, distributed about half that and had just over half remaining at the end of the year. (Unfortunately the IRS Sched. D doesn’t ask beginning balance/value).  While no question Tides Foundation makes plenty of grants, its $84.3M ( million!) increase in total assets over just two years and the amount shows that it’s primarily about investments. Balance Sheet (Part X) as I recall shows most of it in public traded securities which do not have to be identified (as they would for a private, Form 990PF-filing entity). In FY2016 as previous image shows, those total (gross) assets just passed the quarter-billion-dollar ($250M) mark.


(For example, shown below — for The Tides Foundation, FY 2014 Form 990, Schedule R, Part II, related tax-exempt organizations), including the ones named “Tides,” the “supporting” foundations — which is a type of tax-exempt classification as the form shows — includes the ones on the bulleted list.

Tides Foundation, FY2014 Sched R Part II entries (in two images)

Tides Foundation, FY2014 Sched R Part II entries (in two images)

The extra one not shown on that list (JK Irwin Foundation), the financial statements I read said it had separated by FY2015. I just used the earlier 2014 image because it’s (much!) more legible than 2015’s. Read more on Schedules A which begin by having any filing entity state (among the many options) its reasons for tax-exempt status, one of which is being a supporting organization to another tax-exempt qualifying under some other classification…).

Quick add-on, Weithorn & Ehrmann Family Foundation (post-publication):

I didn’t get to the Weithorn & Ehrmann Family Foundation before publishing this post.  However that EIN# is 943232775, (ruling date 1995) and its purpose, grant-making to organizations aligned with its purposes.  I also see that Stanley Stephen Weithorn, (b. 1924, NYBar 1955) interestingly, had his bachelors from Hofstra University (Hofstra has for years co-published the Family Court Review with AFCC; it is a private NY university) and his specialty in tax and nonprofit law from NYU.

– – –

Stanley S Weithorn NYT obituary May 2015 (d. 4/16/2016 in AZ); see Weithorn & Ehrmann Family Foundation & Tides.org Audited FS 2014-2015

The entity was shut down 2015  but seems to have been (I checked only FY2003 and final FY2015 been selling securities at a significant loss, and donating relatively smaller amounts to The Tides Foundation, with a 3-person board of directors, one being Drummond Pike of Tides.  It was legal domicile AZ…  I’m including a biography and interview from his alma matter (1954, 1956 LLM) NYU School of Law, with two images, here..

His first wife of many years, Corinne J. Weithorn (PhD, Queens College + CUNY + University Center) was a developmental child psychologist and lecturer who died early (age 58) of cancer in 1987, per NYT Archives, which article I found double-checking whether Mr. Weithorn is still alive (having recalled from (a week earlier), I see correctly, that the foundation was shut down in 2015 as he’d died in 2015). NYT Obituary on Mr. Weithorn…(nearby image).

NYU School of Law “2003-04 ALMOS” features ’54 & 56 alumnus Stanley S. Weithorn, incl. an interview with him (in two images). Click (annotated) Image to enlarge, or Full article here






NYU School of Law “2003-04 ALMOS” features ’54 & 56 alumnus Stanley S. Weithorn, incl. an interview with him (in two images). Click (annotated) Image to enlarge, or Full article here


I first found a 65-0880698“Beauchamp Charity Foundation (vs. “Charities”), EIN# 65880698, in Florida. This turned out to be the wrong one, but I included some data about it as Footnote Beauchamp Charity Foundation at the bottom of this post … just FYI. DNK if the Beauchamps are related or not (no indication so far they were)…A second search adding the word “Tides” coughed up an exact name match, so this is the one supporting Tides:

Google Search (as I recall) for David T. Beauchamp; this is from CorpWiki and shows related entities. I DNK how/if CorpWiki sorts identical names of different people, but the types of orgs shown do have a common theme — Real Estate.

  • BEAUCHAMP CHARITIESguidestar.org/profile/33-0956671
  • (Guidestar profiles end with the EIN#s)
  • (2001ff in Irvine, CA, main officer David T. Beauchamp, main purpose in 2016, to support Tides (See Guidestar profile image below). FYE=June30. It has no website, and prior to 2008-2009 was supporting TSDF (The San Diego Foundation); it also has no employees and no independent contractors.  It appears to have started out with about $10M assets, most of them characterized (until more recently) on the balance sheets as “Deferred Gifts,” presumably from the Beauchamp family (but, who knows?) The switch from supporting a very SoCal to a very NoCal organization in 2008 is interesting…).  Generally, I’d call this one “odd.”

Beauchamp Charities (EIN# 33-0956671, 2001, Irvine CA)(also has a “Bridge” #) Guidestar Profile. Boilerplate purpose text except how it supports Tides.

  • Rouhana Family Foundation
    • (EIN# 113293390)
  • Harding Rock Fund** (EIN#201430532)
  • One Pacific Coast Foundation***
    • (EIN#205253663, Salvador Menjivar)
  • The Underdog Foundation
  • Weithorn & Ehrmann Families Fund.



(EIN#201430532 was formerly the “Farrallon Fund,” See initial return 2004; its only two officers are Drummond Pike & Lawrence Litvak) Its $1.5M assets are held in an un-named S-Corp which produces some cash. How much cash changed radically over time.  California has so many “Hard Rock Cafe” and other “Hard Rock” entities (and it doesn’t confirm that the S-Corp is in California) no way to tell which one is meant. It also might have changed names (or not) since.  The 990s just do not identify by name.

Its stated purpose is to hold funds and manage grant-making for The Tides Foundation. 990s tell a bit of a different story, especially when compared to the giant Tides Organizations…

Name change in 2008 (Form 990EZ: IRS Forms changed in 2008 and many groups it seems switched to 990EZ’s that year).  Interesting, by 2009 its grant-making is a “whopping” $101, but its income from the S-Corp (still unnamed; see Sched D + Balance Sheet) is over $128K. Checking FY2016, its assets are down by about two thirds (i.e., $500K+) and it’s showing $100K negative revenue; assets still held in that un-named S-Corp.


Rouhana Family Foundation (EIN#113293390), Legal Domicile NY (but Address, a SF PO Box), says it supports Tides Foundation — seemingly by keeping a real low balance and occasionally donating funds which are donated out.

I believe this must be William J. Rouhana, Jr. below, of “Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, LLC” and other organizations.  The various years of tax returns were donating to some of the groups he was on, while Stanley Weithorn (until he “deceased” 2015, says that year’s 990) was “Pres/Treasurer/Secretary”  The foundation is “barely there…” and has been filing Form 990EZs recently(probably since 2008)… Because of that 990EZ, I don’t have a quick answer (Form990EZ doesn’t ask that on page 1 Header) how old it is.  It’s not listed in California anywhere.

Put that situation together with his profile from Bloomberg.com, if you can!  I underlined names I recognized as grantees from the few 990s I skimmed just now (8/22/2018).  Some of the tax return excerpts showit keeps a very low balance, sometimes into the negative, and pushes money right through in moderate amounts to certain organizations. (Not displayed here; anyone can look them up.)

Rouhana Family Foundation (NY Legal Domicile, supports Tides Foundation + is a Related Org) $74K Grants a certain year.

Rouhana Family Foundation Director/Trustee/Officer relationships explained on a tax return..

Wm J Rouhana, Jr from Bloomberg.com Executive Profile (media + entertainmt lawyer, financier, UN-related positions; 65 years old now)


*** BENEFICIAL STATE FOUNDATION fka ONE PACIFIC COAST FOUNDATION fka ONECALIFORNIA Foundation ` (see FY2008 for perhaps why), EIN# 205253663, Delaware Legal Domicile..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Talk about name changing, and actual grant-making being just a fraction of the investment activity of a Tides-supporting foundation!!  What’s called (2014-2015) “One Pacific Coast Foundation” (which I couldn’t find by basic search), showing startup date of 2006, was formerly OneCalifornia Foundation (in 2008), then (that I found so far) Pacific Coast Foundation, then, 2013ff, Beneficial State Foundation”

After compiling the (informal) Slideshow gallery above, I looked at FYs 2014, 2015, and 2016.  Those years, its contributions rapidly declined, then in 2016 suddenly again it has $24M in contributions.

I see from the FY2016 “Schedule R” (related entities) and part of it, transactions with related entities, that the causes it’s funding include three related tax-exempt entities:  (Bridge Housing Corp., Tides Foundation (of course) and in 2016, a TomKat Foundation: all in SF.  The newly-named Beneficial State Foundation controls the Tomkat Foundation, which gave it the $24M.

Sched R Detail (Click to image read; hopefully that makes it large enough!) from 2016 990 for “Beneficial State Foundation” (in Downtown Oakland, Calif.) which supports the Tides Foundation (and is related to it)

Also on Sched R (under “Taxable as Corporation or Trust”) it becomes clear this Foundation owns (and controls) a Beneficial State BANCORP and Beneficial State BANK in Oakland, plus an “Albina Community Bank” in Oregon.”


(EIN# 030368814, 2001ff in VT, David Berge, Drummond Pike & Joel Solomon (Canada). It was started off with a nice $6.2M, and by year two (return), got another $91K grant and spent $850K on “Education and Socially Responsible Business Practices,” although it certainly gave no details on exactly how that $850K was spent…

(Prior years can be seen by simply tweaking the Year-End date in the url.  This doesn’t always work, but for this organization, which didn’t change is fiscal year end month, it does).

Total results: 3Search Again.
(Click on the column headers to sort.)

Underdog Foundation VT 2016 990 43 $3,573,573.00 03-0368814
Underdog Foundation VT 2015 990 33 $3,613,341.00 03-0368814
Underdog Foundation VT 2014 990 35 $3,814,954.00 03-0368814

By year 2003 (says that year’s tax returns) it spent only $150K in program services — possibly because it “Sold” over $2M assets for “0” which is essentially a donation — only it wasn’t marked as a donation. The only way I know of to “sell” something for nothing is to give it away.  Gifts, in Forms 990, are indicated on different lines — and these people certainly know that. Go Figure” what’s socially responsible about that.  If the cause is great enough (or the people important/rich enough) then normal IRC (Internal Revenue Code) rules don’t apply, and the IRS doesn’t care?

See Images 1 & 2 (together=Page 1 of the return) from 2003.  Image 1 (top of page 1 with header) also shows that “foundation” is a suffix to the mainwebsite “UnderdogVentures” which is the LLC (further links/images below explain why, somewhat..). I’ll add two more images to confirm that yes, the $2M+ loss was characterized as “sale of assets” under “Analysis of Income-Producing Activities” (and about the only thing on there).  The 4th image shows it has 80% ownership in “Underdog Ventures Legacy Fund” which also lost value, but not that much:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Following year, 2004, it loses the website (now “N/A”) and continues to be schizophrenic about whether the income loss ($400K) is a gift (it’s not) and claims (double check years…).  2005, it receives $500K (perhaps to make up for prior year’s losses) and marks $129K on “Expenses, Line 1” as “Grants” (marked “X” for foreign) but don’t say to whom.  If you’re more curious, you have the EIN# and access to links.

FY2004 end of year investments at Underdog Foundation, Inc. Looks like Just Desserts Common & “Perf A” defied measurement (Value at donation $2.0M).


Here, we are into Social Impact Investing; presently David Berge of (so to speak*) the Skoll Foundation, is managing member of Underdog Ventures, LLC and (per the link at Skoll Foundation) CEO of the Underdog Foundation too.  Banking assets and brokerage firm connections swirling around this foundation.  They may be FOR the underdogs, but financially certainly aren’t.

* (The url reads “/contributors/” but I see no direct link labeled “Contributors” offhand and taking off only individual’s name led nowhere)

2006 Media on Tides and the Underdog Foundations becoming majority owners of “AltruShares Securities” (PhilanthropyNews — I think..)

Underdog Foundation (background info ℅ David Berge (“Contributor”) page at Skoll.org. Page undated.


However, the Tides Organizations Consolidated Financial Statements still gave the “fka” (=the wrong) name for Pacific Coast Foundation  referring to a period covering 2014 and 2015.  Why do that?)


(So, Tides Organizations’ Supporting Organizations list reads something like the end of a PBS or “Nature” film, listing the supporting foundations.  Meanwhile the website itself is oversimplified and don’t really feature, although it does reveal, how their various related organizations work together to (re) distribute costs, functions, and expenses.

One reason these foundations can donate to help sponsor films is they have the resources! Some reasons they have resources may be original owners’ wealth and habit of stowing it in tax-exempt entities, or the way their various companies have been structured.

Another is the way such organizations network closely with each other (which is again, the general purpose behind 501©3s set up for the purpose of consolidating and concentrating influence (i.e., “philanthropy”) together, with varying degrees of transparency, usually much less than it looks like considering some of the PR. The consolidated projects create positive publicity for the ensemble of associated tax-exempt foundations and their brand names or owners, which of course is also good for business.

Anyhow, the August 4 “Budget vs. Balance Sheets … (USA)Facts…Ballmer” post comes from the middle of Two Plaintiffs’ Counsel Nonprofits for Class Action Lawsuit (℅ Center for Investigative Reporting article) (Short-link ends “-95X,” published 7/31/2018).

My head is into other subject matter (of course related to the central themes) now, and I’m publishing it with just a few minor copyediting fixes. The intro news references of course are not the most current BUT I again say, some basic principles and truths, remain current far longer than anything designed to advertise and sell product through attracting readers, which that’s my main point.


I hear the cable TV news and have access most days to both local papers and the Wall Street Journal.

I also have other major life tasks than making sure I don’t miss any of the national headlines or spending entire days or half-days consuming the news.

Haaretz & Reuters “WATCH// Trump shocks the UK by Cutting Off Queen Elizabeth, Click to enlarge, or here for link to article

Trump shocks the UK by ‘cutting off’ Queen Elizabeth” 7-16-2018 (7-17 in Israel), in Haaretz & Reuters (see photos). Multiple gaffes.

Yes I’m aware there’s a state of virtual panic over our current President’s meetings with NATO, in England with Queen Elizabeth II and with Prime Minister Theresa May and over Brexit, not to mention (the latest one) a summit with the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Not to mention the whole immigrant detention situation.

The Crowds at London’s Anti-Trump Protest Were Enormous” (7-13-2018 in NY Magazine, “The Daily Intelligencer” by Adam K. Raymond

The Crowds at London’s Anti-Trump Protest Were Enormous” (7-13-2018 in NY Magazine, “The Daily Intelligencer” by Adam K. Raymond). NB: Richard Burgon MP (per his Twitter) admits Socialist leanings.

The Crowds at London’s Anti-Trump Protest Were Enormous” (7-13-2018 in NY Magazine, “The Daily Intelligencer” by Adam K. Raymond)



screenshot from The Guardian taken today..7-16-2018













I’m disturbed about these situations too, BUT if the USA is in such turmoil it’s radically re-organized through panic, impeachment, civil riots polarized on whether President Donald J. Trump is a hero or a villain, it still has to deal with its own financial structure and operations. Another way of saying that is, at a minimum WE (who live here) must also deal with the financial structure and operations of the United States of America. 

Shouldn’t there be a higher focus on comprehending them and knowing when “spin” on those structures and operations is being spun to the public, or when information by which we may judge the degree of spin (i.e. whether reported versions are 180′ opposite of the reality, or off, but not 180′ off.  I.e., a full circle is 360′ so 180′ would be the farthest point away from the reality in a circle diagram) is being systematically withheld from the public?

(CNN’s Chris Cillizza, editor-at large, on “21 most disturbing lines from Donald Trump’s Press Conference with Vladimir Putin” dated 7/16/2018) (note: press conference, not the one-on-one “summit” for which, I presume, no transcription is made public…).

(Above: Interesting The Guardian (UK) 2015 article on “15 years of Putin: 15 ways he’s changed Russia and the World:” with graphics. Note, the graphic with map of NATO growth reads “Guardian graphic” and opposite it, source “LaRouche.” (LaRouche April, 2018 at “SourceWatch“)(LaRouche NYT 1989 getting a 15-year prison sentence for various charges, including have corporations pay all his expenses and claiming no income tax, defrauding followers, etc.):

Mr. LaRouche was convicted here Dec. 16 of bilking several thousand of his supporters, a number of whom later testified for the Government against him, out of millions of dollars by obtaining loans from them that he had no intention of repaying.

He was also found guilty of defrauding the I.R.S. by having all his expenses paid by corporations that he controlled and then claiming no personal income.** Indeed, the Government said, Mr. LaRouche has filed no income tax returns in the last decade. A Belief in Conspiracies

These views, though somewhat eclectic, are largely those of the extreme right and are also characterized by a belief in numerous conspiracies on the part of prominent people. Perhaps Mr. LaRouche’s most widely noted assertions are that former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger is a Soviet agent and that Queen Elizabeth II has close ties to the international narcotics trade  {{1989 NYT article}}

**LaRouche took “creative” means of tax-avoidance to extremes, but from my constant reviews of interlocking nonprofits | chameleon corporations with common agenda and (if one looks closely, often also common ownership), I wonder how often this is simply common practice among the wealthy.  Maybe not paying ZERO income tax, but finding ever more creative ways to justify ever more nonprofit entities which are, at times, showing “Related Organizations” as “Disregarded LLCs” and simply circulating and recirculating funds among each other, changing names rapidly, and disguising (.aka. HIDING) from common observation how many hold investments in the same places. Fascinating…

Look more closely at Donor-Advised Funds, major (let’s say, half-billion-dollar assets or more) “Community” Foundations, their subcontractors, and their targeted major grantees, as well as pooled investment assets, and so forth.

In the last few days, I’ve been looking (again) at Silicon Valley Community Foundation [“SVCF” created by merger 2006], Iconiq Capital (in the news only, it says, founded in 2011) its major subcontractor, one of whose co-founders who’s had known close relationship with Mark Zuckerberg, at Startup Education, Inc. (started up 2010, closed down [terminated] 2016– with significant deficits recorded, and assumption of contracts by “Chan Zuckerberg Initiative” “CZI” (apparently a California LLC), its contracts also going to “CZI” (Priscilla Chan is married to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg).

Startup Education was mislabeled “Startup Experiatice, Inc.” at “990finder” by “accident.” … I looked up (name search/shown below) “Chan-Zuckerberg” at the same 990finder and found three entities showing, respectively, $1B, ca. $500M+ and a few hundred thousand dollars total assets (See image gallery + description below it).


(IMAGE GALLERY ABOVE): Of these, the largest had already changed its name before its “initial return” (from “The Openness Trust” to “Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation,”) however it turns out there’s still a different (and small) “Openness Foundation.”  Meanwhile, ℅ “Locally named billion-dollar assets “Silicon Valley Community Foundation” (managing the now -extinct Startup Education, Inc) money was funneled across the country to Community Foundation of New Jersey (nearly $30M) and, a related project, “Foundation for Newark’s Future” (“FNF”) (targeting systemic education reform for the Newark Public Schools, and with board member “Cory Booker,” who was Newark’s Mayor (17 years) and now is Senator Cory Booker (unpaid volunteer director).

Chan Zuckerberg INITIATIVE (an LLC?) (viewed) 2018July16

Startup Education, Inc. c|o SVCF (Zuckerberg|Sandberg + SVCF) FY2011 got 104M startup funds from SVCF, grants out about 8-9M (to Newark, NY) keeps 99M in SVCF Pooled Funds — abt 14 rela  = tax return.  Or, a better viewing link for Startup Education, Inc. (EIN#27-3453412) FY2011 (it was founded only in 2010) is here:

That’s a LOT of tax returns to keep track of, not including FNF’s grantees. Personnel from CZI seem to be running a variety of the nonprofits involved as grantees, making also a lot of individuals to keep track of, en route to getting a more accurate picture of operations than ANY of the websites, featuring colorful photos, personable summaries, and NOT featuring (typically) any link to the financials, or accurate, for the most part, complete legal business names facilitating lookup of what’s not on the websites in the first place.

Senator Booker has also been on the news, including statement on the confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (top, front and center under a huge “U.S. Senate” Badge on his website).  In smaller print on “About,” we can see talent and, after high school, an elite academic background (Stanford, Yale J.D., Rhodes Scholar {honors in history} at Oxford University, UK).  From Booker.Senate.gov/”About

NJ’s Senator Cory Booker (from official Senate website, viewed 7-17-2018)

Cory Booker was raised in Harrington Park, living his life as a proud New Jerseyan. After graduating from Northern Valley Regional High School, Booker received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University where he played on the varsity football team. While at Stanford, he also was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and went on to study at the University of Oxford where he received an honors degree in History. Booker then completed his education at Yale Law School, receiving his J.D. in 1997.

After law school, Booker moved to Newark – where he still lives to this day – and started a nonprofit organization to provide legal services for low-income families and help tenants take on slumlords, improve living conditions, and stay in their homes.

(Why wouldn’t this nonprofit organization be named right here? Was it “Foundation for Newark’s Future” (started this century). The year of starting FNF is not mentioned, however, it’s apparently working with Community Foundation of New Jersey (much larger, started ca. 1979).  Like Startup Education, FNF has terminated it seems in 2016.

At the age of twenty-nine, Booker was elected to the Newark City Council from the city’s Central Ward. In the seventeen years since, Booker has worked tirelessly at the local and national levels to improve the lives of New Jerseyans and Americans.

Starting in 2006, Booker proudly served as Newark’s mayor for more than seven years. During his tenure, the city entered its largest period of economic growth since the 1960s. In addition, overall crime declined and the quality of life for residents improved due to initiatives such as more affordable housing, new green spaces and parks, increased educational opportunities, and more efficient city services.

On October 16th, 2013, Booker won a special election to represent New Jersey in the United States Senate. On November 4th, 2014, Senator Booker was re-elected to a full six year term. As New Jersey’s junior Senator, Cory Booker has brought an innovative and bipartisan approach to tackling some of the most difficult problems facing New Jersey and our country

Lots of Rhodes Scholars seem to end up in US Government or running nonprofits that work closely with it.

(For example, Former President Wm. J. Clinton, notable (in my book, anyhow), negatively, for passing 1996 PRWORA (major welfare reform, block grants to states (“TANF”) facilitating the diversion of funds from needy households to greedy intermediaries, and attempting to “equalize” the supposed victimhood of fathers by U.S. and State governments, and put those nasty, freeloading (alternately, heroic but failing) single mothers on welfare in their place — back to work, kids in child-care, or switch kids to fathers, or fight it out in family courts; if there was domestic violence or serious injury, threats to kidnapping (or actual kidnapping), OR child abuse — “no matter, Big Brother will make a way” (and farm out batterers intervention, supervised intervention, mediation, co-parenting, healthy marriage/relationship/fatherhood/re-entry (etc.) classes out, forever… at public AND individual private expense if any individuals still have something left to cough up for such services..

The latter part of that comment was directed particularly towards social science theory about fatherhood and developing it into a financially rewarding field, and to several types of services supported by the 1988, (1996 just made it $10M/year) Access and Visitation grants under PRWORA.

ONE of the reasons “fatherhood” appears to be so financially rewarding (and you know I’ve been looking at grants and grantees for years now) is that money gets so easily ‘MIA” so rarely audited (under HHS), and is going to nonprofits which, some, “take the money and run” and others which mimic being legitimate (IRS-registered) entities when they’re not, etc.


Generally, we have an out-of-control and untrackable nonprofit sector rapidly expanding (and deliberately so: the word “accelerator” and “incubator,” and “scaling up” is a constant reference) its planned and often coordinated influence on —  and I quote the Ballmer Group (formed only 2014-2015 on retirement of Steve Ballmer from being the CEO of Microsoft; and about the time he also purchased the Los Angeles Clippers when its prior owner or manager Donald Sterling was forced to step down for racist comments (!) —  “ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT” (see image w/ quote).


Apparently “$1.3 trillion” in public services is quite tempting to get a piece of as investors (i.e., “venture social sector capital”).:

This Ballmer Group itself is less than forthright about who it is, and is characterized as a charitable foundation (which it isn’t, apparently!) even in “Business Insider.” I found out the hard way (or at least laboriously looking for what does not exist, and why so few clues — although there are clues — were left on its own website, and why such a SCANT website for the Ballmer Group but a well-developed (visually) one for another Steven Ballmer project (and a more recent one, March 2016ff), “USAFacts Institute.”

Like his “kind” the intent is for philanthropy (i.e., business) to advise “ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT” without getting itself exactly analyzed, or showing much concern about the lousy databases tracking it which too often don’t even get the organization names right, making them non-searchable by name so one needs to “get lucky” somehow locate an EIN#, then search again.  Websites often don’t publish EIN#s for philanthropic organizations (although some do).  “Spin” is a constant.

(Next few paragraphs referenced briefly above also):

I have another post in draft about the about seven-billion-dollar assets “Silicon Valley Community Foundation” which is ANYTHING but “community” in either its major grantmaking, or in where its assets are being stowed.  (Major independent subcontractor — investment management being the services — is doubled fees of $2M in 2015 to over $4M in 2016, and (though he recently stepped down for other reasons) its CEO was making $892M salary…)

In addition, “SVCF” shows up with not 1, 2 or 3 “related tax-exempt entities” but fully 16 of them (as of FY2016, with FY=Calendar Year) and gave $24M grant to one called “Startup: Education” whose President is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

I looked for Startup: Education (formed almost the same year, apparently as major subcontractor “ICONIQ CAPITAL” (searchable, read the articles!), 2011.  SVCF was created in 2006 by merging two other community foundations showing about $500M capital each and is growing rich over donations from Silicon Valley and other wealth, period.)

Startup: Education had $59M one year, but then showed 0.00 total gross assets the next two years.  I looked why — simply reporting spending deficits in the multi-millions (“such” an example of budgetary management for the poor of the land!).

Most of the money (after the first year or so) went into grants, BUT, it being “housed at” the SVCF and characterized as a supporting organization of it (focused specifically on “Education”) and of course — aren’t they ALL?? — concerned about inequity and children, economic opportunity for low-income families with kids — was still farming out “day to day management” to SVCF.  A smaller amount of this shows up where it’s supposed to (Part VIIB, “Independent Contractors” if by “small” one means, about $250K one year I looked at.

However much larger amounts are exchanged as recorded on a different schedule because it’s “related” organization.  Part of Schedule R in two consecutive years I looked at (by recall; pls. check and don’t take only my word for it; I’m providing the EIN# in a minute here)…One year the “larger amount” was $4M; the next year it was $16M.

The latest tax return I saw (at “990finder” database) showed major grants from “StartupEducation” a CALIFORNIA nonprofit housed at a CALIFORNIA community foundation, were being sent to Foundation for Newark’s Future (EIN#27-3453412, $2.7M granted in 2016) and “Community Foundation for New Jersey (“CFNJ”, EIN#22-2281783, granted $23.9M in 2016, almost HALF Startup: Education’s $53M gross receipts that year). A “Braven” in Chicago also got $2.4M grant…Braven itself underwent a name change too.. (board member in common between Startup & CFNJ, Jennifer Holleran who’s also named on “CZI Initiative”

Lookup by EIN# of the CFNJ shows 990finder got its name right only 33% of the time (1 time out of 3 results shown) and that it’s rapidly growing assets are (latest year, see nearby image) now over $409M.  Something definitely must’ve been worth going $34M into a deficit by Startup Education in order to donate $23.9M… After which Startup self-terminated.

EIN#22221783 is Community Foundation of NJ, correctly named 1 time out of the 3 results (2014-2016) shown and Startup: Education (its final year before dissolving itself) claims $23.9M grantee).

Not that Newark and its impoverished children living in low-income households don’t deserve help, but perhaps if more nonprofits were more honest, there MIGHT be less taken out of their parents’ low-income wages??

I bring this up here because of my comment about databases who get organization names wrong (are they hacked, is there a person HIRED to do this, screw up data entry in creative ways?) (Do subscribers to this database get the version with less organization name screwups?).

Here’s Foundation Center’s (database provider) version of “Startup: Education” run (through delegating management to its parent organization, SVCF) by Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg (business relationship) and Priscilla Chan (Zuckerberg’s wife):

Startup Education Inc (EIN#273533876, Sched-R related to Silicon Valley Community Fund, “SVCF”) (Foundation Center (which provides 990finder) mis-labeling it as “Startup Experiatice“), formed 2011, shows $59M assets one year, “0” the next (and details, that it’s been overspending by millions last two years, without so far terminating itself…


LOOK BEYOND THE LOGO! AND IF A NONPROFIT IS NAMED in the NEWS, OR EVEN HINTED AT IN THE NEWS (by the words “Center,” “Initiative” “Institute,” or in association with a quoted expert (or implied expert), LOOK IT UP!

Do this for your understanding.  Maybe it’ll become contagious.  Don’t become part of the socially engineered consent, or manipulated by taking a position simply the opposite of the common ones debated on-line.

The habit of “what’s in a name” when that name involves a nonprofit (or what sounds like one) is so BASIC to check. Accumulated knowledge, IF processed through some more objective filters, accumulates depth of understanding. But getting to it requires a mindset and takes action. It also takes enough time — I’m talking, on-line — to access the on-line databases providing such information.

Don’t be a passive consumer of the language accompanying (usually) the big photographs, print, slide-shows on home pages, and catchy sound-bytes that typically accompany attempts to influence public policy (not to mention, existing public policy too!). In this activity, even STARTING to look goes a long way to turning the lights on!

Except people already familiar with how such databases and organizations work, I think most of us would do well to get good at this, and then start talking about it.

After nine years of blogging, with less active periods** if this practice hasn’t “infected” some of my readers yet, it may not in the near future.  And I cannot, for free, keep dedicating time to it.

As a vehicle of communication, both this blog and (more active recently) Twitter have obvious limits. First, they are a one-woman endeavor, not a group effort.  Second, other funded, even if not that much, advocacy groups have worked so hard (see “Evidence of Censorship by Omission”), trawling on-line for traumatized mothers, contacting them, trying to get headline stories to attach to a certain brand of problem-solving (i.e., “Our Broken Courts” or “Safe Child” minus talk of AFCC and Federal Grants proposals…).  As explained in my June 6 post and related pages. (Third, any platform typically has some technical limits (blogs, do, Twitter does), and my viewing device (a.k.a. laptop) also does.  I’ve utilized annotated screenprints for almost two years now — they also are limited.  There HAS to be a better way to present this information, but this blogger’s priority (see below) isn’t — yet! — starting a fundraising campaign or seeking some form of investors to access more talented web-masters.

Those systematic omissions (self-censorship multiplied as much as posts are re-blogged, published, mutual symbiotic referral partnerships among the leadership) are a form of brainwashing & persuasion; my [analytical and cross-jurisdiction “nonprofit drill-down + follow the grants, too!”] approach is so radically different, mothers (esp.) dealing with their own trauma and wanting a sense of being HEARD (validation) &/or MSM coverage of individual cases or judges, feel forced to choose whether to get the emotional/social support and validation,*** and are not making the best judgments as to where the most basic truths even might be found.

Others (can be counted on two hands, that I’m aware of:  Cindy Ross, Liz Richards (NAFCJ.net) who at some point were working in synch; several individuals before them? in Los Angeles Area (Marv Bryer, and others, I apologize for not remembering more specific names these many years later), for a SHORT but notable period, Helen Grieco (Exec Director of) California NOW (who came up with a Family Court Report in 2002); later up to a point, (2011ff that I became aware), investigative journalist Anne Stevenson who actually got some negative publicity (properly so) on AFCC into some mainstream on-lines and was activist in specific high-profile cases in New England (MA, CT) before/overlapping/ and some after me who have taken this approach, understanding its significance, are also notably NOT referenced, validated, referred to, or reblogged, linked to (etc.) on the various websites involved. 

Some associated with smaller nonprofits, some associated with NO nonprofits, but with instead some professional marketing his, her, or their books on the topic, either by the “Broken Family Courts/Safe Child” coalitions or the AFCC-NCJFCJ/DV Cartel collaborative larger organizations known to be on the federal government dole.##

[##To qualify the organizations (nonprofit corporations) “on the federal government dole“: “AFCC” is not, “NCJFCJ” is, but when you think of it, both organizations’ memberships feature judges who by definition are or were on public salary at State (Calif) or depending on location, county level as judges.  Moreover, at least one of these judges (example:  the Hon. Susan B. Carbon was also on NCJFCJ Board) has also served as Director of the USDOJ’s Office of Violence Against Women. Another (example: ret’d. Judge Leonard Edwards, Santa Clara County CA, is &/or was member of: AFCC, NCJFCJ and (related-purpose) NACC, and serving as consultant near the top level of California State Judiciary (AOC/CFCC).  AFCC membership judges in some states (FL, TX, …???) have reached State Supreme Court Justice positions.  Once there, they have also been activist in promoting AFCC interests, expertly framing/selling/administering this as if a close match to “the public interests” or (of course) in the best interests of the children…

(***I can’t give all individually AND write AND fight to survive my personal current situation), or whether to consider I just might have the edge on the most relevant information in the whole mix — and to find out whether or not (themselves) I do.

That is, show some personal independence in fact-finding apart from the spoonfed conditioning to “leave it to the leaders,” and keep hoping some journalist will get the truth out.  I opted long ago, if people (here, specifically “custody-challenged mothers,” whether new generations of them, or even those whose children are also (like mine) now “aged out”) cannot decide on their own (and prefer the brainwashed /denial condition), then I don’t have the time for ongoing private interactions (on-line, telephone, email, etc.)..

Personal interactions of the “conference circuit” or consulting/dynamic level, things not so much available with individuals also working to protect (our) privacy and manage potentially ongoing litigation with periodic stalking and so forth.

(**…usually to fight another round of personal self-defense surrounding, when you get down to it, family issues relating to the fact I left an abuser long ago, and didn’t agree to substituting other family members in his role.  That is I took a stand on minding my own (significant at the time) business, rebuilding a work life, raising children, and all of us adjusting to the fact that — for the FIRST time — my husband could no longer assault, threaten, batter, or personally destroy my property (or harm animals in the household either) on a daily basis).

Most of the decade 2000-2010 I did NOT know about CFDA#93086 or CFDA#93597. It was not being talked about much in association with on-line and advocacy-group talk of “domestic violence,” U.S. FEDERAL policy towards women such as myself (i.e., single mothers!) was increasingly hostile, as expressed in their strategic campaign to promote marriage and prevent “fatherlessness” and a parallel campaign targeting the family court superstructure (alternative forms of custody to increase noncustodial parent engagement, i.e., father-engagement).

The habit of checking gets one familiar with state-level databases of at least two kinds (Secretary of State for “Business Entities” &, if applicable – -in California it is — Registry of Charitable Trusts “Verification” “Search Results” and resultant “Details” pages, with the latter usually containing a chronology of filings (orderly, summary) followed by any documents the California OAG decides to upload, sometimes not in order — but enough for more information on the organization’s FILINGS, which is a window into OPERATIONS and COMPLIANCE at the State and federal levels.

Of course where there are tax returns, then there should be IRS filings attached; or searchable (see my 6/6/18 post on the problem with reliability of THOSE databases two, but still they provide more information which can be summarized conditioned upon the accuracy of the sources) for a wider or deeper insight into the organizations themselves.

Over time, this provides general information useful in understanding “life in the United States” at the tax-exempt and “money-movement” arena for “commoners” who most likely, are supporting the infrastructure with their wages (income tax withholdings), purchases of all kinds of fees and registrations for life in general (drivers’ license, if applicable, marriage, divorce, custody, child support filings — i.e., whenever approaching a court or social services agency, SOMEONE pays, or has paid in advance, to make it possible)….

Even broke-ass “commoners” partially or completely dependent for staying off the street or fed (SNAP, Food Stamps, any Cash Aid, any Social Security (retirement), Disability, ANYthing…) still are part of justifying the entire systems — as warm bodies whose data is culled and summarized, reported, and becomes the substance for social science “research and development,” institutes on poverty, behavioral modification research (including “injury prevention centers”) and so forth.  I trust you have a general idea of my meaning:  the system is set to affect as MANY people as possible, and for sponsoring generation after generation of college graduates and professionals (white-collar) to function as population management, research, evaluation, and propose how to better manage other human beings.

Criminals (rightly or wrongfully so) are fed into the prison system, which provides jobs and real estate development infrastructure for large companies with investors.  All kinds of people (not just those detained immigrant children separated from parents at the border) are being medicated, voluntarily or forcibly — and sometimes removed from parents who refuse to medicate if it’s deemed “advisable” (… as many learned the hard way when it came to “Risperdal” some years ago).

Even men (and women) who beat up on their partners feed “Batterers Intervention Programs” and societies, not to mention Social Science R&D for that sector, too.

IF we want a better system, we’d better start looking at the movement of money and warm bodies which generates the income (tax-exempt or not tax-exempt) as part of the system.  We had better recognize and look at the tax-exempt sector and have other terms than “Philanthropy” to accurately describe it.


General interest only:

  • Beauchamp Charities
    • (1998 forward, IF that’s a trade name and the legal business name is “Beauchamp Charity Foundation.” I found (after looking up this info), a different foundation based in California was the supporting one referenced.  So info on this one is “gratis.”  No extra charge.
    • {https://www.guidestar.org/profile/65-0880698}
    • {http://beauchampcharity.org/about-us/ [Address in FL]
    • Financials not posted on-site.”Donate” page doesn’t post EIN# or mention that one place to find tax returns by get its EIN# is through Florida’s “Sunbiz.org” on-line search of registered businesses. (One of the better state-level databases around). Instead, potential donors or curious people are encouraged to call or write:


Sunbiz.org provides an image of 1998 articles of incorporation which state main purpose at the time…”for providing local and international support and assistance to needy people of Latin American descent”  … (and for any other lawful purpose under IRC 1986..) and shows three original Board of Directors, Monique Belli-Beauchamp (Pres), James Beauchamp (VP) and Gloria Belli (Secretary).

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